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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. 0 . 0001 charlie and this is the al-jazeera news hour a knife from london coming up the w.h.o. reports a record one day jump in global coronavirus cases driven by surging infections across europe iran accuses the us of trying to blow up its remaining channels to pay for food and medicine with its latest sanctions on $18.00 banks donald trump refuses to take part in the 2nd debate the democratic rival joe biden if it's held virtually class. when our leaders speak through words matter.
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the governor of michigan points a finger at the president to 6 people and charged with plotting to kidnap. the world has seen a record one day jump in global coronavirus cases the world health organization has reported more than 333338000 infections in 24 hours and 5 and a half 1000 deaths they says warnings a sounded about rising cases across europe as france reported more than $18000.00 new cases it was announced that 4 major french cities will join paris and must say that the maximum level in the u.k. where cases rose by more than 17 and a half 1000 the government says it's considering a range of measures from northern england for the 1st time since april portugal has recorded more than
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a 1000 new cases and italy more than 300000 potence prime minister says wearing masks outside will be compulsory across the country even germany a country still seen as exemplary for controlling the spread of the virus has seen a sharp jump in cases dominic kane reports from berlin. this is the reality of covidien ukraine another life claimed by a virus whose 2nd wave is now sweeping across europe here in the town of stepanek a hospital designed for 100 people now has 106 corona patients alone. we are catastrophic li short of doctors the pressure is incredible and the infectious department we have one doctor per $47.00 patients. around the continent the number of new infections is surging austria has announced its highest daily figures so far in poland 2 unprecedented numbers of people are testing positive for the virus prompting the government to say it will introduce
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a general mask rule for all people outdoors and perhaps impose a state of emergency elsewhere as here in belgium the spike in cases has forced ministers to say no more than 4 people will be allowed to meet together in public but in spain the rate of new infections has slowed in recent days and a partial lockdown for the capital has been thrown out by a madrid court which said it infringed people's fundamental freedoms whilst in germany a surge in cases is causing deep concern at the highest levels of the uk to illicit drugs and. the current situation worries me a lot we don't know how things will develop over the next few weeks it's possible that we will see more than 10000 cases a day it's possible that the virus spreads uncontrollably in the german capital officials say their testing capacity has reached 95 percent with little scope for greater testing if numbers continue to climb. one of the measures being suggested
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the full season already in place here in the so-called triple traffic light warning system where 3 different poses criteria one assumes the number of intensive care beds occupied by corona patients the awful reproductive rate of the virus and the number of info. sections per 100000 residents for the moment the federal government believes its existing measures are enough. germany so far managed this crisis well when you look at the map of europe you'll see until now germany is a solid rock in this pandemic but we are seeing rising numbers across europe so far there's no suggestion of another national locked down politicians are perhaps fearful of the damage such a step would wreak on an already suffering economy and they know there are many people here who believe the existing measures are too strong dominant cane al-jazeera berlin northern england is bearing the brunt of the u.k.
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2nd wave of corona virus infections major cities including leeds and manchester have seen clusters not helped by this bright virus spreading through universities and hospitals are feeling the pressure again as admissions rise is that the government in london to threaten tighter local measures but leaders in the north have their own ideas and a whole reports from older and greater than just. street by street door to door this is what it takes to contain an outbreak it is this thing around us in this particular area with that team of testers with us these are mainly unpaid volunteers working with the council in oldham greater manchester an area turning the tide on rising covert infection rates while the rest of manchester remains the current u.k. hotspot i think it's brilliant i hate it and i still. think it's brilliant should do it this everywhere manisha. this doorstep testing here but
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severe testing shortages elsewhere confusing local restrictions are having little effect so oldham is doing for itself what the government is struggling to keeping people safe the central government needs to learn from those in local government about what we've been doing and what's been successful they did turn to listen to us and rather than doing broadcast surveys room where they tell us what the government is doing which it's not always clear whether or not it's backed up by the science that dialogue needs to be 2 way we need to be feeding back into the government what we're doing on the ground that's working and then they need to learn from that and roll that out to other areas rather than imposing kind of top down restrictions that are not always but by the science and appear illegitimate to vast numbers of people another aspect of why infection rates are spiralling so alarmingly have here in the north is that when the national lockdown was lifted tour in the summer it was done on a london centric basis leaving infection rates still uncomfortably high in parts of the north well social and economic inequalities have combined since then to do much of the rest. it's known as the north south divide higher levels of unemployment
