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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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it's on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar as if that's going to solve the problem if want to bring you more old wood whom documentaries and life moves on air and online. al jazeera. 1500 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera hello one come all sons of maria and this is the news hour. protesters defy the round the clock curfew in the nigerian city of lagos after reports demonstrators were shot on tuesday. i got everything. from the protesters are angry over sudan's struggling economy they've been hit by police as well hong kong airline cathay pacific becomes the latest airline industry
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victim of the global pandemic. and no red carpet but we will tell you how the largest film festival in asia is getting around the coronavirus. family how much now have all the fault. is the defense with. the german international has tested positive for coronavirus. we are starting in nigeria where protesters against police brutality are defying a 24 hour curfew and a call for calm from president mohamed to behati. security forces in lagos the commercial capital of the country opened fire on wednesday
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morning after several demonstrators were reportedly shot dead on tuesday in another part of lagos a large fire burned at a bus station as well. videos are also emerging of men in uniform opening fire killing people in lagos on tuesday security forces though deny any involvement so we're starting with a correspondent in the capital of buju what more you hearing 1st of all ahmed about continuing violence. well it's been it's been very very bad in the morning that things may have stabilized in sudden parts of lagos security offices us to a lot of the streets so some individuals many of them we've seen over the last few hours we've seen videos of some people even going into people's house trying to break into their cars break into warms apart from the violence we've seen earlier
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today there was no reports of a section of the nigerian port authority building in a set on fire and we've also seen how a television station was burned such a large section of it was a set of beliefs by some people and then the identified people protesters say it's not them one of the independent channel was forced of the ad because of what it called impending attack or i need to operations in lagos eventually after a few always the television station is back on and now and we've also seen how apart from that bus station we've also seen how people have been running helter skelter that means that the protests are still going on in lagos despite the trying to run around the clock car fuel be put in place the government's address the lagos state community asking them to calm down asking for patience while this is being sorted out right so this is what i want to ask you if there is a curfew in place and if this is carrying on what do the security forces say are
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they is there still a threat of all of them firing back because people are breaking a curfew. yes it was in the early in the morning and 4 by mid-morning we're also seeing security forces chasing down protesters on the streets in other scenes on the very videos making rounds we see in people in plain clothes holding weapons chasing down some people down the street it's not clear whether it's security forces in buffy or these are just criminals out there to do some harm to the community and we've seen also we've heard reports and seen pictures of people going into malls and shops breaking them down and looting property private property is forbidden also destroyed for example the home of the mother of the governor of lagos state was also set ablaze earlier today so these violence in lagos and mostly in lagos is actually taking
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a dangerous shape it's more like people are capitalizing on the what's next security situation to carry out their bad intentions the protesters insist that they are not part of this but the authorities cannot differentiate between those who are taking advantage of these protests to make them look bad and implement their own agenda so that's the situation right now in lagos in abuja there were some reports that on the outskirts of town protesters were gathering earlier today but it's been largely quiet in this part of the country and we're also hearing about protesters trying too much peacefully in other states where these lockdowns these coffee shop not been imposed but so far we have 6 about 6 states that have imposed curfew in a buddha what we have is actually not a curfew but a ban on street protests is that ban was put in place by the or for just the these protests have been going on until yesterday ok thank you for those updates in
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a budget so this protest movement in nigeria is over and now disbanded police units the special and robbery squad it is attracting. a lot of attention international attention driven in part by high profile musicians and entertainers on social media nigeria's burna boy described as more than a unit but a mindset built from a lack of repercussions he helped pay for billboards that have gone up across the country american nigerian artist a veto is among those who've joined the protests and also pushing a petition demanding political accountability for army members who started firing on demonstrators and there are other high profile figures catching on the american artist chance the rapper tweeted to say he's just started reading up on the travesty in nigeria as he said and use the hashtag sod's now very pleased to have sydney is siri with us now an entertainer and entrepreneur joining us on skype from lagos nigeria i believe sydney you go by the moniker of dr sid so is it ok if
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i call you that yes. doctor so then tell me i've actually been looking at your twitter feed you are prolific at the moment posting a lot of stuff some of it's quite graphic as well i you concerned about any repercussions for you or anyone connected to you. i mean even in this situation you definitely have the free above and because of the situation and you has caused the point where you just have to look in and see if not now when because we've had this particular situation and come up with sawyer's of the last 4 years it's been despondent numerous times and so just again and we were as a people are committed to peacefully protesting and exercising our rights as citizens to demonstrate far cause but some arms of government of different people have
