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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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some of the women who have become a driving force of the protests. al-jazeera. 'd al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this news our own rob matheson in doha coming up. the u.s. president speaks out against ethiopia's grander nacelles dam in defense of egypt which fears for its water supplies. it's a very dangerous situation because egypt is not going to be able to live that way and they'll end up blowing up to them. and getting as president after condi is confirmed as the winner of elections that have broad filings and allegations of fraud. more fighting in armenia and azerbaijan
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disputed region they're accusing each other of shelling residential areas. of the sport as japan dives into its olympic preparations i think it's swimming pool it's a late take campaigns next year. if your p.r. has some of the u.s. ambassador after president donald trump suggested that egypt might blow up its ground running a sounds down the $4500000000.00 project is aimed at pulling millions of ethiopians out of poverty but it has been a source of contention with egypt and sudan for years muhammad ali has more i want to just congratulate words of pride after brokering an agreement between sudan and israel to normalize ties but president donald trump's next 3 mocked. suggested
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a new conflict in the media africa region it's a very dangerous situation because egypt is not going to be able to live that way and they'll end up blowing up to them and i said it they said loud and clear don't blow up that dam and they have to do something because they could have stopped it they should have stopped it long before we started i said how do you let it get built and then you see them. trump preceded those words with actions he ordered aid for ethiopia to be stopped over its failure to respect a u.s. brokered agreement with egypt and sudan over the ground each open renaissance dam if yo peer began to fill the dams reservoir in july provoking anger in egypt with u.s. president a close ally to egypt's of the fatah. he was asked to intervene as a peace broker. but each open ever appeared at ease with thompson mediation and accused him of favoring egypt tromps latest remarks drew a quick response from each open prime minister and the g.o.p.
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has summoned my corrina the american ambassador to the suburbs in protest occasional statements of belligerent threats to have ethiopia succumb to unfair terms still abound these threats and affronts to ethiopian sovereignty are misguided unproductive and clear violations of international law ethiopia will not cave into aggressions of any kind these are obviously pretty outrageous comments from from the president and suggest that he's not really in touch with the reality on the ground the idea of conflict to so this dispute over the nile has always been and very far fetched ultimately hugely counterproductive and it could lead to some sort of regional conflagration while tom's comments may have offended each o.p.m. pleased egypt few appear to be taking the threat of conflict or military action seriously it's unclear exactly what his motivation is i think part of it actually is vanity i think easy is pretty annoyed that the ethiopians. withdrew from the
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talks unilaterally refused to show up to washington for what was meant to be the last round of talks i don't think that there is a serious risk that egypt is going to proceed with any sort of military action on that. they've made pretty clear that that's not what their priority is what types of statements are likely to push the crisis over ethiopia's in a dump back into the spotlight and warn both sides that a failure to reach a solution could be dangerous divide our desire. ok i want to bring up a map just to show you the kind of region we're talking about as we heard the grand nacelles dam has been built on the blue nile now it's the source of most of the rivers niall's water egypt and sudan downstream are worried about how much it's going to be diverted ethiopia says the dam is going to produce power that's essential for its economic growth ok let's go to particle hane in washington now patty america the u.s. has been trying to act as a mediator in these talks is not been working
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a statement has been trying his best but clearly it's getting nowhere and then we get this comment from donald trump how is this being read in washington. well it's not quite frankly with the election what 10 days away it's really not getting a whole lot of play most foreign policy doesn't especially when it comes to this president because he does tend to say these rather inflammatory things he often in if you can think of several examples over the past 4 years where he threatens military action does it come about that said it could raise concern because it could be seen as giving egypt permission the u.s. permission to go ahead and take military action but again this is 10 days from the election i think most foreign countries are really waiting to see what happens keep in mind that donald trump is far behind in the polls and we're seeing a record amount of voter turn out most of the polls 'd most of the pundits predicting that trump could lose so any action by foreign government it seems the
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that would be foolhardy at this point considering he might not be in the office come january 20th and the other consideration for anyone considering military action is congress egypt has already fallen out of favor with many members of congress because of their human rights record and various other things so even though the trouble ministration likes to say that has this great relationship with egypt its relationship with the u.s. congress is not quite as solid and don't forget congress controls who gets what money when it comes to ethiopia the president has tried the financial basically the financial stick he said he was going to withdraw all financial aid from them and usual it's unusual because they're supposed to tell congress exactly how much aid they're taking back but they really haven't made clear exactly what programs they're cutting how much they're cutting but they've already tried the financial the stick so now the president possibly trying to move this along with the threat of military action but again it's 10 days to the election and nobody knows what's
