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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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0. hello there i'm mr and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes almost a 1000000 people go on a partial lockdown and spain's madrid region hospitals are filled to capacity she was in corona virus infections. getting a head start early version begins in the u.s.
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ahead of the november president selection. past the u.s. steps up its tech war with china banning the download of tick tock and we chat all this as time on scrambles fighter jets as chinese will planes approach its territory a visit by a top u.s. official is taking regional tensions woful new level. and i'm satisfied it's with the latest sports a game creating garrett bell gets a hero's welcome for the top new foundry news a move by revenues off to even for rail mature it. in corona virus cases has forced several governments to announce more restrictions there are fears of a 2nd wave as infections wildlife now top 30000000 spain is now limiting we've been in and around the capital madrid hospitals they are reaching capacity and health officials are pleading for more support and more equipment. we are saturated with
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people who need health care and patients that need here are doing the best we can but we need more health workers we need more resources and now the british prime minister has warned that a 2nd wave is inevitable official u.k. estimates show that daily new cases in england have nearly double. in just the past week and leaders say if the situation doesn't improve there could be and now that lockdown israel has now already been forced to impose a 2nd nationwide shutdown due to a rise in infections there those measures went into effect on friday and even bother reports on the situation in europe for us. early on in the pandemic spain was hit just about as hard as anywhere in europe now in the capital madrid the health systems under renewed pressure with covered 19 cases rising one in 5 hospital beds in the region is now taken up by someone with corona virus. we're set you're a good with people who need health care and patients that need care we're doing the
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best we can but we need more health workers we need more resources. spain's one of many european nations now bringing in localized lockdowns worried about a 2nd wave of covered over winter months for this bus driver bringing his son in for a test it's the right approach you know i understand that we need to save the economy over the health is the most important thing but our health we don't have money in the czech republic there were more than 3000 new cases on thursday adjusted for population only spain and france within the european union have seen a bigger jump in the last 2 weeks now bars are having their opening hours reduced and in prague people will have to wear a face covering it outdoor events with more than 100 attending in the u.k. covered cases have doubled in a week and health officials are worried about rises in infections and hospital admissions among all ages next week people in more regions will be told not to mix with other households just like nearly 2000000 in the north east of england have i think it's a fuss because in one hand she's got people who can go on holiday this is the
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people who can go into g.m.'s if a paper that was going to restaurants import to 10 o'clock at night but you can't have your own family tree house i mean i don't understand just where's the sense in that was the logic of the other night if we hadn't come along. actually you know people that have been checked more nor. we wouldn't be in the position i would be so they don't know along the u.k. government's considering warnings from its scientific advisors that restrictions may have to be imposed across england next month to drive down transmission we are now seeing a 2nd wave coming in that we saw seen in france and spain of course across europe it's been absolutely i'm afraid inevitable you would see it in this country in scotland the 1st ministers calling this the most decisive moment since march to remain. at 10 airlie or stage on a similar path to that that has been taken in recent weeks by france so our task is
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to make sure if we can interrupt that and we don't end up we're the hour now here in london the mayor city can is warning that the city is about 2 weeks behind those regions of england already under local lockdown he's also hit out at problems experienced by londoners needing a cobbett test citing government incompetence across europe governments are having to act fast winters approaching and with it predictable pressures on public health facilities but persuading the public to abide by new curbs on their freedom could prove a tough challenge the dean barber al-jazeera london our correspondent hi force that has more from western. well the 2nd national lockdown has come at the beginning of a 3 week period of jewish religious holidays and there's no coincidence in that there was a concern that the usual mixing the traveling around the country a household or household families and friends getting together that that could
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really have exacerbated what is already an extremely worrying situation in terms of numbers for several days this past week those new case numbers per day that exceeded 5000 benjamin netanyahu the prime minister on thursday night said that the health system had raised a red flag and that is why the government had to act in this way but even then even on the eve of these restrictions they were still changing some of them it was going to be just 500 meters that people were allowed from their front door. unless for some particular exempted reason that was changed to one kilometer on the eve of the restrictions coming in and that kind of thing has been a problem throughout israel's handling of the pandemic many people have complained of contradictory or confusing instructions and regulations coming from the government and there are concerns that people simply won't observe the rules this time around to the same extent that they may have done in march in april during the
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1st national lockdown there are 7000 police and soldiers that have been mobilized to try to enforce these regulations. i have here on this news hour including peruvian president wasn't as carriers job is on the line as he faces an impeachment fight. thousands of refugees and police haven't you heard that there are concerns the count is not good enough. for the miami heat and once again for you they are the comeback king action from the n.b.a. playoffs coming up later in the dozens. of u.s. states have opened their about pot. this is early for in person very seeing for the november presidential election president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden will campaign in minnesota on that state's 1st day of any very saying the u.s. postal service has also warned that millions of mail in ballots may not arrive in
