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tv   101 East Philippines Queen Of Extortion  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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those backing, the interim government continue to defend its legitimacy. it's not a coup. it's not unconstitutional. impeachment, in the strictly constitutional point of view, is not meant to incapacitate. as many argue it's moral incapacity. it is an absolutely legitimate decision. next week, the constitutional court will clarify what moral incapacity means, but even if it favors be scarry, he will not be affected by the resolution because the court's decisions are not retroactive. and while that decision may explain, if lawmakers did wrong or not, it may not be enough to quell the anger in the streets of the country, but innocent, just as to see that hello again. i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera civilly and are reported to have been massacred in northern ethiopia as fighting continues between
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the military and local forces in the takeaway region, amnesty international says hundreds may have been killed on monday, cause if not hundreds of civilians were stabbed to death in a small town called me, which is in the southwestern of ethiopia's, of the degree region. likely, most likely, on the night of november 9th, these victims appear to have been civilians appear to be laborers no way involved in the ongoing military offensive in the region. a senior official from south africa's ruling party is in court to face corruption charges. my guy surely is secretary general of the a.n.c. . the charges relate to allegations of the misuse of government funds. while he was the provincial leader. my surely has denied any wrongdoing. top u.s. election officials have described the presidential vote as the most secure in u.s. history denying any fraud. it comes as more republicans break ranks with donald trump over his refusal to cooperate with president elect joe biden. and the u.s.
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president has banned americans from doing business with companies owned or controlled by the chinese military. it will take effect on january levan, days before trump is due to step down. commemorations are underway in france to mock 5 years since the country's worst terror attacks. prime minister john kass 6 is among those paying tribute to the victims. 130 people were killed in 2015 in coordinated attacks across pallets. cheese ruling party has won enough seats in parliament to form myanmar's next government. more than a 1000000 people, mainly ethnic minorities were unable to vote after the government cancelled polls because of fighting. those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year. it's 101. east philippines, queen of extortion, do stay with us. when
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it's across the world, men are being glued into online chats with their tricked into a full meaning, sexual acts or nothing must. i am then up with you in the old from a village in the philippines. young workers then blackmail their victim, was pulling in millions of dollars for their boss. some of the western union branches in the area around where she lived recorded. the biggest traditions of any branch is in the world for periods. when no one east investigates the, you know, workings of an international on line 6 scan,
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the 2 hours north, east of the philippines, capital manila is a ramshackle villein, which we're here to meet a young man who called mom just they say someone might. i mean, i've got, i mean, the whole block, make us think that everybody coming or going and i'm not maybe going on behind it. our side, the 5 out of our side have made in combining time to come back up once. now i'm not mean and i mean you might not gotta but i mean, i'm better once in a while and i would come in bad. i know a lot about i got my a b. and i got in the money in that about busting. i mean, begum been up and i'm friend, not somebody me is money not to go on. they none mopp works for a criminal syndicate that created a new time of cyber scan. know in as 6 dilution. he alleges one
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woman ease at the center of the online crime in pile pounds. and they need to go and say, no, we're not going to know just by watching them buy me that i'm going to let me out to make them on what i do not from the big game, but they're going to bend one big line. the national among my fellow flushing, you not go out with it within a month i thought we'd done them as the number of victims grew. so did questions about the scale. i had no idea what that what this crime was or how would you
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possibly word until i started looking into it. journalist simon perry began investigating the syndicated in 2060. the 1st thing we knew about this extortion was a case in scotland involving your 17 year old yard tools. donald perry is apparently receive messages through trades for had some money extorted from him, received sums of a bar 3000 pounds from him. before he ran out of money, but he died and carried on, threatening him or threaten to release these video recordings of the other of him. and they started saying what in the show yourself told him even. and the last miss she sent to, dan said, i will go and he will money and tell you don't take his our life
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police investigators traced the chat to a criminal gang in the philippines. usually you'll find these crimes my originals in nigeria or some african countries and then get copied overseas. because this is the 1st that anyone ever heard of these crimes being perpetrated in about 20132040 . they suddenly started springing up. this crime didn't exist until maria compressed inventor of the syndicate has reportedly stored $1900000.00 from val's and the victims, huge sums of untraceable money, all of which will be sent to western union occurrence. some of the western union branches in the area around where she lived recorded the biggest teachings of any western union branches in the world for
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a period in the 20142015. there was so much money coming. your start to paris wasn't always so willfully. she lived in the slums of manila before moving to north hills. really. she then started working in a suit where women strip and talk to strangers on the internet. let's face it, it's a pretty good region, grading line of work to find yourself. and i imagine the house where her cynicism about the victims comes in issues, seeing men who are behaving in a very extraordinary manner and be working with other people who are being similarly exploiters. of some strange. we don't know where clearly a long ball went on when she realized how she could turn this to her advantage. it's an evil scone, but it's a very clever scare at the same time and place on the front of it was so ready to
