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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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china. context these are the things in storytelling around the biggest issues. and today you should do it again. the on. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes president trying tells people not to be afraid of cove it as he prepares to leave hospital in the next hour and a half. though he may not entirely be other words yet the team and i agree that all
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are evaluations and most importantly his clinical status support the president safe return home. this says the virus spreads through the white house with press secretary caylee mcenaney the latest the test positive plus. security forces a look inside the school. police in kurdistan break up protests by opposition parties a shot out of parliament by sunday's elections. u.s. president donald trump says he will leave hospital in an hour and a half and despite the u.s.'s toll from the coronavirus now officially passing 210000 the president has origin americans not to be afraid of covert 19 tweeting from hospital earlier trump said he would be leaving walter reed medical
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center at 2230 g.m.t. on monday he encouraged people to not let the virus dominate their lives to save the country has really great drugs and knowledge and that he felt better than he did 20 years ago well doctors treating president trump have explained why they think he can continue recovering at the white house over the past 24 hours the president has continued to improve he's met or exceeded all standard hospital discharge criteria to receive another dose of him does appear here today and then we plan to get him home it's been more than 72 hours since his last fever oxygen levels clothing to exaggerations and his work breathing are all normal. though he may not entirely be out of the woods yet the team and i agree that all are evaluations and most importantly is clinical status support the president safe return home where he'll be surrounded by world class medical care 247. well
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meanwhile the list of white house officials testing positive for covert one team is growing rapidly press secretary kelly mcenaney is the latest prominent west wing figure to be diagnosed with the virus at least 2 other communications aides plus other mid-level staffers have also tested positive mcenaney says she's experiencing no symptoms she is among several staff members who say they had not been told about the diagnosis of trump 8 hope picks who was also working out of the west wing former new jersey governor chris christie says no staff members wore masks or socially distanced during preparations for last tuesday's presidential debate christie is in hospital after also testing positive for the coronavirus and u.s. attorney general william barr is self isolating despite this thing negative for the virus 4 times since friday he attended a potential super spreader event had the white house last week let's go live now to
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our white house correspondent kimberly halkett who is outside the walter reed military hospital in bethesda which is of course where the president is for now but not for much longer kimberly we are expecting him to leave in about an hour and a half from now this is a president that has also always tried to i guess either use events as a t.v. appearances perhaps hour we expecting him to leave the hospital. well we expect but i can tell you definitely what the president will be doing is likely departing the same way he arrives via air force or rather marine one which is his helicopter but no official confirmation of that but certainly this would be something that would allow for a higher level of security than weaving through the streets of washington d.c. which is what would be necessary now in preparation for that whether it be a motorcade or whether it be by air you can see behind me that the crowd of
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supporters is quite close that's because they've been pushed back the perimeter is been pushed back to give the necessary space for that motorcade or air lift that is scheduled to take place in about 90 minutes time now the u.s. president has continued to tweet in fact he did tweet about the stock market and highs of the closing of the business day here in the united states in just the last hour or so this is a president that is trying to project the despite cope with $1000.00 at a positive diagnosis that at for at least very briefly cost him to have a spike in fever of up to 103 degrees farenheit required oxygen very briefly that he believes he is back in the words of his physician dr sean conley and now the president set to resume work out the white house he did that continue his official duties from a presidential suite at walter reed medical center behind me but now he is going to go and continue to recuperate at the white house where there is
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a fully outfitted medical office staff 24 hours a day by nurses as well as doctors now in terms of the president his prognosis we know because of his underlying health conditions his advanced age that he still is at risk in fact his physician acknowledging that he's not out of the woods if you will in terms of danger and till at least monday that means that he will need to continue to recover even as he wishes to campaign we're now. 29 days until the u.s. election of november 3rd the president will be able to do that now the other thing that isn't clear is exactly when the president tested negative and when he tested positive that is something that is still somewhat of a mystery as is also the damage to the president's organs from his infection the white house physician was not forthcoming when it came to the president's lung scans and whether or not there was any scarring so still a lot of mystery about the president's treatment here some of it is protected by
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patient confidentiality but some of it just simply hasn't been forthcoming this white house has been sketchy with the details at times trying to project something very positive in terms of the president's situation only for us to find later that the president had a few brushes with a dire situation where he required oxygen and he required some attentiveness so that doesn't appear to be the case now but again he will require monitoring for at least another week and kimberly the coronavirus who is always going to be the key issue all of this election campaign really how do you think that's likely to change the campaign obviously don trump may not be beyond the campaign trail for at least another week but when it comes to the way that the themes are tackled them thinking of some of the tweets that he has published for example saying don't be afraid of kovac how do you think he's got to handle the covert issue in the next few weeks. we're getting a sense of it from that tweet that you're referencing by the president where he said don't be afraid of coven don't let it dominate your life well for many people
