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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent A Refugees Tale  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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but industrial uses the worst thing is to freshwater counting the cost on al-jazeera. i'm neve parker and london the top stories on al-jazeera france is extending its curfew on 9 major cities to a further 38 areas this means about 46000000 people will now have to stay indoors at night france has now followed spain to become the 2nd e.u. member to the past 1000000 kovac 19 cases jonah hole has more on the situation around europe. these pictures filmed anonymously and leaked onto social media herald a ghastly return to the worst of the covert 900 pandemic in europe bodies wrapped in black plastic apparently filmed a week ago in the basement of
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a siberian hospital there are said to be awaiting autopsy. the voice behind the camera says all of them had the virus or. russia's health services are under severe strain in places with the toll of daily deaths and infections rising to record highs. it's a familiar story across europe now firmly in the grip of pandemic once again both spain and france have exceeded a 1000000 cases of coded 19 with more french cities and 2 thirds of the population placed under a nighttime curfew. the coming weeks will be tough hospital services will be put to the test and the number of deaths will continue to rise and italy the country where dramatic pictures of the sick and dying were a glimpse of europe's future in the spring is posting its record daily infection numbers in the autumn. around the situation was quiet and remained so for
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a couple of months now we are completely saturated at the moment we're not able to receive anyone we only have 4 beds left in the intensive care unit in germany where effective testing from the start has helped the country fare better than most the infection is said to be back with full force health authorities have warned of an uncontrolled escalation. i'm very sad and thoughtful about this i suspect we'll have to face even more restrictions but i think it's justified we have to live with this pandemic in some way. a field hospital in the czech republic the country in effective lockdown after the government brought back measures introduced earlier in the year balkan countries are seeing steep rises too and belgium says it's facing a tsunami of infections with political figures not immune 45 year old sophie vilma's deputy prime minister is in a brussels hospital undergoing emergency treatment in intensive care her condition
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is described as stable the same cannot be said for the pandemic across europe jonah how al-jazeera derrius president has called for an end to protest that began 2 weeks ago initially against police brutality demonstrators have been defying curfews in lagos and other regions to hold more rallies but have a do bihari also said his government had an obligation to protect its citizens. who are on. to continue. its in the constraints of the. government. has been loaded and. on to. so long because parliament has overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the constitution expanding the president's powers got a by rajapaksa will now be able to dissolve parliament before its term finishes and
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house full immunity from prosecution critics say the legislation will impose autocratic rule those are $1210.00 no it's the nomination will be reported favorable lead to the floor with a unanimous vote the u.s. senate judiciary committee has approved the nomination of supreme court nominee amy kone barack moving her one step closer to being confirmed despite senate democrats boycotting the ballot box confirmation will now go to a full senate vote on monday the republicans hold a majority making baratz confirmation look certain al-jazeera correspondent to refugees tale is next a look at today's refugee crisis. mani forced to flee a waterfall in kosovo and survive alone in europe don't go away.
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my name is a killer mani i'm a documentary filmmaker and a former refugee from kosovo. i was forced to leave home in the early nineties when i was 8 years old at the start of the balkan wars. an independent republic when i was growing up close to what was the province of communist. this was my grandmother's home one of tens of thousands put into the ground under the orders of
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the serbian president slobodan milosevic. destroyed because the majority of course of those ethnic albanians like me wanted independence from the serbian state that dominated us and subjected us to persecution. this year is the 30th anniversary of my refugee journey the time for looking back and taking stock. i know i will no longer than. i 1st came here as a teenager in 1904 i will always be grateful to the u.k. for granting me asylum and british citizenship. and my family full of me in 1999 but i still have questions for them but i need to last. and i want to find out what kind of welcome asylum seekers receive when they see a surge in europe.
