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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure and this is that he is live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes for the 99 cases confirmed on a cruise ship quarantined in japan we'll hear what life is like aboard as the corona virus outbreak continues to spread. millions of afghans who've taken refuge in pakistan for decades may soon be heading home. 9 years on since libya's revolution is a no closer to a lasting peace with life in tripoli to see what lies ahead. and the osce that's
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painting a very different version of the future and in school point to strike a guy has described a rival fans as idiots after being targeted at with the racist abuse the money international walked off the pitch in protest at the train the game in portugal's top division. for the 1st time in recent history china is considering a delay to its annual congress the year's biggest political meeting as the country continues to grapple with you cases of further deaths due to the corona virus outbreak the numbers are huge take a look at this truck up by the john hopkins university those red circles showed the extent of the outbreak in china alone nearly 2 files more infections were reported on sunday bringing the total on the mainland to over 70000 more than 1700. and
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70 people have died so far globally which as military is sending hundreds of doctors and nurses to han the epicenter of the outbreak the world health organization is sending its own team of experts to beijing and to other chinese provinces and in the past japan has confirmed 99 further infections on board a quarantined cruise ship in yokohama ports hundreds of american passengers have been flown back home 14 among them a confirmed to have the virus but not all of chosen to leave passengers on the quarantine of posting videos like these as they remain stuck on board the ship one of those still hold up is matthew smith who joins us now live from the diamond princess cruise ship in yokohama port good to have you with us matthew why have you chose not to join those who took the repatriation flights matthew well essentially we decided that the circumstances in which they were going to provide the flight and the requirement that we do another to eat korean team is that we
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hadn't done one already just was not acceptable to us and in fact the news now that they put 14 infected people on the flight with everyone else it just confirmed to us that they weren't really providing a safe method of transportation back to a united states ok so you think it's safer to stay put i mean you you must be getting extremely bored by now how are you spending as you pos in the time. well you know boredom is the least of the concerns we have here in our cabin because very soon after the. korean team was declared i began posting on social media trying to put out what i believed was the truth about conditions here and that's kind of just exploded exponentially and i just. getting through the day filling it easily with contacts on social media and discussions with journalists from around the world ok so what are conditions like home but i do it do you actually leave
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your cabin or are you staying put and they're bringing food and supplies to you right everyone is directed to remain in their cabins the exception is for those who have indoor and inside cabins and just window cabins they are provided an opportunity to go on deck there are protocols to keep them apart i don't know how well they are succeeding. i don't know but in terms of that we have remained in our cabin now for 2 weeks and have not crossed the threshold no one's going inside and we do go out on our balcony but if there are other people in surrounding balconies we tend to come right back inside so as to maintain the isolation that prevents the spread of the virus so how much longer do you reckon that you know you're going to have to remain on board. well the word now social word from the japanese health officials that we will be tested and once the test result comes in
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if it is negative we will be released once the 14 days is completed which is wednesday we don't expect to get our test results before then so we'll probably spend a couple extra days on board but understanding is if we do get a negative test result and wednesday passes that we will be allowed to disembark and be free to travel in japan ok i mean this is been a months longer holiday than you originally had planned what about commitments back home a puppy pulled him out of the way you are why why why why you're not back. yeah it's um we have our own law practice and we've managed to put out fires i mean it court appearances and such using the internet and we are at this point with the extended quarantine just it's just not work that we could be doing now has to be put off to a later and fortunately we have a good friend watching our our home and our pets so we're in
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a lot better position than other people i think to be able to weather through this as you as you call it an extended holiday all right we wish you well and hope it's not too long before you can disembark many thanks indeed for being with us really good to talk to you just before we move on i just want to show you some live pictures of the aircraft that has taken the passengers the american passengers from that cruise ship back to the u.s. it's just landed in san diego california and as we were hearing just a few moments ago san antonio texas i'm sorry. moved as we were just hearing several people on board 14 of them have tested positive for the corona virus and were kept separate from the rest of the passengers. all the way through that flight from japan well let's go live now to hong kong al-jazeera sarah clarke is there
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with the latest on the situation in the territory and in mainland china let's begin with that development that the china is actually thinking of for the 1st time in recent history of postponing the national people's congress. well certainly extraordinary and developing news the government has all but confirmed that it will postpone the national people's congress this is set in the biggest political gathering to be held in beijing every year and what she told to go ahead at the beginning of march at least 3000 delegates should attend that particular meeting and that's if you don't think that if that's just the delegates if you look at the stuff and other deputies to administer that particular gathering we're looking at potentially up to 8000 people now given the current restrictions the quarantine restrictions across china i think sources have suggested it simply the risk of proceeding is too high to go ahead they've also confirmed that they say one 3rd of those key delegates who should attend that particular gathering are
