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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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[000:00:00;00] i . the world health organization warns that protecting it to fight the coronavirus is running out with iran the country most in need. on the intel of his al-jazeera live from london also coming up. turkey shoots down a 3rd syrian government fighter jet as an explosion killed 8 people in it live city . those who seek to test europe's unity will be disappointed this is the e.u. pledges money and support to help greece with its refugee crisis amid accusations
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that turkey is trying to blackmail blog. and bernie sanders cast his vote on super tuesday hoping to cement his lead over a resurgent joe biden in the democratic presidential race. over the head of the world health organization has warned that shortages of protective gear like masks are leaving health workers dangerously ill equipped in the fight against coronavirus south korea's president has declared war on the coronavirus after nearly a sow's and people were affected in one day taking the total to more than 5000 there iran says more than 800 new infections have been discovered there including the country's emergency services chief 23 m.p.'s also have the virus according to state media in europe the french president has requisitioned all current and future
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stocks of face masks while britain's prime minister warned one in 5 of the country's workers could need time off sick and japan's olympics minister says the tokyo games could be perspire and until later this year globally more than 90000 people and known to have caught the disease a 3110 have died morocco andorra armenia the czech republic iceland indonesia and ukraine have all died knows their 1st cases. shortages are leaving doctors nurses and other frontline holds workers dangerously ill equipped for to care for good 19 patients due to limited access to satellite is such as gloves medical mosques but a spirit is google this phrase shoots guns and prince or world health organization said the lack of that vital equipment is more acute in iran than elsewhere iran's supreme leader has told us citizens to pray for the end
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of the outbreak which is known to have killed $77.00 people although it's thought this could be an underestimate an advisor to the supreme leader is among the dead in the cluster and she's one of the biggest outside china schools have shot and major events have been suspended or the world health organization has provided medical supplies so mr avi is in tehran he explains the motive behind the rain government's decision to call on the armed forces to help fight the outbreak. this is very much a message to the public that the government is doing something ever since this outbreak began the government has been criticized for not responding seriously enough and not responding quickly enough so certainly here the supreme leader trying to show that all branches of the government are moving forward but really it has to be said that the military has already been involved so this is very much a public relations public affairs campaign on part of the supreme leader of the defense ministry has been manufacturing masks and other medical supplies including
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task and hands and it's us or the army has been out on the street sanitizing the capitals of different provinces with their equipment meant to find chemical warfare contamination as well as opening its hospitals to civilians that's already been going on something the supreme leader said should continue to happen the revolutionary guard has. built mobile hospitals as well as mobile clinics in cities across the country to help facilitate the treatment of patients to help facilitate the testing of patients and is also responsible for monitoring the borders in 2 different cities where we've seen an uptick in the number of coronavirus cases to screen travelers to make sure they can try and control the spread of this disease. as cases continue to mount around the world the outbreak is now easing in china katrina new reports from beijing inspecting a research lab in beijing president xi jinping has scientists to develop vaccines
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and treatments what he called china's most powerful weapon in the battle against the current a virus outbreak some 80000 people have been infected machine light for a cup of patients have been etched into me. but new cases are slowing on tuesday beijing reported its lowest number since january several people caught the virus in iran in italy prompting some chinese cities to quarantine all travelers from countries affected by the outbreak including south korea where more than 5000 are infected china has sent half a 1000000 masks to de groot south korea's hardest hit city. by south korean leader and ordered all government agencies into emergency mode declaring war against the virus there will be on board the country has entered war against the infectious disease as the crisis in daegu in north york book province has reached the highest point in japan shut the strip supermarket shelves of toilet
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paper and other essentials tokyo has confirmed almost 1000 cases the prime minister shinzo abbott says he's ready to boost government spending to protect the economy we were scrutinised the impact of the core of the virus on the global and japanese economies a further steps are gave the necessary we would take action without hesitation a strictly a central bank cut interest rates to a record low of about 40 cases have been confirmed to their chinese cities brought to a standstill by the virus coming back to life in some provinces of preparing to reopen the schools as early as next week the government says the outbreak is under control of many tough restrictions still in place nationwide it seems to be having trouble from its in the public to be alert the not alarmed katrina here al jazeera. european countries are scrambling to contain hotspots across the continent for