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going to happen. thanks very much indeed that's particle here in the live for us and washington d.c. . well donald trump made those remarks about the damage after announcing a u.s. brokered deal for sudan and israel to start normalizing ties sudan's transition government has agreed to it but it's going to need approval from the country's parliament and that is yet to be formed as part of a broader deal that allows the lifting of u.s. sanctions the palestinians are calling it another stab in the back well we're going to speak more about that with the need to enable him shortly she's in the occupied west bank have a morgan is standing by in sudan's capital khartoum and also her body is going to give us the reaction from israel's fierce with general rival iran 1st alan fisher's report from washington i want to just gradually you know from the oval office another part of u.s. president donald trump's middle east peace plan falls into place even if he isn't submerged in the detail but we did sudan and wanted to do it here and there was
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a particularly nice because they essentially better war with israel for. a long time i don't know if it was fighting i don't know that but probably there's been a little the trumpet ministration says it's a deal years in the making it's involved secretary of state might pompey or flying to sudan and israel's prime minister making an official visit. to dan has agreed to pay $335000000.00 in compensation to victims of the 1908 east africa u.s. embassy bombings the attack on the u.s. call in yemen in 2000 and the family of a murdered u.s. diplomat that's cleared the way for sudan to be removed from the list of nations the u.s. considers state sponsors of terrorism and that puts israel in place to establish formal relations there was no relationship whatsoever to names peace agreement will enhance security and engineers malaysian nation congress now has $45.00 days to consider donald trump's decision it could block it but that seems unlikely if it
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goes through sanctions on sudan will be removed and that clears the way for increased trade. sudan is the 3rd out of country to normalize relations with israel in recent months bahrain and the united arab emirates signed the abraham accords at a white house ceremony last month palestinians see the decision by the government in khartoum is another step in the back describes it as political sin because geishas from sudan and israel will meet soon to discuss cooperation in many fields agriculture trade and other issues of importance to our citizens sudan skies are today open to israel it allows direct and shorter flights between israel africa and southern america. this announcement serves the zionist occupation and its expanding policy in the region for sure it only serves trumps election campaign and netanyahu own political conflicts donald trump has clearly decided small individual deals in the middle east will change the reality on the ground rather than try and feel for
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the normally compassing peace package like previous presidents he says 5 more countries are ready to join in he believes these deals protect america reduce the chance of expensive bloody foreign wars and helps his reelection efforts alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house well sudan's diplomatic moves have largely been dictated by one main concern the perilous state of its economy for nearly 3 decades u.s. sanctions have had devastating effects and blocked it from international banking the transitional government inherited needing $60000000000.00 in foreign debts when it came to power last year access to loans from the i.m.f. and world bank have been contingent on sudan's removal from washington's list of states that sponsor terrorism even so sudan still owes the i.m.f. 1300000000 dollars last month inflation hit a record of more than 200 percent well let's go live now to hit morgan in khartoum
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just talk us through what this deal is likely to mean for sudan. well rob let's remember that there are 2 deals that are here in front of the sudanese the 1st being not more of a deal but more of a step taken by the u.s. president don trump in terms of notifying congress that the country can be lifted off the list or should be lifted off the list of u.s. state sponsors of terrorism now that means that once this is completed or once that step is completed the country would be able to attract foreign investors and the country can deal with foreign countries and interact with them in terms of trade and industry development so that more hard currency can flow in and that is very crucial to sudan's economy because the shortage of hard currency meant that the government had difficulty importing weeds and fuel to items that it's hugely subsidizes and that has been facing severe shortages that led to long queues in front of bakeries and petrol stations now the actually minister of finance said
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that the impact of sudan being delisted of the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism will not be immediate but will take a few months and that this would be a way for sudan to be able to receive a debt relief more than $60000000000.00 in debt mostly from the previous government and that's something they say that they would be able to clear once saddam is officially delisted as well as be able to get loans from the international monetary fund and the world bank that's something that sudan has been looking forward to since this transitional government came to power in august now the other deal which is the normalization of ties between sudan and israel while the 2 countries were not a tourist sudan in my 967 is the country where the arab league match and came up with the renos no to peace not to normalization not to negotiation and not a recognition of israel and the acting minister foreign minister said that this deal between sudan and israel is not a complete normalization but rather steps pending parliament. on the pull bit it's
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a long process that requires a lot of work so this is an agreement to normalize that took place between sudan and israel. and we are now waiting for the completion of the democratic institutions through the formation of the legislative council so that it can decide to ratify this agreement and if that happens then we will begin the steps towards normalization now the country's transitional its labor simply has not to be formed and this is expected to happen in the coming weeks it was initially supposed to happen in november last year but it was delayed due to negotiations between the transitional government and various armed groups that negotiations have ended in a peace deal that was signed in october and those armed groups are going to be coming to her to negotiate forming that transitional legislative assembly but the biggest concern is how political parties especially the ruling coalition which is a coalition of various political parties with various ideologies will react to this announcement of steps of normalization most of them have been very quiet but