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there currently on the front line in a number of provinces across china dealing with the rapid increase of corona virus infections now a meeting will be held on february 24th to discuss or make that final decision on whether or not they will go ahead or postpone that meeting but at this stage it looks like it's all but confirmed that for the 1st time in recent history that the national people's congress will be postponed for 2020 and now also other news in china we've got the world health organization has confirmed that will send a delegation of experts to beijing sichuan province as well as the going down province and they've said that a drive that's been trials to treat the crime of virus infection it's proved effective so certainly some good news there now the cases in china overnight we've seen an increase in the number of infections but the number of deaths that's been on the decline certainly the numbers from sun that the official figures by province which is obviously the epicenter of where the corona virus the credit virus was 1st
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found at the moment we've got at least 16000000 people currently in lockdown 0 surplus quoted live from hong kong sort of a thanks dude. this is the news hour from our series still to come on the program families displaced by genocide in sudan stuff for region are still struggling to survive 17 years old. historic ruling in india women are now allowed to serve as commanders in the military will tell you. if you don't start you. and it's for president from overseas a false start one of america's most famous pro-choice. syrian state media is reporting that government forces of recaptured parts of aleppo province that once controlled by rebels president bashar assad's forces abate significant gains over the past several days they've seized the strategic m 5
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highway that links aleppo with major cities turkey backs a section of the opposition that is trying to stop those advances of rebels who have left those areas in aleppo and neighboring province now see ankara's increased involvement is the only way to regain lost ground 0 special reports now from a tape on turkey's border with syria. these are fighters from the national liberation front a rebel alliance backed by turkey outgunned and outnumbered the fighters secret behind a new directive embankment on the other side government troops are stepping up their campaign. thought more through. we are consolidating our defense lines setting up small flexible command centers and most of the factions are coordinating their operations and our aim is to drag government forces into our own area
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fighting has surged over the last few days president bashar al assad's forces have regained control of many areas in and it lives. their advance infuriated turkey accuses us of violating the terms of a cease fire agreement turkey signed with russia and iran 2 years ago unka has sent more troops into it and expanded its military outposts despite that damascus insists its campaign won't stop turkey's growing involvement in the syrian conflict is welcomed by the rebels who see it as an opportunity for a counter offensive. we are still fighting to prevent assad's army and the militias backing him from destroying our villages and evicting civilians the morale of our fight is high and we are all determined to defeat assad the rebels have been weakened by internal fighting and divisions the national liberation front is one
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among many things operating in rebel held territory. is the most powerful it's an alliance of many groups with a strong presence in italy. and hash and joins us now live from turkey's border with syria after all of that that we saw in your report one of the latest developments hashanah what impact is all of that having on people who live there. well adrian this is a fast moving situation on the ground now the syrian army has just issued a statement saying that it is determined to continue its push until it wipes out all the terrorist organization that was the term used by the syrian army a reference that it is determined to move ahead 2 words. and take it over now after the gays made yesterday to clean some of the major strongholds of the
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rebels in. province syrian government has pounded rebel held territory. also injured but as we are which is in the south to the province of idlib and as this push by the government continues this is creating panic among hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped near the border with turkey more than one 150000 people fled their homes over the last few days and you have almost more than 800000 people who have fled their villages since december this is creating huge problems for the activists for the local governments and the international community adrian we're talking about perhaps the worst humanitarian situation in syria since the start of the conflict talking about people in makeshift tents where the conditions are very harsh people are asking begging for food blankets for
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sheets it's a very very delicate situation they say they don't even have proper stoves to be able to maintain heat in their own terms now the problem is that for the international aid agencies to be able to move to those areas they need some reassurances that those areas won't be targeted but unfortunately what we have seen as an increase pattern by the syrian government to pound in many areas including some of those areas where hundreds of thousands of the uli displaced syrians have moved to. al-jazeera is hasham holed up reporting live from turkey's border with syria has many thanks indeed pakistan of the un refugee agency holding a conference to highlight the challenges facing afghan refugees it's estimated that more than 2000000 sheltering in pakistan some of been displaced since the 1979 soviet invasion ongoing violence makes returning home dangerous but the
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repatriation program is set to resume next month with the un refugee agency says that millions remain displaced from the time of the soviet invasion most of them are either in pakistan or iran but since 2002 more than 4000000 afghans have chosen to return home under a voluntary repatriation program it's the largest the u. the un refugee agency as carried out by christiane is hosting a conference to share the lessons learned and to encourage other countries to share the cost of hosting afghan refugees of apollo is global spokesman for the united nations refugee agency joins us now live from islamabad good to have you with us we heard that this refectory ation program is about to get underway once again is it still voluntary or is it mandatory. perpetration for any refugee has to be voluntary and it has been a while introduce since the last 18 years we have seen 4200000 are ones
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returning home since 2002 but today in terms of the conference that we have brought to slum about with the government of pakistan here is to highlight the contribution countries like pakistan in iran have need to the refugee cause they have been hosting duties there fiji's for more den for decades now and what we heard was very encouraging from the prime minister is himself today at the conference and others was that they're willing and ready to support i wonder if you do and provide that as islands and refuge in pakistan but they want the world to step forward and support refugees and posting communities let's not forget that afghans are still one of the largest refugee groups and countries like pakistan and iran have been on the forefront of the wonderful g.
