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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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it's a comedy but i started speaking about the role. before even the saudi government gave up with just a. murder in a saudi consulate on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. peter w. watching the news our live from our global headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes as a budge on and armenia accuse each other of targeting civilians is facing moves away from the front lines and closer to cities. between behind the discovery of the hepatitis c. virus and the 2020 nobel prize for medicine. questions remain about the u.s. president's health as he is criticized for
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a slow drive by meet and greet. and kyrgyzstan's opposition calls for protests on projects early results from the parliamentary vote. in support of a miami heat head back in game 3 of the n.b.a. finals beating le bron james in the l.a. lakers through a 5 day hopes of winning the championship. battle for the disputed region of not going to cut it has now moved into its 2nd week both sides are accusing each other of targeting civilians and dozens of casualties being reported the main city in stepanek yet has come under sustained bombardment azerbaijan has reported several missile attacks on 2 of its cities in that region it says some of the infrastructure sites in miniature via. the conflict to spark
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global concern and international mediators are continuing their calls for an urgent cease fire here's our team on the ground who is in azerbaijan and we have bernard smith who's in the town of gori bernard let's come to you 1st what's going on in gorgeous there right now. well gore is in armenia so we're a couple of hours now away from karabakh most of the while the fighting is centered there and suppose we were insta panic on sunday where there was intentionally while we were there i'm told that there is intense shelling on stop panic continuing today and that's been for much of the day it's 2 o'clock local time and people there woke up to the air raid siren so sustained shelling continues of that main city which has a significant civilian population were to at the moment that there have been 5 civilians killed in the shelling yesterday and 10 wounded we don't have any update
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on those but along with that it continues to be intense fighting continuing to go up the last 8 days along the line that's the line between armenia between north korea back and as a by john on the other side. as fighting between troops on both sides of that as well shelling coming in to been gone out kyra back and i do hear from center shelling going into town burner for the moment thanks very much ok let's take this conversation right away to c.n.n. because she's in azerbaijan so is that a picture that's being mirrored either where you are or close to where you are. yes it is exactly right behind me where the missiles hit last night here on my left side is the hard to electric power plant of. john in miniature where that power plant provides electricity for the whole country and there is
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a very big water reserve reservoir which works for the country as well also another missile hit again right behind me in nearby a maternity house but it's hit a civilian building where 2 civilians got injured one of the missiles that could spur the official statements was in the elated by the air. defense systems and the other one hit the city center without exploding the last time it was like this and this morning just almost 2 hours ago we heard that barrett which is close to the front line plus again jeff. bridges 2nd largest city was hit for the 2nd time. just a few hours ago we are hearing from the officials and the media reports that again just the marketplace was hit so. john assistant to the president just tweeted
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showing a video of the marketplace that was hit saying that a marketplace cannot be a military target where i am miniature city is more than 70 kilometers to the front line for instance yesterday at the city his it which is 300 kilometers from the border close to back it was hit that's an important city for us our bridge on because it is an arsenal from the soviet times so no apparently it is perceived that. attacks on us are very john saw might be scattered everywhere it's not only the front line it's not all of the villages by the frontline but the big cities are targeted this is what they're going to care about president actually twitted yesterday he said if it doesn't stop the big cities are going to be their targets but the for the us a spur of the azerbaijan government these my latest missile attacks were fired from
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are many and so which are many and side has denied. for the last couple of days the series said they would be retaliating against our mania if they fired from their own territory but so far there is no retaliation but here in maine aiming for everybody was stunned because this city where i am is the 4th largest city as i said it's an industrial district strategic importance with the water reserve war and the hydroelectric power plant plus it's an industrious center and the city accommodates more than more than 105000 people from different ethnic groups and even from a different religion groups and that's why they were stunned such a peaceful city was targeted but the fare in the context of the war is changing between in terms of not going occur a bar and the weapons being used are changing long range missiles are in use things are going to evolve whether this conflict is going to become