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a few prominent ones like the almost party came out with a statement and to reject the move taken by the transitional government because it's not a mandated or elected government but rather a transitional government that is leading sudan to democracy that's what morgan brings up to date from khartoum let's go to the need for him and she's in ramallah so it was inspiring spring to say that the sudanese foreign minister is saying that it is essentially saying that these are steps towards normalization pending a ratification by a parliament that's not even in place yet but the palestinians are already saying that this is as they call it a stab in the back what has the reaction been there. for palestinians normalization should only happen after that israel and its occupation of palestinian and at a land a coupon a $967.00 and this is why there has been a wide condemnation by the palestinians including the palestinians president he should the statement saying that israel should abide by international law and the
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occupation and that would lead to peace in the region this is why palestinians have been warning for years now that the arab peace initiative is going is not being respected because the arab peace initiative this was adopted by the the current set of countries at the arab league in 2002 states that normal aviation would only happen after the end of the occupation of palestinian see it as a different horses in different countries in the world it giving israel 3 awards and preach prize while. ok patient continues while the settlements are expanding and lands are being come to skate that the arab league itself. has failed to it's just false to me and draft resolution against normalization after the you wait we had signed this deal and palestinians of said that they worry that
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more countries are going to be following suit this is what's happened with behind then join the u.a.e. in signing that and run a nation deal with the hay and announce a down has announced so i think the norm in a process for them they feel that they're i mean for palestinians they feel that they've been left alone and we've spoken to a couple of political analysts they say that whole thing in fact are literally against the wall right now. for example there is a very bad political economy situation and it's one of the worst that the palestinian authority is facing but also because they're losing a lot of regional so forth and political support in the region and that's why many analysts believe that paul's now can only hope that trump would not get a 2nd term in office as for palestinians we've seen a lot of them going on social media saying that they know that they should the people are with them but they are being dragged into this by. this
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need to thank you very much less need to abraham bring us up to date from of ramallah well here's how iran's foreign ministry responded to sudan agreeing to a deal with israel quote pay enough or on some clothes or rise to the crimes against palestinians then you'll be taken off the so-called terrorism blacklist obviously the list is as phony as the u.s. fight against terrorism shameful dozens of bodies in clearly very strong words there from iran. yes just highlights the fact that iran is no longer a very close ally of sudan and that goes back to 2016 and there's a very specific reason and that has a lot to do with saudi arabia and iran's relationship with saudi arabia what happened in 2016 was that there was a shia cleric who was executed in saudi arabia at that point there was a number of protests outside the saudi embassy here in tehran and the embassy was
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ransacked by those protesters that's when the saudis to remove their diplomats recalled their diplomats from tehran and it severed all diplomatic ties with iran and sudan was one of the countries that followed suit along with saudi arabia after that happened and since then iran has not had any kind of diplomatic relationship with sudan but prior to that they were very very close there was a point where the former president of sudan omar al bashir a visit to iran twice and every reigning president prior to the current one has some rouhani visited khartoum to strengthen ties between both sides there was even a time when the hamas leadership spoke of how the weapons they were getting from iran were going through sudan to reach them in the gaza strip a charge of course that iran has denied about it just goes to show you that there was a very strong relationship with the sudanese government but that was absolutely severed as a result of saddam's relationship with saudi arabia in 2016 and this development now
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is likely to actually hinder any kind of a repertoire between iran and sudan in the future or so thanks very much dore says about it. in the news ahead this hour. we have had enough we want a democratic and united libya and an end to this bloodshed libyans react to the signing of a permanent ceasefire we'll report from misrata a city that suffered years of hardship plus. poultry standards followers in the u.k. take action to stop a flood of cheap imports after gregg's it unsporting get off your bike find out why these writers were protesting in the middle of a race. it is election commission says president's office on day one sunday's controversial poll with almost 60 percent of the vote and supporters cheered as the announcement
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was made the army is out on the streets to quell demonstrations at least 26 people have been killed since sunday's election the opposition is planning a legal action saying the vote was rigged. the candidate a professor of faculty has declared elected after the 1st round of the presidential election with 5949 percent of democrats long live democracy and only peace maker play skinnier and guinea and. nigeria's president is the knowledge that many lives have been lost during 2 weeks of protests people continue to block a major roads and set fires in lagos has been growing anger over police brutality in nigeria the 20000000 residents of lagos state have been under a 24 hour curfew since tuesday. that ensued millions have been lost and our number. is completely destroyed it is
