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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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when you saw that document for the 1st story we listen to after the war saying you'll you'll be able to go build united states of you but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the whole just 0. the economic impact of coronavirus by saudi arabia calls for an emergency meeting of oil producers as the u.s. president raises expectations of a big cut in production. this is a record 6600000 americans filed for unemployment benefits in just one week. and i'm a clock this is our desire live from doha also coming up the u.k. vows to ramp up testing amid another big rise in the number of fatalities health
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workers on the front line demand immediate action. a slum on the brink of even more despair the coronavirus fears for a desperately poor part of argentina's capital. so and saudi arabia is calling for an emergency meeting of oil producers to try and stabilize the volatile petroleum market it's happening it's this backdrop of economic devastation caused by corona virus the united states has announced a major rise in the unemployment rate a record 6600000 americans applied for unemployment benefits that's 3000000 more than last week it is a similar story in spain the lock down there cause more than 800000 redundancies in march many of them seasonal workers such as in the tourism industry 3 and a half 1000000 spaniards do not have a job and the number. british people applying for government benefits is 10 times
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higher than normal almost a 1000000 britons claimed universal credit in the last 2 weeks that's despite a stimulus package aimed at preventing layoffs let's join him in how to use it in washington d.c. for us and kimberly 1st of all tell us about these figures of staggering numbers in just a matter of weeks millions of jobs have just vanished. just overnight nic and what so as an incredible about this and job dropping is these numbers that we have just for this week alone are hitting the record books but you add that to the records that were struck last week and you have over 10000000 americans that have filed for unemployment claims but the number of unemployed is actually much higher because what we're hearing is that many americans could not get online could not get through on the telephone to file their claims in fact we've heard that the numbers could be in the 10s of millions by the time all of
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these claims are filed list of course is why the u.s. congress put in place this rescue package late last week in order to try and health ordinary americans particularly the low wage earners who are being hit hard by this but those checks have not yet arrived in the mail they have yet to be cashed so people are really struggling and on top of that you have to also acknowledge that many of these industries where these people work these jobs have disappeared they're not coming back for example many people are going to be reluctant to get on a plate or go take a trip or take a cruise so the numbers of jobs that we may have seen previously may not return and that's why already there's talk here in washington from the white house from the congress in trying to put in place yet another rescue legislation package that would put in infrastructure repairing america's broken roads and highways as a top priority just to get people back to work i mean while we have a movement on the oil markets u.s.
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president raising expectations for the major cut in production. he's been intimating this for a couple of days in the white house briefings now he said it on twitter he expects at this price war that has been going on in terms of the world's oil supply adding to the economic instability we're already feeling because of kroner a virus that it may have you know some hope in the future at least coming this week and the president tweeting after speaking to saudi arabia and also russia that there may be a dramatic cut in production that could bring about an end to this price war what we've been seeing is over supply driving down the prices u.s. president tweeting that he expects that there will be a cut in production somewhere in the neighborhood of 10000000 to 15000000 barrels now why is this important again we've already had economic instability because of chrono virus what we're seeing is essentially we've seen a shock to the supply side shock to the demand side when it comes to these oil
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prices that's what some of them tumbling but now the u.s. president suggesting that this may be rectified you know this is on his mind because he also has on the schedule i can tell you very quickly meetings with the oil producers and oil company executives coming up tomorrow and this weekend as he continues to try to use his personal relationship with the russian leader the saudi crown prince and also oil executives to try and bring an end to the instability that is only adding to the problems being faced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic kimberly thanks very much i can be how could there in washington d.c. now the u.k. has reported a new recall jump and if they'd be pandemic deaths of $569.00 people have died taking the total to nearly $3000.00 more than 33000 people on the infected that includes the prime minister birth johnson he's been in isolation since friday now he vows to massively increase testing as his administration comes under growing criticism for not doing enough. and we're also massively increasing testing and i
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want to say a special word about testing because it is so important and i as i've said for for weeks and weeks this is the way through this is how we will unlock the coronavirus puzzle this is how we will defeat it in the end and our what we need to do is massively ramp up not just tests so that you can know whether you've had the disease in the past the so-called antibody test because that will enable you to go to work in the confidence that you can't be infected or infectious but a promise for more testing has failed to come frontline medical workers across the united kingdom more than 2000 of them have been screened each same force written we should be the 1st so that we can look up there should. be very sad i feel like crying. very sad what. do people do you want to tell you say no yes this is going overboard this is going to go on this is going to go