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thanks. i think i was 15 or 16 the 1st time when i joined a protest the students off camera a few people who were wounded and i have seen people you know. blood on the streets and all the students who come this way you know on one occasion where there was a not an american. delegation here i was just coming up here on this track on this just here and i got shot i fell down and i literally felt like i was that with all the students and in front of me screaming he's alive he's alive and well here i was lucky thank you know it was very rare of them to use plastic bullets with their
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own with didn't use real my mom. to sleep is an old school friend. we were pulled forced to escape at the same time for the same reason the grease or 18th birthday we were due to be conscripted into the sort of you nor me meaning fighting for the enemy so you either had to fight the courts or the boston. or die trying to desert so you were big you know between 2 fires you're in a crossfire and that's how how a couple of guys upon your bart died there were stopped for a routine checkup. police sold their i.d.'s and they disappeared and then. they got killed in the war in bosnia just a few weeks before i left
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a soldier was sun back in hama to close yeah you know and it was secret you know so they were not supposed to and literally on the official letters that they got from the army the guy committed suicide another long bulletin his back was not bullets they found 24 bullets on his back you know he was riddled with bullets but i remember so it's like you know yeah i mean this was this was the kind of the final straw and it was there was no way either physically roy was going to become a father for the serbs. the decision to escape was easy the actual parting was hard i'm never asked my parents how they felt when i left i visit them at their other home here in pristina. i'm hoping the memories won't be too painful for them. john lawler one of us of course the skin.
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on for him was if me tough to court to do in their public tiredness my thought made but you may not be your age they screwed. up yeah it's actor whatever they mean it took or it you know. record to. me of the book and remind me to get there early. jews for dead us that the newseum must support us and say here's a mish you know if you can even when the one puff and the eye she comes only from ultra to me country. it was of course the scared now. but you know pretty classy when consume skinned it up of dark water mark pesce and more are greatly near the whoosh it. doesn't have a story. to increase its credibility of what he does that is
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a fictional super shot to research. the. fact that the more they do with. doltish that yes in my past me it just happened after who knows what would have happened if i stayed. i probably wouldn't be alive today. the idea of not knowing that's what kills him but you don't know if it's gonna be for a week for a month or a year for 30 years in office it's just incredible i was only 18. and you never know if you can ever see your family again. to escape cost so i hid in the back of an empty petrol tank of driven by a family friend if i was discovered i knew i'd almost certainly be shocked. to be honest i was scared like really scared. where the border it is now
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was like the muss of checkpoints you know all the serbian forces police. have what a relief when on the just past a border you know. although the e.u. still had to donald borders back then i made it to safety of the relative ease. a far cry from what refugees and you are today. a lot changed for the war in syria hundreds of thousands of new asylum seekers were created displaced families fleeing the bombing. most european countries responded by closing the borders. then in march 26th teen the e.u. made a deal with turkey paying 3000000000 euros to prevent asylum seekers from crossing into europe. but tens of thousands each year still a time to journey illegally risking their lives to get the. most to successfully
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complete the perilous journey by land pass through the greek city of the saloniki. that's where i meet refugees seeking help from a medical charity. one of these tickets for us if i was right and for dr. some have walked hundreds of kilometers to get here. what you say there was that she had wanted to kill me at 6 her killing because of the what song. doctor i guess how many days you walked out 1717 days yes. i got off in the car so solve my feet stop there. most of the refugees have stories of several previous failed attempts to cross the turkish you border as well as human rights abuses by men in uniform i think me to be important if they get good and it
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must be quite honestly on. the one when one hears my voice it will be between 3 times take my money says one doctor that has this happened in the hope of getting the women to come and go and. i'm horrified by what these guys have to go through now days to get to europe. by comparison my own journey to escape was easy. once out of serbia i was able to go safely by bus to sweden i didn't have to hide walk for days or worry about being killed at any other country's border. most asylum seekers come to greece a small boat smuggled across from turkey. i'm heading for less force a greek garland around 6 kilometers from the turkish coast it hosts the largest refugee camp in europe. the morea camp was intended as
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a short term registration center for asylum seekers waiting to transfer elsewhere. it has capacity for 3000 people but over 13000 are living here and the numbers are growing. more stay in the no risk belay area known as the jungle. this man from i'm going to start arrived here 3 weeks earlier. your kids are. shot. to flacco calling one of them if i said it is on my knees or something. in the feel good what is our morning. meeting go on and it. was i can live with him and he was over the only sort of new some come over to feel and mostly i want more than just in the gimmick and.