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found ways to to disrupt this peaceful process and turn it into something violent so that if you have an excuse bring in the military which is what they did yesterday. point i'm sorry finish your thought. yabby on this point we're just like you know what we just have to let the whoa know what's going on in nigeria and the change has to happen when the president ran for office is his campaign slogan was change and people felt for him to bring change to nigeria so far nothing has happened them. so how much of a difference do you think our some of the musicians which i listed and there are others as well have joined the movement how much of difference is that making we definitely live in a world now where the word to all of someone famous or someone with a high social media profile can make a difference. yeah i mean i mean i've been i've been in and involved in the industry for a long time i can tell you 1st years ago when we didn't know how social media was very difficult to organize physically being in the same place but with social media
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and with the internet it's that we as a people have the ability to speak with one voice and have our orders from from across the world even without being sent space i think that's one thing that the nigerian government officials the leaders. now that calling it cyber cyber crimes finding with top people's phones and looking for people who are probably doing violence violence with some of the social media. we have the people still see from the beginning all we want to do is just how long in the jury are police starting with the government official starts with policies that affect the average nigerian we just want to be able to live in a country where we can survive where we can live where we have an opportunity to grow and that's been denied us for many years and a lot of so there are some people who have of influence coming out not to speak i'm
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just letting you know of course because sometimes you come on the front lines you just have to use a puff that you have that everybody know what's going on i've seen a lot of stuff. trying to verify iraq's of the marketing of propaganda speaking so that all of this is what's actually going moms of the world can see what's coming here and it was just. going to consume us out while we're talking to we've just got some pictures on screen as well of some of the various protests around the country it's a big movement isn't it i'm amazed at the sheer number of people who are out there in the face of what has been happening the firing at them do you think this movement will be i don't want to say scared off but i mean they've obviously got to be worried about their own safety. i mean it's got to one where there are lots of people out there who are ready to die having lots of point where it's like it is what it is now people are really last night i know there was
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a couple put in place and people said you know what if you want treats of people that are causing violence and destruction which we do not condone or not support you will go to looting that's going on we're totally against that other people but if you didn't was true to those people when you got to do let's talk about stardom so people sitting down on the floor peacefully singing the national anthem and your response to that was to open fire i think you pushed people beyond that point to the point that now this movement is not going to stop you can stop us physically you can't stop us from being hurt this movement is not going to. change and like your doctor said sydney is siri joining us from lagos we really appreciate your time thank you thank you. move on to some developing news this hour. pharma this is the maker of oxy contin will face charges for their role in the u.s. opioid epidemic this is according to justice department officials. it is
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a powerful prescription painkiller government officials said pharma will plead guilty to 3 federal criminal charges as part of a settlement of more than $8000000000.00 not it is the biggest result i should say from a u.s. government investigation into the country's opioid crisis which is linked to nearly half a 1000000 deaths while we wait to hear from the department of justice will talk to shihab rattansi our correspondent following this one in washington d.c. if this all comes out as we expect she had this will be a very significant development. significant in both negative and positive way perhaps you could say what we're just getting the details now from the department of justice $8340000000.00 settlement which will resolve this year long criminal civil probe by the justice department 8.3 trillion. point $34000000000.00 number is relatively symbolic though because the former doesn't that doesn't even have that money so in the short term actually they're likely to
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pay around $225000000.00 to the government with the soccer family this is the family that not only made a huge amount of fortune out of selling opioids a name that you often see on you know museums and cultural institutions around the world they're going to give up $225000000.00 to resolves civil claims. pleading guilty to 3 charges including conspiracy to defraud the u.s. are violating federal laws basically what they're getting into is that they didn't despite telling the federal drug administration that they had a defective red flag system to avoid the drug being diverted to places where it shouldn't be they actually didn't have any such thing not only about they were paying doctors to write more prescriptions they were conspiring to dispense opioids without any legitimate medical purpose which is stored to fuel the enormous opioid crisis in the united states so we're still getting those details but what's also