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look at germany. please their frustrations and anger are running high we'll have more from the united kingdom shortly we're expecting a press conference with matt hang cock who's the health secretary has been self isolate himself for the past week after testing positive for corona virus and that's coming up and we reckon about 10 minutes he will go to it as soon as it comes out now let's return to saudi arabia calling for an emergency meeting of oil producers as the us president has been raising expectations of a major cuts in oil production we can speak to his own pinch of aid our correspondent as am i so what do you make of this what what's the thinking behind. but it is extraordinary turn of events nic isn't it to you i have this announcement just a day after saudi arabia announced that it will be ramping up its production to $30000000.00 barrels a day where saudi arabia just yesterday with saudi aramco announced that it is going full steam ahead with its ramp up in production and in less than 24 hours it
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has to swallow a lot of pride and if you look at the statement that is coming from the saudi state agency it is saying that it is not going to be just calling for a meeting of opec but other nations as well perhaps signaling that it is not saying non opec but it is seeing other nations which might include a major producers such as the united states canada and brazil as well so it is an extraordinary turn of events that we find ourselves in where oil prices have in some places fallen to less than $10.00 a barrel you've got floating oil tankers and people quickly running out of places to put this oil because it has become so cheap and not just cheap oil demand has fallen tremendously as well about $20000000.00 a barrel have been wiped out because of less fewer demand by various developing as well as developed economies and that is putting a strain not just on the economies such as the saudis and the russians but this oil war is having
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a real impact on struggling economies from africa to south america from venezuela to an asia area where people are struggling to figure out how in the world are they going to balance their books where are they going to find the money to run their countries because you have to bear in mind that these are countries which are purely reliant on revenues from the oil industry and you have to be bear in mind is valid countries like iraq where it is not just the economy it is a very major fight against groups like isis and the hardline groups as well where this money is crucial for them not just to run the economy but keep not just their country but the outside world safe as well so the thinking is that a major cut down of production would help in this global economic meltdown that we're seeing. but that seems to be the thinking how long will it take her who will be on board because you have to bear in mind that this $15000000.50 barrels are not going to come only from the saudis or opec nations and that is something that has been highlighted in the statement from the
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saudi press agency as well that all nations have been called to this meeting and it has been clear that it has been made on the demands of the united states the united states has come under tremendous pressure because off this drop in demand the u.s. was essentially the largest producer of oil in the last 2 days you've seen us shell companies which helped the united states to become the world's largest oil producer going under filing chapter 11 bankruptcy s. and that is something which is going to be very important for president trump because it qana me the oil and these lobbying groups are very important to his campaign this is an election year and he has built his campaign on a strong economy on jobs coming back to the united states and it if the major industry of the united states relies on oil a tremendously on its oil wealth as well as its oil revenues and if that is going to go under it is going to be a major issue not just purely on the sense of dollars and cents but also on the political. front where he is going to look weak and that's not something he wants
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he also wants to shore power and strength in terms of his his stature in in the global arena as well if you look at his tweets he said that he he did speak to vomit been salmon which universe to his n.b.s. and on his request he spoke to a lot of meat putin so again all of these yes of course have an economic perspective but obviously this is an election year it is politics are going to be important as well. thank you. to spain which is reporting a record increase the number of daily deaths from corona virus $950.00 spaniards have died in the past 24 hours raising the total to more than $10000.00 another $8000.00 are infected pushing the total of confirmed cases in spain above $110000.00 that's similar to italy which is the worst hit country in europe. is in madrid and she says despite the drastic rise in the number of infections and deaths health officials are expecting a slowdown soon. and $150.00 coronavirus dead in spain in the last 24
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hours again to deadliest day with more than $10000.00 in total writing that that rate to 9.00007 percent it's another day with more than 800 new infected cases of corona virus reaching 110000 people you've acted from call it 19 health minister reported today that with the curve might be used to have a live and what might be witnessing now a slowdown the health ministry also reported that now they will focus on the unit in the intensive care units they don't want they want to prevent them to be overwhelmed of being called lapsed health workers in india are demanding better protection after a rise in violent attacks during the lockdown i was in the city of ramadi a protest states a group of around 100 people threw stones at doctors who were screening patients
