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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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al-jazeera we're entering. the. al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from our world headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes hong kong pro-democracy activist and media mogul jimmy lie is denied bail as he faces charges of fraud. thousands of indian farmers camp on the outskirts of new delhi in protest that proposed new laws on farm r.d.s. . we could be close to form 50000 americans have died from these farms.
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a warning from one of the top health officials in the u.s. after reporting the highest daily death toll since the coronavirus pandemic began also this hour and crisis in syria the cold of winter is putting millions of people at risk. to their schools to n.b.a. players get back to training as the houston rockets trade on store point god russell westbrook to the washington wizards. thank you very much for joining us we begin this news hour in hong kong where the pro-democracy movement has suffered a huge setback another prominent activist is facing time in prison media tycoon and pro-democracy advocate jamie law is the latest to be taken into police custody he'll be held until a court case in april next year jimmy law is accused of. fraud and this comes just
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a day after 3 other leaders were sentenced joshua wong agnes cha and ivan lamb will serve 1310 and 7 months in jail respectively the hong kong government says all those activists broke the law protesters say that trumped up charges to silence critics of mainland china live to al-jazeera t.v. upon and in hong kong for a so did jimmy lie deny bail and he'll be held until his next court date in april what have been the reactions 1st. that's right we're standing right in front of the next it's all media complex and that is where that office in question is jimmy lie under this latest charge against him has been accused of defrauding a government enterprise for using an office space within that complex for different reasons than what was given to the government according to their lease so by violating a certain lease agreement while it may not seem like it is
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a huge charge it could still garner and 14 years in jail if he is found guilty there are several concurrent cases cases against the media mogul he is facing charges of taking part in protests from last year and also a national security charge which once again could bring a hefty sentence against him he as you said will be in jail theoretically until april when the hearing is to you but his lawyers say that they are trying to heal that his lawyers also say that they are looking into the many other charges against him and there is concern the prosecution is going to try and level many more cases against him while he is serving that time in the run up to when he will be facing courts this media complex also facing houses apple daily that's the biggest pro-democracy newspaper of hong kong july is. a huge pro-democracy figure here as
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you said it's a huge setback and he is also known as a media tycoon with the worth of over a $1000000000.00 so it is a huge setback for the democracy movement yeah there's been a wide a crackdown on dissent in hong kong where does this all leave the pro-democracy movement or sites. the pro-democracy movement seems to have gotten this year particularly after beijing imposed that national security law in july we've seen thousands to 10000 pro people involved in protests last year arrested many of them dragged through the courts we've also seen many cases against very pertinent pro-democracy figures many of them moderate but high profile figures nonetheless we've seen the pro-democracy legislator legislature just walk out of the government after beijing interfered in several of the government processes so.
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needless to say that the pro-democracy movement is on the back foot here and there are also concerns that this is just part of the process and this is just the beginning and there was this will continue asked hong kong comes in 220212020 just sets the stage for a not their battle for the pro-democracy movement diego palen with the latest there from hong kong thank you. to india now where farmers are meeting government ministers for a 2nd round of talks as protests intensify against proposed laws on farm produce the vama say they'll carry on with their demonstrations after negotiations on tuesday ended without an agreement they're worried the new legislation will put an end to minimum crop prices and lead to corporate exploitation live to elizabeth for animals at the single border crossing and this is where so late is any progress on
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those talks. funny to those talks between farmers union leaders and the government a still ongoing we've heard that they've just had a break for lunch and so too are the protests we are at syncrude border crossing between the states of heidi and delhi behind me is a national highway which is completely blocked by thousands of farmers hundreds of their vehicles as far as the eye can see that's the same situation and at least one other border crossing to crete we were at to create on thursday morning 3 border crossings into the indian capital a completely closed off to traffic as these protests continue and pharma said that they want to create this disruption until the government repeals those 3 recent polls all rights guarantees of minimum prices for their produce into north we've had a farm union leaders that the government leaders are saying that they're going into these talks with an open heart in the interest of the nation with the aim of
