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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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getting intimate. this is my cue. and just see. india as 1300000000 citizens are ordered indoors as a 3 week lockdown comes into effect to stop the spread of the coronavirus. watching al-jazeera life from london i'm dead obligato also ahead the infection rate continues to climb in spain with concerns that frontline health workers do not have adequate protection. keeping the flame burning tokyo postpones the olympic games until next year saying the event in 2021 will represent victory over the
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coronavirus and when the city that never sleeps sucks downs children are forced to learn from home how are new york schools students and parents coping. hello thanks for joining us the death toll from the corona virus continues to rise in europe france has just reported more than a 1000 deaths from the illness and the number of fatalities in italy are now more than double that of china well 1st 2 days it seemed as if italy's outbreak was slowing but on choose day that number of deaths spiked again rising by more than 740 and dashing hopes that the outbreak had reached a plateau spain has recorded its highest deadly daily number of deaths and confirmed cases and there are concerns that frontline held. workers do not have the
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protective equipment to shield them from the virus well after weeks of speculation the tokyo 2020 a limp aches has now been postponed for a year japan's prime minister since i says he's determined to hold the games in full by summer 2021 is a symbol of the world's triumph over coronavirus india meanwhile has brought in unprecedented measures to stop the spread of the illness its 1300000000 citizens have been told to stay home for 3 weeks and nation wide lockdown is now in effect there would it visionary. listen carefully the whole country from today to midnight the entire country it would be in a complete. order to save india in order to save the citizens of india and to save itself save you and your family today at 12 midnight there would be a total ban of then shooting out of your home this every state every every district
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every village every look and it is being put on lockdown. here is war on india's lockdown with elizabeth piron i'm from new delhi. since thursday evening is when he 1st addressed the nation and he asked everyone to observe this 14 hour voluntary curfew and since then that voluntary curfew was extended in 75 of the country's districts that was 110th that happened on sunday halfway through the day yesterday on monday that was further extended by the end of the day 3 quarters of the country was under some kind of a lockdown and the prime minister came out this evening and unsurprisingly is more and more of the country is under some kind of lock lock down whether it's complete or partial he announced that in fact it is the entire country that it's for $21.00 days and that that is the only way that india can fight fight cover in a virus saying that you know much more developed nations have have struggled against it and that these precautions have to be taken now if india has any chance
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of fighting it or the coronavirus pandemic is crippling health care systems across europe. and u.k. governments are both opening makeshift facilities while in spain an ice rink in madrid has been turned into a temporary morgue as the country tries to deal with the outbreak reports and red hill in southeast england. one in 5 spanish residences age 65 or older so the devastating impact of coronavirus in the country is no surprise what's shocking is how the care system collapsed so quickly under the onslaught military emergency units of disinfecting promises as fast as humanly possible i was here in madrid the care home staff have been overwhelmed with desperate consequences speculate. i know the majority are fulfilling their duty they are paying attention but listen this has to be said the army in some of their visits to the care centers
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i've seen elderly people completely abandoned even dead in their beds. with madrid's hospital morgues fall this ice rink has been requisitioned to receive and store the bodies of the corona virus victims so infectious even in death that the staff are wearing full protective suits it's only the latest clinic repurposed as a coronavirus unit has opened in rome every single patient requires truly intensive care intensive in terms of staffing and intensive in terms of equipment and there is simply not enough to go around my belief so i learned by no more than a growing number of italian town mess of recorded video messages angrily ordering the public to stop flouting the lockdown rules one math threatens to send in the cabin yairi with a flame thrower to break up a planned graduation party a pretty shortage of critical care capacity in the u.k.