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a regional wanna still an unknown but the civilians on both sides are. terrified this is for sure for everyone as we have been reporting from both sides and also a potential regional war risk may involve other regional players including russia and turkey this is what the experts have been telling us time will show how things are going to evolve ok c.n.n. thanks very much. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including 7 years on from an attack that killed more than 60 people kenya weeks on the verdicts on 3 men linked to the crime. and a push for independence in the south pacific we'll have reaction to sunday's referendum from an indigenous community in new caledonia. and in the sport the u.s. open champion still is on course to win a 2nd grand slam title in as many months. at a time when public attention is particularly focused on medical advances of course
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coronavirus this year's nobel prize for medicine has been awarded for the discovery of the hepatitis c. . virus the work of americans harvey and charles rice in britain michael horton. in stockholm the prize is especially significant this year as the world grapples with the covert 19 pandemic this year's nobel prize in physiology or medicine awards the discovery of the hepatitis c. virus a major cause of liver inflammation also known as appetite as in their latest report the world health organization estimated over 17000000 cases of hepatitis c. globally. this is likely an underestimation as many cases go on diagnosed hepatitis c. crosses 400000 deaths annually and it's one of the most common courses of
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liver cancer and liver transplant patients ok let's talk now to dr gilbert thompson in london he's author of the book nobel prizes that changed medicine and he's immerses professor at imperial college in london dr thompson good to have you here on the news hour how significant was this discovery. there is significant indeed it revolutionaries they are the safety of blood transfusions for thousands of people. in the past. there was what was called known a known be protectors and this seemed to be associated with transfused blood. that had been in table change from aid donors many of whom i think were probably drug addicts and actually no infections resulting
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from volunteer donors and the work of. her out of her and out and as i say has completely transformed nansen then he really has saved millions of lives probably quite a bit more than so far the coronavirus has gone does this mean that if the team behind this discovery have discovered and been able to tag and identify the virus by definition i guess we're one step closer to being able to come up with a vaccine you mean with a coronavirus no for this particular condition that we're discussing hepatitis c. yes and. i don't think there is a back seat for that i could be wrong but i think the main result
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of the discovery of everyday to see was that it was possible to check all that well contamination with this virus before it was transfused. and as far as treatment of people who've actually got ever tried to see. i think there are drugs that are no use bennett successfully to cure that individuals resulted from the work done by charles rice at the rockefeller where he successfully cloned. the virus and was able to undertake studies in vitro with cultured human cells little cells and thereby. held the drug industry to develop these combinations of drugs which are purity ok we'll leave it there dr gilbert thompson talking to us on skype from london to talk yes i thank you very much. thank you. now the u.s.
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president donald trump has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for coronavirus to do a drive by the hundreds of his supporters who got that outside one doctor working at the walter reed hospital said the irresponsibility of the move was quotes astounding. medics revealed mr trump's oxygen levels did drop briefly on both friday and saturday john hendren reports now from bethesda i it was perhaps the most brazen campaign stop in u.s. history a candidate so sick with a potentially lethal virus that he has taken an experimental cocktail of drugs and at least twice supplemental oxygen sneaking out of his hospital room and into a hermetically sealed as u.v. with 2 secret service agents waving at the fans lined up outside as his motorcade took a victory lap on both sides of the street he tweeted a video explaining why i also think we're going to pay a little surprise to some of the great patriots that we have out on the street and
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they've been out there for a long time and they're from flags and they love our country so i'm not telling anybody but you but i'm about to make a little surprise visit it was yet another drama moment in like many trouble makes it divided america really in the crowds here in the street but the army medical authorities are remarkably the response to. the head of disaster medicine at george washington university medical center tweeted that presidential s.u.v.s not only bullet proof but hermetically sealed against chemical attack the risk of covert 1000 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures the irresponsibility is astounding my thoughts are with the secret service forced to play. earlier his team of doctors emerged for another update in the president's personal physician 1st explain the reason for the particularly rosy prognosis that was given 24 hours earlier saying he was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of
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medical team and president. i didn't want to give any any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction and in doing so you know it came off that we're trying to hide something it was innocent true i feel much better now in a video tweet president trump said he was feeling well a sentiment supported by his doctors who are now saying he might return to the white house is soon as monday but dr sean connelly confirmed what he would not in the 1st public briefing that the president received supplementary oxygen on at least 2 occasions the 1st on friday he was not short of breath he was tired had the fever that was about it and after about a minute on only 2 leaders his situation levels were back over 40 over 95 percent. stayed on that for about an hour maybe it was off and gone another critical piece of information that the president is now receiving this steroids dexa met his own