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finding a solution but given promises not in the more his recent comments that these laws are in the interest of farmers it's really difficult to see right now how the 2 sides can find a middle ground and pressure is building on the government because farmers are protesting elsewhere in india. they are they're protesting elsewhere and they're coming from states other than those which border delhi the initial protests were by farmers. and states which borders delhi now we're seeing farmers from other states including muddy predation by just found coming here and elsewhere in the country we have farmers protesting wherever they are in the state of farmers have a protesting outside the state assembly in the capital. farmers in the state of maharashtra have called for a day of protest there is a nationwide protest planned on saturday and while farmers have had a lot of support from the public from certain musicians from the state of punjab
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with many of these farmers a from we've heard today that the 150 athletes including a limpet gold medalists from punjab are going to the presidential building on saturday to return their national awards and solidarity with farmers so a lot of support for farmers and that is something that the government is very aware of. and it's also very aware of what's happening not just on the borders which is a big problem the borders with the capital but elsewhere in the country and that is why we've seen the government make what are concessions 1st of all allowing farmers to come into delhi after trying to stop them for 2 days with tear gas and water cannon and now holding these protests holding these talks despite the fact that farmers want to clear the highways. india correspondent reporting there live from the single border crossing near the capital new delhi thank you liz. as spread to more head on this al jazeera news hour including countries are racing to over
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$1000.00 vaccines we ask our they decide which to take and what data to trust it's exam time for south korean school students will tell you how they're managing to pull it off during the time of call that 19 and messi is find after paying tribute to diego maradona peter will explain why in sports. u.s. person donald trump has given a 46 minute speech on social media repeating his unfounded allegations of election fraud facebook and twitter pace warnings on the video this comes a day after tom's claims were contradicted by the attorney general allen fisher reports. it was remarkable this may be the most important speech i've ever made more for how it was delivered than the sentiment donald trump does not accept the result of the 2020 us presidential election but
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for the man regarded as the most powerful politician in the world no network coverage no packed rally instead a 46 minute video on facebook it was a rehash of conspiracy theories and evidence already rejected in court but it boils down to this donald trump believes there was a campaign to steal the election this colossal expansion of mail in voting open the floodgates to massive fraud almost all of his claims have been thrown out of court the judges have rejected his motions include those appointed by donald trump and the president's comments coming just 24 hours after his attorney general confirmed the department of justice has seen new evidence of widespread voter fraud from the podium of the white house briefing room a few hours earlier nor ringing a vote of confidence in william barr. they say it is very very high still.
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high and the president he has any personnel announcement still be the 1st now in the electoral college will meet on december the 14th the trump campaign will push ahead with legal action until then donald trump says he will accept any accurate election result the states have already set to fight the results joe biden won and as the president elect alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. well the us reported more than 2700 covert 1000 deaths on wednesday that says highs daily death toll since the pandemic began and for the 1st time daily hospital admissions across the country topped 100000 in one day 200000 new cases were reported another record and now the head of the centers for disease control warns by february and other 200000 people could die from the virus so we're in that range potentially now of starting to see if seen 100 to 2000 to 2500 deaths a day. from this farm so yeah the mortality concerns are real.
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and i do think unfortunately before we see february we could be close to form 50000 americans have died from this virus or let's speak to brendan o'connor about this is in melbourne and is an associate professor of american politics at the university of sydney very good to have you again on al jazeera i mean it's very concerning isn't it the us health system is no doubt a very complex one why has it not been able to cope with this crisis when you know it's getting worse there but elsewhere in some parts of europe for instance is improving slightly what's not working in the united states in your view. well is not cool ordinated approach from the top down and the president of the united states has played down this virus at various times and i prove or even in the 2nd debate against joe biden claiming america 10 the corner but the virus was behind
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the united states so there's been no federal leadership this been a lot of different approaches at various state levels people of traveled across america throughout the virus it travel not real probable order control and also an attitude to the virus which i think is quite different to a lot of places a kind of live free or die attitude large motorcycle rallies have gone across america during the summer which spread the virus really a perfect storm of the disastrous kind of leadership right institutional problems federalists problems and it shouldn't problems see some of the highest death tolls in the world the states of new jersey new york still have the highest rates of death of basically anywhere in the world and you've got parts of america like north and south dakota with 10 percent of the population is that the coronavirus right and joe biden that is going to be inheriting all this is going to be inheriting of the worst crisis in the u.s.