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overcrowding and poverty that are now contributing to rising hospital admissions to the northwest regions are all the robots are using translators for example they're fairly rapidly so it started but it was 15 times lays being used in off west and but at the moment they got about. about 100 so almost a factor of 10 increase and there are students lots of them back on campus in september most now confined to cramped apartments and halls of residence a predictable wave of student infections increased manchester's overall rate 10 fold some may be tempted to think this is all happening a long way from the capital but as the government prepares to announce new lockdown rules that could be economically disastrous up here the predictions are that london could be just 2 weeks behind jonah hill al-jazeera manchester well let's take talk more about all of this with annaliese wilder smith he's
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a professor of emerging infectious diseases at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine and she joins us now from switzerland thank you for joining us and in east germany austria italy these countries had infection rates under control after the initial lockdown what what's going wrong it is really not too and surprising that been now and fortunately see this resurgence of cases it's a combination of various factors one is there is indeed a bit of the drollness that t. and people are tired of being cautious but that 2nd also we had definitely increased mobility over to summer and serene to the action of the virus to different places and now we are also moving from warmer temperatures to cruel or assault more from outdoors to indoors which then also increases the transmission so the moment more research is being done into how the virus is transmitted what more do we know. it is the same as before it is
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a caltech time to context frequency the number of contacts and the contact proximity so that's what that's the basic tenet and that's what we need to make sure that we try to minimize so are these governments taking the right approach in these regional lockdowns do you think. in principle be need to do everything to avoid lock downs and indeed germany by that and several other governments have a step up approach dependent on various criteria and. the like the emphasis now is the targeted approach we need to zoom in where we think the highest transmission is occurring and then it may be different from from country to country or even within and within the country and what can people do on a on an individual level to protect themselves better. so for the older we
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need to enhanced the shielding of the older or the frail and we're already doing that we need to get even better for the younger people i would just say the message for this year is slow down a bit maybe have smaller parties maybe pick up the book rather than going out i think for this year we just need to slow down until we have a vaccine and and we can restart our economies so here in the u.k. the infection rate is being driven by the younger generation is it the same in every country. it appears to be the same in most of the european countries. where it is now clearly driven by young adults because we have learnt in the past 6 months how to better protected the older people. thank you
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so much annelise father smith coming from switzerland. in new york's new rules putting parts of the state back into lockdown because of rising coronavirus infections have sparked protests we can go live now to christians to me he's in new york for us christian tell us more about what led to these demonstrations. well the state infection rate for the coronavirus is just over one percent but in some areas of the state they've seen surges in infection rates and because of that the governor announced that there would be restrictions put back in place in some 20 neighborhoods many of them here in new york city some north of new york city and many of these neighborhoods it happens are home to large hasidic jewish populations and this led to some outcry in one particular neighborhood of brooklyn that saw some very heated
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protests where mass were burned a journalist says he was attacked by the crowd and so on to be fair the jewish community is not the only part of the community that's can be complaining about some of these new restrictions we've heard parents complain as well that their kids are no longer able to go to school. the catholic leaders of some churches have also complained about the restrictions which limit their congregations in the number of people that they can have in. churches and synagogues and so on business owners that had just reopened are now being asked to close again all non-essential businesses in these 20 neighborhoods that have been identified by the state but again it was the jewish community that felt particularly slighted and attacked by this announcement which came just as a holiday was taking place people were planning to gather and they feel they're being unfairly singled out and that's what led to the demonstrations for 2 nights in a row so has there been any response from local leaders and the governor have they
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reacted. absolutely governor andrew cuomo said that well this probably wouldn't happen if the city had been more done more to enforce the restrictions that were in place concerning mass and so on he says this is all aimed at keeping the virus than check so that there's not a full blown 2nd wave but even some local jewish leaders who sympathize with the government with the governor and a agree with his thinking are saying that he went about this in the very wrong way they found his announcement in the way he spoke to the community very condescending and this is just heightening tensions between the city government and the state government who have been at odds over the coronavirus response pretty much from the beginning and so there's a lot of resentment now in jewish communities in particular about the governor's moves which again they feel are signaling sick singling them out christians to me
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thank you for the update from new york ambulances in the iranian capital is struggling to find available hospital beds for virus patients the country reported a record high of more than 4300 new infections on thursday and 230 more deaths restrictions are being tightened across the country including mandatory face loss orders in the capital tehran schools libraries mosques and other public institutions have been closed for a week. coming up on this news hour from london. prison and trust the american people you know what. science doesn't know crosswords over the coronavirus is the u.s. vice presidential nominees hold that debate. and a kidnapped politician and french aide workers are among those released by an al qaeda linked group in money.