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that is simply not an option they have to go to work they have to be at risk particular if they're front line essential workers and they may not always have the same access to health care or quality of health care as the president so it will dominate some of the fears and also for many families who have experienced death of a loved one in the case of more than 200000 americans that will dominate their thoughts and their lives so the president may gets a push back for that but how do you see the shaping up in terms of talking points for this campaign is that this president is spinning this as something that he confronted head long head on that he took on the challenge of covert 19 so far has been able to defeat it or at least conquer it least temporarily again he is not in the clear just yet but it's going to try and use this is a contrast to his running a rather his rival joe biden the democratic presidential nominee who the president has been quite forthcoming in criticizing saying that he is hiding in his basement
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that he is overly cautious scaling back his campaign schedule something we didn't see from the president and perhaps he paid the price for it it's unclear at this time but certainly this is how we're seeing the president characterize this as he what he has from the beginning he tries to project strength even as there is obviously some fallibility of this president he's more like the rest of us he was not able to fully continue to operate with cope with 19 and that is something that was displayed to the american people so we'll see how this plays out again election day 29 days away and this president certainly trying to draw a contrast even with this illness against his rival joe biden came from the house with the latest kimberly for the moment thank you. well trump and members of his staff are just a handful of the 7400000 americans have tested positive since the pandemic has begun the more than 2000 people also reported to have died in the u.s.
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just since trump's diagnosis and nearly 150000 cases have been confirmed in that time at least 21 states are now reporting a rise in coven 1000 cases that's according to johns hopkins university schools in new york's hot spot neighborhoods will be closed from tuesday as the state tries to get ahead of the quickening spread. well we're now joined by one person who has been impacted directly of course by the coronavirus that's kristin or kissa her father was a crime supporter who died from the corona virus in june and she spoke about him at the democratic convention she joins us via skype from san francisco a kristin kreuk is a thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so when you see donald trump's tweet where he says don't let coronavirus dominate your life how does that make you feel what do you make of a message like that from the president it is
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a slap in the face to the more than 210000 families who have lost someone to cope and quite frankly it is criminal and dangerous because it's creating the conditions for this pandemic to thrive tell us a little bit more about your father he was a trump supporter how big a part of that the president's words actions or lack of actions play in the way that your father dealt with the coronavirus and perhaps at a note the way you acted using master social distancing for example. in the beginning my dad believed that the current virus was really all he gladly were a mask practiced physical distancing but once in april and may when the president started saying that we were on the other side of the pandemic and that if you didn't have an underlying health condition it was safe to be out there my dad listened to him and when the state of reality of arizona reopened when the governor said that it was safe to resume normal activities my dad thought it was safe
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and so what would you like president trump who has contracted the coronavirus himself out of messages would you like to see perhaps come from him because he is saying you know the doctors are saying he's not out of the woods but he is going home it's not a normal home he'll have medical treatment at the white house of course but what what messages would you like to see come from him now i mean the president needs to do his fundamental job which is take care of the public health of the american people he can do that by not downplaying the virus and not continuing to spread lies about how dangerous this says there was a recent study from cornell that came out that said over a 3rd of the misinformation around coded in the united states can be linked to one person and that person is donald trump. looking at your twitter profile obviously you talk about your father and also you say yourself you're trying to
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start a movement how many other people have you been in touch with or have reached out to you who have found themselves in a similar situation or not just losing a loved one to cove it but i suppose a blaming the the president of the political structure that effectively told them that the danger wasn't as high as they lot of soul. the organization that i've launched mark baker has found an overwhelming amount of supporters who feel exactly like we whether or not they're of loss of loved one or are survivors they see that the president and the republican party and more or less is basically spreading misinformation and creating the conditions for this virus to thrive and cost needless preventable death. when your father got sick did you get the sense that perhaps he felt betrayed by the kind of advice that he'd
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been given or do you get the sense that other people in the us right now where you are are also realizing that the advice that they've had from the highest office was actually perhaps not the best one they could have had one of the conversations or last conversations i had with my dad right before he went into the hospital was about this very topic he and i we didn't agree on politics ever but we always talked politics and one of the last things he said to me was that he felt sites wiped and i followed up and said do you does that mean you felt betrayed and there was a long process which for my dad is rare and he said yes i feel betrayed. kristen or quis or thank you so much for having joined us and also for sharing your you know painful memories of your father cristo thank you so much thank you. now democratic presidential nominee joe biden has called on donald trump to make
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the wearing of masks man the tree across the usa the nation's coronavirus crisis is far from over the former vice president made the comments during a campaign event in miami's little havana where he was also the sky economic growth for the hispanic community. experts say universal maskey could save between now and january a 100000 lives they say that again between now and january. mandatory masking could save 800000 lives. you know i backed that mandate months ago he should back it now. since a president at the hospital on friday. more than 100000 since friday where the 100000 more people have been diagnosed with coburn. and this week at least 5000 more will die. cases and thus are climbing to many states.