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response again so that pakistan and iran have done a sterling job and are to be commended but how the people who are returning to afghanistan. feel about going back what assistance are they being given. if they choose to it are obviously that they've got nothing. exactly what we have seen darren or the years at the number of our wonderful genes returning calls the number has dropped now every year or as it's a while in trees appreciation when our son comes forward saying he or she wants to return home unity of the u.n. refugee agency assessed and festivity it dear return but the real. one is done even with 2700000 refugees are upside the country or 4000000 have returned home it's not peace and calm i mean we are at
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a critical juncture here historically with the peace talks a lot going on and a lot of hole if you are in ordinarily of one but they want to see how things progress and how it develops and also in the recent years we have seen internal displacement inside afghanistan on their eyes but what we want to convey and highlight or hear is the other ones are still on the run internally and also the compromise the largest group which is trying to reach europe y.s.c. they need support and protection but also the horse who have been setting an example for the word been need the world support as well you see the repatriation program is voluntary presumably some people will choose not to return with a bone no other life other than their lives in pakistan or iran will they be welcome to stay in those countries. what we heard today
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by the pakistani prime minister here was really encouraging for us in terms of continuation of the continuities of this hospitality that pakistan has extended since the last 4 decades and they're also looking for in and the standing in terms of what's happening inside afghanistan we saw. a when the taliban. government fell in 2000 or 2 or and of 2001 there were a 1000000 of our lines who just spontaneously decided to return so whenever one thing is i time for them to return their will but let's not forget it has been for decades for other ones that have been outside many of them have been born. in the situation while seeking lef huge in the neighboring countries and beyond so there will need to assess and allays and calculate where they want for themselves
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to exist so many thanks to for being with us probably. the 1st of the united nations refugee. india's supreme court has ruled that women in the military must be given the same career opportunities as men it means that female officers can now apply for permanent commissions that open up command rows but it's not yet clear if women will be able to take part in active combat in court the indian government argued that many male soldiers would accept female superiors judges said that questioning the ability of the chiefs of women in the army was an insult but surprisingly female officers are ecstatic about the victory of course there's a serious elizabeth 4 out of reports from new delhi. where at the supreme court where female officers are celebrating the judge's decision the courts told the government that female officers should have what's called permanent commission that is they should be allowed to serve for the same duration as their male counterparts . evaded for this day for so long and really grateful we had full faith. in defense
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forces so this day is finally come we are ecstatic about the decision it's a wonderful decision it's a decision that's come up and it tells everybody that women are equal to everyone else the men are no different and the women are no different so it's about equality here for the supreme court also said that the government needs to change its mind set and that's because permanent commission was posited by the delhi high court in 2010 but challenge by the government which cited physiological features and societal norms as reasons why women couldn't have equality in the armed forces now the supreme court said that the government's grounds for denying permanent commission and for denying command positions are disturbing and need to be changed they cannot be accepted female officers hope that this paves the way for
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them to serve and command positions in all branches of the indian army there were fewer men. in brazil last year in the 2nd city of rio the murder rate dropped to its lowest ever but they've been record high police killings rights organizations say that many offices of kill police people in self-defense the salary gauging in summary executions it's innocent civilians who are often getting caught in the crossfire as to hold reports. the good news is that religion a doe's murder rates are a record low the bad news killings by police are the highest since the $990.00 s. last year an average of 5 people a day were killed by officers the government says the 2 are linked experts are less sure one thing though is for certain in the city's poor neighborhoods favelas a price is being paid. panesar felix's daughter agatha was killed
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by police bullet last september she was 8. i was always afraid of shootings in our area and i was afraid that i could have been shot but i never thought it could happen to her but it did. what i feared the most happened to my girl. i get his death sparked anger against what many call the heavy handed tactics of military police units. that's been going on for years but even while on the campaign now president joe you've been so not oh said that he give the police even more of a free hand to hold up well i'm going to give the police carte blanche to kill for your religion aiders governor has been equally permissive they argue the start see it's worked experts disagree thinking is doesn't reflect homicides when we look at the data the evidence doesn't. start this tax they are not correlated rezoned others say the murder rate was actually going down already
