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i'm concerned that he or me see waters can destabilize the carpet and see that so this area of open water it's releasing a lot of extra heat into the atmosphere and what that will do is per head to a condition of open water that's probably part of the delay of the return of the frozen sea surface it's half past the hour on al jazeera and if you are just joining us the breaking news this hour is that sudan has become the latest arab country to announce it is normalizing ties with israel this was on the back of a decision by the united states to remove it from a list of state sponsors of terror plenty of lines coming through from washington at the moment let's talk to alan fischer he's at the white house 1230 in the afternoon in washington hi alan take us through the announcement 1st of all on what president trump's been saying. well sudan has been on the list since 1903 this list
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is maintained by the state department there was a certainly a choreographed move to to have this done 1st of all sudan paid 300 $35000000.00 to the united states that money is no being held in the account that will go to pay money to those who were victims in the east embassy east african embassy bombings in the 19 $190.00 s. and also the killing of a u.s. aid worker in sudan as well as the attack on the u.s.s. cole once that money was in the current donald trump then sent a letter to congress to say he was minded to remove the designation of state sponsors of terrorism on sudan and then israel was in a position where it could normalize relations because as long as sudan is on that list then it faces a great deal of u.s. sanctions and no other country can do business with that country or else face sanctions themselves you know the one fly in this there's
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a 45 day consultation period so this recommendation from the president goes to congress and then a joint resolution could be put forward in both the house and the senate that would block that it seems unlikely that that will happen but this certainly opens up economic opportunities for sudan that wouldn't have been in place had they stayed on that list compiled by the u.s. state department. not to say that israel and sudan were openly hostile or a war or anything but i'm sure donald trump will be targeting that says another example of peace in the middle east in one sense and you brought this point up before he is achieving more in the middle east than past administrations perhaps of . other administrations have tend to look at big road maps like george w. bush or an all encompassing result for the palestinian israeli issue like barack obama did neither of those have been successful with it numerous plans numerous
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short maps numerous theories over the years but donald trump has taken in much smaller bites with gerry really leading the fight his son in law and also one of his senior councilors at the he's done a lot for israel he would argue by 1st of all moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem the way that many u.s. presidents have promised but he then finally delivered of course you'll remember that he also recognized the golan heights as coming under israeli sovereignty as well and then they started to put together a peace plan no the palestinians very early on said they want nothing to do with what donald trump was suggesting but donald trump continued his talks with various other nations and managed to convince the united arab emirates and also bahrain to say no on to the deal of recognizing israel though obviously the big prize would be . there are talks going on about that donald trump is on occasions perhaps.
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over. extended himself by suggesting that certain countries were about to join he suggested that with kuwait after a visit here by the crown prince for the current prince and the kuwaiti embassy immediately saying no no we're not at that point yet but there's no doubt that this is seen as a success by donald trump and his administration that it is changing the picture on the ground in the middle east and perhaps could lead to an even bigger success at some point don't come as well believes that he should have been perhaps more closely considered for the nobel peace prize is perhaps the best way to put it he said we talked about it a lot on the campaign trail after he was nominated for his work in the middle east but of course that's not how the academy saw it and he didn't get that award ok allan just so you know we are getting some tape through from donald trump. a taped replay from reuters and we'll be playing that out shortly we'll just wait and see it's coming through in bits and pieces at the moment so i may interrupt you in
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a moment context of the election i know that this is not what you would call an election issue but it's the type of thing again i guess that donald trump can point to and say look at everything i've achieved if he wants to talk about his foreign policy. when it comes to talking about removing a nation like sudan from the state sponsors of terrorism to be honest for the average american voter right over their head it's not going to make that much of a difference however if you go to them and see a look from sudan we have managed to get $335000000.02 pay to call in compensation for those who were impacted by terrorism that we believe that sudan the previous governments of sudan was behind that can be painted as a win and that would be important in any sort of election context and certainly that's in the statement this comes from the white house where donald trump and his administration call it a significant achievement something that other administrations have tried and failed to do and to that degree he's right in that as we were just saying before
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kemal he is making small incremental victories and little victories end up becoming big victory so he will see this as a significant win for many people who are impacted by terrorism so he's standing up for the american people in his eyes in his campaigns eyes but also he's changing the picture on the ground in the middle east which he believes is better for the united states in the long run how will that impact on the election or covered in the economy are still the 2 most important things that is was dominating people's thoughts and of course we have the reports that more than 50000000 people have already voted so it's hard to move the needle on a foreign policy question but it's certainly going to be something that the trump campaign can herald over the next 11 days as we get closer to november the 3rd there frankly ok allan stick around because we are going to play that tape that's come out from the white house just now donald trump making this announcement and i believe speaking to prime minister netanyahu on the phone. in the statements that
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we have many countries warning that we're doing them one by one and we're going to do it here and there was a particular interest because they essentially there are more with israel or. a lot i don't know of. it was fighting i don't know that but probably there's been a little bit but certainly spent so many years you've been officially at war with sudan and now it's not only the deal was signed but it's peace so that's official and that's nice yeah we have at least 5 that want to come in and we'll have many more than that very soon when they want anyone to come into the jail but other words part of the peace deal and you know what it's costing the united states nothing nothing so nice is not nice so i say nothing why should we be paying the way settling with settling patience like kosovo and serbia if you look at it you look at what's happened there we're doing a trade deal maybe trade deals and they were killing each other all the time for 25
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years right much longer than that i said wait a minute we're doing trade with each country what do we just of adoption enough to kill each other and they were so happy you know they were so happy so we settled the deal. we do a lot of things that people don't know about tell us any of the questions. was true what my relations mean what now you want to give us what normalize relationship what it what it really means and what it means to you go ahead maybe. the computer should come in to be.