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element for me to see what yeah i can offer to shake magazine. but. also from i'm going to stand once to show me very lives. on the way we pass the toilet seat has to service hundreds of others. i want. the number of the stench is overwhelming. my goal this is not. they do not have been thinking a. lot so you know to me that he cheated in the end she had island. fame holes in the human planet and how long you're supposed to stay here do you know. interviewing what i learned by the young monk you'd have to mean to be a moron of that about a high from. each of us has been here for 2 months but are still waiting for the e.u. funded cash assistance refugees are entitled to. and what i've been showing them in. i'm soon surrounded by refugees eager to tell me
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about the lack of medical help in the county but where do you get this and other more psych eval far. from dr no no doctor that's just one thing you get out of it that the certain no that won't last and this is for one month. and what is your problem what is the back. talk on the phones other people but it was horrible thank you good luck thank you thank you another afghan refugee asked me to follow him. michael you're very yeah right and to be a refuse you. know i had who you know i escaped. from tank and it's rock thank you yeah we slow the thought then if you go inside you kill your server your 5 month so this is your 4 children. you know. bashir and his family arrived 3 days earlier i did
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not know i said i mean the story had me that i know what another one of them used to be thought it was no way to know. the family called by their own food without cash assistance. and there's a big problem carter working. you know what he. did on his actions this year when you're going to get the new car. car so yes it's months my goal this is shocking and otis is supposed to learn how are you going to survive what if you had asthma you know how to go going to match what it was about migrant you called in the. middle who was invited over 100 and so can you leave from here. your story yes it's stuck here i hope it works out and i hope you will go away as soon as possible. the
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greek government has found only for me behind the fence inside the main camp. it's called by police. but radios shot by refugees reveal conditions inside the compound no better if not worse than outside the only obvious difference is the some refugees have metal containers to live and rather than tents i wasn't allowed inside the camp to speak to people. but some women came to the courtyard of a local charter to meet me. from countries to b.c. but here. in michigan i disagree with some sauce 100 had me believe misunderstood as hummus out of a chest of my son to test. first if you can sound logical muslim and you to call me and call me that if you have a how about the muslim and for them well that i'm going to suffer hazell on because it has a well i'm going to suffer less than that in itself as i get much out of
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a whole history of us as a cause of our change of leadership he was playing it when carl was crushing with him he killed. you have to appreciate trying to connect up to shit if that under so hush the context bad night charge not charge more but it does some market evoking after they get on a much ado sunrise and i wish i had official bizarre not but a bit to some vets that has a show that really it's a little bit severed that our country and but they cannot make a place for. you. remember that children are particularly vulnerable in the marine camp. many are sick but most go untreated as there aren't enough doctors. you know so here is where the service is over but i don't. think the national and your doctors without borders. invite me to visit their mobile childrens clinic to get this for myself
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the scale of unmet needs. d.m.'s of course in nature on the island you have a posse come hard this frustration too was the. it's a game and deterrence policy. keeping 15200 people in a camp like this is just unacceptable women children pregnant women and accompanied minors people with disabilities lack of food lack of medical services i mean it's really unnecessary well you know all this misery it is absolutely avoidable it brings shame to everybody in europe to think that europe cannot cope up with this number of people they cannot absorb this number the people have to suffer in this way it is unacceptable the degree of the the crowding is the vulnerable people they really need to be moved out people with psychiatric problems
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need to be moved out people that are victims of torture need to be moved out of the camp people with severe health problems if people in the camps suffering from cancer require treatment that are not being treated at this point in time i mean i'm just saying you go through those symptoms it must be held if i as a healthy person without the experiences of having been right there having been told to go heavy lived in a war site was placed in the registration center of madea in a manner of wakes i'm going to need mental health support. you have to get if i show no no no i'm just saying i'm trying to think of the you know when i was you know when i was going around the council you know i just really felt like how hollow north is this possible you know it's we're like 20192020 almost you know europe in europe and it's just it's just crazy it's ridiculous is
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later i meet up with muhammad the young learn from the camp. being in the more you can see it hard for example where when we want to take a break 1st we should wake up 6 am and until 8 am we are in the line to take just one small cake it's not enough for one to adults 1st and yet noone we should sense 2 hours to take your food and winning we should stand 2 hours to spend 6 losing 6 hours we are ascending into line to eat food it's really hard and when i arrived here about 3 weeks ago. 10 days in this street not in the tents because they said that we don't give tends to the single month and most of the people wants to run away from here because here is the same as hell it's really hard.