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the united states has slapped fresh sanctions on iran financial sector targeting 18 iranian banks the move is an effort to further the shutter on out of the global banking system iran's foreign minister reacted angrily tweeting amidst the coded $1000.00 pandemic us regime wants to blow up all remaining channels to pay for food and medicine iranians will survive this latest of cruelties but conspiring to stop the population is a crime against humanity culprits and enablers who built on money will face justice rosen and jordan has more from washington d.c. perhaps the biggest criticism of the trumpet ministrations sanctions regime against iran is that the culminating impact is that this is hurting the iranian people certainly we have seen that criticism coming not just from nations but also from a wide range of humanitarian organizations around the world now the treasury
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department when in announced this latest round of sanctions against these 18 iranian banks said that these banks would still have exemptions so that they could bring in funds to facilitate the purchase of emergency food and medicine to serve the iranian people of course people have criticized the u.s. for making it much harder to get that sort of humanitarian aid to the iranian people but leave no doubt. the trumpet ministration has made one of its key foreign policy objectives the international isolation of iran because of what it says is iran's attempts to develop a viable nuclear weapons program and it believes that by cutting off all avenues of getting cash into the hands or the under the control of the iranian government that the trumpet ministration ultimately will be successful but we have not seen that at
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least not as of right now. there are questions over how or even if donald trump and joe biden will debate each other again before next month's election the president refused to participate in next week's head to head off to the organizers said it would be held virtually and not in person his challenger joe biden says the debate should be delayed by a week and held in person something the truck campaign has agreed to but that was on the condition that the 3rd debate be held in the week before the poll something biden's team has rejected the initial move was down to concerns the president could still be contagious after catching coronavirus fire that the commission a little while ago changed the debate style i mean and that's not acceptable to beat him easily in the 1st debate going to the polls that i've seen but i beat him easily that i felt they'd beat him easily i think you felt it too you know i'm not
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going to waste my time in a virtual debate that's not what debating is all about you sit behind a computer and do a debates ridiculous and then they cut you off whenever they want. well trouble's democratic rival joe biden says he's still willing to do the debates as planned mark. 3 debates back in the summer this is going on since the early going. first debate 1st the 1st 2nd to break ground for birdbrain 1st the 1st reset date i'm sticking with the date i'm sure when i'll be there and back to the shows up he doesn't want. us vice president mike pence and his democratic rival cama the house of squared off over the challenges facing the nation including the pandemic the economy and global warming but as we're brunell's reports from salt lake city it was a most civil of the 1st trump by debate senator harrison vice president pence thank you for being here the sharp exchanges over the trumpet ministrations handling of the coronavirus pandemic started the debate whatever the vice president is claiming
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the administration has done clearly it hasn't worked when you're looking at over 210000 dead bodies in our country american lives that have been lost families that are grieving that loss and you know the vice president is the head of the task force but when you see what the american people have done over these last 8 months has worked. it's a great disservice to the 2nd feiss the american people of maine so let's talk about caring about the american people the american people have had to sacrifice far too much because of the incompetence of this administration pince dodged a question about the rose garden ceremony that became a super spreader event it was an outdoor event which all of our scientists regularly and routinely advise the difference here is president trump and i trust the american people to make choices in the best interest of their health care is
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fired back let's talk about respecting the american people you respect the american people when you tell them the truth but look senator harris you're trying to do your own opinion but the candidates clashed over the economy taxes and sharply over global warming which harris called an existential threat we have seen a pattern with this administration which is they don't believe in finance and joe's plan is about saying we're going to deal with it but we're also going to create jobs donald trump when asked about the wildfires in california and the question was you know the science is telling us this you know adama from set science doesn't know we don't need a massive 2 trillion dollar green new deal that would impose all new mandates on american businesses and american families there were flashes reminiscent of the chaotic trump biden debate as parents repeatedly interrupted and talked over harris but she remained calm mr vice president speaking if you don't mind letting me finish we can have a conversation ok please ok senator harris other issues discussed included racial
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justice policing reform and the rise of white supremacists i want everyone to know who puts on the uniform of law enforcement every day president trump and i stand with you and the reality of this is that we are talking about an election in 27 days where last week the president of the united states took it to. bates stage in front of 70000000 americans and refused to condemn white supremacists whether any of the exchanges in this debate will change many voters' minds remains to be seen meanwhile both parents and harris as well as biden will be campaigning on thursday in arizona a swing state where polls show biden is leading rob reynolds and al jazeera salt lake city. well for more on all this let's speak to adele for franco he's a republican strategist and former advisor to the late senator john mccain he joins
