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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 139  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2020 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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look at shanker who has of course faced weeks of protests russia says it will send in police to belarus if required demonstrators accuse alexander lukashenko of rigging last month's been a recent action india's record of the world's biggest single day rise in new infections more than 83000 cases on wednesday which is the 3rd time this week the number's been above 80000 the us held the previous single day record of 77000 and thousands of health care workers in south africa demanding more protection from covered 1000 and better pay a demonstration of paternity it was called on thursday by the country's biggest health workers union which says protective equipment is in short supply south africa is the hardest hit country in africa that's my lot for today thanks for the company the stream is up next and then our next news hour with adrian finnegan see apart. after 2 years in office has the pakistani prime minister delivered on his promises of freedom of speech it's now being curtailed under your watch mr prime
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minister. watch as the evidence can you just talk tell you. a stance prime minister imran khan talks to al jazeera. after me ok you're watching the stream the russian activist alexina vali is known globally as an opposition politician but inside russia he's more famous is being an investigative reporter right now he is lying in a hospital bed in germany a medically induced coma the german doctors say they have now weighs in in his system the question that we're asking listing today is russian opposition finished you too i know you're going to have a take on this jump into the comments and you can be in this.
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i'm going to say and i think guess to guess when she's themselves to you alexis nice to have eaten everybody who knew her how i am alexis learner i'm a ph d. in political science and in a post doctoral fellow at western university in canada i study authoritarianism and protest in russia get in the nexis and brian introduce yourself to an instant's audience hi my name is brian macdonald i'm the head of the russia desk at or t. dot com orci is russia's international broadcaster but i work on the online section only not the television so you can read all about it r.t. dot com hey excellent sick same time bearing in mind justin says that you have access you have. what would she say happen to alexina boni was the pleasance what happened to him well i mean i can only tell you what people are saying having no medical training
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myself i mean the the churches that are treating him in berlin they say that he's been poisoned you know and they have as their initial analysis they've yet to name the exact substance but they've given the family it belongs to whereas the doctors who treated them an inside syria where he was originally hospitalized for the 1st 36 hours they said that blood test did not show such substance. there's a long way to go here we do know that mr mcgowan election about he's likely to survive according to the german doctors. but we this is going to take weeks and months until it all comes out what actually happened the main obviously when he recovers and self he will have stuff to say will he go back to russia will he stand germany will he go to some other country who knows what i the moment that's that we know. and next season i'm just looking at a clip from going to share it with you at the title was took sick situation avani
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test negative to talk since while mainstream media peddles criminon info let's take a look. now let's not forget just last year another so-called suspected poisoning took place when the volley was hospitalized for having a small in face he said he never had an allergic reaction before he suggested perhaps he was poisoned and his personal doctor said he could have been exposed to a toxic agents now in the end one of the turn out to be just an allergic reaction but it seems like the western media hasn't really learned from this story because they're already jumping to conclusions about the kremlin's allegedly role in this whole situation in the normal condition. and this young just wondering that the few from inside russia are generally very different from the view outside of russia does that much is the way that we understand the story. i think that.
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is so high profile that it is unlikely for anyone to have. to have used poison on him that isn't from the administration i don't think any low level bureaucrats or or anything like that would have used poison nevertheless what's important here is that poison is used as an intimidation tactic and it's not effect if intimidation tactic if it prevents others from getting involved in politics and protest politics and getting out into the streets i think that part of what makes poison more interesting perhaps or more common as a tool used by the kremlin then than just killing someone for example is that it's the after kola meant i think that poison in is is specifically a slow moving thing and like my colleague said brian said it takes a long time for someone to recover and it will take a long time to recover and when he wakes up it will be in the news cycle again and
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so that the poisoning continues to have it the ethical element which which just expands the and the intimidation factor. what does the funny situation grown tell us about russian political and away opposing voices 15. can i just say 1st just back on what alexis was saying a 2nd ago that i take your point about the old theatricality thing i take your point because i'll see if they wanted to found the gun they could find much faster ways and easier ways to do it but i don't necessarily agree that this would have to come from the administration if you're here in russia itself. it's very hard to understand what value doing this to an extent of on the would have for the kremlin itself for i mean opportunities level i mean you're in a situation right now where you know there's trouble in delhi roosters spin protests and how barbarous can be a large city the largest city in the far east of russia and there is you know the