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for the virus 2 female medics were injured and had to be rescued by police. well as health care workers around the world put their lives on the line to save others in the fight against a pandemic many have died and thousands have tested positive the global shortage of protective equipment has also added to the toll on their physical and mental well being so hot it reports. covert 19 is devastating health systems worldwide hospitals are understaffed doctors and nurses overworked many without lifesaving protective equipment when asked how most of them do that when we are completely overflowed health workers are exhausted physically and emotionally because this is awful for them this is an inferno. and after a grueling shift it doesn't end there some isolating themselves from their families returning home from work force to keep their distance from partners and children some compare it to life in
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a. we are so we're trying to fight for everyone else's life but we also live for our lives as well because we are also at the highest risk of exposure is what is taught in many steps that i have left from the finish of my ship upright i had headaches every day. before going into night i was having like just up and. just pressure just from like being right in fear of what's coming some doctors and nurses are being threatened with dismissal for speaking out against working conditions and the lack of protective equipment such as face mask improper gallons after 17 years treating patients at a hospital in the u.s. state of washington a doctor says he was fired the publicly criticizing his workplace and the lack of safety measures for staff i do feel they're feeling the pressure from the press i do feel they're feeling the pressure from social media and the community but i
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don't really feel they fully comprehend. the potential damage to the health care workers while his employer has denied his sacking the incident highlights similar cases as medical and emergency workers rushed to save lives many are updating their wills and funeral plans to sort out. and just see it on. a greece is sealed off a migrant camp after 21 people tested positive for covert 19 they include a mother who had recently given birth in hospital she was traced back to the senate cap prompting doctors to test other asylum seekers that. is in athens and he says that while the greek government moved aggressively from the start of the outbreak the country's migrant camps are still a huge ability. authorities are now testing people who knew the a pregnant woman who delivered a few days ago in hospital on the 1st of april. and was found to be positive for
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corona virus there so they're now testing her family and friends and they're moving outwards in concentric circles as these things generally do to zen test the people that they came into contact with and so on it's not clear whether they're going to eventually test the entire camp of about $2400.00 people but the tests are ongoing today the big worry of course here in greece is not about its own account but about moria camp which is much bigger the largest increase on the island of lesbos at roughly 20000 people that camp now has a field hospital placed outside it where people can get tested but as of as of yet there are no reported cases of coronavirus or on the other islands that is the major concern because the 5 in islands that have reception centers are now home 242000 asylum seekers that's almost half of that of the greek total. officials
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in one of the poorest the most populous parts of argentina's capital liberalising for surgeon cases but if there is a time to $10000000.00 people around 7 percent of them have been slums now more than a 1000 reported cases in the country but local authorities are worried the system will not cope with the virus spreads as it is expected to throw as bad as the latest on the situation in argentina. the government has imposed a mandatory lockdown in this country very early on the order has been already around 12 days of impulse lockdown in the country security forces are on the streets thousands of people have been detained asking people to stay in their homes not to come out people to work from home because in order to prevent the spread of the virus when you come to places where i am right now this is a slum in what a cite is around 70000 people live in this area as you can see right behind me there's dozens of them that have come here this is a parish that's run by
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a priest that's very close to pope francis was also from argentina and all of this people are coming year to find a daily meal there also giving away some food among other things giving national i.d.'s for example so people can go and get some extra cash that the government is giving away as i said many of those that live in this places have lost their jobs they live on a day to day basis they cannot make a living in any way and this is what the government is saying and because of the amount of people that we're seeing on the streets right now is that they're rethinking their strategy this is a reality not only in argentina but in many other countries in latin america for many obviously people is not an option. to cruise ships carrying more than 2500 people including gates who have tested positive for covert 9000 stranded off the florida coast awaiting a deal to disembark for as governor runs a sentence has voiced concern about the ships docking in fort lauderdale is says his states cannot cope with handling what he calls contagious foreign nationals of
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the passengers $300.00 middle of an american citizens including $52.00 residents from florida florida has reported almost 6 and a half 1900 cases and $85.00 deaths of passengers on board one of the ships have taken to social media saying they're extremely worried about their well being. mommy and mama brought it morning to. the mansion were just on the way. for her own. motion of the tear on my wife's eyes that. really bothered you made you feel like this is a better idea very serious situation a lot of life. has increased restrictions to translate the spread of covert 19 or be more than $800.00 confirmed cases in 2 deaths the crisis has taken its toll on many businesses including cut through its those jabari is more. quiet calm and
