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you take him out you see you bring them nice and current affairs that matter to you . down to 0. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes donald trump says he won't take part in the 2nd presidential debate after organizers make a virtual because of the coronavirus. new warnings could 19 could spiral out of control in germany after a sharp jump in infection. 30 more soldiers are killed in the disputed region of
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them going to commit attacks from azerbaijan as international mediators are to meet in geneva. police move against tens of thousands were rallying in indonesia angry about the law they say will harm workers and the environment. he's been condemned for jailing opponents threatening martial law and the heavy handed war on drugs why the philippine president's popularity is still at a record high. and joining us roscoe with the sports i'll have the latest from the women's semifinals at the french open plus one on one of the histories of the last 4 at roland garros after being made to work hard 7 by public arena in paris. in the last donald trump has said he will not take part in the 2nd u.s. presidential debate if it's held virtually the debate commission has changed the format because of covert 19 and said it wanted to protect the health of all people
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involved in the event next week president trump is still recovering from his covert infection. i heard that the commissioner a little while ago changed the debate style. that's not acceptable to beat him easily in the 1st debate according to the polls that i've seen but i beat him easily and i felt they'd beat him easily i think he felt it too now i'm not going to waste my time in a virtual debate that's not what debating is all about you sit behind a computer and do it debates ridiculous and then they cut you off whenever they want ok this is still developing committee health care tracking it for us out of washington kimberly i mean the commission on debates and i'm seeing just in the past couple of hours the next debate would be held virtually mr trump says no not with him there won't be. yeah here's the deal the president is still recovering from covert 19 his own doctors say that there is a real potential that he could have
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a relapse so out of an abundance of caution it appears that the presidential commission on the presidential debates has decided look it's probably safest for everyone if we do this virtually you have to remember that joe biden is vast an age there is a lot of risk for both men so this seems like a reasonable announcement but it's one that the president isn't taking well now we should point out that joe biden has said he will accept these conditions but donald trump in a campaign statement has not only accused the moderators of being biased but has also accused his opponent joe biden of being pathetic essentially saying that you know any acknowledgment of risk is weak this is something that he has continued to sort of hammer down is that he confronted covert 19 he's not afraid of it but his opponent is now in regards to the campaign statement they say virtually is not how this is done he's for it tested negative repeatedly and he wants to go head to head
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he's not been given that option so he says he's pulling out and instead will hold a campaign rally but we should also point out very quickly that peter when the president says that he won the last debate that's not really the assessment of most people that watched that 1st presidential debate just the opposite they felt the president's handling of the debate and the way he argued interrupted was unpresidential so it's surprising the president doesn't want an opportunity to clean that up but it's appears that he's taken a different tact ok he did give the 1st interview this morning since he got to go to the hospital was a reading of her son's. he sounds like the donald trump that we're familiar with he was combative he went on for a very long time the last check was we were going on the air it was more than a 47 minute interview i don't know if it continued after that but what i can tell
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you is that was on a raw wide range of topics these sort of sprawling interviews tend to be a trademark of donald trump and so it certainly was that but at the same time that we're still awaiting an update from his doctor the last one that we got the president had been symptom free for 24 hours and he hadn't had a fever for 4 days but again there's the possibility because these underlying health conditions peter that he could get sick once again just as he's saying that he wants to hit the campaign trail now we had the v.p. debates last night what's the reaction to that be like. well it was a lot more subdued than the 1st presidential debate the takeaway is that both candidates did what they needed to do and that was not make a huge mistake that would harm their candidate in any way and if that's the bar they both did well obviously there was some advantages that mike pence had given the fact that not only is he the incumbent but also that he has handled these types
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of debates before so many people feel that he had a slight edge overcome a harris but at the same time many say that she did very very well given her inexperience at these type of debates at this level now having said that both of them needed to kind of answer some tough questions and what they both did was not answer the questions when it came to come to harris she refused to answer whether or not her candidacy would allow for a packing of the court the supreme court that's a big issue and when it came to mike pence as head of the court of virus task force he did not answer the question about that super spreader event in the rose garden why it happened and why he allowed it as head of the task force what we really saw * in all of this peter was a clear choice 2 very different agendas that the americans will have to now look at when it comes to these 2 different candidates and the choice that they'll make on november 3rd as rob reynolds reports senator harrison vice president pence thank
