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tv   George Osodi  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2020 1:32am-2:01am +03

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5 more anti-government protesters have been killed in iraq where police have moved in on demonstration camps security forces clashed with protesters as they cleared the main camp in baghdad's tahir square which had been occupied since october and it also comes after she accurate either said he no longer backed the protests and then white house lawyers defending donald trump at the senate impeachment trial said the u.s. president has done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine this is the 1st time that trump's legal team of address the trial where they now have 3 days to make their case trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress those the 2 articles of impeachment. that's it for myself in the team here in london rewind is up next focusing on the work of a celebrated nigerian photographer stay with us for that. on counting the cost a nation representing points 3 percent of the world's population but 5 percent of carbon emissions in australia give up its addiction to call it promises to go
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carbon neutral by the 2050 us we're looking at how long before it turns to be counting the cost on al-jazeera. hello and welcome to rewind. today with pulling back to 2013 when filmmaker katherina von schroeder has been given a fascinating glimpse of nigeria by one of its most respected photographers george of saudi back then as you'll see george's lens was focused on subjects ranging from oil pollution in the niger delta to the cultural legacy of nigeria's traditional monarchists if you're curious about what's in his portfolio these days i'll be
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asking him that very question in a moment but 1st here is a truly memorable film kings of nigeria and the al-jazeera series. 21st century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long bought a 100 years ago for telegraphy was a colonial to keep going after a while about not a pretty nice. camera camp but independent competent it in the post-colonial good for photographers like my legs the big shot that you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of a koran on manageable content often with 2 ft to just one if. not a new generation if you see a photographer to celebrate the question and represent it continental on the
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rocks. man is judge a saudi i'm a photographer. for the graffiti is only a broad range of issues especially when it comes to my country and you know. from the auditions niger delta region one of the most vivid blissful at the good good coats all the good grits was designed. by oil it's a bloody good. flume the one that the focus of our times but of the most seen this level of dummy which is just the credible the level of pollution of. the voters being zimbabweans in the delta it's
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a very complicated situation on everyone's confuse everyone is involved. everyone otherness' possible to me in this regards. my responsibility is that i'm doing right now i don't have anything to offer but for the girl who is keeping a record on the comment in this book is a circus in it to everyone who gets to see. it
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walk in the bank but didn't need the will not for this fight so i decided to resign and pick up a camera. that stands us like a warfare. everyone moved against me you know my parents my friends they're like what it is and you just have a good job and live in it for there is. still a put food on the table i was kicked out for my. little bit influx of the bank and i was kicked out because i'm going to pay my rent anymore and move to a single apartment. and i have to say there isn't a just to move to finance my for the graphene. but then there was this family me that wanted me to just do something much more pretty. mom. i've been there. for profit must. be $10.00 more and
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all that it will have to wait for right now my current projects it's. just been frequent classism long difference i think groups. i realize that a lot of people of lost trust and identity offense was put on the sea is the culture. of point of unity instead of seeing it something that should divide us initially. there is this wicked opposed this will still look at the monarchy structure in the country because they it will close up to the people but it will. go real martin oh sure all those are mostly talk i thought oh yeah
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yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 'd. yeah sure we. got off on the morning now for you. this go to work find out to prepare for your book what do you call are not together and drink together. ok i don't read your. want to do literature version you have hundreds of books and be a few stories on you know and look for additional costs i don't like something that . you want to. do the world you. are also a role for. him i just. want to thank you so much for you know
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this warm welcome it makes me feel like i'm just on the rights of the right thank you. for the media this is the states i looking them up. for the intell the states with the past of security who just wanted an insight well no delusions why do huge went into militant activities namely. the exploitation of resources for me from this part of the country. i'm glad as way those seats by do this was he's seriously disadvantaged and in fact to be kidney cost by donny bless . us. i was complementary going to compete man what d. . what government do d.
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. once to do we've got to complete what we think we need. to do see. we have additional knows we. were. talking about if you. look at i must talk about you tell. me i can also see how. that's. ok that's fine. let's let's try something else when i won't like and then middle 5 i try to put some teeth behind just to create a little bit of compliance but then in one of them to stay in front.
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of the city i'll tell you i was a little bit to this is not a very beautiful a meal system to come and you want to see yourself looking rich and good. it's a little to come out in their own grease and dignity so you did all they have to do is to blend. on through duty. looking out for you both in about 200 kings because the brotherhood is a group suddenly in 914 the british managed digitals kingdoms one country called judea. and the country was about one about 16000000 people some if it's the largest blood missile in the whole world. was like a gold mine in terms of people caught so. this
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is connell of course of the most important one. in the country and it's in the north. of the country which is one of islamic area and you can see it's had tied it to bonn. looking stuff there up over. the face and head in a very stylish one after making his portrait. the king invited us over to follow him when he was leaving for the most he was riding in these thieves prone. which is very classic.
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very very british. it's very common to see a lot of things british collected in this country you can see that robe of the king with a picture of the british queen elizabeth but very peculiar of course we couldn't as but a british and some pictures that were sort of by the. way in a can don't was cut short you can see that the kings were happy. it's. because . you know it's not him really wanting to think of something. it's almost they're wanting to photograph him is a new poem that has to note is going down imagine what it is to depose a king song kings. you know there was
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a powerful new like dogs. in the in the. documentary not all is tree we're not too good on most things that of a point in the past in the country we have in the clinton but fun for the 1st 4 year old paul america.
