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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Nikol Pashinyan  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2020 5:30am-6:00am +03

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our research also shows that as global warming continues in the coming decades we can expect to see further intensification of these extreme wildfire weather conditions the primary reason is the very strong effect that the warming has on the dryness of the vegetation with 2 more months before the fire season ends it looks like california is headed for more destruction robert oulds al jazeera los angeles . hello again the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for a coronavirus to do a drive by for hundreds of his supporters gathered outside the u.s. presidential scene waving to crowds from a vehicle outside the walter reed military medical center john hendren was more. well it was perhaps the most brazen campaign stop in political history
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a candidate and president so ill that he's on an experimental cocktail of drugs and has taken oxygen twice to supplement his own low oxygen levels climbing with a mask into a motorcade and rolling by on both sides of this street here the hundreds of fans that are lined up to pay tribute to him it was a classic trump moment but unlike many of those trump moments it is divided america ruling the crowds out here in the street but alarming medical authorities you have to move incredibly irresponsible. earlier doctors treating trump said they've given him death some of the so not a steroid the world health organization only recommends for a severe cases they also revealed his oxygen levels drop briefly on both friday and saturday but say he could be discharged from hospital as early as monday. 9 states in the u.s. have reported record numbers of covert 1000 cases over the past week that's had an
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increase of nearly 49000 new infections on saturday alone. are accusing each other of targeting civilians in their conflict over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. to if it cities were attacked this after the nagorno-karabakh capitals the panic carrots came under sustained bombardment which killed at least 10 people the region is officially part of azerbaijan but has been controlled by ethnic armenian forces since 1904 for the 9th week tens of thousands of people have marched through the center of the bell the russian capital demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko demonstrators called for a political prisoners to be freed. talk to al jazeera is coming up next then there will be more news at the top of the hour but i. not just the republican party but america needs 4 more years of president donald trump in the white house then the outcome of this election will determine i believe the poorest
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of our country for generations to come live coverage of the vice presidential debates on a. seat. on the previous episode of talk to al jazeera i mean you're doesn't want peace they want to keep all lands on with the patient. they don't want to change the status quo to think of me as a government over estimated their so-called importance on global arena. made the possible international support to them and made very serious mistakes. attacking us and now they're suffering the very serious defeat with the previous armenian leaders we had to process and reverse elaborating the so-called step by step approach otherwise we wouldn't have been in this process for
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so many years it was not a useless time. i think we made a very big progress. in this process since 2003 anough the question young came to power he not only destroys every single was before him and he wants to pretend that that media before him did not exist and he's now as the creator of new media he destroyed all the elaborated principles. but as the fighting continues between armenia and azerbaijan over the disputed region of me going to we now hear from the armenian prime minister. talks to al-jazeera. prime minister of. thank you for talking to al-jazeera now we're at the stage where there's open confrontation between armenia and azerbaijan what are your preferred options an increased military pushback against azerbaijan a roll call
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a cease fire and talks. yes not me. i would like to start off by clarifying something about your question because in this particular case armenia is acting as the guarantor of security for means of nagorno-karabakh and does or by john launched at the direct attack on. armenia has certain obligations to provide the security of no going. on in this context or by john also started to strike settlements in the republic of armenia and the civilian population in the republic of armenia the september 27th offensive of azerbaijan on nagorno-karabakh began with the shelling of civilian settlements
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and this is a fact that we need to acknowledge and then the rest of the answer to the question would be would be as follows when there is an attack when there is aggression. the very 1st task is to protect from that aggression and to stop that aggression after which only will it be possible to talk about negotiations in a situation in which there is an aggression i can say with confidence that the armenians have not going to get above will not retreat in the face of the aggression. at the same time it's necessary to acknowledge that the issue of not going to god above has nothing but a peaceful solution. and confronting the aggression wolf de facto prove it but are you saying then that then the book before there is
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a peaceful solution you're going to have to make some military gains. yes. as i said already. because i was there by john launched an attack in that direction. and obviously the very 1st task of the army reserves to defend against this aggression. then what is the likelihood of a military political alliance formal military political alliance with nagorno-karabakh cannot be seen and we are discussing the possibility. the fact exists because we state that are as many as the guarantor of security of. and we need to think now about its future development. in our agenda we do indeed have at this point and it's very important to note this
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situation has created a new reality a new military political reality in our region one component as i said is that for many years. after developing a military rhetorical attacked. and it happened it has happened with turkey's. support and in the international media there is already brought discussion of the fact. in the territories that it controls in syria turkey is recruiting mercenaries transporting them to our region and therefore armenian. need to increase our cooperation in the security field. would you go as far as recognizing an independent. there is that agenda. is an item in the agenda and a decision will be taken or not taken to pending on
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a variety of factors. you mentioned turkey in your answer and yes turkey has now come out firmly on the side of azerbaijan says it will support as a by jan and has criticized your approach to azerbaijan but do you have evidence really that turkey is supplying going this far supplying mercenaries. the evidence of it is appearing in the international media day after day one after another in reputable sources such as the guardian reuters the relatives of these mercenaries are telling the stories their family members are telling the story and specific individuals off testified they have spoken to journalists in sirte that turkey is recruiting those people transporting them to azerbaijan to take part in the war against armenia and they're going to. let me. repeat something to you written by richard cows a former u.s.
