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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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turning her life around with the help of a theater troupe a group of colombia's women fighting the challenges they face. was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent probably around the globe find a lot in america presents acting lessons. on al-jazeera. russian opposition leader nixon avani is airlifted to germany where he's being treated for suspected poisoning. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to people also ahead. these guys who are in the. very top of that they have an order and they have
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or they can do whatever they want evidence of torture and abuse by police in the days following the disputed election. the u.s. house of representatives is to vote on emergency funds for the whole still service democrat samael operations are being slowed down to favor president trump in november as election. and fires forced tens of thousands from their homes in california at the governor for help from canada and australia. russian opposition leader alexei navalny has been transferred to a hospital in berlin to receive imagine c. treatment for suspected poisoning russian doctors had initially said he was too sick to be moved from a hospital in the siberian city of homs but they changed their position late on friday dominic kane has more from berlin. this is where. his journey has brought
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him burlington's world renowned shiny to a hospital and the start of treatment his supporters hope will save the life of one of the most prominent critics of the russian government he'd been brought here on board a special flight through the night from siberia after russian doctors finally agreed he was fit to travel with. the patients family a fully of didn't have all the dice are about the diagnosis and condition of the patient and they're ready to take the risk to transfer we've decided that we don't oppose transferring the patients to another clinic but valley's friends and family are asking why it took so long for these doctors to agree with those who'd flown from germany to collect me now found his wife believes the delay was specifically to allow whatever is in his system to degrade and to make identifying it therefore harder she thinks he drank tea that had been poisoned just before he boarded a flight to moscow from tomsk the or thora teas at the russian hospital where he
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was treated deny this rule we have come to the conclusion that judging by the fact that there were no poisons found in his blood or other biological materials he has a metabolic disorder lowering of blood sugar levels to be specific due to a rapid change of pressure everyone thinks it was during take off staff here have immediate relevant recent experience of treating patients with the sorts of symptoms that alexy now vanny has come here with now they get the chance to find out what exactly is in his system and how they go about removing it but how it got there in the 1st place remains unclear dominic kane al-jazeera a girl in a hospital. jack at bisley the founder of the german organisation cinema for peace which is helping bring in which i'll try to bring alexina vanny to germany for medical treatment he says a russian opposition leader is now where he needs to be. there's no reason to. i
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think we know incredibly relieved after 2 days of inless if it's to get him here that the patient has landed in his in a stable condition he was in a coma and they said he's not able to travel but he's landed now in a stable and the doctors at the hospital are taking care of incorporation with the family who will come up with statements regarding his health condition. or before this incident had been voicing his support for the thousands of demonstrators who have been rallying for a 7th weekend in russia's far east region of khabarovsk the protests are in support of a regional governor say gay for god he was detained last month and taken to jail in moscow is accused of ordering 4 murders in 20042005 which he denies for supporters say the charges are politically motivated and the kremlin prot against democracy. human rights groups in bella will say last week's police
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violence was planned systematic and ordered by the top leadership they've compiled $500.00 cases of torture during the protests that followed the recent disputed election but while victims demand justice they have no court to turn to a step past and reports from it's. worse than a horror movie that's how to fit family described their ordeal inside a detention center the entire family was detained on august 10th the evening after protests started against a disputed presidential election police responded with violence and detained nearly 7000 people across belarus. situation and these are guys who are. and. they told them they have. have. they can do whatever they want so they have the permission. of 16 year old me or most of her family members to be detained he was walking with his mother when armed police grabbed him
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there was no protest at a time when christina a marketing analyst and her husband and a doctor went to a police station to look for him and they too were lead taint they were taken to a christina detention center in minsk where many detainees have said they were tortured situation. there as devotes a paulist to all the women were forced to completely undress and they were filming us on their phones then we moved to the floor where naked men when the hands behind their backs i could only think about my son's friend who saw her father naked in this position and when she turned her head away she was beaten christina who is a diabetic says she lost consciousness after being refused medication she was kept with 34 women for 3 nights in a cell meant to hold 4 people we should look at china mama men were screaming for their mothers there with the sounds of electroshocks sounds of horror sounds of beatings and there were women in our cell who knew their children were among them