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would be about. how much i would look if you look i'm going to stay with us i would . listen thank you thank you so much. yes ok. please if you're coming with us nothing ok ok. ok well just thank you so much. george i've been very very impressed with your work. your upright to this nation because you are a young man that has decided with love compassion. to go the length and breadth of this country to showcase the rest of the world where you come from this kingdom
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dating back as far as 721 b.c. . being one of the oldest kingdoms in the entire africa our people were here. during the times of crisis. i see as an opportunity the more nicky is only an opportunity to serve my people for example during the west of the crisis when the niger delta was a very very hot bed i personally went to the greeks i knew the it was a very dangerous thing to do but i will never forget the shock of the niger delta boys that the king of war would come to the creeks and try to build some form of harmony. we are all representation of them as a whole. we are all like palais riis veins blood vessels
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if any part of the world is sick then we as the world are sick. the world is over 70 percent water and surely the human body is equally 70 percent water so i think in that tries to show us something. we cannot separate ourselves from each other. to put something in there to rejoin us in the up in still being us what it is to be. so many where companies are present in their soul and then once in a while would make a mistake on the other spilled into the. sometimes taken up sometimes is left. of young men bindo of those that feel that they don't really have any means of survival and it is easier for them to break into by applying state oil refining to
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make money what they will say it's the will. of god of they don't have the technical ability to know spills come out of this resorts. i grew up in this belief that today we have all these that they deplete no single feature be found in say no single fish. meal out of these days. when i was a small boy. that was nothing like. after school. we used to run to
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displease wendy what i found the idea of india in getting about that the minute you know that you know. for you and your family this beach rally lined up and it's fishing boats be done going to fish i mean from good community bad now as you can see us said. well. a very old listen to this song look beautiful. picture you want to know what it is and that's a good drive. to appreciate the situation better when . somebody so. i'm going to call him for that we don't know if. the employee
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use we do called in so he does contract talks yes who are supposed to be watching the pilot and so again we're in a false and he's going to kind sending back. we have so much more with just don't know how so money's this march that we have a very. good. this is. the biggest
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commitment of this off. the floor that. i feel it's important that i keep for the cricket in whatever form or if i think of some of these games it will stay with me. kind of a saturday. or need a night off from. one to force you. to do long lasting the new community africa and suck on longest in the home more. time to shine or less mean that i'm too much to. dish an issue.
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just one of the wonderful throwback to. the issue of identity subjugation i mean it's not angry it's not it's aggressive and it's so relevant so it's i don't know i think. we have to really take the time to plan this exhibition to plunder the show so that we show it in the best possible way so that we can also engage not just the crowd or the culture of the crowd as a way of the more we should be able to engage the younger generation of people who really want to get to understand where we're coming from as a nation all the things we've lost. let me look at the just the o'neill he said looking very simple and straight in the same room you are all free and a new identity. you're seeing them displaced you see in them subjugated you know
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we've read about these and i strip books but i have a compilation. of because i'm in a dignified manner so based on the council president well. you know sort of because this is one of my favorite protrudes a plan to have them that really didn't blow. he which. came when you see the hunger and long and very elegant. i really don't wince for the time. sitting at sites around sorry. kings of nigeria and i'm thrilled to say that for talk of a georgia study is here with us so let's not visible with the monarchs exhibition
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because in the film it talked about how you wanted to take the exhibition global you were going to start in lagos what happened how did it go. you know. very different as well but it was wanting to show. the projects in the spaces you feel it's had the desired effect of of increasing people's understanding i am a political artist so the idea of visibility for that for me it's to critique balance with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and religion in the country would see them so of us are unified people one of the sentence of a part because we've heard that issues quite a lot the current situation in nigeria unfortunately when we see it on the news we're hearing about conflicts. but she was she documented as well is it tough for you as a nigerian to see that picture of the world painted so immense where is its reality
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we have a reported to the. wish country that sticks kill for its populace and develops a country if only we have leadership that wants to be serious attempts of. the its allies well from. how they're able to keep people united in the irrespective of. culture about gran allegedly come from tell me about your new project orphans of boko haram i mean that's a powerful title in itself and again unfortunate boko haram is another thing which we hear about a lot with kids and with nigeria the book or on phenomenon it's another such story from the nigeria there is this class of people who people don't talk much about stuff actually i couldn't be the victims of book or. yeah
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but of them a kid's parents of been killed in the course of militancy and conflicts. they have kids who've lost their parents some died as is a bonding of some died while refusing to become members of a coram or things like that for me it's to create. strong visual awareness that probably will. influence the people in authority to to make a change in the. i think that's very possibility honestly i really you know if you have kids. around in various homes not people taking care of and then i have these images of them in no saying that these kids need to go to school they need attention they just had a lot of parents you know you need to be loved and they need to be cherished you
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know. mine is just this agent who wants some change or something so simply george it's been a pleasure talking to you thank you so much. i
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enjoyed bringing my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable for us children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons back at the verizon mom likes to report on interest and therefore need to shoot and it's fun but a new generation is fighting fire with the recent fighting. because you don't want to see if you do speak it. never again part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. and.
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al-jazeera. and. the. this is al jazeera. hello i'm kevin l. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes china's president wants his country is facing a grave situation as it fights to control corona virus outbreak. the evidence is actually really overwhelming. that the president did nothing wrong. u.s. president donald trump's legal team begins its defense in his impeachment trial warning that removing him from office it will.


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