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to find you that there are. wrong. then make the move. here you need to live through on a very much more beautiful here the next day much to give up on it. because of their mori accounts don't give us enough food most of the refugees force so rob fruits from the garden so that's why you people are hostile and it's because if he says i think. i want to say that's as soon as possible i live here but
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crick governments don't get us to go so you start here yes i'm stuck here and why did you have to leave a lot of problems for example my cousin fighting the taliban he died in the taliban yes oratory of a. thank you so. you know don't let depression get you things don't change you know. this is me when i was 18. you had a circle in this picture yeah so yeah samy's yeah i left as well the memory of anything i left from when. i was a bit i don't yes. i feel so sorry for mohamed when i escaped to sweden i was the same age i didn't have to sleep in the streets i had relatives to stay with. and the worst abuse i
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had to suffer was people yelling is me ok me i'm just want to tell a girl whom black skull because i had told him not blown like this. there's someone else unless of course i'm keen to meet and he's the arch and. all of the paintings i tell my refugees artist become soon is founder of the hope center and geo on the island. originally from england he moved here with his family in 1909 and is that you there that's me q 2015 a boat sank 100 meters out they featured my daughter and then he went out and she saved his childhood went under says 2015 the child is help thousands of asylum seekers arriving here illegally in little rubber dinghies this is a boat number 2 you know number 3 good for landing over here now on the syrian.
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border babies on the truck. a favorable to 600 people that you can catch a fish cake and it felt like it. and we lost a lot of people out there one day we lost 74 people kilometers south of my house and i pursued west 91 and too many good children. too much as he'd. been 2015 at the heart of the refugee crisis is over 400 asylum seekers drowned in the g.m. . says the e.u. took you'd feel it when the 16 fewer arrivals mean few would sincere around $100.00 on average but for the 10s of thousands who do make it the greek shores there's one big drawback the problem is now because any you turkey deal they're stuck. in 2015 they were in on the island 3 days they were gone it is a crime against humanity what's going on here they're living on the road they live
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on the street in the rain this now everything. thing your mother with a little girl and a beautiful swan. and the salt on a boiler same age as me when i left. it was 18 on his own miss. my most which was the moria comp. and all the people with. the mother call conversion phone. calls when there were long. refugees here callers was a beautiful prison. i want to find out was preventing them from leaving.