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key is supposed to follow will still exist after settlement although as a. company held in trust for the benefit of american society theoretically that is there will be a trust board that will decide the interests of the company versus the interests of the american people. will still continue researching selling opioids to the american people she has i feel like pretty much anything in the u.s. right now can be viewed through the prism of the election in 2 weeks' time can you put this one into that context for us the the idea of the department of justice pushing the story now. exactly this was a major trump campaign promise before he was elected that he would address the opioid crisis a particular issue in the hard core trump states of the united states in rural areas but also you know in cities knows where but this is a way them that if they come if they've come to this conclusion they can say mission accomplished another trouble lection promise from the last election. has
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been brought to fruition but trump the problem with all this is partly in what i was so you moments ago about 25 states including d.c. and d.c. have said look we don't want this we don't want their settlement for various reasons it let's do farmer on the cycle family off too easily these are you know most you know multi-billionaires that lose a few $1000000.00 here and there are criminal charges against the executives who did so much damage to people in the united states having to follow still exist even as this kind of public trust is a little bizarre they say that means them but sort of out of the money from purdue pharma will go into needy ation efforts mitigation efforts for opioids and a lot of attorney general say comfortable about selling more oxy contin in order to help people with oxycontin but it like that but i do but in the end this is about accountability all of the people responsible really being held accountable through all of this or is this just a few numbers on a spreadsheet and put
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a farmer just gets away with it shepparton you for that update from washington thank you she had security forces in sudan have fired tear gas at protesters who are complaining about the cost of living the annual inflation rate hit a record peak of more than 200 percent last month and transitional government in sudan has really struggled to revive the economy after the overthrow of president on the shia last year hit morgan has more from. protesters in khartoum and various parts of sudan are common rating the 21st of october which marks the anniversary of the 1st sudanese revolution in 1964 now the black smoke that you see behind me is the result of protesters burning tires to express their frustration at how this government has been operating over the past 2 years protesters say that the economic conditions have been getting worse since this government took power in august last year and they also say that the military is still in control of many
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institutions something that they say goes against their revolution which started in 2018 now protesters have been met with tear gas and stun grenades most of them have run away from where they are right now just a little bit to where i was standing right now and then back again and they say that's because they do not accept this use of force by security forces now many of them also say that they're not here to oust the president the government of prime minister of the but rather to vent out their frustration and to put pressure on this government to try to improve the economic situation as well as complete what they say is the demands of the revolution which is forming a transition legislative assembly and holding to account those who are responsible for killing protesters since 2018. thailand's prime minister says he is preparing to lift emergency measures imposed to stop protests there. the ban on gatherings will be overturned if there is no violence. for 8 straight days in defiance of the
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ban they want the time prime minister to resign as well as reforms to the monarchy . here is what's coming up for you calling on the youth especially for young workers at polling stations for the u.s. presidential election also while rescue teams in vietnam are preparing for catastrophic flooding to get even worse and the. voices of the most impressive performances of the season all the action coming up a little later. developing news out of georgia where a gunman is holding around 20 people hostage in a bank one of the hostages told a local television station that the gunman is demanding half a $1000000.00 to release them more with robert forester walker who is in the georgian capital tbilisi what more do you know robin. well around about half past 2
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this afternoon a gunman we understand entered the bank georgia drawn in. term in the west about 5 hours drive from where i am now. and he's allegedly. fired shots he's listed to be heavily armed this is it reports of carrying grenades. and automatic weapon of some description or other. and he was in touch with the media that one of the main channels he. was reportedly in touch with 3 times through one of the hostages where he laid out his demands thank you for that update we'll keep an eye on that one with robin foresty walker in tbilisi i think 25 afghan security personnel have been killed in attacks by the taliban according to the government it happened in the northern province of takar the government also says $115.00 taliban fighters
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have died in the last 24 hours the taliban's been intensifying its attacks in recent weeks even as the peace talks with the afghan government are being held here in doha 40 years in kabul with more on this recent increase in violence. despite repeated calls for a reduction in violence here in afghanistan or even a cease fire fighting between often security forces and the taliban continues unabated across the country according to the afghan ministry of defense $115.00 taliban have been killed in the last 24 hours alone while dozens more have been injured and according to the minister of defense it was all in defensive operations as the taliban i kept attacking afghan positions in 26 provinces now regarding the incident in talk har the spokesman of the government's office said that more than 25 afghan security forces were killed and more were injured when their
