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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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since we need. you for this just for you. and. my night. on there. al-jazeera. hello i'm not matheson this is the news hour live from doha i'm coming up in the next 60 minutes a little bit this coronavirus a what if you want to call it it wouldn't beat it soundly a critical few days ahead for u.s. president donald trump and that conflicting assessments of his fight against covert 19. cities under fire both armenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of targeting
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civilians in their fights over not going. on trial started reporting progress in kyrgyzstan with the stakes so high amid allegations of vote by parliamentary election. down the military sent in to help clean up flood hit regions of southern france with a year's worth of rain fell in just 12 hours. and in sports world record holder in britain caught sky has won the london marathon the canyon was running the distance for the 1st time since breaking the record in chicago last year. when his chief of staff said doctors had to being very concerned but president tom says he's feeling good and the next few days will be a test the true picture of the u.s. president's health remains unclear now after conflicting reports from the hospital
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where he's being treated for covert 19 in a video on twitter trying to finish his election campaign exactly the way it started alan fischer reports. from inside walter reed hospital a message from the president i came here wasn't feeling so well i feel much better now working hard to get me all the way back i have to be back because we still have to make america great again we've done an awfully good job of that a new recruits from donald trump who was rushed to hospital late on friday i just didn't want to stay in the white house i was given to him to stay in the white house lucky self in don't ever leave don't even go to the oval office just stay upstairs and enjoy it don't see people don't talk to people and just be done with it and i can't do that i have to be out front and this is america this is the united states. but the white house message and the president's illness has been
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confused and incomplete on saturday morning the doctors gave a briefing but that reese questions of when the president was actually diagnosed the president tweeted out the news ellie on friday morning just 72 hours into the diagnosis now the 1st week of it and a particular day 7 to 10 of the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness at this time the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. another of the consulting physicians said the experimental cocktail regeneration was administered 48 hours ago someone working very closely with the company to monitor him but that would mean the president was diagnosed on wednesday before 2 big campaign rallies and a fundraiser would suggest regeneration was given 24 hours earlier than the white house says it was. the crisis communications one story one voice the white house. and this caused confusion and medical experts say it doesn't help that the briefing left a number of questions unanswered for example we were not told what type of fever
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the president had how i did it go we were not told with any clear whether or not he was or was not the recipient of supplemental oxygen ha then adding to the confusion the president's chief of staff mark meadows who told reporters trump's vital signs in the past 24 hours have been disturbing and the next 48 hours of treatment are critical. all that has meant little to the hundreds of supporters who've gathered outside the hospital to support for the president but the crucial period is still to come for corporate patients 5 to 10 days in is critical but know the president is in the best place for treatment even if he insists he's ready to head back to the white house alan fischer. at the walter reed hospital. well joining us from singapore is dr dale fischer he's the chairman of the world health organizations global outbreak a lot of response not work and professor in the infectious diseases division at the
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national university of singapore thank you very much indeed for joining us everybody is talking about the fact that for the president the next 2 days are critical but if i understand it correctly given previous examinations previous cases of people who are in the same age bracket have the same physical condition as the president and the recovery is actually likely to take a lot longer than not isn't it. yeah and thanks for having me on again the the disease as we know it really takes 2 phases the the one early on which is as the viruses is settling in most of those early symptoms but then there's the 2nd phase which is that immune response if you like so so that's it's really the 2nd week i'm not sure what we're calling day one here it's a little bit unclear to me which day the symptoms started but certainly it's the 2nd way gives him dims where we see that the danger period can arise we're talking also about the fact that there seem to be confused or at least conflicting messages
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that are coming out from people not just in the white house but obviously in the medical community as well and those closer to the president and treating him there are a great many people in the united states who look to the white house and to president for guidance in how to deal with corona virus and indeed how severe it should be treated what how difficult disease you do you think it makes when you get a conflict of opinions like this. i'm not completely sure there's a conflict. his attitude to it i think is well known now he's become infected and and he's getting the treatment he's has received understand monoclonal antibodies and disappear which of both got both antiviral properties and to get those early on in the illness is is is what's important but they're not
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proven to work but they make sense that they would work so so now he's i guess in the lottery of outcomes which we know can range from anything from a straightforward uncomplicated recovery through to obviously a percentage of people can die from this one thing that has been clear i think to everybody since the start of this the spread of this virus is that clear and accurate messaging is really key to all of this and it doesn't seem as though we're getting a great deal of that at the moment out in terms of your expertise how concerned are you that the message is still not getting across to people around the world about the ways to at least try to mitigate the spread of the virus. i think we know in in many countries this is blame politicized. and it's a it's a pity i think there's been mistakes mine because of that but but the science is
