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witnesses yeah all the world. will be with you. this is al jazeera. and again i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the images from will have china tried to censor an al-jazeera investigation raises questions about beijing's response in the 1st days of the corona virus outbreak. the world is on the brink of a catastrophe moral failure the head of the world health organization calls on rich countries to ensure fair access to back scenes for the developing world. the
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potential threat of an insider attack prompts the f.b.i. it's about thousands of national guards deployed to washington for the presidential inauguration. and despite his plea for release prosecutors in russia call from months long detention for the opposition leader alexei in about. an unsupported tennis australia says players will not receive any special treatment comes as more australian open participants are forced into strict quarantine some aren't very happy about. al-jazeera has obtained video recorded in the chinese city of who hand in the 1st days of the coronavirus pandemic now the images have been smuggled out of china after the police tried to prevent journalists reporting on a local health crisis that became the global pandemic they raise questions about
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beijing's early efforts to control the virus phil reese has this exclusive report. a year ago journalists from chinese state media. i even grew hand to cover a story about a mysterious new virus is 3 days before the city goes into lockdown. the few confirmed cases of the disease i have to see food market one says and others are just a little on the ball of course if we have concealed the generally psych entities for their own safety they soon realize the outbreak is much more serious than a fort hood shooter or shooters are all over a reporter who we've called yang continues to film secretly after being detained by the police. called her. all up was a model called out of the 40200 or so to pull out of all the muck when one of their own learned things harder than you are. yang is forced to show images on his camera
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to public security officers while doing so he continues to film on his phone. or knew very well china's response to the virus was late to praise the lack of openness at the beginning of the outbreak has been blamed for contributing to a failure to contain the disease 10 out of. yang is blocked from entering hospitals to see if you have a living human being indeed incomplete or even when it's really needed in order to enter yang pretends to have a fever and. a heart. he finds packed wards with patients waiting to get tested. this was just one week after the disease had been given a name 19 and on here are you a woman brought to simply 8 year old grandfather to the gates of the hospital he'd already been turned away from one that had no more beds i think
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a family on the guards wouldn't let him in for a very good job you got. to go to the government. offices stop yang filming even at the hospital gates i'm always aware of the going on the lockdown is announced at 2 am on january 23rd yang is told to return to beijing before it comes into force the next morning the roads to the airport and railway station are packed with taxis young joins 300000 people who left will hand that night the decision to provide an 8 hour window before the city is sealed off allows many infected patients to free rooms and for the outside world. still race al-jazeera. and you can watch the full al-jazeera investigation 3 days that stopped the world on monday 20 hours g.m.t. . the head of the world health organization has warned of a quote catastrophic moral failure in the way vaccines are being distributed around
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the world it's the w.h.o. latest condemnation of wealthy countries being accused of hoarding doses leaving developing countries with none the world is on the brink of a catastrophe moral failure and the prize of this failure will be paid with lives and livelihoods in the world's poorest countries or some southeast asian countries one closer scrutiny of chinese produced could it 19 banks scenes before they approve it others are pushing forward with their rollout despite the banks seen being less effective than others scott heide reports now from bangkok. looking to reassure people in indonesia the government live stream present djoko would dodo getting the country's 1st chinese scene of a covert 1000 vaccine last week the 1st nation outside of china to grant emergency use some neighboring countries in southeast asia will do the same over the coming weeks and months thailand malaysia singapore and the philippines have all placed
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orders this despite a wide range of data on its efficacy from the early trials of the vaccine from 91 percent in turkey to 50.4 percent in brazil just barely above the world health organization is cut off at 50 percent some southeast asian countries are reviewing orders and have not yet approved the jab this has led to some questions about the vaccine stemming from the lack of transparency and data from the chinese firm and reluctance to give information to regulators in the u.s. europe and the w.h.o. the chinese regulators do not want to give up the control so if they would submit their own. to one of the f.d.a. in the united states the mind europe or the w.h.o. prequalification process they would give up a certain amount of control he went on to say that even with the lower numbers the vaccine will still help stem infection rates and the scene of back inoculation might be better suited to some nations in southeast asia that don't have the
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infrastructure to keep more advanced vaccines supercooled ciena vacas based on an older vaccine technique using killed virus particles to build people's immunity while the pfizer biotech and modern of vaccines are more effective they use a newer method utilizing part of the current viruses genetic code to train them in system to attack thailand is looking to start vaccinating high priority people with the scene of act jabot next month in light of the efficacy numbers thai officials have requested more information but are moving forward with their vaccine rollout some here feel as though the lack of transparency around the vaccine is not limited to trial data. strategy itself is banking on the side of back. and a bit. transparent bit of conflict of interest where you have a major type conglomerate. group taking a stake in a company that produces side of back and you know this this raises a lot of questions for thai society and thai public health like some of its