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positions where attacked by the taliban last night and we're getting word that the clashes and the fighting continues so this is a war that has been claiming lives on all on both sides and it is a war that seems to be getting deadlier every day thousands of people in jalalabad tried to push past one another to hand their passports over to officials making for these chaotic scenes piles of passports overwhelmed the visa center pakistan's government is expressing grief and is urging the reviewing its procedures. the u.n. says peace talks that it is sponsoring for libya are making progress the acting u.n. envoy stephanie williams has been giving an update saying they're focusing on opening roads rebuilding oil production and a possible prisoner exchange they are optimistic about a lasting cease fire. when a ceasefire agreement is reached all foreign forces and mercenaries must depart the
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country with 90 days under un supervision and it would the u.n. would monitor. the departure of these forces and again i think this gets to the heart of now you know libya's sovereignty has has really been touched and violated in ways that are quite alarming to the libyans themselves i mean is prime minister says there is no diplomatic solution to that are going to cut about conflict at least for now he's pointed to multiple breaches of the latest ceasefire sporadic fighting between armenia and azerbaijan has been going on for more than 3 weeks now going to cut about internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but it is controlled by ethnic armenians the country's lost for a war over that region in 1900 or so well the intensity of this latest conflict is bringing further trauma to a new generation of going to maine
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a city of stepanek has been hit almost constantly by the shelling or a challenge is there assessing the impact. the damage you can see here was done in the 1st week of the recent fighting when a cluster munition fell in this residential street instead panic at destroying cars and damaging buildings but in recent days things have the slightly the last explosions in the city were on saturday morning so people are coming out of the bomb shelters and starting to go about their daily lives again on the front lines though things are very different there have been intense clashes in recent days some $700.00 plus armenians have now lost their lives the azerbaijanis don't release dates for their soldiers killed in battle what we felt coming into step panic was the the armenian military presence on the roads between armenia
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and the panic is increasing difficultly they know that they are losing territory to the azeris and they're stepping up their defenses. the aid group oxfam says a replacement camp for more than $8000.00 refugees on the greek island of les paul's is not fit for winter aid workers say there's no running water and refugees also have no access to legal aid thousands of people were relocated there after a fire destroyed their camp last month aid organizations in greece are appealing to the european union for help. from the greek council for refugees as a you nations must open their doors if they really want to protect lives. the greek government has announced that all asylum seekers would have been transferred to the east there 2021 from the i am i however the location is taking place in the main lung. they are the conditions are also very bad because of the situation.
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there is a worst of it by asylum seekers arriving from the islands. and the reception system in the mainland cannot hold war under these current go basins so responsibly because they were served also with other european members they they are more willing to continue economically or why providing and providing infrastructure and if eyes and the capacity for greece to hold people to actually look a people in their counties. which is very welcome but it is not enough when it comes to the protection of lives of peoples think in greece and what needs to be done. remove these people from these conditions and not can create another. fame a more real service is due to be held for the teacher who was beheaded in paris on
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friday samuel pâté was targeted for showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad to students earlier this month the 47 year old has been awarded with the highest honor for service inference his killer 18 year old of unsettled from russia's chechnya region was shot dead by police after the attack 7 people have appeared before an antiterrorism judge on with state from a short time ago the french president emmanuel micron posted this a black and white photo on twitter in memory of some new party bernard smith with us on the news on now from paris what's expected from this ceremony bennett. emmanuel micron is going to award summer party the late john donner and he's going to do it at the sorbonne because that is france's most celebrated university and some will actually was a teacher who was murdered as he walked home from school while the nature of the murder has rightly horrified many in france the teacher was beheaded macron is also
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under a lot of pressure particularly from the far right to be seen to be acting you've got an eye on elections in 2022 when it's likely opponent will be marine le pen from the far right are only a couple of weeks ago mark was talking about what he called islamic separatism and he said he were going to crack down on this what he saw as a belief as an attempt by conservative islamic people who believe in conservative islamic beliefs to eclipse the traditional more liberal french values so you already have this subject in mind when this horrific murder happened come out of the paris antiterrorism prosecutor i believe has been speaking about this attack what did he say. if you'd been giving more details about how this 18 year old chechen was able to identify mr pattie and he essentially says