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coleman emergency for example the last thing they really needed was protests on the street of an election of on the right now and i you know i mean skeptical in that plus as you said in your introduction alex and yvonne these are the most famous investigative journalist in russia as well as being a political figure especially in moscow and you know he's got unfortunately like many a message especially in a country like russia where the media is probably not as protected as the should be he's got a lot of enemies he's got a lot of enemies and you know so i don't necessarily great this had to come from the administration i'm willing to answer the question you asked now which is just. thank you brian raise a that would is that it wouldn't know this is all is about information is what why when he did need to be on the string to does a cat can we extract from never only being in a hospital bed in germany soon opposing voices within russia
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can do those things i know it's. ok he's not just like but yet coolest again it's only a week ago as alexis knows because she pauses so closely answer specialist subject it's only a week ago since the american and british media were claiming that the russian got just were trying to stop him from being released to germany are the kremlin is trying to stop him it was actually last friday week so i mean you know it's mixed up a bit a bit because like if they were trying to you know. hide what's going on or you know prolong the agony so to speak why did they let him go to germany so quickly i mean if they were trying to cover up for the presidential administration so because of he went once he went once he got on that german plane which by the way was less than 48 hours after he took ill it was he was under the germans i think about 40 or 41 hours after it happened they could immediately also do a blood test i mean this is the point about the politics element that of course this will intimidate people that want to go into politics but has
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a thing that elects where it is that there are different types of politics and russia for example there's what they call systemic and non-systemic politics so it's certainly not going to intimidate people that want to join unites that russia or the communist party were involved in the system itself what it will certainly make people possibly especially given what happened to borders themselves few years ago may people that want to join say the western leaning opposition nervous there's no doubt about. all right so i'm going to go to you tube alexis and you can help me out here and write east is a funny is not an opposition in russia he's a you tube clown that's referencing a lot of the what he puts out on you tube a k. that makes you smile some ternium makes me and makes a really interesting point here let's forget about politics just for now this man has a family and 2 kids imagine how they feel right now which leads me to alexis can you explain what it is that nothing does with the in russia how he's now within russia
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why perhaps he could be considered to be in france. now follow me is a lawyer and a you tube activist and a anti-corruption activist he got his start you can't he came to power i would say that around 2000 levon 2012 and live journal by communicating to the sort of nationalists and fire right extremists in russia about about corruption he has more recently connected with the younger demographic he came out with a very strong came at the end of sort of corruption exposé in 2017 which was which i guess brought in a lot of money for his nonprofit and so he is threatening because he has access to information and he is able to disseminate information in a country that censors the mainstream media some of the mainstream media not all of it and not officially at any rate but is less able to censor it on the web
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and therefore he's able to disseminate information that is private information in a way that accesses potential potential demonstrators that could be mobilized so he he has a lot of power and that he is threatening. with his access to information. brian and alexis i want to play this team this is sophia since she is the senior program manager for a europe and eurasia freedom house and she told us this a little bit already have a listen. the poisoning of no by the end how the russian government handled it saf to math only confirm what everybody already knew know that it's enough and is a major threat to putin's regime it's too soon to speculate about the consequences of this event for freedom and russia more broadly but right now the major threat is of course the smart folk in pain ahead of the multiple regional elections on september 13th on the vine is recovering all his projects continue their work because they rely on established for best management systems and volunteer networks
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but it's clear that this brazen attempt on his life only further angers and motivates his supporters interesting ryan was during this and alexis was doing this is let's not rhymefest or go ahead not i think the contribution there from sophia was very naive to be honest you and probably i don't know she's based in russia but doesn't reflect the reality on the ground here the simple reality is that look the political system in russia what they're trying to do in russia is what they want on the global stability and this is what they're always talking about stability and the only played his role in a system of stability in the sense that you know the kremlin is on top of the vertical so to speak but within the opposition he was there you know as alexis said he's been around for about 10 years now and you know he's he's not not any more popular now than he was 7 or 8 years ago in fact he's maybe even less popular than
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he was in 2013 when he gave a very respectable show going in the moscow marilyn so it wasn't a lecture of which read or a poor check to the kremlin and if. it makes sense for the kremlin to take him out because. removing him from the scene they actually bring instability into the system because obviously if your family does not come back to russia somebody else is going to take his place in the you know non-systemic opposition and that person may turn out to be way more charismatic i way more popular now probably made more credible as a political figure because we look at the families political platform as it was it's almost the same as putin's i mean it's neo liberal economics it's he supported the support of research he has no intention of returning crimea to ukraine he's been involved in nationalism in the past which is kind of like what putin does if you got for example a younger guy more telegenic kind of guy than the valley for example more charismatic dour you know and this guy you know was maybe more left of center like