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since the great depression how is he going to approach this national imagine see you think that the u.s. finds itself in is it clear to you how he can handle this. well until i want to take it seriously so one of the problems with donald trump is that he's very interested in publishing a speech making attention grabbing tweets and speeches like today on facebook but he's not particularly interested in the hard sometimes boring work of government particularly when things don't get better quickly that was one of the signs of the early pandemic say having a president who takes this problem seriously who addresses the american people with on a state who gives people reasons to wear face masks to be cautious to care of their behavior for the betterment of this fellow citizens all of those things will be at least improvements but he doesn't have a magic want this so much quoted in the united states he said 200000 cases to die of at 160001 average 2 and a half 1000 people dying on
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a number of days recently but as things don't go away quickly right hopefully of our vaccine is on the way but there are as you said before there are deep divisions about you know how they think this virus should be handled not this not just from the population but also from the politicians and depending on the outcome of the 2 senate runoff elections it's possible that biden will have to navigate every public can control the senate it's going to be difficult for him isn't it to implement the ambitious response plan he has. yes particularly on an economic front i mean you heart that by parties who get behind a vaccine the coordination of a vaccine will be really hard to get out because it is a patchwork health system controlled at the state and city level so the administration of that i think is going to show floors american bureaucracy just as producing ventilators did at the beginning of this crisis but you've got
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a heart of the pipe pieties make the case for people taking the vaccine there are a lot of people in the united states who are very skeptical of vaccines are in fact totally opposed to taking vaccines so that they one of the early greatest subject biden's capacity to bring the 2 parties the republicans and the democrats together and present a united front on this crucial issue of taking back sings and dealing with this terrible public health crisis brendan o'connor thank you very much for talking to us brendan o'connor is associate professor at the university of sydney thank you for your time my pleasure i know you k. the biotech covered 1000 vaccine is to be administered to high school swear then days it's the 1st country to approve the vaccine that's made it through all the pinnacle trials whole run and reports from london. the approval of a vaccine almost exactly a year since coded 901st emerged in china is
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a triumph for science the final trial data for the pfizer buy on tech vaccine was only submitted to the u.k. regulator the m h r a a week ago but as a result of a process of rolling approval examining data even as the trials were taking place the regulator has been able to move swiftly and confidently to declare it effective and safe the safety of the vaccine has been scrutinized independently by our commission on human medicines and no stone has been left unturned so absolute confidence in the safety effectiveness and quality of the pfizer violent tech vaccine. brussels airport has been demonstrating its refrigerated cargo facilities in expectation of a major role in distributing the belgian made vaccine britain has bought 40000000 doses of the pfizer buy on tech job in the 1st 800000 doses will be shipped to the u.k. within days we're packing vials of vaccine as we speak and live the shipping in the
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next 2448 hours the 1st batches to the u.k. 10000000 doses will be delivered by the end of the year and the remainder will arrive during 2021 will no longer resting on the mere hope that we can return to normal next year. in the spring but rather the sure and certain knowledge that we will succeed and together reclaim our lives and all the things about our lives that we look there are still challenges this specific vaccine needs to be kept within minus 70 celsius and minus 80 celsius meaning that hospitals will almost certainly have to be the main hopes for distribution but it can be kept for up to 5 days of normal fridge temperature between 2 degrees and 8 degrees celsius individuals need to japs 21 days apart for full protection and in the u.k. a committee called the j c v i says elderly care home residents and their carers will be 1st in line in order to protect the most vulnerable we have prioritized the
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most vulnerable individuals 1st the other element is protection of the n.h.s. the health and social care system because by protecting the n.h.s. we osu protect lives the challenge now is to manufacture and distribute the quantities required to meet what will inevitably be extraordinary demand britain has a head start but the united states has ordered 100000000 doses of the pfizer biotech jab and the european union 200000000 there are several other vaccines undergoing final stage trials and vaccine candidates by madonna and oxford astra zeneca have been submitted to regulators with the u.k.'s approval pfizer bio on tac are leading the field the options for tackling this global pandemic are likely to get even wider within a matter of weeks paul brennan al-jazeera london meanwhile officials in the us have racing to follow the u.k. and approve the pfizer vaccine as early as next week approval for the modern of
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vaccine could follow soon after the us health secretary says he hopes 40 percent of adults could be inoculated within 3 months. we can make our 1st shipments of vaccine to state this month and we are on track to be able to ship enough vaccine for $20000000.00 americans before the end of the year of course we're all eager to have enough supply vaccinate every american who wants it because of operation works feed we expect to be at that point in the spring vaccines will only bring this pandemic to an end if enough americans choose to take these vaccines and the world health organization is also reviewing the pfizer by untag vaccine for emergency listening however it could take developing nations months to get access we need to develop more vaccines we should the stuff we need more than these 3 or 4 you know we need to increase production we need to pull the price down we need we'd love a $1.00 vaccine because the all of the vaccine so far 2 doses so the innovation is
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not finished we need the research to continue we need everyone to support our research. russia's president has ordered health officials to begin mask over 1000 vaccinations next week put into his country will have produced 2000000 doses of its sputnik 5 vaccine within the next few days is said to be 9592 percent effective but data hasn't been released showing it has gone through the same clinical trials as other vaccines russia has reported more than 2300000 call it 1000 infections let's take a look at some of the other leading vaccine candidates astra zeneca in oxford university say their vaccine is on average 70 percent effective but can rise to 90 percent depending on dosage it can be stored in normal fridge temperatures for up to 6 months more durness vaccine can sit in a fridge for 30 days or irregular freezer for 6 months it's more than 94 percent effective pfizer's vaccine is 95 percent effective but requires specialist freezing