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which is recommended only for critical care the tech cement the zone use again is extremely extremely worrying sign w.h.o. it says it's only used for critical and severe patients it actually recommends against people who are not serious and i also said only for serious patients who are i don't ventilators or supplemental oxygen which trump does barely qualified for so he's on a really bad trajectory i don't know if tomorrow tomorrow is a little premature destroyers questions continue about contact tracing in the wake of president trump's movements earlier in the week the white house says it is directing this in cooperation with the centers for disease control team. but many who were at this crowded rose garden last saturday say they have not been contacted authorities in minnesota where president trump visited on wednesday say they have launched their own contact tracing program in the absence of any white house direction a similar situation happening in new jersey from which the president returned after
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a campaign fundraiser at one of his golf clubs on thursday just hours before a test confirmed he was positive for the coronavirus john hendren al-jazeera bethesda maryland is a throwback is an infectious disease expert and global health physician he joins us from oxford in the u.k. peter drawback dexie methods what does it do and crucially when should it be given to a patient. i took some of his and it's quite a common medication it's a quarter to steer and that's been around for a long long time and it's actually the one fer here which has a proven mortality benefit for kovan 1000 but has a very specific use kovan 1000 does a lot of its damage action what we call the immune phase where it triggers an inflammatory response in nearly every organ system in the body messam people tend to get quite sick into texas met this own blunts that inflammatory response in the body so it does have a benefit but it's been shown to be beneficial only in patients who are severely
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ill on a ventilator and then a smaller benefit for patients who are severely ill requiring supplemental oxygen for patients with mild disease i'm actually cause more harm than good so the fact that texas medicine was given to the president along with the antiviral and an experimental antibody treatment does suggest that indeed he would be classified as having severe disease and there were certainly must have been elements of his trajectory that concerned his physicians enough to take this aggressive treatment course is the potential in there then that this is an illustration if you will that the time lining of when he got sick and how sick he's been just doesn't track when it's laid up against what we have or have not been told by his people there will tolerate. the. timeline is unusual i think we can say that we were told that he was 1st having symptoms on thursday morning and no stairs state evening but by friday he was having high fever and it have drops in his oxygen levels requiring
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supplementary auction that's very unusual usually the illness starts off more mild and we tend to see the more severe effects as someone enters their 2nd week of illness this would have been quite quick it's not unprecedented it suggests that maybe he was infected with a very high load of virus it does also raise the possibility that actually it is an illness and may have started earlier than has been publicly reported to his people the signaling he's well enough to perhaps consider going back to work back to the white house as early as tomorrow or that they often but you seem to be saying peter that he hasn't reached that it could go either way stage kind of day 3 day 4 up to day 9 day 10. of course those of us not involved this treatment only have the information that they've made publicly available so i can only speculate but i'd be extremely surprised if he were well enough to to leave the hospital today particularly given that he has had have poxy or low oxygen levels famously qubit
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1000 people can feel pretty good cannot feel short of breath even when they have to change or asleep low levels of oxygen one of the interesting things about texas meth isn't it just costs and side effects including it can sometimes cause agitation it can cause people to have psychosis it can also cause them to feel quite a bit better for a temporary period of time i think given the trajectory of things how quickly the president's condition apparently to it's here rated in the 1st couple of days of his illness the fact that he's still on an intravenous and medication for another several days and that he just got steroids which have connect quite significant side effects i would say that it would make more sense to keep him in observation for at least another several days clearly peter everyone around the world is talking about those pictures of him doing the drive by joyride where he gets into that sealed vehicle a met sickly sealed at this stage in his progression through his illness he's still contagious what kind of doctor or what kind of clinicians sign off on that and say
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yeah it's ok go and do that and by the way you might infect the secret service personnel or any of the personnel that you encountered because you would have to go in from hospital bedroom to the the back seat in that big black s.u.v. . yes an incredibly irresponsible thing to have done it in my mind into fence avoid to know whether his doctors had a say in that decision or not but absolutely putting the lives of others at risk you know all 4 of publicity stunts you know moreover it's really a bit of a slap in the face to the millions of people who have been infected with this virus who have been isolated in hospital not only unable to go outside but unable even to see their loved ones and those who have have died alone and others who have really made sacrifices so it's i just don't understand. ok we'll leave it there piece of robot good still to be to thank you very much thanks for having me.