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us via skype from washington d.c. thank you for joining us mr frank that v.p. debate was very civil with both nominees considered done very well but instead all the noise has been about trump is that the strategy to hold the headlines. well i don't know if that's the strategy but i thought last night's debate was a very good debate i do wish your clip would have shown a few other things the vice president said you didn't mention that senator harris dodged the question on the supreme court her record on the criminal record which was sharply attacked with no rebuttal possible and of course for the american people a massive tax increase by the repeal of the tax cuts that president trump put in those 2 part of the debate last night i hope everybody gets to see the full debate but of course the focus needs to be on the candidates the president and the former vice president and their vision for the future ours is one based on our record of accomplishment the greatest to economic programs and recovery we've seen in
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american history and job creation and record unemployment until this pandemic which is a temporary situation and the president has a recipe to repeat the same economic miracle in the 2nd term their vision is a hard terms of the left and socialism that has been frankly rejected by the american people and they're trying desperately not to talk about that secret agenda that they have signed with bernie sanders and i they're trying to run the clock out and not discuss their vision for the future because it's not sellable to the american people but get back to john that's almost on heard of a presidential candidate to refuse to debate what is trump so why it's not wise and threat of a chill debate. he's not refusing to debate he wants to have the debate we agree to have and of course he will only be president there if peace cleared by his doctors and he has the antibodies which is the way that you're being negative on this end why would he not he wants to absolutely debate that's not correct he wants to have a debate if there's so much concern about the timeframe our campaign is willing to
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hold the debate the following day or 2 or 3 days but the fact is that defeat evil and frankly weak frail joe biden that you see he is incapable and does not want to have that type of debate and that in person format he wants to hide behind a computer we're getting notes from people and god knows what other tricks that they can pick and pull not to address the issues directly but the president 6 and want to take in fact the president wanted more don't want to kind of format of a debate where he would be cut off is that what he's worried about being cut off well we want he wants to debate the parties agreed to hold we didn't agree to a virtual debate we agreed to an in person debate a town hall debate that was agreed to by the former vice president and the commission if there's any question about whether it's the president's health or war and i think of that kind woman of the debate a day or 2 but why not have the debate we've all agreed to we never read to approve of late february that had safety reasons very valid is it safe in your view is he
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quarantined for life no but he has to he has to carry out he's going to me still don't know when he last tested negative until that well that he will not show as yes he has he will only show for the debate when he is negative and he the doctors are confident that i am for him and ball and his recovery will be negative but what the results will be the results if the debate has to be delayed a day or 2 i can assure you i can speak for the president on this program he will hold the debate a day or 2 later but there is absolutely no reason to have this forum at that. salut lee the vice versa vice president because he's incapable of being fast on his feet he's incapable of answering questions that are not written out and rehearsed and that's why he wants to avoid this debate let's have the debate on friday so you have to interview on fox news is what trump said that he won the last debate and
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all the polls showed that right we have yet to find a poll that shows that including fox his own poll it says that the debate basted biden's numbers what poll is trump quoting from well i have yet to find a poll from 2016 at this time that showed the press the president beating hillary clinton in any in any poll i have yet to see a poll that showed that president trump beat hillary clinton in any of these debates and he won the election the problem with these polls including the fox poll and i know fox very well the fox poll polled democrats too don't want to republicans it's how these polls are conducted it's who are likely voters who are not necessarily registered voters so these polls can be completely manipulated absolutely the vice president won last night and i believe the president want the person to debate as well but i don't the conventional polls have been shown in 2016 to have been wholly discredited and frankly the biden campaign knows it too mr
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frank i thank you for your time. thank you so much the star of the u.s. vice president presidential debate appears to be a fly that landed in the mike pences has the vice president didn't react or attempt to wave it away and it sat there for about 2 minutes the fly has since about it a huge following online with its own twitter account and this means and jokes joe biden's campaign has even turned into a fundraising opportunity selling branded fly swatters for 10 dollars each and biden spoke about the surprise guest during a campaign stop in arizona. last night like they are. live like. my reasons are not. there's lots more still to come this hour. soldiers civilians and churches under fire as the battle over nagorno-karabakh rages on despite the u.s.