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helped by a truce between brazil's 2 biggest gangs and the moving of king pins to high security jails giving police free rein really nerdy so argues can only be bad in the long run when police kill more people what happens is they lose their people moves their coffee best in the police and there's a fact the capacity off police to act and to solve crimes because people don't trust the police but many brazilians think differently there's a lot of people who support the legal tactics that tired of years of sky high violence but many of them perhaps don't live in the favelas the bear the brunt of its impact. and we're not just criminals but innocents are being mown down john homan. real degenerate. and on tuesday we'll bring you the 2nd part in our series on violence in brazil rios militias a made up of former police officers and soldiers it came together to combat crime
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in the neighborhoods but as they become as big a threat as the drug lords. in the dominican republic smee discipline lections has been suspended just hours after polls opened due to problems with electronic voting machines almost half of the machines were working properly and opposition parties complained that some of the candidates didn't appear on ballots electoral authorities were the best to gates to determine if the machines were subatomic that also meet with party leaders to set a new election date. comedy fracture a general motors is pulling out of australia new zealand and thailand as part of its yearlong global restructuring efforts across all 3 countries the company employs almost 2 and a half 1000 people g.m. is expected to wind down operations in all 3 countries by next year are also plans to make similar changes in japan russia and in europe general motors says that it's focusing on more lucrative markets in north america and china lauren fix is an
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automotive analyst based in the united states she explains why general boat is making so many changes. but a brand such as holden you've watched their numbers drop from 12 percent over the last 10 years drug on a 9 percent market share so you're not selling the vehicle it's because consumers don't want that products specifically or not unfortunately it means that they have to shut down plants in this case they're literally stopping producing the name holden which is a pretty historic name in australia but shutting down plants means jobs but you gotta save money for a company that just went through 40 days of a shutdown with the u.a.w. among other issues they've got to look at where they're making money and where they're not and cut their losses they're looking at a global restructuring so when they're looking at where we make money where we're not making money where we have market share recently they sold off opel to p.s.a. and p.s.a. actually made a very great success out of it but in the case of john waters it just wasn't selling under the name and that styling so they're going to have specialty cars in
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those markets depending upon what that market needs whether it's trucks cars or worse or performance you know such as the new corvette but i think it's going to be better for them to cut back and better get a new grip on those countries before trying to you know just spend money if they're not making it back it doesn't make any sense at all special to comes to tire and they should have done this years ago mary barra's the choose going to do it when she became c.e.o. and you know you can't just you know pull the trigger a large company like this is a lot of plans that have to be put into play and a lot of people that need to be communicated with in this case it took this long which is quite a bit longer than expected. storm dennis has caused a record number of almost 600 flood warnings to be issued in england pilot struggled to land and high winds at london's heathrow airport record high river levels of forced hundreds of people from their homes across the u.k. and wales will get a month's worth of rain fell in just 48. people in france are also feeling the full
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force of dennis foam whipped up by the sea in days of the town on the coast of britain the flood warnings are in place elsewhere $60000.00 homeowners are without power in the northwest of the country. that's going to update that on. the the mess that is dennis has albeit you are just as in folks have yeah surats old man is a genius spot on there it's now sweeping right across that he is in fact made its way into the north of scandinavia but there's more blustery showers to come through the sway cannon to the end of the way because well if you take a little satellite picture you can see this low line of cloud here just across northern parts of france pushing across the north of germany over towards the baltic states ok so that's the weather system that is associated with dennis is sweeping through center of the storm well that's now just a move in finland pushing into the far northwest of russia so it's made really good progress we can see this blue line of the chart as that cold front colder air coming in behind that is the one still associated with dennis has some pretty wet
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weather there for some said the full sentence of impossible as we go on through the next couple of days but a rattling of showers should we say coming in behind that some of those showers will be of a wintry nature across northern parts of england through scotland pushing into where possible the island as well and sunny that is the case across that western side of norway little sweet fruit further east which as we go on into which is day you can still see bits and pieces of dennis there just around that say western side of russia down towards poland the thinning out as you say down towards the southwest that was famous for and yes there's more wet and windy weather made week lovely ever so many thanks indeed still to come here on the news out from coal to renewable energy how south africans are making the switch to cup ballot tricity bills. at its border title with it's been 4 years in the making for this old world number one.