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myself because it is our christian a singer songwriter dreams of making a mark. a world away a famous you tube artist works in secret. a virtual connection sparks a magical collaboration. presenting princess shores. witness on al-jazeera. when covert 19 1st struck china and began to spread the cost asia. some in the west criticized countermeasures as to harsh or too weak. but have the different experiences for asian nations info. not shown the world to root out of this group pandemic. coronavirus lessons from asia or not just the you know. there is no channel that
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covers world news like we do we revisit places they. really invest in and that's a privilege as a journalist. or. a new partner in london with the top stories on al-jazeera france is extending its curfew on 9 major cities to a further 38 areas this means about 46000000 people will now have to stay indoors at night france has now followed spain to become the 2nd e.u. member to the past 1000000 covert 19 cases nigeria's president has called for an end to protest the began 2 weeks ago initially against police brutality demonstrators have been defying curfews in lagos and other regions to hold more rallies mohamedou bihari also said his government has an obligation to protect its
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citizens. who are on high hills to continue the streets of assists and constructively government in finding solutions. eurozone has resigned node and the end of the funding. and idris has more from the capital of. the president mentioned that they have heard the 5 demands of the protesters and they're addressing them gradually mentioning the fact that the. row police unit the special interest chord has been disbanded process is now on to run psychological evaluation of all officers and the solders and a new outfit is being put up to replace sars as well as. talking about those other demands like compensation like. dialoguing with the protesters sri lanka's parliament has overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the constitution expanding
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the president's powers got to by a rajapaksa will now be able to dissolve parliament before its term finishes and has full immunity from prosecution if those are 12 days 10 no it's the nomination will be reported faber bullied to the floor with a unanimous vote the u.s. senate judiciary committee has approved the nomination of supreme court nominee amy kone barrett we have one step closer to being confirmed despite senate democrats boycotting the ballot box confirmation will now go to a full senate vote on monday the republicans hold a majority making pirates confirmation look certain. a correspondent a refugees tell continues now don't go away.
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i'm a former refugee from kosovo 30 years on i've come to greece to find out how the for jews in europe are treated today. on the island a less of us are seeing the poor conditions and where you have come. most asylum seekers are stuck here for months some even years. this 28 year old i mean from iran has been confined here for 3 years. but i mean 1st came to less force he spent 7 months in the maria camp of his brother. now he's living in this flat provided by the united nations refugee agency. and you've been living for 27 months there and. what is your father i mean is claimed for asylum was rejected even though both his father and oldest brother were assassinated in iran which amused spent 4 months in the greek prison awaiting deportation meant i wasn't
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present my bride there in that we've got hunger same thing it. rushes public hunger strike help to get the army released from prison soon after rush was granted refugee status and left the island. amir eventually won his legal appeal but is still waiting for the documents that will allow him to leave the country and also don as a young child i'm pushed. mission out and. i think missions are full and. well and mission. well those are the sort of things it was known for. and was in and was on ship go around and then things in the one along which are in the management of montreal says only each month change over time and it's going to injure them and when they speak over them and says oh yeah it was on the ground i mean really i think she
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goes. i'm shocked that amir has been virtually a prisoner here and the so much of his potential is being wasted as a new refugee in england i spent my 1st 3 years studying for a university degree is the reason i've got a good job today. while unless most of it the some most illiterate towards asylum seekers from locals. to me this is on the standard of it's estimated that refugees make up around 40 percent of the fellatio in this part of the island. local businesses fear this makes less was less attractive to a tourist damaging the local economy. none of the refugees are spoken to want to stay on the island so why are so many trapped here for so long. i also human rights lawyer at the free legal advice center in less was people are not allowed to leave the island until their asylum procedure has been completed why is
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it taking so long for asylum seekers claims to be assessed i think there's a lack of dedication of resources to actually assess people's claims and this goes back to the politics behind. what are used migration policies billions of euros are sent every year to turkey to help to militarize their borders to keep people from coming to europe and much less actually being sent back help protect refugees who are coming to europe and assess her asylum claims. 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd under the e.u. turkey deal millions of you resort to being spent policing the sea border between turkey and greece. i meet up with volunteers from a human rights and you to find out what that means for those attempting to arrive unless it was illegally. philippon because the
