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to find out the truth in very complex situations that include major global play as we've been told to. changes in through this conflict. truth an approach truth world and on 00. back in front of supporters and donald trump addresses crowds at the white house at his 1st public event since getting covered 9 saying. this is our desire to live from doha also coming up. from presidents a prime minister stands parliament names a new premier as it grapples with
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a political crisis over a disputed election. protesting against police brutality a police units in nigeria is under fire accused of torture and killings. people taking new jobs are going to have to give away this right. and being monitored remotely employees face new privacy concerns as more and more people from. the u.s. president's doctor says donald trump is no longer considered a coronavirus transmission to others but he won't confirm if he's tested negative he delivered the news hours after trump addressed a crowd of hundreds of the white house he spoke of the pandemic disappearing and attacked his democratic rival joe biden a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. with his recovery still in
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question donald trump emerged from the white house to address supporters it's the u.s. president's 1st official appearance since contracting coded 90. times physicians will say when trump last tested negative. for covert 19 only that he's been cleared to resume campaigning and while the white house insisted saturday's event wasn't a campaign rally it sure seemed like one attacking his opponent former vice president joe biden multiple times sleepy joe biden has betrayed black and latino americans if you think you can run this country you're wrong track was addressing black and latino conservatives who are part of a movement known as blacks it or black exit the movement believes the democratic party has betrayed communities of color and is encouraging them to vote republican if the left gains power they'll launch a nationwide crusade against law enforcement and they've already done that. trump
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is playing on voter fears of the sometimes violent unrest that gripped several u.s. cities for months this past summer following protests over the death of george floyd a black man killed while in police custody. trump hopes his law and order message will help him win over white suburban voters in addition to minority communities hurt by the violence but time is running out for a president currently trailing joe biden in the polls right now american jews are actually voting their early voting either in person or their mailing in their ballots so there's not much time for the president if he's going to turn this around to do so prior to cope with 19 trump had built on historically low unemployment for minorities but since covert 19 those jobs have been wiped out and once again communities of color are suffering economically in greater numbers than
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white americans but with little clarity about his own covert recovery there are questions about whether trump should even be on the campaign trail i think the forgotten where it all. i think the focus of this. final thing. president trouble began holding large public rallies beginning on monday and again on tuesday and wednesday as he targets 3 battleground state can really help get out sarah washed and cole is the director of debates at the university of michigan he says president trump is trying to protect a project a sense of normalcy it was a typical campaign performance he was on a balcony with some distance from. supporters there who were there to see him speak and the way he looks pretty good he is in the last several days he made a big deal of doing videos and other events so make him look like he's in business
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as normal but you know you certainly have a better idea if he was more closely interacting with people and i think that will get that once he regains the campaign trail and has more interaction with the press reporters they will get a much better idea of exactly how he's doing and how he's feeling but from today it's certainly he's trying to project the image of that he's returned to normal just less than 3 weeks left of the election now up to you know $50000.00 cases per day still around. today in the message he's trying to project is kind of business as normal we need to return to the economy as soon as possible we don't want to shut down the economy again and so that certainly with these events with the rallies the large rallies that airplane hangars and things like that he would like the subject to be anything but coronavirus so close to election day and it's kind of a mixed message not just whether he's you know could infect people or as a risk to them because exactly you know if you still positive and you know
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potentially showing newsies is unknown but those people in the campaign rally are also at risk. politician freed from prison by supporters just days ago is the new prime minister of kurdistan the parliament confirmed southern asia after nearly a week of violent protests over a contested election his supporters celebrated on the streets of the capital bishkek where a state of emergency is in place says he expects the president to step down within a few days. first i'd like to bow my head to the people and especially the youth who risked their lives and came into the square to stand for justice and the idea of legitimacy after gaining a deeper understanding of the political situation everyone has taken a step towards returning to legality and deciding to stabilize the present situation in it here is to the lord media petey's presented my can do see to the post of prime minister and now i have accepted these powers of prime minister i am
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grateful for the deep trust that has been placed in supporting my candidacy for this position. charles trafford is in bishkek with more on the new prime minister it's manslaughter power of the lot of people have been speaking very disparagingly of he was freed by protesters his supporters. in the post-election chaos or on monday night he was serving an 11 year jail term for kidnapping. he all week has been. basically quite quite outspoken and he's considered to have a very sort of nationalist tendencies a lot of support amongst the rural communities rule kyrgyzstan his supporters very happy with this disappointment officially of him as the new pm they're celebrating not far from here but of course you know his legal status is still can be called into question considering that as i say last this time last week he was serving an