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that 2 students 'd were amongst the 7 people have been detained these 214 and 15 year olds were paid about up to $400.00 to identify the teacher and then the killer said to these students that he was going to make the teacher apologize on video on a phone camera make him apologize humiliate him and hit him this is what he told the students he was going to do a couple of them agree to stay with the killer while he did this a couple of other students didn't of course they weren't told what actually transpired as far as we understand and the father of a student who posted a video criticizing the teacher on facebook now the man who posted this video the prosecutor says that he could be charged with inciting the attack on the teacher because it's believed so many people posted and we posted this video it helped encourage this 18 year old chechen to go out and commit this murder come our thank you for that update bernard smith's in paris. in the news ahead pakistan announces
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a wreck or rise in the number of coronavirus deaths we'll have reaction from islamabad and sport as german world cup winner hits back at his club arsenal somewhat explained a little later on. hello at the moment the weather throughout the arabian peninsula right up to the caucasus is quiet that's not entirely true in the eastern med this circulation has given some wonderful thunderstorms in crete what if you're there you may not exert drifts of hail on the ground and the influence of that is increased a breeze and so dance attempts are trying to come down in beirut and jerusalem for example for the having a hard time really otherwise things are about where they should be allowed to breeze coming down through iraq in the gulf that was doha 31 degrees
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a little bit below average but not a big surprise really it is a dry time the true throughout north africa as well it should be true pretty soon. and south sudan but as yet there are still a few showers every day the main rain is further science lake victoria area so 3 uganda rwanda and burundi and further west and got all this rain will go further south and it stretches fingers down every now and again you might even find it of tropical circulation developing not far from madagascar but i think not. for the sas about a particular thank you botswana and south africa got tagged as the northeast it's been particularly warm and that warms has driven the building of clouds and showers past attempts at dropping a little bit and there are a few shows or thunderstorms around. the. body know that corruption has reached a level like never happened before in our country. on count side up
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to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. when covert 901st struck china and began to spread across asia. some in the west criticized counter-measures as to hostile or too weak. but have the different experiences before asian nations in fact not shown the world to root out of this group pandemic. coronavirus lessons from asia on a jazeera. on
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the news here at al-jazeera these are the top stories. security forces in lagos nigeria have reportedly fired on protesters again on wednesday despite a 24 hour curfew crowds have returned to the streets to demonstrate against police brutality. the u.s. justice department says the drug manufacturer pharma has pleaded guilty for its role in america's opioid epidemic and a half a 1000000 deaths linked to the powerful prescription painkiller oxycontin. admitted to 3 federal criminal charges and will pay a settlement of more than $8000000000.00. and security forces in sudan are 5 tear
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gas at protesters complaining about the cost of living transitional government a struggle to revive the economy after the overthrow of form of hers than on the last year. coronavirus news now in the u.s. government says nearly 300000 americans have died this year compared to the annual average the centers for disease control and prevention says most fatalities are linked to coronavirus with black and hispanic americans disproportionately affected the c.d.c. says the total number of virus related deaths is likely to be higher than the official tally and new infections across the u.s. are surging to the highest level since july which is prolonging the viruses impact on businesses and people's livelihoods millions of americans are relying on the dimming prospect of a new coronavirus relief bill to keep them going through the crisis and official with more on that from washington. we went through the whole situation where donald trump said that there were no more talks until after the election and then suggested that he actually wanted to get talks going saying that he would sign
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a limited bill and then he's been saying on the campaign trail over the last couple of days that he actually wants to put more money into covert relief deal than the actual democrats know nancy pelosi the leader of the democrats in the house the house speaker she's been saying that there has been some progress she has been involved in discussions with steve minucci who is the white house on boy on this also the treasury secretary and it appeared that there were some growing being made but then we hear from mitch mcconnell who apparently told senior republican senators on tuesday at a lunch that he doesn't want to deal before election day that he thinks that nancy pelosi is doing this string out trying to make sure that the senate will not fully confirm him equally ballot to the supreme court that she is playing political games and not negotiating in good faith that of course could cause a split in republican ranks because many people living in republican states are saying look we need this money we can't wait at least another 2 weeks this is got
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to be done and should have been done weeks ago so if mitch mcconnell is to believe he's advising the white house not to sign any deal donald trump is saying he wants to get it done nancy pelosi says that they are making progress and meantime ordinary people in the u.s. are wondering what is going to happen when it's going to happen in the fall mean money in their pocket while they're being hit very hard by this virus hong kong's main airlines having its wings clipped because of the disastrous consequences of coronavirus cathay pacific has announced a major restructuring including almost $6000.00 job cuts and the closure of its regional subsidiary airline for and slowly has more on its survival plan. cathay pacific only recently began recovering from protests in hong kong that badly hit demand last year but the pandemics dealt a 2nd blow with international borders closed the hong kong based adeline saw its passengers drop by nearly 82 percent in the 1st 8 months of this year it's