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time to be counted on election day while john hendren is in minneapolis for us will be talking to him in just a few minutes but 1st let's speak to shihab rattansi he's in virginia that's also one of the states holding a very saying she have as we were saying earlier democrats have really made it their mission to get out the early vote i know it is early days but how the numbers they're looking. looking pretty strong actually despite the relative tranquility you see behind me which is always guaranteed when i we actually broadcast live from a polling station that has been a strong turnout here this morning in virginia we've seen line snaking out around but only in polling stations around the state as well we just got some figures in on the 1st day of voting at this particular polling station in 201-6270 9 people of those it in the 1st hour here at this polling station today 200 people voted so you can get a sense then of the volume of voters who have been steadily streaming in to this
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polling station and others we understand around the state there is a very strong turnout and what's fascinating is these anecdotally what we're hearing is a lot of people actually had intended to vote by mail in fact virginia had a record number of absentee ballots mail requests in the 790000 were requested but because of the warnings from the postal service suggesting that they may be delays that actually in fact the good news actually one of the states the warns the ballots may not be counted in time because of that because of the delays in the in the in the in the mailing system not just because of the volume but because of the slowdown ordered by i don't post most of general in delivering the mail and collecting the mail for people that are coming out even though they had initially intended on voting by mail but here's a selection of what we had this morning. how is word that the. mail in ballots might not get there to make sure my vote count.
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there and i'm concerned that there might be prouder than election day. but i think that there's efforts to undermine it i think there's a lot of. visiting be done certain sides and so. i think voting early will just help us feel more secure about that i just make sure. in a recent wall street journal poll almost hall. that they were intending to vote by mail just a 10th of trump's supporters so they were going to vote him out which crops gives you no indication of why they don't try quite openly suggesting that he's not going to accept the results of mail in ballots which is leading to this on knees and people actually turning up to the polls less and in fact we're hearing that from
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democratic party activists they're saying look all of the action late what donald trump appears to be trying to do is how that enormous leads in the poll in the count because his supporters actually coming to the polls while the mail in ballots are being counted so if you don't want the results to be skewed on the night as the mail and ballots are being counted perhaps over days. put on a mask and just come down to the polls. all early voting or on the day she have a town say then arlington virginia watching that turnout for us thanks so much well let's now move i've had to minneapolis where john hendren is standing by. is also started that john both candidates heading to that very key battleground state today also really taking on an added dimension in recent months. that's right minnesota isn't usually considered a battleground state it is voted for democrats for president for near. half a century but that changed in 2016 that's when donald trump campaigned hard here and nearly won and it's interesting that both candidates are up in the northern
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part of the state called the iron range that's an old mining area where. it used to be solidly democratic heavily pro-labor and that has changed in recent years and those people have many of them moved over to trump trump is hoping that if he can get the few 1000 extra votes he didn't get last time that he can be put over the top so he's campaigning here and joe biden is campaigning to stop him so far biden seems to be well ahead in most of the polls here in minneapolis but if trump can take in minnesota rather if trump can take this state then if he loses another of those crucial swing states like wisconsin ohio or pennsylvania he could still win enough electoral votes in order to win the presidency and of course this was the state from which we saw that harrowing video of george szell and then the subsequent protests how does all of that shape the campaign narrative so far. well that really plays into this campaign and one reason is that donald trump is solidly
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ahead in the rural areas joe biden is solidly ahead in cities like minneapolis but it's in the suburbs that this election will likely be decided certainly here in minnesota and so the tactic trump is taking is to suggest that biden is a threat to the suburbs that those protests that everybody saw downtown would spill out into the suburbs and that there would be low income housing that would bring people from cities out into suburban areas so trump is definitely making a play to scare people about what's happening out in the suburbs. of course he's trying to reassure those people and he's trying to reassure them among other things that he would be better at dealing with covert 19 that's important here in this state that is home of the mayo clinic a lot of medical institutions here and people who believe in their science so those protests will definitely play into it and one thing it could do is drive people to the polls including young people and african-americans we have talked to young people and seen some signs that some of them are more likely to vote that's
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important because young people generally don't vote in nearly as high numbers people over 60 vote twice as high numbers as young people so the suburbs will be in play and those protests will be talked about probably by both candidates biden saying he supports the peaceful protests and trump saying there is a need for law and order john hendren that watching that early voting for us in minneapolis minnesota thank you so much john well let's dig into this now with lester spence he is a professor of political science and africana studies at johns hopkins university and he joins us now from baltimore less to as john and i were just saying that minneapolis is really ground 0 for the summer of protest can you talk us through in your mind how you feel those events have really shaped the campaign so far. yes. before our george floyd's. murder of i think
