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tv   Jamal Khashoggi - Murder In A Saudi Consulate  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2020 4:00am-5:00am +03

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a surprise war against israel. a movie so to get into the situation disaster. the 1st of a 3 part series al-jazeera explores what really during the 1st week of the war in october on al-jazeera. 100 hours g.m.t. on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria and these are the headlines white house adviser stephen miller has become the latest trumpet ministration official to test positive for covert 19 seen as the architect of donald trump's anti immigration policies about a dozen white house officials have not tested positive including the president himself here is mike hanna in washington with more. steven miller has been with president trump since he took office one of the few people that has lasted in that particular
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environment now he's declared that he's tested positive of a few days in quarantine miller's very close to president trump pieces chief speechwriter as well as probably one of his closest policy advisers now he joins us long list of people from the white house who have declared positive in recent days among them the press secretary another senior policy adviser hope. press secretary's aides a number of them at least 3 journalists who work at the white house the president's chief of campaign manager. this list is growing and growing and growing and clearly there is some issue perhaps it is where the actual source of infection comes from it's not clear at this particular point but i must point out that hoe picks for example tested positive on wednesday last week kaley make and then the president secretary held a briefing the next day with journalists flouting c.d.c.
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regulations that anybody who's been in close contact with somebody who's contracted the infection should go into self quarantine until a positive or negative test is conducted so certainly they appear to be real reasons why the white house has become what appears to be a petri dish. and the top u.s. infectious diseases expert has said the white house hasn't followed recommended health guidelines what went on in the white house you know i don't want to and every time i say something that's an issue i wind up spending a lot of time in string phone calls and e-mails i should say it was not done according to what i would have recommended. meanwhile donald trump's called off negotiations with democrats over a new coronavirus stimulus package until after the election that announcement sent us stock markets tumbling democratic presidential nominee joe biden accused donald trump of turning his back on the american people house democrats did pass a 2.2 trillion dollar relief bill on thursday but the senate republicans rejected
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it on to other news kurdistan's prime minister is resigned after widespread protests following sunday's disputed election the country's election commission has now nulled the early results from the vote protesters stormed state buildings in the capital bishkek early on tuesday freeing the former president back. and other senior officials from jail turkey's foreign minister is criticizing international efforts to end the conflict between azerbaijan and armenia if it covers all you offered his full support to azerbaijan during his visit to the capital he says diplomacy has failed to resolve this decades old conflict over the region of nagorno-karabakh representatives from libya's rival administrations have agreed on the appointment of several high profile positions m.p.'s from the un recognized government in tripoli and the eastern based to book government been holding talks in morocco the points need to be endorsed though by both houses of parliament. a
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car bomb explosion at a bus stop in syria has killed at least 21 people children are among 100 others injured in the city in a part of aleppo province controlled by turkish backed groups no group has claimed responsibility. and west african leaders have lifted sanctions on mali following the appointment of a civilian prime minister. compose the measures off the president abraham who was ousted in a military coup in august and a couple who brandished. black lives massive protesters have been indicted by a grand jury patricia mccloskey are accused of exhibiting a weapon a weapon i'm sorry and tampering with evidence they waved guns at peaceful demonstrators marching outside their home in st louis 3 months ago they claimed they were frightened for their lives those are the headlines jamal khashoggi murder in a saudi consulate is next. the
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bodies heavy druidic plastic bags then cut it into pieces to be finished to disagree fishel animal drive has arrived. we're. back again are trying to find out what happened to demolish saudi arabia from farms or to turn off democracy. democracy show she is from up. some form of closure foreign minister saying this was all a terrible and the execution of jamal khashoggi your frequent critic of the shots are the regime and the side of the saudi consulate. trying to.
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hell have josh if she was a premeditated foreigner monday the 1st of all 28. everything seemed normal in the belgrade forest in the northwest of the city of his stumble. it was the beginning of the week and there were only a few visits is. just before sunset surveillance cameras picked up a car belonging to the consulates of saudi arabia in istanbul it passed through a security gate before driving on through the forest. the turkish newspaper would later recall that inside the car was the saudi military attack. on what took intelligence cold a surveillance mission. according to. almas ini has returned to his stumble from jeddah that day with a deadly plan to take out the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi.
