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to me it is a bland in the 2nd of a 3 part series really population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the series can exploit the 2nd week of the war in october on al-jazeera. a shaky cease fire not going to care about because as our beijing and armenia accuse each other of violating a truce. just 0 life from a headquarters and you know the date also coming up. north korea's leader shows off a new intercontinental ballistic missile at a military parade and threatens to remove allies his nuclear force a former president is arrested under a new prime minister is named kurdistan's leader tries to strengthen his position
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in a deepening political crisis. 2 weeks after hosting what's being called a super spreader event donald trump is set to address hundreds of supporters at the white house. hello armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a deal which aimed to pause fighting over the disputed nagorno-karabakh the as re military released the video on saturday showing what it says is the destruction of an armored vehicle which breached the agreement the cease fire was announced by russia on friday after 10 hours of talks in moscow it allows both sides to exchange prisoners as well as recover bodies were not spent his indoors in armenia he says it's a shaky cease fire. we were in stepanek at the main city of nagorno karabakh earlier today and while we were there we heard shelling in the distance there are
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accusations that both sides actually have breached the ceasefire and they go no care about x. defense ministries accusing azerbaijan of using the ceasefire to ready itself for further military action they said the only way to achieve real peace would be for the international community to recognize nagorno-karabakh as an independent republic that is an extremely unlikely prospect well now it seems that they're going to try and start talks again jorun this very shaky cease fire the challenge is though that after 26 years of the end of the cease fire of the cease fire 994 as far as these areas will tell you the talks have got them nowhere the status of nagorno karabakh has not been resolved and a good chunk of his eyrie territory that is still occupied by armenia territory that armenia talk in that war that ended with a cease fire in 94 that is still an armenian hands and azerbaijan wants that back
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there are 2 separate things to be discussed nagorno-karabakh and the territory that armenia currently occupies sunoco so argo is in tarts are in neighboring azerbaijan she says as a repository friends have indicated the ceasefire is only temporary. they said that mania was armenia violated the very fresh ceasefire which showed the whole crissy of our mania for these folks this is what they said but of course everybody in azerbaijan was expecting that the ceasefire wouldn't last long as special it wasn't planned for a long ceasefire because when even russian foreign minister lavrov announced about the cease fire he he emphasized the reason as the military and. when syrian aid exchanging prisoners and exchanging the that soldiers and injured soldiers so here . disrupt the flow mass of the country also on the line that and they want to show
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that if our mania is to violate the cease fire again they are ready to devolve to retaliate but they are preparing the diplomatic talks and they want our mania to be committed to what they what is promised during the talks which is actually 2 step by step in a calendar withdrawing from the occupied territories as azerbaijan calls and the initial plan is for our main us to withdraw from the occupied regions adjacent to nagorno-karabakh and if that happens as agreed in a moderate an agreement a decade ago then talks about nagorno-karabakh can start but of course we don't know exactly what was spoken yesterday in moscow this is the problem. north korea has the slayed what are believed to be previously unseen intercontinental ballistic missiles they were unveiled during a parade marking the 75th anniversary of the ruling workers' party the u.s.
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labeled the display disappointing and called upon yang to resume talks over a complete denuclearization bride reports from seoul. an impressive show of force through the streets of pyongyang this parade down usually held at night time adding to the sense of drama no social distancing and no masks in sight celebrating the country's continued claims to be free of coronavirus visibly moved leader kim jong un praised his country's efforts keeping the virus out. actually. i'm really grateful that not a single person is infected we managed to protect the people from this contagion. north korea has also been hit by devastating typhoon and summer rains damage that kim is reported to have taken personal charge in dealing with and it's exacerbated
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the ongoing affects of sanctions and effectively being cut off from the outside world came needed this show of strength in the context to he want to use. here's audience he want to show up here a strong leader it is necessary for the kingdom leadership tour or sure educated and anxious north korean population and that things will eventually be ok this parade showcased what are thought to be new missiles and transporters with the star of the show what's claimed to be a newly developed into continental ballistic missile it's a reminder that in spite of denuclearization talks with the u.s. north korea has continued to expand its arsenal in recent years future relations between the united states and north korea might be on hold until after the u.s. election but south korea remains optimistic it can still achieve closer into korean
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ties that's despite a number of setbacks in recent months. souring relations culminated in the destruction of a liaison office by north korea in june and the cutting of communication hotlines between the north and south but kim says he still holds hopes of reconciliation so no you can't put i wish the best for the people in the south in a fast recovery from the pandemic so that we can hold hands together soon came also apologized for failing to meet his people's expectations in a sign of humility not often exhibited by a north. we in the media. the country may be suffering from problems on many fronts but none of that was on the show on this night the bride al-jazeera so. kurdistan's parliament has named a new prime minister strengthening the president's grip on power there has been political upheaval since last week's disputed parliamentary elections earlier the
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former president. was detained by security forces he's a rival of the current president served by jim because of. protests erupted in kurdistan after its military parliamentary elections on october the 4th there were widespread allegations of vote buying and none of the opposition parties secured a seat so they said they wouldn't accept the outcome the results were declared invalid by the election commission on tuesday demonstrators demanded a complete overhaul of the political system and prime minister a backbone of resigned on wednesday but protesters have struggled to agree on who should replace him presidents or i'm by jim baker of has also vowed to resign when m.p. is appointed cabinets and rule of law is restored but he's also declared a curfew deployed the military and sacked top security officials some of whom had supported his opponents charles stratford has the latest from the capital bishkek.