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is being at least partly addressed with a brand new temporary hospital being created in just one week at a huge exhibition center in london rules the enter just 1000 girls hospital will comprise 2 wards each of 2000 people with the help of the military and with n.h.s. clinicians we will make sure that we have the capacity that we need so that everyone can get the support they need. the 1st time coronavirus restrictions are now having a tangible effect on millions of u.k. citizens a stay at home order has replaced the previous advisory guidance but not everyone seems to have grasped the urgency this grocery store here in red hill is about the only shop that we found open in this town but the lockdown is far from being strictly observed here and maintaining it over what could be 3 or even 4 months is
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going to be a real challenge and construction workers in particular sure little sign of social distancing go other precautions the example of this site in central london was far from unusual across the u.k. but religious services of all denominations are banned wedding plans and baptism ceremonies are on hold only funerals will go ahead this virus robs the joy from society and leaves only their grief paul brennan al-jazeera redhill well let's discuss the situation in spain and bring in martha herrera was a spanish journalist is joining us now from madrid thanks very much for it's out of the silence there are so close to 14 percent if in fact the people in spain are health care workers as we're hearing their concerns these workers don't have the right to protective equipments martha what is the government doing to change this if anything at all. well the as you mentioned the health care workers represent 14 percent of the people infected of coronavirus in spain they are demanding an
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immediate supply of protective equipment against grown a virus in order to perform their work in safety conditions with no risk of getting infected like the 5400 of cocoa workers that have already that already did or is spreading the corona virus today health minister made a call this morning to a spanish regions to supply protecting equipment to madrid that has become the epicenter of the spanish outbreak with more than 12000 people infected and what about the restrictions that have been put in place our communities dealing with the restrictions or are they hearing to the restrictions on their movement. well some people are not a dairy into their restrictions at all and we could see this past week and people traveling to the coast or even to the 2nd house in the outskirts and causing traffic jams like in by him feet out already and they'll feel and yesterday when so a whole family of 8 members with
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a child of 18 months traveling in the same car that were stopped by by the police according to interior ministry the police have arrested around 1000 people 80 arrest just took place place in the past 24 hours and more than 800000 of fines have been issued this this fines go from he 300 euros 22100000 euros all right we'll leave it there martin herrera thank you for giving us that update from the dreads. well the world's biggest sporting event has now been postponed for up to a year the international olympic emissions chief says the decision is about saving lives the japanese prime minister asked for the tokyo olympic games to be put off saying when it happens it will be proof of victory over the coronavirus alexei o'brien reports. there's been weeks of speculation about whether the tokyo games would go ahead the coronavirus pandemic that's caused chaos the world over made the
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event increasingly unlikely now japan's prime minister says tokyo 2020 will be held in 2021 i feel the money as the host of the tokyo olympics taking into consideration the current situation for the athletes for the athletes of the world for them to be able to compete in the best environment and also for the games to be one in which it is safe and worry free for spectators i asked if it would be possible to consider perspiring in the games for approximately one year i think this week in saying several countries signaled they wouldn't be sending teams to the event originally planned for july several input qualifiers had to be postponed as a result of the outbreak putting many athletes at a disadvantage and the increasing restrictions on global travel made even getting to the competition nearly impossible it was becoming increasingly difficult to see any way in which it could be you know this year. you know you think about it it
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operates on so many different levels probably don't think about. just 2 levels around the world which one train is something that you're not sure about well it's going to help a lot and they're all in lockdown many are in lockdown scenarios japan had warned that putting off the games but it's $1000000000.00 budget at risk its chief organizer says he still hasn't worked out how much the delay will cost all who will pay. i'm sorry about it and i regret it but in a way it's also a sigh of relief prime minister and president had a call on short notice and it gave us a sense of direction so that's a relief but it doesn't solve everything this could be a good pretext for us to go forward and we can prepare for an even better olympic and paralympic games than what we planned for this year 3 of the big games have been cancelled before because of the world wars but it's the 1st time in the games $124.00 yet modern history that competitions being delayed during peace time
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japan's prime minister says when the event does go on it will be proof that the world has overcome the virus while the international and the pick committee says it will leave the flame burning until then as a symbol of commitment and hope brian al jazeera. the new york governor andrew cuomo says the worst of the corona virus outbreak will hit his state foster and harder than previously thought a day after u.s. president donald trump said he might consider lifting restrictions on the public to boost the economy komo has warned that easing the limits too early will cost lives he's also spoke to us earlier from new york. andrew cuomo the governor really giving a very somber view of what new yorkers have coming to them very soon but also in some ways angry and making a call out really what these new numbers he said this said the thing is that the