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you for being here sure pics change over the trumpet ministrations handling of the coronavirus pandemic started the debate whatever the vice president is claiming the administration has done clearly it hasn't worked when you're looking at over 210000 dead bodies in our country american lives that have been lost families that are grieving that loss and you know the vice president is the head of the task force but when you see what the american people have done over these last 8 months has worked. it's a great disservice to the 2nd feiss the american people of maine so let's talk about caring about the american people the american people have had to sacrifice far too much because of the incompetence of this administration pince dodged a question about the rose garden ceremony that became a super spreader event it was an outdoor event which all of our scientists regularly and routinely advise the difference here is president trump and i trust
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the american people to make choices in the best interest of their health care is fired back let's talk about respecting the american people to respect the american people when you tell them the truth but look senator harris you're trying to do your own opinion but the candidates clashed over the economy taxes and sharply over global warming which harris called an existential threat we have seen a pattern with this administration which is they don't believe in finance and joe's plan is about saying we're going to deal with it but we're also going to create jobs donald trump when asked about the wildfires in california and the question was you know the science is telling us this you know adama from set science doesn't know we don't need a massive 2 trillion dollar green new deal that would impose all new mandates on american businesses and american families there were flashes reminiscent of the chaotic troubled biden debate as parents repeatedly interrupted and talked over
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harris but she remained calm mr vice president speaking if you don't mind letting me finish we can have a conversation ok please ok senator harris other issues discussed included racial justice policing reform and the rise of white supremacists i want everyone to know who puts on the uniform of law enforcement every day president trump and i stand with you and the reality of this is that we are talking about an election in 27 days where last week the president of the united states took it to. bates stage in front of 70000000 americans and refused to condemn white supremacists whether any of the exchanges in this debate will change many voters' minds remains to be seen meanwhile both parents and harris as well as biden will be campaigning on thursday in arizona a swing state where polls show biden is leading robber and also al jazeera salt
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lake city. now that was the only vice presidential debate but the question remains will there be the 2 more presidential debates as of right now the u.s. president says he's going to be holding rallies instead he feels that he won't have a fair shot and has accused the moderators of being biased so the president has said in this interview he has given to a national morning show fox and friends that in fact he believes that he may have a rally is early as tonight and his campaign is that there may be one even in pittsburgh on monday but again the question becomes will the president be healthy enough he has not yet been cleared from his doctors and continues to recover at the white house from covert 19 kimberly thank you very much kimberly health at the reporting live from the bureau in washington let's bring in michael fauntroy he's acting director of the ronald w. walters he did a ship and public policy center at howard university he joins us from washington on
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skype michael fauntroy do you think mr trump has really genuinely pulled the plug on this virtual debate or is this just some sort of posturing on his part. i think ultimately he will protest kind of today because the commission hasn't he has concluded that it's up to the candidates to disarm or they want to participate have they were holding debate in iraq and present trouble is cannot and will not allow 90 minutes of uninterrupted questions toward former vice president so while he's giving us a lot of bluster right now about not just president i can imagine why he were given the fact that the commission has made it clear that the more contented during the interview with fox he did say he wants to hold a rally instead in his political mind as president can you accept or do you see why that make might might make perfect logic to him because whether he goes to a real debate as a virtual debate or holds
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a rally it's always with him about getting his message to his base so if he holds a rally he's home free. well not exactly yes it is a much friendlier venue he doesn't have to face any questions hard or otherwise and he just holds a rally but fewer people want rallies than watch debates and the likelihood is very high that the in person audience won't be very large i can imagine a lot of people coming to see how many factions president speak for which point the story becomes about how many people aren't there rather than how many people were there or what he had to say so i think the president is making a really big tactical error by holding a rally so close to being affected with coronavirus and again i think this was hymns sort of thinking out loud i can't see why you might think this is a good idea ok is democracy now suffering in the united states because of covert 19
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and coronavirus in as much as because of covert 19 we have a us president saying no to the 2nd debate and debates have been a vessel of democracy in action part of the us democratic political system since the early sixty's when kennedy famously scored a victory over nixon. yeah well to be to be quite frank with you democracy has been struggling for a while in the united states and the unspoken truth about some of these presidential debates is that the candidates really don't want to do them because they're the opportunity to mess up is far greater than the opportunity to score points and so present truck who had a horrific performance last week have probably has that in the back of his mind understanding that the message he's been trying to sell isn't really working so he's going to go down and try to sell it for
