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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2020 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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who is willing to sacrifice his freedom in the for his beliefs. al-jazeera wild tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the piano. hundreds more coronavirus deaths in spain with hospitals overwhelmed and the army asking nato partners for extra medical equipment. this is a lie from doha also coming out russia's president to spain's an upcoming vote on constitutional reforms as the country tries to stem the spread of the fire us. stock markets climb higher as the u.s. senate gets set to vote on a 2 trillion dollars economic rescue package. indian police crack down on people
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violating a curfew is more than a 1000000000 people go under lockdown for 21 days over the pandemic. and spain has recalled its worst day yet of the corona virus pandemic with more than 700 new deaths and that means more people have died in italy in china in italy than in china where the virus began in the past 24 hours a number of deaths has surged to almost 3500 nearly 48000 people have been infected and only its lead has seen a greater loss of life let's go straight to mt however who is live for us in madrid and mark so we look to the death toll we hope to see a drop but no we have 700 new just in 24 hours and as i say anything greater loss of life. yes named as you was saying according according to spanish officials
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738 new this have been reported in just 24 hours these mean does means we're only taking china and spain is becoming the 2nd contrie will wind with the highest death toll also in spain the number of people infected by corona virus has increased to a 20 percent to nearly 8000 people infected being madrid the at the center of the whole pandemic with with nearly half of the people infected only in madrid so this is a situation is quite critical and health authorities have said today that we might reach jewing beast week the highest peak of the curve this morning of the health minister said by the e.u. during a press conference the following is statement these is a very hard wreak because we're in the 1st stages of overcoming the virus that is
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going to that the spanish government is cool many partners to help tell us about bounce and other government measures. yes well as you know a lot of many countries will lying like spain have been struggling with a lack of medical supplies for testing treatment and protection for the frontline workers you know that in spain the health care work is a 14 percent of the total of people infected are members of the health care system so we need to protect all least people in although to contain and not to spread more the virus so the spanish government has asked to the defense minister to the french minister to nato to help them to provide testing kits ventilators and projecting gear to help the modern military and the civilian population. also about the military helping all round from disinfecting to patrolling the
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lockdown. yes well the military has been in charge of taking taken over attacks such as disinfecting airports train stations kill or have care homes and it was yesterday when we realized that many people have been left abandoned many elderly people have left dead in their in these care homes or next homes and today we found out that this is a care home imagery with 22 people dead already in this same nurse and yes well all those military people have been deployed nationwide and they're keeping the trying to keep everyone at home and trying to might take this lockdown mode so when they get that depreciate that thanks very much indeed well to whatever that to russia where vladimir putin is despite a constitutional referendum giunta the outbreak of the vote was intended to extend the president's time in office in his televised speech putin called on the russians to stay at home and he pledged economic assistance to those in need he offered
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assurances that the government would help people to weather the storm will go that is that when you put anything in them thanks to the measures already taken we can stop this virus becoming widespread our state has already been seriously affected by it if you look at our geographical position it is objective lee not possible to stop it but we can do its work in a professional way our main priority is to help the lives of our citizens with medical assistance and preventative measures well let's hear now from step vasant who is in moscow and has more on putin's speech. he actually barely spoke about the any health measures during his said his nation the white address which was actually the 1st time he has addressed the whole nation during this corona crisis because the authorities until now were always saying that they were doing a much better job at the containing the fire risk and also that they were less much less cases than anywhere else but in the last 24 hours we see a spike in official cases and that's only the tip of the iceberg as many virally
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just and other experts have been telling us so finally and also obviously reluctantly put in it's now addressing the nation telling them to stay at home for one week it's just one week he has also not specified how these measures will be observed or enforced it's not clear if the very wide ranging face recognition system that's in place here in moscow will be used for this and he also spoke about politics about this constitutional fota body amendments that will keep him in power for much longer after his final term will end in 2024 he has now said that he will postpone this vote indefinitely and then most of the time he was talking about any social economic measures that will keep the population happy because he's very worried that there will be panic and of course people have been struggling here it canonically their incomes have been going down in recent years so extensively
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offered all kinds of measures to make sure that people can go about their normal lives and have an income. all right to the united states now where the u.s. senate is set to vote on a deal for a 2 trillion dollars package to help fight the virus the funds are aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat and helping frontline medical workers the agreement follows days of arguments with democrats accusing republicans of prioritizing profits over workers' health and that speech while white house correspondent can be how could he's in washington d.c. and the details of this plan. yeah we are expecting the vote on this plan to come down in the u.s. senate shortly it is a pretty expansive package one of the largest essentially in u.s. history if what the details are is this essentially is providing a $500000000000.00 pool of emergency liquidity for the u.s.