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incredible change in atmosphere incredible events of the last 24 hours to imagine that this square was so chaotic last this time yesterday yesterday afternoon we had clashes between rival protest groups there was a shooting off to the car of the former president and seemingly no rule of law whatsoever to get spend the safe to say that we are beginning to see the rule of law returning this parliamentary session the seating the parliamentary speaker in the last hour has announced that there will be no discussion of the state of emergency in this session however the state of emergency is active for the next 3 days starting from 9 o'clock this evening and if parliament has not approved that state of emergency decree to extend it within 3 days then the decree becomes null and void so as i say it just does seem as if certainly lord older does
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seem to be returning the other very interesting thing that has come from this parliamentary session is the endorsement officially of the new prime minister this man soldered your power all of that a lot of people have been speaking very disparagingly of he was freed by protesters his supporters. in the post-election chaos on monday night he was serving an 11 year jail term for kidnapping. he all week has been. basically quite quite outspoken he's considered to have a very sort of nationalist tendencies a lot of support amongst the the rural communities rule kyrgyzstan his supporters very happy with this disappointment officially off him as the new pm they're celebrating not far from here but of course you know his legal status is still can be called into question considering that as i say last this time last week he was
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serving an 11 year jail term. eric um ross is an associate professor at the national defense university in the u.s. and she says the old guard will continue to hold positions of influence in kurdistan government. even if you resign he does have and we need to see if he actually does resign but you will have a broad network of loyalists in the government and in the parliament essentially dictating the course of political developments and now we really we really don't know if they will carry on with new parliamentary elections that would be more fair and orderly or they will just. continue ruling the country 'd by essentially grabbing power the opposition 'd is now in a very difficult situation because now as we know there is a curfew in bishkek but it only applies to
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a position of parties seems like because just pot of supporters are all around bishkek convening and rallies in cheering for their victory but for up position what's important now is really to make sure the another election is held so they get a chance a viable chance again to be represented in the parliament and challenge the status quo from the parliament the not from the streets. still ahead on al-jazeera. calling for a dialogue with china but on equal terms taiwan's president vows to strengthen defenses in her national day address and with no end in sight to the pandemic we'll hear from an expert about how people can cope with covert threats and.
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how they are in the quiet part of the typhoon season we have a not quantz typhoon tropical storm home has come close to honshu caused potentially a lot of damage with heavy rain and the dance lies to be verified but it's turning away into sunday's weather is a lot better sings quietening down the water running away and it stays out in the waters just ahead science funding off by the time we get to monday night to the rest of all this with the monsoon trough having gone south now this is the east asia monsoon we still got what will be a change of season type frontal system hanging out in the northeast are disappearing slowly eastwards scattering of showers light rain in the western end of the yangtze otherwise the yankees ofo is not seeing any more rain collect within it now all the rains further south than particularly on this northern edge and look at this white mass here that's
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a tropical depression has already caused several 100 marries the rain to fall in central vietnam there's more to come possibly the same again so although the me kong is you know used to huge raging floods this is still potentially damaging and dangerous for that part of vietnam and southern laos further south from that good scattering it shows it now reached as far as i should which of course is most indonesia. but. what if your peons rose and forced them all to cross a cruise unit from power the new administration aimed for unity through an ambitious program of political reform. but 2 years on. people in power whether the country's diverse ethnic interests will ever be reconciled. the battle for the sealed up.