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neighbors thailand is ordering vaccines from other companies as well the oxford astra zeneca vaccine should arrive by may it will then be produced here for local and regional export later in the year scott hardly al-jazeera bangkok let's get more on this we're going to talk to ali fast he's banks and ologist and vice president of vaccine research and development of blue willow biologics he joins us from ann arbor michigan in the united states welcome to the news hour what's the issue what's causing the issue here with the efficacy of the chinese vaccine. yeah thank you for the invite to the these vaccines as you know it's that fall as a virus a whole virus that is killed and activated and of course this is the 10 additional way of making vaccines there is a lack of numbers a lack of information flow of information it's all know is the what we are getting
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from d.c. trials relation on statement rather than on details outcomes for safety and also for a fake se so as you can see we are seeing different performances in different countries and this is really some. strange i think that we need to see more information. and it's not like out a suspicion but at least to know what is going on in these trials because those numbers between 50 and 90 percent it makes us wonder you know exactly how the studies we are on what is the r. and the population and to us that's the dan and also what is the ficus the across the board do you know with the different. ages some of those are the kind of information that with western standups really. did not meet those those standups ok for we are really looking for that just to be clear if the success rate is 50.4
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percent in countries in latin america that is point 04 of a percent too close to the w h o's reaction which would be not wishing to put words into your month what's the point if the fail rate then tips into being a fail rate instead of being a success rate why bother why not just give somebody another vaccine. i think we have to look at this objectively when he say 50 percent that if you look at the for influenza vaccine the infection the efficacy of the influenza vaccine which everyone is thinking about a bit too in thier t.n. 50 percent never to exceed that for the last 20 years so basically g 8 believed it to protect at 50 percent add to that the fact that there was no almost no severe or m r r r a mild infection in the speech also meaning that you are not preventing the event
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the infection totally but you are really in our protecting against disease and against mortality and act against other diseases so therefore preventing severe disease is also an advantage and therefore we cannot just discard the you know the baby if you will it's are we need to look at this as an extreme and specially we are talking here about. virus are almost any taller are inactivated. vaccine that will give good immunity so therefore i don't really discount that i think it's it's an advantage and we should take an object especially and out of this circumstance and it demick ok. when i've got you there can i get your opinion on a european aspect of the vaccination program some several european countries are going down the same road now they started about 6 or 8 weeks ago the starting point was
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we will vaccinate the population of this country once and then we'll follow it up with another vaccination 3 weeks later various governments are now saying actually it might be several months later does that mean in the intervening several months instead of 3 or 4 weeks people are less protected than they would have been had they had to vaccinations separated by $21.00 days. that's a really good question and i think that looking at the data from the one immunization we seen that there is about benefit to see of about 85 percent around 80 percent with one immunization and that's probably will continue to be around for months and therefore spacing the immunity 2nd injection or 2nd immunization by dual months or 3 months it could even have some advantage so by protocol we have to give it a very safe city weeks in time of all but if you look at the
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practically and email logically it could be an advantage even to delay this and do still one month or 2 months or 3 months so i don't still believe that there will be any issue with it gust of it because the order increasing your risk for the population holds decline and then 2 months or 3 months they sort of gets a 2nd immunization i think this is really a practical and realistic approach to the endemic and the need which is a huge huge out there and that's what would be a very smarts are roche that's a really interesting point to draw conversation to a close on the facts on there and i'll bet michigan thank you so much thank you. brazil has approved 2 covered 19 vaccines mass distribution of the chinese made sin of the one from oxford astra zeneca will start soon but in my mouse people are worried about surviving until the doses reach the remote areas of latin america's
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largest country monika reports now from the gateway to the amazon rainforest. but. after months of political infighting the 1st brazilian was vaccinated today and some followed. but the round of applause in brazil's richest city was a far cry from the reality of man hours more than 3000 kilometers in the capital of the amazon a state a new strain of the corona virus is still spreading infections like wildfire. many here barely make it to a hospital and those who do have few guarantees they'll get out alive nearly 38 has just lost the 3rd person in her family only their lone wolf i cannot understand how the government let me now switch this point they're killing us the strong our family my brother in law died because there was a shortage of oxygen we bought
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a cylinder but it was too late. not far from the hospital others are racing against time. these men have spent the morning rushing from one oxygen supply or 20 other to fill up their metal cylinders the federal government brazilian states and even neighboring venezuela have sent supplies to my mouse but it hasn't been enough. has been standing in line for his son cole who suffocating in the hospital in one week he had to cardiac arrests. it's ironic everybody says the amazon rain forest as the world's green lungs and yet people here are dying from lack of oxygen it was like a war zone. in the port of man hours time seems to have stopped instead of oxygen cylinders bananas are unloaded from the boat to be sold on the market. but the