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a lot of us thought that the campaign would basically. rise and fall over basically be determined by how people felt about. trans deep deep deep corruption and then how people felt that he handled the pandemic right but then when with the murder of george floyd and jacob riata taylor we see we don't just see protests we see protests that are so widespread in areas that have large black populations in areas of the united states that have really small black populations that it seems as if that that adds an extra layer and it's complicated because there was if we go back to 1988 the presidential election in 1988 where george bush is able to basically run against. the incumbent is able to actually defeat the challenger michael dukakis using
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racist images it's not clear that that trop in this case is going to be able to do that just because this large population of younger folk are far more. far more multiracial than they were at that time then larger in number they're more likely to vote and they're more likely to the whole anti-racist attitudes like we may actually bury welby at the 1st moment in america's history where a majority of america's population actually holds anti-racist attitudes at least to some degree when last i was looking at some of the numbers here and i see minnesota hasn't actually swung republican since nixon back in 1972 that was incredibly close and 2016 and now the latest polling suggests that biden really has a huge made in minnesota should he be can confident of holding on to that. yes i think he should be i think to be frank i think. it is hard because i understand
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from a journalistic perspective. of covering the 2020 alexion like we cover the 2716 election of the 2012 election that is from a host a horse race perspective looking to see how by performing a certain states you know how he's performing with certain demographics analyzing the debates to see how the people perform i understand that fully but the thing is is that for the 1st time we have a candidate that and the incumbent we have someone who is willing and has said out loud that he's willing to use the state to basically make sure he's elected so it seems to me that the horse race conversation we're having is important the kind of the role race plays is kind of important but the most important thing is really to the extent to which we have
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a legitimate election and that think that actually dwarfs everything well we've been talking now with john about 10 out do you think that the protests and some of the racial issues in minnesota have increased engagement for people in this election do you think we can expect to get 10 out and corresponding to that trust in the outcome. yes and no right so i think we're going to have a really really high turnout i have a really close friend in minneapolis who just moved back to minneapolis actually from the u.k. and for her minneapolis is a far more open place than what it used to be and i think that speaks positively as far as the political outcome that is of people feel like minneapolis is a new space where they can feel say a lot more of them are going to participate in the process but the thing is is trust and the results. trump controls so much of the operad as he didn't get drugs
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they lectures but because he has control of the federal government a number of ways and the people he's put in place over the post office for example there are corrupt so i don't so i think it is very very possible that you have an election in which you have a combination of high turnout. significate mistrust in the results watching very closely lester spence there a professor of political science at johns hopkins university thanks for sharing your thoughts with us there thank you all chinese based social media at tech talk says it will challenge an unjust order after the u.s. ordered the removal of that app from google and apple stores that ban goes into effect on sunday will also include the very popular we chat app video sharing app talk has 80000000 active users in the u.s. alone and we chap is often described as a super app it's used for messaging social media and electronic payments you can do
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your shopping hail a cab even book a doctor's appointment it was started in 2011 and now has about a 1000000000 active users worldwide about 19000000 of those are reported to be in the u.s. where it's very popular with chinese students and ex-pats as well as many people who do business with china but the u.s. government says we chat collects too much use the data and that chinese security agencies have access to that data we chat insists it's messages are encrypted and says it doesn't store content on its surface well for more let's speak to our white house correspondent can be healthy in washington d.c. can be there was talk of american companies potentially stepping in to buy these apps but those deals have so far failed. no they haven't failed they've been submitted they haven't been approved just yet by the u.s. government or by beijing for that matter just to back up a little bit this all started back in august when the us president put in place an
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executive order saying that this century there be a ban on we chat tick-tock within 45 days unless an american company came forward to manage the u.s. side of these operations so that happened oracle the tech giant came forward put forward a plan it hasn't been approved yet and now the president has moved ahead anyways saying that this ban on these 2 platforms will go into effect on sunday so it didn't fail it didn't work but the son clear why the president is now sort of not keeping his end of the bargain if you will in fact we're watching very carefully the white house right now he said to have a press conference in just a few more next few moments in fact it should have started already to see what more the u.s. president has to say but the bottom line in all of this is this is just the latest in a string of us collations by the trumpet ministration against china for sort of an ongoing tit for tat that's been taking place whether it be through trade or even more recently for trying to punish it for covert 19 that is decimated the u.s.