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the clue. to the right way. and. it didn't get into the thick of the story. to get into the connection because we didn't have the vision to know the plan to. go to the distributive agency the damage. and. the gist. of it the primitive and the previous inability to want to come to is the purpose of. the ship technology and to finish it and i mean the going to happen with the new it you know to be true it would it have to actually be a. change of the japan and exactly the sort of mr putin i want to engage in
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invention and went on to engage in and going to attempt engaging the depredations of the church and it's not a distant vision for the good of the of. the it. did after signing does it mean it didn't control the division anything like that in the end of the country. to match the you know political debate the big the become the big but the next everybody. the big and the big because putin it's a bit of a central if you ask me but the fact. that it's. and also poor iran is poor hamas is poor they're all poor and they weren't poor 3 years ago they're blowing everything up very poor thankfully b.g.l.
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kind of mad as hell maybe sleepy jim i think and you think you would have meant business somehow i don't think so. what the new the i'm. yeah. you know you're one of this. 100 right. here i know i think it's intervention terrific thing and it should be completed pretty soon say you know what i could expand. on that pressure will return to that a little bit later on we can sort of monitoring what is being said in that phone call between donald trump and benjamin netanyahu has more to come on the issue of the state sponsors of terror alerts but let's go back to allan fish i hope you
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could hear that and how the audio wasn't great it was just a speakerphone conversation there but i mean exactly what you were saying before we listen to that the way that donald trump and prime minister netanyahu was spinning this into sort of peace breaking out all over the middle east. while those 2 very interesting things from that conversation i picked up 1st of all donald trump isn't well versed in the details of what has been done here when he said that basically sit down in israel what it was i was there fighting there probably was i'm not sure that sure and he's not drill down into the details to look and say why exactly are we doing this he sees this as a when i tell large degree it also plays to his idea that his base is a lot of people who support israel suggesting all jewish voters vote as a block and that's not simply the case but he sees this is there is a political win a fight that he raised to benjamin netanyahu by saying sleepy joe couldn't have
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done a deal like this talking about joe biden but benjamin netanyahu it is nobody's fool know what tomorrow no matter what you think about i mean very politically astute so he didn't turn round and say no you're absolutely right we're. the president will be able to do the deal he's looking at the polls he realizes that if the polls are correct then he could well be dealing with a joe biden ministration in a few months so he said look we are grateful for anyone who can do anything for peace from the united states and we're grateful for what you have done as we were saying donald trump has done a lot for israel moving the embassy to jerusalem recognizing sovereignty over the golan heights but benjamin netanyahu wasn't ready to stick his neck out and say no your political rival who you to be to 12 hours ago couldn't have done this sort of deal mr president is too smart for that i'm glad you picked up on that 1st point alan because i thought that's what i heard him saying that sudan and israel were at war and that he wasn't really sure but there yeah well then on the spot in that do
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we have the next clip to play i was going to check actually stay there alan i'll come back to you know but i want to go to harry force that now in west jerusalem. alan making a very good point that prime minister netanyahu has no full he knows he might be dealing with a different administration soon but he's certainly getting a lot out of this administration. indeed he is and again not for the 1st time paying tribute to donald trump and yes as alan was just talking about the polls in the united states there are also polls here in israel showing that netanyahu zone standing has really declined during this 2nd coronavirus locked down during what is widely seen here is as a mismanaged response to the coded 19 pandemic so he wants to make this very much a domestic kitchen table issues as well and so that's why you had him talking about the the mind boggling changes that were already coming from some of these normalization deals talking about fridges coming from united arab emirates and you know lowering the cost of living through these sorts of improved trade links that
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these normalization deals are bringing so. very much as well as talking about the symbolism of all this about this being a long term goal and of course talking about iran and trying to get arab states allied with israel to counter what he sees is that as a common threat emanating from tehran he also very much wants to try to to get some impetus behind his polling numbers and his standing domestically by trying to demonstrate to israeli voters what they have to gain in as individuals from this you know also talking about flights from the prospect of tourism to dubai and places like that in the near future thanks gary stick around we're going to be coming back to you until alan in the next hour or so well in the next few minutes probably i want to go to do ramallah occupied west bank need to aaron is our correspondent there reaction from the palestinians another move happening in their part of the worlds which will just come as another surprise to them. well we are
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expecting the palestinian president than to be a calling the palestinian ambassador and he's done the same here a cold there is in the u.a.e. and in behaving after they announced their willingness to sign a deal to normalize relations with israel the p.l.o. executive committee the spokesperson of the palestinian president said when the previous agreements were signed that this is a stab in the back where you have to waiting for a palestinian official reaction but that's going to be among the same lines and of course why this might not come as a surprise for many palestinians in the street who are some of the palestinian political analysts we've spoken to they say that this is opening up a new region it's not just now the gulf normalizing relations with israel but we're talking about an african country and for palestinians they feel like they lost