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and their husbands too it was horrifying it was more horrible than being beaten ourselves we were afraid that they had captured the whole city and they would kill everybody they were shouting at us that they would do that. martyrs outside little attention santa kept shouting their children's names mitterrand was released after 6 hours i have no illusions. of the state just experienced and faced. the worst experience was actually looking for my parents and where they were it was terrible and i just found. this people being in power after looking around the country for his parents miron found them after 3 anxious days the discover family and others who have been detained here at this detention center in minsk of us their lawyers to file cases for unlawful detention by human rights groups don't believe their cases will ever go to court because bellows has not signed the rome statute there's no
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international court to turn to either human rights groups are now preparing hundreds of testimonies to be sent to the un committee against torture so they are not protect people from the state the state can do everything with the people we will have more and more political motivated cases and more and more political prisoners but. you know people not like him anymore. that's a reality like many others who were detained and abused after the election the family sas that fear has now been replaced by anger and this anger they say has now united to ballad russian people like never before stop france and al-jazeera minsk . to the u.s. now where the house of representatives has convened to decide whether to send $25000000000.00 to the u.s. postal service and changes to the system before the november election representatives cut their holidays short over concerns a postal service boss
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a trump donor has been tampering with operations to slow down the delivery of ballots that speak about equal head on capitol hill for us so a rare saturday session patty there remind us for us what this is all about and how expecting this vote to go. well we expect that it will pass the house because it's controlled by democrats and democrats across the board support this measure the bottom line is there's been a considerable slowdown in mel delivered through the united states postal service and democrats blame that on the new postmaster general he says it's because of staff shortages because of the coronavirus but at the same time he did take steps that could easily slow down the mel has removed hundreds of high speed mail sorters he's cut back on overtime for some inchoate only change the procedure for how the these men carriers operate now there was a huge outcry because people were complaining to their representatives saying look i'm not getting my checks that i need to pay bills my bills check the checks i need
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to pay my bills aren't going out so i'm getting late fees medicine probably the most important part of the story a lot of people this country get their medicine through the mail and that is in fact been delayed and it's caused some serious health concerns so what he did after this became public and there was an outcry the postmaster general said ok all of these initiatives that i was going to put in place i'm going to basically stop until after the november election because remember where the middle of a pandemic and for the 1st time we expect more than 3 quarters of the american public will try to cast their ballots through the mail the postal service came out and told the states the way you have it set up means most of those ballots are going to be thrown out because all right after election day the democrats said great he said we'll stop his changes now but he's not necessarily going to put those sorters back in place or let overtime back into the into the dynamic here or change the put the process back of how they deliver the mail so the democratic bill is not just about the money it's about mandating that this postmaster general reverse all of the changes he's made to the post office would be operated exactly
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as it did this past january. in the past few weeks that the u.s. postal service has become a key part of the election in the campaign how americans been reacting to this issue of dili. they're angry the postal service is one of the only government agencies in all of the federal government that the american people actually respect and like all were only it is the backbone of the u.s. economy you see in small business owners say look my online business is the only way i'm keeping alive economically and now with all of my mail delayed you know one of the more gruesome stories farmers were requesting baby chicks in the mail and they should have dead so this could have a really huge impact now that said if this passes the democratic controlled house the leader of the republican controlled senate mitch mcconnell has said he's not necessarily willing to bring this up for a vote that could change again because the american people not only like their mail
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they need their mail so you could see increased pressure on these members but so far the republicans are holding firm and say this is all made up by the democrats and it's just meant to hurt donald trump who himself has said several flat out lies about mail and he said it favors democrats it doesn't there's no evidence that favors either side and he said that it's rife with voter fraud it is thank you for that live for us on capitol hill in other news a delegation of west african leaders has arrived in mali to push for a swift return to civilian rule following 'd a military coup former nigerian president goodluck jonathan is part of the group representing the regional bloc. there isn't. that on tuesday rebel soldiers say they plan to appoint a transitional leader but haven't given a timeframe. we see what is happening in my. projects basically.