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economy as donald trump is trying to win reelection. as house correspondent candy how could they have for us thanks so much kimberly well let's now speak to nicholas thompson he's the editor in chief of wired and he joins us now from new york nicholas i see in china we chat is often called an app for everything and now we're seeing these legal challenges to try to protect it in the u.s. a group of users leading that charge says it would be like using a limb in your mind is this a blow in the tech cool foreign policy move or both. it's a blow in every regard it's particularly a blow for chinese citizens in the united states or american citizens of chinese origin who want to talk to their families and communicate with their families we chat is one of the central ways that people in 9 states communicate with people in china so you shut down we chat we shut down a lot of communication and all that comes with it that said as i don't think the economic effects of banning the u.s.
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users we chat small portion of which as users well have a huge effect on 10 cent the parent company. nicholas i'm curious i mean some have argued that banning we chat as you say essentially cuts people off chinese users as well from the outside while that really goes against some of the stated aims i mean if you're trying to broaden democratic freedoms then. oh absolutely i mean to give it to be clear this executive order just means that people can use we chat in the united states so people in china could still communicate within china or to germany who knows where they want to communicate so it won't have a huge effect on china and other countries will have a huge effect on china to the us and that as you say absolutely one of the principles there in the cold war is we tried to get as much information in to communist countries as we could we dropped leaflets we asked the radio and now we're cutting off one of the made mechanisms we have for telling people about
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democracy in the rest of the world so it does seem counterproductive in that regard and nicholas you mentioned that this also has implications for u.s. uses especially businesses i believe you use the app and there are remittances there are there's money changing hands here transactions being being used can you talk us through the scope of the impact of this ban. well it's it's substantial so there 19000000 users in the united states for many of them it is the main way that they run their business particularly with customers in china there's a lot of trade between the 2 countries so this will have a negative effect on them one of the other interesting ironies is that there are many chinese american supporters of president trump who are going to lose you know because of this so he will at actually be cutting off a constituency that has been supportive of him and nicholas going forward if we see retaliation potentially from other countries imposing bans on us social media apps
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they're not going to only uses but also crucial days that they need to function properly so could this also damage the u.s. tech sector oh it's going to damage everything i mean u.s. companies are banned from doing business in china right the american social media platforms can't work in china so it's not like this is the 1st time the government has done this the united states is just following the lead of the chinese government which is strange but that's what's happening but to the larger point that is the essential issue this is what worries me the most technology the world will work best if it is used across national borders if we can have the same platforms in the united states as in china as in france as and cutter as an everywhere it will make people communicate better it will make the world work better it will make trade work better it will make technology work better as the internet fractures as we get a splinter net a chinese internet an indian internet the western internet united states internet then things get complicated they get messy communications get cut off and the
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premise of the end of the reason this was invented to bring people together becomes less promising so that is what worries me the most nicholas thompson they're the editor in chief of wired speech us from new york great to have your insights here on out there thanks for being with us nicholas thanks so much and to that a lot. concert ahead here on al-jazeera. i'm wayne hay in bangkok where anti-government protesters are preparing together in big numbers here at the site of one of thailand's darkest days. and there are still forces who are want to drag us back. into the darkness. and face her as president remains defiant in the face of adversity more details are coming up and support.