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ambassador to azerbaijan he said this when this conflict started he said the poor people of armenia and azerbaijan a paying for the price of uninspired leadership in baquba and yerevan that refused to seize opportunity after opportunity to peacefully deal with the conflict regarding nagorno-karabakh is he right what could you have done differently to prevent this happening. you know essentially everything thoughts needed to be done has been done and when i entered the office of the prime minister of the republic of armenia i proposed a formula as a basis for my policy on the nagorno-karabakh issue saying that we have to agree that any settlement any solution to the conflict has to be acceptable to the people of armenia to the people of not going to cut off and to the people of azerbaijan and this formula is something which i proposed as a basis for settlements of the conflict unfortunately azerbaijan
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starting from the mid 2000 has essentially being advancing the military philosophy and policy as an option for resolution and is refusing to and then the way to engage in mutual concessions and i think what is significant here is a dictate tauriel governments such as the one established in azerbaijan is not inclined to make mutual concessions and only ate them only democratically elected governments are capable of engaging in or proposing neutral concessions such as the one which i proposed in that form you just mentioned and instead in return the presidents of azerbaijan essentially said that the solution of the issue can happen . only within the frames of azerbaijan's territorial integrity which means.
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the issue of caught up would retire and through the status quo where it began in 1988. in that they is of the soviet union therefore it would be impossible to resolve any conflict by returning it to the point where it began i eat. given that historical reference yes i understand but and i know you probably have not much time for reflection at the moment you're busy humbling this day today but have you looked back and said why have we got to where we are that today could i have done something differently that would have stopped this outbreak of violence and this loss of life. there is only one option. yields to azerbaijan blackmail and threats which and they're going to.
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cannot be acceptable here is one example to some well known events in the world history you could ask what could the u.s. government have done to prevent 911 from happening if this person seems to you like an exaggeration i would tell you that just 2 months ago official representative of the azerbaijani ministry of defense threatened to strike the armenian nuclear power plant what needs to be done what is it that needs to be done for it to keep somebody from uttering those threats. when you came to power after the velvet revolution particularly from azerbaijan we were hearing there were high hopes that. there would be a move towards peace and it's just not happened you have from that perspective not delivered what they hoped you would. after the revolution that took place in
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armenia there was a lot more hope been there by john that the wave of democratization would also reach us there by john but those hopes were not fulfilled because the president of azerbaijan continuously uses the. to justify his dictate or rule when the velvet revolution happened in armenia and azerbaijan a society more hope emerged that a similar revolution would also occur in azerbaijan but to prevent that revolution and to carry on with it dictate tauriel rule azerbaijan intensified its bellicose rhetoric which led to today's situation. you've been on the phone a couple of times with vladimir putin how have those conversations gone can you lead as into the tone the measure the content of those conversations.
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over this time with what phone calls with the president of france the chancellor of germany with the president of the islamic republic of iran with the u.n. general secretary twice with a bloody murder putin had to phone calls but i think i will be having more phone calls with the french president and other leaders and we discuss the ongoing situation we discussed the development of the variance and we discussed the possibilities of our cooperation in that respect but the one that matters is. what he thinks what he says is the one that matters most to you isn't it. b. russia is a co-chair country of the or c. in minsk group and with russia armenia deep partnership in the security fields including the fact that there is a russian military base in armenia and there are certain treaties in effect which
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are in force in effect and perhaps the agenda of our discussions is more diverse in that respect. well do you want moscow to be neutral for azerbaijan they have. one has clearly stated his support for john would you like to see something similar come from blood in your favor. when you see here is a position 1st of all russia as a co-chair country of the oil minsk group should take all measures for security and peace in the region and for the resolution of the conflict. russia has with other amenia commitments in the security fields and i to be precise corporation in the security field that is one of the items in our agenda would you
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want to see russian peacekeepers for example in the golan a kind of or you see those issues could be discussed in the context of the wider resolution within the or when scroope cochairman ship president. says that you've been provoking him you've been allowing the armenian diaspora to settle in the car but you've been encouraging it he's been left with no option they have this long list of grievances it's that territory you've done nothing to try and. resolve this conflict so that is why we are where we are out there today. look you see those allegations of the armenian government resettling people from the diaspora in around allegations for 2
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reasons firstly the armenian government has got nothing to do with. territorial development and secondly. from armenia. for many years. many armenians make great it from their home. and those people have lived in different parts of the world in russia in europe in the middle east in the united states of america. i do not preclude that some of those people might return to live in their homes. to portray it as something on the usual. would be illogical. provocation not unusual that the president says it's not unusual to to allow people to go back it's a provocation you provoking when you see if. anyone after 15 or 2015 or 20 years. from their homes or 30 years back in the race had from
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their homes and they're returning to their homes to live in their homes is that. what is provocative about it could you explain to me. well then you have also the allegations of the war crimes committed by the armenian forces back in the late eighty's and early ninety's in the go on o'connor back that the european court of human rights has catalogued and again the failure to address those issues. that's a misunderstanding. that information coming from it's just there by johnnie propaganda it's another one of the tools of azerbaijani propaganda because in the european court of human rights there are other judgments and decisions that actually blame for specific and concrete crimes we can also. look at the infamous case of. the azerbaijani officer who was taking