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going to let you go through with that are we going to. do. more now. whatever that was on the 21st of june 27th teen. was made crown prince of saudi arabia. 2 weeks later a major diplomatic crisis blew up in the gulf between saudi arabia and 3 of its allies. also that june another writer close to be advised jamal khashoggi either to take part in the campaign against qatar or to leave the country. chose to leave saudi arabia. he flew from jeddah via london to the united states the pressure increased even to
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14 or to 15 when he was writing minster of information decided to publish the letter from writing and i think you found that very insulting you should remember the general ban from tweeting and the i think article why did he. speak. of the. vision. no he just has to do it right. ashaji had studied journalism at indiana state university in the us in the early eighties and worked for the saudi diplomat feisal while he was ambassador to the u.s. . to show she's for children also had us nationality isn't this some.
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footage that it looks to gather. all the number tallis you know. length all of a massacre in the. club a mixture. of. duerson very happy he was worried he one time told me his 2 sons complained to him that they are held hostage because of him they couldn't travel so they were both bankers their work requires them to travel and they could not leave the kingdom their passports were confiscated and they were blaming him and that really caused lots of guilt. he told me he felt guilty that is causing the. stress and suffering. in august 27th teen ashaji tweeted for the 1st time from his self in the us i returned to writing and tweeting grateful to his highness the minister
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of information for his kind efforts gratitude and loyalty to the royal crown prince no free pain is broken and no tweet is silence under his reign. the tweet seemed confusing and contradictory and posed questions about her relationship with his native country. the saudi authorities had banned him from writing in a phone call from an adviser to the royal court so doubt qahtani. later referred to this ban in a b.b.c. interview shouted be a little. bit alec. will be a real hard if you will live any longer be. the lead. in september 27th teen a show she started writing for the washington post. this enabled him to communicate
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with a far wider audience and sphere of influence. for the saudis i think this was the scariest thing the guy writes for a paper that's already all over the world that are driven by this is the makers in the us. also my feminist in mind enough to fill out a family coffee then them for many many men do a lot of that but. because the more. by this time she wanted to legalize his status in the u.s. and in december 2017 was granted political asylum. that offered him a degree of stability and he began to create a network between washington is down bull london and other world capitals khalid elsa fori took the producers of this program to his friend jamal's apartment in tysons corner virginia. they managed to contact a show she saw on the dollar but the call led nowhere.
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the phone. as we speak today there are intellectuals under notice jill no nobody will dare to speak and criticize that informed. saudi intelligence was closely monitoring her show she and his movements and briefing the new crown prince and heir to the throne of the one who are and of the world. i mean. the saudis trying to tempt the journalist to return a source close to her show she said that the adviser to the roll call. contacted him twice by phone. he allegedly said that mohammed bin salmond trusted implicitly and that the doors of the rule court were open to him whenever he chose to return. the same source said that the saudi government maintained communication with. a made him several offices including managing
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a prominent saudi funded media network. also so good you brought it with you has been there has been serving in the embassy in london the saudi embassy in washington was there carol from what the newspaper and i think his knowledge of the regime and the crew the minute it took some portion as a journalist when he spoke out. the show she kept up his criticism of bin salmoni and the washington post demanded spoke to me through this before because many of them that he is working with friends to establish a foundation for democracy in the art of wall promoting back out of them quasi among sleuth people and also clear thing some form of society have a consideration. according to a political science researcher in istanbul show she was involved in projects named at countering saudi digital activity. the program produces contacted some of his assistants on one project but they were reluctant to talk in detail
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they said they didn't want to jeopardize the future of the new work. meanwhile back in the saudi capital riyadh a small cell was formed to decide what to do about jim 00 shows she. had weighed up different options and as new information became available it formulated a course of action. it would silence show she. permanently. on the evening of the 9th of september 28th seen her show she left the us for what would be the last time he took turkish airlines t k 8 from washington to istanbul where he arrived on the. evening of the 10th of september. he planned to stay until the 17th of october as he had a major personal event to plan for his marriage to the turkish ph d.