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we really now are we don't really have a lot to learn about this virus still but we really do know a lot now we know what how a lot more about how transmits what's dangerous super spread events mask wearing contact tracing isolation quarantining so so really in any country really should be implicating that. implementing those things to the best of their ability professor do official we appreciate your joining us and giving us the benefit of your expertise thank you very much indeed. with trump in hospital the u.s. secretary of state is cutting short his trip to asia my campaign is having meetings in japan but he won't fly on to mongolia and south korea appears said he had no plans to cancel his trip for news of trump's infection was announced for the nomination of amy connie barrett was meant to be a day of political triumph it now appears it may have been a coronavirus super spreader event rob reynolds reports on how the white house
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became a covert 1000 hot spot. few people who attended the rose garden event on september 26th wore man 6 and the chairs were space close together president trump was announcing the nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court but as the guests mingled and chatted amongst themselves the corona virus was silently creeping through the air it is for all intents and purposes a super spreader event we have multiple people that are affected there now we're seeing blossoming chains of transmission that probably emanate from there so this will be something that will be recognized as a super spreader when the story of 1000 at least 8 people who were there have now tested positive for covert 19 besides trump and 1st lady maloney a trump they include utah republican senator mike lee who was seen hugging and interacting with other people north carolina republican senator tom tillis trump
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advisor kellyanne conway and an unidentified reporter covering the event the latest to announce testing positive is republican former new jersey governor chris christie who also helped trump prepare for tuesday's debate notre dame university president reverend john jenkins who also tested positive said guests were told they didn't need to wear masks because everyone in attendance had been tested sometimes that testing is not going to be ironclad the virus can find holes and that's got to be clearly people were instructed to take off their face coverings once their test came back not realizing that tests have operated characteristics and there is some rate of false negatives they can occur when you when you are testing like public health experts are hopeful that the outbreak in trump's inner circle could change the minds of people who still don't take the virus seriously i do think that this is a turning point for many people to see the most protected man in the world be infected
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by this virus despite the percussions at the white house had put in place the testing so they. this is something that. really should make people who doubt the virulence of this pandemic and aspire to take a step back with covert 19 spreading at the highest levels of washington republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is delaying most senate business or 2 weeks but even though 2 republicans on the judiciary committee were apparently sickened in the rose garden mcconnell says he'll push ahead with confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee barrett on october 12th robert oulds al-jazeera. on and on many are accusing each other of targeting civilians in the conflict over the disputed region of no going back these pictures were released a few hours ago and they're said to be the scene in the city of stefan a cult maybe in officials who control the city say civilians there have been injured by john meanwhile says
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a 2nd biggest city has been targeted by stern talk to bernard smith he's been sheltering in step on a cut but he's headed out of the city now. just give us an indication of what's been happening in the last few hours about. well there is a. going on at the moment actually of an area. we're not too far from we're now in armenian territory less nagorno-karabakh but there's been 'd. i'm not sure if you can hear that raid sirens going off. where we stop and there is some locations being targeted what seems to been happening in just a panic now where we are this infrastructure is being targeted when we were in the panic we were. not far from electricity transmission state should 8. while we were in a bomb shelter cutting off electricity we think certainly most of the panic that
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was about to happen very close to us while we've been speaking out of a country road well out to panic. territory but still raid sirens going off somewhere just recently been targeted. a lot of a lot of the bombing targeting going on a moment rob particularly is the biggest city in they're going to cut about how much danger are civilians there in. civilians are in a lot of danger because certainly the panic at where we have been for the last few days and we were overnight was being targeted on the city. early in. the series bombardments were coming in to the city the people of course in bomb shelters many people tried to leave the city but this is a densely packed densely populated city and it is being targeted so people are trying to shelter as best they can people have been. in the bomb shelters for
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a little since last sunday now but the bombing of the panic particularly certainly since friday night has been the most sustained bombing the varsity has sustained since the end of the war in 1994 and really this time around the technology being used by the is out of forces is much more advanced much more it seems precision targeting all there is as i say a particular infrastructure stop richmond's because once we were that the internet was knocked out of course the electricity was knocked out making it much harder to communicate in the city most people of course don't have generators because normally they have reliable electricity supply so without it without mains electricity it's going to be extremely difficult to make the people behind ok.