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new thing here and the real shocking part of this is the governor saying that their rate of new infections in new york state is doubling every 3 days that's a much faster than they had thought just even 24 hours ago and he pointed out that this apex as he calls it this is the part when the massive amounts of people that are currently sick but that are going to be flooding into the hospitals at some point tens of thousands of people here according to the governor that apex will now be coming he said within $14.00 to $21.00 days of right now he said they need a 140000 beds hospital beds available as early as 14 days from now he said right now they only have about 50000 available so they're short about 90000 or so. still to come on al-jazeera after months of being locked at home life is about to return to normal for china as a province and hundreds of people arrested in jordan for breaking an indefinite
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coronavirus curfew. hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we begin in europe vast swathes of the continent enjoying fine weather conditions not particularly warm but fine but you notice the circulation of low pressure becoming more and more intense with time some really strong winds and torrential rain really all the way from coastal parts of tunisia through sicily into southern parts of italy are not low pressure center will dominate wednesday through into service day saying see a circulation developing so extending further up into italy join the course of the day on thursday meanwhile we've got fine but clear conditions across many other areas fine across the u.k. looking at 11 degrees in london and sunny across the iberian peninsula max of 14 in
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madrid so moving down into africa aside from that low pressure system we should also be giving very disturbed weather through the gulf of certain region which area looking at some showers across the ethiopian highlands outer suburb should be largely dry highs of 25 some heavy showers around parts of west africa standing quite a way inland across nigeria and them for southern portions of the continent we've got some heavy showers for d.r. congo extending south who's in toronto and northern parts up to maybe a good looks or should be largely fine across south africa sunshine in johannesburg a finding cape town highs here from a spot 23. christian priest if you are a friend of the palestinians is it true. for everyone and champion of the palestinian cause. an activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom.
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for his beliefs. al-jazeera world tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the p.l.o. . hello again the top stories on al-jazeera india's 1300000000 citizens have been told to stay home for 3 weeks prime minister narendra modi says a nationwide lockdown will be enforced from midnight india has reported more than 500 confirmed cases and 10 deaths. and after 2 days of a declining death rate the number of fatalities in italy has risen again by more than 740 and spain has recorded its fires daily tally of deaths on confirmed cases
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in tokyo 2020 of them pics of and disposed for year prime minister shinzo are they says he's determined to hold the games in full by summer 2021 as a symbol of the world's triumph over coronavirus. a further 122 people have died from the corona virus in iran where the death toll nears 2000 about how awful it all government employees are staying at home in a bid to contain the spread of a number of infections is nearing 25000 the health ministry said the number of cases is likely to rise because of testing in screening and huntsman's to iran has blamed us sanctions for preventing it from containing the outbreak it's the worst affected country in the middle east and one of the worst hit globally. the un special envoy for syria has called for an immediate nationwide cease fire across the country in a bid to stop the virus from spreading pettersen also appealed for president
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releases and access for medical workers to detention facilities the syrian government says also impose curfews and ban public transport after the war torn country confirmed its 1st case of corona. virus there been unconfirmed reports of infections for weeks but authorities have denied a cover up. with local infections at 0 restrictions are being lifted in the epicenter of the outbreak china is who a province and it's a similar story in the rest of mainland china but authorities in hong kong are introducing further curbs after fears that complacency has set in difficult pollen explains a new milestone in china's battle against the current virus outbreak nearly all locked down restrictions on who bathe the province at the center of the pandemic are being lifted beijing says new confirmed cases in the country have windows and the threat is now mostly from overseas tens of millions of people who have been confined indoors for weeks will now be able to move freely within the province and
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cross its borders. public transport plane routes and trains are yet to be reinstated but the transport system is making preparations for that residents of the state capital though where the virus 1st surfaced at the end of last year well have to wait until april 8th to exit the city's limits or has till the majority of china's 81000 cases but from wednesday people will be able to leave their homes and travel within the city if the community is identified as an epidemic free area residents will need to return to work will be allowed to winter and leave their residents with a certificate from the ploy or if their body temperatures f. tested normal. the end of restrictions are in stark contrast to the clampdown being imposed in hong kong at the height of the outbreak in mainland china hong kong was an example of how to contain the spread of corona virus but now the city has become