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skipper. the moderate liberal. he and his crew have been monitoring the activities of boards of food says in the sea between turkey and greece since 2015 philip what are the main changes the you has become a fortress so we have a lot of greek coast guard assets patrolling boats we have patrolling boats from the european union foreign tax. and we have nato washin huge 100 meter warships which are made for for shooting a whole airplanes out of the sky here for lookout for boats trying to flee turkey was little rubber boats there's all these military forces and police forces to stop the trafficking business but to be honest on these boats they are no smugglers and they're just people trying to escape. once a refugee boot reaches greek territory it's on lovell to do it back into took his
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route was. but the top was none the less there were incidents where 11 coast guard told a boat back from creek water stewards turkish waters and the boat mean by being towed . capsized and people died in this monita we have a lot of police here but we don't have 100 percent search and rescue assets border control is more important than actually rescuing people. before leaving greece i want to say goodbye to my new friend mohamed over there i thought they. were. seeing him return to the camp and it's inhumane conditions i feel a sense of guilt that we were peons have collectively let him down. by our sourcing is refugees to turkey europe has created
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a humanitarian crisis on the greek islands. back in the u.k. i come to meet an expert at the university of oxford. and i write well i actually just recently present views professor beth's has been assessing the reasons for the failure of the e.u. to step in to help solve the refugee crisis in greece like if you do some you know simple math. and you divided by it $28.00 countries below a mere $5600.00 people in a surely that you know would be easy but it's not a crisis of numbers it's a crisis of politics and it is embarrassing and shameful for me as a british citizen to see that our politicians france the home secretary have created language like the hostile environment that that's a policy response to say let's make the experience of being a migrant or an asylum seeker in britain as miserable and horrible as it can be to
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dissuade people from coming here we've seen that in germany with the rise of the far right we've seen it in italian politics we've seen in hungary across europe we see politicians exploiting the myth of a real crisis of numbers as it got worse because of the e.u. turkey deal from a european perspective european politicians will say the numbers committee europe have been cut but if you're sitting stuck stranded in greece or desperate to move onwards from turkey then it's a horrendous set of outcomes is 30 or so countries for the other speaker them reproduce can a country that has human rights record that has a record of. ill treatment of minorities like the cat really be regarded safe country but the politics is making it into the largest refugee hosting country in the world and a country that we're now dependent upon to ensure the human rights of some 4000000 refugees and there's
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a lot to question in the. in the late ninety's in my homeland thousands donington over 1000000 plus when all basis were forced to flee in the face of violence and ethnic cleansing by sort of long forces. nato began the bombing campaign to stop the trustees. the support of the un relief operation over 4000 possible refugees were evacuated to the u.k. . my parents and 3 younger brothers were among the we all live in london and are meeting for sunday lunch. the kind of welcome they received when they 1st arrived in england never ceases to amaze me. the more suitable for more must call us about them to speak out we are reporting tonight not the most seducer mayan off of our stars the head of the drug that. soon enough grew up in our concrete today have
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not counted on me a very. good day. and i kimball. that may live had i'm a bit of a dominico sort of neck and neck and around the turn of. the crowd a lot of moscow all right also a problem. of course for all the other persons about doing just that i thought difficulties of who. you are we have them in your song on nice with the nice. well preserved you know come to more of a she doing you know more british kilometers to me if it was important or you can come through there that you sense that the feeling has changed towards refugees and migrants and literally 2 months after the break said someone came up to me outside because he could hear me speak another language and said why don't you go by the way come from and it was shocking because this is my home i we grew up in london is
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our home you feel that you're not british you know you're not the same level of you see yourself reading british. or a bit of both little book of things but obviously i think crossover but i don't think about it twice you know i would i would give my life for this city because it's amazing i would do anything for english it's our beloved england it's our country that we grew up in the people don't understand how much we love it the brits so if there was to be a war in england i'd be the 1st one to put their little get in so. there's a mass coming up in england cause we're going to support when we watched the england kosovo here in southampton when england scored we were still got up they clapped everyone i mean cause of a school with the claps it was a weird feeling when it was a win win situation. it truly saddens me
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that the england has become a less welcoming place for refugees. but i'm still hopeful that the traditional british values of tolerance and caring for others less fortunate will prevail. you. have come to germany as a destination country for refugees in europe germany is by far the most popular it has generously accepted more asylum seekers than any other european country but attitudes are changing. i meet up with the arm of the britain near dortmund. the refugee from syria he arrived in germany in november 25th at the heart of the refugee crisis you know helps new arrivals seeking asylum in the country.
