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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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this is casa central jail and this is the section where they're holding prisoners on drug charges users and dealers here there's a 120 of them in 3 different cells on al-jazeera. 0. 0 everyone i've felicity bar and welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes france of course the highest number of coronavirus deaths in 4 months with israel back under lock down the u.k. could be heading the same way. we are now see the wave coming in the song. from spain the course of course europe. this was a place with no rules except the rules of course they could do whatever they want
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to speak to a man tortured by authorities in baton rouge since the un condemns attacks on up to 7000 people. and time's up for tick-tock the us government will ban downloads of the chinese owned up from sunday. i'm sorry higher than of all the sports by munich it does a good title defense with a massive win the champions thrashing stroker 8 snail. follow france is seen a record number of new coronavirus cases with more than 13000 infections registered in the past 24 hours the health ministry says 154 people died in hospital on thursday that's the highest number in 4 months the u.k. government is considering whether to impose
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a 2nd national lockdown of the daily cases in england nearly double still around 6000 in the past week israel is back in nationwide lock down for a 2nd time following a spike in numbers there it's come at the height of the jewish holiday season and many european countries are introducing new measures movement is being limited in spain's capital denmark is applying a curfew for bars and iceland will close pubs in the capital for 4 days notting barber has more details. early on in the pandemic spain was hit just about as hard as anywhere in europe now in the capital madrid the health system is under a new pressure with covered 19 cases rising one in 5 hospital beds in the region is now taken up by someone with corona virus. we're set you're a good with people who need health care and patients that need care we're doing the best we can but we need more health workers we need more resources. spain's one of
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many european nations now bringing in localized lockdowns worried about a 2nd wave of covered over winter months for this bus driver bringing his son in for a test it's the right approach you know i understand that we need to save the economy and the health is the most important thing but our health we don't have money in the czech republic there were more than 3000 new cases on thursday adjusted for population only spain and france within the european union have seen a big jump in the last 2 weeks now bars are having their opening hours reduced and in prague people will have to wear a face covering it outdoor events with more than 100 attending in the u.k. covered cases have doubled in a week and health officials are worried about rises in infections and hospital admissions among all ages next week people in more regions will be told not to mix with other households just like nearly 2000000 in the north east of england have i think it's a fast because and one hand she's got people going honey this is the papers who can
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go into james if the papers that we're going to restaurants and pope's up to 10 o'clock at night but you can't have your own family tree house i mean i don't understand just where's the sense in it was the logic of the other night if we hadn't got to willingly all people that are being checked more nor. we wouldn't be in the position i would be that they don't know along the u.k. government's considering warnings from its scientific advisors that restrictions may have to be imposed across england next month to drive down transmission we are now seeing. wave coming in we saw. frances in spain of course across europe it's been absolutely i'm afraid inevitable you see it in this country in scotland the 1st minister is calling this the most decisive moment since march remain. a 10 airlie or a stage or a similar path to that that has been taken in recent weeks by france so our task is to meet sure if we can interrupt that and we don't end up we're the hour now
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here in london the mayor city can is warning that the city is about 2 weeks behind those regions of england already under local lockdown he's also hit out at problems experienced by londoners needing a cobbett test site in government incompetence across europe governments are having to act fast winter is approaching and with it predictable pressures on public health facilities but persuading the public to abide by new curbs on their freedom could prove a tough challenge the dean barber al-jazeera london so israel has imposed a 2nd nationwide lockdown to try to halt rising coronavirus cases over the next 3 weeks people will be forced to stay within one kilometer of their homes i merely businesses must remain closed israeli leaders have acknowledged they lifted the country's 1st lockdown to sing the daily infections rising above 5000 over the past
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week restrictions coincide with the start of the jewish new year which is traditionally a time for family gatherings and large prayer services. for sits in west jerusalem and says there are questions over whether people will a baby those restrictions. well the 2nd national lockdown has come at the beginning of a 3 week period of jewish religious holidays and there's no coincidence in that there was a concern that the usual mixing the traveling around the country household or household families and friends getting together that that could really have exacerbated what is already an extremely worrying situation in terms of numbers for several days this past week those new case numbers per day have exceeded $5000.00 benjamin netanyahu the prime minister on thursday night said that the health system had raised a red flag and that is why the government had to act in this way but even then even on the eve of these restrictions they were still changing some of them it was going