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a lot of answers rather than trying to convince people who might be on the threats or oppose him to come or come around his way thank you but to the audience this time around want the presidential debate in as much as there's always a a kind of a counter intuitive misconception particularly for outsiders looking in on the american presidential system whereby it's clear if you watch the presidential debates people go to them and people watch them to have their own preset opinions enhanced by what they hear from their candidate as opposed to swinging the other way and voting for the other person. well there's no question that these debates are confirmatory and many voters just want to see any drama or just see their candidates up close and in this particular rise there are not very many undecided voters and it's not a lot of opportunity to convince people to come to your side. and by the way these debates do draw very large audiences even though in the past when last week was
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a smaller audience than the wanted 26 thing but but i think overall they do work they do hold some meaning in terms of being a tent pole for american democracy but there are so many other ways to get out messages and in the early 1960 s. there were only 3 channels in the united states now we have hundreds of television channels and social media and so many other ways to get out your message so the debates while still port don't really have the significance historically what they want to ok we have to leave it there michael thank you very much michael fauntroy there in washington d.c. . another big story for you on the news the covert pandemic coronavirus and there is a disturbing trend developing right across europe just before winter hits there infections are surging and in some places it's worse than it has ever been austria has just recorded its highest number of daily cases ever more than 1200 now that's higher
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than march when the initial wave of infections was at its peak it's the same story in slovakia with over 1000 cases a record figure for one day the u.k. is having to consider implementing even more stringent covert 19 restrictions as the 2nd wave accelerates cases there are rising by roughly 14000 every 24 hours the situation in ukraine is looking increasingly dire as lock down measures are extended that a record 5000 people have been diagnosed with the virus in the past 24 hours and in germany there are warnings of the virus spreading uncontrollably with health officials concerned there soon could be 10000 cases a day nobody actually does it it's the current situation worries me a lot we don't know how things will develop over the next few weeks it's possible that we will see more than 10000 new cases a day it's possible that the virus spreads uncontrollably ok let's go live to berlin germany correspondent dominic kane tom good afternoon other medical people
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there at the hospitals the g.p. practices that they all set up to deal with this. certainly the narrative coming out of health professionals leading health professionals as we were hearing that the head of the robert cock institute has been that they have until recently it was very much controllable as it were and while they're not saying that it's not controllable now they are very concerned at the rise in cases because let's be clear about this the case the number of new infections has been rising steadily for many weeks right across the country but it's in the last several days that it's really surged in germany in several hotspots around the country notably berlin itself many districts in berlin are close to or already at what they call risk status here so what what's really causing concern to the leading officials and to the elected officials is there
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preparedness for this 2nd wave that's sweeping across the continent right now they have in this city at least they have a traffic light system of warnings of categories of coded which they monitor and with which they use to judge whether they need to introduce more restrictions social distancing curfews that sort of thing and there are some people who say that that should be adapted and then adopted around the country but it hasn't happened just yet and the health minister the federal health minister yen shan is not in favor of a nationwide lockdown just now but of course they are monitoring the developments very closely and it's quite stunning dominate the way the numbers are stacking up in countries neighboring countries to germany from the u.k. to slovakia in the east. yes you look at the map of western and central europe and germany is almost an outlier because although the numbers a surging here it's not but they're not in the same ratio as they are in neighboring
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countries and beyond that it's ukraine for example where we know many many new infections happening every day and doctors in some hospitals saying that they are they have a catastrophic shortage of doctors to treat these patients one particular hospital where the leading doctors saying that they have capacity for 100 patients usually that's all patients of all different conditions they've already got 106 kovac patients that's just one hospital in one country but then you look at the other neighboring countries of germany so look for example at slovakia or austria where you have more than a 1000 cases being announced in the austrian case that's the worst day ever in terms of new infections but it's not just those places either you have in poland the prime minister saying that a mosque requirement in public is going to be introduced maybe a state of emergency may have to be declared and finally in madrid in spain you have officials saying to residents of madrid please don't leave the city the
