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sure you can. just see. the air. armenia and azerbaijan continue to face off in a disputed border region there are allegations fighters from syria are also involved in the conflict. is all just their own light from a headquarters and did not engage also heads. mass demonstrations across india over the gang rape and deaths of 2 women from the marginalised ballots community. the e.u. formally launches legal action against the u.k.
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over its plans to breach parts of the brics a green and. mexico's leader wins judicial approval for holding a referendum on prosecuting former president's. fellow armenia says its defense forces have shot down 4 hostile drones that appeared in its airspace near the capital year of on it comes as the conflict between azerbaijan and armenia over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region continues for a 5th day the drones were spotted in 2 provinces bordering the capital witnesses nirvana reported seeing glowing objects in the sky meanwhile there been reports of an armenian drone being shot down by as a reformer says the nagorno-karabakh this footage was broadcast by turkish television on thursday the flare up in the fighting this week is the deadliest in decades there are allegations mercenaries from syria have joined the fight on behalf of azerbaijan. well the presidents of france russia and the u.s.
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issued a joint statement deploring the loss of life in the disputed region and called for the warring parties to resume talks robin forrester walker reports the spoils of war shown by as every public television of a 1000000 tanks and other hardware proof the army says of terror truth taken in the disputed legal counsel region all of them with the riley billeting our need to learn from the enemy we see several pieces of enemy heart of them to our military bases currently the fighting continues we are liberating our lands from occupation move videos released on thursday show the unrelenting destruction from the air drones targeting armenian guns and military convoys the region is officially part of as a by jones but it's run by separatist medians it has taken 6 days for world leaders to jointly call for armenia and azerbaijan to return to peace
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talks known as the minsk process with a warning from french president emmanuel mccrone the turkey to cease its involvement in the conflict this is a place you don't like we have information today that is very clear that indicates that fighters from syria have left their their members of jihadist groups and they traveled via gaziantep to join the fighting in the going to karabakh turkish president richard tayyip erdogan has pledged as a by john his country's full support and says the time for the total is over music you should be. given that these 3 mints countries the u.s. russia and france have neglected this problem for nearly 30 years it's unacceptable that they are involved in a search for a ceasefire in the face of these negative developments that came to surface in recent days but if something is wanted the invaders should leave these lands in
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order to achieve a solution. the true gains or losses being made on the battlefield. this. video suggests it's full says are resisting it in some cases retaking lost positions but what is known is that the violence continues to injure and kill civilians in the town of matula on thursday. wounded 2 french journalists from the moment one is no critical condition. for a steelworker which is you. earn it's worth isn't stepanek earth nagorno-karabakh he says neither side is willing to negotiate for a cease fire. i mean his defense ministry says that on thursday morning and azerbaijani helicopter was shot down by them and then went on to crash in iranian territory and then there was shelling on thursday afternoon into the go no karabakh territory and it was during that shelling in a town called martini that
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a local journalist was killed and he was working with 2 french journalists from the mom's newspaper and one of those journalists was also seriously injured are mean is a prime minister nicole says that he believes turkey is sending fighters from syria and mercenaries from syria to fight alongside the azerbaijani forces and he now says that the front line in the going to karabakh has become a clash of civilizations and a battle of survival an art suck that's what the armenians call nagorno-karabakh is fighting against international terrorism sponsored by turkey so no mood certainly from the armenian side to look towards a cease fire and talks at this stage cinema kosovo has this update from azerbaijan's capital back. tension is fairly high by the border especially up on the north eastern side of nagorno-karabakh where. this recall territory has been
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under attack by the armenian forces since the early morning and we heard that a civilian lost his life this early morning in tora tora as the civilian areas have been discriminately targeted by the army and says the officials and defense ministry has been is saying also down to south job rylan that the strikes that have been fired also by the armenian forces the fight has been intensified as well just let us remember a couple of days ago we heard that azerbaijan by the tree was able to take over some villages regain control of some villages in for the strict but current the now we have to battle points in the north is territory and down is the fuselage of area and the officials have been accusing our mania for indiscriminate targeting of the civilians and as also. put through azerbaijan is also seeking some support on the
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international level because when you speak to the officials they always complain that the area is under i remain your patient these are not disputed lands these are our lands and all lands are being attacked by their minions again from all lands this is what the as a real fish will say i've been saying since we arrived here last monday protests are taking place across india over the gang great band of 2 women from the marginalised dollars community rights groups say india is one of the world's most dangerous places for women with a rape are occurring every 15 minutes sara reports. as news spreads of the gang rape in the death of a 2nd woman from the don it's when you see these protesters trying hard to enter the village where the 1st victim was from but it's now one to knock down emergency law will. 14 on thursday after days of demonstrations. like the harbor we have section 144 of the indian penal code active in the district right now which means