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nearly empty this is an unfamiliar scene that is quickly becoming the new normal how many international airport in doha is usually one of the busiest airports in the middle east but now because of the covert 1000 pandemic operations are running at an all time low the global health crisis has changed the way things operate here due to this global change of course and there's a big downsizing of the operation currently what's happening and of course we had to adapt organizationally and also our processes and there's effect ation the standards. the airport is disinfected twice a day for now only qatari citizens are allowed back into the country and they are tested for cope with 19 upon arrival qatar airways had about 250 flights
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a day now that's down to around 75 with mainly transit flights through doha. and passengers must pass through these thermal scanners which measure their body temperature. the planes which are still flying are being disinfected after each flight and according to staff here they are fitted with a special ventilation filter i can advise you that katherine always has one of the most modern fleets in the. aircraft and got very good after tracing systems on board and we've been in the whole stack cleaning procedure for all our aircraft while most airlines in this part of the world have stopped their passenger flights qatar airways remains operational for now and qatar airways believes that the future of air travel will largely rely on more testing of passengers what we're aiming to do is to use newly developed in the know us a test kits which give you an instant answer well announced within 10 minutes but at the moment things are still fairly new they're still in development but we've
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already put an order in for a significant number of these kits that we can test crews and arriving passengers. as qatar airways continues its travel restrictions some transit passengers are still trying to make their way home in uncertain times this airport served more than 38000000 passengers last year but now this is how things look 40 percent of the workforce here have been told to work from home while the health ministry imposes strict measures on the qataris that are returning from abroad and other passengers who pass through for now what is certain is that the effects of this pandemic on the travel industry will be felt for years to come door search of ari al jazeera international airport doha to russia now where the president vladimir putin has announced extending the nonworking period until the end of this month strong curb the spread of credit or russia reported more than $700.00 new cases in the past 24 hours bringing its total to about $3500.00. if you.
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want to stop the outbreak of the virus we have taken the decision to continue this period of the non-working week until the end of the month and to support the health workers with their wages the situation is changing we have a huge population and the corona virus has already become a serious threat let's hear now from lawrence lee who's in london explaining the significance of this latest decree. they're taking it very seriously now there have been some concern uncertain about amir putin's own health because he shook hands few days ago with the leader of russia's main corona rivera's fighting hospital and that man then tested positive and people wonder whether putin the pictures of himself from the handshake but he didn't seem. even though he's off in self isolation in his in his residence outside moscow didn't seem to be suffering any ill health he had already last week issued a decree forcing the vast majority of russia's 140000000 people to stay at
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home people who were working were told not to work and that the state was going to pay their salaries for the time being moscow has been shut down entirely and you heard him there in that speech now say that they're going to extend that force nonwork for virtually all of russia until the end of april which is clearly you know of just just just under a month away and that's how they think they're going to get over it we haven't had that at least if you have set the figures at face value in russia not very many deaths putin has said that the lockdown is working but they did but clearly he's not taking it very seriously even if it's going to cost the state a lot of money to pay people not to work. 600000 chinese people have been locked down after new infections were reported near a province where the outbreak began the discovery in a county in helmand province is further raised fears of
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a 2nd wave or actions meanwhile in the philippines the president there has ordered soldiers in the police to shoot anybody who breaches look down orders its forms louis. having. china's government has ordered a lockdown on g.x. county in one on province it borders who break which was the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in china 600000 people have been ordered not to leave their homes unless they have official commission the order came after and in fact none came into contact with 2 doctors who then tested positive the new lockdown has sparked fears of a 2nd wave of infection just just china is restarting the walls 2nd biggest economy after months of enforced quarantine china's foreign ministry says u.s. officials are shameless fall accusing beijing of covering up the true picture of the outbreak a ministry spokeswoman accused the americans of politicizing