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by. al-jazeera damage race is following developments from abuja in nigeria he says ecowas delegates may struggle to get the former president trained feted realistically to achieve what they will achieve in bamako it's hard to say however one thing is the. indication that a course is somehow softening its initial stance and rhetoric about the coup in mali 1st a 2nd day after the coup was executed of course and i want a rough tough measures thing to land and air blockade of mali. sort of restricting trade and money inflow from member countries into mali as well as other measures that include suspending the country from membership of the organization decision
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making bodies so right now mile of course also said it wants a swift return of biblical cater to power which of course is becoming more and more difficult to achieve so when goodluck jonathan arrived this morning this afternoon his statement points to the fact that their course realize the situation they're in and both sides has what the other ones 1st of all because it's key to get brian billick a caterer and members of his cabinet out of out of the military detention and the military want some form of recognition an easing of tough sanctions against them by of course and the international community. the ruling party in ivory coast has formally chosen president alassane ouattara to run for a disputed fair term in october his election he accepted the nomination at a rally in abidjan the opposition says it's unconstitutional and amounts to a cool ouattara had declined to seek
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a 3rd term but changed his mind following the death of his chosen successor last month. still ahead on al-jazeera. i'm robin bright in jeju south korea suffering from the effects of devastating summer rains nearly 2000 kilometers away in central china. and we meet mexican artists exploring how to connect with their audience during the pandemic. that there is more rain in the forecast across will central and eastern areas of china but we're watching this 1st of all you can see this massive white here this is the latest a tropical storm to develop this is bob this is you can see is moving away from taiwan but it's producing some very heavy amounts of rain these will spread across
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into the ricoh islands now this is moving very slowly this storm at about 10 kilometers an hour north northeast and that means it has plenty of time to deposit some really tarantula amounts of rain winds at about 130 kilometers an hour as we go through sunday on into monday says a strong storm is a moving very slowly you can see the progress over the next couple days barely moving at all and as a producing flooding rains across this entire area at the same time on monday the rains working the way east with st china i'm beginning to push again into northern sections of the korean peninsula but also a bad couple of days across in japan showers and some scattered thunderstorms more heavy rain in the 4 calls across much of south asia have seen very heavy rains particularly into pakistan the last couple days now it's into southern pakistan you can see the streets underwater of course it causes us a chaos with so much water on the roads that very heavy rains again monte pradesh. and again pushing across into southern areas of pakistan.
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they come in here and in search of work to provide a better life for the families they've left behind. but though their labor is vital to least food industry they risk exploitation by corporations and. trapped in a system with little hope of escape people empower investigates least 6 lanes on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour
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a russian opposition leader alexei in allow me is being treated at a hospital in germany for suspected poisoning after being flown there from siberia was initially considered too sick by russian doctors to be moved but they change their position late on friday. the u.s. house of representatives is meeting to decide whether to give billions of dollars in emergency funds to the postal service before november's election the head of the service is being accused of favoring president trump by tampering with operations to slow the delivery of ballots and a delegation of west african leaders has arrived in mali to meet with military leaders who cease hour this week they're expected to push for alstott president are catered to be freed and reinstated. in indonesia a huge fire has broken out at a government building in jakarta at least 100 firefighters are at the attorney general's building in indonesia's capital the office blockhouses the headquarters
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of the intonation prosecution sevis jessica washington has more from the scene in her cot this is still a developing situation and it is still not clear what the cause of this fire is now for the facts that we understand the fire broke out around 3 hours ago that's around 7 pm local time we have around 40 fire trucks on the location and around $200.00 personnel involved in trying to take out this fire we understand that this fire started on the 6th floor of this building and it quickly tore through the rest of the building as you can see the fire is now on all levels of the attorney general's office to put this in context this is one of the most important government offices in tunisia now we have been told by government spokespeople that all the important documents relating to intelligence relating to on going legal cases went back to but of course this is
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a hugely important building firefighters will try to get this fire out as quickly as possible but crowd that building here this is it turning into a bit of a scene but crews are working to. sort out the situation as quickly as possible. in the u.s. california's governor has appealed to australia and canada for help to fight hundreds of wildfires nearly 565 burning across the state after the number doubled in a single day at least 6 people have been killed with dozens of others injured lower burden manley has a latest. stunning pictures of what was likely a terrifying drive through the hennessey area of northern california. these claims are part of a series of wildfires sweeping across the region the largest state seen in nearly 2 decades. there too long to 4000 square kilometers torching homes structures
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and trees a series nearly 12000 lightning strikes this week sparked the fires california's governor says all firefighters and who is also the being utilized and he's also going for help we now are engaged formally with mutual aid from 10 different states we've been on the phone with governors all throughout the united states not just the western states trying to reach out as far as the east coast to see if we can get resources here into the state of california address the stress that we placed on the 12000 plus firefighters that are on the lines as we speak trying to suppress these wildfires all up and down the state of california firefighters are battling day and night from the air and land in an attempt to limit the destruction as the fires reduces the becoming gas california has struggled with the largest number of covert 19 cases in the u.s.