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student. the couple who had 1st met at a conference in istanbul in maine 2018 they kept in touch met again in july 28th scene and then jamal proposed to her t.j. and she accepted. because he is about to get married he wanted to establish new life and they were still remember the flat that he bought the furniture to put in the flare and the fact that the scope of the consulate to get some became months and they joked with him and they said you are younger. than i have seen before because you have a story. and then you said you know we need that so we may continue our struggle for. generation. i feel.
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secure in. the shoji made a short interim trip to london and returned to his stumble on friday the 28th of september landing at 4 o 7 am. at 924 the same morning ashaji and her t.j. went to the municipal office in the factory a district of a stumble to check what paperwork they needed for their marriage. bill or the ever bill did. the lack of the bialek muscle stand they are probably they really. put it. on the are all of the high levels of the you know modern is part of chart.
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so jamal and her t.j. took a taxi to the saudi consulate. therefore monica like i'm not about to be an arm of . the thought issue one should be able to go listen up. back to be. charged or to go and it's called each other the way it is. formless a particular islander. band the help of them all the talk about the we will all know ecosystem 30 that. during his 90 minutes in the consulate or shows he was told that the necessary documents would be processed in the next few days. that same evening shows he flew back to lunch. having spent less than a day in istanbul i was one of the last people to meet him for the disappearance he was here with me in this office we spent the day together we had lunch together and
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then he went to the airport i followed him the following they threw away some would cause he was close to appear on my t.v. show. but by the time i arrived in somewhat he was gone and i can tell you that when we met here you know my love seemed so quite comfortable and excited about the prospects of marriage we discussed. a project to hear how the mind and that is to set up a website to publish translations of reports an author calls and analysts is on the economic situations of the enemy and the region. in london shows he called the saudi consulate in istanbul and they told him his marriage papers were ready and that he should collect them on tuesday the 2nd of october 1 30 pm. so her show she left london again for a stumble his fateful final journey. on
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this visit i showed you decided not to stay in istanbul hotel but in the place he bought for him and her teacher to live after their wedding. a teacher had been busy installing furniture and other supplies only a few more items were needed and jamal planned to buy them after his return from the consulate but of course he never did. the teacher had breakfast at the restaurant inside the residential complex and there was a lot to talk about especially the wedding the formal is not of a shake up made out of. organising a they have neither. the arc of us or with a chart of them before but that he opted almost. taking the job that the other day i could. buy them time of the one but the thing
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about about giving it to me. for 4 for the guy i did not believe their own mother. candice and we set out each other that i thought for a. good old out of the way thought bit out there were about 4. called for 5. meanwhile the men forming the saudi hit squad had begun arriving in istanbul in the early hours of that same morning. free of mohammed bin selman special protection unit came on a commercial flight from cairo. to private jets from riyadh landed an hour apart on the private runway. h. said s k one landed at 3 30 am carrying the head of the assassination team.
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trip and 8 other men including 2 of the main players. the group checked into 2 hotels near the saudi consulate. surveillance cameras in both hotels showed the men leaving at 940 and 10 50 am and cameras at the consulate monitored their arrivals there. is no say leaked all the recordings that 2 planes came from so they are via to the. airport. and 15 man. checked in a hotel in istanbul and before you arrived to consummate they and the. car we did. that you can not see inside. the fact that the team arrived in turkey the
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circumstances of what they actually did the timing is concerned and also the composition of those people in terms of their forensic expertise that ranking one at least is alleged to be a very senior ranking intelligence officer and the fact that it's also claimed that at least 7 of that team are extremely close in terms of the security in a circle of the crown prince himself all of this is very strong circumstantial evidence it all suggests that not only were these people implicated in the whatever happens happened it also suggests that what the intention actually was. 1 14 pm on the 2nd of october surveillance cameras showed her shoji entering the consulate. he gave her t.j. his mobile phone and left her waiting for him outside.