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announced it will cut nearly a quarter of its stock and shut down its regional human cathay dragon analysts say they're not surprised or. worse cathay pacific is not the only ally in the region to undergo a major restructuring last month singapore airlines announced the largest retrenchment in its history cutting more than 20 percent of its stock tie always fall for bankruptcy protection in may here in malaysia the national carrier is in talks to restructure its debts but the finance minister recently said the government will not provide any financial relief or debt guarantees raising questions about the fate and future of malaysia airlines more gloomy days are predicted to lie ahead the international air transport association for costs passenger traffic will not recover until 2024 and now
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a tech startup has begun testing a digital solution this is a sort of a digital trial held certificate that a lot of people are looking to use orders to sell music or change so if the industry get behind something like that with governments around the world except that the airlines lockout they would be in such trouble it's called the common pass and aims to be the 1st globally recognised document that a passenger has tested negative for code at 19 before a flight. the airline industry is hoping this will help encourage travel even if it's only by a small staff florence italy al-jazeera kuala lumpur. cathay is not the only airline having to make some deep cuts american and united airlines made $32000.00 redundancies after u.s. government aid ended earlier this month that was on top of $50000.00 colleagues taking voluntary retirement since the pandemic began germany's love chance
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announced it was cutting $22000.00 full time jobs also europe's leading low cost carrier ryanair warned of more job losses after slashing its winter schedule $30.00 by 30 percent. and i also the international air transport association is forecasting losses of more than $80000000000.00 the worst year on brecourt for airlines. it's going to take probably $102024.00 and so the market fully recovers and the airlines you know they have a lot of support from the government especially in this initial 7 months which avoided a more bankruptcies so yeah i'm getting there they are relatively small manageable number vectors are but that's. not necessarily be renewed in every case there will be more bankruptcies in the years ahead but it will be a manageable number histories of working together to try to. overcome this crisis
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and that means negotiating contracts rescheduling aircraft of the various and so forth and i mean it isn't it together so hopefully most of these arms will survive in some shape or form a lot of airlines have cut jobs already and by of them have cut by 20 to 30 percent which is what has announced today. unfortunately you know that virtually all airlines have got jobs because there's this downturn again as long it's you can't just expect to have full staff and for 34 years just waiting for the concrete for that long so you have to basically cut your costs and that. days of heavy rain and floods have led to the deaths of more than a 100 people in vietnam entire villages have been evacuated with a tropical storm expected this weekend rescue teams are preparing for a worse to come. reports. the scale of
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devastation is overwhelming days of heavy rain floods and mudslides in central vietnam have swept away entire communities thousands have lost their homes and millions are affected in parts of quantum province the floods are inescapable all these vietnamese can do is stand on the roof of their home waiting and hoping for help. i mean i have not eaten since yesterday the floodwaters now the level of my roof we have nothing no food no phone nothing a rescue unit carries the body of a colleague who didn't survive more than 100 vietnamese have also lost their lives in the disaster about a 3rd of them soldiers. outside this hospital staff and patients wait for help everything inside is flooded and the government warns things could get worse as tropical storm so down approaches. with all their possessions gone many have
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also lost their source of income an estimated 700000 livestock have been killed or swept away in the heavy rain. but. it's a similar story in neighboring cambodia where dozens of people have been killed and entire villages evacuated and there is already widespread flooding in the philippines. back in vietnam rescue teams are preparing for the worst for what's already being described as the worst floods there in decades. is of a young al-jazeera. it's been revealed the u.s. government confines the parent. of hundreds of migrant children in its custody court documents and the u.s. human rights groups say 545 children were separated from their parents who were detained by u.s. border guards most parents are believed to have been deported as part of president trump's 0 tolerance policy towards illegal migration. one of the big
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concerns about the upcoming u.s. election is how few polling stations will be open the majority of poll workers are over 60 years old so many of them are hesitant to work because of the pandemic that has led to a high profile recruitment drive targeting young people to help out and support us from patty calling. us elections need thousands of people to make everything work jacki names handed out ballots even doling out those stickers usually the majority of these temporary workers are older but given their risk for corona virus many said they would sit this year out sending election officials scrambling for down about 50 percent say it's 20000 people who are trying to recruit to be election judges as a result the state of maryland is closing about 80 percent of the places where people usually vote but in some cases they're opening up larger facilities like this arena hoping that just fewer workers can help many more voters all of these
6:43 pm