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i hope the president's recovery swift is successful but our nation's covert crisis is far far from over. more now about this with and the gallagher who joins us from miami where of course joe biden was speaking how do we think i mean base the specially on what we just heard from the presidential nominee how do we think that the fact that the her top was hospitalized with cove it is actually going to impact biden's campaign. well i think what we're seeing from the former vice president is a very deliberate strategy he could quite easily point out the fact that the president mocked him for wearing a mask about 1st presidential debate he could mocking about all sorts of things but what the pope former vice president joe biden is doing is talking about science talking about a mask mandate the number of lives that could potentially save between now and january nothing that's an important strategy of course joe and joe biden have both
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wished the president the very best in a speedy recovery but he's very much now focused on telling voters that he is the science based candidate for the presidency so what he's saying is if i win in november there will be a mosque monday we will tackle this corona virus which of course is far from over we're seeing in certain states now cases rising once again even in new york city which at one time was the epicenter so it is a deliberate strategy i think from joe biden that he is talking about science science should be the guiding light in all of this and i think we will see that going forward and also incidentally joe biden is saying that he will debate with the president here in miami on october the 15th if the doctors say the president is good and ready and there are no health risks that's the kind of thing i think we will hear from joe biden going forward just as in that 1st debate he didn't really interface with the president he looked to the camera and address the american
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people and i think that's very much what he's doing right now and then you mentioned that debate florida of course always has been a key state what's it looking like there for example when it comes to. the sort of the campaign between biden drum. well i mean joe biden today is very deliberately as he was when he came last month talking to latino and hispanic voters because he's not doing so well with them there is a good reason for that not is that president trump has been pushing this idea that joe biden is a socialist something that scares a lot of latino and hispanic voters who have come here from different countries like venezuela and guatemala and honduras except where the list goes on so what he's trying to do is convince those voters in a very important battleground swing state that he is more of a moderate candidate and that he won't go too far to the left because that is their basic fear remember there are a 1000000 cuban americans in miami alone they call it the 2nd largest city of cuba
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and most of those people according to the latest polls are donald trump supporters so he's trying to swing those back in his direction while at the same time obviously talking about how he would tackle this global pandemic and the galley go with the latest there from miami andy thank you ok let's talk more about the president's health now with dr eric feigele deng on the e.p. the neurologist and senior fellow at the federation of american scientists sir thank you so much for joining us again here on al-jazeera so we have a picture painted for a spy the medical team who spoke about an hour and a half ago saying the president had had a fever in about 72 hours as oxygen levels were normal the years on a rendez of years going to get the 5th dose on tuesday i appreciate you don't have access to his exact medical records but but what do you make of his condition right now. well i think its condition is still very uncertain because there is a seesaw effect this virus can be healthy makes you see healthy today for but then
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you could be shortness of breath tomorrow this virus you know that if you create a senior oxygen you have one in 4 chance of dying in many studies that we've previously seen even ones out some of the so wish there is a very serious drug that deluge of basically says you should not use or for anyone mild because this drug can actually suppress your immune system and only if it's serious or critical and yet these still give it to him so that's essentially a sign that it's very problematic and the drug makes you feel better but may not actually make the virus come to an end immediately so he's still in the washer waiting period sure there have been a lot of people who have recovered from kovac but then suffer from what could be called i suppose long co there that's what some people are calling it anyway which means that you still have symptoms not necessarily respiratory ones but either
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brain fog or intense 15 is what a lot of people complain of i guess there's no way of knowing whether the president might or will suffer from those but considering that he is an older man and has other issues as well how likely is it. you know this is rooted in this and this lone code describing covert long term we obviously don't have you know one year or more studies givens as a new buyers but in south korea they found 91 percent of people had long coded like these chronic symptoms especially brain and other you know mental sharpness conditions and other study was 50 percent but this is a suit regardless it is a substantial number of people who suffer this it's a teacher and brain fog illness and i think you know given child's age also his wrist doctors of being obese that he is could suffer for quite a much long oh much more longer while so again he's not out of the woods yet he has