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a challenge report. from 51 to 79 italy has just recorded a large jump in corona virus deaths and increase its official number of cases to more than 2500 it was already europe's worst hit country this makeshift triage center has been set up at a hospital in brush to keep suspected covert 900 patients separate from others the national health institute cornton red zone set up near bug that would make 3 units of these north. as the u.k. updated its number of confirmed corona virus cases to 51 signs of the outbreaks impacts are starting to show there this province sorry closed for a deep clean after someone with the virus visited but on the day the government on veiled its action plan it's clear the u.k. is trying not to overreact but let me be absolutely clear that for the overwhelming majority of people who contract the virus this will be a mild disease from which they will speedily and fully recover as we've already
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seen. but i fully understand public concern for the moment no blanket school closures no major reorganization of health services no army involvements no advisories against travel not unless things get significantly worse and the question is what time to implement what measures if you do if. you end up with a lot of people having to russian forces are the destruction of top of the not getting better europe's big carriers a meeting at an aviation conference in brussels whose chief executive exam lines are going to be hit hard by flight cancellations are quite a few we carry years throughout the world and in particular asia so we are seeing that in europe we see the same france over the last few months we've seen 2 failures so most definitely i believe this will accelerate consolidation in france where wordstar closed the louvre museum on sunday and monday the government has to
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requisition facemasks there's been a run on them in shops and prices have risen we will distribute them to health professionals and to french people infected with the coronavirus president mccrone said on twitter laurie chimes how does it. us federal reserve has cut interest rates by half a percentage point and imagine c. move to protect the economy from the impact of the coronavirus. the virus outbreak is something that will require a multifaceted response there's also room for monetary policy i'm sure policy can be an effective tool to support our overall economic activity we do recognize that recount will not reduce the rate of infection it won't fix a broken supply chain we get that we don't think we have all the answers but we do believe that our action will provide a meaningful boost to the economy. turkish government forces have shot down
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a syrian fighter jet over it probably it's it's the 3rd will play named downed in 3 days in a campaign which threatens to turn into a confrontation with syria's ally russia the violence in syria's last rebel stronghold is taking an increasingly heavy toll on civilians people are being killed by an explosion in a glib city dozens more were injured by reports somehow tie on turkey's border with syria. operation spring shilled is in full swing turkish forces striking the syrian army's i mean it should depose and defense systems they've also shot down a warplane in southern. the escalation in fighting comes as turkey says it's determined to stop syrian army troops from advancing towards the city of idlib the rebels' last stronghold of fischel is here say the military campaign has severely
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undermined the syrian army's capabilities. undeterred syrian troops took. the city sits on 2 highways the m 4 and m 5 and has changed hands many times over the last few days as fighting continues u.s. special envoy for syria james jeffrey and u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft visited the border area with syria and met members of the syrian white helmets the u.s. is contributing more than $100000000.00 to address the deteriorating humanitarian situation in northwestern syria humanitarian aid is only a response the real answer is an immediate cease fire durable cease fire so i'm very happy to be here this is obviously a moment that we need to make certain that we stress that the americans care but at
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the same time that there has got to be an immediate cease fire. and his father from province their family members are among thousands of people who have fled their villages and settled all the border with turkey. when we were walking out of the village we were hit by ernest reich i lost my hand and i miss my home my school. for the time being bert and his family have nowhere to go so they're make shift camp could turn into something more permanent if the fighting doesn't and as international calls for an immediate cease fire government and turkish and russia leaders will meet on thursday to try and agree or not buffer zone and the demarcation line that will constrain the movement of the syrian army but damascus remains adamant its offensive won't and until it regains control of all the territory held by the rebels has about
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a bar as the era had time in use promised $777000000.00 to support greece as tens of thousands of refugees and migrants massed on its border with turkey top e.u. officials have been meeting greece's prime minister who took them in in a helicopter to show them the extent of the crisis over the weekend turkey announced it would no longer stop people trying to reach europe when a king on a deal brokered with brussels in 2016 european commission president was left on a lion says the e.u. will not be divided the situation at our border is not only greece issue to manage it is the responsible responsibility of europe as a whole and we will manage it in an orderly way with your nitty solidarity and determination those who seek to test europe's unity will be disappointed we will hold the line and our unity will prevail now is