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france and russia stepping up fees. and indonesian police fired tear gas and water cannons at students demonstrating against a new labor deal the workers say will destroy their right. hello we have got more wet and windy weather blustery weather streaming in from the atlantic but hopefully the rain not quite as persistent as it has been recently and one thing we will notice here is this is going to cool off behind they spawn that will sink his face further south was when starting to come in from the northwest the direction further east west whether it was the black sea it was rumania and brogue everybody in between is fine and dry because welcome area of sunshine coming through here then and more of the same as we go through saturday like that rain band will sink a little further south what's brought to skies back into much of italy had across
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the balkans where we have seen some torrential downpours a recently to the skies down towards the southeast meanwhile behind that there's that cold away in 1314 celsius for london and paris not exactly ideal times conditions i'm sure the players were complaining about the cold for that one fish all across northern parts of africa here it is fine and dry plenty of sunshine we got the usual showers through central africa over towards the gulf of guinea some more heavy downpours just coming back into southern areas of nigeria for a time pushing through gonna ivory coast over towards liberia got somewhat weather just not going up towards sierra leone freetown but the top temperature 28 degrees . but. there are my kingdom of the time has become known for its decision happiness. when a when a 6 balls have this national guard inspiring the younger generation on how to 0.
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al-jazeera with every. cyprus a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky pos bored by investment scheme columnist for. the state of the 5th. now al jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriote state of just 0 investigations the cyberspace bers on the cover.
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the. of the top stories. the world health organization has reported a record one day jump in global coronavirus cases with more than 338000 cases in 24 hours the rise was driven by surging infections across europe. the united states pressed sanctions on iran's financial sector targeting 18 banks iran's foreign minister has accused the us of targeting the country's remaining channels to pay for food and medicine in the midst of a pandemic. and donald trump says that dissipate in the 2nd u.s. presidential debate if it's held but his proposed delaying it to be held in person up to. 6 people have been charged with trying to kidnap the governor of the
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u.s. state of michigan the f.b.i. says the men were planning to duck a holiday home authorities say the suspects were going to buy explosives and try to make improvised alan fischer reports. thank you attorney general. the f.b.i. and michigan state police arrested 6 individuals charged in a federal complaint with conspiring to kidnap the governor of michigan gretchen whitmer the man had been identified as having links to michigan militia group called. the democratic governor of the state was their target according to the criminal complaint he plans to kidnap her. and try. fox crossed in particular according to the complaint discussed detonating explosive devices to divert police from the area of the home and fox even inspected the underside of a michigan highway bridge for places to seat an explosive. the complaint further
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alleges a fox purchased a taser. for use in the kidnapping and that the group successfully detonated an improvised explosive device wrapped with shrapnel to test its anti-personnel capabilities as they were meeting to pull money to buy more explosives law enforcement moved in the f.b.i. but an undercover informant armed men members of so-called right wing militia groups staged protests at the michigan state house earlier this year they were carrying swastikas and nooses when governor whitman and stay at home orders to combat the spread of covert 19 donald trump gave his support to the protests to the note liberate michigan the governor thank the f.b.i. for keeping her family safe said the president's words encouraged actions like this just last week the president of the united states stood before the american people and reached fused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups like these 2
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michigan militia groups stand back and stand by he told them stand back and stand by hate groups heard the president's words not as a rebuke but as a rallying cry as a call to action in a big concerns about the growing influence and the strength of militia groups in the u.s. and some of those from michigan have appeared in protests in other parts of the country if convicted 6 men face a sentence of up to life in prison alan fischer al jazeera people in the u.s. states of louisiana and texas a bracing themselves for flooding and dangerously high winds as hurrican delta hurtles towards the coast the storm is churning its way through the gulf of mexico and is expected to intensify before making landfall in louisiana on friday it's swept through the mexican resort city of cancun on wednesday the authorities are
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now working to restore power to repair damaged buildings. colombia's government has been criticized for not doing enough to protect human rights defenders and the sea international say activists continue to be talkative with frequent threats attacks and killing colombia is considered the wells most dangerous country for human rights defenders there's been a sharp increase in the number of people killed in 2017 well the 90 deaths. well rodriguez saw this is the amnesty international research a who compiled the report and he joins joins me live via skype from mexico city thank you for joining us 1st could you just tell us about some of the victims and what they were campaigning for yes so we're working with communities. in different countries in the country. and you feel the. community and. we have the navy's. poor. through
12:36 am
community. and we have. working in one of the areas of the country but now and today. which is a leader or leaders they have being trashed because. it's mainly working to protect. people and groups and. communities that they have to operate and can you explain a little bit more about these organized groups who are behind the rise. so there is no much information about these arment groups because they're like manning but what we are going to face and. 16 when they peace agreement with the signing new argument group appears in the country and they're fighting for the land
12:37 am
mainly because they have interests to keep. plantations. in the country so there are many and there are trade singing human rights defenders there taking up against their presence and the lack of compliance. government with the peace agreement signed in 2006. talking about the government is the government doing enough to stop this no it's not doing that so the crowd seems to tweeze the. institute of the universe the. united states said that they face all the comply with 6 per cent of the peace agreement which puts the defender is in the very complex place and that risky situation. that we long to today. is that also that the government is taking appropriate measures to protect human rights defenders in colombia they're doing very.