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china says it's a sign novak shot has shown success in trials and could stay stable for up to 3 years in storage or let's speak to dr peter drawback about this is an infectious disease medic and global health expert joining us live from oxford thank you for being with us once more knowledge is here so how do all these vaccines compare whose data do you trust more. well thank you for having me you know as we heard earlier we need all of these vaccines or as many as possible i think what's important is that because we've moved so quickly that we make sure that we have immense rigor in the process of clinical trials and then an independence scrutiny of those results by regulators and other independent scientists to make sure that we feel good about the safety and i think you see results so therefore what we're seeing now in the process is with the the material vaccine the pfizer vaccine and
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the oxford vaccine ongoing is more heartening because we know what we're getting and and i have a little bit less come for with the vaccines in china and russia simply because they went ahead and gave emergency approval without doing those phase 3 trials and we haven't seen that level of independent scrutiny over although this is good news we have 150 other vaccines in the pipeline frankly we're going to need a lot of them the 1st ones may not be the best ones right and some people have been dismissive dr russia's patnaik vaccine but but the russians do have a good track track record don't they when in times of health care do you think there's somewhat of a mainstream bias against this russian vaccine. you know i don't know there's a there's a level of political jockeying and nationalism in the way that some leaders i think are engaging on this you know my view as a scientist is that i don't care where the vaccines come from we just know that we eat them and i want to see them equitably distributed and of course there is there
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are great scientific minds and in russia and i hope the results are as good as what we've been hearing and what would give me more competence would be simply if there was able to begin dependent scrutiny of some of those clinical trial results as they come in and you talked about tat the distribution of the vaccines and does every country does every region have its own approval process demene they have their own regulatory body that approves these axioms on do they mean i on the approval of european or american regulators i'm thinking here of african countries for instance who do they mean ion yeah for the most part every country will have its own regulatory agency but but largely some countries may to an extent follow the lead of the work done by regulators in america and europe and then also the world health organization which also has an approvals process for medicines and other health commodities that is a stamp of approval that has a lot of currency with other countries as well so we're seeing now is that this is happening up friends at the european medicines agency the f.d.a.
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and others and i think it'll it'll flow from there dr peter drawback always good to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me. in other world news bangladesh has begun transferring hundreds of rohingya refugees to the island of china which the u.n. warns is prone to psych loans and floods at least 10 buses carrying around $400.00 people left the council cox's bizarre on thursday nearly 1000000 rohingya have been living in squalid camps in southeast bangladesh after fleeing violence in myanmar they are refusing to return without guarantees for their safety and rights let's bring in our correspondent tanveer chadri who is joining us from cox's bazaar so tanveer tell us 1st why the bangladeshi government wants to transfer the refugees to this island. one of the primary reason the government side said security reason and congestion in the camp recently the foreign minister
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say that the permanent presence of a refugee in this region could potentially destabilize the region i don't know exactly what that implies now the critics will say that why 100000 out of a nearly a 1000000 refugees what difference would it make a considerable amount of resource been utilized to set up this kind from running water through the waste water system to roads and a lot of other infrastructure why suddenly take 100000 people to an isolated island which is 50 kilometer coast of bangladesh which is prone to cycle on title wave the government will say we spend 218000000 and we build embarkment and there's clusters of villages cyclon shelters and hospitals although there are school missing which is one of the primary. reasons the rowing a refugee is that really concerned about because there's no formal education either in the camp or in that island now what we know so far between 11 am at least 800
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buses have been deployed to take nearly $2500.00 people to choctaw ground which is the 2nd largest city in bangladesh from there from the naval base they will be taken to the isolated island which could potentially take between 12 hours or even more depending on the sea condition talking to a lot of their own many of them said they're really not interested despite having all the infrastructure facilities the government said they'll be farming they'll be domesticated animals that could get out of the life start farming they could go fishing and all the stuff they said they feel comfortable here because they can visit camp to camp their extended families here close to their homeland you can see that several kilometers away behind me is me on money there's a sense of belonging here even the regional people here speak their dialogue they can communicate more or less in the same language so that sense of belonging. if i can logic go back there they don't want to be isolated far away in a coastal island which they don't know nothing about but the government is
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determined they're going to take place by grave probably will take months to relocate give 100000 people in that island tanveer chandra reporting live from bangladesh as conses thank you tandoor time now for a check on the wild weather here is that it's vox how much of your feeling something of a wintry blast at the moment lots of cold air in place right across the continent some nasty weather too into central areas across italy and across into the balkans quite an intense area of low pressure here has seen a fair bit of snow over the past 24 to 48 hours and a fair bit more as we go on through the next couple of days as well actually this is crisis central chrysler where a way into has well and truly set in as you can see and there is more snow in the forecast in this because through the next day old say heaviest snow will come back into the alps as we go on through saturday a bit of a breast bite there for the balkans at this stage more heavy showers that's that
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western side of the mediterranean look at the temperatures struggling to get the 6 and 7 degrees across western parts cold air will continue to dive its way across the british isles sliding down into france northern parts of spain and portugal as we go through the next day or 2 and that cold air also affecting parts of africa with one or 2 shower was lapping into the shores of the mediterranean will pass america will seeing some wet weather central areas we'll see somewhat dry weather and you'll see a few showers down towards the gulf of guinea with the usual showers all the way to the ethiopian highlands. evident thank you very much for that still ahead on this news hour feigning fighting in ethiopia tens of thousands of people are living in refugee camps we'll have the latest from the border and so don and a report from athens on the measures some museums are taking to stay afloat during the pandemic and argentina doing a u. turn after socking meraki captain peter i'll be explaining inspectors to stay with us we're back after the break.
