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tv   Socrates and the Corinthians Democracy Movement  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2020 1:32am-2:01am +03

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donald trump a toted the drugs potential yesterday said he had finished his course of meditation . the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will push ahead with his plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank he says it's an historic opportunity and has set july the 1st as the start for his cabinet to discuss the move the plan has drawn condemnation from several countries with support from the u.s. hundreds more russian mercenaries fighting for the libyan warlords valley for half that have fled the front line south of the trip south of tripoli the un recognized government of national accord says they were evacuated from the town of benny were leads by a military cargo plane. europe today it's with the headlines on al-jazeera football rivals is coming up next thanks for watching by. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world living get a break sit down that was a slogan that one of the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. i'm going to. miss i'm going. to madonna toss him in the community here. that you don't see her. name there is also a substitute. in washington but at the same. body to find the. name the. lead the lead.
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on persists the board what you can. get a podium qualm diane battle but she'll be a democracy i'm not going to beat. chico i mean. if you say. it i'm going to take the media. so there we have a d.c. did a city be a deeper democracy i'm going to do so could this be done that i see this hour dicko and jones yes it would but if you put it. up right about got a body of money i thought minsk. seem to with. the idea of going to be. a
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good chance to be with us. let's. see what. you've done. but he may. see a good. thing. he didn't. see then. the sockets. of so now. it's a good deal he told the sockets. to superman that. is for moderate outdoor they started recording engines. who could be legal for me or for that appeared. to be done as a listen to songs with sockets know where the sockets 40 mice. are they start of
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the seal feasible to tell me if you could. pick a nice. yeah. but i took on a budget would you if you don't think you can. if you. got what you bought in there was time for follow you forseeable you have the edge with guidance of a local mover mower. no vehicle moon you do music or the shouting crowds you're kind of a seemed. to fall out of it you know what i was just but it appears to be a can of your mo there. and secure the hour you see it there being a. dozen teaching improprieties and. but only if they did you know what got me just like
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a stone with it but it's still fun to see body come each. of the shit about it. i mean shit us now. plus he had me and i something with bill clinton that i do and it came more hail more into big out of the animists. once is a lot of which i don't but here's my thought what i had to. have or should i use. the whole month was able to shine i. my this is. get. me. they will crush it wouldn't you know what if he said they want us here putting
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shana was the squad to put us in the middle. of the mocha cyprien shanahan but i think the football we have all of the football well the sporting now root the democrats a sound bites if you for the full. list beckel as. i said it was this kind of us but they let the percentage football and. the a.v. a democracy according to the group thank you very much i figured see that it. was
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good to marcos he's a police. the sales there vegas was a big us always if you don't you see look what he just put the suit will stress as they started. imagine. it a little system a commercial got 2. sockets one more lack you had belge. via those. 2 guys are going to inch bellew do a good one on me as we get computer just put is a proportion of mccoy or bugs that they're made a u.k. error because i get edgy oh there's an audience who got gotten a good to see it but. juma some other. human source your speech. use. always p.d.f. would you have to argue for to borrow it just suited us and you put your ball to creatures by there for no say. no say who.
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might know a decision to. say what i mean no se. no. lies death here. no premeditation you know. previous to city keys of vici lutes this eastward towards european or another jesus doesn't physics roots in the socket story part of it. just wonder if you felt lucky that i met you 1st. they thought of you not cover my ears. full of coniston. don't want to. just. come up i'm going to be a radio. red sports year from
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a friends with a. normal darryl just don't know what he just can't get it's a move or deal just don't be no one else saw was that lad told the group or my says yes to magic. but i don't feel he didn't do it to steal what he does what. about. 40 and. before. i commit i bought this could do without having to book now. but it. sounds.
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so down on the stump. i am. nice to them and i see any nice this will have meant some us in the school or something does happen chapeau but if you think this photo of each season as you view volnay my squat to clinics go for don't think that i. was up against thousands by sean bell on the did you know of a phrase that they said the number would have
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a question out of the will down new book a movable cattle book at the low village of on the up in a couple i'm sure going to a downpour i could get taken face of a little clue what the sound and you don't have and i thought the mood in my size used a magical piano yeah you guys are going to devote a feat to soccer star now if you think of all top man to who did it is that the show now i'm typing with the premier for you know he thinks he can look at the middle saw that tamil spirit is he took he is something of son now that i think she caught i want to now i think you both on a ball i saw my david she got. a former member of the reds are still in the field. over to the bottom of. the source of the ball i don't so far but oh well that's what you have it is looked awful but i visit one of the spot i. but i you but you.
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they seem to get everyone into. that are said to audit was 1st asked also said that oh yeah i don't. know i was here with you on the school kill a philadelphia school killer spoil it you could just go kill us want to justify them with a group of you stood a balance knievel's up with example. group little 5 years ago but their key for their sisters is that up be adjudged it up you group on very traditional. draw orders on a dude is just 2 days a boy to see this nonsense stuff is savard because he's going to have a pleasure. milledge accomplish it to him and some writers and 1000000 kid dad to. being told i'm going to just nasty. you suck it's coming can come next. st chief. government.