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water an essential resource for all humankind across europe. pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very same goes with the privatization on anybody it's the only field. those people who see every 2 years something to invest the profit of a $1.00. to the last drop on al jazeera americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting trampy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong on the bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the
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mountains so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. but i get adrian for the good here and with the news from out syria headlines syrian state media says the government forces have seized most of the areas of aleppo province that was under the control of rebels russian airstrikes assisted to push a turkish delegation will resume talks moscow on monday to discuss the military escalation in aleppo and the province. to practice good for 99 further infections on board a quarantine cruise ship in yokohama ports hundreds of american passengers were
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flown back home 14 of ogham are confirmed to have the virus. after the 1st time in recent history china is considering it to later its annual congress the year's biggest polluter. will be saying as the number of new cases of the bailout rises again with barely true. on sunday well a growing number of asian countries are feeling the economic pressures of the coronavirus epidemic china is rolling out tax incentives to encourage companies to reopen all hong kong has pledged additional economic measures in japan the economy has shrunk at its fastest pace in 5 years there are fears of a recession after 2 straight quarters of decline singapore's prime minister has said there is a recession is also possible the lists are predicting that it could run its biggest deficit in more than a decade and in cambodia where the economy is strongly dependent upon beijing the government is warning of job losses wayne hay reports now from put on. the skyline
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in cambodia's capital phnom penh has changed dramatically in recent years buildings went up rapidly as the money flowed in mainly from china cambodia's largest investor but china's economy is grinding to a halt making for uncertain times for many including the 200000 cambodians employed in the construction sector. i'm so worried if i lose my job i don't know where i would find another one. to the bank so if i lose my job for a few days it will be tough for me to pay the. there's even more uncertainty for those in the garment industry which is facing setbacks on 2 fronts the european union will place tariffs on some footwear including it imports from cambodia because of a deterioration in democracy and workers' rights the industry employs almost 800000 people and relies on chinese investment and raw materials with many suppliers in
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china closing down because of the spread of coronavirus cambodia's government says some of its factories will suspend operations for as long as 3 months as many as 90000 people may lose their jobs temporarily in recent years china has become more influential and more invested in southeast asia from tourism to construction to manufacturing but even before the corona virus outbreak as the chinese economy was slowing governments in this region were beginning to wonder if they were becoming too reliant on china. singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong says because china is a much bigger factor in the region than it used to be his country's economy could dip into recession this year as visitor numbers drop by as much as 30 percent thailand's economy was already stuttering and may also be nearing recession with growth hitting for less than 2 percent and vietnam's manufacturing sector depends on a well oiled supply chain from china in january exports fell more than 17 percent but
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some experts believe the threat extends well beyond this region all countries in the world depends on china but action especially in the united states and europe importer a lot from china and when china has a problem they will how inflation they're the same thing so that is not for cambodia and for. but for the world. the wealthy may be able to ride it out but it is perhaps tougher for those living on the edge of poverty who could easily slip backwards in the event of a regional or global economic shock in cambodia there are millions in that category and as corona virus spreads in china and beyond the economic contagion is also worsening wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh. let's talk to our economics editor about all of this is with the in the studio starting with with china as we said more downgrades the chinese economy as if it needed them after that after the the battering it got of the trade war you know us no you're absolutely right there
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adrian because you know the chinese were looking for growth of 5.7 percent. this year because basically if they hit that target then they would have doubled the size of the economy over the whole decade but according to moody's they say you know the growth this year is only going to come it's coming in at 5.4 percent and that's substantially lower it's only going to cut it at 5.4 percent over there are many countries and get there are very. few months in china's been adding the size of a stray an economy to its overall size every single year you can see this is a massive hit to the economy and you know we've got some analysts actually saying you know what this particular quarter we're only going to see growth of 2 percent and that's because of the virus and that's again that's even more more desperate to the economy they really don't need this at this particular time because of as you said the trade war which which has been going on for the last 18 months and this is