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land. december on al-jazeera it's 10 years since of revolution in tunisia ignited the arab spring al-jazeera looks back at the uprising and asks what really changed across the middle east the stream is where al jazeera is global audience becomes a global community a year after the 1st coronavirus case in china we'll examine the devastation caused by the virus and the efforts made to eliminate covert 90 people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories climate leaders will gather online to press ahead with a new stage of the paris climate agreement and examine the possible global solutions december on al-jazeera. frank assessments colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one
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doctor and one nurse for $2200.00 people and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines. inside story on al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to book a reminder of our top stories on kong media tycoon and pro-democracy advocate jimmy lie has been refused bail the outspoken government critic has been charged with defrauding government owned businesses. farmers in india are meeting ministers for a 2nd round of talks us protests intensify against new laws on projects the farmers are worried the change will end minimum crop prices and lead to corporate
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exploitation and more than 2700 people in the us have died from covert 19 in the past day its highest daily death toll since the pandemic began hospital admissions to reach a record 100001 wednesday. in other news u.s. media are reporting that saudi arabia is close to reopening its a space and land borders to qatar the gulf nation has been under a land c.n.a. blockade by saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt since 2017 present time senior adviser gyde cush now was in doha on wednesday and is reported to have also visit the saudi arabia number again the new york times suggests a tentative deal is being brokered by kuwait but does not include bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt now a deal between qatar and saudi arabia would signal the end of a dispute that has pitted the gulf neighbors against each other for more than 3 years in june 2017 sodje arabia the u.a.e.
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behind in egypt cut all diplomatic and economic ties with qatar they accuse it of creating instability and supporting terrorism which qatar's government strongly denies they close its only land border and impose an air and sea embargo kuwait initially stepped in to mediate but they had been little or no compromise the latest effort by the trump administration is seen as a last ditch attempt to resolve the issue before he leaves office in january 2021 let's speak to our senior political analyst. about this joining us live from here in doha so mara on speculation about the end of the blockade has been on the horizon for some time now is they're finally going to be a breakthrough you think in the final weeks of the trumpet ministration well it seems like it regardless whether it is. probably going to be. lead up to the gulf. which usually december so my
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fear. my understanding or. my belief is that there probably water being up towards that summit so that if there is a real consideration at least to pick up and saudi arabia that could be announced in kuwait sometime in december and that would be of course a good thing because kuwait for the last 3 years has put a lot of work a lot of effort into it the late amir and the new i mean are going to general have played an important role in mediating this crisis and it was from the beginning the country that they you know took a sober view if you will on what's going on and understood the danger to gulf and got security so i think it probably happened and probably sometime by the summer interests and there's been no news of the u.a.e. egypt tell bahrain's involvement in these latest developments what do you make of that and the saudis easily get the others on board or is there no chance for the.