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to be just 500 meters that people were allowed from their front door. unless for some particular exempted reason that was changed to one kilometer on the eve of the restrictions coming in and that kind of thing has been a problem throughout israel's handling of the pandemic many people have complained of contradictory or confusing instructions and regulations coming from the government and there are concerns that people simply won't observe the rules this time around the same extent that they may have done in march in april during the 1st national lockdown there are 7000 police and soldiers that have been mobilized to try to enforce these regulations or peter to the health specialist and he joins us i have a skype from oxford get happy with this on this news that i mean this rise in cases was always predicted wasn't it that once the original lock downs ended but how surprised are you by the level of infections particularly across here at. well i'm certainly concerned by how quickly things have picked up over the last couple of
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weeks i do think that in many countries lot were lifted a little bit too soon and the opening up happened a little bit too quickly and many cases before the testing and tracing systems were really robust enough to prevent a 2nd surge but what's clear now is that at least in some countries in europe we're starting to see more of an exponential growth trajectory that doubling time of the epidemic here in the u.k. for example is now estimated about 8 days and so some of the trends we're seeing hearken back to where we were in in march of this year and that's obviously very concerning broadly speaking to what extent across some countries in europe has this test and trace operation actually failed it's just not being efficient or effective enough. yet obviously varies from country to country testing is incredibly important overall we're doing much much more testing than we were asleep back in the spring and so even comparing case numbers is it is
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a little bit dubious but for example here in the u.k. we're seeing reports across the country of people with kovan 1000 symptoms who are just unable to access the test they're being told to self isolate with their families that's keeping children and teachers out of schools keeping health workers out of hospital and really having a military is impact on society but also of course we're losing track of where the infection is spreading in the problem is that once numbers start to rise and you have thousands of cases a day in a country that can really overwhelm a context racing system and you start to lose the ability to break those chains of transmission and get that silence spread through the population given the problems we're now seeing in policy if you're at all national mall down 2nd national lockdowns the right way to proceed. i hope not i think we all agree that lock downs are blunt instrument and should be a last resort the fundamentals of this virus have been changed we've learned a lot about it hopefully with targeted measures we can slow the spread but in
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places where there are alarming rises it's certainly something that may be considered on i guess the k. problem for government says they are considering these national meltdowns how do you persuade people to do this for a 2nd time 1st time around people what can be consent some people were panicked and willing to go along with what the government said 2nd time around won't be so easy . that's right this is going to be a real challenge everyone is tired and frustrated there's been so much economic pain social separation in many cases i think you know there's there's fatigue and sometimes loss of trust in government and so people are going to be less willing potentially to make those sacrifices we have to understand though that we're still in the early phases of this pandemic that nothing about this virus has changed and so if we go back to normal so to speak the virus is going to come sweeping back it is going to take all of us to find a way to come together to stop the spread and keep everyone safe or to get to you
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know x. to tasty to try back joining us there from i can thank you now you an investigator looking at possible human rights violations in better he says warned of another cussen descending on europe and as in debate has been held allegations of torture and other abuses following last month's disputed presidential election one of the victims of violence has spoken to off that bus and in the capital minsk. praying to stop the violence in bella ruth said again 1000000 it's felt firsthand what government forces are capable off the baptists community members as he was on his way to pray denied after last month's presidential election when he was dragged out of his car by mass policeman and crammed into a detention truck police forced him to crawl on top of other men and he says the torture began. i told them again and again i just came here to pray i'm a religious person but every time i gave this answer they gave me an electric shock
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i only wore too short so it was very painful they used it on my legs and on my arms but mainly on my back in the heart area the most scary moment was when i understood that i wasn't on without any laws this was a place with no rules except there of course they could do whatever they wanted. at the police station his condition deteriorated so much he says he felt like he was having a heart attack police called an ambulance and hospital doctors stabilized his condition after president alexander lukashenko declared an 80 percent election when nearly 7000 people were detained and hundreds have testified that they were beaten and tortured many suffered brain injuries organ damage and fractures meeting in geneva the united nations human rights council condemned the bellows government for the alleged abuses and sas it's monitoring the situation closely. and it doesn't believe anything will change. this resolution does not have any influence on our