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thank you very much indeed bernard smith and they're going to kind of block let's cross now to see them cos you know who's in gangs in azerbaijan. is also saying civilians are being targeted on their side just talk us through what has been happening what we believe has been the situation this morning. walter of aunts of today it was the villages and the regions centers in the adjacent districts. but here today this morning a couple of hours ago again just that day which is the 2nd largest city of was our big john with 350004 palatial has been a hit at 1st they said it was a ruckus but. just a couple of minutes ago we had a talk with one of the m.p.'s from jay and i was a ridge on government and he said that the different type of explosive material was used which is actually banned in international platforms here
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we have been speaking to people some of them witnessed the situation but our series say that they are mania is targeting civilians. they deny it's there is deny targeting the civilians in armenia but they accuse our mania for targeting civilians but that is the m.p. told me that hitting again just 6 cyclone meters away from the contact line mainly the front line was a mistake for our menu because it is one of the biggest cities but when you go in when you go back to a couple of days ago i was very. including the president and his assistants they said that if our mania attacks azerbaijan soil from our main yes not going to go from our mannion soil then they will have to destroy those targets in armenia and this morning we heard not going to go about and we heard the. president tweeting that as of today. big as every city is are going to be targeted by them
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if they don't stop shelling and attacking the other side. in the battlefield also in the media there is a tradeoff propaganda war between 2 sides rob but of course everybody is shocked here because this is one of the largest cities which was actually chosen. as it is european capital for youth a couple of days ago there was like the city very much and now there are rockets and explosive material. just a couple of blocks away and so far we know that at least one person was killed 7 civilians were wounded and there are some rumors some locals here saying that the number of killed civilians may be up to 3 or 4 but so far we have no official figures on the casualties sitting closer to talking to us from a gunshot now somebody johnson thanks very much for your head on the news hour including giving up their american dream hundreds of migrants stopped in guatemala
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and decided to turn back. why israelis are defining coronavirus restrictions on protests to rally outside prime minister netanyahu. and in sports the 100 and 45th preakness stakes ends in a photo finish but it's here with that story. voters in kurdistan know picking new members of parliament for the legitimacy of the vote is already in doubt there are widespread allegations of parties trying to buy votes in the countries often described as being the most democratic of all former soviet states in central asia and then we're going to talk to charles struck for a reporter there shortly but 1st his report from the capital bishkek. the capital of kyrgyzstan a country often described as being more democratic than its neighbors which were
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also part of the soviet union before it collapsed. 16 parties with more than 1500 candidates competing in these parliamentary elections but there is little trust in many of the faces did it dawn campaign posters. well mike works on a farm on the outskirts of the city he's angry about mounting allegations of parties trying to buy votes in the run up to the poll what was up when i found i don't people who sell their vote a selling their hope selling their country selling their memories of their ancestors and selling their future. this man who didn't want to be identified said in recent days people working for a pro-government political party have twice offered him money if he promises to vote for them all citizens who work for a given party are involved in vote buying details make it a party gives a person $50.00 to buy a vote they will buy it for $25.00 and pocket the rest the system happens every election and it's happening again he says. kyrgyzstan's post soviet political
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experience has been lively to say the least 2 presidents overthrown in revolutions the former president currently serving in 11 year jail term for corruption but politicians and analysts say that kyrgyzstan may be more democratic than its central asian neighbors but in terms of free and fair elections the still a long way to go there are dozens of candidates with various parties who have criminal records that on the cuties law can be wiped clean if they pay a fine. they will take the trial a good rose was it a long time ago nothing lawless is happening now but i agree that issues with a legal document form 2 i thought we were a new democracy and we are learning a foreign. election monitors say people in poor rule communities are particularly vulnerable to accepting bribes for votes form 2 is illegal lupo the low levels of voter to change the precincts in which he or she casts
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a ballot it means parties who feel they may lack support in a given area offer transport and money to voters if they agree to be moved and vote for them. it's estimated around hof a 1000000 people have been moved from their precincts to vote. the likely outcome of the vote is tilting in favor of pro-government parties but then. there's always that possibility that even those. half a 1000000 people or many many many among them are still able to vote independently when they enter the voting booth. the reform party has used rappers singing and she government songs to rally support reform aims to attract young voters tired of what analysts say has been decades of economic mismanagement and poor job opportunities were not happy with what what is happening
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and we need this is choice and. it changed because in this village a 30 years where independent country but we still are suffering our people are poor i mean the corruption. and basically the thieves are stealing our future so we're going to stand for that for a generation hoping that no matter the struggles against corruption and criminality of age the political system the journey towards true democracy and development must go on. for joining us now from the capital bishkek talk us through how the voting is going charles. well certainly this polling station we've seen there might be less people there now but there's been a steady stream of people throughout the day we understand according to the election commission that 72 hours ago they were saying that around 28 percent. eligible to vote had turned up that would have been with about 6 hours left before polls closed. despite these allegations of vote buying it's
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important to point out that you saying that this country in relation to its neighbors in central asia has got far more of a vibrant democracy and we've seen very lively debates on television between opposition and government parties in recent days people here are free to criticize the government and the president but seemingly sadly there do seem to be there does seem to be mounting evidence certainly at this polling station the people we've spoken to all the potential voter fraud we spoke to one man who lives in this community who told us he came out early this morning when there were large numbers of people here and he said who are these people implying that they had been bussed in as we explained in our package we spoke to another gentleman a few minutes ago who admitted that he had been bussed in. from an area close to his polling station in the center of bishkek to vote here in favor of