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well let's just put it 1st this where. i think for qatar the important player is saudi arabia and the important neighbor and the and that country that which they care to have an immediate. solution with or you know open relations with would probably be so due to the other one some of the import i'm not sure what that cares very much whether or when then decides to come aboard it just is kind of a bit flawed and it has all sorts of conditions or a cad and then you ease playing its own game you know preferred in good relations with israel that said it had relations with its own neighbor qatar so i think that the important or the. the corner store if you will is hopefully you know opening relations between the us are going to be and that might lead or should lead to bilateral really bilateral negotiations then between got an issue in every one of
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those countries but i think actually in fact those countries will be paying more attention of course when saudi arabia gets on board right so this. was an initially supported by president himself mom won an f. and it interesting that he would want to see it resolved before he leaves office and not leave it as a not a mess and not a crisis for the incoming a biden administration to have to deal with what do you make of that. yeah you know i am not putting a lot of weight on this whole you know trump and the top administration i think i misspoke earlier it's the coaches have already put a lot of work and the soldiers in the companies as world of course and i think they sort of breached some sort of an understanding and now i think they're trying to iron the last few details and i think what trumps son in law is trying to do is basically take pressure on it and you know i think the credit for it if
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you will absolutely because i think a lot of things have been going on for the last several weeks and months years and i think you know for someone like george bush that there isn't really much to do in washington know what there is aside from going forward for a new house or a new job or whatever and but of course and having said that and you know an aside it is important for the trumpet misses it took reclaim one last year not be separate specially the one that did not invest much in and one that if in fact was a player and an accomplice in it back in june 2017 and i think that's also important for them if they're looking for a political future of the lockdown because they're probably building on some sort of good now good relations as individuals with saudi arabia and others in the region thank you very much for that the united nations says if needs agent aid for 3000000 syrians living in refugee camps went to can be high
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so they desperately require essentials and shout that to keep warm and as they now hold every force as a possibility many more people could soon become hotness. winter in northern syria can be bitter and harsh it has still not fully set in but already heavy rains have flooded overcrowded camps home to nearly one and a half 1000000 people displaced by war the united nations calls it one of the biggest displacement crises in the world. we have. time. but peace remains elusive so for now the priority is survival families have been
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moving into new camps but the u.n. says it received only 54 percent of the money it requires to provide safe for living conditions to all those in need 2020 with this the largest mass displacement in the 9 year conflict nearly a 1000000 left their homes because of a months long russian backed syrian government offensive in the opposition controlled province of idlib so you see. you know we now live in a big prison used to have. you don't know how you will find food to. a life in exile is what many fear particularly those living close to the front lines a truce reached in march were made for a child by. were freed the regime will launch an offensive to capture to syria then will have to leave and never be able to return. just a show or city is on the m 4 international highway which the government wants to be able to connect the coast to the commercial capital aleppo in the offensive earlier
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this year the regime recaptured the m 5 after intensely bombing and emptying villages along the route. the show. we saw what happened to the others who were forced from their homes no they live in the running no means to make a living at least half of it lives population have been displaced from other parts of syria people trapped in a small pocket of territory where a humanitarian situation threatens to get worse it's a reality that doesn't appear to be temporary so what they're. ethiopian state television has released footage from within the northern t. gray region it appears to be from the military and shows life seemingly return to normal because of a media blackout we're unable to verify these pictures the united nations says the conflicts in a region has a space around a 1000000 people tens of thousands have fled across the border to sudan.
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french prime minister visiting belong in cali spot of preparations for breaks it billions of dollars of goods including pharmaceuticals train canned food flow between the european union and the u.k. every year from the region firms on both sides of the channel will be subject to foreign customs controls once again industry leaders are concerned that a no deal breaks it could lead to serious delays and congestion at the ports and channel tunnel. a former french president valley and. a supporter of european integration has died after contracting covered 19 she's got to stand became president in 1974 he was known for having a more liberal attitude on social issues like divorce and abortion but his relationship with the emperor of a castle of central african republic was criticised after he was accused of receiving diamonds as gifts just got his son was 94 years old. now the
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coronavirus pandemic has forced greece to keep this museum cold museums or other closed depriving them of much needed revenue so one of the country's most important resorted to emergency measures in order to avoid bankruptcy john strapless has a story from athens. the nike museum is the 2nd most visited in greece after the acropolis museum it has a collection spanning 2000 years of greek islamic and asian civilization but it's in financial trouble 70 percent of its income is from ticket sales restaurants and shops and it's 9 venues the pandemic has forced greece to close museums drawing up that revenue so the been a key asked the living artists it displays to contribute works for an online auction it gathered $240.00 priced anywhere between 40 euros and $70000.00 and the auction it says is going well partly thanks to the museum's clean record as acquisition contrary to all the major european museums this is not