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assisting the westgate shopping mall attack 67 people were killed during the 4 day siege in nairobi 7 years ago including before gunmen linked to the group al-shabaab based across the border in neighboring somalia catherine so is our correspondent following the story joining us from. what we do we think this is going to go. well it really depends on the magistrate we are still waiting on him he's going to be giving his valedictory in this court house from around 1130 g.m.t. but it's also important to note peter that it's at his discretion he could even decide to postpone the ruling but we have i have spoken to several security analysts who say that this case has gone on long enough it started in 20 in 2014 and they say that you know such terrorism related cases really need to be expedited so that they don't to the frustration and pain of the survivors and people who lost
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their loved ones in such attacks now like i said it started in 2014 initially there were 4 suspects one was acquitted so now in the dock are 3 suspects all kenyans of somali ethnicity charged with multiple offenses including conspiracy to commit a terrorist act committing a terrorist act aiding a terrorist organization and so warren and like i say we're waiting for this ruling that has a listen a lot of interest from across the world many journalists in the courtroom and we did manage to speak to some survivors and people who lost their loved ones on and off camera one man orated to us how he watched a security guard shot in the head and die right before him and he said he also shot up no injuries and he still has nightmares today to spoke to a father who lost his only son and this man could not. even after 7 years bring
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himself to no rates to us and we'll talk about his ordeal on camera so some of the survivors and those who lost their loved ones saying that they hope that what happens in the courtroom today is going to give them some sort of closure but others are saying what closure we already lost their loved ones but our loved ones but we hope that justice finally is going to be solved ok catherine you keep us posted i'm sure but in the meantime do stay close we'll come back to you if there are any developers conference with my ruby. kyrgyzstan opposition supporters are presenting against early results in sunday's parliamentary elections 3 pro-government parties that take 107 out of 120 seats observers will deliver their assessment on stations and vote rigging later on monday and shall stratford reports from the capital bishkek allegations of fraud the election. i was expecting a package there from charles better than
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a package from paul from charles is charles live charles welcome to the news hour protests called by the opposition they're already underway. that's right some sizable numbers now about an hour ago that we saw this crowd joined by another crowd of supporters of various opposition groups join them here in this main square and say around around about 5000 people here. what's interesting in the last was that there have been cools initially there were different groups different supporters carrying their various respective flags for the parties and we've had cools in the last for those flags we pull down a very body to start using and waving the kyrgyzstan flag we've heard chants of unity amongst calling for unity amongst the supporters and we've actually in just the last few minutes been hearing the challenge. directed to
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the president of kyrgyzstan. so yeah i begin to case just how on the happy. opposition supporters are as these election results still continue to drip through bear in mind that the preliminaries that results the still only 98 percent. counted the election commission those started manually counting we understand they're saying that they've counted around 40 percent of votes so far there are rumors that we may well see a final result even by the end of the day and what of those pro-government policies there in the lead could be kind of destructive rivalry going on between them. yeah this is a very interesting point that there are some who shall we say very colorful characters involved in. various parties across the political spectrum here
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government pro-government and opposition but a lot of the focus of attention in the run up to this election is being played towards was what he called the clan here and now the mitral is a very powerful family based in the south the leader of that plant a man called rainbow. is widely believed to been heavily involved in the funding of the presidential campaign in 2017 for the current president but he is very much a head of instrumental as well in the founding of one of the leading pro-government . party could make in kyrgyzstan he's also supported by some allies in the north not to put too fine a point on it one man that is a convicted murderer that has managed to escape serving what he was convicted for 25 year jail sentence for murder he also served 33 years of a 5 year term for kidnapping he's
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a big supporter of this all of this clan the. list here is saying speculating as to whether we could see a push by the money troubles. trying to garner some sort of guarantees from the president if not more the word sort of it's payback time now from the president seeing as as i say the leader of this clan a very powerful man here. supports the president so heavily in his presidential campaign so yeah there is no way a sense of unity amongst the pro-government parties here one could arguably say that certainly today there seems to be a lot more unity amongst the opposition groups. changing quite rapidly certainly on the ground and as i say we'll be expecting potentially the final results of this election even by the end of the day ok we'll come back to you if and when that
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happens johnny thanks very much for the reporting live the news from bush. time whether he is evident things i must pray that we've had more flooding in west africa i'm afraid it's been a very wet rainy season across central africa and he can satellite picture the showers extend all the way from the ethiopian highlands now running across sudan south sudan right into the gulf of guinea and pushing right across into the western side of the continent we've even seen some showers recently unusually wet weather into western sahara and that has brought some flooding here as well now we're going to say some wetter weather just lingering across the part of west africa see this little clutch of storms in the area of white cloud just into central parts of nigeria and that resulted in some flooding further north there we go with those showers around western sahara and that's going to push some wet weather up towards a canary says go through the next couple days again possibility of little bit of localized flooding i'm hopeful that the rains in central parts of nigeria pushing
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across benito go ghana into ivory coast will sink a little further southwards as we go on through the next day or 2 but those showers extend right across the heart of africa and we will even see some rain over the next day i'd say grassy pushing up into west somalia again that could cause some flooding further south we got some very heavy rain into south africa inland as well johannesburg pushing across into southern parts of botswana again a possibility of some flooding here and that rain stays in the picture over the next couple of days but heading a little dry to the south peter everton thanks very much we'll talk to live from shore still to come here on the news for you colombia's fog rebels claimed responsibility for a series of stories murders but his doubts over the confession. and with a record amount of land already up in flames in california fire chief says. one of the worst is yet to come and the sports the italian league game that was missing one vital element has come to see with us story in about 15 x. .