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so much is marci still infectious it has to be said that the doctors were asked whether there had been any mental side effects and one of them replied he's back as in the president is back but let's focus on contagion now how long does it take for someone not to be contagious or at least how long could it take is right now the doctors are kind of hailing monday next week as sort of that they by which they'll have a clear idea but does that necessarily mean that the president is not going to be contagious by next monday. oh on average from the moment you show symptoms on average 10 days until you're not infectious anymore but again it depends on your isa so now quickly you can fight it off so even if from 10 days from last thursday when you start showing symptoms it's still monday is right on the cusp and again the average just means half the people are shorter half the people are longer and this illness some people test positive for many many weeks and even
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a month or 2 afterwards granted it's a lot of these tests are by respondents but you can't be if you can't know for sure so the best can goes conservative thing is to actually stay confined to not go out and campaign because there is still always a lingering chance you could still be factious for quite a while i would say 20 days to be safe. today also marks when the u.s. has passed 821-0000 the deaths from cope with 19 and we've seen the president tweet things saying like don't be afraid of it don't let it dominate your life how important do you think messaging is when it comes to this critical point that the u.s. is facing that many of the countries of a potential 2nd wave. absolutely in some places the central 3rd wave or 3rd peak u.s. might be entering their phase near future with rising possible stations again this
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don't be afraid i think it's not that you know we should be like you know live in a for a 4th year it's about a caution you can so you don't be afraid but then at same time encourage everyone to wear masks and don't just rely on for example the white house on one layer of fencing there's this you have to take a multi-pronged strategy you have to reduce your fear by increasing the ventilation assume it is air assault where mass vent ventilates on use hepa filters with merv's 13 or higher filtration all these things are so so critical then you can be less fearful but if you go to a restaurant without any mask or bar without any mask i would be very careful. not to eric if i go ding just one senior fellow at the federation of american scientists always good to get your views thank you for it now the number of
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confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide meanwhile has now passed 35000000 but the world health organization says about a 10th of the world's population may have been infected meaning that most people are still at risk it's the rector general is calling for global unity to defeat the virus i will never be tired of calling for. finger pointing will not prevent a single infection at pushing blame will not save a single life what saves lives is national unity and global solidarity everyone must play their part from the individual decisions we make to protect ourselves and others to the discussions we will have this week on behalf of the people we serve. russia has recorded its highest number of new infections in a day since may close to 11000 cases were reported on monday more than
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a 3rd of them in the capital moscow the pandemic is blamed 421000 russian deaths and more than a 1000000 infections. meanwhile the u.k.'s health minister says a technical issue that cause nearly 16000 cases of covered 19 to go unreported hasn't changed the government's outlook on the pandemic the glitch caused the number of daily reported british cases to jump to almost 23000 on sunday because they were overlooked many people who came into contact with active cases have not been informed of the reports. britain's testing system was supposed to be world beating but the latest problems of forced the government into an urgent investigation public health england the government body says it identified what it calls a technical error involving a spreadsheet last friday it seems columns of data had been missed off as a result almost 16000 positive test results were left out of official figures for
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a week the missing cases were added over the weekend so while daily reported infections had been around 7000 saturdays number was nearly 13000 and sunday's was almost 23000 contacts of those positive cases are now being alerted and told to self isolate 51 percent of the cases have now been contacted a 2nd time for contact tracing purposes i want to reassure the house that outbreak control in care homes schools and hospitals has not been directly affected because dealing with outbreaks in these settings does not primarily rely on this particular p.h.e. system but the episode raises the possibility that many thousands of people without symptoms may have spread covered 19 in the last week one of the most crucial points in this pandemic we learn that almost 16000 positive kate. went unreported for a week that means as many as $48000.00 come tox not traced or not
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isolating the latest delays will do little to improve the public's faith in the centralized system which involves private firms and public bodies it was launched months beyond shuttle and the percentage of contacts traced has been falling. meanwhile the weekly rate of new coronavirus cases has soared in dozens of areas mainly in northern england after the missing data was added in manchester now has the highest rate in england it's doubled to almost $500.00 cases per 100000 people the government's already under pressure in areas under specific restrictions affecting one in 4 people in england to explain the rationale behind some of the some regional politicians are now calling for more local control of testim trace the deep barbara al-jazeera. of course still to come in this news hour including cinemas across the u.k. and u.s. it shut down as the coronavirus probably 30 years to push back big name releases.