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former president because he is a sick person and he cannot clearly judge the situation here but i am happy to know that some countries talks to us not to recognize look at any longer and give opportunity to the opposition council an opposition leader to an oscar to represent our country before a human rights council convened in twitter lent a human rights defender who documented the abuses was detained her organisation now fears more arrests very. dramatic and very hard time for all people here but we will continue our activities in a way you're not going to i. know we will be here and there will continue because we think we sure this is a legal activity where humoring the fenders and you walk for us well international pressure is increasing on lookers shank us regime his government forces have stepped up repression many belorussians are fearing more arrests and prison
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sentences for those who have demanded justice look at shaggers increasingly isolated by other countries his troops have accelerated their campaign of fear and terror at home despite the violence or game and it's believed that the people of bello will win even though he fears the road to victory will be a bitter and difficult one step class and al-jazeera minsk there is much more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including taiwan scrambles fighter jets up to china holds and then a tree trail as the u.s. menace it support for the island. president faces an impeachment vote accused of interfering in a corruption investigation. and as for the miami heat once again proved they are the comeback king as well how much from the n.b.a. playoffs coming up a little later. but
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1st more than a week after they were forced out of their camp by fire thousands more refugees have been moved into a new facility on the greek island of less force but with reports that even basic amenities are not ready they fear life in a whole finnish camp could be worse stephanie decker has more from less false. it's a crush of broken hopes the suffocating he. not making their wait any easier on the 2nd day of a greek police operation to move refugees into the new camp on the island of les voss we saw them rounding up hundreds of people in various areas making them wait before joining the long queues i don't know but i look at the situation is bad we're unfortunately affected by problems created by others for example the afghans they do awful things who were put in the same basket there's no justice now the police came to our tents and kick us out what can we do as the day went on this
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road once packed with refugees and migrants almost empty. some try to argue that there is no point. the last few finally making their way to the new camp they prefer to sleep on the streets rather than move into the new facility aid agencies are concerned there's problems with the conditions. especially today where the camp is not ready for the people the 10012000 going to be taken to it what is it for are we talking about 2nd morea with the people piling up the terrible conditions or talking about a reception camp for transit of the population on their way to other places but we're extremely worried that in fact it's just a containment policy that's going to be maintained that is just going to keep people there for months on that or even years and conditions are going to be practiced worsening more usually this would be an ideal location nestled on the shores of a greek island but these tents are
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a symbol of broken policies of delayed bureaucracy as well as broken spirits and lives on hold most people have now been moved off the streets where they were sleeping to this new camp many of them reluctantly many have told us they don't want to be here fearing that this camp could be worse than moria because it simply isn't right the next few days will tell how this camp deals with the influx of thousands of people stephanie decker that's most island greece. people in the u.s. won't be able to download the social media apps to talk and we chat from sunday night u.s. president donald trump is banning them from obstacles over national security concerns saying they could pass user data to the chinese government tick-tock says it has 100000000 users in the u.s. and is trying to finalize a deal to sell its american operations to a company based there we chat is a popular messaging service used for mobile payments or trump says
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a deal to acquire to talk could be agreed so. quickly we have great companies talking to was about it you know about oracle you know microsoft has been involved that will see whether or not they're continuing to be involved wal-mart is truly a great company they're very much if they want to do something so we have some great options and if we can keep a lot of people happy but have the security that we need we have to have the total security from john from we just know we're not going to do anything to jeopardize security or nicholas thompson is the editor in chief of wired magazine and says trump's move sets a dangerous precedent if we can have the same platforms in the united states as in china as in france as an cutter as an everywhere it will make people communicate better it will make the world work better it will make trade work better it will make technology work better as the internet fractures as we get a splinter a chinese internet an indian internet
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a western internet united states internet then things get complicated they get messy communications get caught up and the premise of the end of the reason this was invented to bring people together becomes less promising and our white house correspondent kimberly how it says we chat is an important for american corporations operating in china. this is a murky one because while there is some concern about the financial impacts of this you have to remember as you point out this sort of e-commerce platform is going to have a significant economic impact this is sort of the only way that american companies have been able to do business in china big companies walmart starbucks amazon even nike so there's that concern from the financial side but in a divided washington the concern about intellectual property theft and also privacy concerns is a bipartisan one so this is sort of kept some of the democrats that we usually hear from a little bit quiet but of course this being an election cycle we expect that to change