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rewind we turn. up on the best al-jazeera documentary i would compare it to a onion we haven't done in the fleetest buffet's a hug from all the wrong city. mo town to bring. it out here in the soil learning about health by eating good business train my wife i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera. is nicer it's a manager is a materials like tool finds its looks his brown is clued out points me he doesn't say we need to call you fox news or is this just we just see it in class. i am mentioning i've only done. all of your pick up.
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my nigerian on al-jazeera. come back here watching the news on peach it'll be here and your headline news story is the capital of not going to cut about is on the renewed bombardment as a vision says a medium forces are intensifying attacks on both cities both sides of us each other of targeting civilians. this year's nobel prize for medicine. has gone to the team who discovered the hepatitis c. virus the work of americans harvey alter and charles weiss and burton michael morton was on it in stockholm the prize is seen as especially significant this year as the world grapples with
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a current virus pandemic. donald trump the us president has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for cook at 19 to drive by the hundreds of his supporters gathered outside he has been criticized for doing this on senior doctor at the hospital labeling it irresponsible. is an associate research professor of microbiology and immunology at georgetown university medical center she says while mr trump does appear to be getting better the messages around his recovery have been confusing. leaving the hospital obviously that's not what is recommended when one is on quarantine. the president has access to resources most people don't have but normally one doesn't. doesn't recommend that the person leave their quarantine site to have to go to joyride. he didn't expose the crowd but here in the secret service were certainly in a small closed space together it's really difficult to interpret the messages that have been shared and clearly there is there are issues of patient confidentiality
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even for the president and clinicians are bound by their duty to be somewhat cautious about what information they share that's that they've been very forthcoming in listing the cocktail of medications which are a combination of a antibody an engineered monoclonal antibody treatment that is. experimental dexamethasone which is generally reserved for patients who appear to be very severely ill and have worsening condition with a need for supplemental oxygen. and the run does appear as is has been approved for emergency use authorization it is a little bit it seems to be a little bit of a scatter shot method from the outside just trying a bit of everything which doesn't really match with the reports that his condition is is pretty mild in that he's good he's improving quickly the u.s.
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attorney general is in quarantine as a precaution william barr has had for negative courbet 19 tests since friday but he was at the super spreader ceremony at the white house along with several republican politicians who then went on to confirm they were infected so too is the former trump aide kellyanne conway who mr barr was seen talking to. islanders in the south pacific territory of new caledonia have narrowly voted to stay part of france the results of the 2nd referendum in 3 years follows a long running tensions between different communities indigenous connex on independence and descendants of colonial settlers campaigned to remain loyal to france silver as more. sunday's independence referendum was closely fought and marked by a high turnout just under half of voters said yes to ending almost 170 years the french rule but a narrow majority still voted no i don't like any we won tomorrow new caledonia
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will rise and it will still be french so that's a good thing. it was the 2nd vote on that issue in 2 years and while french loyalists prevailed again the results should prove independence forces are getting close to securing a majority of. the numeric order guarantees 3 days we have to keep that in mind we've done 282-020-2022 awaits us that means the disappointment is just for tonight because those who are disappointed or who are crying tomorrow the sun rises tomorrow cannot he needs you to continue to do its work so that in 2022 full sovereignty will be affected. the decolonization plan was agreed to we $998.00 put an end to violence between the mostly probably dependents in this population and the descendents of european settlers and or the agreement another referendum can be held in 2022 if that's the will of at least
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a 3rd of lawmakers president the man will mark home valve that france will continue holding its end of the bargain while declaring himself humbled by send these type results it's addict us on to explain me the voters have expressed their opinion in the majority confirm their wish for new caledonia to remain in france. as head of state i welcome the sign of confidence and republic with a deep sense of gratitude i also welcome the results with humility the new caledonian archipelago is 1200 kilometers east of australia and 1350 kilometers west of fiji it's a part of the world where chinese influence is growing and where france would like to retain a foothold new caledonian voters have been sure that for the time being that will continue to be the case when the silver al-jazeera. catherine era's is a professor of economics of the university of new caledonia she says the economic independence movement will continue to gain momentum despite the votes remain under