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a health issue when the decision we have said multiple times that slanders smears and finger pointing cannot make up for the last time they'll only cause more lost time and lives if they continue to lie just like china did at the start of the epidemic many countries in the region have imposed tough restrictions on movement malaysia is reporting early signs of a slowdown in the infection rate but the government says strict control measures need to be adhered to the president of the philippines has ordered soldiers and police to shoot anyone who violates the mandatory month long knockdown or dream go to ted tate issued the warning after protests by residents in a poor area of manila complaining about the lack of food and government aid. to the police and military also with the village officials if there are troubles or occasions where there is violence and your lives are in danger. them
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dead. rights groups have criticized his remarks with amnesty international calling them heartless and unjustifiable florist money al-jazeera. straight to downing street in the united kingdom but is mad hancock the health secretary of the united kingdom holding a briefing let's listen in treatment at any one time protecting the n.h.s. is ability to cope at each point we've been following scientific and medical advice and we've been deliberate in our actions taking the right steps at the right time we're also taking unprecedented action to increase n.h.s. capacity by dramatically expanding the numbers of beds of key staff and lifesaving equipment to the front line to give people the care they need when they need it most i've been away for
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a week now and i'm delighted to be back in the past week we've completed the construction of a whole new hospital the n.h.s. 1000 girl hospital in london built in 9 days with 4000 beds this is the equivalent of 10 district general hospitals and there's more to come in birmingham manchester and glasgow where the military have been working wonders in helping to construct this is been an incredible achievement and i want to thank everybody involved i also want to thank everyone who has followed the social distancing guidelines and the admirable fortitude and spirit of the british people in following these rules and steve will update us on the progress that's being made and how people are following those rules. and i want to pay a huge tribute to to all of the councils the primary care community care pharmacies
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an unbelievable 750000 volunteers who signed up for shielding the most vulnerable this is britain at its best sadly the corona virus continues to grow i can report that through the government's ongoing monitoring and testing program that according to the latest figures 163001 194 people have now been tested for the virus 333700 18 have tested positive and the best scientific analysis is that the rate of infection has been doubling every 3 to 4 days the number of people admitted to hospital with coronavirus symptoms is now 12949 of those who have contracted the virus 2921 of sadly died we express our deepest condolences to the families and to the friends of the victims if the past few weeks of shown us
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anything it's that we are steadfast as a country in our resolve to defeat this invisible killer i'm profoundly moved by the compassion and the commitment that we're seeing from people right across the country and in the health and care system we've lost colleagues to doctors nurses mental health professionals they have paid the ultimate price for their service working to care for others and i just want to say this on behalf of all my colleagues in health and social care i am all by the dedication of colleagues on the front line every single person who contributes to the running of this diverse and caring institution that our nation hold so dear. many of those who've died who are from the n.h.s. were people who came to this country to make
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a difference and they did and they've given their lives in sacrifice and we salute them and i tell you this i come back redoubled in my determination to fight this virus with everything i've got and we will strain every sinew to defeat it once and for all and i'll stop at nothing to make sure that frontline staff have the right equipment so that they're safe and can have the confidence they need to do their jobs and i know that people have been asking questions about protective equipment with the support of the british military we've shipped a rec ord quantity of equipment to the front line just yesterday 45000000 pieces of protective equipment were delivered across health and social care including more than 5000000 aprons and 6000000 surgical masks today public health england have announced the upgraded p p standards that people should use and expect the upgraded guidance has been developed through intense consultation with stakeholders right
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across the board and staff on the front line we have listened we put the interests of health and care staff 1st and put them at the heart of this the new guidance recommends the appropriate level of p p to protect people in all circumstances these standards are amongst the highest in the world and in line with the recommendations of the world health organization. i'm delighted that been welcomed by the medical world. and that is my hancock you're watching to the u.k. health secretary who's been. sell for the past week after testing positive for corona virus he's back now to say that the death toll has risen by 569 over the past day now stands at 2921 the rate of infection doubling every $3.00 to $4.00 days more in the coming hours coming right up.
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to the. u.n. headquarters in new york this is a building i work in most days and i have to tell you eighty's very early now normally there's about 10000 people come into this compound every single week day now at the moment there's only about 300 people accessing this building every day they all the skeleton stoff most of them working trying to get the video conference and systems working to allow the rest of the u.n. to continue its vital functions those peacekeeping missions mainly in africa and
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the humanitarian agencies of the u.n. that are helping the most vulnerable people.


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