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river which could be a lifeline is also an obstacle to fighting the pandemic when all else is the gateway to the amazon forest it's surrounded by water which makes the logistics of bringing anything here like abscission cylinders or vaccines very difficult you can reach the capital of the amazon a state by plane or by boat but there's some of the edges here behind me which are hours and hours away by boat and that's the only means that you can reach them and not every boat like this one is strong enough to carry supplies. here the vaccines which will be distributed throughout brazil are still a promise for the future in the meantime people are just trying to survive. meineke and not give up just sirrah my mouse. australia's chief medical officer has warned that border restrictions are likely to continue for the rest of the year as mostly closed to international travelers because of the pandemic there are limits on the
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number of arrivals and everyone who comes in is subject to mandatory quarantine outward travel requires special permission. plenty more ahead here on the news for you including the internet is back up and running in uganda to the government switched everything off last week on the eve of the presidential election. and uncovering more secrets from the gyptian of the car. and you don't see the slow come out manned space very often for a explain why a little later in the sport in about 30 minutes. fears of an insider attack a problem to the f.b.i. it's of it all $25000.00 national guards being deployed to washington d.c. the scale of the undertaking reflects extraordinary security concerns gripping the united states capitol ahead of joe biden's inauguration and that some of the very
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people assigned to protect the city could present a threat. one of the things i think we're learning and lessons learned is that. we need to take those threats seriously and we're prepared. to do we need to do in order to support the citizens of our nation and our citizen soldiers you know we all come from different backgrounds different walks of life and we have different ideas of what we've done is uniform we have one mission at hand and that is to to do what is necessary to protect america well as adding to tensions that have already put the capitol and the country at large on edge john hendren is in washington. the u.s. capitol is surrounded by sirens steel and soldiers in a military occupation never before seen in the american capital 25000 national guard troops secure the national mall that's twice the number here after the 1988 assassination of martin luther king jr and then there are the thousands of u.s.
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capitol police city police f.b.i. border patrol and others. the mob assault on the capitol on january 6th shown here in a video released sunday by the new yorker magazine has left a city and a nation grappling with the aftermath of an insurrection fearing another possible assault on democracy and traumatized. i'm getting towards wednesday i think it's going to be better because i think they're taking it like overly cautious joe biden's january 20th inauguration comes with crowds reduced by the pandemic on ground trampled by a riot a siege under the shadow of his predecessor 2nd impeachment. pennsylvania avenue is usually one of the busiest thoroughfares in washington d.c. now it is the center of a green zone a security area that stretches 3 kilometers from capitol hill behind me to the potomac river this is now a city in lockdown. everyone entering the largest secure
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a zone in presidential inauguration history is screen. for weapons inside fences upon fences steel on steel just as it seemed the center of the city was entirely barricaded workers bring in still more fortifications every manhole cover is sealed against threats from below now this city's most iconic street is a park for runners roller bladers and pedestrians enduring a historic up evil my heart hurts. i don't know what to do. so i usually go for my daily walk and i couldn't go for it so. i think there doubt that i could walk this way. across the u.s. the f.b.i. warns of possible armed protests outside all 50 state capitalism following the armed invasion in april of the michigan state house. as federal agents scour the country for those who invaded the houses of congress arresting this nashville
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tennessee man on sunday the u.s. prepares for what most americans hope will be a peaceful handover of government power even as it braces for another assault john hendren al jazeera washington social media platform paula is back online but it's still unavailable via google or the apple app store pala went down last week off to amazon suspended it from its web hosting services the platform did prove popular with trump supporters who complained that more mainstream ups like twitter or facebook sense of political speech too aggressively. in washington alan cumming just talked for a 2nd about this idea that the f.b.i. is vetting 25000 national guard troops are they doing this based on intelligence or is this just a belt and braces exercise. mother would be a huge number of national guard in washington d.c. anyway for the inauguration of certainly a lot more resources here because of the threats that they saw on social media
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there was due to be huge protests in washington and state capitals on sunday largely they did not materialize and they're aware of chatter on the internet that suggest there could well be protests and perhaps even violence on weapons that what they believe is that such a short of strength in the media coverage of it the fact there is no such a huge lot don't well discourage those who possibly wanted to arrive in washington d.c. and create trouble but they're not taking any chances which is why the secret service that always has the lead in events like this have brought in those $25.00 those national guard soldiers and they are in place and there is the possibility that more will come so they're making sure that everything everything that can possibly be done to make sure that the inauguration goes smoothly will go smoothly there aided by the pandemic there's no really not nearly as many people in washington d.c. as there would be for no good normally people arrive for the balls and for the parties
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and to celebrate that simply hasn't happened this time because so many places are closed down because of the lockdown allan briefly as well we're hearing this news that only red blooded card carrying fully fledged americans will be allowed inside that ring of steel that will stop people getting to work i mean reporters correspondents cameramen etc who have passes to be in those locations they won't be able to get there. well i certainly haven't heard reports of that there are normal security precautions i don't think i mean i've been through a couple of security checkpoints this morning and at no point did someone asked me for my identification simply to look through my bag and move me on. having said that i was heading towards the white house i did have a white house pass so therefore i can't judge the experience of others who don't have that pass what we do know is that the national guard is conducting background