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and as more towns and cities come under attack the head of nato joins calls for an immediate ceasefire in the conflict over at nagorno-karabakh. but. the weather remains very unsettled across much of europe we do have some sunshine around in hot sunshine state down into that little southeastern corner of the mediterranean that's about it elsewhere huge rash of showers longer spells of rain our area of low pressure still swirling away there out into the north sea sin the process of wake me it will gradually make its way up towards a norwegian sea otherwise known as the graveyard of lows and then it will become something of a pastor concerned. plenty of showers rattling in from the atlantic still quite a brisk wind showers there moving across southern parts of france and some very wet
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weather setting in across parts of eastern europe say ukraine pushing up that belarus into that western side of russia will see some very heavy rain with the possibility of flooding here there's that hate 35 celsius in athens similar temperatures you go on through where to stay the west the weather continues to the east what's the weather back towards the balkans and blustery showers rattling in across a good parts of northern and central europe not too bad in spain portugal it has to be said as the case across northern parts of africa plenty of showers there just around the gulf of guinea light showers extending arad across into liberia into sierra leone and even if you show us to the north of that. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against. corruption is not something to be told and it. is
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a. country he's even let's destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space i want encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. cutting through the noise kernel of the character clearly a very hard way to go for broke the record on monday. because we're very large and you're monitoring the media listening post on al-jazeera.
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welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he'll leave hospital in the next hour and despite the u.s. death toll from the coronavirus passing 210000 people he's urged americans not to be afraid of covert 19 this is the list of white house officials testing positive for the virus keeps growing press secretary kelly mcenaney is the latest prominent figure to be diagnosed at least 2 other communications plus other mid-level staffers have also tested positive. riot police in the kurdistan capital have dispersed thousands of people protesting against sunday's election result which they say was for judgment at least 16 people were injured demonstrators are angry at early results which predict pro-government
12:33 am
parties will dominate parliament with $107.00 out of $120.00 seats the byram d.-ca or unity party whose list includes the president of sudan by even called spry other is leading with 24 percent of the vote make an encouraging stand or my motherland the kurdistan has just over 22 percent of the vote it's associated with the powerful in my time of clan but has avoided either aligning with or opposing the president only 2 other parties past the 70 percent threshold to win seats in parliament neither of them the main opposition parties kurdistan has a history of political turmoil in the past 15 years 2 presidents have been toppled by revolts and the 3rd is in prison after falling out with his successor well the current president has invited all political parties who took part in the vote to meet with him on tuesday from bishkek hears charles stratford.
12:34 am
the tester started gathering a lot of square in the center of bishkek only off to new opposition leaders called for unity among the various qualities and their supporters rejected preliminary results in sunday's parliamentary election that showed pro-government parties potentially winning but footsie of the 120 seats. demonstrators are demanding the rerun of the poll which want to position lead to describe just that tuesday kyrgyzstan's history needs maybe we're angry of the results because we say the government tricked everybody they created conditions for people to sell the votes allegations of election fraud a widespread as well as reports of parties bribing people for their support at the ballot box they demand new elections because we don't recognize. the results of the elections because of widespread fraud and intimidation
12:35 am
protest is challenging the president sure by june back up to step down people told us they had not seen any government protesters launches this since the revolution that overthrew president kurmanbek bakiyev in 2010. the fact that i'm staying here shows that i'm very angry with the results we had a lot of hope in this election and all hope has died his security forces have been transported on buses to a wooded pong close to the square. the protesters remain defiant. police on the outskirts of the square and if they attack us there will be another revolution the. city center square in the field a crowd of protesters tried to break through the gates of the call of the building . minutes later security forces moved in foreign tear gas and stun grenades the crowd fled into the surrounding streets. security forces.