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coronavirus risk is so great so definitely the 2nd wave is very much here peter don thank you so much dominic an upper limb correspondent there with the story of covert across europe this hour. well brazil has now recorded more than 5000000 cases of the virus the number of daily infections is down from a peak in july but there are concerns many people are ignoring social distancing 148000 have been reported so far the 2nd highest toll in the world the president also narrow as long played down the threat of the virus into scribed as a little flu and sir lanka key government offices are being closed to battle searching case numbers their departments for immigration and motor vehicles are shut to stop people from congregating a curfew has also been extended there. plus more ground still to cover for you here on the news hour including living in an open prison and human rights watch calls for an end to the mass the tension of ripping the refugees in me and mom. and i'm
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nicholas hockey in senegal of siena salim delta join me next on a unique visit inside a museum founded by a french collector bringing back african art to the continent. and it's a record breaking night on the track in spain and you will be here with all the sports news in a little under 30. to 30 more soldiers a surge of being killed in fighting over nagorno-karabakh defense ministry in the disputed regions as 350 servicemen have died since fighting with syria forces broke out 12 days ago this is the worst violence between armenia and azerbaijan in decades there was more shelling in the nagorno cut a boxed main city stepanek yet a local rights group says half the population there has been displaced because of constant attacks from azerbaijan that have been similar accusations from the as
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area side they accuse armenia of targeting population centers civilian deaths have been reported in several regions where hundreds of homes have been destroyed by artillery international mediators a stepping up efforts to halt the conflict with french russian and u.s. representatives meeting in geneva turkey's foreign minister has condemned international efforts that have failed to resolve the dispute he says armenia was emboldened because no one challenge their occupation of azeri territory. we have to change the status quo it cannot go it cannot continue like this the territory is of azerbaijan including not in the car under the occupation of autumn in the air for almost 3 decades since 1922 we have minced group we have mean score chairs russia united states and france has there been any solution or any credible efforts no so that's why our mania is very much encouraged to attack as
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a bridge in the territory is not under the occupation this moment in july and also recently so you also believe in a peaceful and negotiated solution but everybody has to understand the frustration the president shares of the bija so in pursuit of joins us live from as it was on c.n.n. just walk me through what's been going on on the front line right now. peter i mean go on boys since you have. around 30 kilometers to the front line it's one of the areas that have been that i've been hit early this morning as of 5 am several cities including ground boy tired tired tired tired city. mayor these are all these all have been targeted by iranian forces by artilleries or rockets of course on the other hand on their 1000000 side. militaries strikes
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continue in the main city of. step and i cared and they're also people are displaced according to the latest figures in azerbaijan 3 civilians have been killed since the since the conflict erupted in september 27 and 106 the civilians have been injured as you have also said hundreds of houses have been damaged like the one behind me today 70 artilleries. there were 70 hits that targeted 5656 of them were artilleries and 14 of them were rockets according to executive committee which is the local government by the here and this hose right behind me was also hit by a rocket and lucky leave the civilians who were living here were able to save their lives and they are not injured. on the other hand our main yes stated today that
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30 soldiers. have been killed during the fight with the military forces and their number of the military members who have been killed since the crisis erupted in september september the number has risen up to 350 on the other hand from the azerbaijan aside we have the numbers a number of the casualties for the civilians what we don't have and the numbers old . military losses military casualties this isn't being reported but apparently it seems it's a government policy it's a keep the motivation of the military members and not the cause then a panic because everybody is so eager about this fight they believe they will take their lands back from what they called a occupiers cinema thank you very much cynical sort of boy well the dispute between as a version and armenia involves a number of international players to russia has taken
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a lead role as part of the so-called minsk group to mediate an end to the conflict the group includes france and the united states they've been working together since 1992 turkey which shares a border with armenia banks azerbaijan has been accused by armenia and france of sending in forces to help its ally turkey has denied that now along the southern borders of azerbaijan and armenia is iran it's increasingly concerned about the risk of a regional conflict let's bring in matthew bryza in istanbul he's formally the u.s. ambassador to azerbaijan and he's currently a senior fellow at the atlantic council matthew bryza welcome back to al-jazeera for both so if you're involved in this conflict what's their destination endgame. yeah and peter by the way i was also the u.s. co-chair of the minsk group so this is this is an issue that's near and dear to my heart i think for by john the endgame is probably to recover a certain amount of its lost territories maybe 3 or so districts there so 2 of the
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2 of the occupied regions that are outside of not going to garner bach and then one part of nagorno-karabakh itself i would guess and then hold onto it and then go back to negotiations from a position of strength and i think armenia is objective here is to avoid that and to hang on to all that territory if possible and rely on we're trying to rely on russia and then the international community to pressure azerbaijan to stop its offensive ok forgive me if i'm oversimplifying here but we've been talking to a lot of people lots of specialists like yourself people with you know up close experience of the region and they're all saying the same thing they're saying it's not a full on war it's not a war of attrition at the other end of conflict if you will so what is it. i actually think it is a war of attrition i think. by john is using precise highly precise a.v.'s manufactured by turkey and by israel targeting high value armenian military assets