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and food in it. and were intended flutist. in the parts of the country i give. has been hijacked and this dad did. ok let's bring in in a deli and that is a he's a research fellow at the university of edinburgh center for african studies good to have you with us 1st of all just give me your reaction to the result of the condé being put into office for a 3rd. but. i think the reaction of the opposition protesters is quite understandable. especially because of the. vagueness around around around the not just the results of the election but also condi go in but can his garden produce promises that he's made in the past and seeking to know install and solve tarion fashion essentially i think
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the reactions to be to be expected in a manner speaking i think. the silence of the african union echo us as well. is quite large because it sort of follows the. initial statement will be made at the end of the completion of the election of the of the of voting where they said that the election seemed. devoid of any solution irregularities likely. to lead to a plea to rule in the way things are the moment stay with us because i want to talk about what the global reaction has been to the events in both kenny and nigeria and the difference between the 2 the u.n. secretary general and the rights group amnesty international are largely alone in condemning the post-election violence in guinea they're also speaking out about nigeria but so too of the european union african union and west african region body
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the ecowas now online awareness has also prompted voices of support for protest as from european football players why do you think it is that given the fact that both countries are seeing. significant levels of violence that one appears to be getting more attention than the other. i think. the answer lies in the the use of the internet although or rather the absence of use of the of the internet i think we see that with. the nigerian situation the nigerian youth almost immediately moved the last $1000.00 each of our and began to . send messages or messages to salute garrity and messages and messages for help as well to people across across the globe we had drum and sas hash tag trending for days. the number one position on twitter for
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example and so we see that sort of arm in a very. integrated because basically we're not julie's whereas with d.d. and our opposition protesters they've not even been afforded the opportunity to even think of doing so because in terms of using the internet because who could the government to shut shut off the internet and also food services which means that the world is unable to hear our what do they do they go in with you say say for those who are us to say you know are just 0 or you know other nice neat major news networks one would imagine that however organizations like the european union the african union and ecowas do have access to information within guinea even if they the internet is blocked out one can imagine that the internet twitter and so on would inform the general populace but these are international organizations whose
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job it is to monitor regions like kenny and yet again they don't seem to be paying nearly as much attention to guinea as they are to nigeria. sorry i've got a call at work i think i cut your question i'll just give it to you again very briefly i understand what you're saying about the importance of the internet and twitter for example allowing people around the world to see what the situation is in both in nigeria particularly but one would argue that organizations like ecowas and the african union and the european union do have access or should have access to information about what is happening on the ground in guinea because that's their job and yet still they don't seem to be paying as much attention to getting as nigeria and i just wondered why you thought that was. i think you find the term. their silence is quite as has been quite deliberate and i think you
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also find that they've not only just seem silent on the kenyan situation but they've also. tried to avoid. an anti government stance as well in regards to that the nigerian situation also and i think it's because it is much of the african union and who else would like to project an image of our impartiality and independence the un quite so and i think the feel they need to tread carefully as a collective to avoid getting on the wrong side of the incumbent government respectively in nigeria and guinea and so you find that even in relation to the nigerian and sas situation where you are and who us avoided me kid
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any strong statement surely that they stand with the nigerian citizens in there are attempts to exercise their freedom and their rights 13 descent into groups of peaceful manner. and it does a way appreciate your time so thank you for joining us on his ear it's time for the weather here's everton how high that will be changing the clocks across much of europe this weekend then rules are changing the weather as well we've got lots of cloud rolling in from the atlantic quite an active weather system this tightly packed ice about so some very strong winds spackling of shower cloud as well and you can see this cold front here that's going to drive some very heavy rain across the northwest of europe eventually pushing down through the bad biscay into spain and portugal so some pretty wet weather for a time as we go through sunday the early part of sunday easing across the low countries into germany and on into scandinavia rash of showers
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a rattling away just spinning away across the western isles of scotland northern parts of northern ireland ahead of that not so bad we have got some showers just around hungry pushing across into rumania and into bulgar area further north well 14 cells this dry and find there for eastern parts kiev for example what's the weather follows on behind as we go on into monday some snow there over the high ground he possibility some localized flooding there that is back to sunshine and showers across the northwest in a fresh 13 or 14 degrees celsius somewhat woman across northern parts of africa i wanted to show was towards tunisia but church of the showers the still affecting the gulf of guinea. much more still ahead including the power of youth we'll look at why these voters in the united states could be crucial in deciding the upcoming election. another world leader test positive for coronaviruses infection rates break records across europe and the united states. and in sports tiger woods