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we are not allowing an assembly of more than 5 people. police went on to detain leader of the opposition congress party rahul gandhi and his sister as they tried to get into hatteras village to meet the victim's family abiola one of the police officials pushed me hit me with sticks like i fell down i'm not saying anything about that i have no problem i am only asking this question than india only be an artist people can walk on the road can't govern cannot walk in this country only more they can walk i cannot comment for the not walk the the latest victim was a 22 year old who died on tuesday on our way to a hospital in luck now in the northern states of where to pradesh the same day as the 19 year old 1st victim died off to spending 2 weeks in a hospital in delhi police say they've made arrests in both cases and if denied accusations by the family the 1st victim of committing a body without their permission thank. you separate cases have reignited protests
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across several states and online demanding justice for victims of sexual violence. that if he yogi at atlanta can't protect women then it's better that he should voluntarily step down and resign he can't run the government. if the uttar pradesh government is on the women's side then why of rapes happening every other day every other day there are sexual assaults and other crimes happening to women we will teach this government a lesson not only did both women live in the same state but they were also both from the daleks community marginalized being at the bottom of india's deeply entrenched cost system despite rules protecting what was formerly known as the untouchables they faced daily discrimination for generations so those are what made you a mainstream society regards the search of violence against apple custom. woman as she is issue but when it happens to wear a low cost woman they are trying to predict a past really doesn't the past right now are not coming out as you would want for
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a couple of us women for instance in the us how had this is she was brutalized she was in the hospital but she was not given you've been broken maybe you the issue of sexual violence against women has been under the spotlight in india since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a woman in delhi which led to huge nationwide protests in changes in the country is great news but this time protesters say it's hasn't been enough to protect these 2 women in a to pradesh sort of. britain's exit from the european union may have just become more complicated formal talks to hammer out a trade deal by the december 31st deadline are set to finish on friday but you is now launching legal action against the u.k. over plans to bridge parts of the brics that agreement a letter a formal notice has been sent to the british government which has a month to respond it could eventually lead to a case in the european court of justice the disagreement centers around the bill in
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the british parliament richard violate international law if passed that could ignore a trade rules involving northern islands or breck serve as one of the topics that leaders of the bloc of the sky during a summit that's taking place in brussels this morning the commission has decided to send a letter from will notice to the u.k. government this is the 1st step in an infringement procedure. the letter invites the u.k. government to send its observations within a month. and besides this the commission will continue to work hard towards a full and timely implementation of the withdrawal agreement we stand by our commitments runners in london with more. the last line of the lane statement i thought was important we stand by our commitments she said and i think
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that goes to the crux of the exhaust ration that the european union is feeling having seen the british sides in the negotiations essentially go back on the pre-agreed terms of the withdrawal agreement and having given the british 3 weeks to amend the internal markets bill and by the end of september with take out those controversial clauses the fact that they didn't meant it was inevitable that on the 1st of october underlaying would have to come out with this statement whether it will inevitably mean a day in court is by no means a foregone conclusion though there are plenty of ways that this can be avoided 1st of all the british can relent and one route is through the agreements of the free trade agreement before the end of the transition period and the fact that they're still talking they're still negotiating in brussels i think is a good sign whether they can do it in time though is another matter the british have set a deadline of the 15th of october the european union i think believes that's unrealistic and things early to mid november is more likely but the fact that
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they're still talking i think is a positive sign and it's not to get an absolute foregone conclusion that the 2 sides will face each other in some massive day in court 40 belorussian individuals have been sanctioned by the european union for their role in the disputed presidential election president alexander lukashenko isn't currently on the list of sanctioned individuals but the head of the european council warns that could change police have crackdown on opposition politicians on protestors senseless sankoh claim victory in august's. we really prevent 20th politically decide it it's or at least its immediate point about ricocheting to no question too it's not on the current on the true and least but of course we will we follow stephen really follow the developments and you know that we often increases the elektra on but i wish i repeat we then all the intimidations against the opposition we turn
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and then there's islands against a peaceful peaceful. members of of the of the opposition still ahead on al-jazeera calls for a friday of anger of why egyptian activists continue to urge people to get out and protest against president since. we've got some bits and pieces of right making their way back towards the korean peninsula japan on the other hand will be largely dry as we go through the next couple of days clear skies temperatures to take it with about 24 celsius is out west the weather just around the final thesis of china coming down across north korea pushing into the far north of south korea but you can follow that line of right into central china and it will get increasingly heavy as we go on through
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saturday so there is the possibility of some localized flooding disruption just around will hand and to the east as we go on through saturday pushing over towards shanghai clouding over here as we go through the weekend fun and dry meanwhile across southern parts of china and then it's sunshine and showers across parts of india china some showers from time to time into the philippines in the usual scattering a shot from malaysia started to see rather more showers also cropping up across the good parts of in the d.c. now wet weather. changes in the forecast across eastern parts of india but up towards the northwest they summarize the southwest monsoon that is clearing away quite nicely grassy pushing a little further south which was much possession the good part of india looks fine and dry but i will cease the heavy rain continues with more down pulls the bond with us. from.