12:38 am
protection giving some sort of like. life jackets and some sort of like bodyguards to defenders but not enough organization and the community think that they stayed to talk to root causes of the violence against the defenders which we know that's complete but not doing days and not faking this approach to protect human rights defenders in colombia and how is the pandemic affected the protection of these human rights. they're in the very complex situation for it now because the and that make because they presence. in these communities that i told you before community many of them what's happening right now is that army groups like imposing curfews because they stayed there which means that they are these army groups like taking crew control of these communities and doing what they were supposed to do.
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so because. they humanitarian crisis that many of these communities they were facing that they were facing it was increased because they couldn't go on and do what they like. they used to do. to survive because they needed to stay at home because these. days organizing groups pose in your communities so there is facing them very complex a place and great now and they face not taking appropriate measures to protect them but rick i saw this from amnesty international thank you for your time. kidnapped a 1000000 politician and french aid have been freed in a major exchange of prisoners with the country's new transitional government seamlessly say was kidnapped by al qaeda linked fall campaigning in the north and region of timbuktu in march so if you petron in on a charity for children i was abducted in the northern city of cow in 2016 exchange
12:40 am
was announced on tuesday the government says 2 italian aid was have been freed because hackers funding this and joins us from dakar in senegal and that's just what can you tell us about the circumstances of their release. this release has come after days of prisoner swap if you can call about where in the new government in mali has released around $200.00 fighters suspected to be linked to al qaeda affiliate germans thought with islam will mostly mean and other armed groups they were flown into the north of the country to sleet and right now we're hearing that a plane on board about 10 hostage is recently freed headed towards about mike among them so if you put on the french aid workers that was kidnapped in 2018 in the region of just on the 25th of december that was held in captivity for 4 years now as well as 2 italian hostages that were
12:41 am
kidnapped in the area of new share 2 missionaries there and of course the historic opponent political figure in mali that was abducted last april among those that will also be released are molly and soldiers now hundreds of people are gathered at the airport to welcome welcome them this is clearly a victory for this new government of transition we know that the hostage will be taken to the presidential palace to meet the new president of to transition and. it also comes just hours after the u.n. security council met remember charlie there is the most expensive in the most deadliest u.n. peacekeeping operation pinning in mali where you have the biggest and largest deployment of european troops at least of german troops in the country as well as 4000 french soldiers airmen you might call reacted to the news of the. freedom of.
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saying that it's a sigh of relief but the fight as he says against terrorism will continue charlie. tell me nicholas how has this news been received. well of course for the government of transition this is a victory for them it shows that they are serious there's been negotiations happening to try to free both similar see say and these western hostages well before they came into power last week this has been going on under president. we know that those. efforts stalled so it shows the seriousness and the rapid response of the new transitional government in this transition government is of course made up of many mali and soldiers that took part in this military coup that ousted even. last august so it's a clear signal to boast the western community the international committee of their
12:43 am
seriousness to try to to to to negotiate with armed groups and try to find a peaceful solution it shows that there are conversations happening between the government and the armed groups it also shows 'd that that the authorities take are taking steps active steps in order to free hostages but as as we as this happened today there has been attacks happening against mali and troops in the region of just by the border of brooklyn afonso 1000000 soldiers were ambushed just today so the fighting continues between armed groups and the modern state but clearly a relief like president many male micro has said and it's also a victory for the transitional government so and we are trying to reach the family of similar sisi who've been waiting for this to happen for months so i mean they they are waiting impatiently for his liberation thousands of 100 sorry of his
12:44 am
supporters are gathered outside the airport we also know that the sun. was just interviewed just moments ago on french t.v. also in tears saying that he just wants to take his his mother back home charlie. nicholas live from dhaka thank you for that update on that prisoner release in mali mediators from the u.s. russia and france are holding talks in geneva to try to end the conflict between azerbaijan and armenia the 2 sides are fighting over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh it's officially part of azerbaijan but is ethnically armenian at least 30 more soldiers are reported to been killed on thursday the defense ministry in nagorno-karabakh says $350.00 military personnel have died since fighting with azeri forces broke out 12 days ago but as many reports from the region's main cities. there's not be much time for anything else but dealing with