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11 year jail term. staying in the region and polls will open in on in around 2 hours for presidential elections 5 candidates are running including the incumbent president a man who's been in charge since independence in 1902 it's origami records. of his struggling to keep his coffee shop a pretty shabby international airport's been placed for the last 6 months because the korean virus and that means he's been unable to improve his regular supply of coffee he says whoever is elected president needs to help small businesses. we order a lot of stuff for our business from other countries due to air traffic is blocked it would be great if our government appreciated up problems and gave us some help it would benefit us tremendously. presidential candidates are promising to grow the economy and create jobs to take a stand is the poorest of the pay save the state
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a lack of work opportunity is more than a $1000000.00 to kick men and women to find job. on the show machine. we want to see job growth especially for those who are unemployed and there are enough jobs here men will not look for opportunities in other countries they'll stay here with their kids. 4 years ago they tis induced changes to the constitution which scrapped the limits of 3 presidential terms that's allowed current president animosity ruckman to stand again he's been in charge of to take a stand since independence from the save the union in 1980 and this a political and economic reform is vital if the country is to avoid the instability and violence it's experienced in the past. we need to initiate drastic social and political transformations economic reforms reduce government corruption and ensure access to mineral resources for this it is
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necessary to adopt a new constitution. many pages expect direct man to win the election any question then is whether the $68.00 will say about the 7 year term. brazilians have been told not to worry about catching coronavirus by their president. he tested positive for the virus in july and claims he didn't feel anything it comes as brazil's death toll has passed 150000 it's the 2nd worst in the world. what a chaotic here that reports. apart from this there are a few signs of a lockdown in a country that has just passed the mark of 5000000 couvade 1000 cases rio samberg drum has been closed indefinitely and next year's carnival parade postponed until
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a covert 19 vaccine is on the market. that isn't keeping people from dancing samba on the streets with no social distancing and very few masks. all as brazil reaches 150001000 related deaths the 2nd largest number in the world maybe it happened in fantasy i feel that people especially here in the slums act as if nothing were happening as if the pandemic were. a crowded few people where mosques everybody acts relaxed but the truth is hundreds of dying every day. the fact the president shade bull sonando has been downplaying the virus even after having contracted it does not help. the health professionals are worried that a 2nd wave will arrive before the 1st one is over not just bad brazil is reopening it's a corner me but he never implemented
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a complete lockdown now 6 months later be even more difficult to restrict activities the population is part of the pandemic. researcher finn and says the best way to keep the virus under control is by increasing the testing he's part of a task force created by doctors scientists and volunteers from 9 different organisations the idea is to bring health and communication professionals to rio's most vulnerable areas like the complex of the matter and. there are 6 things slums in the complex about not at 1. 140000 people live here the population is bigger than that of 97 percent of brazilian cities tests have shown that the number of infections in poor areas can be 4 times greater than in rich neighborhoods by tracking down people who have the virus they hope to stop it from spreading. we're trying to do what should have been done in the beginning once we identify
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where the cross is all then we can see who they have been in contact with and what the community to help them isolate or receive treatment even. but catching up with the virus in a country of 200000000 is not an easy task monica all just sirrah rio de janeiro. still ahead on out is there. a shaky cease fire and a goal of care about i mean ian azerbaijan agreed to a choice but a key use each other of not respecting it. a lack of restrictions and growing infections the netherlands coronavirus strategy backfired. hallow the sun has been out for a couple weeks now really the monsoon trough is gone science and so the middle east
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is looking to winter temperatures if you like which are in the thirty's and sometimes the high twenty's there is not all that low yes admittedly we're still talking about middle thirty's for the most part is still quite warm in quite a few places and because of the recent dry and hot weather the fire risk is realized in syria jordan parts of lemons fastow burnings foreigner the weather and stop them of course the weather remains draw nothing changes very much the next couple of days the monsoon trough which appears in the middle of tropical after it was just again the rainy season is with us so even though it's there in south sudan the showers still in ethiopian somalia concentrations bit further south dale congo for example like the tour follows the rift valley run down as well they are in centers where the heavy rain is forecast to be always in the form of thunderstorms and that stretches right way down as through zambia to botswana zimbabwe and south africa not in the satellite picture this is the frequent repeat but every now and
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again you get this proper growth and around johannesburg it's looking pretty wet through sunday and probably a good part of monday as well. but . in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact on. waste management trash is a big business than unfortunate the smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that often solutions it's very easy for us to have a 100 percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. ordered her to. work.