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the time for concerted action and cool hads and acting based on our values turkey is not an enemy and people are not just means to reach a goal but actual name is in a turkish border village of dawran where she says people are desperate to reach europe and will use any means possible. it's only a journey the length of a football field to cross the border from turkey to greece here but it's an almost impossible one in a smuggler's boat there is also a land border which these syrian refugees managed to cross a few days ago soon they were deported back to turkey they remain undeterred. by the fall decree soldiers took our phones our money and our bags i went back to stumble tack that my bags and return to. this riverbank in the village of di ron has become a campground of hope these families look at the merchant river and see all the
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possibilities europe represent. syrian refugees dia his wife and 3 young children have used branches donated blankets and tarps to build a shelter to shield against the unrelenting cold wind day and night for 4 days business that it is we need to take a threat i'm 34 years old and i've seen nothing good to me and maybe my children can see something good we need some space to see our future the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. says countries must not use excessive or disproportionate force against migrants they must process asylum applications in an orderly manner and the international community needs to increase its support of turkey the country is home to almost 4000000 refugees 3.7 of them are syria. a few kilometers
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away the european council president and the greek prime minister visited the border we have not used the time wisely since the last migration crisis to address the situation effectively. it's about time that we do it now during 9 years of war syrians have heard similar pronouncements and promises from world leaders before dia and other refugees we've been talking to tell us this isn't simply about turkey opening its borders to europe it's about all countries changing their mindset and welcoming them until then they're determined to push their way in any way they can natasha going to. die run on the border between turkey and greece. still to come this half hour powerful tornadoes killed 20 in tennessee and leave parts of a u.s. state resembling a war zone. and more than
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a $1000000.00 out of pocket that may pigeons may spend one critic says the russian government has emptied his bank account with. how its lee integration costs have had the wind in the rain as you can see it's moved all now and the next place to watch out for that sort of weather is stew northern spain and france is all coming from the atlantic the blue clearly is rain and you can judge the strength of the wind by the hours the color or the assignees so immediately on wednesday just starts to get that way the rain is now go across to greece western turkey is a line ups are east near east so that a southerly breeze means it's warm once again 60 to kiev but look at booker s. up to about 20 in moscow as of plus 6 is hardly wintry weather then into thursday and france really gets hammered as dark roots heavy rain and that's force winds
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possibly storm force winds a whole lot moves east which is a 2nd this is snow to the alps a lot of stay fairly wet stone rain returns into the pope valley of italy and of course it's in germany and france as well quite a change of weather typhus going rather story which march of course is supposed to be that some of it's going to affect tunisia and libya that's quite a strong northerly wind 16 in tunis still be some rain or some showers dragged through tunis and tripoli it eases away from tunisia on thursday and then guess or eastern that piece of benghazi gets the showers the miserable weather the strong wind and 60 degrees. for the al-jazeera well charts remarkable refugee journeys from the treacherous. part of sudanese setting up a manual job to climb the ski chop the softest and the only 60 feet music is the place where you become
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a child this is where i can get to the london designer from c.n.n. we're creating play this is the one thing that i know that god has gifted do is a hard road from home music and fashion on al-jazeera. our mind at the top stories here now jazeera south korea's president has declared war on the coronavirus after nearly a 1000 infections in just one day this is the world health organization warns that global stocks of protective equipment are running low. turkish government forces have shot down a syrian fighter jet over italy province the 3rd in 3 days on the ground 8 people were killed by an explosion in
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a deep city. and the european union has promised $777000000.00 of support for greece as tens of thousands of migrants make their way to the country's border with turkey. u.s. president donald trump has held a phone call with one of the taliban's leaders well abara days after america signed a historic deal with the armed group but there's anger inside afghanistan after the taliban ended a partial truce with afghan forces and taliban protesters took to the streets of kabul as taliban fighters carried out 33 attacks in 16 provinces on tuesday a reduction of violence had been observed in the week before the agreement with the us under which foreign forces will leave the country in 14 months. well the most important voting day in the u.s.