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had a fairly quiet picture across much of the middle east the way things have been lies and they will stabilize again over the next few days not really even much in the way of clouds in the area we'll see some activities across into turkey through southeast and shahs across northern areas they could be quite heavy at times but this it'll system here this is known as a medication this is a hearken that is full in the mediterranean some very strong hurricane force winds and torrential amounts to really sit on impact greece for the next couple of days eventually through sunday drops for the south was but those wains could find their way through the east and the mad in this could have been moisture cools in his that we could see want to shout into all central and western areas of turkey but elsewhere maybe just wanted to later in the day into the fall south and west of yemen through central africa and lots of cloud as well we've seen a quite a few showers the last few days into areas of develop again as we go through saturday northern areas but then to the south of there it's actually very warm temperatures well above the average particularly for this time of year but it does
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stay dry but this is what i mean touches the averaging 30 celsius it really does begin to come down but even so a few days ahead of that cool off the similar scenario in johannesburg for the next couple of days temperatures in the twenty's but certainly cooler in cape town which showers on sunday. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be told that it. is not the african. country his e-mail let's destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space award encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order
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to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. hi i'm steve clements all right of course because these days it's hard to filter out the noise and keep track of what's really important to you the bottom line tackles the big issues the united states its people its economy and the way deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only. i don't and i missed us here today and that's remind you of our top stories here the salang spain's government has announced limitations on movement in and around the capital madrid affecting nearly
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a 1000000 people public health officials are pleading for support in dealing with the surge and curb the 19 cases that. the trumpet ministration more than downloads of chinese and apps to talk and we chat the president is ordering they be removed from google and apple stores that ban will come into force on sunday trump says they pose a threat to national security. and now a number of u.s. states have opened their ballot boxes in person voting for november 3rd presidential election donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden will campaign in minnesota on that state's 1st day of an early 1st thing. in the months leading up to the election trump has been the subject of several books that have hit store shelves joining me now via skype from washington d.c. is author greg sargent greg we really have seen quite the space of books about the trump presidency bob woodward's making the quite huge headlines more recently have any of these shift advisor opinions. well i think the woodward revelations actually
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might be shifting them it's a little hard to tell right now because the woodward book came out right after trump's convention and historically and traditionally there's a little bit of a bounce for the person at the can after the convention and so it's a little hard to tell right now whether what we're seeing as trump's continue down from this convention or whether that's actually getting overtaken by the woman religion's his numbers are fairly steady which means maybe he should have gotten a bounce and didn't because of the would rule issues we're not going to know much until maybe another 2 weeks is still great so many of these books are a tell all is really from the white house by people who will but when it's close to trying to whacked with him in your mind what's been the most damaging. well i think the revelation that trump knew that corona virus was both airborne and extremely
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deadly and that he probably sent a bar or he said to blow up would ruin the taped interview back in february that he understood that it was far far worse than the flu and then subsequent to that in another interview he said that he had been deliberately downplaying it so as not to cause a panic those 2 are relations together are really quite devastating or and what they show is that all the public denials that he was making at the time about the seriousness of this of the virus. were directly contradicted by what he privately knew and that he was deliberately downplaying it in public for his own reasons and by the way when he said he didn't want to create a panic a lot of people misunderstand what he actually meant by that it isn't that he didn't want to create a public character he didn't want to panic the markets because he understood that the markets now moving would harm his reelection so even there in his own to ration that he wanted to avoid a panic all he was really operating from was his own personal self-interest which
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is just an extraordinary revelation of general election on his part thank there been so many revelations so many very colorful anecdotes do you get the sense from these books that there is fatigue that nothing really surprises about donald trump anymore well you know i think the fact he might actually end up running in the other direction it's true that people don't get surprised by any particular revelation of just how awful he has but at the same time i think people are just tired of all the noise and drama. it's just one thing after another and him constantly lashing out at people and it's never about the american people it's always about him yes we all know this about him already but that doesn't mean we don't want to change the channel. well we will see if that is reflected in the numbers come november greg sargent there an author in washington d.c. great to get your thoughts here on al-jazeera thanks for being with us right. now
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libyan warlord cliff i have to has announced he will allow production to resume from friday have to his forces in eastern libya have imposed a blockade on oil facilities since january but libya's u.n. recognized government in tripoli says it won't resume exports well our correspondent whatever why he joins us now from tripoli mahfood how was this received in western libya will it possibly help resolve the conflicts. well it does not seem to be serving the libyan case the efforts to solve the libyan crisis at least for the time being because it has been rejected by civil institutions in western libya the national oil corporation this is the state oil for has rejected this deal it says it's meant only to serve the political interests of the. incomplete and it calls them in compete in people
9:35 pm
who are struck this me is the. head of the heart of the presidential council matey and the warlord cleaver have the national oil corporation says that demilitarized in the oil sector is a prerequisite in order to lift the blockade and to resume production at the oil exporting good facilities that a national oil corporation means the presence of russian military individuals russian most raised from the wagner group along was our other african mercenaries that have been deployed by half that are in the oil facilities in the oil fields and in the oil ports there the high council of the state here in tripoli also a member many members of that parliament have been rejecting that deal they say
9:36 pm
that this deal has been struck secretly and it is only meant to disrupt the international efforts to solve the libyan crisis they hike up the position of council head here face a large also over the military commander of the sort of job for operation room not to allow. this deal would have to to enter the city of sirte so many people in western libya have rejected this deal and they believe that this is not serving the libyan solution to the libyan crisis when i go ahead there for us in tripoli with all the latest reaction thank you right. now taiwan's air force has repeatedly scrambled intercepted jets to track approaching chinese warplanes take about a military exercises during the latest visit to taiwan by a high ranking u.s. envoy china's government accuses the u.s.