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going to have a knock on effect for all of us wherever we are in the world as it surely is you know already you know we have the japanese come out today and say listen you know there's a possibility that we're going to end up in recession this year they had many problems before which were unrelated to the crown of virus so they were faith they had that new tax which was introduced in october of last year and that's had a huge impact and that's why you know that that's going to the economy 6.3 percent and then you've got singapore again the prime minister says listen you know we think we're going to have recession if you think that they've had 70 cases of 1000 so far and that means that's meant that 20000. your wrists have stayed away from there from the country every single day of this year so far since since a crisis has actually begun so that's having a massive impact on them but they're also very very dependent on exports to around the world and so you know you can see the supply chains are being hit and so you
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know and it's a very interesting case in point because you know the us right now are considering you know what we're going to do with our pharmaceutical industry because we're so dependent on china for so many complete compounds for drugs ok it was just very briefly was at least so about america catching a cold and the rest of the economically seems that it's going to be china in the future if it is it's already 37 percent of world trade and that's a huge impact for the rest of the world i would talk to you very thanks due to our economics editor. sudans to post president obama is standing trial for war crimes of that awful region or than 17 years of war left hundreds of thousands of people dead and more than 2000000 displaced transitional government is now pushing for peace with rebel groups and that's important for the families who are still struggling to survive as there is have a bogan reports now from boston 4. years ago dreamed of
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a stable life where her family would have enough for their name instead she was displaced by darfur's or she and her children have left the displacement camps in western sudan and now live in florida a village in north darfur but she says she and her family are still suffering from the effects of the conflict. there are no schools for our kids to go to so none of them receive any kind of education there are no hospitals so we have to walk for miles or hitch a ride from cars passing by to take us to the nearest hospital even for water we have to walk for 2 hours because there is no pump in our village. the war in darfur started in 2003 when ethnic tribes in the region rebelled against the government it led to more than 300000 people being killed and over 3000000 displaced the war was labeled a genocide by the international criminal court which issued 3 arrest warrants for the then president. now this western region is dotted with dozens of liches some
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were destroyed during the war but others have been set up by people after fighting in recent years when the worst thoughts the rebels accuse the government of marginalizing them and focusing developments on the capital and areas around it the war in darfur was started with the aims of getting more political representation and economic development but 17 years on it's left many villages liking basic services. people in some villages are working to recover from the impact of the war but the country's economy has been damaged by that's conflicts in others and sudan is facing high inflation and that's affecting reconstruction. one of the biggest challenges is getting materials the prices are expensive and even when we manage to get them transportation is an issue because of the distance they come from there are few organizations still working in the region to help us with the funding 72 organizations were forced out by the government when the i.c.c.
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and now in its arrest warrant against the former president bashir was ousted last april and a new transitional government came to power months later that administration has stated that all organizations are welcome back to provide those already on the ground say what's needed the most is development. emergency aid obviously has its place if people in desperate need are literally dying of course you have to provide emergency aid if you can concentrate on sustainable 8 across the whole package the basic things that people need you would actually give a whole community a life for now villages like sadeq continued to pay the price of the door for war people here say they hope the rebels and the new government reach a deal to end the conflict for good so that the country's resources can be focused on building a better future for the people of the region he will mourn al-jazeera north now for israel's prime minister says that an israeli civilian airliner has flown through sudanese aspace that's been the most as the new route is the result of
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a breakthrough in relations after a surprise we to get uganda earlier this month. it's the 9th anniversary of the start of the revolution in libya that eventually toppled one of good afy a power vacuum that followed his death continues to fuel the current crisis in the country libyans in the capital tripoli say they have nothing to celebrate after 10 months of constant attacks. for those met some forced from their homes or unsure if they can ever go back. half built a neglected for almost a decade these towers are on feet for habitation more than a 100 families who have fled fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital shelter here now this tiny room is where samir heady and her 2 children have lived for the last 3 months there's no electricity or running water so mira says her son used to be top of his class at school but the school was closed because of the fighting she
1:43 pm
described what happened when she tried to return to her home with her daughter to collect more of their belongings. i swear the horror that this little girl has seen no other child has witnessed in all of libya that the whole building in front of us collapsed the bombs were coming from all sides our home was completely destroyed we could have been killed. the electric nation says that more than 150000 people have been forced to flee their homes since general haftar started its offensive of tripoli in april more than 600 people have been killed or injured now many libyans will be celebrating the anniversary of a revolution that overthrew. at the same time as the country is ensuring what many describe a civil war. international efforts to pull just cease by the failed renegade general what if i have to say she's offensive against the u.n.