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strike up conversations with strangers and i got up a dog. but i did not. why not? obeying? jason says he was you. these 1st year of high school, when he was recruited into the organization that i wanted out when i don't know he's in a and i got it out with michael will after finding an existing account of a pretty young girl from career or china. jason, within cloners to create he's on a lot of days of may, but i don't bet on me. so i don't know what was, what inside me thought i thought maybe you need that you need to let go of it. but you know, you'll probably be bad. i mean, mean, you know, mean, although me always then it's time to full potential victim use to search
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them out. but now that i know the engineer is being skinned engineer, do you think up all are all of them and i mean, i didn't, but i've always been on them. you know what i mean by mean by them that you mean, but i'm all i'm betting on them with i don't know you you me my baby's name you get on me. you get up and i think we'll see beings that you got in the us where you got on i really shouldn't ship the works. extortion works is that somebody will send you a friend request to introspect somebody before. but if i got it, and i know i go up on that, it should be my god, don't ya know a small oh you want it but a little with no, i know. but it just really got me about someone i know all going on. so there was
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some being but i know nothing about them. so i know you mean no one got all that on the one on me, friends going on about it in the bottom. i don't want to show you not going to show those 6 scam amok says he would sign. thank you. it's no man enough within the last 17 years i was 171819 with somebody not much in the thought of me, just 3 churches with the ministers next rewards she sure the gifts are there already for some so for monks is 30 scholars work. 6 ounce. she is out of the secluded home in the mountains, outside the filipino, the leader of north heels. really could paris have another house that was
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well known that she owned a large property in the center of the village. and so for her, mostly young with her work for her, and there was always crowns of the governor. and of course, those of a demographic that would be working for her or being prime to work for her as soon as they were allowed. monks is the main source of income for the local villages. used to be baking and selling t. tell by 9 and of the garden in the order that about like about us, you know,
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not enough enough to eat for so you know about and this scam is saying no one wants to report to paris to police. got better stuff, airpower all you got to show you don't want to tell you about them about how you don't want your mom or they're not about, oh, i don't miss those people are terrified to talk about what's going on. not only terrified of the problem invested as well because everybody has their son or daughter or brother or sister somehow involved in one side of the scam or the other . with money you can, you can literally buy people. and that's technically what she was doing.
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the scandalous prey on men from all over the world. this victim spoke to us only condition of anonymity. and i got a random facebook works. one might look like an attractive female 1st old resistant. so i didn't know this person at all at the time, hadn't been nothing of it. like i said, so we started chatting the 2nd best we got on to the webcam. this person is already being an old thing. i did not anticipate this isn't the kind of conversation prior to that. it's a big one and they started reading their holdings, their new consumer. things were always an uncertain ask. you need to renew my coping. i
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was resisted for a long time for me about 15 minutes. i didn't really know who's person i didn't want to do and i'm not really into that. i neither. you know what i mean, but eventually i knew i didn't and i showing my private area this person, she needs to stop the video stream and each one in once and i kind of realized something wasn't right, but i'm not on board. that's my thing. and i thought ok in the not possible all night on my own thoughts, i stop and get not mock sister duction is the key to extortion or to scam is take videos from porn sites and play them for their victims pretending to be the woman
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in the video, then they lured the men they're chatting to, to performing similar. you're not going to, i thought because in the whole, by the whole, god, thing i'm going to see are some obama think you know about 8 of us. so when someone at the end, jason says, the scammers control the videos to make it look as we listed as possible the about that i've been getting. if you are not me, john, all, maybe your highness, maybe the got it. you'll win, you know, i mean it's the meaning, it's it, but i bought all baby cha got done on the final step of the scam as gather what they need to extort their victims up there, you know, and all that i did not mean, but when the nominee my information, the one number, the name up by them on, on the inside of my going up. i mean,
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i mean no one of the boy or mom in sandown got up there. you know, on the name of the, in the information the, how up not me and the get there with the beach or under the door or some be in the bin. i'm as i mean i am but, but it got by now by the much awaited thang by the watch. the ones, the show will be the nominee of the same. did you know they just show the house have been, and i mean, how about me going and going and going with donny, but maybe get out of them at the beach and beach will when they were far away. and i mean for the had not come a guy in the bin. some k.b. again, was on the beat, big question, and that mailed to months range from 500 dollars to 15 $1000.00. but it did not mount up. and i know,
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and i am going to buy you so it's not on the mug. and not on the job. i saw somebody you know, you know it was a meeting what you saw me in a buffet and i don't know when i went there. i don't, i'm going on, but about that will be me at the top of the game. i know what you want to believe that i'm not a mug. i know being one, senator. i know you, but i'm going to get banned by one of the boston books. so we said yes, you know what? i mean, you've just won more than enough time out of it by you know, being sun block me that old me about single in a good time when i didn't, i was going to going to be the monks and say, you know, i know, i know i know,