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checks on every single member of the 25000 that are on duty in washington d.c. just to make sure that there is no internal threat and so that has been going on over a number of days 1st of all when they leave their base and then a secondary check is being carried out when they're actually in washington d.c. itself though the national guard says this is part of normal policy but clearly they are disturbed by reports that a number of police officers were helping those that were involved in the protests and capitol hill and there is a concern because a number of severing military were also there and arrested so they just want to make sure that whatever goes ahead with joe biden's inauguration it will go ahead smoothly and just to point out we're no in the last 54 hours of donald trump's presidency himself in the white house we're expecting him to spend the next couple of days there quietly there's talk of the possibility of anything up to 100 pardons
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or maybe even more so we're definitely keeping an eye on that and also donald trump according to reports in the us this morning asking donors to help contribute towards a $2000000000.00 presidential library which he intends to set up in florida which of course after wednesday will become his home state of course alan many thanks al official in washington. there is a phrase from world capitals after the russian opposition leader alexina valmy was arrested moments after landing back in moscow germany where he spent 5 months recovering from that poisoning describes his detention as in comprehensible adding that novell nation be released immediately the european council president describes the detention as unacceptable and the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says it's the latest attempt to silence voices critical of moscow of only has now been moved to a police building outside moscow he says he's being subjected to a spontaneous trial inside an improvised courtroom his team says they're worried
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about him and they have been granted access to him in a video posted online avani lashed out at the russian judicial system and my own city but they're saying this is an open court decision on the police chief's motion for my wrist why is court in the police station why didn't they inform anyone why was i not served i've seen nonsense in the justice system before but this apparently that old men in the bunker is so afraid of everything that they defiantly ripped up and threw away the criminal proceedings code what is happening here is just impossible this is ultimately lawlessness i cannot call it something else however russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says no values detention is lawful solution is lowering on the case of novelli has gained foreign political resonance artificially and baselessly everything is happening to the valley in connection with his returning and detention falls within the competence of the law enforcement forces live to moscow and al-jazeera as alexandra go to the hearing is
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continuing alexandra so what are the possible outcomes for mr noel me. well yes indeed the it's been 4 hours since this hearing started and we are expecting any moment now the decision of the judge this hearing that is happening today in the police station of all places is to determine whether he will wait for another more important hearing as a free man or he will be jailed the police or the prosecutor day i asked for him to be jailed for 30 days his lawyers apparently to here for him to be released saying that this is a lawful now this 30 days if granted can be extended and at any moment and potentially he can be kept in jail until the hearing and that is the hearing based on which he was based on which warrants he was arrested at the border and the which
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is basically a request of the prison authorities of russia to exchange his suspended sentence to jail time now i have to say that the patient period actually expired on the a 30th of january no one would be surprised if the judge in meantime decides that he will stay in jail alexandra thank you very much alexandra godfrey in moscow. the again didn't government restored internet access across the country it had been cut off since the eve of the presidential election last week the official result shows president yoweri must 70 easily won a 6th term but the opposition candidate bobby wine promised to provide evidence of voter fraud when the internet was reconnected the wine has gone on twitter saying this heavily armed military and police of once again raided our party offices in kampala no one allowed to go in or come out and 70 after committing the most vile
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election fraud in history has resorted to the most despicable forms of intimidation catherine sawyer joins us now from camp so catherine are we any closer to getting this alleged evidence that bobby wine says he has talking about an election that was not pretty and. well that's what everybody's waiting for he had said that he is going to present his evidence once the internet is back up and we've been speaking to officials of his far to the national unity platform who say that they are in the final stages of compiling the evidence now they have up to 15 days to file a petition with the supreme court they say they will do it even if they don't trust that the judges will give them a fair hearing and are early on we did hear from their police spokesman fred and who say that bobby wine is not under house arrest he said what the security forces have provided ease security cover around his house to prevent any plans of
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violence demonstrations and dry it he also said that they controlled access to his home but lawyers are saying they cannot access his home journalists who've tried to go there to talk to him have also been blocked from accessing and then there's also that issue on he's party headquarters now what we know is that the security forces . have cordoned off he's party offices officials of his party have also said that several of their agents who were helping in complex in compiling that evidence have been arrested but the police spokesman say that in total so far they have arrested 200 people in connection to election relight election related crimes catherine thank you catherine sawyer there in kampala. so if you were the.