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polling day is still more than 6 weeks away but in 4 u.s. states the 1st voters have lined up to cost their person people in minnesota virginia south dakota and wyoming have made their choice between donald trump and joe biden and millions more will do the same at least 3 quarters of all american voters will be eligible to receive a postal bonnet that is the most in u.s. history we will campaigning is ramping up. and travel to battleground states in the swing vote as they said to go head to head in 3 live television debates starting at the end of this month in cleveland where the presidential election itself will be held of course on november the it we cross now to john hendren he's out a polling station in the city of minneapolis and john explain to us why both trump and biden a currently in minnesota. well normally the candidates wouldn't spend much attention on minnesota and that's because it's been
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a reliably democratic state has not voted for a republican for president since richard nixon in $1072.00 nearly half a century ago when ronald reagan swept 49 of 50 states in 1980 the one holdout was minnesota which voted for minnesota native at the time who was running against him walter mondale but trump gave them a scare last time around he almost won this state losing it by 1.5 percentage points any gain votes in the rural mining area known as the iron range that's where both of these candidates are appearing right now trump was sort of touting the every man the forgotten person and a lot of people there felt like that described them so both candidates are there and joe biden has just spoken he started just a little while ago when wrapped up not too long ago little over an hour ago and said. trump is the candidate of wall street he's given big tax breaks he's always
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telling a wall street gains and recently said everyone is invested in wall street well that's not true 40 percent of the american public is not invested in stocks and biden says he is the main street candidate and we've been seeing that today is the 1st day the polls are open for voting in the u.s. in such states what are you been hearing from voters who've chosen to come out early and vote. that's right these polls right behind me are set to close just in a few minutes from now we talked to some voters about why they came out for early voting and they told us they wanted to make sure their votes were counted and counted early president trump has been talking about potential problems and fraud with mail in ballots there's very little evidence to suggest that that has ever been the case but nevertheless that has people ensuring that in case there's
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a delay in the postal system they're getting their votes in some of them have said that they want to go out now and make sure their friends are voting and make sure their own votes are taken care of joe biden has apparently been telling people that he is going to now campaign in about 2 states a week and he's going to focus on those early voting states that's contrary to president trump's depiction of him as a man who sits in his mask in his basement in delaware and rarely comes out so we're apparently going to be seeing more of biden and then president trump will be continuing to have the kinds of rallies that he's having here in minnesota tonight where there will be hundreds if not thousands of people most of them masculists a complete contrast to the kind of biden events we saw among union carpenters earlier where he wore a mask everybody was socially distance and that's a statement of their different approaches to the covert 1000 crisis all right john 100 life for us in minneapolis thanks john. and still was saying mail in ballots
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are going to remain one of the most contentious areas all of this year's election ahead of the postal service says he can't guarantee that will arrive on time and the president keeps claiming open to an official reports from maryland. with a global pandemic many people want to avoid scenes like these on election day lining up for hours to vote not sure if the person next to them is a carrier to make things easier mail in voting is becoming much more important many states expanded it for the primaries and saw a rise in tom note expect more in november selection but the president doesn't like that idea you can't do that you can't do the mail in ballots because you can have tremendous fraud and remember what i said they'll be grabbing a from mailboxes they'll even be printing on there use the same paper the same machines and they'll be printing ballots illegally and they'll be sending them in by the hundreds of thousands and nobody is going to know the difference jim shall a catapult can help from elections in montgomery county in maryland he doesn't buy
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when the president says we think the election will be very secure without fraud certainly when you mail someone a ballot there's always a risk that someone in the family or a friend or somebody could vote for that person and mail it back to us but we don't see a widespread problem at all the $24000.00 study found there were just $31.00 credible cases of voter fraud in a 14 year stretch which included more than $1000000000.00 votes cast but there's a warning that a surge in 1000000 votes might leave the post office already under pressure struggling to cope these are going to become a common sight across america this election season drop boxes where people can leave their mail in ballots particularly if they're concerned the post office won't get them there on time many authorities are placing them across voting precincts they'll be emptied at least twice a day when early voting starts they'll be under 24 hour surveillance for one
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company their boxes can no be found in several states and what to ensure every vote cast is protected we've done everything we can to minimize the opportunity. for us. somebody to tamper with. the boxes themselves and whatever is inside the box during the elections. 4 years ago a quarter of all votes cast 33000000 of them were sent by meal it's predicted this year that number will push closer if not be greater than 50 percent here's the don't say 1000000 ballots must have the date stamped on them i don't know them by the 3rd or before that most places alone up to 10 days for them to arrive and it takes election it could be several days before the final result is confirmed alan fischer al jazeera petersburg maryland. we're joined now via skype from washington d.c.