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economy with it american corporations are going to see large sums of money that there will be some strings attached in terms of the oversight how they spend that because this is a sensitive issue for many hardworking americans as well the u.s. airlines are going to see receive direct ground there are going to be payroll tax cuts that employers can push on to their employees interestingly nick the president himself who have course as many large businesses that in the united states and around the world he's not going to personally benefit from this legislation that is something that lawmakers made sure of this is supposed to help the small businesses the ordinary american workers but we should point out when it comes to those checks that will be mailed to individual homes a family of 4 could see about $3000.00 in cash payments it's only for households that make us 70000 and under the health care system is also going to see a c3xbc5xb for state and local governments again this is a big package
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a little bit of everything in there 1st everywhere in the united states because right now we see the business this essentially sat down except for those that are considered essential so this is going to be passed in the u.s. senate but it still has been passed in the house of representatives that could get a bit more tricky because it's not even in session right now and those 2 things have to happen both chambers before it gets signed into law by the u.s. president right kimberly donald trump is been talking about the united states shake you know the impacts of coronavirus by easter also i mean parts of it and he would be saying that this deal will help the process of getting the country back to work . yeah that's a pretty controversial position the president has taken the and some say overly optimistic as well he's talking about trying to get the economy essentially back into where it was by easter and that is really the middle of april it's not much time considering the numbers of crossfire cases in the united states only continuing to climb we've been told this is going to be one of the worst weeks yet
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it seems a bit ambitious still the president points out that there are some counties in the united states where there isn't a single coronavirus case and he'd like to see those counties being able to get back to work so this is something that the president is pushing we expect to hear more about it as he briefs with his coronavirus task force that will be taking place at $21.00 g.m.t. and we also now know now the president tomorrow thursday is going to be holding a video conference with g 20 leaders this will be to coordinate the international response to this pandemic that according to the white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley in just the last hour so a lot of developments a lot of effort but again not everything the president is doing is being well received particularly when it comes to talking about getting americans back to work before the sort of peak of this virus has yet to hit in the united states kimberly accent thanks very much to relocate the. new york 10 times more cases than
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any other states in the united states and has reduced to 285 deaths from the virus the governor of the country cuomo says dealing with the pandemic has proven expensive and he's appealing for a bigger cuts in the proposed stimulus package response to this virus has probably already cost us $1000000000.00 it will probably cost us several $1000000000.00 when we're done new york city only gets $1300000000.00 from this package. that is a drop in the bucket as to need i spoke to our house delegation congressional delegation this morning i said to them just doesn't do it. kind of is parliament has passed a $57000000000.00 stimulus package to counter the economic fallout of the pandemic and that's after a 1000000 canadians filed jobless claims in a week the prime minister justin trudeau spoke about the plant outside his residence where he's in self isolation this is an unprecedented situation with an
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overwhelming amount of demand by canadians to get money as quickly as possible we need to make sure we're getting that money out quickly but also reliably to canadians and that means doing things that government hasn't done before and scaling up our processes extremely quickly to india where people are being punished for going out so after they were ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks to fight the spread of the virus across the country police have been stopping people out on the streets some are locked down violators of being physically punished all public transport has been suspended but grocery stores and pharmacies they remain open people are also allowed to go out for central work during the lockdown elizabeth per annum says the lockdown is driving panic by among the middle class leaving the poor indians without. most of the country is quiet today that after
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the scenes we saw the prime minister modi announce the lockdown when lots of people around the country were rushing to grocery stores panic buying and you know even though prime minister modi said that people would still be allowed to go out to get essential supplies and we had delhi's chief minister had hold a press conference a few hours ago saying that it's the government's responsibility to provide for people and that by crowd in places people are defeating the point of a lockdown asking people not to do that and some things are quieter today but it's so important to remember that you know panic buying and hoarding it's a very middle class thing and there are so many people in india who aren't middle class and in fact the places that we are seeing crowds today the homeless shelters that can no longer you know we've been hearing from homeless shelters that say they only have about 2 days' worth of supplies left and that's because they're not just