12:45 am
new casualties at stepan curt's main hospital it's 10 times busier than normal since the 1st shells started falling 11 days ago the head of the emergency unit was telling us as this patient came in more than 350 armenian soldiers have been killed and hundreds more injured since the start of fighting with azerbaijan the azeris do not release figures for their killed or wounded soldiers and given that it's gone some of my friends were injured in our 1st and 2nd wars and i can say that then we had more gunshots or rather like william was now they using different types of missiles and the wing did have big injuries but we stood still in medicine has improved so we try to save lives and human organs are not leave people with disabilities the stress is etched in the faces of the medical staff here the human cost is mounting on both sides after the collapse of an easy 26 year long ceasefire this modern hospital and stuff and i heard has been stretched to the limit by the
12:46 am
bombardment of this town a day early convoy of people injured. during the fighting and the bombardment. armenian missiles have hit towns and villages in azerbaijan well away from the conflict zone this is barda around 20 kilometers from the line of contact that separates nagorno-karabakh from azerbaijan and this is gone boy more than 30 kilometers away. karabakh is airy territory but has a self-governing ethnic armenian majority. wants to restore its sovereignty that. a show fragment came and hurt my arm and also killed the animals as you can see we are staying at home women and children we have not left we are not going to run away why should we leave our land is russia france and moscow have been holding
12:47 am
talks to try and bring about a ceasefire but with tensions rising between armenia and azerbaijan the hopes of sima shattered as the missile debris littering the streets bernard smith out his ear a step on kurt nagorno-karabakh the president of cyprus has joined calls for turkey to step back from reopening an abandoned beach resort in the country's north turkish cypriot authorities opened up part of a rocher on monday on wednesday sorry it's the 1st time the air has been accessed by the public since the 1974 conflict the e.u. has condemned the action as a serious violation of the un cease fire agreement on the divided island. still ahead this news. why the philippine president is enjoying record approval ratings despite his deadly war on drugs and the ongoing coronavirus crisis. and the all stamp duty of. one of the america's most celebrated poets a nobel prize. thank
12:48 am
12:49 am
. you and. this it it means is the worst hit country in southeast asia with almost 332000 confirmed infections its government has been criticized for private surely easing restrictions and a lack of testing but president roderick are due to take remains extremely popular with the record approval ratings jamelle alan dolan has more from manila. president of the good authority has been widely criticized for his so-called war on drugs which has caused the death of thousands of filipinos over the last 4 years he's
12:50 am
also cursed the pope threaten to implement martial law and jailed political opponents and now in battling the coronavirus pandemic in southeast asia the philippines is seen as the worst performing country but the spike this a nationwide survey this week shows deterred just performance rating has risen to a record high of 91 percent. it's unbelievable us now. it's. because we've been losing this information for the past 21 years 1200 people took part in the 6 they survey in mid september and it showed do terror to getting his highest rating among the poorest in society but analysts say deterred just popularity isn't unique there is what you can call populist resilience crimes
12:51 am
narendra modi of india his numbers went up not during the 3rd quarter but during the 2nd quarter the most difficult time for us in the struggle is concerned his numbers reach closer to 90 percent even people like yeah you know bulls are not 0 and even the old truck i'm not on but the election numbers overall approval ratings did not significantly move this year critics say local surveys may be useful indicators but do not paint a complete picture but if you maintain his popularity it may be enough to bolster the chance of his allies winning a majority in the 2022 presidential elections the target is only allowed a single term as president under the constitution where there's been a level of being presidency of their popularity hiero down in their last 2 years in office. this is why analysts say the real benchmark of the scared to sour can only be seen in the middle of next year just months before this 2022 presidential
12:52 am
elections but there is no question that the searches style of governance has shaken the political system here and the next few months will be a critical period in philippine history jamelle island dog an al jazeera manila. tens of thousands of student demonstrators have fought with police in the indonesian capital as they protested against a mere label or police tried to stop the demonstrations spreading to their cause is just a washington reports. the government hope to pass its new labor legislation quickly and quietly saying it's needed to encourage investment but it provoked anger on the streets outside a luxury shopping complex in the city center a group set fire to a bus station and thousands demonstrated across the country to voice their anger against a law they say would take away workers' rights bottom line we're all afraid of covert 19 but now we're more scared of the only bus law because the lives of labor
12:53 am