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bounces back golf action from california coming up with joel. frank assessment if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november would be this because if you believe that there corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break them up informed opinion. because don't go anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's ability with a revolution. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera when the news breaks and racism protests continue in a number of cities across the united states when people need to be hurt in the council area line nearly $500.00 homes were destroyed and about 80 percent of this land burnt al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind
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and solar is it that's going to solve the problem if want to bring the moon documentaries and lighting. and online. you're watching out to see a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. ambassador in ethiopia has been summoned that's after president donald trump suggested egypt may blow up if the o.p.'s grand renee's owns down. sudan's turned transitional government has agreed to start the process of normalizing ties with israel it's part of a broader deal that allows the lifting of u.s. sanctions the palestinians are calling it another stab in the back. in his election
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commission says president alpha condé one sunday's controversial poll with almost 60 percent of the vote the opposition is disputing the results at least 26 people have been killed in post-election violence since sunday. armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other are shelling residential areas as fighting continues in the disputed region of mcconnell how to block the areas is to find a kurd city suffered heavy damage overnight hundreds of people have been killed since fighting began last month 2 russian brokered cease fires have failed or only chalons is in doris's southeastern armenia wrote in just bring us up to date with what's been happening. last night at about 9 o'clock pm local time which is 17 g.m.t. for the 1st time in nearly a week it came under bombardment against anika is that the main city in the corner
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karabakh now we don't know exactly what munitions we use whether they were shells or rockets a volley came in. considerable damage to parts of this. city it destroyed cause it damaged buildings and also set a gas main on file which is it was very difficult for the for the local firefighters to separate out. there were thankfully no casualties and i think in the main that's because stepanek has obviously been under bombardment significantly over the last few weeks and has a you know a siege mentality so there is a well established and raid siren system and a network of shelters for people to run to when those sirens go off. but because the it had been quite some time since the panic or to being hit before like nearly a week ago people had starting relaxing abates and then coming out of the shelters and going about their daily business this of course will set things back in the city people will feel very nervous again and that's probably the intention from the
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is aries to make the people in savannah go feel on edge and d. moralize the problem is that this is a continuation of a of an ongoing tatts. system of reprisals i suppose in which civilians tend to be the targets the go in a car wreck authorities are so that they will retaliate for this that there will be no forgiveness and indeed the as aries said a few hours ago that there had been a small rocket attack on the city of 10 in which a 16 year old girl died now we can't verify that from where we are at the moment but it does go to show that there is this mentality here at the moment that you know if we hear if you hear us we'll hit you back and civilians of course in the crossfire rory thanks very much that story chalons indorse in armenia. well the u.s. has posted another record the daily jumping cove of 19 cases nearly $84000.00 infections
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one announced on friday this art installation in washington the highlights the growing toll with a white flag for every american who's lost their life in germany deaths have gone beyond 10000 and infections of jumped to a new high of 15000 and polish president is the latest world leader contract the virus that he tells us more from our european news center in london. it's unclear why president under a doodle or wherever he became infected with covered 19 to his office has tweeted out a message saying that he is fine he did attend a conference in tallinn last monday where he met the well gary and president now but here in president has gone into quarantine himself we haven't got any more details about the the condition of the polish president of that country has some worrying figures it's seen a 24 hour record in cases of over 13000 on friday there are
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measures coming in which are stricter than they have been including asking people over the age of 70 to stay indoors they're extremely worried about the direction their cases are going in slovakia there's been a record number of 24 hour cases almost 3000 in that small e.u. country and next door in the czech republic the. cases has gone over 15000 for the 1st time they've had 2 months of restriction so quite worrying for that government to see that it's not having the desired effect and then germany the country which was lauded for its response earlier in the year now will forty's they're saying that the total number of covered 19 deaths has gone past $10000.00 and not only that over the 24 hours to saturday the number of new cases was $14714.00 that is a record so far and chancellor angela merkel has come out and said that what winter
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will be what our christmas will be will be decided in the days and weeks to come and i think that's a message that resonates with many political leaders around the continent. young voters in the u.s. have the numbers to decide intellects. but that's rarely happens the turnout was particularly average in the primaries but that was before the police killing of george floyd which sparked nationwide protests for racial justice john hendren reports from minneapolis and how that event could affect this year's presidential election. when george floyd died beneath a minneapolis police officers need the youth of america filled the streets by the thousands. every 4th november many go a whoa ghosting the ballot box i think my one vote is really going to make