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however there was say some rather nasty weather pushing across the eastern side of the mediterranean recently through turkey pushing across syria into the eastern side of the mediterranean then this is the north east of syria where we have seen flooding in this particular camp in the northeast of the country and i'm afraid there is further right to come over the next couple days hopefully not quite as intense as it has been but it trails all the way back across lebanon jordan down into israel the palestinian territories 9 celsius in damascus 12 celsius their interest in him as he pushes for the race was cooler coming interesting 40 back to around 9 degrees as we go on into wednesday says certainly on the cold side and that cold air that wet weather will continue across northern parts of syria or the way across to the caspian south of that it is generally fine and dry temperatures here in doha getting up to around 22 celsius front to try to across parts of eastern africa but we have got the usual showers just around the rift valley sliding the way through tanzania and this northern parts of mozambique we some
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showers too just making their way into was wet weather though in the form of tropical santangelo ways making its way across northeastern parts of madagascar on shoes day northern areas set to some flooding this week still ahead here on al-jazeera do or die votes in parliament italy's prime minister and his fragile coalition cling to power plants from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st we'll look at the foreign policy legacy president trump leaves behind for joe biden. and in sports a new chapter in the career for this world champion footballer all the details later here on the news on. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is. i need one doctor and one nurse for 2200 people informed
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opinion as to how big this foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day to global headlines how will a place like good luck get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the answers here and use are your top stories so far today on to serious investigative unit has obtained exclusive videos filmed by journalists working for chinese state media during the earliest days of the coronavirus outbreak it shows the authorities trying to deal with the confusion and who has an infection started to spread. u.s. defense officials say they fear a possible inside attack at the inauguration of president elect joe biden last prompted the f.b.i. to vet all 25000 national guard troops deployed to the capital washington remains locked down with unprecedented levels of security. and the russian opposition leader alexina has been moved to a police building outside moscow he was arrested after arriving back to russia when
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he left from germany yesterday and around the says he's being subjected to a quote spontaneous trial inside an improvised courtroom. the constitutional court of the central african republic has confirmed that the president fast and has been reelected now the opposition wanted a rerun of the december vote they say pre-election violence scared away the voters fighting is still going on rebels opposed to to a reelection unsuccessfully tried to invade the capital last week welcome joins us live now from the capital so malcolm what's your reading of this judgement from the constitutional court. to the constitutional court judge said that the opposition that did enough evidence to the governing to their various complaints which were major irregularities down there. violence across the country resulting in significantly really low turnout and so their
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requests to rerun the election was not how it means that the result will be upheld the big tree that was announced for president faust in there although it's not surprising that the opposition were unable to gather evidence much of the country because not to be very unstable these armed groups control about 2 thirds of the territory and right now just a few kilometers outside the capital city right now we're outside the headquarters of the ruling party president but there is a party where there's a bit of a celebration going on but the end of the electoral process or their parents next steps in the beating their opponents that certainly isn't the end of the story because those armed groups just outside the city say that they reject the government they've given an ultimatum for the government to leave that actually last night but they made clear they're in trying to talk to the city they did last week they want to take over the government welcome thanks very much the
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life the news in benghazi. the world will be watching to see how quickly joe biden's that ministration will unpick donald trump's foreign policy agenda after 4 years of america 1st washington's closest partners are eager to see the u.s. pivot back towards international engagement but the new president will face an uphill battle to restore trust with key allies diplomatic editor james bays in washington. from the moment he took office it was clear view administration of donald trump would be very different from this day forward a new vision will govern our land from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st it didn't take long for the united states as our allies to realize that meant they were now dealing with the most disruptive president since world war 2 straining the system of international order built over