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and taiwan of what it calls collusion to stir up trouble rather bright reports. taiwan scrambling gets jets after 18 chinese military aircraft entered its air defense identification zone before turning back. as it's done previously in the taiwan strait this military exercise by china was its way of showing displeasure at increased diplomatic exchanges between the u.s. and taiwan it comes as u.s. undersecretary keith crock the most senior state department official in decades continues his visit to the island that follows another visit last month by u.s. health secretary alexei's art as part of what beijing has condemned as a dangerous trend lucia you've had your far whether it's to control china using taiwan as leverage or solicit foreign support it's all wishful thinking and
9:38 pm
destined to be a dead end those who play with fire will burn themselves once again taiwan is caught in the middle of worsening china u.s. relations increasingly the u.s. is stepping up to back taiwan for a whole range of reasons but to counter china regionally mainly want a democracy as well as its critical job graphic location has assumed an increasingly more important role in u.s. strategy ending up civic so we're likely to see an increasing retching up of tension in the tawana shades. diplomacy with taiwan seems to be part of a wider wreford by the u.s. to rally an international coalition against what it sees as increasing chinese belligerence with mounting criticism of beijing's actions in chin jangan hong kong and its response to cope with 19 as well as territorial disputes with its neighbors there's a growing list of countries sharing and to china grievance china has shown it's
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ready to push back and with growing military power that it can call upon macbride al-jazeera. now korea's president has defended himself against allegations of corruption as members of congress decide whether or not to impeach him mawson does carry a told lawmakers that his conscience was clear and that the country shouldn't be distracted from its real challenges he denies interfering in an investigation into government contracts that were awarded to a musician who's a friend of his and our correspondent anna sanchez is in name of forest around it does seem like proceedings that we've barely rapidly here. that's right very slowly. so far. we could have a vote today or not we we really don't know. things have been very different from what we thought because president might think he's got us you were
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saying he did come to congress this morning. and he faced congress and said that his conscience is clear us who are sane and that he is open to an investigation not when he finishes his term in office in july of next year but now he said that he can be investigated now and that he should he's very conscious of what peruvians are thinking because he he asked for forgiveness for peruvians to be immersed in this political crisis amid. the worst health and economic crisis in in decades in peru and he said that he's very conscious of this because 80 percent or nearly 80 percent of peruvians still approve that he should stay and finish his term in office now he's a lawyer said that it's very important that he cannot be punished for acts that haven't been corroborated that's the main core of. defense
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of his defense this morning and then after that we've been hearing lawmakers from both sides. some of them which say that the president still moral in capacity that to continue to govern and others who are saying that there should be an investigation but that's not enough to seat him and all those who say well we really don't care because there's not enough votes to arcade him some of them have said so there's a pallet of opinions in the in congress now so it's still unclear what will happen they need it. 87 votes. for the. information that has come out in the last couple of days apparently those who even voted for the motion of the impeachment to go forward are saying that they will not vote to or keep the president's whole situation right now is still very unclear in the
9:42 pm
classroom. they're following that for us very closely in lima thanks so much more. on our sanitation facilities at a new refugee camp in greece have already started to break down thousands have begun to settle into the camp and into the camp on the island of less boss but they fear that the conditions will be as poor as they were in their old camp which burned down last week 12000 people had been living there but it was actually only designed to hold a quarter of that 70 deca has all the latest from this boss. it's safe to say that most of the people have now moved off the street. they're now you know the last of the day really making their way registering having to be tested for the greater virus we managed to get to the area where they had been living on the streets for the past 10 days or so you did still have a nice and people in corona sort of hazmat suits telling the last people to go over
9:43 pm
so people trying to argue with telling them they didn't want to come here but really the people have been left with no choice that's the big question now whether these people are going to be feet while or not whether they are going to be here but for how long they're going to be here for the paperwork needs to be expedited and the greek authorities have made it clear that unless you're in this town your paperwork will not be resumed but it's the conditions that people are concerned about and i think the next 2 days going to be crucial can it comes to how this camp is going to cope with this amount of people we are already hearing that there would that there's no running water really they're still setting that up that the toilets are already dirty we're trying to communicate to the refugees we've been in touch with already inside to see how the next 3 days are going to pan out with so many people around 7000 people are in that cap now there are still some coming in but certainly i think by the end of the day the majority of those who had been sleeping on the streets will be in the cap. stuff we also spoke to the head of mission for doctors without borders there and he told her that the new camp is a continuation of blacks action by the e.u.