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a big difference in the grand scheme of things and yeah i voted for hillary clinton last time and i felt bad doing it and it didn't make a lick of difference. young voters overwhelmingly lean liberal with 18 to 34 year olds in a recent poll preferring democrat joe biden over the republican president donald trump by a whopping $37.00 percentage points but americans over 60 are more than twice as likely to vote to be totally honest i'm not going to be voting for for either candidate. the ongoing protests over alleged police brutality against black americans could change that sending more young voters to the polls i know a lot of people who will be voting for biden a college student at the university of minnesota aden boozing once back bernie sanders but now supports biden here and 28000 we already had the highest voter turnout any large campus in the united states but i think i'll definitely continue after being in that dishonor the georgia flight protests in the democratic primary
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sanders was the clear favorite of young voters since the death of george floyd propelled the black lives matters movement and sent thousands of young demonstrators into the streets to demand changes in the way police treat black americans many have made joe biden their standard bearer but there remains an enthusiasm gap. here and across the u.s. that gap presents a challenge. to the democratic party going to have to bring them on board and if you have to push hard to get them to vote so i think that the pro trump young group is more energized right now than the provided group and that age that is apparent in the trump stores that have sprung up around the united states of phenomenon few presidents have inspired the protests exam make you more likely to vote for drum yes most definitely music changes place around and he's been doing a great. when it comes to young voters support the numbers are clearly with biden but with young trump voters showing more enthusiasm for the president only it
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really matters is who will show up john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis well we got some figures from tufts university and they indicate a large number of young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 voting early in 3 battleground states compared to the last election in florida nearly 44000 voted early and 2016 this year so far more than 257000 of north carolina it was $25000.00 last time now it's close 220-5000 and in michigan just more than 7 and a half 1000 young people voted early in the last election this far 145200 have cost their ballots ok for more on this let's speak to seth flecks win in new york he's the co-founder and c.e.o. of democracy works a nonprofit organization aimed at voter engagements good to have you with us now obviously those figures that i read out don't give
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a breakdown of who is voting for what but from your experience what do you think is motivating young people on more young people to get out and vote this time round. first of all it's just great to have some good news to celebrate good news this celebrate about american democracy that we are seeing record breaking youth turnout across every state is historic in the u.s. and it's going to break a lot of trends and hopefully fix a lot of things about our democracy in the future but there's a few things happening one is you're seeing incredible engagement tops also. surveyed how many young voters protested created and protests this summer and 27 percent said it dissipated and the market is huge but we've also seen historically that a lot of people aren't voting on people weren't voting not because they were up but there's a there's a group like that in that category zation but there's also much larger groups were
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voting just didn't fit the way we live anymore and we've been able to reach huge numbers of voters through new approaches to engaging them online and so i think with both of these things happening at the same time new approaches for reaching voters on mine and also maps engagement it's fueling that trying to think that that is the way forward in terms of engaging young people that not only it's a question of reaching out through the internet but in terms of the actual voting process itself would it actually engage people young people more if there was a facility to be able to vote online as opposed to getting their cars having to travel to a voting station or posting about it i think we've also seen a lot of concerns about security this year with elections and so the options that are providing where you can vote early and where you can also vote easily by mail seem to be the most secure options right now on the table and i'm pro cheap in that
4:42 pm
go on and making that if you possible to do but in terms of all my. approaches for reaching we've done voters like you some examples so we work with snap chat we're snapshot this year with one of our services culture of where voters sign up we help them register and then get them text notifications text an email notifications about how to vote in all their elections pretty much no matter what and we registered a 1000000 young voters this year through that partnership and now have the majority of true votes 9000000 subscribers are our millennial or younger and we're at helping them now in the election whether by mail or in person. so there's just new ways of reaching how much of this is driven do you think by the the significant number of social upheaval events that the us has gone through over the last a few months if this had been what would pos for a regular year in the u.s.
4:43 pm
and we have not seen the incidence that we have do you think that young people would be as engaged we started seeing a trend towards using each minute 20 scene so we have seen the fruits of this search earlier than this past year so i think yes i mean it but i think you know everything in our world right now is. engaging people in politics but it's also not a new trend in 2020 young people have been waking up the politics now for a few years and i think hopefully this year will be the turning point where it'll just become a norm that young people are going to be engaged in their elections as opposed to a surprise really good to get your thoughts on this we appreciate your joining us on and as unicef likes men thank you very much indeed thank you. libyans have spoken of their hope and caution after their country's warring sides agreed to
4:44 pm