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looking after the homeless now but by the very leonie and india who are daily wage earners who live a hand to mouth existence and because they can no longer work i mean they can no longer look after themselves. i still had her announces they are ignoring the warnings why the coronavirus message is not getting to many in africa's most populous nation. and lost childhoods will have more in the devastating impact that yemen's war has had on the younger generation. and i was about to be a bit of a chill wind blowing through northern child temperature in beijing will drop by 10 degrees as this thing's a cold front comes out of the interior the clouds the south of that is various lumps of sun the storms and rain significant in china being squeezed across to
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south korea and honshu so the temperature down to 11 degrees beijing is the daytime high i will be a cloudy day but that sun will tend to come by the temps has dropped the south will hands go from 20 to 30 and the humid weather has been squashed south of that so through grandaunt heavy rain seems likely in the 4 thunderstorms hong kong just on the edge of it you might get a dry day visiting the humid casual shower scene likely significant rains on its way through honshu just getting there but not reaching tokyo during friday so as of this an increasing share seems like in southern philippines as a good spread elsewhere through borneo and jobs in sumatra and occasion we see them in thailand cambodia and vietnam they develop daily of course inland not significant just yet still mostly dry as it is through near pakistan but for pakistan in particular you've got rain potential in the south maybe in karate significant further north as well and that becomes even more significant hole during friday.
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perception is validation clee believes what he sees but in one life time he cannot see everything that we were. experiencing. and the legacies of previous generations. testimony. with. documentaries that open your eyes.
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you're watching out there a reminder the top stories this hour and spain has suffered its worst day yet of the coronavirus pandemic with more than $700.00 new deaths the total surged almost $3500.00 in the past 24 hours so parsing the fatality count in china. russia's vladimir putin has postponed a constitutional referendum due to the outbreak is intended to extend the president's time in office putin called on russians to stay at home post economic assistance to those in need. the u.s. senate is set to vote on a 2 trillion dollars package to combat the pandemic in the country emergency funding is aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat and helping frontline medical workers. the united nations is warning that all of it so all of humanity is at risk from grown a virus and it's appealing for $2000000000.00 to support humanitarian efforts the secretary general and tony caetera said it was in everybody's best interest to help the world's poorest nations. we must come to the aid of the author of. millions
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upon millions of people what least able to protect themselves this is a matter of basic human soul. and it is also crucial for combating. the world is obvious truong so because the system if you do not act decisively now i see the violence reception of full souls in the most fragile countries living in the world most probable as you can see just to circle the planet's failure to note my list of orders this is the moment to step up for the fall iran is reporting another big rise in the number of infections 2000 on wednesday raises the total to more than 27000 around half of all government employees are staying at home in the worst affected country in the region the health ministry says the number of cases is likely to rise because of improved testing in screening iran's leaders are blaming us sanctions for the lack of equipment to stop the spread samus ravi has
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the latest from tehran. many here who have criticized the government's response would say that the government hasn't been direct honi in nuff we've seen another spike today in the overall number of cases almost 450 more cases in the last 24 hours we've seen another 143 people die in the last 24 hours so certainly the trend continues and this seems to be taking up we've been hearing murmurs from health officials throughout the week that the situation may be worse than it appears than then maybe government officials are talking about and that might be why we've heard from president hassan rouhani one of the strongest statements he's made since this public health crisis began he announced during a cabinet meeting earlier this morning a proposal to place a ban on intercity travel a strict ban on any people travelling in between cities in this country an hour later his spokesman came to the cameras came to the media and announced that that