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there. were thousands of people. it seems as if. the story when one of these elections or. the government seems. precinct. it's a crackdown on the. well bruce pannier is a correspondent with radio free europe covering central asia and he joins us now via skype from prague in the czech republic thank you so much for being with us here on the scene some shots there of riot police in kurdistan using tear gas and stun grenades to try to disperse those protests what do you think the chances are
12:37 am
of the situation escalating further in that country of some kind of either agreement. or perhaps even new elections. well the latest information i have suggested that 'd it actually has escalated it well a bit more the protesters were back on that the main square and there's even some reports on social networks that some of the protesters that got into the parliament building earlier in the day there was talk that a lot of people from other regions of kyrgyzstan were made in that way to the capital to try to participate in this also now as as your reporter said there's a meeting scheduled tomorrow morning to tuesday morning early 16 leaders of the opposition party are all the parties and they're supposed to try to cobble something together with the president but the way things are moving right now i don't know if they have that much time before the meetings so that when the sun comes up it could be a whole new world it carries on in a way like we have seen the country of bill of ruth's also change in the past few
12:38 am
weeks what do you think the chances of the carcass stand could become another bella bruce where we have seen protests as well. well you know yet again as it was mentioned in the report to be sent to seem to revolutions 20082002 so this in some ways this is familiar to them the bellew's protest has been kind of her truck that i mean it's been going on for 2 months now that that kind of thing did happen in care he sent 20 or 25 years ago but more recently when they do have these kind of protests have been seem to unfold very very quickly revolution in 2010 was about 48 hours between the time it started and the time it toppled come on back ok it was president so. if it was my guess i would say that whatever is going to happen what happened this week. was we've seen quite a lot of instability in russia's backyard with the ruthless with courage to stand the cornal caravaggio that's a slightly different situation 1st of all what do you think russia's role could be
12:39 am
in carcass than that also what have you made of the way that they've reacted to all these different situations. well you know russia pose a substantial role in kyrgyzstan they have a military base there for example and they're what they have been always one of the leading trade partners of course care the son was part of the soviet union so there's there's ties they go back a long ways and even know though care you status had 2 revolutions and it's interesting that russia has such a strong presence there and many people certainly in or speak russian very well they've never lost influence even up to those revolutions the leadership always seems to come to grips with the fact that without russia it would be very difficult for the country to get by russia supplies of oil for instance where the gas company is owned by gas from so there's a lot 'd of ties that bind the 2 countries together and i think russia is fairly count of the them no matter what leadership arises if there is a change in leadership they will have to look to russia for help in the future
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price pannier correspondent with radio free europe covering central asia pannier thank you and if you. more than 300 people were arrested during anti-government protests in béla reuss on sunday police used water cannon and slowed internet speeds as tens of thousands of people marched through the capital minsk as well as other cities sunday's rally was the latest in almost 2 months of demonstrations demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko and the release of all political prisoners opponents say that a rigged the oldest election to secure a 6 term in power. and 9 days into the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan both sides appear to be ramping up was still a tease over the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh the major chief added his voice to calls for an immediate ceasefire as the dozens of more casualties were reported in the deadliest fighting there for almost for more than 25 years the
12:41 am
remote mountainous region is officially part of us of by john but it's ethnically armenian and there's been an officially run by armenian forces since the end of a 6 year war in 1994 that got a look at our back says as ery forces have been launching sustained rocket strikes on its capital stepanek at but the fighting is fretting beyond a disputed region as a break john has reported several missile attacks on its 2nd largest city ganja and in men just severe from where is seen in qusay glow now reports. styles fired into maine governor ridge the 4th largest city in azerbaijan 2 of them hit a nearby hydro power complex which is the largest in the caucasus region as a real fish will say critical civilian infrastructure is under imminent threat our main yet denies that we are deeply concerned about the situation in their own god but we are of course watching the situation very carefully we have all seen the
12:42 am
reports about the increased number over casualties also civilians 1000000 casualties and of course. any fighting notice also poses a risk to all kinds of critical infrastructure good despite being far from the front line as our bridge on 2nd largest city was also attacked our men yet denies involvement in the killing of 6 civilians other azari cities such as tact orenburg death which are close and are going to car bomb were also targeted there that's about if we live in the city the armenian fascists have been bombing this town for days and spreading chaos in this place our homes were bombed and destroyed and we stayed in the middle like this everyone went. as a rage as militaries also in action had won a car a box main city stopping carriage has been have since sunday as the most intense the bombing of the city since the war in 1904 the town of sushi 10 kilometers from
12:43 am