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the. other one on the top stories on al-jazeera at this hour our media and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a cease fire in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh hours after it came into force the as remember tree released the video showing what it says is the destruction of an armored vehicle which breached the agreement its. north korea has unveiled new intercontinental ballistic missiles they were displayed during a parade marking the 75th anniversary of the ruling workers' party leader kim jong il warned he could mobilize his nuclear force if it was threatened. kurdistan's
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parliament has named a new prime minister strength in strengthening the president's grip on power earlier the former president almost back at time by of was detained by security forces he's a rival of the current president of the sermon by jim because. taiwan's president says she's willing to hold talks with china if they're on equal terms speaking at the national day celebrations sighing when said she's open to meaningful dialogue with beijing and hopes regional tensions can be resolved peacefully to go paula reports from hong kong. taiwan national day celebrations taking place at a time of rising tensions with neighboring china but rather than the islands military might it was used as an awful chitti to open the door to dialogue with aging. taking a look at goats and i wonder saying as long as the authorities in beijing are willing to resolve antagonisms and improve cross street relations while maintaining
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parity and dignity if we're willing to work together to facilitate meaningful dialogue. president sighing whens national day speech held both failed and pointed messages for china and even the offer to start talks came with conditions that beijing should treat taiwan as an equal and listen to thai peace concerns trying to is not going to accept any concept or framework that taiwan proposed which is not identical to what china wants as as nice as it sounds for president sides that we want her already and might starve or reasonable to those of us outside the region for china's leadership there really isn't much room to deviate from their stated position beijing cut off official contact with taiwan after thai was 1st elected in 2016 relations deteriorated further when she want to 2nd term with a promise to preserve the island sovereignty the presidents commended the taiwanese
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forces and stressed the importance of stepping up the island's military capabilities in the face of increased aggression from beijing to the us again for some time now harassment by air and sea from the other side has raised tensions in the taiwan strait but our national military has closely monitored the situation and responded promptly achieving their defense mission. china has ramped up military pressure on taiwan in response to washington strengthening support of taipei the us is taiwan's main ally although it has no formal alliance but it sells the island weapons $13000000000.00 worth over the past 4 years china considers taiwan to be part of its territory which one day will be reunified with the mainland so taipei has no right to participate in international diplomacy and due to pressure from beijing only 15 countries now have official diplomatic ties with the island but
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taiwan's international standing has grown steadily over the past few months due to its twist in effective battle against the corona virus outbreak. the national day celebrations were scaled back due to the pandemic president's i devoted much of the success of taiwan's response to the virus and took it as an opportunity to highlight that it's an example of the island's resilience and ability to defend itself if you go palin 0 hong kong hong kong police have arrested 9 people suspected of helping pro-democracy activists who attempted to flee taiwan the dozen activists have been held in the southern city of shin's and since august when they were intercepted by chinese authorities their families rallied in hong kong on thursday accusing the police of lying about the circumstances surrounding their capture and a neighboring macau a world press photo exhibit featuring images from hong kong's anti-government
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protests has been shut down without explanation the show's organizers expressed regret over the closure media reports suggest it could be because of political pressure from beijing the city has press association says macau is facing a worrying episode of heroes and for freedom and expression and exit bishan showing images of the square massacre was banned earlier in the year afghanistan's top negotiator in the peace talks has warned if u.s. troops withdraw from the country too early it could impact talks between the government and the taliban the warning follows the announcement from president donald trump that u.s. troops in afghanistan could be home by christmas his national security adviser says the troops would be reduced to $2500.00 by early next year. the hope is that we need progress in the negotiations soledad will be no need for international troops premature withdrawal will have an impact. almost certainly we are not oblivious to
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the realities on the ground but it will not lead to prove one side prevailing over over over there that it will it will. it will happen sequences there is no doubt about it. or not that the world health organization has warned europe to take decisive action to curb soaring coronavirus infection rates it's urging countries to limit large gatherings or expect tough lockdowns i know it's not necessarily for people who want to hear that there is it it is sad to see many countries in europe experiencing a rapid rise in cases and governments do have to take decisive action in order to try and shut down the transmission rushes reopen some temporary hospitals as its outbreak worsens nearly 13000 cases were confirmed on saturday that's its worse
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daily figure moscow's mayor says the city's hospitals are filling up with coronavirus patients nearly 1300000 people have been infected and almost 23000 have died in france the number of infections has risen by more than 20000 dots the highest rate since the pandemic began hospitals in paris have moved into emergency mode after an increase in the number of patients in intensive care and for the 4th day in a row new cases in the czech republic have hit record numbers more than 8600 infections were confirmed on friday the government's ordered sports and cultural venues to shut for 2 weeks. poland has reported a record rise in new delhi infections with more than 5300 confirmed on saturday hundreds of people have rallied against new restrictions which include wearing a mask outdoors at all times the prime minister wants to avoid a 2nd full lockdown which he says could be a worst case scenario. donna dawson is