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had been confirmed that that had been finalised that it was now enforceable law that the country within the next 24 to 40 year 48 hours officials in the country the security apparatus will begin enforcing a ban on intercity travel now this is a very significant development the government officials the president the interior minister is advising people who may have travelled abroad for the persian new year i'm sorry had traveled within the country during the persian new year they have been advised to start coming home the messages go home now don't wait until the end of the holiday you may have faced fines or restrictions saudi arabia has imposed tougher measures to contain the outbreak after one person died it's barring entry or exit from riyadh into holy to he said as of mecca medina king solomon has also awarded a $21.00 day curfew in 3 cities movement between all provinces has been suspended 767 cases have been confirmed. nigeria has more people
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than any other country in africa and there's concern too many of them are not taking the virus seriously enough following the 1st fatality and a worrying rise in cases restrictions have been imposed in this 2 largest cities but streets are still packed how many tourists has this report but it's still liberal social man and his wife are forced to work at home their city lagos accounts for nearly 66 percent of all confirmed cases of the corner virus in nigeria he doesn't think he's getting the right information about the pandemic i will write up take my destiny in my hand. i think you can do all that with. all does not even have. me for 2 days i'll just said i was unable to get comments from nigerian government officials in both lagos and the capital abuja government offices have been largely deserted but not the streets and markets. more than half the nigerian population lives on less than $2.00
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a day. most have to go out every day to earn a living and the most skeptical about the coronavirus pandemic in this category of nigerians just on something like it is that it's enough to have a ring of arrows. on my somebody so we have me. to defeat is this what you should have no doubt they did because it was the end of the war. i want. you to whether. or not it's attitudes like this that health workers say is a bigger challenge than the lack of capacity to deal with a virus that is also concerned about what they see on the streets. for passengers are crammed into this small taxi cab. the bus is also any better with the health systems in desperate conditions experts say most african countries i'm not
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prepared to deal with this pandemic and i go to for example only 5 molecule of or a freeze for 200000000 people over the government says it's building more. the government has announced a series of measures to contain the spread of the virus these include closing all and land borders providing more testing kits in asking residents to stay at. that has not delayed concerns and fears of a big jump in the number of infections and fatalities in the coming days and weeks . a priest. and government travel restrictions have eased in china's hebe a province where the virus outbreak began but after 2 months a strict lockdown many residents are afraid they'll face discrimination when they go to work again it's really you has this now from beijing. back on the road cars a lining up to leave and the current virus locked down behind after 2 months of
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empty words and closed borders government travel restrictions on most of the province are being lifted but there are strict conditions before crossing the provincial border residents must show a green card certifying good health and submit employer contact details only those with jobs waiting for them elsewhere may leave china trains and buses have been organized for workers. local public transport has reserved passengers must have their temperature checked surely chine says she's happy the lockdown is over but is worried. we hope others don't discriminate against us whole people we've already gone through a hard time we locked ourselves up for 2 months the government says there have been almost no local infections over the past week but many fear the end of the group a lockdown could spark a 2nd virus outbreak on social media who by workers say they've been fired from their jobs in other cities or being evicted from their apartments. those human
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beings from the perspective of size and epidemiology the lockdown is no longer needed and people should be freed i understand some are still worried as the previous situation was serious but now beijing is still imposing strict policies which i think are too harsh the lockdown has eased here in beijing restrictions on the antis and many government and commercial operations in the capital back on track the last thing the government wants to steal is a rise of new infections that could threaten a return to normal life beijing's great wall has reopened to visitors and so has the city's. restaurants are also once again welcoming customers but not everyone is free to come and go as they please in hard work as a disinfecting the train station ahead of its reopening the city where the coronavirus pandemic began is jews who remain under lockdown for another 2 weeks
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al-jazeera. iso has claimed responsibility for an attack on a sikh place of worship in afghanistan killing at least 25 people gunmen in suicide bombers stormed the religious complex and people on wednesday when around 150 people were inside around 80 hostages were freed. is a professor of peace studies of the american university of afghanistan she says eisel has a history of carrying out such attacks we really hear about them but this season all the role mandate and when he takes. and gets a policy from the state to actually to actually terrorize and antagonize all minorities in afghanistan from their perspective. supposed to be a sunni state and a caliphate and therefore just like any other minorities in iraq or in other parts