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like air defense units like armor like artillery and step by step has moved through the flatland and is now trying to keep on moving up into the hills where the armenians are now based and it's difficult to dislodge the armenians from there and i don't think their meaning in military has the ability to fight against these drone strikes in an effective way so actually i think azerbaijan is pursuing a war of attrition not a blitzkrieg strike and is going to want some more time for for its military operations to play out i think their goal is not to extend their supply lines and then create a vulnerability but just keep on pushing forward pushing forward pushing for while the armenians are fiercely counterattack there are plans for you know quote a peace process kicking off in geneva involving some of the people involved in the minsk group that you used to be involved in what are the chances because this has been going on for 30 years what are the chances that they can begin that process of
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unpicking all these massive misuse. well right now there's no chance i mean this is a crisis meeting it's not even going to be with each country at the table i mean if i john's foreign minister will go to geneva and then armenia foreign minister on monday will go to moscow and then the 3 mins group ambassadors will meet there so we don't even have a face to face meeting now so that i think that there's going to be a lot of pressure on azerbaijan simply to stop its military offensive i think as a by john is going to resist until it's consolidated its gains i think the best we can hope for here would be maybe both sides agree to stop missile attacks on civilian targets later then when they'll be a new political map at that point it's possible for international mediation then to restart the negotiations you know that prime minister pushing on had abandoned what had been negotiated in preliminarily agreed 11 years ago between the 2 sides he said i'm throwing that out the window let's start anew i think with azerbaijan is
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going to want to do is say no go back to what we had both preliminarily agree and now we're in a stronger position you're in a weaker position it's time to finalize that framework ok we'll leave it there for the moment matthew i'm sure we'll talk again very soon matthew price of in istanbul good to get your thoughts and thank you peter thank you very much from administration said to impose new sanctions on iran the measures will talk at the financial sector specifically the few remaining banks not facing penalties now the move would fly in the face of warnings from the european powers that sanctioning the banks could lead to a humanitarian crisis they say the u.s. plan would likely diminish channels that iran uses to import goods such as food and medicines. now in jakarta the police fired tear gas and water cannon student protesters rallying against a new labor law it's the 3rd day of nationwide demonstrations in indonesia labor unions say it will erode workers' rights and weaken environmental protections but the president your call would go to says it would boost the economy by custom red
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tape and screen lining regulation jessica washington has this update from jakarta. tens of thousands of student protesters had gathered in jakarta in the city center to voice their discontent against this new controversial legislation but security forces are trying to clear this area they're firing multiple rounds of tear gas at this crowd of mostly teenage demonstrators the demonstrators say that they will keep protesting until the president listens and until this legislation is revote the protests had mostly been concentrated in industrial areas outside of the capital city earlier in the week but now it has spread to jakarta factory workers in particular feel strongly against this legislation which they say rolls out the red carpet for investors at their expense. time few whether his efforts in. telfair is now re strengthening as it's moving out into the warm waters of the gulf
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of mexico pulling away from the land temperatures here in the waters around 31 celsius so plenty warm enough for it to gather more strength winds picking up to around 190 kilometers per hour sustained winds gusting significantly higher than that over 200 kilometers presage damaging winds this it is moving quite quickly that some saving grace but there is life threatening storm surge we have warnings for those so watch out for flash flooding certainly a possibility and we could also see some a mudslide some very heavy rain coming in as this system continues to pick up more moisture is in not just further northwards grassy pushing up towards louisiana catchcry 3 storm by the time it does make landfall some when they cameron louisiana was to go on through friday and we are looking at the very heavy rain and the vicious winds as well come saturday it'll pull its way across arkansas or easing over a towards the tennessee valley and then gradually move over towards the higher valley
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eventually pushing its way out towards the eastern seaboard so lots of very heavy rain coming in across that southeastern corner as we go on into sunday but dry skies do come in behind peter. everton thank you still to come here on the news hour for you an unmistakable voice of poetry a poetic voice the nobel prize for literature has been announced with a look at what louise glocks work means for the world. a warning about the possible spread of coronavirus across war torn syria the u.n. says the numbers are much higher than being reported. and in sports will be here with the best of the action from the major league baseball playoffs. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be tolerated it. is not an african. country his.