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a pro-government party he did not say whether or not he had been offered money and we've also seen evidence of people taking photographs all of the vote that they made on their ballot taking photographs of the ballot and the allegations being made that these people have already been paid a sum of by a given party promising that they would vote for them and then they would be given the remainder of whatever they are expecting to receive all showing proof that indeed they made that vote in favor of that given party and of course. we have no proof no confirmation as to whether these allegations in this evidence is actually true but certainly it's also important to recognize that vote buying has been a common feature of previous elections in the past in kyrgyzstan. for talking to us from bishkek charles thanks very much indeed let's turn to eddie commodity she's an associate professor at the national defense university she's joining us
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live by skype from washington d.c. good to have you on the program it's an interesting definition of democracy isn't it you can have all the debates you like on t.v. you can have lots of opposition parties but when it comes to the actual election that's where democracy aims. i wouldn't say about democracy and see here what we see in kerry gets done over the past decade since the last reading change is that the resist certain sophistication and political comfy meaning political leaders in parties likely for a while before have emerged but at the same time because the political landscape is so competitive and noisy at times we see that pro-government political parties in this case. and media listening in could respond. they are trying to improve their ways of prosecution as well so we see that
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ways to falsify and to pressure voters to vote certain way have also. expanded and there are there are more and more tools used by pro-government parties know to make sure that they prevail at elections but overall this is a very competitive political landscape and the population in care is still and is really politicized thing and as your correspondent noted can openly discuss politics in everyday life. how much of this is done to the economic situation that saying this town as charles was saying is report that the economy has been struggling for a long time if the economy improved and the incentive to get money was it was taken away do you think that people will be more willing to to vote more independently. i think yes of course more people were employed and not just dependent on migrant remittances from russia or because of sun or other countries maybe there would be
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more financial independence and less incentive to take those one time bribes to vote certain way but i really think just like many activists civic activist in kyrgyzstan is that it's really about civic consciousness among the population and more and more so over the last decade we see that. activism that coles for citizens for voters not to take bribes is increasing is expanding and who knows maybe this time we just we do see falsifications but we also see a lot more reporting those falsifications given the level of civic consciousness as you call it in are you up to mystic that eventually there will come a point when parties will not be able to try to attract people to vote for them by buying their votes that people will just simply by choice vote independently. well
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hopefully this day will come i think it's not going to come soon not need be in the next round of elections local or national. but again i think those forces the cations they are decentralized across the voting precincts and they're not the top down effort as we see happen in many other countries or neighboring countries where the government doesn't just bribe or pro-government parties don't just bribe voters but also intimidate voters so we don't see those level of intervention but hopefully yeah the consciousness increases and political landscape continues to sophisticate then we will see cleaner elections hopefully it's really good to get your thoughts on this area come out from the national defense university we appreciate it thank you very much indeed.
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polls have closed in the archipelago of new caledonia where people have been voting whether to become independent from france turnout was higher than the last referendum on the issue when 2 years ago when just over 56 percent voted against independence it's a debate as dating back 30 years. it's time for the weather and here is everton we're back in central europe again yeah that's right we've been talking about storm alex well that's been swallowed up to form a massive area of low pressure across western and central parts of europe and we've had the flooding of course in northwest italy and also southeast in front you can see in the satellite picture this enormous swathe of cloud just swirling away just like a will stuck in the mud this one splattering out lots of very very heavy rain in places this cold front here down across italy in the balkans that's the one that made its way through italy across the southeast a front sinking further south was now ahead of it we are picking up
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a very warm wind a hot wind out of libya a sirocco wind as it's known we've got plenty of heat across the eastern side of you have a much colder further north and west london well our low pressure is now centered around the midlands in central england london only getting up to around 11 degrees celsius now where we have that's a very warm air being hit by the cooler wetter weather coming through the u.s. force to rise it cools it condenses and you get the massive cloud the huge storms that we've been talking about into the southeast a frontal western parts of italy maximum temperature in croatia ahead of that system was 31.4 celsius yesterday and records go all the way back as a new record for october those records go back to 18 and 99. that's a new record for year up for the month of october $37.00 just shy of $100.00 found had plenty more showers coming through across that western side of europe over the next couple of days and then gradually calming down ever since thank you very much indeed still ahead on al-jazeera we're in the city once known as the pearl of the
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audience for a look at the campaign that's underway to revitalize it. it's back to the beaches in brazil in defiance of coronavirus orders to keep our we've got the latest from rio de janeiro. and in sports a penalty shootout decides the 1st fight. toba on the scene with police in months left until election day candidates are warming up for the big day with a series of debates with a diverse range of stories from across the algae senior correspondent take some of the stories that have impacted states with britain seemingly heading for a no deal brought some kind of last minute deal be struck between london and brussels algy scene is emmy award winning anything at all times returns for the series on the u.s.