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i know you'll think me your number, not the typical one, mr. by a stranger. i know be you know me some of the way battles are actually you, but i know the scammers were with ruthless efficiency. focus when i thought, you know, i think i'm going to bite and then when the going to bust up they don't know what i mean, joe. and i think what i want to empathy, go up on what i what i can go off on you. it all by the means that may have been one of last minute was shot by that and i shot
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and i decide the mclean, numb bad guy or nothing named barry? i thought, i mean by example, do i know gord beggs? chad must have been the one bad to hang up or did not bad at all be the ball and chain and i am a journalist simon perry says, online 6 weeks till she was in the only illegal business to paris was running and she had another team of people helping her produce fake id cards with which she or her, you're trying to figure into it the money from western union branches by the name bear little being by the way your words is there to collect these transfers. you just need an id card, but merchants are only transfer from overseas. these new type of cause i'm threw up a challenge for the philippine police captain to moseying, cause he's
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a former member of the unit dedicated to cyber crime. 80 percent of our records are stories and cases uses social media, and there's a huge difference investigating a crime like a scene. well robbery. case of homicide. ok. so martyr. there is a this is a huge procedure of how you can proceed. cybercrime, the people than the law, they do not understand the we can adjust, how can the someone see stand and that they're mean we step on behind those who speak them, icing them another we in the social media and straight course, they're outside. they're not here. weeks, months, several months for us to wire, the information that we saw. now we have, we need, we need a lot of information to be able to identify a list of people behind the cybercrime. so for the
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last decade or so, we've been focusing on making the world more open and connected and want to join with us. and we're always going to do this. but i used to think that if we just gave people a voice and help, some people can act that that would make the world a lot better all by itself. and in a lot of ways, it has police teams across the world joining forces to investigate and combat 6. extortion. on one of these collaboration has led the philippines police to launch operation, strike back operation strike about the syndicate syndicate and brought in 6 arson cases. so for me, oh oh,
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oh oh, but for now though,
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let's get back to the police arrested maria come highs and some of the workers they seized weeks 6 toys and other instruments. this guy has allegedly used i was told that she was still active on social media in prison and central message of hope rather than expectation, saying we are trying to end your side of the story. we're not really coming. see you are interesting design is
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a prize she'd read to see in the little sister she was innocent insisting that there are another one in the village, but mostly it's the real concern. and she was just being scapegoated she almost convinced me. i mean, she told me that she can set up, she was crying or to what do you think about the men who fought for this? she said extreme. i just figured i told her i told her the 2 of them don't do it again because we've learned your lesson or so she, she can switch quite quickly and it's clear, quite persuasive and oil income for the person from the associate who probably destroyed her us who we had to paris was a risk. you don't charge is a robbery. i mixed all shit. but the case was dismissed because no probable cause
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was found. and the philippines national police filed a motion for reconsideration, but it was denied, and the paris was released for whatever reasons. and we can expect what those reasons might be no case ever coming to course. it appears to simply dissolve account as for in this gammas alleged comparison has a close relationship with the local police. so i don't know what i'm at, i'm bad. i got an advantage and i'm not and i'm going to base nothing. but in london, when i would, if you got up with either of us, then maybe we had made. so be less lawyer, michael, would maybe not only be forgotten by my law. my dilemma when that up on me about
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made me judge of what i don't know better what i don't but i don't need mary account for us. was quite brazen about the way she operated. she posted pictures of her 13 year old son lying done, covered in fires and notes and require the pictures. she was very open about the money they were making. art on the street, she personally sees any reason to stop so we should continue getting away with it and all the signs are she's given her, i'm going to order the she's the queen of sextortion and the north feels religious . her fish him, her can diminish your art. some
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have been john. some have simply disappeared. fathers have been found dead. one i want to investigate the plight of thailand's decide on which of the are
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in the 2nd box of identity and exile. nephew, council travels to the middle east to retrace his own stamps, housed in a refugee rise baha of the world's palestinian population and see the conflict through the eyes of those who live it. it breaks my heart to see this man who's been like a father to yearn for a place that he may never see. i don't mean that israel and me go followed about a mile down to 0 correspondent. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the all new ground realities of fact in the
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news coverage. what's the lay of the land challenging assumptions and the official night listening post on al-jazeera 0. hello there, i'm just on the attack and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes. thousands flee fighting in ethiopia's northern region where hundreds of civilians were reportedly massacre. every single one of south africa's most powerful politicians isn't course accused of corruption involving multi-million dollar, government contracts, donald trump and bad.


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