9:44 pm
and will not solve the refugee crisis. the only thing that the government did is to start a new camp by to see it in the form of a military target range now why a target would be used is because again this is a not a good place for setting up a camp in the winter it's very cold completely open to the wind and we very much fear that this temporary camp could start last thing very long so again what is the purpose of this camp are we talking about a 2nd morea what people are going piled up for months and then or even years is this part of a continuous containment policy policy of collective punishment for making you know some form of pushback of. asylum seekers yet this is extremely worrying as such and we want to know now what is your plan do they want to continue having the shame of more and other more has continuing or ready
9:45 pm
to change their policy accept that asylum seekers are human beings condition be treated like animals and have indeed own designs the needed reception for a few days maximum few weeks it's a transit and then taken to proper places but to more years have to stop. well the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the education of millions of children in indonesia in remote communities that don't have internet access and so teachers are going the extra mile to support their students but as jessica washington reports from tango around even less close to the capital a struggling. into these years with steaming it seems nothing can get between these teachers and their students from monday to friday they travel to meet them. and although this school is closed because of covert 900 precautions class is
9:46 pm
still in session you have any good reason to believe we cannot do online learning because there's no internet access and people don't have computers laptops or mobile devices the teachers go from village to village using makeshift outdoor classrooms with covert 900 safety measures in mind they say they're trying their best and limited resources to leave it at 30 like us we are thankful that even though the road to a village is bad and it's very far away the teach is still willing to come and teach us schools in this community like many across indonesia have been shot since march the teachers took it upon themselves to start visiting the villages of the students knowing that without internet access and often no electricity online learning was never a viable option for most children here. the pandemic has disrupted the education of millions of indonesian children and it's not just remote provinces experiencing difficulties with distance learning but cities close to the capital as well. in
9:47 pm
tiger on the western border with jakarta schools are closed and these children have no internet access at home. the local government has set up an internet hotspot in this classroom the children to do their homework. that he will not it we started online learning in march i really miss my school and i would like to go back the education ministry says it feels the need to change the system. before and we already have a plan that we don't like 3 years olds in indonesia will be connected by meaning that. the teachers without those resources it's a challenging time because of it it teaches a working twice as hard with being overworked. some schools have reopened but for many teachers there's no sign when the challenge of teaching without a classroom. just to washington al-jazeera tuggeranong indonesia. still ahead
9:48 pm
here and spores well number one seems to be getting over his us open up bank pretty well tennis action in just a moment. on. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be told that it. is not. your country his. let's destroy this war. in 2020 the free space award encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. an image can
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change the way we see the world it can spark mass actions or serve the interests of the powerful it can obscure the truth forge narratives and rewrite them back to listening post gives you the fruit picture on a 0. 0. 00 or the old. bank a university and thailand which has a history of political activism or violence is the venue for the latest anti-government protests planned for saturday the student at movement has for months now been calling for new elections and to rewrite the constitution when harry port's from bangkok i've politics in thailand's universities
9:50 pm
can be a colorful affair parades before events like football games are often used to criticize the government or highlight social issues students from thomas out university in bangkok are thailand's most politically active and there are again leading protests against the government. but 44 years ago they were at the center of one of thailand's darkest moments when when i had to run to pull its head and saw bullets ricocheting and hitting buildings around me when i tried to leave the campus in 1986 up in and other students were inside thomas out protesting against the return from exile of a former military ruler. they were surrounded by police and royalists who opened fire killing almost 50 people although other reports put the death toll higher. the tipping point was a student play that featured a mock hanging of. the royalists allege he was chosen at the time because he looked
9:51 pm
like the crown prince who's now thailand's king long corn. i mean and spent 2 years in prison without charge and says any resemblance was a coincidence today's student protesters are continuing the call of the a pretty to sis is for structural political change but they're also making unprecedented demands for reform of the monarchy including a call to reduce the political power of the king it's a dangerous move in a country where the royal family is supposed to be untouchable and beyond criticism several pro-government politicians and activists have warned that because the students are targeting the monarchy the violence of 976 could happen again. and they believe the young protesters are being used by corrupt politicians fair near all. that fake news is being used to discredit the monarchy for political gain to make thailand weak and to cause conflicts between people. they also allege the