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she's been missing for 5 days out of charges and also reported his disappearance to turkish going shopping and washington very concerned about the whereabouts of running a prominent commentator charge a journalist was law financial interest countries consulate in istanbul and having to march to send a t.j. continue to wait but as the time pursed she became increasingly concerned and contacted some of jamal's friend whose. side would stand for much done for love as the going to be done. done by the germans. to become sort of also members of the former caucus here in the big city me or them because again it's off our back to come other well that i'd like to there although on the mitchell this to me on in all the largest army can come on the roof and i'm going out quicker to say of us are going to say gun your organization and i will not sort
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of back to machine article that gets me or he said to my old war machine may have us or the former you know the. band you want to make you wouldn't do much with the harleigh top of the girl of whether you had a child she said no more than the search didn't sort of the one they each mention in the opera jumps on floor for the music in this one though they were for their own mother the man with a difference can't share for the big get inside of them don't want to give you much more than we can disenchant for the fork of the baker made the army team in their day to go to a live picture from the capital so rich i can say open. well they tried like you folks in about the becoming to be almost. it wild to stab us at the bit like the awesome a little bit. but the. general question. the
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snow you're welcome to call source like you've been pushed out the community their demands on the bench the problem out of the general question like you must try to deprogram all strictly geog team owners in the back to the ball have been. removed the net and the out of the court that if women are among the injured minister they should have them of the same brush them how confident of. a coven the most not of them. are the shit out of them have it got it the number. of features and emits them the work that you and them they haven't. that. same question and there's none. to sort the. lone bump on how can the hammer have just have a little bit shorter. mr davis no wax not tom bare the truck starts now
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michigan they're. getting. ya'll good. how about. 2 for crew when i'm up in the country joe. of course from year. 7 that's about where you want to mother polly mother. as international speculation about her shoulders he grew one theory was that he'd been kidnapped as part of an illegal operation to take him back to saudi arabia. the turkish government broke its silence the day after he showed his disappearance on wednesday the 3rd of october when it made this statement. do they could believe . he stumbled on the while president urged the one 1st commented publicly on sunday
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the 7th of october. that investigation was led by the turkish intelligence service who suggested that they had audio and even video evidence of what had happened inside the consulate. but publicly the turkish government seemed to be playing a longer game part of managing the delicate relationship with saudi arabia and crown prince mohammed bin cell man in particular. as well as his father. it was a drip drip strategy in which the turks used leaks as a way of responding to the initial saudi statements about the case and of dealing with the u.s. government when it began to comment under increasing internal political pressure. then you know that are.