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french influence. i think it's a it's a huge victory among can i care to connect the independent east and connect people . there i think they were expecting such. as they were expecting air and in queens a yes vote that not is so high and i think that's a big victory for them and that makes them confident about what's going on here. in france of france east which he it's important for france to have an influence here and the self they see fit because they are not so many other french former colonies he are armed so it's very important for france to see and of course if it's not france maybe it could be some also big po-r. into a region that scan far far for them you could be an interest to i mean china is easy is present is here in everyone's a small or small but
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a few countries so or that that's a real. thing that's changed of course could be until easter but anyway i don't think that's. even. independence or clear that's france we're. just new going to do and yeah like that so i am pretty sure that this is the presence of france we'll see pretty pretty high and important. for a 9th consecutive week tens of thousands of by the russians of march in the capital to demand the resignation of president alexander lukashenko the demonstrators want political prisoners freed is laura burton manly. forward with water cannon. going through the arm to police and under threat of the wrath. are you killing. tens of thousands of people remained undeterred i have continued to protest for
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more than 2 months. that since the opposition says the election on the 9th of august when president alexander lukashenko claimed a landslide victory was ripped i presently shank it didn't know it and that tool food and was inaugurated last month a year sternness those advances seriously and i think that having been in power for 26 years look at china has completely departed from the reality you cannot understand that his time is over he's afraid of the new leaders who can take power and use it efficiently. i think that time is on our side this movement when people come to show their solidarity they will to win and freedom cannot be ignored it upsets the authorities would i these people say they are also angry about police brutality and arbitrary arrests of opposition politicians and protesters i have many gathered outside towards of pristina detention center
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shouting let them and. they refer to it as a new tool is to change the. law demanding the release of the prisoners names the pinning to the tools of the detention center of the protests continue in iran and this is their main message to their governments they are not stopping and they will carry on and effect only the government doesn't really know what to do in the circumstances they understand that the policy of terror of doesn't really work but they don't have any other strategy they don't seem to want to engage in any sort of negotiations. many western governments agree that the election was fruity and this week the european union put sanctions on 40 pound russian nationals for their roles in the election the u.s. has put sanctions on 8 bell russian officials and britain and canada have imposed travel bans and asset freezes on pricing because shanker and other officials.
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and with the government unwilling to negotiate and the opposition is likely to continue the protests if the political deadlock shows no sign of ending soon. as a man out of her. restaurants in france are closing for 15 days as part of new coronavirus restrictions to reduce the spread and the alert level in paris has been raised to the maximum france has at least 32000 virus related deaths and more than 600000 reported infections russia has recorded the highest number of new infections in a day since the month of may close to 11000 to confer over a 3rd of them in moscow the pandemic is blamed 421000 russian deaths and more than a 1000000 infections. muslims have returned to the holy site of mecca to vom part of the pilgrimage after saudi arabia partially lifted virus restrictions a maximum of $6000.00 people per day are permitted to enter the grand mosque during
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the 1st phase of reopening saudi arabia allowed less than 1000 people to attend july's pilgrimage more than 2000000 people usually attend. 15 political detainees held in egyptian prisons have been executed this week according to a human rights group the activist from the we record egypt organization says those executed have been imprisoned for their involvement in various cases since the 2013 coup there has been an increase in executions since president abdel fattah el-sisi came to power. former commanders of the fark rebels in colombia have accepted responsibility for 6 of sasa nations including a former presidential candidate the admission has shocked many colombians asunder m.p.'s he reports now from the capital bogota. in a surprise announcement colombia's peace court said former 5 gravels took responsibility for 6 assassinations including that of. the next presidential
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candidate. the special jurisdiction for peace informs that the chamber for truth responsibility and facts determination has received a letter in representation of the former secretariat of the fock e.p. in which they offered to provide coote clarify the events and as you responsibility in the following cases on the site of. the november 2nd 1995. the claim has shocked colombians who have long believed that the killing of the 3 times conservative party presidential candidate was the responsibility of political rivals with links to the military and drug cartels the accusations pointed at former president mr some pair who allegedly received millions in contributions from drug traffickers to finance his campaign in a press release the leaders of the feyerick who are now part of
1:44 pm