a permanent ceasefire the un brokered deal was signed in geneva on friday that had been months of negotiations between the internationally recognized government tripoli and its rivals in the east military and on groups must withdraw from the front lines and foreign fighters have to leave libya within 3 months while the train has been speaking to people in misurata a city that has dealt with severe hardship since one of the. launched his push for tripoli in april 29000 for libya which has been engulfed in violence for nearly 10 years these past 14 months have only seen the fighting words. while the east of the country is under the control of ordered for the for half the year and the to replace house of representatives the west is controlled by the un recognized government of national accord led by prime minister is a sort of they are based in the capital tripoli huffed or who is supported by russia egypt and the united arab emirates launched an offensive on tripoli in april
4:45 pm
2019 but was pushed back earlier this year as pro g n a forces received support from turkey here in central misrata coffee shop worker are below watch the news of a nationwide cease fire played on the t.v. he's optimistic the agreement will lead to a stable libya national head of we have had enough we want a democratic and united libya and an end to this not should we have dreams and aspirations and want to live peaceful and happy nice. but not everyone is as optimistic. who will guarantee ceasefire we've seen these agreements before and then the fighting continued libyans don't have the power to make these decisions it's the foreign parties who will decide if we will have a ceasefire if they decide to end the fighting maybe then we will have peace in misrata libya's 3rd largest city and a primary source of military power for the internationally recognized government in tripoli according to city officials over $700.00 men from the city have been killed
4:46 pm
in the fighting since world war 2 so if i have to launch his failed military campaign to capture the capital although many libyans are hopeful that this agreement will lead to a permanent ceasefire and a political solution some are skeptical that warlord khalifa haftar and his foreign backers will actually add here to it for abdullah and many libyans like him there's a sense of hope that things here will get better but the real test lies an implement in the commitments of the agreement well the trainer al-jazeera misrata a mosque in france has held prayers in tribute to a teacher who was beheaded last week there was a heavy police presence after threats against worshipers what a bulletproof vest some are passing is murder after showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad to students has caused outrage in france the attacker was shot dead by police. today as we were in this mosque it was the same friday a week ago that he was assassinated today we are in a free mosque
4:47 pm
a mosque of enlightenment it's called the al nor mosque which means to light we're here to pray for him to pay homage to him and to have a minute of silence i find it this is the minimum that we can do. protests are planned in london against the government's refusal to pass laws to stop cheap important meat and other animal products and new trade deals after brands it includes us chlorinated food items that don't meet european standards and who sends went to a farm in the village of denby in england's lincolnshire walls to assess the damage on regulated imports could cause. 52 per cent for the country's hens it out. andrew middleton has been a farmer 1st 3 decades he's invested more than a $1000000.00 in farming beating the highest standards of production. and preserve this is homes. now the price of his eggs could be undercut by new
4:48 pm
trade deals primarily with the united states u.k. may be flooded with cheap imports andrews' livelihood along with livestock farmers all over the u.k. is threat the reason lower food safety and animal welfare standards in the us and other countries. and it will be a double whammy for this farmer his fall back a small herd of beef cattle would be up against cheap imports to farmers right across the british countryside are demanding a ban on cheap inferior imports of livestock they want that ban enshrined in new legislation that's passing through parliament but the government is refusing to do that relying on assurances instead. protesters say they don't trust those assurances repeatedly made by the u.k. prime minister what we will do is use our negotiations to persuade our partners to you know if they want to trade freely with us then obviously we'll have to accept
4:49 pm
or are pretty trying to work. ringback to highlight the issue britain's royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals has released a video of secret filming in the us it features an american animal welfare expert meaning that you would chickens in chlorine is because the birds are literally sitting in each other's waste our industrial animal agriculture system is designed to benefit the huge and multinational corporations at the expense of animal welfare farmer wellbeing and the earth. we fear it's not in legislation then you start to get in products produced in other countries like eggs like chicken like the which are given. other methods of production which are legal here all the different substances like hormones which are also illegal here that message and others may well have a big effect on consumers i'm all welfare and food standards is becoming
4:50 pm
a major issue in the u.k. i'm drew simmons al-jazeera dolby in the kitchen. next in sports with joe ball the action from game 3 of baseball's world series that's about one minute from now. the 1st reaction was a. hush hush across the u.s. meat packing some 19 hot spots these are people being treated as hogs in a machine rather than actually being cared for for clients investigates with the corporate america has put profit before the lives of its workers they care more about pieces of meat going in the tray then they care about their team members virus on the poultry line. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the
4:51 pm
people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and we report on the big events that are going on but we also tell the stories of people who don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my that's never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what i'm seriously does we ask the questions to people who should be accountable and we get people to give their view of what's going on. you're all on the over the. top of the sport here is joe thank you very much let's start in tokyo where the elim picks during and diving venue has been officially opened ahead of next year's delayed games japanese swimming star rococo care who is making her competitive
4:52 pm