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maybe a o.c. in the states for example or jeremy corbyn wasn't britney that's a far more of a stretch in my book than a guy who really i mean which i endorse the sort of people in the u.k. might be laughing at the idea of jimmy corbin being charismatic but label corner leader well because i have been energized corben energized people in the u.k. and i didn't realize it not for the energized his core support you know momentum right now right let me be frank about elections let's just play a little bit of nirvana here and this was in august 1990 come out of prison see that happening all the times when he hasn't been present in russian politics this is what he said about a year ago having this just move now we see that lies and fraud are not enough for them already it's not enough for them to ban the candidates from the election they deliberately want to arrest dozens to beat up hundreds to smash repairers nations of anti-corruption fund and it shows that there is no support to them they feel
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this and they're afraid so. next is also going to go via this tweet amicable international says on twitter to us we told them we were doing the show is russia a one man show nation now because we're asking about opposition voices is there space for people to have a different opinion alexis. what a great question thank you thank you for the person on twitter who asked that so russia is a state that uses democratic institutions elections party used the judiciary to fulfill its or terry named names which is why we call it a hybrid authoritarian state and brian is absolutely right when he talks about the systemic and not the stomach opposition this is a demagogue position is just to give give the viewers a little more clarity this is stomach opposition is essentially either people running explicitly with a denier assia the incumbent's political party or are people who you find they they
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they run for president and they have a full campaign and they're not explicitly critical and in the end they end up voting for putin and they they say in the end support the incumbent which is in vote for themselves or you have people who are interested in single issue campaigns like pension reform for example or some kind of unemployment concern that they have so so the opposition what we call the true opposition is a very very very small percentage of the actual. landscape of opposition politics in russia i would say 10 maybe 20 percent very very small and for those opposition leaders running in any kind of election they have all kinds of barriers to their success they are going to run into oppression for example exile or hear quite as any made in other cases jailing or killing or public beating they have co-optation when they're bought up by the state and they no longer profess oppositional aims or they could encounter some kind of quasi legal barrier for example. their signatures
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that they collect could be essentially deemed invalid or thrown out and that could prevent them from running for any kind of race then those one or 2 people that actually make it to election day they get 23 percent of the vote if that so there are substantial barriers to the opposition this is why we call it again a hybrid authoritarian state where opposition leaders can theoretically run for power but but they're not actually going to realistically get there. i wish i had i'm with you guess who knows their audience and this guy and i was sent to the russian consulate in the united states when we all said they would take part in the program and this is the headline they sent us last rose says western allegations of knowing best occasion of annexing of ami's incident untrue so they said the minute they heard that maybe he had been poisoned they had started
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a pre investigation so that is that contribution to our discussion right now let me go over to circuit a good is brings us full circle we asked at the top of the show is russian opposition finished this is what so they told us. the poisoning and exchange of money is going to have a very unfortunate i would say devastating impact on the russian opposition the russian opposition is disunite you have liberals conservatives the far left the far right libertarians you name it and they have not been able to come together and form a common platform in opposition to putin's instead they devote their times to squabbling and name calling this is where nobody played such an important role he stood about with all he had the charisma the drive to take this project forward
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with him now and be incapacitated temporarily with all but who really can tell if you share of the russian opposition is going to be in jeopardy once again. brian you go fast. so a very smart analysis place there again a red chunk and he's a very good at english text i follow on twitter so i know. you know. sergey has a lot of good points there and i it's very difficult to disagree with a lot of what he said however i would just say one thing that sergei is right about this disparate opposition that are constantly fighting amongst themselves but i think it's dangerous to completely discount the systemic opposition i mean in the sense that you know while the leadership of both parties. which is basically a fire right alter nationalist party and the communist party which does what it says in the 10 basically. you know the leadership of those parties this is you know easily placated and ready to rock the boat although it is worth noting the
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communist very very mentally opposed the recent constitution referendum that couldn't go true but i do local level certainly around the country as we just saw in a bar a squid sort of gave sort of go. that they can quite often be a real opposition these parties certainly at the local them around the country i'm in the provinces and i see what you say you know what like what alexis just said about the real opposition or what what what people abroad call the real opposition you got to be careful with that you can't actually completely discount this is that mccarty's i mean in the sense that you know in the future stage under different leadership they might become totally different entities and the fact is that they already own the party bashing on network on a scale that they could maybe manage some kind of power transition at the future that ever happens. and it is going. i agree with that i think that you can't discount all systemic opposition candidates i think some of them have