1:44 pm
backed government based in tripoli will continue. families attend an event organized by government forces to honor their son's killed defending the capital how much of conses he still dreams of peace and a unified libya well i don't know when i heard my son had been killed i was shocked but i hope god willing that he just like so many others who have died for this country will be deemed a martyr and in next year's revolution anniversary will be better and all libyans can celebrate one unified libya where we and generations to come come across. back in their tiny cold room in the town samir a says thousands of families like us have nothing to celebrate. the children that there are so many tragedies huge problems and there is people suffering even more than us i don't have any hope left there is no security to why and what all
1:45 pm
the celebrated. another generation too young to understand can only wait for the peace and prosperity that was promised to their parents almost a decade ago. that al-jazeera tripoli in south africa electricity blackouts are common at expensive businesses which lose billions of dollars state power companies are in debt and consumers are being forced to bear the costs that as forced people to generate their own electricity but they're faced with bureaucratic hurdles when they do find it a miller reports from johannesburg. with the price of electricity soaring livestock farmer villain to show foreigners 1st needs to cut costs state owned power supply is scum has tripled the cost of electricity in the last decade to help pay off its 55 $1000000000.00 debts the company is also plagued by operational problems such as interrupted coal supply to burn for fuel the farmers on thursday is to install
1:46 pm
solar panels to generate clean and cheap energy because of the influence of farm are you have a need to have a constant supply of electricity so i don't have the option just to wait till the power comes back on again while farmers say generating their own electricity can lessen the load on the national supply they say it takes too long to get a license to generate their own power some farmers have waited as long as 3 years it's not only farmers who say they can help mining companies say they too can build it renewable energy plans to reduce their reliance on the national electricity supply mining companies say they could generate between $61500.00 megawatts of their own power but only if regulations eased to bold renewable energy plants regular blackouts mean south africa's vital gold and diamond mining industry is working below capacity with fears jobs could be lost firstly have to get an
1:47 pm
exemption from the minister the i r p into growth as well as plan has been designed to provide a certain amount of electricity you have to get exemption from him then you have to go to know to get permission to do it then you have to do your own land commissioning water. licenses from the local authorities and then you have to go to come to us with it you can actually that is transferring your electricity from one side to the other over the power lines. the national energy regulator says the delays unnecessary to ensure electricity generation is safe and that some applicants have not provided the necessary information to get a license during his state of the nation address earlier this month president said south africa's economic recovery had stalled due to the power cuts but that alternative sources such as renewable energy would be used to ease the burden on the electricity grid and that licensing would be spit up but until the electricity
1:48 pm
supply is stable the already struggling economy will continue to suffer from al-jazeera johannesberg artificial intelligence gene editing food grown in laboratories they want sound of the stuff of science fiction but all are in use right now can we imagine what will happen in the future that's the big question being asked to visitors at an exhibition in the u.s. designs for a different future is at the philadelphia museum of. scare us on the has been to take a look it's an art exhibition not about the past not about the present but about imagining the future of everything like this 25 collaged passports proposing a system to allow people to temporarily exchange citizenship a critique of a world where goods and services freely cross borders where humans often can't. it's one of more than 75 exhibits by designers tackling issues of the future and
1:49 pm
the human condition at the pill adelphia museum of art it is a vast show that tries to ask a lot of questions without necessarily giving answers. when you come to an exhibition about the future you might expect to see things like this robots and there is one this is corey that looks at the interaction between robots and humans and artificial intelligence but this exhibition is also about a lot more these faces were created from d.n.a. extracted from discarded cigarette ends and gum on the streets the designer using the genetic information to render the portraits there are several pieces related to food like these 2 salmon a larger genetically modified one next to a smaller organic one and a replica of stakes grown out of human cells from hospital waste both provocative
1:50 pm
ideas we collecting a future where food resources are strained the idea is to make people think about food as a cornerstone of human civilization and think about what will happen to food and the future of human diet as we start thinking about the big challenges that are lying ahead like climate change diversity loss and environmental pollution einstein once said he never thinks of the future because it will come fast enough in this exhibit designers are the ones bringing their ideas for the future and not telling people what to think rather what to think about gabriel's on doe al-jazeera philadelphia. just ahead of the new side sport it's all change at the top of the italian league table sat i have with that the quest to see just. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over
1:51 pm
a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the slaughtered. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people to maybe. skulls of my people a witness documentaries on his era. i get tired to support his son thank you very much to adrian porter strike most of america has described a rival fans as idiots after being targeted with racist abuse the money