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by sean salah editor of congressional quarterly magazine good to have you with us on the program so 6 weeks to go as we've just been saying the issue of mailing votes is proving to be contentious and of concern given much concern to what extent you think the democrats are changing tack right now on suggesting that people actually do vote in person rob of rely on postal votes well it's a pretty interesting change in tact because reality here the democrats have been arguing that we should be allowing both by now everyone in the country should have now this year because of the pandemic or for it to go on erson ambo and possibly contract the virus being around others. but the reality is that many states are not implemented now and those that have there's a lack of confidence that they'll be able to challenge in a timely way which could cause chaos after november 3rd well that is going to be
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any big issue and there's been a lot of talk about but how concerned are you that the election results may not be known for quite a while after election day itself. i tell you i'm very concerned i think every american should be very concerned because we've seen during the primary elections earlier this year and went to parties for choosing their candidates for house and senate races that often it took quite a while to count the votes we didn't know for weeks for example who the winners of a couple welcome to have contested house races in new york were you know we got into that situation. i don't know if the country could take it so i mean if it's a blowout election we won't get there but if it's close it could well happen yeah and give us a picture of if that does happen that it's a close election and we have got problems with the mail. and that it is taking time
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for the result to be 9 give us a picture of what could happen off to that well what seems likely is that republican voters who the polls show are more likely to go to the polls and vote i mean now they're less concerned about the virus. they could give donald trump will lead on november 3rd but democratic voters to the polls indicate are concerned about the virus and are more likely to want to vote by a man all their votes may still be being counted now as a result you could have down trump declaring victory and. joe biden still asking that all the votes be counted. certainly sounds like it is going to be a fascinating election officials that are really good to get your thoughts on the situation appreciate it thank you thanks. you're watching al-jazeera live from london still ahead on the program a suit on braces for more heavy rain is the u.n.
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scales on nations he says stands for the hundreds of thousands left homeless by flooding plus. i'm wayne hay in bangkok where anti-government protesters are preparing together in big numbers here at the site of one of thailand's dockets days. and there are still forces who want to drag us back. into the darkness because the president remains defiant in the face of it not accepting to tell us is coming up for you it's. some pretty good weather across central europe but not the same across the north have been some pretty ferocious storms across areas of scotland and then also we will. this is called a medicaid and this is the damage already. done it's literally hearkens fall into
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the mediterranean and look at this on the greek island already the ways of being coming through on the winds sustained at about 120 kilometers an hour and then if it's a catalonia as well look at this it's almost like storm surge of that comes in as well as the rain you see here on the front in this marina the boats have been damaged and just look how high the water is now it is not going to get any any better anytime soon or quickly anyway throughout the day more of the same it's a very very slow moving system i would describe the work its way south was across much of greece so the rain is really going to accumulate we could in some areas see as much as $400.00 millimeters of rain now by sunday. very heavy rain across areas across and again the winds could be fairly strong but it does at least clear quite nicely behind elsewhere in europe throughout the day very unsettled cross the west a fairly. vigor stonework his way across the bay of biscay that will spread rain across much of france meanwhile central regions are fighting to partly sunny skies
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and 23 in bali. on counting the cost an ageing population soaring debts and recession can japan's new prime minister fix the economy famine property an uprising he says the pandemic wipes out a decade of economic growth plus pakistanis asians best performing stock markets counting the cost on al-jazeera on the deserted streets of bogata they've become from the rear figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants do they might go missing mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus you know i
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receive messages on the out saying that we are you know so i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. root her world. welcome back undermined at the top stories here on al-jazeera france has reported the highest number of coronavirus deaths for 4 months in the 154 in the past day several european countries have announced new restrictions to stop a surge in factions. united nations is stepping up its monitoring of alleged human rights abuses in belarus u.n. investigators says there have been more than 10000 arrests and 500 reports of
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torture during a crackdown on anti-government protesters. and people in the u.s. won't be able to download the social media apps to talk and we chat from sunday night u.s. presidents binding them over national security concerns saying they could pass user data to china. now peru's president says he will not hide as he faces an impeachment vote in congress over allegations he interfered in a government corruption investigation also his car is accused of moral incapacity to trying to obstruct obstruct an investigation into irregular government contracts with little known singer he is likely to survive the votes with opposition members expected to fall short of the majority need it to oust him let's go to lima and speaks out a serious matter and a son tell us what's been happening in congress. well