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actual platforms like i said some of them are single issue candidates and they do have some benefit. to cooperating with the incumbent in getting their issue on some kind of. some kind of agenda however generally they're not they're not the same as your democratic revolution sort of opposition and it should say you asked a question i think dr and checco had an interesting point but i think he you know he said something that the opposition in the future is dead and i wanted to respond to that i believe that he's right that there are many supporters at really believe in the end of on these agenda i think that there are there are many many that come to his his protests that do not occur during the election cycles there are there are people who adore him however i think the majority of people coming out into the streets to support russian chloral as are the people who are concerned about the russia the administration's handling of. their people who are concerned with
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putting food on the table with unemployment with loss of their own job and security for that of themselves and then in their families so do i think the future of russian opposition is dead not at all i agree actually with something brian said earlier which is that which is that the someone else will come up and they will be equally popular certainly. elections in brain and this is going to be the speed round you tube is a talking to you you're going to react very quickly and then we're going to move on james forever the old saying you can kill a man but not an idea i think most russians now see putin for what he is i think opposition will now get stronger. you may be right who knows what should happen in the future it's very hard to make me see again the question of what is the i mean like there disunited as dr a chant goes said and it might make one part of the opposition constructive perhaps the moscow protest movement but where i live which is not moscow i'm you know 1500 kilometers to the south i mean nobody's talking about the boundary at all nobody
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even my liberal friends are. not interested they say joseph is on you tube thank you jessica weighing in russia has no opposition president putin is already in charge and in charge of the opposition alexis you take that one i think that what we need to think about is that we're not putting is not only using repression there are a slew of other options available to the incumbent of the russian federation he can also use for example cartesians is something that we see on you tube in rap videos in profusely that's all over all over moscow and all of our cities across russia the state is able to co-opt these avenues of communication and repurpose them for state concerns for state aims policies narratives and in turn flooding out the spaces where people used to communicate freely about politics and pushing those those critical voices out of those public spaces or at least to the margins of
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those public spaces i notice and i'm just looking in check and see what new tunes talking about today show and a lot is about the constitutional the vote that lets putin stay in power till 2036 that is causing a lot of conversation brian i all liberal friends talking about. yes they were talking about that a lot of them were very unbiased and a lot of them voted against it for that reason that i'm my friends that are not liberal who like with linux. coming nationalism voted against the top could but the plot. but that the constitution a lot of it was president stamp our constitution and 36 but i think it's very unlikely he would stay in power to 2036 i mean most serious experts here in russia believe it was more to avoid becoming a lame duck and reserving the option of coming back in the future should his
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successor you know make a mess about my i would be inclined toward that belief i think running a country like russia plus there's a comment that putin made in january he becomes about all these guys like gratian evan and the rope of the church and go back to the eighty's that died in office and said he didn't want that to happen again now he's going to hang on to his era the a.c.s. there's a very good chance of that happening you know i and i'm going to leave that as not the last sentence alexis can you wrap this up in a single sentence is the russian opposition finished and you are concluding thought would be what's certainly i don't believe that the russian opposition is finished i again i think that now how many is important to many people but not to everyone and that people will come out to the streets when their security and their stability is threatened thank you alexis thank you brian thank you cheapens for your excellent questions i will see you next time take.
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yes. and the disease because 50 percent of all deaths children. it's. sad but. that it's a bad child at least that. she. used to say. to. the cease.
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fire. hi i'm steve clements and i have a question to ask these days it's hard to filter out the noise in keep track of what's really important to the bottom line tackles the big issues this issue 80000100 states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. an experimental treatment in russia is hope and some multiple sclerosis sufferance hope the disease what stage of the treatment in us one o one east follows those trying to get in and out of moscow in a time of pandemic. when the news breaks and the racism protests continue in a number of cities across the united states when people need to be heard in the council area line. were destroyed and about 80 percent of this land that al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar is it that's
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going to solve the problem if want to bring you more room documentaries and lighting. and dawn. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is that here's a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes donald trump back tracks after suggesting that americans should try to vote twice in november that are says that voters must check if the postal ballots have been counted. we called on russia to investigate this in a transparent and subtle manner the e.u. steps up the pressure on russia as the kremlin rejects german allegations that.


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