a legal political party said that killing goma sort of the was a mistake and that they now recognize this commitment to peace in the country promising to reveal the whole truth but some including relatives have gone and president or sewing doubt about the revelations accusing the fark of faking responsibility to protect others since they will not face prison time in the peace tribunal. who made the call for phillips task but it can't allow for an attempt to obstruct the true responsibility behind the murder because pretending to take responsibility for these crimes when they're already guarantees that no one will go to jail generates doubts suspicions and concerns. i've only got to say. at some analysts say that however surprising these revelations are credible and a hopeful sign for the peace accord. whatever is revealed will inevitably become
1:45 pm
a political debate it demonstrates how little we know the court will have to investigate and will have the last word yet i think that the murders are coherent with the way operated there are many more things that the fog has to reveal and he's now time for colombia's political establishment to do the same. despite the shock the revelations show that the country's fledgling peace tribunal is moving forward to trying to bring clarity to a still murky and violent past alison. abandoned talks with the international monetary fund for a loan package worth nearly $2000000000.00 following days of street protests many costa ricans work in the tourism industry which is hit hard because of the pandemic the president carlos want to warn of inflation higher unemployment and a weaker currency with foreign help but he faced opposition in congress over his proposal to raise taxes and freeze public sector wages. at least 50 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire in new zealand firefighters say it's
1:46 pm
a miracle no one was hurt in a remote village on the south island the place started and a forest near lake on the south island strong winds fanned the flames towards the village. wildfires still burning in california and setting new records for amount of land that's been scorched runnels now from los angeles. wildfires have beseeched california since august when thousands of lightning strikes ignited tinder dry forest and brush scorching hot weather low humidity and high winds turned small blazes into monsters burning hundreds of homes and consuming 4 percent of the entire land area in the state a total of 8155 fires have burned to date hundreds of homes have been destroyed and at least 31 people have died it's never happened before in recorded history a largest record we have before this for an annual earned was 1500000 if
1:47 pm
it can't be understated but we're getting an unprecedented number of acres burned across the state and unfortunately we are just getting into some of the most critical fire months in california the somber record was reported in a tweet from cal fire the state's firefighting agency. nearly 17000 firefighters are trying to contain 2 dozen active fires are only. officials say the so-called glass fire burning in northern california is famous wine country is now their top priority it has incinerated vineyards and wineries and forced thousands to evacuate including the entire town of kalak stoga 110 kilometers north of san francisco the climate in california has turned much drier over the years making trees and brush more likely to burn our research also shows
1:48 pm
that as global warming continues in the coming decades we can expect to see further intensification of these extreme wildfire weather conditions the primary reason. is the very strong effect of the warming has on the dryness of the vegetation with 2 more months before the fire season ends it looks like california is headed for more destruction robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. the united nations refugee agency in gaza is turning schools into distributions answers to help those most in need now the start of the pandemic was forced to suspend its aid because of khirbet 900 safety restrictions has been. in the shati refugee camp near gaza city people queue up the food parcels many live in extreme poverty and for then aid provided by is a matter of survival at that that leaves there are 8 people in my family before the
1:49 pm
pandemic the economic situation was already bad and now after the outbreak everything stopped no work no life there is nothing in gaza we depend on food parcels and the charity we get from volunteers and or is working gaza was made more difficult by the us decision 2 years ago to end its $360000000.00 annual contribution the impact of the current virus and the disruption to food handouts because of health and safety restrictions has increased anxiety levels say many cars and this and this is very it will be a humanitarian catastrophe if stops the aid to palestinians people will not have food to eat most of gaza's population about 80 percent depend on this. report a little bit early you're looking at you know who is the turkish foreign minister he's there on the podium to his right your left is the nato secretary general. we
1:50 pm
understand that talking about the trouble between greece and turkey in the eastern med to do with oil and gas exploration rights in and around the area near cyprus let's listen in to what's being said is a pull to the by the need to because the nato has to do this and at the same time the secretary general has played a great role in sorting out these kinds of problems and disputes in addition to his efforts to support poland and we thank you really that's look at the general the nato also for his role in afghanistan and we allies we think that with the global in a quick way by the americans for all of ghana's and is not properly right we within the nato we must have taken such a decision after consultations within the nato and there are so
1:51 pm
many problems facing us and we need to overcome all these problems plus. big support should be given to us by the national community and we need to support the nato mission over there. this hasn't been done properly not because of us let's say what's going on in iraq for example iraq is now facing these his problems the problems that i told the secretary general about our view regarding the situation in iraq we also talked about the situation in libya and we spoke about the turkish it's been exhibited to reach a last thing. holding. fighting in libya we are still on the waiting for