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coming up in part to saudi arabia's continued denials the american president's defense of the royal family. and the turkish strategy for applying political pressure on both countries it would appear to people such as myself anyway some kind of ongoing behind the scenes negotiation with the saudis and perhaps the americans as well and secondly of course in terms of perhaps not wanting to damage the integrity or some future prosecution. alex cohen with the love of chess. after years behind bars he has to be strategic to stay out of prison with his friend and chess master he's planning his next move to give back to society and share the gate that saved his life discovering new
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filmmaking talent from around the globe you find latin america chess private lessons. which is either. stories of struggle stories of achievement. from opposite ends of europe contrasting past and stories of arab refugees seeking a new life abroad. al-jazeera world travels to austria and sweden meeting refugees and those who welcomed them. a place of refuge. and nichelle stove on al-jazeera. i went on a hands on to other working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own story isn't a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from live because of
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the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why it is there are so important we make those connections. jamal khashoggi special is coming up in a moment but 1st a check on the headlines and white house adviser stephen miller has become the latest trump administration official to test positive for covert 19 is the man seen as the architect of donald trump's anti immigration policies all up about a dozen white house officials have now tested positive including the president himself more from mike hanna in washington d.c. steven miller who is a very close advisor of the president has now tested positive for the coronavirus
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miller has been in close proximity of the president for a long period of time he was also in close proximity to some of the other assistance to the president to have tested positive in recent days and certainly that list is growing and growing indeed a large number of members of the president's staff now have tested positive a number of journalists who work there and as well as a number of military aides it is said who are also working at the white house in other news kurdistan's prime minister has resigned after widespread protests following sunday's disputed election the country's election commission has now an old the early results from that vote protesters stormed the state buildings in the capital bishkek early on tuesday freeing the former president. of and other senior officials from jail turkey's foreign ministers criticizing international efforts to end the conflict between azerbaijan and armenia every cover story offered his full
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support to our survival john says diplomacy has failed to resolve the decades old fights over the region of going to kind of our. representatives from libya's rival administrations have agreed on the appointment of several high profile positions m.p.'s from the un recognized government in tripoli and the eastern based brooke government have been holding the talks in morocco. a car bomb explosion at a bus stop in syria has killed at least 21 people there are children among the 100 others injured in our bob a city part of a province controlled by turkish backed armed groups. that live matter protesters have been indicted by a grand jury mark. hughes to exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence that peaceful demonstrators marching outside their home in st louis 3 months ago the pair claimed they. were frightened for their lives. but the headlines we're back with more in about half an hour.
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into live. journal he. left his native country in june 27th. he went to the united states and began writing for the washington post where he was critical of saudi arabia and crown prince mohammed bin sell money in particular. in october 28th seen a visited the saudi consulate in istanbul to collect some papers which would enable him to marry his turkish fiance. but he never left the building. the saudi government initially denied any involvement or responsibility but the turkish authorities cleverly drip fed leaks of the evidence they've collected inside the consulate of course we're reliant upon what they are leaking or claiming elements within the turkish security establishment and official and no doubt they have their
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own reasons for that that may depend on geo political reasons in terms of undoubtedly it would appear to people such as myself anyway some kind of ongoing behind the scenes negotiation with the saudis and perhaps the americans as well and secondly of course in terms of perhaps not wanting to damage the integrity or some future prosecution. the turkish foreign ministry summoned the saudi ambassador demanding clarification on the subject this triggered the 1st official saudi statement issued by the saudi consul general in istanbul on wednesday the 3rd of october it said that the consulate was monitoring media reports of the disappearance of the saudi citizen. after he left the saudi consulate in istanbul. it said the consulate was also following up and coordinating with the turkish authorities to discover the circumstances of her show she's disappearance.
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the bloomberg news agency published a statement by mohammed bin cell man on wednesday the 3rd of october before the official saudi press agency followed suit 3 days later. m.b.'s said quote my understanding is he entered and he got out after a few minutes or maybe one hour. adding that he was not inside the consulate and that quote if he's in saudi arabia i would know that this is all a dark consuls like me in the army to. actually look at all the making of me the army take a job when it's hard. i guess not so there was someone there why didn't i get it thanks for the service or took the not by me but i thought my god you're an equal hit. the bomb was for the thought of course thought it may back them to what it
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called forth all while the dishware wash of the bus could be any good today and there is some good in the other we're scared to return or. the very 1st beginning of the event has been happen mr added on or when the said are nurse kingdom also be an authority clearly show that he has left the consulate all the responsibilities belong to the so there are not or. the 5th day after his disappearance saw the 1st news story about to show you. a turkish official told reuters that the police's initial assessment was that he shows you had been intentionally murdered at the consulate and that his body had been moved abroad. the saudi government issued a denial an official source at the saudi consulate in istanbul also denied the reuters story that quoted turkish officials saying that her show she had been
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killed at the consulate he denounced the source of what he called these quote unfounded accusations. but i could and the modern george clooney would consider you were left. out of use for india. on saturday the 6th of october mohamed el a table he invited reuters to the consulate and took them on a tour of stone simply to show that her show she was not in the building he denied that she had been killed insisting that he left but admitting he couldn't prove it because the consulate surveillance cameras hadn't saved the images. why you would have a c.c.t.v.