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a lesson in what happens when you let your guard down too soon last week the numbers surged more than doubling in just a few days prompting authorities to enforce the toughest measures yet to stem the rising number of imported cases non-residents will not be allowed to enter hong kong as of wednesday even transit passengers will be banned and to address locally transmitted infections the government says limiting the sale of alcohol i see if i get. sick regarding consumption restaurants and bars the most concerning behavior is taking place in bars around 10 confirmed coronavirus cases are related to activities there so we're focusing on this area. the government found that after months of self-imposed confinement and vigilance many people started socializing again this is line quite a following it's one of hong kong's most popular nightlife districts and it's also
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at the center of some of the city's recent cluster infections so with the restrictions that are called sales areas like this will come to a standstill nearly $9000.00 pubs and eateries will be affected raising concerns about the impact on hong kong's already struggling economy. many hong kong businesses were hit hard last year by anti-government protests that lost it for months and analysts say the fallout from the social unrest along with the loss of $30000.00 visitors a day and the closure of entertainment centers could devastate the economy well this is the 2nd part everyone how it would be bound for a good parent could not really get out i don't think our own economy would never recover to its former level every woof seriously studio replied it's an issue that resonates around the world as governments try to stop the spread of the virus the dilemma of how to balance the economic damage from lock downs and
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restrictions with efforts to contain the pandemic if you go paul in our jazeera hong kong. well moscow's mayor has revealed the corona virus outbreak in russia is much worse than official figures show on tuesday president vladimir putin visited a moscow hospital treating coronavirus patients to wear protective suits and respirator to guard against the virus he praised the doctors for their work and the moscow mayor told putin a serious situation was unfolding despite confirming 495 infections he said the real number were still unclear and then. rwanda has announced 17 new coronavirus cases its highest single day increase in the number of infections that brings its total to 36 only one of the new patients was locally infected while 9 had recently returned from the united arab emirates 3 from kenya and 2 from the us and one each from india and qatar. africa's most populous country nigeria has now confirmed 40
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cases and one death from the pandemic there's a ban on all international flights and land borders are closed and people in the biggest cities of abuse on lagos have been told to work from home. more than 1600 people have been arrested in jordan over the past 3 days for violating an indefinite curfew aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus michael sofie is an international correspondent for the guardian newspaper he's based in jordan's capital amman and he says the lockdown has been effective so far despite the arrests. of 5 now. i believe any reason at all of the groceries not pharmacy not even walk around the block. people under house arrest now you would have to say faster is a high people seem to understand why the necessary. i've been listening to in other countries this sort of confusion over what is allowed and what's not in jordan
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there's no confusion nothing's allowed no one's allowed out of the house everyone gets that except for those people who are being none arrested so far but i this point we simply sit and wait for the run instructions from the government about when we are allowed to eventually leave out again they've left questions over whether you can take your garbage out if you leave something in the copy go and get it generally they think that they can do things like that anything that involves leaving your house to go somewhere else if completely bad i have to say those rules have started to relax today because they've just started to trial system to deliver things like bread water and gas to people so i've just been out to the front of my house there are people all up and down the street waiting for was a delivery trucks the bread delivery trucks you know unfortunately what we're seeing is them crowding i think buses full of bread show up people from a neighborhood will crowd around to try and get some breaks that they caught that
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debate because of the lockdown so if the system that we're seeing has a few cases that hopefully won't be government will be able to iron out and. 64 ethiopian migrants have been found dead in a truck container in mozambique they died from suffocation 14 others who are in the container survived the migrants who were discovered when the driver was stopped by police and local health workers believe they were being smuggled into south africa at least 70 nigerian soldiers have been killed in an ambush on a convoy military sources say rebels fired grenades targeting the truck near a village in borno state a rescue operation was underway 100 races in nigeria's capital a boost off and sent the subject. no one has claimed responsibility but we know boko haram has operated in that area for a very long time and the military is mopping up operations in that region in borno state as it is in other parts of northeast nigeria and the neighboring countries