1:52 pm
a clear cut situation regarding our fights against the terrorist organizations some of the member states now supporting openly to the page and this is not right this is a good as the international laws. and we have informed the secretary general all that they had to with that. objecting him personally but we are objecting those people who are doing such a hostile activity as we. as nato members have to sort out the matters of defense of industrial is within nato and we focus sample have both as $100.00 system and this has caused the slope of sensitivity within the nato but we need this
1:53 pm
and. must provide this for its army regarding the defensive in those tours and other than does tours and who will there must be a sort of cooperation and there must be support from the allies we spoke about this with the nato secretary general. we as allies. in the vigil will continue participation in the nato budget and then the nato mission as we are amongst those a generous countries participating in the little budget we would continue that i'd like to thank once again the sake of the general than that for his visit and the rule is his. this is really great to be back in ankara and to meet you again and thank you for the very warm welcome turkey's highly valued and ally making
1:54 pm
important contributions to our shared security turkish showed solidarity with allies and partners. during that pandemic of providing substantial support in our common fight against the 19 you are all know the largest contributors to our training mission in afghanistan which is helping to create to their conditions for peace you are also part 2 over missions in kosovo and iraq and you play a major role in the fight against terrorism so turkey is valued ally contributing to nato in many different ways nato also contributes to the security over turkey but augmenting your air defense against missile attacks from syria and by increasing our air and naval presence poland has announced as you mentioned. it is the priority and maritime patrol aircraft and all their allies are also
1:55 pm
planning to increase their support for turkey so nato remains a strongly committed to turkish security. today we discussed the tensions in the east and mediterranean we have now established a military de confliction mechanism to did use the risks of instance and accidents in the region this includes a commitment to use a secure hotline that has been set up between greece and turkey available 247 the mechanism was achieved through the constructive engagement of turkey and greece at nato headquarters. and paid tribute to to both allies for the efforts and we stand ready to develop it further the de confliction mechanism can help to create the space for diplomatic efforts it is my
1:56 pm
firm hope that the underlying disputes can now be addressed purely through negotiations and this spit it out so that it then on international law. we face a number of difficult issues that makes it even more important for me to address them directly with the turkish leadership we are concerned about the consequences of turkish acquisition of the s 400 system to system can pose a risk to our aircraft that can lead to us sanctions this is a national a decision for turkey to make but as 400 cannot be integrated into nato air and missile defense system urged turkey to work with all their allies to find alternative solutions and we discussed this during our meeting today. we also address the complicated situation in libya and syria and that the continued violence in and around. we are deeply concerned by the escalation of will still it
1:57 pm
is all sides should immediately cease fighting and find a way forward towards a peaceful solution and i expect turkey to use its considerable influence to call tensions. we have had important discussions on some of the most pressing challenges of today and i look forward to discussing them with president other wrong later on today as well natal offers a platform for such exchanges among allies among friends so there minister remember that thank you once again for a constructive and timely meeting and for turkish commitment to our alliance on thank you for posting here once again thank you. your new song and same book and i'm thinking also you can alter. the question to
1:58 pm
the menace to. the city. you at the moment i mean spoke about a mania during your a meetings. i should remain here has started the aggression against the civil areas how will you how could you evaluate such an aggression and how could you evaluate the nato response to this aggression a question to the secretary general. in. 20. nato summit you said that has important role remains is does ferry the natural gas to turkey lead so late in. if there is attack against these pipelines what will be that nato
1:59 pm
reaction. thank you very much for the question. the attack against the civilians is not new the history said that 650 civilians in largely have been killed in a. way this is clear in july the armenians attack the civilians one side again. now days. in the areas of the civilians and that there is yet. i mean it has attacked them so many have lost their lives. is. a very political situation ethically because i mean it is attacking the civilians that is committing i woke. the ruby john is
2:00 pm
fighting it within its borders and is trying to get rid of the. those who occupied territories and everyone has to support in this regard as you said. over the international organizations and all the country is worldwide. trying to be balanced. trying to make statements in support of a mania but. france for example which is a member in the mix apartheid supporting i mean yeah and the situations have to be objective and there must be a real steps to be taken to so such a quiet.


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