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system that isn't working doesn't record seems. impossible to believe the only reason why you have a recording system is lack of money and this isn't something that afflicts saudi arabia for sure. on monday the 8th of october u.s. president donald trump made his 1st public statement about the case. at the same time the saudi ambassador to the u.s. prince khalid bin salmond inabilities stated publicly that allegations that he had been killed or detained by the saudi authorities were completely false and unfounded. he then left for saudi arabia on the pretext of seeking clarification. with the king of saudi arabia the king firmly denied any knowledge of it. he didn't really know made me i don't want to get it is fine but it sounds to me like maybe he should have been. from the photos they.
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wanted to give an example from one of them so of course we know just formed by and of themselves and we know that from started speaking about him before even the saudi government just so he wanted to give them the exit therefore they can use it to cover. this unfortunately was. a new station. on monday the 8th of october the turkish newspaper. reported that the intelligence services and allies in the movement of 26 cause owned by the saudi consulate in istanbul it said they wanted to determine their whereabouts on. the day ashaji went missing.
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c.c.t.v. cameras close to the saudi consulate showed 2 cars a black mercedes vito 34 c c 1865 and another miss a d salute 34 c c 2248 driving to the saudi consuls house an hour and 15 minutes after her show she had gone into the consulate. they were parked in the garage there for 3 days. on the 4th day they were taken to the car wash near the consulate where they were carefully. these pictures were obtained from inside the car wash itself showing the 2 vehicles being fairly clean. turkish investigators believe that dismembered body was taken from the consulate to the consul's house in the mercedes vito. this c.c.t.v.
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image shows the veto outside the house before turkish police searched it. and on tuesday the 9th of october the washington post published the now famous c.c.t.v. video of jamal her shoji entering the consulate 1 14 pm on tuesday the 2nd of october. the 10th of october the b.b.c. reported that the turkish media had published pictures and names of those they said were members of the hit squad. the new york times also ran the story reporting that her show she had been cut with a bone saw 2 hours after its death and that the orders to assassinate him had been issued from the highest level in saudi arabia. i mean so. i don't. realize that those guys are really members of the. song monster as
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a bodyguard. let 11 days after her show she's disappearance on c.b.s.'s 60 minutes donald trump was still insisting that the crown prince denied any knowledge of what had happened. but warned saudi arabia of serious repercussions if it were proved to her she had been killed. is something you'll be surprised to me say that there's something really terrible and disgusting about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment if they go on to claim that these people were acting without the authority of the saudi government and of course they can prove that by. relinquishing the diplomatic immunity of these people and actually writing them through turkey for trial but if that happens of course there is a very big risk that those people who are put on trial for his capital offense will name the people that made the decisions and that may not be convenient course to the saudi government. on the same day as the c.b.s.
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trump interview the british french and german foreign ministers issued a joint statement calling for an independent investigation. from. found himself very pressed. his secretary of state mr bork to riyadh. korea you want to learn your realities they say so but i am not really sure whether he rants in order to investigate what has happened inside the kingdom also there of b.-a or probably. on that same sunday king solomon broke his silence on the case for the 1st time when the saudi press agency reported that the king had spoken to turkish president on the phone and quote thanked the president for welcoming the kingdom's proposal to form a joint working group to discuss the disappearance of the saudi citizen jamal how
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charging. the king quote stressed the kingdom's keenness to protect its relations with ankara. the next day the saudi press agency reported that the king had spoken to donald trump who had quote praised the progress in saudi turkish joint cooperation in investigating the disappearance of a short. again on monday the 15th of october saudi and turkish officials and to the consulate a joint team led by the deputy general prosecutor in istanbul and agents from the turkish counterterrorism directorate. that evening the forensic investigation team arrived. they worked 9 hours through the night until dawn on tuesday the 68th of october.