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part in a together with armenian officers they were taking part in a training course of nato and he killed an armenian officer in his sleep with an axe for many years as a by john was developing and armenian propaganda and this is one of the consequences and the acts happened in hungary in pewter post the court of convicts to life in prison. after which after serving 8 years in prison he was. extradited to azerbaijan where should an order releasing him. so there was a process of nationwide glorification of the person this one episode really illustrates the whole history of the conflict and the context of today's events. has the script is also scribed with this today many of us have
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attacked people who were sleeping peacefully numerous armenians this is the story that is happening. maybe on top of all of that though we can say that the u.n. general assembly demands the unconditional withdrawal of all armenian forces from the occupied territories of azerbaijan and. then the big one second please i beg your pardon have you actually read the security council resolution so if you've personally read it it's very important that whatever we're referring to whatever we're citing we should read what the text says and that is the following by john by a late to. the cease fire agreement and the situation that subsequently emerged was a consequence of breach of the internationally reached commitments of azerbaijan
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that's very important that resolution that you're with your side is actually refers to a certain pacific event in the at a specific point in time after that it's after the sea minsk group cochairmen ship was formed and all the nuances of the issue have been discussed in that forum the negroes in the negotiations which opened in the frames of the ois see minsk group it is in those negotiations as it is a result it is these negotiations that should result in solving all the issues. ok last year prime minister august $29000.00 you went to you went to the going to karabakh and you told the crowd. he's armenia period leading those crowd in chance for unification do you regret that now in retrospect was not the right thing to do that really make. pasta we should again note the
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facts as i told you already i proposed a formula and i proposed that we should undertake to seek solutions that will be acceptable to the people of armenia to the people of qatar and to the people of azerbaijan. and i was the 1st leader. involved in this conflict who said that any solution of the thought about who should be acceptable also to the other side and the meaning of the proposed formula was to get the azerbaijani president to adopt a similar approach so that we could have a totally different and new situation in the in the negotiations. in response to that the president of azerbaijan continues the bellicose statements by saying it's the issue of not going to cut off has only one solution
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and that is caught above is a part of azerbaijan and i note it and i made a statement illustrates that the approach of the azerbaijani president is impermissible given specially that in 1908 the autonomous region. through its supreme council expressed the will to join armenia the republic of armenia besides i would like to highlight that. tend not be as they are by john for a simple reason at the time of the collapse of the soviet union just like azerbaijan gained independence from the soviet union in exactly the same manner in the autonomous region of the. exercise its rights constitutional and legal rights over the then soviet union to gain independence from the soviet union and azerbaijan's position on the issue boils down to 3 storing or
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to a need to restore the soviet school which is simply impossible. promise the time is against the sport one more quick one question before we finish on the domestic situation you remain very popular in the popularity the brought you to power. during the revolution is still that not as popular as you were we understand there have been some small protests against tax policy tax reform education minister. i'm sorry. opinion poll. i'm just reflecting what we've seen in local coverage you are popular i give you that prime minister your is. not i'm not insisting i'm just trying to say that the protests happened the day after i was elected prime minister so by the way. a democratic
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society protests demonstrations. assemblies are not strange let me how can it would be good for instance if azerbaijan protests under the same circumstances in the same environment as armenia let me just very quickly finish the question of the point being that and also we have to talk about mention that the coded infection rate is very high here and you've had a big challenge getting on top of that the question is do you worry for your own popularity that if you mishandle this conflict if it doesn't go your way then you yourself are going to suffer in your position of prime minister. or you see they reached the position of the prime minister. not to defend my popularity but. to serve the national interests of my country and my people and to
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defend the dreams of my people in my country so along this path i'm absolutely not interested in my person. prime minister. thank you very much for talking to authors here. thank you.
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cut through the noise figure back up what we're going into a quick hour and listen journal in the back of a 5 ways tell this story one of the problems that there are just really are a lot of people of color who are making it off press run as i call it equal rights and it's a fact that a critic worth the risk of a fine day we know that because of concern or were they able to buy the listening post monetization in tougher it's the media on al-jazeera 40 years ago on october the 6th when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young
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composer egypt and syria going to surprise war against israel. carter whose world permitted so to get into this situation of disaster now in the 1st of a 3 part series al-jazeera expose what really happened during the 1st week of the war in october on al-jazeera. out of his parents' house after he got to me he says he found more space to begin to ski after run of eating it last year it's now his home along with his wife daughter and all but the israeli government said that he will speak on structed we've gotten permits and issues that the militia ordered last month our interview were cut short as he hears that the israeli army has arrived in the village with a bulldozer residents say soldiers gave them one minute to get home it took the found me months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it get
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demolished. u.s. president dog makes a surprise appearance at a brief drive by outside the military hospital where he's being treated for coronavirus. questions remain about his health though as he's given a powerful steroids you should be administered to the seriously ill.


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