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you want to go to 0 top stories there so the u.s. presence. is no longer considered at risk of transmitting coronavirus but if he's tested negative it comes after trying to address a crowd of hundreds at the white house. parliament has picked a new prime minister. is a politician who was freed from prison by supporters just days ago his confirmation comes after nearly a week of violent protests. the number of deaths. in brazil has passed 150000 the 2nd highest death toll in the world president has consistently downplayed the risks of crowd a virus as scientists fear a 2nd. explosions in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh
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despite a cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan it follows a brief halt in violence after talks in russia on friday for the past 2 weeks both countries have been fighting over the disputed region smith reports from stepanek a. step and has taken a battering these last 2 weeks as a by john has thrown the latest high tech israeli and turkey supplied weaponry at this town and the surrounding areas of nagorno-karabakh the ceasefire has allowed people to risk emerging from their shelters. certainly but the problem must be solved you can't have a ceasefire several years war again. the problem is our independence. independence is very unlikely this is internationally recognized as azerbaijani territory but it's governed by ethnic armenians
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a previous ceasefire lasted more than 26 years but the status of nagorno karabakh went on resolved a ceasefire allows both sides to assess the capabilities of each other and for the armenians there must be a new appreciation of the technically advanced and destructive weaponry that the adversary hands. what has surprised armenians in karabakh is turkey's open support for azerbaijan if one of the results were a direct involvement of told keep and i don't see that told his going to pull out from the region it means that we have to somehow you know change some geopolitical approaches so far with state strengths and. for the string should strengthen our relations with brows of countries but i shot united states iran and china. in the is very town of tartar these buildings were hit by armenian artillery
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before the ceasefire we don't support the ceasefire our enemy shall face what they deserve maybe 10 times more than what they did to us before. these were homes built for some of the 10s of thousands of his areas displaced from territory next to karabakh that armenia talk in the 190124 war now they're on the move again i would issue is that an international community or a serious group or chairs should take responsibility and transforms that current moment to a change in momentum of status quo into the durable peace is a particular focus on israel of the armenian friends are quite that if there is a president. russia says armenia and azerbaijan have agreed to substantiate if peace talks for them to work both sides will have to make the sort of compromises on territorial sovereignty that they've never been willing to make before. we live in bern it's meant. to panic nagorno-karabakh. the former president of
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colombia has been freed after 2 months under house arrest. is accused of witness tampering prosecutors say he tried to discredit claims he had ties to right when. the river was placed under house arrest in august and has been released after giving up his senate seat. protesters in nigeria demanding a police unit accused of a new says be disbanded they say the special and he robbery squad commit torture and killings against the group has spread across the country sparking several days of demonstrations ahmed interest reports from a brutal. violence as demonstrations against alleged police brutality gather momentum across nigeria. this man was shot by security forces but the video cannot be independently verified. in the capital more than $100.00 protesters have camped out in front of the
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country's police headquarters demanding a police unit known as the special and to the robbery squad. like used of carrying out extrajudicial killings and expulsion be disbanded. brother was last seen in police detention in 2012 the family assumes he's been killed and for no reason. his sister says the family's petition to the police for access to him dead or alive was ignored we never had an opportunity. to norwalk. one detail on why he was killed. so it was not a reason for me to be here and i think i was the only one not just in me but a lot of young veterans in nigeria for these stories you know bending young people until these are inside the country funny this is the.