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75 years trump moved quickly to dismantle the achievements of the obama administration at odds with all his closest allies he pulled out of the paris climate deal believe me this is not what we need and then the iran nuclear agreement this was a horrible one sided deal later in the midst of the pandemic he withdrew the us from the world health organization today terminating our relationship with the world health organization and not only did he pull the us out of the un human rights council the hypocritical and self-serving organization rarely ever stood up for human rights and at times he seemed more comfortable with the u.s. is traditional adversaries than its closest allies we now know from some of his advisors he came close to pulling out of the us is most important military alliance nato summit meetings like this one in brussels were or could have vents with everyone else treading on eggshells to avoid the ire of the impulsive often ill
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informed u.s. leader. most u.s. allies around the world are now breathing a sigh of relief despite the drama after november's election president elect joe biden's foreign policy is easy to summarize reverse direction resign international agreements and work collaboratively with allies america is back ready to lead the world not retreat from it once again sit at the head of the table ready to confront our adversaries and not reject our allies ready to stand up for our values the relationship the presidents before trump built with their allies was based on trust it's a commodity that takes a long time to grow but is easy to lose and that's the problem for the biden administration the u.s. is closest allies will be looking over their shoulder wondering whether in 4 years time trump will be back and if it's not him it could be another president with
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trump like america 1st policy is james bowie's al-jazeera washington the italian prime minister just epic can't say has urged parliament not to upset the government's plans to fight the global pandemic qantas comments come as he faces 2 days of parliamentary those that could decide whether his coalition will stay in power he needs the approval of the lower and the upper chambers to continue if that fails his administration could be forced out of office and a technical government put in its place you go back should have a period i'm asking today to help us to help us restart with the greatest of speed help us repair the wound that this crisis is a vote and reconfirm our pact of trust with our citizens citizens you are right this trust should be reciprocal also between institutions and the citizens are serious correspondents joins us live from rome so mr conti has addressed the lower house what now. well they're debating at the moment to
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a debating are all questions making their points he spoke for about an hour you heard part of what he said there basically defending the allegations of what they were and to put against him defending what the government has done over what's been a very difficult year listing a long list of you know economy health social that they don financial. basically along with saying that we do know what we're doing he did say that i'm standing here with my head high not with the arrogance of someone who doesn't think they've done mistakes all this also saying that nothing is perfect it was a very challenging year but i think he were 1st to something i think a lot of the tie ins at this point in time are thinking to say you know i should be here explaining to you economic recovery plan the european union is going to put more than 200000000000 euros into italy which has been one of the main contesting points in the reasons why might they would n.z. says he pulled his ministers he said basically standing trying to explain the
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crisis the loss as to why i'm doing that at this point in time so we are expecting that vote of confidence let's say later on this afternoon early evening but then of course that's expected to pass but the bigger question is tomorrow in the senate peter there he doesn't still seem to have the numbers it's still a big question mark as to whether he will get that vote or not it's really was the leading edge of the 19 pandemic who suffered so much the attorney in economy has suffered so much i mean the timing of all this difficult to imagine a scenario where the timing could actually be worse. absolutely unheard of people are saying that they're saying now is not the time to play power politics and to make grand gestures of trying to get your positioning now is the time to be united and to fix what is a very broken country italy has got huge public debt we've been talking to the business owners restaurants they're still forced to be closed now because of the lockdown rules and most of it let's say people have suffered huge losses and
4:43 pm
continue to do so it's a country that's hugely dependent on tourism there are no tourists and that's been going on for too long so people now yes the vaccine campaign is under way around a 1000000 people have been vaccinated 1st of those are the health care workers and 2nd on the on the list are the elderly and she has one of the highest oldest populations in the world and also why you've had such a high death toll so there is a lot to deal with practically right now peter rather than you know the back and forth of politics and political positioning so let's wait and see how are these next 2 days unfold but if he doesn't get that vote more than there will be a political crisis or perhaps a cabinet shuffle perhaps a new prime minister perhaps snap election which is of course what nobody here wants right now stephanie thanks very much stephanie deck of. the head of the south korean tech giant samsung has been jailed for 2 and a half years jay wiley was found guilty of bribery and embezzlement in connection with the corruption scandal that brought down the former president park geun. from
4:44 pm