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professor of a somewhat proud of the final decision of the revenue and. brightest cross writes. for us and it was a call to the emperor discover that's what that's our roots really it's about sort out single one of the one. on the rise of a german ever tell something from present the spark. of self a little writing editing into. the course of the film will produce a better one for more than a. little distance from dawson to include each other bill it didn't go to the elected i did to get licenses and it would you could it could be
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a liquid you're going to tear deliberately difficult but deliberately just to get such a nice letter that we see jim would have to decide yeah checkable fuzz in this movie man to quarter to tickle that towards him with that but as a present i present the list even as a lyric or to some of them in boys i shall get all mine out aquia. of course no democracy here. at all but it would be nice to there. and if we had a song which ball. to modernise you can each channel a martini and he's never use condoms because he is in the deal but that is you to do to keep love all to disney specie that this if you move into google it will go away to go is. if the us could they will simply jennifer you is it up to me it feels qatar let's. go. girl it's
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for do you will ski no last time whether they will allow them out can i be like i me is if i were held up. at phone this a few. can with. the words the show got go to deal with the scripts it was awkward and just. because. we had to send. because according chin the cuisine to diagnose and. i'll send you swore like it was only getting too nice to the music to make you sound good i know mike a music e. land of used to seeing. champions
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he. said not to put what time did you much he says to tell me what i don't know what i'm going to jam most abuse he perceive measures into tight is the most not that easy but volt descant papers oh god. oh give all in don't know what it was but was he quit even if they hate you in fighting down the. even. though he went to a fish. and that was don't. think he was thinking of. a store do anything then i don't want any thought of it as you know. what that went to my change of what. mice
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faster set up there are penalties that would you have to draw money or subliminal at. each citizen property you couldn't do that very good because that now pfizer they were going to see you. don't watch yes. you can afford to use who michael flatley judged for the 4th largest stops important to the price. who graduates who does this is starts with because that's the position around. a. new.
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thing called. me to fall back on the mccarthy i mean if i got winded to condemn a mr benoit i most enjoy going to start of the so portal. there was a. light at the new place saw us. is in the gay endo bed then to my same because they were going to see if the group euthanize them for the score. as a little 2 of us refusing to. court ashing jeans that i. knew this is the old you compare not to my fashion. there my simple democracy from success for my family was one of elizabeth. fashion. he. does it at this.
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report. i think. because i've been this move in internet but i did. it would. put the. people we know. the publicity it.
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yeah that was inclement you fessed up in a minute you saw that shit got oh he can't cheat at the age yet you do a load of b.s. so as i came up i said i'll set does you have to just see who can get out of us on all provided as it is very good at this if you don't hear what i thought if you could hear them as it. was the r. was. what i was really. going to feel as boston. washington that your goal was to show up. if the overseer look as if this was your pasta you can do you think you bought it they don't love though that use of a key you got the kettle village or that daughter killed by. a sociopath
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a suicide that the fight is. a man that wanted to so now. it's implied you might in 10 democrats have been in jail to. day him speedy. misplayed to the future ball. this misnomers near genius and she didn't a jewish and my generous amount of your own democracy put into the interest markets . considered to be doubly bad that you did.
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being sadly censored out of which boy and soon. the president would just disappear in the middle or know that he has. got to defeat i just before you the news about you know who was starved for travolta's budget and the stuff you don't wast west of us in knowing the indian poor person who fought you both think
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new geagea do it as you say no dangerous or. good chance to put us. skittish. to say 40 june either you say. the c.g. skakel is you know a walk to the poor old to duckworth when c.g. ski pole governor falls money just a source couture ice jelly good. edge or woman is our 1st said no to space. sort of plea for. peace to say going. to. the soccer city school you. see the sockets that day nice suit 80 advil it is
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a start. but getting more whom would you be just. beyond. freshman to celestron was dressed she missed frequent thornell do. but made a choice not to go into the what which of the quintus took it you must have fought too but they boo hoo kicked. in for them envied the towards any chance when jan leg image the beast. own songs focused on his behalf and yes he did the
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same thing. when i was in a month dreaming cunt of his sort of idiom younger passengers the mckendry to switch from dinka when when the fell before the idea. and of course also. to just look at his.
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base. june on out to sea and students an envious karen estate will be heading back to school despite confirmed cases of covert 19 and risk warnings people in power is back with more investigative documentaries from around the wound as the world battles but the only virus pandemic global health leaders meet remotely to discuss effective solutions for the development of a cold with 19 vaccine and new 2 part investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or a commodity traded for profit and how were the u.s. elections shaping up as the country for the skulls of 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive these historic setbacks june announces era
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a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth filling the term has cancer or knows of someone that lives here that has cancer phone lines exposes houston's cancer cluster these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination and then that data visible pulp in a community it just safely get them down no please don't waste your silly little time full lines on how to steer our. information in the case to here have. police department data has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get a. check in those offices or commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son the true my is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and then depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera with every. suspended over concerns for safety the world health organization halts the trial of an anti malaria drug for covert 900 patients. the whole raman you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. no i don't i don't regret what i did. no regrets boris johnson's chief advisor defends his lockdown trip through.


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