1:43 pm
a colonial museum which it was built on the love for art and history it was not built as the outcome of an imperial power a colonial power that has gathered all those treasures from around the world the bin ikea's doing as much online business as it can shipping gifts ahead of christmas but the shortfall it has to cover is considerable the bernanke museum needs 8 and a half $1000000.00 a year to keep its stores open every month that it's closed it loses half a $1000000.00 to lockdowns this year have so far kept it shut for 5 months depriving it of almost a 3rd of its annual income and that doesn't include company sponsorships for exhibitions like this one which was due to open on the day the latest lockdown began but the binoculars board is determined to succeed because this is the only museum that traces greek identity through all its phases from antiquity through by
1:44 pm
sent him to the modern state became a depository of trust for the greek society and also the greeks of the diaspora that every single time they had something important to donate and preserve for the net. and raced on they would rather give it to the night music the benighted then provide the benighted society. vision and company and over the years we had this relationship of trust the been archy is now calling on that global community of supporters to help it survive during this challenging time jump. in south korea nearly half a 1000000 school students are sitting their national college entrance exams during a recent spike in corona virus cases but as rob mcbride reports from seoul the annual event a little different this year it's the most important day in the academic calendar and it's being held under tough coded 19 restrictions as south korea fights through
1:45 pm
a 3rd wave of the pandemic. it's in stark contrast to what is traditionally a celebration that brings everyone together in a society obsessed with academic achievement. younger pupils and family members normally throughout the schools as the students arrive for the exam. police provide escorts for those running late and even flight departure times are adjusted so planes don't disturb exam takers. this year all students are carefully checked while distancing measures are being strictly observed for examinees and invigilators alike. special evening classes known as cram schools which are normally busy preparing students ahead of the exam have mostly suspended operations as part of the government's efforts to ensure safety. i think i urge all
1:46 pm
people including examinees to follow the prevention rules in your daily lives what hasn't changed is just how important this day is in the lives of students and their families this exam will determine which college they get into and so influence their career paths afterwards it doesn't get much bigger temples across south korea families have been praying for exam success but also probably for their children to stay safe special arrangements have been made for infected students to take the exam in hospital and south korea's president has being seeing for himself special centers set up for students who are self isolating more. than i had various concerns but today looking at the preparations i am somewhat relieved to be however the cove in 1902 ation is now worse than when we 1st planned for this day already
1:47 pm
under incredible exam pressure students this year have the added concerns of the pandemic to stress over rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. one of the biggest tech acquisitions of all time is highlighting the growing demand for remote working tools the u.s. business software giant sales force announce a $28000000000.00 deal to buy team work platforms slack its new owners say they want to keep up with industry leader microsoft teams in video conferencing at zoom the global pandemic has accelerated demand for the software as more people work from home tech companies investing in the past forms are betting on the possibility this year's shift in working culture could for many become permanent. zagg mine is a tech and investment analysts he says tech companies are now rushing to create complete work ecosystems online. slack is really a collaboration and a chat app it's what millennial and gen these are using instead of email but
1:48 pm
what we're seeing in this is this is what microsoft teams have kind of created oracle a lot of ways and what sales force is really trying to build is the platform and in of remote work so the idea of creating a full ecosystem with a chat with c.r.m. with your h.r. with your finance and basically everything on one digital cloud ecosystem so that they can run their entire company remotely centrally in a lot of areas these letters when they were neglected even though everyone knew they were kind of going to become more of the new normal over time but now everyone sees it right so you know whether it's me or you are or anyone else who is working from home we're actually seeing how important these tools are and businesses themselves are saying how important these tools are. the advertisements
1:49 pm
a few years ago for some of these these you know workplace software and then you know we see ok well you know this determine you know how your business picks the now we're actually seeing that that used to really 'd do impact whether or not a business can succeed so what with that realization i think we've seen that just some valuations of these companies just go through the roof and at that because of that what we're seeing is investment is going into it and these companies are and the big companies in the room are still are really trying to prioritize that at this point. american airlines has taken its boeing 737 max jet back to the skies in a test ahead of its 1st commercial flight later this month the u.s. aviation regulator gave the go ahead for the return of spece selling model the 737 mounts was grounded for more than 20 months after 2 crashes in indonesia and ethiopia linked to a faulty antti style system 346 people were killed. conservation is so
1:50 pm