so. j. wiley arrived at court not knowing if he would be able to walk free again as head of south korea's biggest conglomerate business groups had appealed for leniency and samsung itself has argued that li is essential to its day to day running a claim disputed by critics of the so-called chaebol system a family run businesses that still dominates the economy here every day operation is done by the professional managers saw even in the cio use only. control korean general has full information provided by the although he's instead and even in the g.a.o. and the he or she can make it a proper piece in the making in 2017 lee was found guilty of bribing disgraced former president park geun hye and her longtime associate choice and so to allow
4:45 pm
the smooth transition of power at samsung from his father he was released after one year of a 5 year prison sentence the prosecution appealed and last year leap promised changes in his company's business practices in a bid to stay out of prison lies in what is new that we fail to live up to public expectations because disappointment because we did not strictly uphold the law at ethical standards where you. were the power of south korea's chaebol system under scrutiny some song agreed to set up a compliance committee last year at the request of the court to look into its business practices to ensure a case like this wouldn't happen again it was widely seen as a bid to please the court ahead of this ruling but it wasn't enough and the court ordered lead back into custody ruling he'd concealed his multi-million dollar bribe and also committed perjury in his explanation about it to the national assembly of
4:46 pm
mcbride al jazeera song. egypt has announced another archaeological discovery on earth in coffins and burial artifacts more than 3000 years old they've been found 10 meters underground in the remains of the ancient city of memphis the unesco world heritage site south of the capital cairo experts say the discovery is one of the most significant in recent years the most important thing that we found were followed at them bill a parent of a queen inside the temple a name and you name of a queen and it was neat she was the wife of the king in one shaft $54.00 coffins inside the shafts unique artifacts we found about 5 meters long we found to measure statutes we found games that they played with. many unique artifacts such as an ax to a soldier. still to come here on the news out of the sports news could this be the
4:47 pm
end of one of the n.f.l. his longest and most famous rivalries spiral will be here with that story when we come back.
4:48 pm
kyrgyzstan has some of the world's biggest deposits of gold this precious metal accounts were on 50 percent of its exports it however provides little benefit to the people of the country particularly those who live in rural areas on employment to some turning to in the eagle mining especially during the harsh winter months
4:49 pm
al-jazeera reports now from the town of nahariya and. the river narin flows through the coldest region of kyrgyzstan. temperatures here can drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on enough to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the rhythm narain contains gold. they use steel bars to break through the ice the rubber suits they were off a little insulation but at least keep them draw i could but he chewed big medical carefully slips into a hole in the ice. his friends help him clear an area so they can work. they get sand gravel and stone from the river bed buckets. mining for gold is illegal without a license but qubani toback and his friends can't afford one so they give some of
4:50 pm
the gold they find to a man in a village pays the police to stay away but this whole process if god gives us health we will do the rest we find a little cold it would be but it's enough. for. the men into the pockets of sand and rock into a makeshift sieve they watch eagerly for the bright yellow flakes to appear. i mean . there is no other job for me in the village we didn't go to university we don't have qualifications in the summer we work in construction and in the winter we work here. so it's not known how much gold is illegally extracted from the narain river . it provides a vital source of income for families who struggle to survive the winter months in this underdeveloped and beisel ated region. get it out and still get it have we found any yet this man asks. venture villages along the nerine river have been
4:51 pm
panning for gold in the same area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than during the summer months these tiny little yellow flicks you can see might not look much but they were around $50.00 a gram. on average the men find around 2 to 3 grams a day they take breaks every hour or so and warm up around the far before climbing back into the water. a little bit later i think this is about money and food for my family it's about taking care of my children is not as dangerous as people think is it. after an hour's work the gold found so far is carefully emptied into a small ball and the last of the sand washed away. the ball is then placed on the file to boil off the remaining water will rot holds up their findings so far this morning approximately $15.00 was the main will keep on working
4:52 pm
despite the brutal winter conditions because the day is still young chance trafford al-jazeera norrin killer to start time for sport is far greater thank you so much australian authorities say tennis players under strict quarantine will not be given special treatment after the 1st grand slam of the season because of the world number one novak jock of age sent a list of demands to tournaments organizers or players have been forced into strict quarantine on monday officials confirmed that 4 more participants including a player have returned positive coronavirus tests the tight 14 day lockdown has angered some players including jock they too has asked to be moved to a private house people afraid of for it to provide a list of demands but the answer is not. and that was very clearly put there was very clearly laid out before hand so the notion that there's been any chinese than
4:53 pm