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the forensic teams left carrying samples of soil and a metal door from the consulate gone to. media attention then quickly switched to the consul's house next for forensic inspection. while the saudi consul general himself mohamed el a table departed is stumble amid rumors of his impending arrest by turkish police. meanwhile the turkish government ramped up its pressure on the saudis. after all those friends each investigation. made a couple of telephone calls international leaders including. king the more so they are and after that the sunni arab media has realized that the publication story of
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question has left the consulate is incredible so they accepted that mr question has been killed inside the consulate. the film crew was able to monitor the movement of saudi security staff between the consulate and the consuls house from friday the 12th to when the say the 17th of october the program producers later established that this included chemical expert document uphill is easy. and toxicologist khalid ranee this was the group that was reported to have deliberately destroyed evidence at the consulate and the consul's house it is possible to fully clean a premises of france or governance but what you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned and therefore that also again is can be used and often is used as circumstantial evidence against the accused person. on saturday the
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20th of october after repeated denials saudi arabia finally admitted that her show she was dead. a statement by the saudi public prosecutor announced the arrest of 18 saudis for questioning and suggested that the murder had occurred as a result of a quarrel. closer than a small act into law from the up to going to that. then what do you believe. it. to do what would it actually up other. then it was. then the turkish government strategy of leaking evidence finally brought the saudi attorney general. to turkey to coordinate the operation of his investigators.
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he arrived in istanbul on monday the 29th of october by private plane. he held 2 meetings with his stumbles chief public prosecutor for done after which his office made a formal statement. it said that there was no tangible outcome from these 2 meetings quote despite all our efforts and good intentions to reveal the truth about the killing of her in his country's consulate. the statement went on to say that immediately after entering the consulate the sharjah had been strangled as part of a premeditated plan and that his body had been cut up and disposed of. the public prosecutor's statement crystalized each of the 3 main countries positions. the turkish authorities stood by their story. saudi
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arabia continued to counter the leaks by the turkish government. and the us government continued to defend crown prince mohammed bin salmond anxious to protect american commercial interests. some members of the u.s. house of representatives and senate took a more robust position criticizing trump's action and demanding that saudi arabia and n.b.s. be held to account. other arab countries commented very little. darlin . and that the ballot ground cracked mortared the murder computer. shop and i'm going to have to find out how to write. you after frank have found out and respond to. the audio recordings shared
4:50 am
strategically by turkish intelligence turned out to be graphic and incriminating they were authenticated by the united nations investigation which published its findings in june 29th teen. their recordings her show g. entering the consulate or 1 15 pm on the 2nd of october and going to the consul general's office where mohamed was with trip an officer from the saudi foreign ministry and the special god to mohammed bin salma. they questioned her about his intentions of returning to saudi arabia and he said he did want to return in the future then they said they would have to take him back that there was an interpol order to that effect and that they were coming to get him. to show she said that there was no case against him and that he had people waiting for him outside. the recordings then have a short fight followed by
4:51 am
a conversation among the hit squad is here sleep he's raising his head keep pushing bushehr don't remove your hand. according to the u.n. investigation or show she was then injected with a sedative and then suffocated with a plastic bag. that a doctor in the team salah al to baby started cutting up to show she's body. about 2 hours later the recordings pick up 3 different voices on the stairs. one ordered the visa lounge to be closed another appearing to be a technician transferred c.c.t.v. data and reset the surveillance cameras. the 3rd was most to file murder any dressed as a judge a look alike of jamal khashoggi was a premeditated murder and they're now telling c.n.n. that they even believe the saudis went to the extent of sending the body double here mom people feel he was killed she has body to the fire rubio has denied
4:52 am
any involvement in the airflow 2 years of now passed since the charges murder it's still not clear what happened to his body. did. carry it in his diplomatic luggage when he flew on a private jet taking the hit squad to cairo and dubai the next evening. was it buried at the yellow the palace which was inspected several times by turkish police . all scattered in the belgrade forest where the saudi military attache was seen before the assassination or dissolved in acid or even burned in a specially constructed of an at the consul's house some reports and testimony have suggested. that in the month after his disappearance international pressure continued to mount on the saudi government to bring those responsible to justice. then on the 15th of november 28th scene the