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and the state is known still of it deploying to tackle the fires and its residents on the suffering. tens of thousands of been forced to leave the homes many are afraid of what they'll find when they come back by tomorrow maybe you know no more but pretty much i'm so i'm thinking we're going to lose out. i'm really worried. over burns down there she gave. pollution monitor show this week the san francisco bay area it's had no worst equity in the world people here say it's choking i can't get enough air oxygen and especially with it's my job to keep it down lightning strikes the couth the fires along with the high winds have created the perfect conditions for these flames and with similar weather predicted in the coming days they'll likely continue to. lure about among the al-jazeera 6 people have died in floods in the pakistani city of karachi the city's
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infrastructure has been struggling to cope with heavy monsoon rains many roads have been submerged causing sewage to see from manholes into homes more heavy rain is forecast for next week. now unprecedented summer rains in central china are threatening the livelihoods of fish farmers and fishermen in neighboring south korea rob mcbride traveled to the island of jeju in the waters separating the korean peninsula from china's east coast to learn more about a summer phenomenon that's being made worse by climate change. on the island of jeju those who depend on the surrounding waters for their living have reason to look anxiously out to sea and ocean expert koch your home has been studying the source of that anxiety unprecedented rains far away in central china sending surges of fresh water flooding out of the yangtze river here depicted in green reaching
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towards j juice coastline knowing that this year we have seen our president in the rainy front right across the korean peninsula and china we can assume the weather pattern will repeat itself in future years because of climate change because i want our researchers from this institute have been studying the changing sees as china's storms appear to worsen every year like many places in the world the island of jeju is having to adapt to the effects of a changing climate and that means in recent years the additional problem of rising sea temperatures it means some subtropical species are now better suited to jay juss waters to do with what is your land is becoming more subtropical the surface temperature of the sea has risen by one half degrees so we are also looking into subtropical species of fish and helping farmers get prepared but for fish farmers like chosen the already heavily invested in colder water species just surviving the
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present is the priority from the government can't lower the sea temperature when it goes up so the only way would be for the government to help us with subsidies if the situation continues they'll be more damage and the fish industry can only get worse and with the summer rains far from over this south korean island has many more days to worry about what china's weather has in store for them rob mcbride al-jazeera jeju south korea. the head of the un's atomic watchdog agency set to travel to iran's capital in an attempt to get access to sites believed to be storing undeclared nuclear material they're said to be there said to date from before iran signed the 2015 nuclear agreement tehran says he i inspect have no legal basis to inspect still those particular sites the planned visit comes after the us demanded the restoration of all u.n. sanctions on iran last week under a provision of the nuclear deal libya's u.n.