i should in the people were briefed i think that argument really has no integrity whatsoever and i just talk more i would for it you've got all the players who i think on social media and in other forums have made it very clear that they were clear on the rules. and he has given themselves a chance of sealing away test series went over australia the jurors dismissed the aussies for 294 in the 2nd innings and he chased down a victory target of 300 and $28.00 on the final day at stumps they were 4 for no loss the series is level at one all the indian players have obviously batted well. obviously in sydney it was on and i mean about 130 or something it was a different week it said that. yeah for us i think it's just being patient not searching too much bowing good areas and and just yes just letting it happen and when have sealed an emphatic 7 wicket victory over sri lanka in the 1st test and goal it's a win that business or chances of qualifying for the 1st ever world has championship
4:54 pm
final in june that's a very good. so about make it big. on the ship so he does very well. and another school students who 'd are over the fall and the number of things that . well you can take it. well well. if we're going to keep having kids it's world cup winning football or mesut ozil says joining turkish giants fan or a is a dream come true the german left the u.k. for turkey after green agreeing to terminate his $475000.00 per week contract at arsenal as well who in december $2900.00 criticised china's persecution of weaker muslims as it played a competitive match since last march and was excluded from arsenal's e.p.l. and europa league squads ozil had joined arsenal in 2013 for then club record fee of $55000000.00 although you question. i'm very excited because i was always of
4:55 pm
been a barge my dream comes true i'm very excited to wear the fenerbahce jersey i hope to be very successful with my team mates. and travel and beaches hellen champions eventis to nail in the syria and are now level on points with exuma land at the top or tour of it al got the 1st goal for enter who are looking to win their 1st league championship since 2010. the 2nd came from an impressive move round off by nicola barela it was so good it even had pressed by time ballon d'or winner christian. renzo in sydney was the main man for napoli as they moved into the top 4 you tally and scored twice and produced this brilliant assist and they 6 no win over. that was skipper of the u.s. team bidding to win this year's america's cup says he thought his boat was going to saying capsized during a race in new zealand emergency services
4:56 pm
a rival teams all joined in to help save the $80000000.00 vessel american magic hope to be back racing by the end of the mom the winner of this challenger series will take on reigning champions to new zealand for the america's cup in march. the boat was reasonably buoyant. that's a hindsight comment at the time it felt like the boat was going to sink so we were doing everything we possibly could to prevent that from happening i was trying to eject out of my spot and you know we ended up with knives out cutting ourselves out and making sure you know the 1st priority is getting a crew out and you know fortunately we're all out i think probably within a minute underneath the main sail you know it's it's unnerving to say the least and n.f.l. superstar quarterback tom brady is on track for his 7th super bowl championship title is side the tampa bay buccaneers beat the new orleans saints and a tense playoff game it was a battle of the league's 2 best quarterbacks but 43 year old brady have the edge
4:57 pm
over 42 year old drew brees now it's widely speculated that this was brees is the last ever game after 2 decades in the n.f.l. brees and brady who have known each other since college said a long goodbye to each other after the game. i appreciate all that. there are obviously so many incredible memories so many incredible. as a result. wearing this. ring you find out so much. i do your smarts your when you are you scared. ok and that is all your support for now peter back to fara thank you so much that was the news when we come back on the other side of this break we'll talk live updates out of washington on moscow washington on the bike inauguration prep's and moscow are they going to do with
4:58 pm
alexy to stay with us here on al-jazeera we'll see you soon. as the perseverance space rover is due to land on mars we asked nurses lead engineer how her journey as an immigrant has influenced to work creativity and resource. credibly important perseverance as well like don't give up aerospace engineer deanna trujillo talks to al-jazeera. perform weeks america in didn't protest every day all over the u.s. even as the country faces the continued threat of a deadly pandemic. and it morphed into a movement calling for police reforms sometimes it was violent. but mostly it was peaceful we asked people to describe what america is now feeling i think people want change. and i think about are willing to do whatever it takes to get there on
4:59 pm
friday billions of people in america are expected to celebrate what's called june 13th an official holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the united states this year in the wake of the nationwide protests there is a growing number of calls to make it an official federal holiday. as people see it as a great opportunity to take to the streets to continue to let their message be her . discover a world of difference. determination i'm talking about we do need we move the. freedom we climb the skids. child soldiers in the 16 people that corruption. compassion. i'll just 0 the world a selection of the best films from across our network of couples.
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eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the images from china tried to censor an al-jazeera investigation raises questions about beijing's response in the 1st days of the coronavirus pandemic. logan i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up the world is on the brink of catastrophe moral failure the head of the world health organization again calls on rich nations to ensure fair access to vaccines for the developing world. the potential.


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