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the they need police unit set up to tackle robbery and violent crimes has over the years been accused of murder extortion and disappearances. after the recent allegations nigeria's police chief banned the youth from cheap patrols and setting up roadblocks saying such crimes were not routine in the force the special unto robbery squad has been banned 3 times before but each time they've managed to reform protesters nigeria is mainly in their twenty's and pretty has. been particularly targeted by this elite police force unit but security officials say this is the age group that is mostly involved in online fraud. and it's each group mainly impacted by high unemployment you see young men yours who have high falls the i.r.s. the reason i want to look good wasn't you it seems as though you were you were well enough india's economy or you are even if we did the technological system of this country i thought it was up to meeting the country's most senior police officer
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president mohamed a body called for swift investigation and punishment a policeman responsible for the killing that led to the current round of violence. but many protesters say the only action that will keep them off the streets is the government doing what it's feel to do so far. is bending this pressure and to rope rescored for good. protests says it is rather defied coated 19 restrictions to demand prime minister benjamin netanyahu resign this is the 16th straight weekend of demonstrations as netanyahu faces corruption charges they're also angry about his handling of the pandemic last month israel imposed a nationwide lockdown ahead of religious holidays the netherlands now has one of the worst crime effect across the virus infection rates in europe as case numbers
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and hospital admissions bloomed but that hasn't yet led to a tightening of restrictions for government anxious not to restrict people's liberty so the. only people with flu like symptoms can be freely tested for cope with 19 in the netherlands if they're lucky enough some say they had to wait up to 4 days to get an appointment at one of the testing centers infection rates have gone up dramatically and have reached an international high in the past week hospitals are struggling to treat patients and have had to cancel operations the situation is very serious in the netherlands particularly in amsterdam duhigg on the road 2 of them were short of hospital births were still have some ice you capacity there with the rapidly increasing number of corona patients we also very concerned says we will run out of i.c.u. capacity. after the 1st wave the authorities implemented a test and trace policy in an effort to contain new infections but due to recent
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explosive numbers contact tracing of infected people has become impossible not of hope none since its 1st instructions the level and still struggling to class people with covert symptoms every day thousands can be tested due to a lack of capacities in laboratories somehow as well say this is one of the reasons the government covert response was failing dramatically and you need strong leadership that's the other thing lacking according to a team of experts given input to the government. who worked on the sars epidemic in singapore and in my point of view this is absent in the netherlands and i think this has led basically to collect off an adequate and clear coordinated response but the governments are this is a democratic country we can't apply the same rules as they're applied in china and singapore this is a crisis in a crisis he will need leadership. so i think that argument falls short in the case
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of an emergency she blames the government for putting the responsibility solidly on individuals about whether to wear a face mask in shops the government made a turnaround last week after months of saying mass don't protect against the virus it's now advising people to wear one and i think some situations is better because now it's like in some places you do have to wear them in some places you don't so confuse a lot of people and for example in a supermarket you don't think about bring your face mask i think it's good that in the netherlands we have freedom of. choice you know we are smart people you know and. not people with the highest cold with infection in the world i know i know despite the rapidly rising numbers the government doesn't want to impose stricter measures as of yet prime minister it is called the dutch public childish and even and i guess stick for not following social distancing guidance but if infection rates continue to go up you may just might be announced soon step
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fasten al-jazeera there. are hundreds of people have been protesting italy's capital of the country's latest coronavirus restrictions it clearly struggling with a resurgence and infections with numbers reaching the highest level since march the new measures include an order for mandatory mask wearing outdoors most of the country's new cases have been asymptomatic. when corona virus spread around the world earlier this year many offices shut the doors and sent staff to work from home now although this new professional landscape suits many it also raise questions about work privacy were retellings reports. hidden behind net curtains and frosted front doors now toil the workers of this weird new world but who knows what is really going on in these homes turned workspaces social media time wasting online shopping corporate espionage perhaps an increasingly employers
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are trying to find out let's jump into a brief overview of everything have staff can do for your business pub staff is just one of several software services for remote working that have seen sales surged and it allows bosses to keep tabs on staff you can see their activity percentage which tells you how often the mouse and keyboard are used while tracking time the abseil will show you what tools they're using and the u.r.l. view shows you what websites they're visiting our growth rate is about double what it was. before the pandemic the fall lock down you know what are we going to do in the midst of a pandemic was was the trigger being working from home but this trend has set alarm bells ringing for those who worry about employers encroaching on the previous year of their staff and congress needs to be responsible for employees endemic itself would have taken a toll on many of us psychologically. and if you that is coupled with constant
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surveillance by the employer the psychological effect on employees could be greedy and significant now the work course of the home office is the laptop which is also a very effective spying toll yes you can put tape over the camera try to muffle the microphone and scan it for hidden spyware but in the large majority of cases employers will actually be doing their monitoring in plain sight. that is certainly the view of security expert ben marks but i think that now as a matter of course people taking new jobs are going to have to give away this right that if they working from home and using a work computer they are going to have to give their employer commit permission. to monitor their work product on their work computer but even with employee consent ethical questions remain like what's that consent worth if it's a requisite for keeping your job and this academic has more maybe you have 2 or 3
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children and a spouse kind of wandering around not to mention the big could just cast as a parent. what does that mean for them previously what does it mean for your the difference between this private space that you typically think oh and your workspace. it's not clear if workers will ever fully return to city center offices homeworking is now established as a viable model and new battles over trust and privacy are looming rory talents al-jazeera london. this is observer and the other top stories the us presence doctor says donald trump is no longer considered at risk of transmitting coronavirus but one confirmed if you tested negative it comes off to trump addressed a crowd of hundreds at the white house he spoke of the pandemic disappearing and
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attacked his democratic rival joe biden and i went out to say hello to those people or i took a little heat for it but i do it again.


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