comeback after being diagnosed with leukemia was the 1st to swim in the pool the aquatic center which cost $523000000.00 was completed in february but it's taken until now to open because the current virus pandemic the venue can hold $15000.00 fans but has not been decided yet if supporters will be allowed in because a virus restrictions organizes a planning on staging a test event for tokyo citizens though. the final we need to hold the successful games i hope that the world's top swimmers can perform here next year also for me it's encouraging to see miss the key here swimming energetically in a healthy condition. one of the biggest games in world football takes place later with the 1st el classico of the season in spain messi is barcelona host realm attrit at the nou camp behind closed doors with both teams far from their best they both lost their last games in the league and rael were beaten by shots on yet skin
4:53 pm
the european champions league coach. accepts there were doubts about his future norris. that's what they say i won't deny it doesn't change anything nothing at all the same thing happened last year during the 1st half of the season what imus did was keep doing my job give it 100 percent as i always do. to baseball now and the los angeles dodgers have taken the lead in the world series against the tampa bay rays on friday the dodgers beat the race 6 telling game 3 to go to one up here to stem a report. that. was. looking to take advantage of the world series was all square after the 1st 2 games. in los angeles we're off to a good start. the 1st inning home run from justin turner was easy livin for the postseason that time the record. the dodgers had one game 183 and we're
4:54 pm
looking dominant here again they were 5 nothing up in the 4th inning. and then in the top of the 6th it was the turn of alston boggs to hit a solo home run to make it $61.00. there's a $22.00 but the story of the night for the dodgers was preacher one could bueller when he struck out randy a rosary it was he's tamed strike out over 6 innings he's. been a big game pitcher and really succeeding on this stage there's only a few guys you know currently and throughout history he's in some really elite company and i'm just happy he's weren't dodging you know for him when you're facing a guy like bueller what we saw today there's really no margin of error. and they got us today. in the bottom of the 9th rosa raina his own home but it was too
4:55 pm
little too late. the final school 62 the dodgers l.a. lead the world series 21 a situation they have not been in since they last won it by 988. peter stammered al jazeera. to go found tiger woods bounce back from a poor opening round at the zozo championship in california he racked up 8 birdies in his 2nd round of 66 as he was up the defense of his masters title coming up in a couple of weeks with this 2 under par overall for the tournament but that is still 12 behind the native justin thomas who shot a 2nd consecutive round of 7 under 65 but thomas and woods will have taken notice of something that was posted on instagram on friday u.s. open champion bryson december feel that he has managed to carry a drive $400.00 yards in practice that's how far it goes before landing the shambo
4:56 pm
who is known as scientists has bulked up this season and is one of the favorites for the masters which starts on the them but the 12th. cyclists who protested at the start of friday's euro to tell you it will face consequences according to the race director the riders stop racing because of heavy rain and had to be bussed over half of the 258 from to route to a new starting point the cyclist union says the action was taken so as not to compromise immune systems and increase their risk of catching coronavirus but the race organizers say they'll be speaking to lawyers check writer joseph chad in a one the stage with the netherlands wilco kelderman leading into saturday's penultimate stage. to tennis and top seed alexander's verite is on course for his 2nd cologne title in as many weeks the german who won the indoors title on sunday will face 19 year old yannick center in the semifinals of the cologne championship later he beat at the end melon you know in the 3 sets in the quarterfinals on friday. there's a huge fight in the u.f.c.
4:57 pm
later with have no record of putting his unbeaten record on the line the russian lightweight champion has won all 28 of his fights to date and now he's taking on the american justin gate the on fight island in abu dhabi he holds the interim title after settling in for her baby when he couldn't travel because of the current virus pandemic to face tony ferguson in may. brazilians have been celebrating the landmark birthday of the national treasure pele the footballer turned 80 on friday and rio's christ the redeemer statue was lit up in yellow and green in tribute a mass was also hell held in his honor at its base pele is widely considered to be one of the greatest players in history and the only one to win 3 world cup it's. all right that is a useful for now have will feel. joe thank you very much indeed and that's it for me for this news hour i'm going to be back in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories on robot assume thanks very much
4:58 pm
indeed for being with me. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away the spam reaping story about presidential corruption he did his real reporting it's not if you keep challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we need to cut our score look we don't want to do lie. and if the listening post on out is the right. when covert 19 1st struck china and began to spread the cost asia. some in the west criticized come to measures us to halt or to we. have the different experience in school for asian nations in fact not shown the
4:59 pm
world to root out for this group i'm going to. corona virus lessons from asia on a just so you know. ferguson has been in turmoil if you're like police cars or trucks are dead and gone are like time you're. trying to make a political hole in my studio you promised a representative back in 9091 to me i was out of our game one of the guys without a gun and my brother was killed my hood don't look no dear friend to any other hood out here deal my whole world was keel me i saw my son in 15 years and i felt like you know at this my time to stand. the system wasn't built for us i'm just not willing to accept one. substantial legislation can i get through that's going to speak to a major need for my community that this bill identifies use violence as a public health epidemic last year we had 200 murders the report of violence when
5:00 pm
it comes to the youth it stretches far why. the u.s. president speaks out against ethiopia's brand renaissance down in defense of egypt which fears for its water supplies. it's a very dangerous situation because egypt is not going to be able to live that way and they'll end up blowing up to them. i'm not matheson this is all just a live from doha also coming up guineas president alpha condé is confirmed as the winner of the elections that have brought filing sun allegations of fault. refugees and migrants travelling to wes.


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