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felicity there's been a break the lawmakers are just of back in the chambers now again each one is all of them seem they want to speak this afternoon but there's been a whole range of a diverse opinions throughout the day we've been hearing from those who say that the president clearly obstructed justice to those who say that he is morally unfit to govern the country to those who say that there may have been a crime and those who say that whatever he needs to be investigated after he finishes his period or his term in office in july of 2021 the president himself who went this morning to to face congress said that he is open that the investigation begins now that they don't have to wait until next year his lawyer however has said that there is in his legal defense that he should the president should not be punished for acts that have not been corroborated now it's unclear if the lawmakers
12:36 am
will decide to vote today some of them are saying that they may push the voting until monday but no one really understands why in such a critical moment for the country in such a critical. political crisis but what we know already is that some of them have said how they will vote and there's only $28.00 in favor of of impeaching the president and they would need these 50 they would least need 59 more votes and apparently there won't be enough so it is not it is unclear but it could be that the president may not be impeached today well it certainly sounds that it's unlikely he's going to be removed but he was what would happen after 5. well he would immediately be facing justice for the in an indian best occasion that
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is on already on go in and the president of congress will take over just a reminder that the president of congress is the person who has been pushing forward the front man if you will in this impeachment proceedings and he would be taking over the government but an ally for us in lima thank you taiwan has scrambled fighter jets multiple times to track chinese military planes on exercises near its face it's beijing's latest response to the visit of a senior u.s. official to taiwan china says the drills were necessary accusing the u.s. and taiwan of colluding to stir up trouble but bright reports. taiwan scrambling gets chance after 18 chinese military aircraft entered its defense identification zone before turning back. as it's done previously in the taiwan strait this military exercise by china was its way of showing displeasure at
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increased diplomatic exchanges between the u.s. and taiwan it comes as u.s. undersecretary keith crock the most senior state department official in decades continues his visit to the island that follows another visit last month by u.s. health secretary alex asia as part of what beijing has condemned as a dangerous trend. whether it is to control china using taiwan as leverage or solicit foreign support it's all wishful thinking and destined to be a dead end those who play with fire will burn themselves. once again taiwan is caught in the middle of worsening china u.s. relations increasingly the u.s. is stepping up to back taiwan for a whole range of reasons but to counter china regionally mainly. on a democracy as well as its critical job graphic location has assumed an
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increasingly more important role in u.s. strategy in the pacific so we're likely to see an increasing retching up of tension in the tarnish. diplomacy with taiwan seems to be part of a wider wreford by the u.s. to rally an international coalition against what it sees as increasing chinese belligerence with mounting criticism of beijing's actions in shin jang and hong kong and its response to covert 19 as well as territorial disputes with its neighbors there's a growing list of countries sharing an anti china grievance china has shown it's ready to push back and with growing military power that it can call upon of macbride al-jazeera. thai protesters say they're gearing up for the biggest anti-government demonstration in years this weekend for months they've been calling for elections a new constitution and changes to the country's powerful monarchy and movement is
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led many by students who are gathering at a university with a history of political activism and violence when a has more now from bangkok. i was politics in thailand's universities can be a colorful affair parades before events like football games are often used to criticize the government or highlight social issues students from tom assad university in bangkok are thailand's most politically active and there are again leading protests against the government. but 44 years ago they were at the center of one of thailand's darkest moments when when i had to run through bullets i heard and saw bullets ricocheting and hitting buildings around me when i tried to leave the campus in 1976 or be 9 and other students were inside thomas are protesting against the return from exile of a former military ruler. they were surrounded by police and royalists who opened fire killing almost 50 people although other reports put the death toll higher. the
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tipping point was a student play that featured a mock hanging of. the royalists allege he was chosen at the time because he looked like the crown prince or who's now thailand's king. spent 2 years in prison without charge and says any resemblance was a coincidence today student protesters are continuing the call of the a pretty to sis's for structural political change but they're also making unprecedented demands for reform of the monarchy including a call to reduce the political power of the king it's a dangerous move in a country where the royal family is supposed to be untouchable and beyond criticism several pro-government politicians and activists have warned that because the students are targeting the monarchy the violence of 976 could happen again. and they believe the young protesters are being used by corrupt politicians fair. that
12:42 am
fake news is being used to discredit the monarchy for political gain to make thailand weak and to cause conflicts between people. they also allege the students are being funded by foreign governments trying to destabilize thailand former protesters accused of being communists in 1976 say that's a familiar tactic and are proud the new generation is continuing to fight for change i think that it's normal for thomas students to come out and good for them to come out there are problems in our society so i support their movements we need a new driving force to fix those issues. so far the protests have been peaceful and the government says it won't try to stop them but history suggests that as they grow their patience may run out. bangkok. britain france and germany say u.n. sanctions relief for iran will continue beyond september the 20th that's when the u.s. wants all measures to be reimposed last month washington triggered