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democratic presidential primary race is underway it's super tuesday and millions of voters across 14 states and one u.s. territory a cost of about for the candidate they want to take on donald trump in november front runner embodies sanders is hoping to extend his lead but his rival joe biden has had a boost after 2 candidates dropped out and threw their weight behind him there are just 5 candidates left in the race these are the 14 states voting for a democrat nominee along with american samoa 13 of voting for a republican nominee or the donald trump is already so not that race all in 1300 democratic delegates are up for grabs they'll be assigned to candidates and sent to the party convention later in the year when the winner will be crowned just under 2000 delegates needed to win 2 of the states are among the biggest prizes available california selects $415.00 delegates the most of any state texas has the thought
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3rd largest total $228.00 well this will give much more clarity over which of the 5 contenders left is most likely to end up on november's ballot paper and indicate who might be next to drop out john hendren is in charlotte in north carolina where democrats accosting their ballots. what happened is over the past 48 hours you had pete booted judge panel out of the race and amy closed which are both of them have backed joe biden there was a poll that came out just a day ago a day before the polls open that said lead the leading candidate was bernie sanders that michael bloomberg was 2nd showing that he has made some impact in that joe biden was 3rd there are other polls that have differed but the bottom line is that it doesn't matter what any of those polls say anymore because nobody knows where those voters for people to judge and amy close which are will go the race has been narrowed down to 5 candidates with the exception of tolls the gabbert who hasn't made a real impact here she's
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a bit younger the rest of them are all white and over 70 years old so there are some similarities in this race and it's a test of a number of things the test of the bloomberg candidacy he has not been on the ballot in any of the previous 4 states so this will be the 1st chance for voters to get to see whether he will make an impact on this race right now what the biden campaign is hoping to do is make this a race between him the moderate and bernie sanders the liberal but bloomberg is also a moderate and he may have an impact on that race and there's another problem here for many people and that is that 800000 people just here in the state of north carolina have voted early so that means they could have voted for people like people to judge and amy close this is the ballot people did it was made weeks ago and it has 15 names on them presumably some people have already voted in advance for these people and presumably some people may vote for them still to come is a democratic strategist and i for my regional press secretary for the party's national committee joins us now from washington d.c.
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thanks very much for being with us just to go back to. dropping out where do you think those votes will go. to putting the voters will do that with. yeah thank you again for having me 1st i would say that there was some polling done in late january early february by quinnipiac that showed that the 2nd choice for mayor. voters as well as for senator amy klobuchar are voters was joe biden so you know it's more likely than not that they are going to gravitate towards either biden or bloomberg one of the more moderate candidates you know both mayor pete and cynical bashar really tried to lay out a platform that was focused on the moderate voters and you know bernie sanders is not considered a moderate in this race and so i would imagine that a lot of their voters will go to either former vice president biden or mayor
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bloomberg and how critical is this particular point in the nomination period for someone like what we're going to chances does he have at this stage. yeah i mean so you know mayor bloomberg actually put a lot on the line for super tuesday at the end of today by tomorrow morning 40 percent of the. ballots that will be cast for the democratic primary will have occurred and so he's hoping to really make some in ways you know whether it's north carolina arkansas was the 1st place that he went and he actually went there in person to deliver his. nomination form so it's going to be really really important however i do think that there's a lot of factors that are in play here one is the early votes so there are a lot of people who cast their votes in california and texas north carolina and other places for him in this that are no longer in the race to what you've seen
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over the last 48 hours 72 hours has been this coalescing around vice president biden by the moderate wing of the democratic party and so where do those voters go and i think that's going to be really really critical and i think what we'll see tonight will be a glimpse of that for those that are making voting decisions over the course of the last day or 2 you mention the moderate wing there is it fair to say that there's a kind of democratic party establishment move to china sound as it will cost or is that is that the wrong way to interpret things that the moment. i don't know if i would interpret it that way what i would say is that you know as part of the primary process as we saw in 2016 and in previous elections you know there are the democratic party's a diverse party we are a party of liberals we're a party of conservatives where party of gender dynamics and racial dynamics and so you know what you're seeing is like i said the moderate ring really coalesced around either vice president biden that's where looks we're seeing the endorsements