advised the u.n. are blaming climate change for the critical condition of australia's great barrier reef the corals are said to be in decline because of ocean warming and that's impacting marine species the reef is a un listed natural world heritage site. china's lunar probe has finished collecting soil samples and is preparing to return to earth the 1st such mission in more than 40 is the long march 5 lander is mapping the area and using ground penetrating radar to search for minerals and wash. still ahead on al-jazeera as n.b.a. teams return to training the league reveals that 9 percent of canadians have tested positive for 19 they don't have the details in sports.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
i'm next door says peter thank you very much n.b.a. teams have only been back at training for 2 days but some are all ready making big changes to their lineup the houston rockets have traded russell westbrook to the washington wizards the all star point to god moves after just one season with the rockets who were eliminated in the playoffs westbrook will join up with former oklahoma city thunder coach scott brooks at the wizards meanwhile the rockets a get john bull from washington in exchange as well as a future 1st round draft pick one man is staying put is lebron james who has reportedly agreed a 2 year 85000000 dollars contract extension with the los angeles lakers james who
1:53 pm
turns $36.00 later this month is the league's reigning most valuable player he led the lakers pasta heat in 6 games in this year's finals. but corona virus remains a problem for the n.b.a. nearly 9 percent of players have tested positive ahead of their return to training camp the league says of 546 tests on players 48 were positive 6 players would have to isolate for 10 days after their symptoms pass meaning some could miss the start of the pre-season on december 11th. athletes training for the paralympics will get grants worth an unprecedented $2200000.00 to help support them the international paralympic committee announced the package to compensate losses suffered by more than $200.00 federations and national olympic committees from the coronavirus the target 2020 games was postponed until next year because of the pandemic it's the biggest source of income for paralympic federations the grants
1:54 pm
will be awarded from next month. a forensic investigation is underway in argentina into the death of diego maradona they're examining samples taken from the football legend of these death from a heart attack files from marathoners personal doctor were seized in a police raid earlier this week prosecutors are looking into whether medical care requirements were met of he was released from hospital following brain surgery current argentina captain the m m a c is being fined $720.00 up to paying tribute to mary donna by taking off his should say as he was playing for barcelona against us assume on sunday the striker removed these passages he to reveal the red and black colors of newell's old boys missy's hometown club and one of the last teams marathoner played for before retiring. meanwhile barcelona did quite well without messi on wednesday in the champions league against john kerry in club virals and one griezmann martin breath wait and then bell all found the back of the net in
1:55 pm
a 3 nil when botha remain 3 points clear of you venters in group g. both clubs have already qualified for the knockout stages we started really good in the game and we had a good the rhythm of in our opposition we were really concentrated and we were scoring out of 4 or 5 good chances and that killed the came after 45 minutes it's a lot closer in group h. where there is now a 3 way tie at the top of the standings that's after the world's most expensive player name or scored twice in paris and germans $31.00 win at manchester united p.s.g. trail man united only on goal difference with one game to play. to assume we came to old trafford needing to win to win here is one of the biggest challenges there is my team showed they would not accept a loss this was the most important thing meanwhile german club barbee leipzig will likely need to be playing united when they host the next week if they are to reach
1:56 pm
the last 16 on wednesday at leipzig defeated tickets istanbul here for 3 to stay in with a chance of reaching the next round. meanwhile stephanie frappe hour has become the 1st woman to referee a men's champions league match the french ref was in charge of events in spaces dinamo kiev for power has previously refereed at the 201529000 women's world cups including the final in paris last year christiane rinaldo actually scored a $750.00 a career goal in that match ventus read out 3 nil winners elsewhere on the night chelsea hammered $74.00 nil olivier giroud scored all 4 for chelsea. 4 teams are through to the europa league round of 32 and plenty more can join them on thursday also or one of the few who have already booked their place they take on rapid vienna who are already out but thursday's match will bring excitement for 2000 lucky arsenal fans the emirates stadium will welcome spectators for the 1st
1:57 pm
time since march the 7th after coronavirus restrictions were relaxed across england . argentina's rugby skipper has been reinstated just a day after being stripped of the captaincy for offensive social media posts on wednesday public until his team mates were dropped off the tweets deemed racist and xenophobe it from nearly a decade ago resurfaced however taylor and his team mates will now only sort out the saturdays trying to test against australia. the knowledge. they really. are. we'll leave it there for now i'll be here again later with more sports news but thank you very much peter for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us adrian finnegan his review next with more of the baseness
1:58 pm
assault. jumped into the story and julian on global community bio diversity is bio security is that essential for our species to survive be part of the debate i know you have i.d.'s and you can be part of this conversation when no topic is off the table the police are not neutral and all of these cases goal here is to terrorize and here's the other part of this there's no consequence this stream on out is there.
1:59 pm
it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. so may al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people. and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with opposition if you're not upsetting people you're not saying anything f one
2:00 pm
meets and. there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire studio be unscripted it's on al-jazeera. hong kong pro-democracy activist and media mogul jimmy lie is denied bail as he faces charges of for. a lot of a very unforgiving this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of indian farmers camp on the outskirts of new delhi in protest of proposed new laws on farm produce. we could be close to form 50000 americans have died from these farms a warning from one of the top health officials in the u.s. after a pause.


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