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what once was i think that's what we'll be for one chechen coming out of 5 to dish in the future after in fact in twine through passion it has been a suit he brings home and back in a sheet and with then the attention of a routine it is a new vision of the future and not from any dishonest chechnyans donitz who it needs a new jersey or. root for her for the a world. hello remember top stories on al-jazeera this hour our media says it's shot down for
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hostile drones that appeared near the capital your thoughts as its conflict with other beige on over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region continues for a 5th day as a reforest is also claimed to have shot down an armenian drone. protests have taken place across india over the gang rape and the 2 women from the marginalised outlets community rights groups say india is one of the world's most dangerous places for women with a rape occurring every 15 minutes. european union is launching legal action against the u.k. over its bricks of. a bill going through british parliament would violate international law in relation to trade rules and northern ireland. so we're just hearing that the u.s. house of representatives has passed the democrats' $2.00 trillion dollars covert $1000.00 relief bill it is opposed by senate republicans though and politicians have been at an impasse for months over the size and scope of that relief package
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but now that it's been passed by the u.s. and by the house let's bring in rob reynolds he's joining us from los angeles and this was pretty much expected letter on. both what was unexpected was that the house would decide to vote on this today because there had been some talks between the white house led by treasury secretary steven nugent and the house speaker nancy pelosi. but those talks didn't seem to bridge the gap between the 2 sides so the house went ahead and voted largely along party lines there was some fairly acrimonious debate but now the the bill has to go to the senate and senate leader republican leader mitch mcconnell has indicated that he's not interested in it so it may not go any further than this so why well we don't know for sure one possibility is political posturing the democrats
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wanting to say that they've passed something in the midst of this crisis because people are being hurt by the lack of a stimulus and relief package you know this legislation among other things which would give cash to state and local governments it would give money to unemployed people on a weekly basis the democrats want $600.00 the republicans want $400.00 also includes hundreds of billions of dollars for schools and testing for covert 19 and tracing contact tracing and also and also rent assistance and food assistance and. the u.s. economy is certainly not anywhere out of the woods yet as far as it's impacted by the pandemic jobless claims for the week were over 830000 that just came out on thursday and. big u.s.
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airlines 7 now it's they are going to begin furloughing $32000.00 of their employees so what's the upshot we'll we will have to see what the next chapter is and the senate has decided to take a nice long weekend they won't be back in until next week so stay tuned all right we well runnels thank you. facebook has taken further steps to prevent its platforms from being exploited in the run up to the u.s. election political ads that seek to deal the genum eyes the results have been banned from facebook and instagram they include articles that suggest there is widespread voting fraud or hours that attack a particular method of voting during tuesday's televised debate with the democratic challenger joe biden president donald trump said the election in november will be rigged. turkey and greece will jointly set up a military hotline to avoid accidental confrontations in the eastern mediterranean nato has been working with both countries to diffuse months of tension over gas
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exploration in disputed waters safety measures or follow a minor collision between a turkish and greek warship in august reset it was an accident ankara called it a provocation. the russian opposition leader alexina vali is accusing president vladimir putin of directly ordering the poison attack against him involving is still recovering in germany 6 weeks after he ingested a soviet era nerve agents he told their spiegel magazine that an order from putin is the only explanation the kremlin has dismissed the allegations as absolutely groundless and unacceptable. egyptian activists are calling for further protests against president of the fact that his sisi under the slogan friday of anger there are inferior across the country after police reportedly shot and killed a man while making an arrest in southern egypt security forces have been deployed in large numbers this follows nearly a week of protests in several cities over the worsening economy and rampant
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corruption the hit on him is al-jazeera as a middle east analyst he says discontent for the government has been rapidly growing in egypt's southern region they have grown over hundreds of years this culture of personal than that that that that part of the country and its population have been neglected over the dk they know development nothing they will lift. public t.v. and they have been taking care of themselves for decades and that's why be indifferent to what's happening in the rest of the country but now when the forty's when the police force they adopt such violent violent means to deal with those that part of the population they feel personally insulted and i'm afraid what's coming up is going to be worse there's been
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a potential breakthrough between israel and lebanon and in efforts to end the decades long border disputes they've agreed to hold un mediated talks the u.s. sector state has called the development historic fears and reporting from beirut. gaz an oil reserves believed to be underneath these waters may soon be exploited lebanon and israel have long contested the 860 square kilometers of water the neighboring countries which are technically at war have agreed to talk with u.n. support and the united states acting as a mediator it's a significant political development that was announced by parliamentary speaker nabi bertie but he reiterated lebanon's longstanding position that there won't be a deal unless land borders are demarcated along with a maritime border line followed by minute who would like to go to the united states was asked by both sides israel and lebanon to act as a me buteux and facilitator to drop them any time orders and it is ready to do this