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and thematic detail and. then the blame for. a family with. my wife. and i've been in prison with myself he cannot be bad. in 2015 well most other european countries clues that germany will come around a 1000000 syrians. of those shinkansen now at their money only see an hour. behind the back. but by march through the 16 many germans openly express those filleted to the g.'s . politically the far right wing from. the chancellor merkel
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signed the deal with turkey making europe a unified fortress. with . more kill your the had has standing. and i'm here. this year has. passed but i want to be to your side up. i know my past and she will be. and will be a mother can be jay leno. listen i'm going to my do on sirius and be on a plan to be become well actually about the comic that this or that my singing will happen mom bought that we are here i want that but i want to say.
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there is one person i can leave germany without visiting or he'll never forgive me i haven't seen my uncle a year for 7 years so all. where . where. they are is also a former refugee from kosovo he came to germany in the mid nineties has lived here for 25 years started me thought. that if i let. the one just go. after catching up with family news i also my uncle if he's been affected by the growing are still if he too was refugees in germany i see a tough problem ican. just quickly know that who just of your german political we pray. to bust your wallet. and torturing them up a portable mobile part of which are so dark and cost him
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a new bush how much torture on those belong to those who lose all readers unless i'm a night to more a mix. of over the sure you. want him out on in the minute he not all men even a common boss harbaugh warned couple seal of truth board bush i'm a mom won't bore still more though that it'll be gone us almost on your knee how your own in the calmest the in the simplest possible. model so it was other born that we've already given up on in the movie with. there are. more than. i'm pleased of my uncle and his family or well integrated and have a good life here but it saddens me that germany has become far less compassionate to refugees. perhaps that's because rather like greece it's received an unfair
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burden of asylum seekers than 2015 due to other e.u. countries closing their borders. i can't help but wonder whether recourse of those would have been quite so welcome in europe in the ninety's had there been many more of us and if we had brown skin not white who knows. i'm heading for turkey the country which shows the largest number of refugees in the world. says 2015 the e.u. has paid turkey a massive 6000000000 euros to keep asylum seekers safe within its borders and stop them crossing into europe. i'm here to find out how refugees are treated in the so-called safe country. due to government restrictions it's not always possible for people to speak openly but the monkey learned a human rights lawyer here in israel agrees to talk to me nobody can assure him
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that turkey is a safe country could the size of government is a big problem in turkey for example the e.u. it knew everything from the beginning so it wasn't a human rights issue for them. they just wanted to keep the refugees although they are responsible areas so the refugee problem has been stalled for the e.u. as we have 4000000 at least 4000000 refugees in turkey. under turkish law only people fleeing european states officially qualify as refugees. so turkey's 4000000 syrian asylum seekers have fewer rights than refugees in most e.u. countries the head of the state always say that they are guests in turkey but today we have kids who who were born here in turkey.
11:51 pm
now know maybe 7 years old and 8 years old they don't even speak any arabi as a refugee for a period of time you should know if you can be this isn't this country in turkey we don't give them this opportunity. i visit the t. office center in the poor area office we're. in a city of over 4000000 people it is the only and 0 offering rehabilitation services to refugee children mutually to those seriously injured in the war in syria. from aleppo her parents were killed during the bombing and afterwards one of news lexx had to be amputated it was the charity that provides interprete faeces with their help noor has learned to walk and jump again her sister was also seriously
11:52 pm
injured in the bombing. didn't you that it. would be just the surgeon here that a battle of the. very nature what. what would you like for the future of what what are your dreams. like well there seemed. to be off the all their funds to help a small number of the disabled refugee children in the city. the open market committee in disney and be mindful of that meat of meat of markets but the little investment. if you don't even if you do mon enfant you know this is a good model. is a university student his family suit asylum 7 years ago but the store to the city.