places are even though in the local. trace persuasion routes so. in order to. use this nearly blew the center or even as an election day. there are requirements within a certain distance to close. but during the primary fewer places meant longer lines in many states election lawyers fear the shortage of poll workers could be exploited in some areas to hurt democrats we've seen unfortunately more voters of color being affected by those poll closings in consolidations some counties you know specifically targeted minority communities for these closures and consolidations so now superstar athletes like le bron james and others are getting involved using their celebrity and their money to recruit poll workers especially for minority areas it's got done kumble is the co-director of power the polls and
6:44 pm
he says they've been able to recruit more than half a 1000000 young. people what we're doing is we're really trying to go where young people are these days which means social media and so one of the one of the reasons for organization is you know election officials don't know how to run instagram ads don't know how to run snap chat ads so we're really working closely with platforms like snap to try to get young people and if we have we have succeeded and this is expected to be an election like no other record turnout in the midst of a pandemic and a u.s. president hoping to cast doubt on the elections credibility his opponents thinking creatively about how to give him one less reason to do that. al-jazeera maryland. a nasa spacecraft has touched down on an asteroid as it speeds through space about 320000000 kilometers from earth its mission is to scoop up rubble that scientists hope will help us better understand the solar system this report from alexia brian
6:45 pm
i'm going to. step down declared a major success for a mission he is in the making. the spacecraft dubbed osiris rick's is about the size of a van it's been circling the asteroid since 2018 getting ready to make its precarious landing oh my god we're there for hooks that was amazing i mean i don't know if you saw the team here but they just kind of blew up there went from being severely odd to like celebrating the super bowl it's a pretty amazing technological feat and all of this was done by the strobe lights you know it's far too far away to be controlled in real time by its handlers yonder osiris rex chose a flat spot and nightingale crisis to touchdown surrounded by boulders as big as buildings nasa says the craft kissed to the surface landing for just 5 seconds and nafta send up a cloud of dust and rocks collecting samples scientists hope will unlock the
6:46 pm
secrets of life on earth the spacecraft did everything it was supposed to do. so we do it we tag the surface of the asteroid and it's up to benny now to see how the event went asteroids like benaud date back about 4500000000 years so scientists say collecting the samples is like reaching back in time asteroids are are terrific and they're one of the best ways that we have learning about a very early street it's only system before the formation of the earth and moon because after the earth moon or armed all the rocks that went into them have been recycled. japan space agency landed a similar craft on another asteroid twice last year it samples due back in december was. thanks for the team at nasa has to wait to find out if osiris rakes picked up enough rubble to bring back to earth or it'll have another shot at a landing seems like things are pretty well there so we try to get to have our fingers crossed that it works and if they determine that they've got enough just
6:47 pm
stuff will be coming back down to earth hopefully in september 2023 and scientists will be able to get their hands on the right. they scientists clearly happy with progress and get to come back down to live with themselves and the brian al-jazeera . sun is there with his sport in a moment the world series is underway with one player in particular writing himself into the history books baseball action in just a minute. or
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
asia's largest annual international film festival has begun in south korea it's been a bad year for the movie industry hasn't it as the pandemic forced the cancellation of major events such as the one in cannes which is why the festival in south korea is being welcomed by filmmakers and movie buffs robin bryant has this report from. it's the biggest film festival in asia and blue sands organizers were determined it would go ahead but instead of the usual glitz of previous years 2020 is a very different kind of show a limited number of screens with a reduced offering of films and a fraction of the usual participants. in the 3 thought there is a lack of audiences going to cinemas and feeling really sorry being delayed so we want to keep in the 3 a boost no official red carpet photo blitz the standard curtain raiser of any festival the carpets here but only for show who stands main beach would normally
6:50 pm
host festival events trying to rival the glamour of the cannes film festival in france this year there's just the beach without the party but at least busan is going ahead with its festival where as can was canceled that ironically has been a windfall for this festival with a number of films that were selected for screening than being shown here instead that includes the film that opens this festival septet burst by 7 hong kong directors getting its world premiere but it's another movie that still dominates the conversation here parasite the nightmarish thriller that took top honors at the oscars at the start of this year just before the real life nightmare of team changed the world it was a landmark moment. for south korean film that this festival was meant to build on you can really replace fasts of all of the buzz the film film can bring and the
6:51 pm
excitement it can bring as a parasite yes you have the oscar moment so you peace and happens it's going to be a far more muted affair and yes so we people talking about the parasite phenomenon . quite the same tunisian young person parasite director bonnie joined ho has sent his best wishes to the festival online rather than in person as the growth of the busan festival over its 25 year history has closely mirrored the development of the film industry here south korea's filmmakers will be hoping this year's low is just a brief intermission in that continuing story robert bryant al-jazeera busan south korea. it is time for a look at a sport with sana thank you very much kemal european champions by munich well kick off their champions league defense that without a star forward says cannot bring the german international has tested positive for
6:52 pm