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communities moved in 1990 as the incumbent president seeks a 3rd term and the opposition has formed an alliance against what course will the country take struggles with often violent protests up tega on al-jazeera cut through the noise journalist the hacker community find a way to tell this story for the record on monday we know this because in our network they work to slice through their various monitoring the media the listening post on al-jazeera. hold. oh. you want to go does it all remind of our top stories this hour the true picture of president donald trump's condition remains unclear after conflicting reports from
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the white house on the hospital where he's being treated for covert 19 in a video on twitter tom said he was feeling good but said the real test was in the next few days. as a by john and on many americans each other targeting civilians in the conflict over the news created region of nagano color black this is the scene in the city of step on account of what scripture. by armenia there have been regular explosions there in the past few hours. voters in kurdistan are picking new members of parliament but there are widespread allegations of parties trying to buy ballots in countries often described as being the most democratic of all former soviet states in central asia. more now and one of our top stories on the conflict in the golan o'connell black complicates relations between turkey and russia they're already at odds over libya and syria both armenia and azerbaijan are former soviet states moscow remain tains close economic relations with armenia and has
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a military base in the east of the country near the border with turkey the kremlin has called for ceasefire talks without preconditions russia's ties with oil rich azerbaijan more complicated as any energy exports including to europe rely on a network of pipelines running through georgia russia and turkey turkey shut the border with the media in the 1990 s. and supports by john the turks and as it is have described their relationship as 2 states one country. lawrence brothers is the program director at the london based conciliation resources he's joining us via skype from london it's good to have you with us sir so turkey is exerting its influence in case some cases militarily as we're seeing latterly in libya syria no nagorno-karabakh all the areas where russia has a presence why is russia been so subdued in this. well i think that's correct that we now see they're going to carve a conflict becoming a 3rd theater where russia and turkey are confronting one another but also managing
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their relations with each other there's a lot of speculation about russia's passive a t. so far has called for a ceasefire but further actions so far we haven't seen from from the kremlin and i think it may be either that moscow has been surprised by the degree of turkish involvement or that it is playing a waiting game and will come in with a much stronger policy in the next few days if it is to come in with a stronger policy what do you think the tipping point would be for those of us watching outside what we would we have to see to identify it as the point of which russia says right enough is enough we're now stepping in. when i think the missile strikes that we've seen this morning are one such indicator civilian targets cities have been struck in azerbaijan ganja the 2nd city of the country and there are continuing reports of missile strikes on stepanek and other population centers in
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the car now if azerbaijan were to reciprocate and they were to be missile strikes on targets in armenia that would activate russia's security guarantees to armenia and would force it to act and what i think very dangerous here is that russia and i mean you're of course members of the collective security treaty organization and turkey is a member of nato so we see a risk of these 2 geopolitical blocks coming into conflict with one another in a very dangerous situation what kind of pressure do you think that russia could bring on the media for example to both sides armenia and azerbaijan given the fact that it has links with both to be able to deescalate the situation in a way that would essentially allow turkey to remove its involvement with and effectively save some face. well it's a wide open question i think what's very important here is that in contrast to syria and libya we aren't talking about russia and turkey supporting factions in
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a prolonged civil war in states that are undergoing state failure and intense civil conflict as a bludgeon and i mean are sovereign states they have their populations behind them in this conflict and it's a real test of their leverage i think it could be very difficult for russia and turkey to exert influence on i mean in azerbaijan respectively and to rein them in particularly if either side feels that it's advancing on the battlefield so i think this is a litmus test actually for both moscow and ankara is that if i understand what you're saying correctly that given the fact that both both are were certainly russia has been part of the signatories to the minsk agreement with the sea which has been attempting to try to find some sort of solution to mcgauran or cut it back and clearly has failed to do so it is one of i think it's the united states france and russia or on that list it is one of the countries that has failed to do that is there much else that russia could actually do in order to force