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let's destroy this war. in 2020 the free space overlord encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. hi i'm steve clements and i have a question at least days it's hard to filter out the newly sinking track of what's really important to the bottom line tackles the big issues this issue 80000100 states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera. all.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour your top stories today the u.s. president donald trump is refusing to take off in a virtual debate with his democratic rival joe biden the debate commission changed the format after mr trump was treated for cool with 19 his campaign says he will do a rally instead. coronavirus case is a surging across much of europe daily infections are higher than they've ever been in austria slovakia and ukraine and in germany cases have reached their highest level since april. pro armenian forces say 30 more soldiers have been killed in the battle over the going to cut about fighting with azerbaijan and forces broke up 12 days ago mediators are gathering in geneva to try to end the conflict. aid agencies are warning of a sharp increase in coronavirus cases across war torn syria they're worried that
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a lack of infrastructure in opposition and kurdish held areas means doctors won't be able to deal with a significant outbreak is in a hoarder. then reports from inside syria continue to point to much or to spread of covert 9. and the number of confirmed cases the united nations has been reporting rising infection rates in syria for some time now given the limited testing across the country and challenges in contact tracing it is likely that the actual number of cases far exceeds official figures the syrian government reports nearly 4500 cases and 200 deaths and portrays the situation as under control but multiple sources questioned that narrative they say infections have been in the 10s of thousands and at least 65 doctors died as they struggled in ill equipped hospitals with a lack of protective gear many patients are. not. just
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because they. other patients i met. only one or 2 every day. infections have also increased tenfold in opposition controlled territories in the northern syria at least 30 percent are health workers coping is a challenge especially because there was a health crisis before the corona virus outbreak hundreds of medical workers were killed and facilities destroyed during the war and the deliberate campaign by syrian government forces and their allies medical workers say they are on the brink of an emergency coming. before the pandemic we used to work from now until 2 we are now working from now until 7 and sometimes even longer hours. despite that testing remains limited this medical laboratory serves up to 4000000 people who live in it
4:38 pm
live and nearby areas even when we have centers up and running we don't have sufficient tests. that is going to be a challenge coming down the line to be able to test as many people as needed and also people who are trained to analyze that. efforts are being made to slow the spread by raising awareness and distributing hygiene kits in this densely populated and impoverished region where many live in camps sanitation is a challenge with a shortage of medical equipment and supplies as well as a weekend health infrastructure due to 9 years of conflict and government neglect communities are vulnerable. beirut. the number of people killed by the virus in iran continues to say 230 people have died in the past 24 hours and more than 4000 new cases have been confirmed for a 3rd day in
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a row. the philippine president. has been criticized for his thoughts here in style since he took office in 2016 but a mass no survey to show he's still extremely popular and enjoying reco to prove all ratings jamila explains why. president of the good authority has been widely criticized for his so-called war on drugs which has cost the death of thousands of filipinos over the last 4 years he's also cursed the pope threaten to implement martial law and jailed political opponents and now in battling the growing a virus pandemic in southeast asia the philippines is seen as the worst performing country but the spike this a nationwide survey this week shows deterred just performance rating has risen to a record high of 91 percent. it's unbelievable even us now. if. we hold that
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information because we've been listening this information for the past 21 years 1200 people took part in the 6 they survey in mid september and it showed a deterrent to getting his highest rating among the poorest in society but analysts say the terrorist popularity isn't unique there is what you can call the populous resilience crimes narendra modi of india his numbers went up not during the 3rd quarter but during the 2nd quarter the most difficult time for us in the struggle is concerned his numbers reach closer to 90 percent even people like. even donald trump are not on board the election numbers overall approval ratings did not significantly move this year critics say local surveys may be useful indicators but do not paint a complete picture but if you maintain his popularity it may be enough to bolster
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the chance of his allies winning a majority in the 2022 presidential elections the target is only allowed a single term as president under the constitution her additionally fallopian presidency of their popularity hiero down in their last 2 years in office. this is why analysts say the real benchmark are the characters power can only be seen in the middle of next year just months before the 2022 presidential elections but there is no question that the therapist out of governance has shaken the political system here and the next few months will be a critical period in philippine history. duggan al-jazeera in manila now the government of myanmar is being urged to release 130000 muslims from detention a report from human rights watch has described life in their refugee camps in rakhine state as squalid and abusive some 750000 fled me in march of bangladesh
4:42 pm
following a military crackdown in 2017 the report says those who remain face inhuman conditions with severe limitations on movement health and their livelihoods francis to return dozens of stolen and teague's from senegal and beneath there a tiny fraction of an estimated $19000.00 pieces of art plundered during french colonial rule that nicholas are reports now from senate girls city saloon delta where there are growing calls to hand them back. after spending 52 years balding the authentic from the fake french african art collector as you know glue says it's time to take the masks off reexamine the western appetite for african art. and return these pieces to their rightful owners he's brought his personal collection from his gallery in france to senegal where he's opened a museum. without