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have come and were seen from late last year to the beginning of this year how i'm groups especially and islamic state in west africa probably is in islamic state in mali but can a fossil stepped up operations against military targets but not only military targets but also civilians a lot of people have been killed a lot of service personnel the military of those countries have been killed so the situation now the army in nigeria saying that the situation has subsided that after the attack they called in air support the air force that raided the position of the fighters and succeeded in killing all of them although the military here did not give the correct number or the actual number of. fighters that were been killed in that air raid become a room and jazz legend has died at the age of 86 after contracts in coronavirus and
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france. a pioneer of jobs de bangle emerged on to the world music scene in the 1970 s. his fusion a fast fricken rhythms and funk influenced disco and hip hop artists and the funeral will be private because of the coronavirus restrictions but his family said there would be a public tribute once there in the states. 80 percent of the world's school aged children are out of class because the virus that's according to the united nations and in the u.s. nearly every state has closed all or some of their schools many will not open for months chris a salumi has more from new york where teachers are attempting to do their job online. once you've looked into class you can figure out all of the work that you need to do you. object so for teaching has never been quite like this for aaron shelmon or his 5th graders so
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a lot of people have been thinking like what do i do every day can we do this attendance at this new york public school and morning meeting are now online my goal right now is to resume some sense of normality for students in my. specially and marian so i've had a lot of parents reaching out to me looking for some sort of schedule looking for some sort of routine that they could fall into 'd that's no easy task in the city suddenly shut down amidst a coronavirus pandemic it's 1100000 students ordered to stay home it's teachers told to transition to remote learning to be fleshed out into the classroom out of work many children like late and the layman have parents trying to work from home too it's a lot harder than i thought it was going to die i thought that when they started today that. it would make my life easier like i would be able to do my
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work set them up with their remote learning but that isn't exactly what happened is they don't they're not computer experts now and the question isn't chemists and of course not all families have the necessary technology city officials have lent out thousands of devices of course schools provide much more than just an education they're also a source of free and childcare for families who work that's why some of them are staying open to provide free takeout meals for families that need them and childcare for the children of 1st responders transportation and sanitation workers who still have to go to work. not every class can have online meetings many teachers are relying on apps like google classroom to share assignments administrators. pleading for patience as they work out the best way to manage the new form of teaching teaching students and all of us a thing or 2 about learning on the fly we're doing pretty good for day one
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christians believe me al jazeera new york well you can watch the reports kristen is filing from new york on our web site al jazeera dot com there you'll find the day's top stories and all the updates on the coronavirus all that al jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera india as 1300000000 citizens have been told to stay home for 3 weeks prime minister narendra modi says a nationwide lockdown will be enforced from midnight india has so far reported more than $500.00 confirmed cases and 10 deaths would it visionary. listen carefully the whole country from today to midnight the entire country it will be in a complete. order to save india in order to save the citizens of india and to save itself save you and your family today at 12 midnight there will be
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a total ban of then shooting out of your home it's going to work every state every every district every village every look at it is being put on lockdown the death toll from the corona virus and is rising in europe france has just reported more than a 1000 deaths from the illness on the number of fatal disease and italy are now more than double that of china for 2 days it looked as if italy was recording fewer deaths from the virus but on tuesday that number spiked again rising by more than 740 and spain has recorded its highest daily tally of deaths and confirmed cases the tokyo 2020 lympics have been postponed for a year japan's prime minister says oh are they says he is determined to hold the games unfold by summer 2021 as a symbol of the world's triumph over coronavirus. and a further 122 people have died from the corona virus in iran where the death toll
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rose to thousands about half of all government employees are staying at home in a bid to contain the spread the number of infections is nearing 25 thousands the health ministry says the number of cases is likely to rise because of testing and screening of hansen's. and the u.n. special envoy for syria has called for an immediate nationwide cease fire across the country in a bid to stop the virus from spreading gare pedersen also appealed for prisoner releases as well as access for medical workers to detention facilities the syrian government has also imposed curfews and public transports after the war torn country confirmed its 1st case of cover of the violence. here today it's with the headlines on al-jazeera up next it's the stream on the team is looking at how to protect health care workers on the coronavirus front line.
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i have one i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream health care workers around the well back in the bronx at the corona virus outbreak but many are not getting the support they need you one of them with us on i live chats or at a stream on twitter. take a look at some of the say show media please the hash tags covered 19 health care a hero's flatten the of these often health care workers from around the world and they have been asked.


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