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of the world they are being targeted the public is exasperated by the political games that are taking place at the moment and they do want the government and the state website she'll get responsibilities to them and this goes with security but it's also going to be but you can't everybody here is expecting a tsunami to happen and they really don't know which government is going to support them in prosecutors in turkey are indicting 20 suspects for the killing of journalist. they include the deputy head of saudi intelligence and the royal court advisor all are accused of instigating premeditated murder with monstrous intent saudis deny allegations that crown prince mohammed bin salman played a leading role in custodies killing the critic of the kingdom's leadership was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2080. thursday marks a grim anniversary for yemen it's been 5 years since the war that started the saudi
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led coalition has inflicted damage in all sorts of ways including on the mental health of a generation of children mohammed vall how small. this boy in yemen the southwestern city of tire is should be attending classes at school instead he's out on the streets trying to earn money. i sold water to passengers when my father can't go out to work because of the war i work from morning until censored to make some money for my family. there are many like i do on the streets of thais and other human cities if they're not selling water there maybe it will fetch you to their homes which like basic services a much worse situation awaits those who fall sick 13 year old bad hussein who lives in the copies of sun is one of them she was diagnosed with kidney failure 3 years ago ever since her family says they've lived a nightmare. they can no longer afford to buy medication and other costs related to
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the sickness of their child and i don't is there and we have no means to pay for a surgery neither here nor abroad only gotten as a situation they can do a kidney transplant here but the hospital is asking for a lot of money and we don't have it before yesterday we brought her here because we weren't sure if she was going to stay alive until the next morning. sun our hospitals and pharmacies don't half most of the lifesaving medicines and tools that's mainly that isn't of the 5 year saudi u.a.e. war and the economy hardship that's come a. 70 year old bashar needs blood beautification every other day his life hangs in the balance when i get home which given the volatility of we're faced with a problem here is they're using the same filter size for both the elderly and the children and they don't have the small filters and when they use a large one it drains all the child's blood into the pipes which leads to brain paralysis or other illnesses and i get the feel of it. from time to time amar
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goes around the area looking for the right filters to buy he couldn't find any on this day. with the government in santa has imposed measures to prevent the spread of the coroner firehouse including the closure of schools. so even the healthy children now have nowhere to go with study a normal life put on hold millions of children in yemen are staring in avoid the future but like these streets looks form of emptiness i just. all right let's have a recap of the top stories here on al jazeera and spain has suffered its worst day yet of the coronavirus pandemic with more than $700.00 new deaths total surged to almost 3500 in the past 24 hours supporting the fatality count in china in the policy minutes the government confirmed its deputy prime minister has tested
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positive for the virus the united nations secretary general and turning to terror says the whole of humanity is at risk from the pandemic he announced a $2000000000.00 fund to support humanitarian efforts and around the world. russia's president has proposed a constitutional referendum due to the outbreak the vote was intended to extend vladimir putin's time in office he called the russians to stay at home and pledged economic assistance to those in need we'll go there do you think you know them thanks to the measures already taken we can stop this virus becoming widespread our state has already been seriously affected by it if you look at our geographical position it is objective lee not possible to stop it but we can do its work in a professional way our main priority is to help the lives of our citizens with medical assistance and preventative measures. the u.s. senate is set to vote on a 2 trillion dollars package to combat the pandemic in the country the emergency funding is aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat and helping
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frontline medical workers. new york is 10 times more cases than any other state in the u.s. and has registered 285 deaths from the virus as governor andrew cuomo is appealing for a bigger cut of the proposed stimulus package. in india people are being punished for going out after they were ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks to fight the virus across the country police have been stopping people on the streets. iran is reporting another big rise in the number of infections 2000 on wednesday raises a total to more than 27000 around half of all government employees are staying at home and the case prince charles has tested positive for corona virus displacement from clarence house says the 71 year old is showing mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health as that lines up more news here on al-jazeera right after this.
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