4:53 am
saudi prosecutor's office said that 11 saudi nationals have been indicted and charged with murdering her. their trial began in almost complete secrecy in riyadh on the 3rd of january 29th seen. none of the accused was named and the trial which many thought was purely for show would take almost a year but. meanwhile the un special rapporteur on arbitrary executions and u.s. kalam are conducting an investigation into the murder and published a report in june 29 teams. it said that the saudi authorities were directly involved in what it called her show g.'s extra judicial executions. and that there was evidence of high level involvement including by crown prince mohammed bin. i didn't know mr castro i believe
4:54 am
that we take great hope. in the fact that execution will never be repeated including by the state of saudi arabia to which she was so attached. has continued to call on the security council or the u.n. secretary general to conduct an international criminal investigation. but the sharpest u.n. reaction so far was at the recent general assembly on september 2020 when denmark's ambassador criticized saudi arabia on behalf of 29 mainly european states calling for quote transparency and holding all those responsible accountable. but the saudi government always denied any direct involvement despite mohammed bin salamone once suggesting the buck stopped with him did you order.
4:55 am
absolutely not this was a heinous crime like but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government. under what the court decided when in december 29th teen it found 8 of the 11 men accused of the murder guilty. but the crown prince was in the clear. 5 was sentenced to death and 3 others to a total of 24 years in prison. deputy intelligence chief cea was found to have overseen the operation but former high profile royal advise a saudi of qatar name was released without trial and the former consul in istanbul mohammed l a tape was found not guilty. however there would still be one more twist in the story of the saudi trial went on the 8th of september 2020 almost 2 years after her
4:56 am
shorties death the saudi court dramatically overturned the 5 death sentences reducing them instead to 20 year prison terms. 3 others were jailed for between 7 and 10 years the un and human rights groups condemned both the trial and the revised verdicts the trial was a secret closed trial that there was no international observers a manager of the victims or the accused were not published. and there's no more. appeal possible so the nature of the evidence are every technical part of the trial or most has been questioned by. internationally accepted judicial ready standards and yes calum are made her views known in a series of tweets she called it a parody of justice lacking in moral legitimacy. she said the verdicts were designed to protect mohammed bin sound man from any kind of scrutiny and amounted
4:57 am
to what she called a whitewash. the saudi prosecutor said that this closed their case with no further rights of appeal. 20 saudi nationals are still on trial in their absence in turkey and on the 28th of september 2020 turkish prosecutors issued a 2nd indictment against 6 more saudi suspects in the case but many people believe that until there is a full un led criminal investigation with the cooperation of the saudi authorities justice in the case of jamal khashoggi will never ultimately be served. and.
4:58 am
place to say we may well see some rainfall in the full cost for california as he go towards the end of the wake of head of that it does state rice and no help for the wildfires for another couple of days will say weather down towards the southeast and kona just around the florida panhandle some wetter weather to see just spilling outs of ontario quebec into the lakes just pushing across into new england and into
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that east aside of canada come way to stay again another la she dried a being season west of weather just starting to push up into the fosse out at that stage further west where you can say that weekend right is going to make its way towards the west coast it's offshore but it will push in through friday going on into saturday further south let's take a look at what's going on around the gulf of mexico than we do have. or can delta now making its way just to the west of jamaica is going to continue pushing further northwest was flooding rains once again coming in across the yucatan peninsula remember gammas only just moved out of the way as such and that's feeding some very heavy rain into the back campaign some really big downpours coming through here we're going to see delta that make a bit of a right turn grassy push up towards louisiana and because the some very wet and windy weather by the end of the week.
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be the hero world needs right ready. for. a top white house adviser tests positive for corona virus just hours after america's top defense official goes into quarantine. hello again i'm come all santamaria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera the political crisis in care just on.


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