4:43 pm
museums we are culturally illiterate we need museums to remember once past culture and history museums can appease relationships between communities and people in 1966 senegal's 1st president announced the creation of the museum of black civilisation it took 54 years for the museum to open its doors to visitors in this imposing building a haunting silence absent or this story pieces missing or the estimated 19000 african artifacts taken during french colonial rule here they can be found in french museums. in june a congolese activist removed in 1000 century challenge in funeral pulled from the cable new museum in paris as part of a protest campaign against plundering during the colonial era while he faces trial of french lawmakers passed a law to return just $27.00 artifacts including the sward of full on the commander omar tal currently on loan to the black civilization museum indycar. we want to see
4:44 pm
the return of these objects they won't necessarily end up in museums if the pieces we can have them back and decide what to do with them this deep in senegal seen this that who brought his collection to public unaccustomed with the very idea of having a museum. i wish i had seen this is a child and how ancestors lived i hope future generations will have that opportunity. 900 years before southern europeans had discovered metalwork africans in easier and more danger were making everyday objects out of metal this is a part of history that's less taught in schools and that's why so many young africans want to see the return of everyday objects found in museums in europe back to the continent in order to tell their own narrative of history. the process of restitution is painful but necessary says. in these pieces sees not just art but a journey from injustice to reconsider the ation and the opportunity for dialogue
4:45 pm
nicholas hawke al-jazeera the scene is telling delta. still to come here on the australian open champion is in the hunt for the french open title has all the action from coming up in the sports news when the. business leaders want to find a bright spot. business
4:46 pm
ledgers has to find a bright spot. welcome back another day another nobel the swedish academy today announcing the latest winner of the nobel prize for the bell prize in literature for 2020 is awarded
4:47 pm
to the american poet louise click for her unmistakable political voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal. while clark is professor of english at yale university she's also won the pulitzer prize and the national book award her work often focuses on childhood and family life and the bond between siblings let's bring in she's a professor of world literature in english at oxford university in the u.k. elect obama welcome to the news hour why did she win. well her work has been very significant as an articulation of the female voice for a number of decades she's won all the big prizes in america her voice is important and resonance of the female experience i think that the nobel committee is really trying to tell us something about. you know choosing her
4:48 pm
in this year they've already chosen several other women nobels this year. and i think the choice of blue just adds a really deep a mistake resonance to to the choice this year i'm interested to use the word mythic there i mean she does take her inspiration from greek mythology she takes characters like process for me and i mean criminal wrong here process for me her life was peppered with betrayal so it's not just a poem or a work of art talking about women it's about women being betrayed on a regular basis by men. yes and also by life and by experience by mortality a perception e of course had to go to the underworld for 6 months of the year. you know she also talks a lot about your it she who. who was the console it's the part.
4:49 pm
of all fear and. you know. wanted to join him back in the world of the living so that is so there's that sense that life isn't set up for us as human beings really you know the. this is why i think the nobel pointed to the ways in which a individual voice resonates with all of humanity she does. talk about a female experience the chills that talks about you know why do concerns that affect us all life death love betrayal and jealousy it's not unusual for poetry to score big is it i mean it's about 5050 when it comes to the literature nobel prize bob dylan 5 years ago 4 years ago he was awarded the poetry prize so people might think almost in
4:50 pm
a country unsurety way oh literature has got to be a big boring book but roughly maybe just under half of the award winners are poets. well that that's an interesting statistic. it breaks down in an even more interesting way when we look at how many women poets have won this award and there i think. luke is in the company of just a few so. it's you know it's fantastic that women's poetry has been recognized in this way i'm really really excited about the award for that reason ok we'll have to leave it there. at oxford in the u.k. thank you so much good to torture thank you. time for poetic sports
4:51 pm
i could not use joe well you know we were talking about just now about strong female characters and we're going to start with the latest from roland garros where the women's semi finals are underway and 2 strong tennis players in fact polish 19 year old tech is taking on not be a part of ask of argentina both have had giant killing runs so far at the french open and shown take dispatched top seed simona halep in the 4th round while pulled out oscar so off 3rd seed elena spitta lena in the match proceeding this one right now as you can see shaun take has taken the 1st set and is leading in that semifinal later it's the turn of 7th seed patrick fitz of the czech has never won the title at roland garros but looked in good form against germany's laura sigesmund on wednesday fits of a winning 63 $63.00 and waiting for her is a string of open champion cynthia kenyon who is looking on track to add the french open to her grand slam collection the 21 year old american who defeated countryman daniel collins 64466 love. happy that i'm getting the
4:52 pm
win so i will take any scoring the drama if i have to to win but yeah i just feel like in the 3rd have done better you know starting off strong not making too many errors just playing aggressive in trying to dictate so i feel like i've really improved on that in the win in the men's competition world number one novak djokovic remains on course for a 2nd french open title after a quarter final went over spain's public in a joke which was not at his usual best against the spaniard on wednesday dropped the 1st set 60 and had to receive some medical attention. well he overcame any physical pain after that though normal service resumed in the 17 time grand slam champion showed his pedigree to take the next 3 sets 626364. well i definitely didn't feel great coming into the court today.