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a psychologist and personality behavior specialist she says that pandemic fatigue is growing among the population because of mixed messages from governments. we never actually recovered from the 1st wave completely before we were thrown into the 2nd wave. you know people are just fed up now i think by age group and by occupation you can see the differences amongst older people and those who are more conservative and law abiding there is this kind of wary resignation well we've got to do this for the common good and we may not like it but we've got to do it but we're starting to see more dissent amongst younger age groups and that age group is expanding beyond 30 i would say 17 now up to about 3540 with course we've had university students going back to a situation where they're in lockdown in their local dormitories they're upset that they're not getting the education they're paid for so what we seem to be getting is a lot of very unwell thought out legislation that keeps changing backtracking so
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there's a lot more thinking now about what's actually being asked of us and whether it's possible to continue doing it you know christmas is coming up people are worried whether they're going to be able to see their families or even their friends the rule of 6 what does that mean does it mean 6 different households now it seems to me just to there's a lot of confusion and i think people are saying what is the message we're waiting on monday for a new set of messages which seems to reflect the traffic light system of red green and amber that's going to apply different rules to different groups of us so i just hope we all understand it and we all want to do it because right now a lot of confusion at that the rebellion and weariness and the top u.s. infectious diseases expert has called the unveiling of the president's nominee to the supreme court a super spreader event at least 11 people who attended that ceremony last month
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have tested positive for cover 19 doctors have given approval for president trump to hold public events as he recovers from the virus and he set to address supporters at the white house later on saturday but anthony felt he says everyone including trump needs to follow health guidelines. it disturbs me when i see that no matter who is doing it when you have congregate settings that have no man asks in a situation particularly if it's indoors that is asking for trouble and that is something that is contrary to the things that i in my public health colleagues have been saying for some time now you've got to avoid those situations and it doesn't matter who you are away you or everyone should be avoiding those types of situations and donald trump has given his 1st on camera interview since testing positive for corona virus crystal salumi reports. i don't lot of people that appearing on his favorite news channel president donald trump was feeling positive i feel really
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really strong and a lot of people don't feel that way sometimes for a while he credited a still experimental antibody treatment for his speedy recovery from corona virus are you tested i heard you i heard you said you were going to test again today have you been retested. i have been retested and i haven't even found numbers or anything yet but i've been retested and i know i'm at either the bottom of the scale or free. that's not likely to appease his critics. who questioned his plans to host crowds for an event on the white house lawn on saturday less than 2 weeks after his diagnosis thank you it was shortly after this event in the rose garden that he and several people who attended tested positive. president eager to get back on the campaign trail is also planning to hold a rally in florida on monday that's despite that 9 people who attended this rally
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in minnesota on september 18th have tested positive for the chronic virus 2 of them firing hospitalisation out mr president but as for the debate scheduled for october 15th that's been canceled by the commission sponsoring it after the president refused to do it online instead of a new person re president trump clearly attempting to project strength and health while his democratic rival joe biden portrayed the president's decision not to debate as weak saying he was dodging voters who would be asking the questions and must decide between the 2 in less than 3 weeks kristen salumi al-jazeera twitter is imposing new rules to stop candidates in november as u.s. election from prematurely declaring victory on its platform the social media firm says it's cracking down on misinformation and on calls for political violence in the days surrounding about votes tweets that falsely claim
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a candidate has won will be labeled and will direct users to the official u.s. election results page. how to stun has banned chinese social media for not doing enough to block illegal contents the government says the company failed to stop what it calls immoral and indecent videos from being shared telecom authorities say they're willing to reverse the ban if to talk provides the moderation if it's contents it's the 3rd most popular app in pakistan with nearly 39000000 downloads opposition supporters have rallied in ivory coast's commercial capital abidjan against the president's decision to stand for a 3rd term they say alison wants or as violating the constitution and wants october's presidential election postponed but what's her insists changes to the law in 2016 reset the term count allowing him to seek office again. at least
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8 people have died as a result of a gang war in refugee camps in southern bangladesh police and humanitarian workers say thousands of people have been forced to flee the criminal groups are competing for dominance in what is the largest refugee settlement in the world. a heat wave has triggered wildfires which have been spreading through parts of the middle east killing 2 people and forcing thousands from their homes forest fires began spreading near the border area between israel and lebanon on police helped residents to safety when the fire reached homes in the north some of the worst hit areas are in syria that's where about 70 people have been taken to hospital with breathing problems large plumes of smoke could be seen rising from coastal areas into the talk of provinces. in sports news 19 year old i guess you're in tech has clint clinched the french open title
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becoming poland's 1st grand slam singles champion she was unranked going into the tournament and raced out to an early lead over australian open champion sophia kenyon taking the 1st set 6 for the poles and moved to the straight sets victory winning the 2nd set $61.00. bad lines on al-jazeera armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a cease fire in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh hours after it came into force the as remember 3 released a video showing what it says is the destruction of an armored vehicle which breached the agreement north korea has unveiled new intercontinental ballistic missiles they were displaced during a parade marking the 75th anniversary of the really work.


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