12:43 am
a 30 day process at the u.n. security council which could lead to a return of un sanctions on iran by saturday but america quit the iran nuclear deal in 2018 and a majority of council members say that makes washington's move void in a letter to the 15 member body britain france and germany warned any action taken would not have a legal effects. sudan is bracing for further heavy rain and flash flooding which has killed more than 100 people since july the u.n. is scaling up emergency food assistance to hundreds of thousands of people left homeless in makeshift camps there is mamma today reports from southwestern singe are one of the worst affected areas. this primary school in single town is now home to some of sudan's numerous flood victims at least a 1000 people are holed up here every classroom hold several families there's no electricity and say they long for the moment they could return home. to them we've
12:44 am
been here for 13 days the floods hit our village early in the morning we tried to build fences to protect our homes but the winds were too strong so we decided to salvage what we could and fled the. village on the banks of the blue mine was completely destroyed but then that i'm an invalid we've lost all hope the floods destroyed our homes and swept away our livestock and everything we own and we have nothing left the worst floods in sudan in a century continue to displace thousands total of 18 villages in sanaa ruined by the flood waters and cut off from the rest of the state there's a lot of concern for the safety of the people who continue to live in both villages some of the aid does as i've been trying to acquit those who are willing to leave their homes most of them have been finding themselves in camps like this one. comes
12:45 am
for the displaced are growing in number and size on the outskirts of single town. first. the basic. food shelters. the food including the nutrition and also. some of them my thighs. know what they can such as opposed to on going. this new community their local communities we provide they provided some food and as we compliment you into. work. it in recent days the government has issued new warnings to communities living on the banks of the nile that rains in the highlands so they bring if you appear could lead to more flooding along the river according to the government's humanitarian aid commission 650000 have directly been affected since the start of the rainy season in mid july millions others are facing hardship as
12:46 am
the cost of food and transport soars across the country prices of some staple foods like bread and sugar have increased by 50 percent over the past few weeks and their warnings this crisis will only wasson. singa south western sudan guatemala's president his contract with the coronavirus 100 job cuts high revealed his illness on a local radio show and later gave a televised address he described his symptoms as miles and i suffering from body aches and a slight cough his announcement coincides with a listening of the country's travel restrictions it borders i think to international flights for the 1st time since march. well a coronavirus crisis is causing a rethink about working in offices the shift to being based at home has benefits such as reducing traffic pollution and improved mental health here in the u.k.
12:47 am
the welsh government wants to make the switch permanent for one in 3 workers or insley reports from cardiff. what to do with all this offices all over the world when mostly deserted for months and cardiff is no exception yet as elsewhere people have been prepared to work just as hard from the comfort of their own homes fill john dean is a partner in a law firm which put most of his 150 staff on home working in march has been a revelation to him and has altered the way he sees his business in the future everyone in who occupies an office is looking right now at not not at their office requirements and how much space do we need and more importantly what quality of space to be need so i think a lot of us believe there's going to be a flight to quality where people are maybe taking less space but better space all sorts of business leaders have been saying they're now thinking about spending less on office rents and more on their employees but as more profound thinking going on
12:48 am
as well making a virtue out of the crisis is clearly the best thing that could happen after coronavirus clearly working from home all the time is fantastic news for people who have a lot of lands and terrible news if you're in a tiny apartments but certainly reorganizing the way that people use city senses is suddenly being seen as a massive opportunity. just around the corner from the empty offices are all the signs of what's happened to high streets across the u.k. in recent years something needs to happen urgently to rescue small independent businesses wells his 1st minister had the idea to keep a full 3rd of the workforce on retainer at home permanently part on the grounds that it spreads the money around cities far more successfully than making most people come into the center every single day even in wales we have people spending up to a whole working day you can write it up over the whole week just in the car going to and from where they live and where they work and if we can make some inroads into that their needs much more than economics it is about the environment it is
12:49 am
about quality of life it is about making places where people live more important to them. economically socially and environmentally this argument also suggests that big infrastructure projects so beloved of the governments in london like this new rail line into cardiff may become a bit redundancy full they do is move more and more people into city senses when they might be better off staying working and spending money in the area they live in what you really want the different sorts of people coming in together move on louis both cities in the u.k. haven't as not allowed that to happen so now yes what we're seeing is really called into question by that model of a agglomeration of of crowding together people in quite boring service jobs is actually giving us the benefits we need if it's not going with the benefits we need while we stand all the costs no doubt temples to colbert culture like london will resist this sort of thinking and in cardiff to the office is a still going up what isn't clear is if anyone is going to want to move into them
12:50 am