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a lot of the regional support a lot of arab support. if you remember there was an arab league summit meeting after the vote with the u.a.e. and it declared that they were going to be normalizing relations with israel and the arab league failed to adopt a palestinian draft resolution to condemn normalization and palestinian leadership else and it officials have said that this is just opening the door for many more states to do it minimalize relations with israel it's worth noting that there has been summit that many palestinian officials have with dick favoring too over the past 2 years it's called the 3 no's summit that was held in 1967 in sudan and these nodes where no to normalization nor to peace and no tick of nation of israel before it and its occupation of palestinian and arab lands it has
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occupied. for many palestinians they believe that their backs are against the wall right now they're trying natural situation is at its worst and they believe that they can only hope that trump would not get a 2nd term in office thank you need abraham in ramallah or in the occupied west bank but some reaction from there so we were listening to dollar trump a little bit earlier in the oval office on the phone to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu we have also heard just in the last few minutes from my own peo secretary of state because the other side if you like to this story is the fact that sudan has been removed from the united states state sponsors of terror list so let's hear my campaign talking about that and i think the answer that so we've been working on with sudan for as long as i've been part of this administration to address this issue of state sponsored terrorism they did all the things that they needed to do these 2 leaders of sudan did all the right things without
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a civilian led government inside of sudan and so their rationale for them being gets their state sponsored no longer makes sense we also want to make sure that victims of that terror have compensation so we've now accounted for that $335000000.00 will go to the victims from those terror attacks happen accidents fully complied with that their leaders have done great work we want to support the civilian look at we want them to be successful so it's completely appropriate that we would lift this this will also be something that will help the sudanese people in the sudanese government you'll see trade not only between israel and sudan between the united states and sudan as well so there you should and has said that it has great potential on trade and other things i mean there really it could be a very very successful wonderful country and i think it will be it's been hampered by what's going on in the world. that. would limit me to church or their conduct in the sense that the city's leadership may sense this that
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they both have one thing in common they make sense for the sudanese people to. build up their economy to create democratic institutions all the things that the sudanese people have been demanding and they're there they're connected in the sense of the sudanese leadership is now driving towards a really good outcome and improve life for the people sudan and we think for the broader region in north africa as well and with the leaders on the phone an interim might pompei are speaking bad has hit morgan our correspondent in the. doing trade in agriculture deals which is what we're talking about with israel i guess long term that can be helpful for sudan but really it's this removal from the state sponsor of terrorism is which could make a difference quite soon. yes indeed now secretary of state mike one player was correct about the fact that this will have an impact on sudan's economy that's because the inflation just over the past few months has risen to 200 from 60 percent in january alone so quite a lot of stress on the economy here come on now people have been lining up for
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a queue in queues for bread they've been lining up in queues for fuel at petrol stations and that's because the government has repeatedly stated that it doesn't have the hard currency to be able to import those commodities commodities that they mostly subsidize and there's also the issue of so shortage of medicines many pharmacies now lack medications that people need including lifesaving medicine so sudan's economy is in need of help and that also explains why this country has been trying to has been working so hard to get its name or its the name of sudan out of the list of countries state sponsored terrorism now the prime minister is yet to speak and the sudanese government is yet to speak on the issue of normalization of ties with israel again hopes tomb and israel do not have are not at war it's just a normalized nation of relations but then how the terms quite significant because it's here where the 3 nos as my colleague said earlier were decided not to recognition of israel not to peace and not in negotiation with israel so it is
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quite significant and it's mostly people here see that it's mostly the result of the economic situation that the country is facing that they are forced to basically accept a deal with israel recognizing israel because that will have economic benefits we've heard that there will be issues of there will be benefits rather ties in terms of a great culture in terms of trade something that the industry desperately needs but then there's the issue of migration there are thousands of sudanese refugees that fled from the war torn regions of daraa for south kordofan and blue nile and went to israel during the days of war many of them are still refugees there or in other african countries where israel has been paying to hold those refugees there that. will come up in discussions on what their fate would be and how soon they can return to sudan let's not forget that perhaps prior to the signature of this deal between them people coming back from israel was sanctioned and could be put in jail it looks like this is something that they will be discussing and trying to bring those people back thank you have