4:53 pm
you know few things happen in the warm up and i had to deal with those physical issues coming onto the court but as the match went on i felt better and didn't feel as much pain joke about your take on 5th seed stefan a system ass in the semifinals the greek took care of russia's andre rieu glove on wednesday 756263 in a routine quarterfinal win for the 22 year old it's his 1st semifinal at roland garros. the head of what about 6 says athletes should be allowed to protest during the olympic games said coach has gone against the policy of the international and big committee which has banned any form of political protest during the games coach made the comments on a visit to tokyo's national stadium which is due to host the delayed games next year he says it's time for change the rules. i've been very clear that if an athlete wishes to take the knee on my podium then i'm supportive of that
4:54 pm
and we work very closely with our athletes sadie's difficult months we now have a working group within hall that i think that is looking at this as a major issue for us to be able to work through with the athletes and that is important the athletes are a part of the world and they want to reflect the world they live in and that is to me that that is is perfectly acceptable as long as it is done you know we respect and compete despite other competitors was a record breaking night on the track in spain on wednesday ethiopian run a lead to send but get a set a new time of 40 minutes 6.62 seconds in the 5000 meters she shaved almost 5 seconds off the previous record which had been set by a competitor at 10 and. 12 years ago and then ugandans just checked again continued
4:55 pm
his incredible here smashing the men's 10000 meters world record chip to gay beat the time set 520020055 kenny set the k.l.a. by of the 6 seconds it is 412 record in 10 months. good news something good to me. you know you're trying to write history to try to get into court because you want to make people to know that the drug is still exciting. the tampa bay rays are one win away from eliminating the new york yankees in the major league baseball playoffs this 3 run homer from kevin care miami helped tampa bay beat new york 84 and wednesday the rays leave this division series against the yankees 21. here can bathetic defeated the houston astros 97 in game 3 of this series it's houston's elite down to 21 in this contest winner of the series will go on to face either the rays all the young teens and that's in the american league of course but over in the nationally the los angeles dodgers have taken control of their series against
4:56 pm
the san diego padres belhadj is home run helping the dodgers to a 65 when it rains los angeles at 2 nothing out and a win away from sweeping the series. south america's top teams are back in world cup qualifying action from thursday despite travel and coronavirus complications that the only ones to restart qualifying matches since delaying them in march because of the pandemic or the no fans will be allowed inside the stadiums among those playing in the 18 match marathon argentina the 2 time world champions host ecuador they had trouble into the last 3 world cup qualifiers now really making the finals in russia 2 years ago now you know messi is team hopes to make it to council in 2022 without any bumps along the road 5 matches taking place over thursday and friday but with nearly all the top south american players based abroad is cause problems for their clubs who have reluctantly let them play for their countries despite the risk of contracting the virus or being faced with weeks in quarantine
4:57 pm
when they return well there are 4 places still up for grabs for the delayed european championships a 16 teams in action later on thursday but scotland's chances of making their 1st european final since 1906 have been dealt a blow at least to the top players have been forced to self isolate after teammates strong tested positive. these nazis were originally scheduled for march before the current of our south break the 8 winners from thursday's games will then play in 4 final ties in november former european champion and tony is in intensive care with coburn 19 the 71 year old czechoslovakia midfielder is in a serious condition according to a statement released by his former club but i'm pissed penalty one the 1976 euros for his country in a shootout with west germany. all right that's just for fun i'll have for you later joe thank you very much we'll see you then when we come back we'll talk a lot about washington donald trump pulling the plug apparently on the next debate
4:58 pm
to see. frank assessments if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november. would be with a cautious if you believe that there are corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break them up informed opinion. anyway the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's a revolution. in depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. examining the headlines that said to me business virus going around and we watch it on the news and i think you guys the kid from unflinching journalism how relevant is the debate here in this day and age how he characterized the protest movement i would say the 3 observers they always keen on the nation sharing personal stories with
4:59 pm
a global audience. explore an abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera cyprus a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky passport by investment scheme for. now al jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state al jazeera investigations the cyprus papers on the cover. the world's biggest economy was put on hold. deregulating industries of old delivered new growth for a president who. almost greatness again. but the coronavirus pandemic has seen resurgence replaced with a recession as the world eagerly watches zone to see out there presidential
5:00 pm
candidates might revive the flagship u.s. economy. details coverage of the u.s. elections on al-jazeera. war. donald trump says he won't take part in the 2nd presidential debate after organizers make it virtual because of coronavirus. hello again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up new warnings the covert 1000 outbreak could spiral out of control in germany after a sharp jump in infections. 30 more soldiers are killed in the disputed region of the go to cut about a bit attacks from azerbaijan as international mediators are to meet engine.


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