stepanek and was also bombed all day monday azerbaijan armed forces started a target internationally syrian objects and operation as a result of which we have over the person casualties and much more wanted i mean yes prime minister is asking all the young men who have recently been demobilized to come back to join the battle. is urging them to fight to the death and ensure victory in this war the 2 former soviet republics have long been in. inflict or resurrect john's breakaway when they are at the core minyan region of nagano karbala. are the latest fighting now into its 2nd week follows cross border attacks in july when an already fragile says fire was broken. then as our bridges defense ministry threatened our menu with attacks on the met some more nuclear power plant this region serves as a corridor for pipelines carrying oil from the caspian sea to international markets
12:44 am
and a threat to stability heightens customers concerns about supply given the intense fighting going to nagano car a bog front line and we saw a striking densely populated areas many question just how far the 2 neighbors will carry the conflict the spite their domestic problems seen archosaur al-jazeera may get a reservation while listening mention their meaning as president has called for volunteers to join the fight in the god located about where this race has more from goddess in armenia. well is an indication i think of the pressure the no go no kind of back is that armenian president nicole passion has this evening hold on those recently demobilized a young man from the army to come back to fight these are young men who've done the 2 years obligatory military service and they cannot be forced to come back but the meaning the prime minister is asking them to come back his own son who finished
12:45 am
military service earlier in the summer has come back to join the fight but what's happening is that all ethnic armenians all going 'd to join the fight and to go in a car bomb this is not the armenian military or the country of amina fighting azerbaijan this is the enclave of nagorno-karabakh which is ethnically now meenie and medians coming to join the bhajan there clearly under pressure that the prime minister is having to ask young men to come back to the fight to already called up when the fighting started on the 27th old man to an 80 and 52 had already done their military service many years before and were in the reserves he's asked them to come back to fight so clearly there is a lot of demand for men on the ground to fight and we know that in the main town of nagorno-karabakh stepan aka today that has been relentless bombardment coming from the azerbaijan side the city the town was fit on sunday with that during that
12:46 am
bombardment and it was very intensive and i'm told today by people on the ground that it has been more intensive still an infrastructure is being targeted particularly electricity transmission stations we saw all those being targeted so yes and there are casualties people been wounded and 500 people killed as far as we know from some days from a bomb. the ruling party in ethiopia has north and stay to tea grace says that no longer recognizes the central government the taker people's the. aeration front accuses prime minister i.b.m. it of using the current coronavirus pandemic to hold on to power after he delayed elections in august it's now called on all its national parliament representatives to resign last month ahmed's government called parliamentary elections held integrate illegal but officials there disagree. the prime minister would organize
12:47 am
a deputy prime minister we don't recognise the cabinet. ministers we don't recognise the parliament we don't we could move the house of it over as other institutions have to continue to. provide services. to the activities the national defense forces if you're going to feel a little forces. are expected to defend the country civility. rwanda's top prosecutor is seeking to merge the case of the man known as the hotel rwanda hero with that of 18 detained the former rebels paula rusesabagina is on trial for terrorism and as admitted backing opposition groups during rwanda's 1994 genocide but he denies participating in violence the prosecutor general says he'll submitted joint indictment under the principle of connectivity of offenses rusesabagina faces up to life in prison if convicted. still ahead in this news hour
12:48 am
the medical breakthrough that's been all over with the nobel prize 30 years after it's this country.
12:49 am
the french government has raised the coronavirus alert in paris to the highest level following a sustained period of rising cases bars cafes gyms and swimming pools must close for 2 weeks from tuesday restaurants can remain open but only if strict hygiene rules are in place and they'll have to close at 10. pm the authorities say working
12:50 am
from home must be prioritised more than ever vox a has been under similar restrictions for almost 10 days. this regime is either of our family are relieved i don't have to close or that the rules are not more stringent it was mentioned that we might have to take people's temperature and that would have been complicated to implement we're going to have to explain things to our customers especially if they can't come up to the counter to pay and how they can move around if it's just a cap on the number of people sitting around a table and more space between tables it will put a dent in our turnover but if we can stay open that's already something. well as well as restaurants the film industry is also feeling the effects of the coronavirus many studios have cancelled or pushed back the release of their fails and that's led to the world's 2nd largest cinema chain that cineworld 20 ounce it's closing its screens across the u.s. and the u.k. until further notice charlie engine of reports it's the world's 2nd largest cinema
12:51 am
operator with $663.00 multiplexes in the u.s. in the u.k. but coded 19 is forcing city world to close its doors not because people can't watch films safely but because hollywood is holding on to the films people really want to watch. the new james bond film no time to die is the latest blockbuster to delay its release in cinemas with the full at a record low film studios anxious they won't recoup their money at the box office 536 regal theaters in the u.s. and 127 sunni world in picher house theaters in the u.k. will now suspend operations temporarily 45000 employees are left in limbo as the company tries to restructure $8000000000.00 of debt. for as long as. oh really it is management.