11:53 pm
and i. can't on any other. i mean. i'm going to. make a. lot of. camel hope that's a. chapter here. mccain i'm not going to stuff everyone with and then it became. almost universally is a different city he needs a permit to travel the. the thought one he can be arrested there's a lot of questions we have to take we cannot go 'd anytime anywhere you know but if you go at night i just want to go to another city and see
11:54 pm
a friend the. teacher or something you know you could go the rest of the army. you feel certain you. don't and i just i mean and i don't. mean like in most of the not a lot of it took yeah. it to me but i didn't. and that. and i said that. it feels on just to me that omar has to live with the fear of being returned to work through syria even though he's lived and worked here for 7 years. after 4 years in england and no way of returning safely to cross will i was drawn to food british citizenship. and i was never treated as a 2nd class citizen needing a government permit just to visit
11:55 pm
a friend in another city. it is through the turkey it may be a safe place for refugees from syria at the moment but i don't think the e.u. should be paying this country billions to keep them here. europe should be on the menu stuti under the geneva convention. not of sourcing human beings to none e.u. countries like so much dirty laundry. that's if. i have 2 homes no one here in kosovo and one in the u.k. . who are there with you having seen work for 3 g.'s today have to suffer i realize more than never of lucky oh yeah. i don't have to fear for the safety of my family or worry if there's enough food for them to survive. and there are thousands of customers who feel just like me. i'm back and pushed enough for the euro 2020
11:56 pm
qualifiers because of our playing england at home. there's a giant cheer from across from crowd when the english team come out. and locals hold up english flags and god save the queen is being sung. it's impossible not to be deeply moved by the enduring gratitude of my fellow country men who was a british for granting a safety and sanctuary in the ninety's. i just wish the u.k. and europe were as humane and welcoming to those who are in prosecution they. move.
11:57 pm
on the 8th of september 2020 a fire tore through the morea camp in the greek island of les was. totally destroyed in. a disaster i feel would happen. or. will embrace one home. it was remarkable that no one died. but around $13000.00 asylum seekers were left stranded. i thought surely now the e.u. mustapha. you know imagine god forbid of my little daughter i want to go through some of the others. were in the 21st century and we're still allowing the this to happen in the middle of europe. just troops was shameful.
11:58 pm
tragically 6 weeks on the u.s. has only agreed to relocate 400 unaccompanied minors between them. my beloved u.k. is yes has an office actually 2 in the. hello we've got some rather wet weather in the full cost across the eastern side of australia over the next few days not seep out of the moment but quite an active
11:59 pm
area of low pressure welling away just moving through south australia balance of cloud and right and they are going to make their way for the race what's the strategy that eastern half of south australia saying some wet weather some heavier spells of fright i suspect the west the weather is going to be into victoria maybe northern parts of victoria southern areas of new south wales also seeing some rather wet weather but even up into queensland some pretty wet weather coming in here for the outback pushing up towards northern territory too that will make its way further responses we go through saturday again some heavy opposed of right localized fighting pretty much in out on here try whether thoughts push back in behind 15 or 16 celsius in melbourne dry there for rest south australia and fun to drive a perfect $29.00 celsius that's the place to be if you don't like it to wet ahead of the rain bad we got some lousy dry weather a little on the cloudy side there for new zealand but essentially tossed it is at last he settled fair bit of cloudy weather to across japan at the moment but bands
12:00 am
of clap and rain that making the way for the race was brighter skies coming in behind. this is al jazeera. a low on neve barker this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up france extends its nighttime curfew to 46000000 people as coronavirus cases continue to surge there and around europe president trump supremes court nominee moves a step closer to confirmation as he prepares to face joe biden for their 2nd and final debate plus.


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