1:52 pm
international walked off the pitch in protest during the game in portugal's top division and the riches and reports. some are a good school the winning goal for his team was to become little more than a footnote in this portuguese league game the mali international claims he was targeted with racist abuse from rival fans throughout the match the club in question was victoria game area as a team used to play for seats were thrown at the 28 year old while he celebrated. break it was then booked when he reacted by picking one of the seats up. the game did restart but the abuse from victoria found didn't stop him or a get made his feelings clear. he later wrote on social media that his abuses were idiots and he criticised the referee for failing to help him and instead giving me a yellow card for defending my skin color moray get eventually asked to be
1:53 pm
substituted and left the pitch in protest. coach so that your constant sound gave his full support saying after the game we are a family regardless of nationality or skin color we are all human and we deserve respect. and the richardson user. into man mr chance to go top of the italian league they were beaten by a lot still despite taking a 1st half lead through former manchester united player ashley young but that you hit back in the 2nd half equalizing from the penalty spot and then to save it to hit home the winner finished 21 like up to 2nd in the table with into slipping to 3rd. it was up man to defending champions eventually a top any on sunday u.v.b. but as yet to now event is have a one point advantage over the 2 and team are aiming for a 9th straight new title. by munich have moved back to the
1:54 pm
top of the german bunds league after thrashing call on a 41 away by god got off to a flying start this called 3 goals in the opening 12 minutes of a given kingsley coleman and said you can now bring all of got on the scoresheet after the break in a body scored his 2nd to seal the win for the champions by and are chasing their 8th title in a row now points ahead of the lights at. home ryder said he has won the tour of colombia for the 1st time in his career the 22 year old came 2nd in sunday's final stage behind. patted i know daniel martin is the less a seal the overall victory after leading from the 4th stage all reporter and his entourage was at the finish line. it was a spectacular and to the to a columbia $2.00 and as expected it was a shoot out among the top colombian and equipped oriana riders climbing the most
1:55 pm
emblematic of a climb above the capital of columbia from 2600 meters all the way here to the peak at 3290 meters the 1st one to cross the finishing line in this last stage was a dynamite team is who ended up 2nd over all but the leader of the 2022 of colombia in the end was a 22 year old said here you. can become which will. mean so much it's my 1st tool when i won classics and stages but never before to the team gave me the confidence to do it and that's a great motivator to bring the colombian plate to europe. what they are and join i think i say the came in 3rd position followed by last year's winner of the tour de france again who came in for to europeans riders were participating
1:56 pm
had a very hard time dealing with the high elevation of all of this stages the average was at least 2500 metres and so there's only one european among the 1st 10 riders in the general classification overall this has been a very successful tour and this tour is shaping up to be the premier of competition in latin america. tributes were paid to basketball legend kobe bryant to at the n.b.a. all-star game in chicago. ha ha. we. doing his career bryant made 18 appearances in this contest that features the best players from the leagues at 2 conferences trying to diet with his daughter giana and 7 others in a helicopter crash last month bron james western conference team won this year's game. australian goal for adam scott to has won his 1st p.g.a.
1:57 pm
tournament in almost 4 years 2013 masters champion won the genesis invitational by 2 shots in california seeing off a field that included a 9 of the world's top 10 players is his 14th win on the tour and he now jumps up to number 7 in the world rankings nascar's daytona 500 race has been postponed due to bad weather before the rain came and there was some action. president trump what was the race grandma show this year is motorcade then joined in for warmup lap but that's as good as it got for the 100000 fans with the main race that put back until late on monday. and that's it for me 76 day done and that's where we draw the newsroom the news out to a close richelle is back to your just a moment to the day's top stories i'll see you again but for.
1:58 pm
frank assessments the one good thing about these bushfires usage really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on both through school you've been told what the lawyers on 'd up i'll decide him and his astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware of use of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks down
1:59 pm
the president has just finished reading down to the end of the transitional period that's just begun with details company chief u.n. studies that shows that around 30 percent of people in conflict unlikely to suffer from some form of mental illness from around the world the government here has said only a cent so workers will return the others not for another week at least. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call the dependency we have a mismatch between the way we on the maj and work to be and the reality of the 21st century enough to get here in a bathing pool for you and i will too. how many of the questions that you're sending out you should be child soldiers. child soldiers reloaded on.
2:00 pm
a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of on networks journalists on. 99 more cases of corona virus confirmed on a quarantined ship and japan will hear what life is like on board as the crime the virus outbreak continues to spread. and i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 9 years on since libya's revolution a no closer to lasting peace. a stork ruling in india women are now out to service commanders and the military. and the price of peace and brazil's rio de janeiro fewer murders but police killings are at a record high.


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