lawrence leigh al-jazeera in cardiff. oh i said ahead on the program in sports the world number one seems to be getting over his us open heartbreak pretty well i have tennis action and just a moment or 2 of. you
12:51 am
. out again as far as his sorrow with this force. physically robot i mean you have kicked off the bones as legal title defense of an emphatic win the european champions thrashed fizzed a shocker 8 snail in the season opener form arsenal forward set again start on the
12:52 am
night with a hat trick by and looking to end germany's top division for a 9th time in a row i think it was a perfect start for us most important is the team performance obviously i'm happy to have scored 3 goals there were assisted grades by the team mates and that's how we want to continue we know it's not going to be easy and we can rely on that game today on thursday we have another game which we have to win so it's to focus on that. gareth bale is nearing a return to form a club tottenham from rail madrid the welshman got a hero's welcome on fridays arrived at tottenham's training ground ahead of the expected move left the english premier league for los blancos 7 years ago and what of the time was a world record deal worth $132000000.00 during his time in madrid bale's won 2 legal and 4 champions league titles now one deal that's already been completed is
12:53 am
the eiger are kantaras moved to liverpool from buying the 29 year old at a highly successful time in germany winning 7 consecutive german league titles and recently helped by him win the champions league and to have booked their spot in the asian champions league round of 16 they thrashed the lion of the u.a.e. for nail on friday to advance from group c. the match happened in our home country of qatar which is staging champions league western zone matches from the group stage to the semifinals. well fever president john in fun tina says the governing body of world football is now trustworthy and credible he was speaking at the organizations annual congress being held online because of the global pandemic in fancied himself remains a subject of a criminal investigation in switzerland over dealings he had with the country's attorney general michael lauber thief as image has been heavily tarnished in recent years over corruption the u.s.
12:54 am
department of justice investigation into fever reached a furore in 2015 and led to the bodies former president sepp blatter resigning so we are a credible a trustworthy and modern a professional and then accountable organization but even if the process to get there was painful. and there are still forces who want to drag us back into the darkness of the past because they don't like reforms or because they want to hide their practices who knows but there is no way back when francine has also been speaking about the 2022 world cup he said that's a successful invents in qatar won't depend on the existence or why he available coded 19 vaccine the vaccine will hope maxine will hope they're frantically
12:55 am
but it's not the world cup that needs it it's humanity that needs it i hope. by the end of 2022 we will not have this problem anymore at least not in the same shape or form as we have it now or i am confident that there would be a vaccine or there will be a medication that will make us come back to normal life. and to tennis were world number one novak djokovic is bouncing back well from his controversial exit from the u.s. open the serbian play is in to the quarterfinals of the italian open joke of it exited flushing meadows in the round of 16 after being disqualified for accidentally hitting a line judge with the ball he was on his best behavior in rome however as he beats felipe cry you know of it in straight sets. remain is the mona halep has extended her perfect run since the restart to 7 wins and she's into the
12:56 am
last states of the italian open women's draw between diana and our strength in straight sets on friday how it skipped the u.s. open but is expected to compete at ronan garis. well the miami heat be the boston celtics are now just 2 wins away from reaching the n.b.a. finals heat were down by 17 in the 2nd quarter but had a big. pasta celtics like they did in game one bio lades miami's comebacks with 21 gore and judge it scored 25 points rather the heat topping boston 106101 miami lead the eastern conference finals by 2 games to one they last went to the finals and 2014 is the defending champions but lost to san antonio spurs. we use armor. or you don't want.
12:57 am
that is not a good. thing for. later on friday le bron james and the l.a. lakers face the denver nuggets in game one of their conference finals the lakers got there by beating the houston rockets in 5 games and will be heading to their 1st conference finals in 10 years meanwhile it's been 11 years since the denver nuggets last made an appearance and they've made history on the way by becoming the 1st n.b.a. team to rally from a 31 series deficit twice in the same post season. yanis outside so combo as one the n.b.a.'s most valuable player award he ended with the president numbers this season averaging $29.00 points the team points 6 on 4 in assists per game well that soyuz falls for me now i see fists in london on that set from a on the knees outraged we're back in a couple of minutes of life. from
12:58 am
fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to moms as a global power develop into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and vironment to sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy i am steve
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clemons i have a question to ask these days it's hard to filter out the newly single track of what's really important even the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the well the bottom line only you see iran. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. but more to the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft thank you notes russian goals have your team not pieces of useful russia on al-jazeera. one day i might be covering politics and the next time i hear of micro-targeting from serbia a dark hungry what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what
1:00 am
they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here it is either we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. france records the highest number of coronavirus stacked in 4 months with israel back on the lock down the u.k. could be heading the same way we are now seeing a 2nd wave coming in that we saw you see it in france you see spain of course across europe. there again i fell asleep and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. this was a place with no rules except the rule of course they could do whatever they wanted .


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