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recognized government has rejected any kind of talks with warlow tiny for half time despite a ceasefire announced on friday and backed by both parliaments in the country's long running conflict the tripoli based government repeated calls for negotiations with the rival parliament in the east but it's refusing to sit down with hostile who was his power base in the region the high council of state a body which advises both of libya's rival administration says elections must be held as soon as possible no not a few of them as you said nor will we also demand the transitional period come to us within through the referring them on the constitution is a step towards early presidential and parliamentary elections here and transparent and expressive of all the libyan people the presidential councils invited to solve people's economic problems starting with electricity roads ports and fuel and above all in the corruption that is to pay the state institutionalized we also call for
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immediate rebuilding of libya's military establishment in moden in funds fashion in the random men of his stations and disband all militias to reduce or the i source says it's behind and bush has killed 3 russian soldiers including a major general in syria their convoy was attacked while on the road to damascus for a supply run the soldiers were inspecting the damage when a 2nd explosive device went off killing them and injuring several office. malaysia has deported a bangladeshi worker who criticised the government's treatment of undocumented workers in an al-jazeera documentary the film top in malaysia's lockdown followed the lives of undocumented workers who were arrested during raids in areas where tight restrictions were imposed on a dry on kabir was detained and blacklisted last month as their offices were raided and journalists question dr the program was broadcast. now artists around the world
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have been exploring different ways to connect with their audience during the coronavirus lockdowns many have moved on line but one theater director in mexico is taking his work to the streets here's his story it is own words. when i found this my name he said. that they are rector of the ghetto theater company yes yes and they noticed that. this project was born from our need to defend the art as an essential to keep it in mexico and the rest of the world. i guess in recent years we have had a fascination for the aesthetics of the us for months and doing this monster confinement we've managed to find how this is a sign could help us face the situation and be able to connect to the audience at a distance and protect it that's why we use the helmets. to keep. getting washed away the performance is something very simple we see 2 human
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beings who meet one of them represents the arts and the other one represents the audience. we still believe in the portico idea of the pending human feelings and that the most valuable part of the theater is that synergy between humans heart to heart and. the. time was radiant with this is a very tough time but the artists are really going to creating spouting art pieces for the world. to look what i want is the audience to see all artists as astronauts as heroes. i recollect right now people are living in fear i am not afraid anymore since i started dreaming about this project and i want to instill discouraged for the people so they all come with me to the streets. and then say ok and what just many women have died and that's very painful people
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have died because they've lost their jobs and that's very painful too so that hurts me. it was very beautiful that we met again for this performance this is one of those experiences that only theater in arts can give you we meet we split up for a time we need. again i'm happy to see my fil are to skillfully and enthusiastic. supporters of mr morsy i believe we could find solace in the art and perhaps beautiful answers to these confusing times in. this post is just. a. ploy again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera russian opposition leader alexina valmy is being treated at a hospital in germany for suspected poisoning after being flown there from siberia he was initially considered too sick by russian doctors to be moved but they change
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their position late on friday the u.s. house of representatives is meeting to decide whether to give billions of dollars in emergency funds to the pole sold service before november's election they head of the service is being accused of favoring president by tampering with operations to stall the delivery of bonnets. a delegation of west african leaders has arrived in mali to meet with military leaders will seize power this week they're expected to push for alstott president brame boubacar catered to be freed and reinstated former nigerian president goodluck jonathan is part of the group representing the bloc echo offs. the only. resort in serbia the relief or if you are being. used to. live. with it.
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maybe as un recognized government has rejected any kind of talks with warlords heidi for half tar that's despite a cease fire announced on friday and bought by both parliaments in the country's long running conflicts the tripoli based government repeated calls for negotiations with the rival parliament in the east but it's refusing to sit down with half tahu was his palm bay seen the reaching a huge fire has broken out at a government building in jakarta at least 100 firefighters are topping the braes at the attorney general's building in indonesia's capital the office brockhouse is the headquarters of the indonesian prosecution said it's california's governor has appealed to australia and canada for help to find hundreds of wildfires at least 6 people have been killed 175000 have been forced from their homes those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll have more news for you after people in power to stay with us.
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for decades thousands of sikhs from northern india have migrated to italy to work in the country's agriculture industry the hope is to provide a better life for the families they've left behind but though their labor is vital to italy's food production many get caught in a cycle of exploitation and abuse from which those little risque we've been to investigate.


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