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a situation where it appears not to have worked in the past. well there have been speculation that russia might take advantage of the situation to impose a variance of the minsk group peace plan on armenia if i mean news we can do over the course of a week to 10 days russia could come in and impose that speculation that perhaps russia wants to. enforce peace by having boots on the ground introducing peacekeeping forces into the combat zone but i think what's significant is that with this escalation today there is actually i think reason for moscow and ankara to join the wider international voices calling for the escalation and to exert leverage to bring yerevan back to back to the negotiating table and organize a ceasefire. florence burrs we are appreciated thank you very much indeed for
1:39 pm
giving us the benefit of your knowledge thank you thank you very much. france has deployed the military to search for at least 8 people missing after devastating floods almost a year's worth of rain fell in 12 hours around the city of nice cutting off villages and washing away roads and houses so hot reports. record rainfall in the mountainous region the joints france and italy has threatened lives homes and if the structure of. storm alex as it's known swept across southeastern france and into northern italy causing rivers to burst their banks and flooding on both sides of the border. this was rockville year on the outskirts of nice. it's said to be the worst flooding in the area in more than a century. to clear the bodies in the coming days and weeks there will be a massive mobilization in this mountain region which is just experienced
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devastation without compare and without precedent in the past 100 years. roads and bridges were destroyed high altitude communities isolated with rising numbers of missing and injured. all of ali's collapse in one go so we don't have a boat left to take us back home. it's blocked on both sides of the road no electricity nothing further up there out of tap water there were many elderly people who needed help to be given shelter lives have been lost in italy's alpine valdosta region a firefighter was killed during a rescue operation in virtually province another body was found. and the toll could well ply with the equivalent of 4 months of rainfall ing in just 24 hours jonah al-jazeera. the number of covert 19 infections worldwide has reached almost 35000000 according to the u.s.
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based johns hopkins university cases in france already a new high with almost 17000 confirmed on saturday government leaders in paris are expected to announce new restrictions india's reports of more than $75000.00 new cases in the last 24 hours the total surprise is 6 and a half 1000000 pilgrims in saudi arabia performing for the 1st time in 7 months the kingdom's lifted restrictions to allow up to 6000 saudi citizens and residents into the grand mosque in mecca daily in the coronavirus death toll in brazil is fast approaching 150000 the 2nd highest in the world after the us despite rising infection rates the mayor of rio de janeiro is easing restrictions by opening schools cinemas and theaters but many have been ignoring the regulations anyway monica you know reports. there would be mandela and her son are going to the movies for the 1st time in almost 7 months with an added bonus the new safety rules allow
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them to take off their masks to eat popcorn and carlingford relativity we came because it's extremely hot outside and this is the 1st day cinemas and thirty's of opened so they're still empty i'm not sure it's a good idea to be in a close space but for now it seems safer than the beach in fact they are the only ones here a sharp contrast to the world outside taking a dip in the water and exercising outdoors are allowed crowds of people without masks are not sunbathing is still forbidding but this is one more rule that people have decided to ignore as spring temperatures have risen to a record 40 degrees celsius and brazil's unemployment rate has reached 14 percent beach vendors have decided to defy rio's mayor they're renting chairs and parasols risking a $200.00 fines them especially coming to well working a legally all of us here but if we don't do this we can't pay the rent or buy food
1:43 pm
we stayed away from the beach for 6 months and can't continue to survive on government handouts which have just been reduced to half. the relaxed atmosphere on ipanema speech does not reflect the stark reality brazil is the world's 2nd largest covert 1000 hot spot in terms of fatalities more than 145000 people died and almost 5000000 have been infected that bell silva says he is aware that brazil may witness a 2nd wave before the 1st one is over but he's willing to take the risk. to the liberal apply the rules say we can only be in the water not on the sand but we are paying we aren't fish besides why should we trust the government rio's governor is being impeached on corruption charges the mayor is being investigated and the president never took the pandemic seriously besides rio de janeiro 6 other state capitals have seen a slow but steady rise in cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome largely
1:44 pm
related to covert 19 according to a study just released by the feel close institute is something that we must be extremely careful and extremely vigilant in the next 3 weeks because if the cases were going out even before those kind of a we would use we know. facility drills mission in the next 2 weeks because my salary the increase in the number of my now is the largest city in brazil's amazon has closed bars in river b. just to contain the fresh surge of coronavirus cases but in rio de janeiro for the moment social distancing and masks seem to have become a thing of the past monica al-jazeera rio de janeiro. but this is kind of out of migrants from honduras who are aiming to walk all the way to the united states have had their hopes dashed security forces in guatemala have ton of many
1:45 pm