9:52 pm
students are being funded by foreign governments trying to destabilize thailand. former protesters accused of being communists in 1976 say that's a familiar tactic and are proud the new generation is continuing to fight for change i think that it's normal for thomas such students to come out and good for them to come out there are problems in our society so i support their movements we need a new driving force to fix those issues. so far the protests have been peaceful and the government says it won't try to stop them but history suggests that as they grow that patience may run out. thank god. it is now time for sports and his star thanks a lot and the excitement is building up in north london as gareth bale naser return to former club tottenham from real madrid welshman got a hero's welcome on fridays here right at tottenham's training ground ahead of the expected move bear less the english premier league for los blancos 7 years ago what
9:53 pm
was at the time a world record deal worth $132000000.00 during his time in madrid was one bells 12 league and 4 champions league titles. now one day although it's already been completed is he a go out kantaras move to pull from by a millionaire the 29 year old had a highly successful time in germany winning 7 consecutive german league titles and recently helped by him win the champions league wealthy for president john invent says the governing body of world football is now trustworthy and credible he was speaking at the organizations annual congress being held online because of the global pandemic and francine ownself remains the subject of a criminal investigation in switzerland over dealings he hands with the country's attorney general michael lauder he says images been heavily tarnished in recent years over corruption the us department of justice investigation into see if it came to a head in 2015 and led to the resignation of the bodies former president sepp
9:54 pm
blatter so we are incredible. a trustworthy and modern a professional and then accountable organization but even if the process to get there was painful. and there are still forces who want to drag us back into the darkness of the past because they don't like reforms or because they want to idea or practices who knows but there is no way back well world number one know of a joke which is bouncing back well from his controversial exit from the u.s. open the serbian plays into the quarterfinals of the italian open truck which exited flushing meadows in the round of 16 after being disqualified for
9:55 pm
accidentally hitting a line judge with the ball or picture he was on his best behavior in rome however as he beat phillip curry you know if it chin straight set. romania's simona halep has extended a perfect run since the restart to 7 wins and she's into the last 8 of the italian open women strong beating diana astros guy in straight sets on friday howlett skip the u.s. open but is expected to compete at ronald garros which begins later this month the . u.s. open champion i am a sock has pulled out of the french open due to injury of soccer says she's struggling with a hamstring problem and is still recovering from last saturday's title win in new york. well the miami heat beat the boston celtics and are now just 2 wins away from reaching the n.b.a. finals the hates were down by 17 in the 2nd quarter but thanks to rally for celtics like they did in game one as
9:56 pm
a buy only as miami's come back with 214 and tragic for $25.00 points the heat topping boston won a 6101 slam believe the east and lead the eastern conference finals by 2 games to one they lost and went to the finals in 24 feet as the defending champion starts a loss to the san antonio spurs. together and then. we use our inner dishonor. you know we don't want you. that is not our goal to be keep being. well we're thirsting for. well it's from friday or a braun james and the l.a. lakers faced the denver nuggets in game one of their conference finals the lakers got there by beating the houston rockets in 5 games and will be heading to their 1st conference finals in 10 years meanwhile it's been 11 years since the denver nuggets last made an appearance and they've made history on the way by becoming the
9:57 pm
1st n.b.a. team to rally from a 31 series deficit twice in the same postseason. thanks a lot of energy effort a lot of desperation to be able to come back from a 31 deficit. and they did it twice. so the respect level is out of this world for what we have to do. and that's how we're going to do series understanding. what they can and what are you staying. yes i think combo has won the n.b.a.'s most valuable player award for the 2nd consecutive season the great concern national was highly impressive all season ending with unprecedented numbers are reaching 29.5 points the team point 6 rebounds and $5.00 assists per game and that's all you'll sports for now will have more few dates about sr thanks so much all to remember you can always find much more on our website and trading live
9:58 pm
coverage of that early voting of taking place in the u.s. that's al jazeera dot com that is it for me for this news hour 50 baht we'll have more news for you from the very shortly stay with us. corruption it is the invisible behind a wall of silence by. going up is not something to be told that this. is a. country his. let's destroy this war.
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