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everyone from senator tim kaine in virginia which is going to be a critical state today to people like former majority leader harry reid and others and so there is this divide in the democratic party i think it's it's fair to say that we may not have a clear nominee by the time we get to convention but the party does have rules in place to help ensure that you know the will of the voters is really heard and heeded to by delegates to thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us thank you. how nice to 22 people have been killed after a series of tornadoes ripped through nashville and other parts of tennessee the u.s. state is among those participating in super tuesday and rescues searching for possible survivors buried under the rubble officials say polling sites will remain open sean bonus as well. in airy cool to take shelter for tennessee residents the siren warns of
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a looming tornado. this is one moving through downtown nashville but there were multiple tornadoes early tuesday morning throughout the state of tennessee oh my. mother building right next to us was blown off in our rough for our our wall mendoza. bar the hotel below us was ripped off and. that is very scary. they leave tens of thousands without power as the winds damaged the church of the put meant that lit up the sky will the 150 people were rushed to hospital we heard the sirens going off we heard the wind we were in the basement twenty's 20 seconds later it was done it was gone 20 seconds one tornado hit the ground near downtown nashville and ripped to 16 kill me said pa to the city's eastern suburbs there are multiple homes damaged there are multiple injuries and we are still in that response our priority right now is assessing the injuries we're
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responding trying to find those who are trapped trying to find those who are injured as day broke the death toll grew and extensive damage was revealed in nashville alone hundreds who lived harmless schools courts public transportation an airport and the state capitol were closed officials scramble to find alternative sites for super tuesday voting. tennessee the 1st to feel the brunt of america's 2020 season. russia's main opposition need to explain avani has accused the kremlin of freezing his bank account of honey is an anti corruption campaign it has emerged as president vladimir putin strongest critic he says that not only has his account been frozen but it's also overdrawn by more than a $1000000.00 accounts. but only and his wife 2 children and elderly parents have also been blocked around he says he believes the phrases are punishment for his
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work exposing corruption at the highest levels of russia's government. with all of us that i don't have any shady assets are trying not to have any cash at the moment it's not clear how are paid rent for my apartment or pay for food and anyway i got to tell all these thieves in the kremlin don't worry my colleagues and i will handle the situation. i'm one of the top stories on our syria the world health organization is warning that global stocks of protective equipment for fighting the corona virus are running low south korea has seen nearly a 1000 new infections in just one day of the country's president declaring war on the virus a number of cases that are split believe has now topped 90000 with most still inside china but the turtle is growing faster outside. says it's growing concerned
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about the global ability to deal with the virus. shortages are leaving doctors nurses and other frontline holds workers dangerously ill keep for to care for 19 patients due to limited access to satellite such as gloves medical masks but a spirit of google lose face shoots gums and prince. turkish government forces have shot down a syrian fighter jet over italy province the 3rd in 3 days on the ground the violence in syria's last rebel stronghold is continuing with 8 people killed by an explosion an adlib city the president of turkey and russia which backs the syrian government are due to meet later in the week in an effort to ease tensions which have led to fears of a larger confrontational. the european union has promised $777000000.00 of support for greece as tens of thousands of migrants make their way to the country's border with turkey it comes after turkey made good on
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a threat to open its border for those aiming to cross the country to reach europe greek authorities say they stopped more than 26000 people from crossing into the country between saturday morning and tuesday afternoon. super tuesday voting is underway in the united states democrats in 14 states along with those registered abroad and in american summer are casting their ballots for a presidential nominee 5 contenders are left in the race with bernie sanders and joe biden leading after voting in previous states the result is hotly anticipated as it's the 1st time more than one state votes at the same time and it's likely to narrow the field even further there's the top stories do stay with us on out is there are
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a stream has more on super tuesday next. it is simple cheese say in the united states who will take on the u.s. president donald trump i thought me ok in your in the stream today is a very most important day in the us democratic primary calendar and we're joined by al jazeera as fine as correspondents breaking down some key races around the country there is so much to talk about and we want to hear from you and i live chat send me your comments and questions and i will do my best to bring them into today . for we get started what is so super about super tuesday well today 14 states and


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