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this is a framework agreement not a final one the timing of the agreement raised questions since a common desire to exploit offshore oil and gas deposits in the mediterranean has failed to resolve differences for years the iranian backed hezbollah which fought wars with israel in the past softened its stance it's the most powerful group in lebanon which has publicly entrusted its ally speaker betty with the file this definitely would not have happened without the support of his wife that's for sure now going to main reasons or why we've seen the negotiation one is lebanon is very much need to actually start exporting from block 9 which is the south and i think you took french pressure because it's going to be eating this they're probably forced to actually lose all this issue and number 2 what are the prospects of sanctions by the americans the united states which has been shuttling between the 2 countries for years claimed credit for what it called
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a historic agreement president donald trump can use this as a diplomatic win as he seeks reelection the u.s. has just brokered deals between israel and the u.a.e. and behind but lebanon's officials insist this agreement can't be seen within that framework they say. it's not about the normalization nor is it a step towards a broader political agreement and lebanon won't change its attitude toward israel but some argue that has already happened an implicit recognition of what many here consider an enemy xenophobia beirut mexico supreme court has ruled that a referendum can be held that the state should be allowed to prosecute former presidents protesters gathered outside the court as judges voted 65 in favor of that referendum a virtual session it could allow the investigation potential prosecution of 5 former presidents for alleged crimes in office. has more from mexico city. 7
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this vote by mexico supreme court does carry quite a bit of significance perhaps more than anything it's a symbolic victory for mexican president under this model lopez obrador who campaigned under this anti-corruption platform this certainly feeds into the rhetoric that we've heard from the president in the past regarding his his desire to go after corruption and root out corruption in the country but this initiative a referendum that would ask mexican citizens how they personally feel whether or not they agree that he did x. president a former mexican president should not be immune from prosecution should not be immune from from investigation that is something that just hasn't been done before that aspect of this is without precedent and it's something that the mexican president has been promoting heavily so in short this is something that makes the mexican president look very good this is certainly going to be a boost for his popularity having that said this vote today in the mexican in the
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mexican supremes court a $65.00 vote in favor of this referendum is specific only to the question of the constitutionality of the referendum itself that would still be questions and challenges. more than $3000.00 honduran migrants have entered guatemala on foot and a bed to reach the united states outnumbered officials made no attempt to stop them the caravan is the biggest since the corona virus pandemic hit central america and shattered economies making it to the u.s. legally is virtually impossible due to over $1000.00 restrictions. some 18000000 people in argentina are now living in poverty of already say the sharp increase is due to the devastating impacts of coronavirus restrictions to risible has more from . the if you know but at what other country we don't has been living on this piece of land for 4 months. he moved here with his wife and children because he had nowhere else to live is it because either mother government came here to live with
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or need these materials with my children i want politicians to know and the president that we need to have a place to live in a neighborhood to where i don't want my children to grow up on the street i don't have a job i don't have anything else alexander is leaving at anita about an hour away from the capital when a site is people started to arrive to this piece of land in july there were around 700 families now there's over 3000 of them an example of the deep economic crisis in argentina a judge has said that people have to be evicted from this place but they say they're going to recessed and that's why they started setting up some tires to burn some rocks to confront the police they say that this is the only chance they have to have a home. government figures released this week show that poverty has slowed in argentina in recent months and he's battling almost 50 percent of the population. the impact of covert 19 and endemic economic troubles have had
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a devastating impact. landrigan silas was forced on the street as a child with his family in 2001 during another of argentina's economic crisis he's now 24 years old and lives here with his girlfriend. still there for poverty has always existed since i've had a memory corruption kidnapping looting and with a quarantine it's like 2001 again being on the street is difficult you look around and it makes you angry this isn't a pejorative for us argentina's economy contracted almost 20 percent in the 2nd quarter of this year even though the country recently struck a deal with its foreign creditors the economic situation has sapped the government's spending power for social programs that could have helped alleviate effect of the pandemic on the poor shirkers in your. there's been an impact on production and on job creation and even on the informal work there's greater
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general poverty all of that will poorer we already were last year and now with greater inequality. arjen times have gotten used to persistent economic troubles although for many it's part of a desperate cycle with each new crisis condemning the most vulnerable to a life of constant need. and when a site is. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera armenia says it's shot down for hostile drones that appeared near the capital year of iran that's as its conflict with azerbaijan over the disputed now going on karabakh region continues for a 5th day as reforest has also claimed to have shot down an armenian drone protests are taking place across india over the gang rape and death of 2 women from the marginalised dallas community low.


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