12:52 am
ok guys. odeon cinemas have announced a quarter of their theaters will only open on weekends are the chains like this so they're also looking at their options although a warning that small independent picture houses which help keep world cinema alive might not survive the pandemic but the u.k.'s prime minister is still urging people to visit the silver screen small local cinema as we've already put 30 minute it would say to people is that you. do now have ways of letting their shows go on in a secure way and i'd encourage people. to go out to the cinema enjoy themselves and support those businesses many people thought the online streaming could slowly kill cinema but it seems that covert 19 couldn't directly deliver the fatal blow the c.e.o. of sydney wilde has described his company as
12:53 am
a grocery store with no food but a film studio sit on the new releases for too long they could be no cinemas left for them to screen them in charlie and al-jazeera called a shot india is one of the country's worst hit by covert 19 its capital has launched a campaign to cut pollution over fears that toxic air can actually make the virus more deadly new delhi is one of the world's most polluted cities with winter the worst period of the year experts say that's weaken the immune systems of the people living there the government is implementing a handful of measures including an app allowing people to complain about polluters air quality improved dramatically during the covert lockdown. bad bill never come back that would be to have i want you to do a death wish it but to know. you know that the festive season is coming through the baby. again there will be fame for you
12:54 am
should be a problem i'm at risk because of the pollution when he was not coronavirus i used to wear a mask and i'm even using it now so that hasn't changed but when we were on the lockdown the air was very clear. well at a time when public attention is focused on new medical advances this year's nobel prize for medicine has been awarded for research dating back decades americans to harvey alter and charles reiss and the briton michael houghton have been on earth for the scuppering the hepatitis c. virus the harding reports. getting a blood transfusion used to be a gamble there was an unknown disease causing liver damage and it wasn't hepatitis a or b. in 19893 scientists were able to clone the unnamed virus called it at the time to see this year's nobel prize in physiology or medicine awards the discovery of the
12:55 am
hepatitis c. virus americans harvey alter and charles reiss along with british born scientist michael houghton are considered pioneers in their field well i think or we're you know sort of maybe for the 1st while i'm actually sort of. you know sort of what. a functional. you know the genome. which is more a name for him. the nobel committee says thanks to their discovery highly sensitive blood tests for the virus are now available their discovery also allowed the rapid development of antiviral drugs directed at hepatitis c. for the 1st time in history the disease can now be cured. hepatitis c. is a chronic disease found in the blood that can cause liver cancer and psoriasis many sufferers need liver transplants the world health organization estimates more than
12:56 am
70000000 cases worldwide with 400000 people dying from the disease every year. the discovery happened so long ago that the scientist weren't picking up their phones from the nobel committee to get the news i called them a couple of times before without any ounce or but once i reached them they were extremely surprised it has taken decades to fully measure the impact of their discovery it's critical to go to the to the beginning to really understand the basic regional discoveries that have really enabled there's so much. that has happened so many and advances in that have appeared center but that's made possible at this initial discovery of the action of. the disease primarily strikes stigmatized populations like illegal drug users in the poor and developing countries contaminated medical equipment where procedures in fact millions and in developed countries like the u.s.
12:57 am
unscreened blood transfusions and needles can spread the virus and when it comes to the latest virus pandemic kovac 19 this year's nobel winners offer hope for finding a cure the one like this should humble us and recognizing that doing good against viruses that are going to be associated with a lot of stigma that's what science is about science is about defending those who feel stigmatized and oftentimes don't pursue medical care because of that stigma and shame because of the pandemic the nobel announcement ceremony was virtual and with no covert vaccine the celebration of other medical discoveries continues on line to harding al-jazeera this year as u.n. nonsense refugee award has gone to a human rights activist from colombia by in the end of it got a pet is has spent more than 20 years rescuing sexually exploited and traffic children many of them refugees the u.s. has paid as
12:58 am
a save the lives of hundreds of children while often risking her own safety. that's it for the news hour back a few minutes trust by. crime . or people get killed on one occasion you know as bloody a massacre as this was in the tracks a lot of reporting it was just a current drumbeat who did it who did it who did it the hasty conviction that led to the world's longest held to throw christmas and his sister's 47 year long battle
12:59 am
to save him from execution witness come out of japan's death row on a. on the deserted streets of bogota they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants the day my bonus a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive messages on the out saying that we are you know as i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others the river nile is a vital source of source to us to the countries that flows through this no thing called on who can lay claim to did this for good given the resources we found both
1:00 am
agreed with with this comes a destabilizing rivalry come. trees suspicious of each other's intentions in the battle for control of the river transporting through consultation was not up to me to come to because of some fear of struggle of them on al-jazeera. the president says he's leaving hospital in the coming hour and are just people not to be afraid of covert. so he may not entirely be other words yet the team and i agree that all are evaluations and most importantly is clinical status support the president safe return home. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the
1:01 am
virus continues its spread through the west wing with press secretary caley mcenaney the latest prominent.


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