back but others say they're determined to press on towards the border with mexico despite the deployment of troops there to stop them when all the upload reports was hundreds of 100 migrants on the guatemalan border awaiting their return home brought them all in security forces acting under orders from president and a 100 geometry have been sending back members of a migrant caravan that crossed into guatemala on thursday. by the weekend immigration authorities said some of the original group of about 2000 migrants had agreed to return to honduras voluntarily leave the management and we made the decision to return because the situation of crossing the border between quite amal and mexico is very complicated. this latest migrant caravan is the 1st of this size since the start of the corona virus pandemic. rumors of a new caravan had been circulating on 100 and social media for weeks what i'm always president has ordered what he calls
1:46 pm
a state of prevention in several states for a period of 15 days and called for the detention of migrants who pushed through border gates between honduras and guatemala on thursday still some migrants have vowed to push ahead saying their goal is to reach the united states. in spite of what the president said we are going to continue for. those who are continuing on or now heading toward guatemala's border with mexico which poses even greater challenges to. the migration east to promote orderly safe irregular immigration in order to guarantee humanism and human rights with any entry into the country that's the reason we have met today for an orderly and coordinated activity with the armed forces the corona virus outbreak has meant borders remain under tight restrictions and the mexican government says immigration laws will be strictly enforced warning that those who knowingly put public health at risk could face prosecution. al-jazeera. riot police in chile have fought
1:47 pm
until government protests that ministers in the capital songs jago have rallied for weeks to demand a new constitution the angered by the inequality in society and accuse police of brutality protesters were liason incensed by the injury to a teenager jury another demo on friday video appears to show a policeman throwing him off a bridge. now to the city formerly known as the powell of the all and decades of decay have left the philippine capital manila a shadow of what it once was some efforts are being made to revitalize and preserve historic buildings and organise more. this is manila one of the oldest and most densely populated cities in the world a melting pot of asian and latin cultures a place where the divide between rich and poor is conspicuous but decades ago manila was called the pearl of the orient the manila metropolitan theater was once
1:48 pm
a testament to the city's grandeur it was a staging ground for artists from all over the world who wanted to perform in the far east but decades later the theater has become a symbol of mandela's decade now the philippine government is changing that what will make this theater different these people will come here not only because of the show but because of the building. the battle for mandela between the joint filipino and american forces and the japanese imperial army in 1945 caused the loss of more than 100000 lives and destroyed much of the city government buildings the universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures the were destroyed in manila during world war 2 and historians say the country lost an ear replaceable historical treasure with the destruction of the city manila was the most devastated city. during world war 2 after war so in poland but rebuilding
1:49 pm
a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say manila has never truly recovered. over the decades with the growing urbanization pollution and do reputation for violence businesses moved to other areas of the country we lost that . and you cannot buy back down it's kind of that's what we have our cultural history to make money like this and that at the same time hopefully we leave with that expectation of being the capital of the country people don't remember that we all came from. it centrality was a people went to school here our economic activity was based we have to get acquainted again with that and respect that history but art deco buildings museums
1:50 pm
and historical parks remain a reminder that not all is lost in manila at least for now. duggan al-jazeera manila. still had in sport another joker which sweeps past his latest opponent at the french open fires here with that story. of all my friends and coworkers who were detained by him to the one survived they were waiting for news of their men for it was only one word on their lips just saw a boy killed in his father's office i saw my film next to his song i have only once in my life seen man lost. to one of the bosnian war as darkest secrets bosnia the count on al-jazeera. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of
1:51 pm
a 2nd wave of infections. in the neighborhood and many fear the economy is be prioritised about for human life follow the simple. business and out of the what spike in public places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on a. other sport here is far from thank you so much world record holder brigand acosta has won the london marathon the canyon was running the distance for the 1st time since breaking the record last year coronavirus the race was moved from its traditional
1:52 pm
april date mass participation event normally attracts more than $40000.00 runners but this year it was restricted to only competitors time was almost 5 minutes outside the mark set she set in chicago last october the men's race is still ongoing with kenyan world record holder ulick can the favorite to win. on saturday kenya hosted africa's 1st international sporting event since a krone virus shut down the final leg of the world a continental tour took place in nairobi as katherine so i reports. and athletics fan she is on his favorite athlete in the 10000 meters manned space lympics silver medalist paul to a newly won the now stadium in nairobi can easily accommodate up to 30000 spectators but only a fraction was allowed to watch because of the coronavirus pandemic as you know when you watch on t.v.