corona virus and his inquiry and tina home buy in are looking to win the competition for a 7th time they face athletico and their opener on wednesday magister city boss the pep guardiola still looking for his 1st champions league title as a coach at his side had a disappointing end to their last campaign crushing out to leon in the quarterfinals this season that they begin their campaign up by hosting portal being on time and 10 times in a row would be a success for us but i know the reality. is make a step forward in being there you have an opportunity. of course is is the past in the good things we have done in the nasty things and about things in the champions league is about us now it's a new facility on tuesday last season's runners up. our beaten by manchester united marcus rash the got
6:53 pm
a late winner for the red devils as they down the m on his teammates to on in paris is a huge result for the english side who've had an indifferent a start to the season losing 2 of their 4 opening to mystic league games it's such a different feeling and winning today there's no fun said nose atmosphere which is just a life or who world we live in now he says. it's not nice. and. we just have to get on with it the players are have to create their own not much fear and of course to get 3 points away haggans paris is a fantastic start for us we're we want to get to 10 points assume it's become. possible and got their campaign underway with 3 points they thrashed their hungary and opponents 51 italian sides eventis a lot you know also recorded wins and chelsea held european league winners of it to a draw so. in european football it's not about. the
6:54 pm
concentration the focus you need a mid-term result is a clean sheet was big from its very very my this is going to meet the family well this is a longer is a. lot of good decisions than are really not are exposed to before. german world cup winner mistletoes l. has slammed his club arsenal accusing them of being disloyal day after being excluded from their premier league squad the 32 year old hasn't played a competitive game since march with his relationship with the club seemingly breaking down in august criticised arsenal for distancing themselves from his tweet condemning china's treatment of hugo muslims arsenal saying at the time that it does not involve itself in politics he also refused a 12 month pay cut which the club asked players to take it due to the pandemic felt
6:55 pm
it was a rush to move. early he tweeted upon signing up a new contract in 2018 i pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club that i love arsenal and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated as i have just found out loyalty is hard to come by in days he added i'll continue to train as best as i can and wherever possible use my voice against humanity and for justice nashville produced one of their most impressive performances and what's been the club's inaugural season in major league soccer. gave them an early lead to as they dominated that us on tuesday. this also got on the scoresheet venezuelan and netting his 1st m.l.s. goal and with just 2 minutes remaining his individual effort wrapped up a 3 nil win. the world series is underway the los angeles dodgers
6:56 pm
that came out on top in game one against the tampa bay rays with one in particular put in a massive performance. it. was dodgers time making the world series happen seemed like a long shot earlier this year but baseball's biggest spectacle is finally under way 1st time up to claim the pole and field out field and she was so the global pandemic meant a delayed start to the regular season during which the los angeles dodgers won more games than any one child she was and in game one against tampa bay they were in impressive form garbo trying to keep it a 3 match the dodgers dominated proceedings and had a 51 lead in the 5th inning she still was stunned by it was a feeling of nookie betts had a particularly memorable night he became the 1st player in history with at least 2
6:57 pm
stolen bases at least 2 runs scored and at least one homerun in a world series game i want out of mike so yeah can you tell my kids there was a cheater for the dodgers going on to see the opener 834 was used to it was she was just because she said i think we are the best team and i think our called us believes that and so. you know there's going to be certain times where you know we get beat and we've got happens but as a collective group if everybody's doing what they're supposed to be doing and playing the way they're supposed to i don't i don't see how that can happen game 2 of the series happens later on wednesday so while malik al-jazeera. and that's so useful for me i will have a mall for you later on but for now i'll hand you back to come out some of thank you for that so we are back in a couple minutes on the latest on the news out of the united states that the drug's manufacturer how do its plating kilduff its role in america's going to get the
6:58 pm
democrat back in a moment. held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent mark new saying his crime journalism. to demand more neutral links and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. to say. frank assessments if american public
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opinion is betrayed by social media platforms after november what would be because if you believe that there are corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break up informed opinions lucas said his don't go any way the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's ability of the revolution. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. when i think of my life i think of potential when i think of what a shot i think or what but it's not i think of young people literally to get to the island and do something they come back i'll tell me from possible i think of the challenge. here is my child. my name is mendacious so and this is my. on al-jazeera.
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter where you come. using current that matter to you. and i hate the $1000000000.00 fine for its role in america's opioid epidemic the manufacturer of painkiller pleads guilty. across the country people were suffering under opioid addictions that sometimes ended in death and so many of those addiction stories began with oxycontin. hello again i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news for mountains the. protesters are defying a round the clock curfew in.


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