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a morgan with that context an update from khartoum we will round out the hour with our senior political analyst mowen bashara. this was i suspect always going to happen at some point we would heard the talk of which other countries would join the list of arab nations normalizing their ties with israel. what does it really mean for well let's start with israel where it certainly means being in a better position occupying the post than you. being a number that position in the future negotiating with the city this whole ringback ordeal is about the palestinians certainly so that it is not secure that those are those who are with this. and certainly not the u.a.e. or lacerated for that matter but if anything and that britain gul so the idea areas
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how does it all work out to be getting the support the palestinians so that israel is going to do whatever they would want interest but israel that is the bottom line question is what is the bottom line where the united states i think we should be asking yourself not what you would ask out on in washington who is might point where you want in for a new journey or are you working on behalf of the american people to do what is the batteries or. that's a good point yeah no it was really in it were for the united states in terms of sudan not about i was english of israel because in the end of that then we all understand that the sudanese people are from anybody possible balkan scene i'm not in agreement with this and we know that this happened under pressure and we know as we heard from that up the wants to get off the better is this and so we know or understand that this is lack but this is blackmail this is not peace if any one of
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our viewers would like a definition of peace i would be more than happy to send it that this is not peace this is not an organization this is blackmail and in some way surrender to washington in order of course are bound to arise it's real life 1st as a country that is trying to get back on its feet and i guess the palestinians must be wondering what's going on that they are being and i suspect they would feel as abandoned by fact i think the word they use is they say that it's another stab in the back for them. well absolutely but all by whom again because when you don't know about peace we're talking about people 2nd if that's what that means and clearly that absolute but certainly i don't work in the most expensive or that just what just released here yet or what i think we understand that the arabs deported and if i don't want to start by that you're democracy and saddam's didn't stick up or that the arabs are not on board for this not 2nd regimes are said to be our war
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and the other emirates for example is enthusiastic in terms of its regime does the government has relations with israel actually reads them and clearly isn't and even if you're if you're in attendance in the army that would like to sing from their own position within sudan moving forward knowing that the end of democracy is i maybe do want to have better relations or that washington once again the question is as we all understood by now that this is not going to make any difference what the elections maybe it will have some symbolic some some time symbolic effect but we don't understand that this is happening in the house of israel not on behalf of the americans and we all understand now that 2 american diplomats to see another white house advisers have been walking about with the israeli government not the american people and then says this is looking more and more like that demand more
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and more like surrender and s.n.'s like a true peace but the people's. wonder if you'll stay there for me we're just coming up to the top of the hour now so i just want to summarize events for of us and then we'll talk to you and our correspondents again when we passed the top of the hour the breaking news in the last hour as i say is that israel and sudan well actually donald trump has announced that israel and sudan will be normalizing their ties and he's also said that sudan is being removed from america's state sponsors of terror list these pictures from the oval office not long ago when donald trump was holding a phone call with prime minister netanyahu from israel. was behind him as well discussing what he believes will be a positive impact on sudan for it being removed from the state sponsors of terror alerts the palestinians reacting already of course a deal that's been left out of describing it as a stab in the back another step back in a couple of minutes the latest news on al-jazeera coming out to them.
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since 2030 wish the world innovation summit to health has gathered health care leaders understand just together to interact and engage with innovative organizations. wish will take place spiritually under the world. registered. the 1st reaction was
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shock hush hush across the u.s. meat packing plant some covert 19 hotspots these are people being treated as togs and a machine rather than actually being cared for for clients investigates whether corporate america has put profit before the lives of its workers they care more about pieces of meat going in the tray then they care about their team members virus on the poultry line on al-jazeera he began with. and just here i got shot i fell down i felt like i was that the documentary filmmaker once granted unconditional asylum contrasts his experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know what the consequences of the policies of detainments is really unnecessary all this misery they cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer in this way it is unacceptable and refugees stand on to 0. play an
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important role protecting it would. ringback face. breaking news in the past hour the u.s. president donald trump says sudan and israel have agreed to normalize relations palestinian officials call it a new stab in the back. not only to deal with but it's peace so that's official and that stirs. up again on come out santa maria here in doha with that breaking news and the rest of the day's news. what they have accomplished here today took a great deal of courage.


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