1:53 pm
and you know lympics in monaco that one it's now that they went to see you know hong kong and we don't go to those that's rain outside the canyons and because. they venture to make a comic you want to get them the fans out to come up to if you're not and they've kept this they should be stunned to be given so many ties that we've been tamed so we have to be there huzzah. the world of the form of the continental tour last year and it includes events that will drop from the top tier down one to league sakit it's a 1st such series to include a stop in africa with kenya being the continent's 1st host the meeting is named after. the legendary kenyan athlete who won olympic gold in the 1968 in 1072 games their concept was to have all continents. africa most of the. nation but no africa gets an opportunity finally to organize
1:54 pm
a 1st class. because many of. the coronavirus grounded thousands of athletes because of travel restrictions and cancellations of many competitions despite that this event attracted a good filled with 70 accolades from 30 countries participating because of the pandemic the figure remained. on the night when only $6011.00 and those who turned out told us that just 5 said to be the world's best athlete on people kenya from here many of the fancy though now time their attention to the london marathon on sunday that kenya's world record holder. will likely be the man to beat katherine sawyer al-jazeera nairobi. now big upset at the french open where in the last hour top seed simona halep has been knocked out the 20000
1:55 pm
champion was beaten by a polish teenager in us feeling tack in straight sets as world number 54 is best ever performance at a grand slam tournaments. the 2 time wimbledon champion petra kevin about recovered from being fobbed one down in the 1st 7 against canadian teenager layla fernandez walk a bit of a eventually going through to the last 16 in the street. bod 2016 champion garbin is out the spaniard was beaten in 3 sets by american daniel collins collins will next phase to his only. and the men's draw defending champion rafa nadal has just started his last 16 match against sebastian court of the united states. was very keen to get his match against danielle ally had gallon of colombia finished after rain delay the world number one drop just 5 games in a straight sets when john fish was disqualified from the recent u.s.
1:56 pm
open for accidentally hitting a line judge with a ball the serve now things they should be removed from the game altogether technology sold events right now there's absolutely no reason why you should keep line umpires on the court that's that's my opinion of course i understand that more g. is expensive so it's an economical issue and question mark but i feel like we're all moving towards that persepolis of around are through to the final the asian champions league after their semifinal against saudi arabian team al nasser finished and a 11 draw the 20000 runners up the bounce and how she should owe the knockout rounds to east asian teams have yet to be played out. a miami heat or in a dangerous position as they have into game 3 of the n.b.a. finals against the l.a. lakers later on sunday it was all down to jimmy butler in game 2 on friday is to
1:57 pm
the heat's top players were out through injury he fell short against anthony davis and le bron james is side the lakers are now to nothing up in the best of 7 series . well going. to the world. it's not over. just to do some special cable boy. will want to be in the trenches with any of. the ones that we have. and the 100 and 45th preakness stakes has been decided on a photo finish part of u.s. horse racing's triple crown along with the kentucky derby and the belmont stakes the race normally takes place in may there were no fans in attendance to see swift skydiver just edging out kentucky derby winner and race favorite authentic. ok and that is all your sport for now rob back to you thank you very much indeed
1:58 pm
lots more on the web site of course the dress for that is all dizzy don't call laura is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories including the funds that are conflicting reports from the white house on the condition of u.s. president donald trump. the wilderness of cambodia under 3. 11 east investigates the. 0. they call them seek days large property subdivided into small quarters where one or
1:59 pm
more families live crammed together is the only option for many haitian migrants in chile and it's public knowledge that they're exploited by unscrupulous landlords and now with the coronavirus pandemic they're being discriminated further. a few weeks ago this day with 88 groups became nationwide news council hard to use move the haitian residence to a special or a teen area with better facilities but 1st the results of their control of virus test were published on the municipalities web page violating the patient's right to confidentiality. the neighbors began throwing rocks and rolling insults at the haitians because a few of them had been confirmed to be carrying coronavirus now they tell us that they feel even more discriminated and vulnerable than ever. to own their own skin is the government not to take the necessary action to really
2:00 pm
address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that when we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter to 0. we're going to beat this current of virus or whatever you want to call it it would beat it soundly. a critical few days ahead for u.s. president donald trump amid conflicting assessments of his fight against covert 19 . hello there i'm laura kyle though says al jazeera live from doha also coming up cities under fire both armenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of targeting
2:01 pm
civilians in their fight over nagorno-karabakh. a parliamentary election a.


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