isn't others are $0.03 now on the 3rd day of nationwide protests demonstrations arrived in the capital despite code 19 restrictions banning gatherings of 5 people or more around the country violence broke out between some young people and the police. tens of thousands of students protested had gathered here in jakarta including high school is to protest against this controversial new law but security forces are trying to clear this area and have fired tear gas at the teenagers the government says changes a needed to encourage big businesses to invest in indonesia and boost the economy but critics say the build removes some benefits from the chloe's that could lead to reduce wages severance pay and leave in title meant for millions and also waters down safeguards that protect the environment in nearby bogor military personnel got caught in a skirmish with demonstrators legislation normally takes years to get passed in
12:54 am
indonesia's palm and but this bill was approved in just a matter of months why is this new job. is. the only sense for us i'm afraid. some business groups say the legislation is necessary as indonesia faces its worst downturn since the asian financial crisis it could be here if other countries offered much lower severance pay than indonesia and in tunisia won't appeal to investors and want to attract investment. factory workers and cities on the outskirts of the capital trying to get to the country's parliament but were blocked by police 'd the deal is president joker would otos signature economic policy and it's unlikely the government will revoke it but some demonstrators say they'll take their fight to the constitutional court if the government doesn't listen just to
12:55 am
washington al-jazeera jakarta for a 4th day students in bangladesh have protested against rape and gender violence if in response to recent gang rapes and videos of women being sexually harassed by groups of men rights groups say over $600.00 cases of rape were reported in bangladesh between april and august of this year one of the biggest honors in world literature has gone to an american poet louise gluck she's the 16th women to win the nobel prize for literature since it was no want more than a century ago under simmonds reports. literary tipsters failed to put louise glueck in the frame for this coveted 1000000 dollar prize it came as a surprise that a bell prize in literature for 2020 is awarded to the american poet clarice click for her unmistakable poor it's a course that with austere purity makes individual existence universal
12:56 am
i seem here with her then u.s. president barack obama awarding her the national humanises medal of 2015 has always shown and publicity she was the american poet laureate in 2003 and $4.00 although thought to be reluctant about it now clucas the 1st american woman to win the nobel prize for literature in 27 years it's fantastic that women's poetry has been recognized in this way i'm really really excited about the award for that reason she does talk about female experience but she also talks about you know why did concerns that affect us all life death love trail and jealousy can travel see her damage the nobel academy for the past few years it included the choice of austrian writer peter hendy for the literary prize make a closure here that caused uproar as he had portrayed serbia was a victim of the 990 s.
12:57 am
balkan wars in bosnia he was accused of being an apologist for a war criminal slobodan milosevic flukes poetry is seen as a breath of fresh air by her publishers in the u.k. for the past 20 years nice scene about her seat she doesn't take any of the any of the boxes. that usually lead to prizes and she's there's no sense of which is politically incorrect but on the other hand she's not pretty politically correct either and there's no preaching in her work i find her tremendously refreshing in a world where almost all writers seem to be politically driven or politically terrified so they don't dare say anything some observers say louise glueck was a safe choice by the judges right or wrong the 77 year old poet is certain now to reach a broader international readership andrew simone's al-jazeera. that's it for me john angela for this news hour balbi back in a moment but more of the day for me. the
12:58 am
crime that shook or people get killed on one occasion you know as bloody a massacre as this was on the tracks a lot of report it was just a crude drumbeat who did it who did it who did it the hasty conviction that led to the world's longest held the throw prisoner and his sister's 47 year long battle to save him from execution witness to come out of japan's death row on.
12:59 am
each country has tackled the crisis in its own way some like peru in argentina with strict early lockdowns others like brazil emphasizing the economy over health brazil has just registered 120000 deaths from the virus 2nd in the world only to the united states it's up and good ideas that we don't work a days that we don't eat and don't have enough to pay for utilities or anything until many countries in latin america believe their rates of infection will be peaking around now and they begin dreaming about the end of the crisis that's not happening the nightmare only continues. it was a war that united egypt and syria had against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became a pact i suppose that the screen was to avenge. to see tonight success when president sadat came to power he told us just give me 10 centimeters of land in the
1:00 am
east the 2nd of a 3 part series israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the series can exploit the 2nd week of the war in october on al-jazeera. the w.h.o. reports a record one day jump in global covert cases driven by surging infections across europe there are also warnings the coronavirus situation is far from under control in syria despite what the government says. time challenge this is al jazeera live from london also coming up iran accuses the u.s. of trying to blow up its remaining channels to pay for food and medicine with its latest sanctions on 18 banks and donald trump refuses to.


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