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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2021 1:00am-1:31am +03

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al-jazeera investigations the point ministers'. if you want to help save the world. and euro. heavy security on the streets of moscow as kremlin critic alex a avani is sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison for violating his parole. and aren't tale of us is out jazeera live from london also coming up. protests ring out in yang going against me in mars military coup leader unsound suchi is now back under house arrest. britain battles
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a covert variant that's mutated again but there's more encouraging vaccine news from both the u.k. and russia. and captain sir tom moore the 100 year old war veteran who raised $44000000.00 for britain's health service has died after contracting could be 90. and i would begin in russia where a court has jailed prominent putin critic aleksei novelli for violating parole while he was recovering in germany from being poisoned he's been given a 3 and a half year sentence but his lawyer says he'll serve 2 years and 8 months because of time spent under house arrest his supporters are spent the past few hours protesting on the streets of moscow and wanted to say 700 people senator and 50 people have been arrested so far charlie rangel reports. once again alexina valley
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is paying a high price for his criticism of the kremlin as a court sentenced him to $3.00 and a half years the judge found the valley guilty of breaking probation failing to report to russian police over an embezzlement charge the fact he was in hospital in berlin was not accepted the valley was there recovering from nerve agent poisoning he alleges was carried out by the russian state the kremlin critic drew a heart on the glass in court for his wife and asked supporters to protest over. the aim of this hearing is disco era a great number of people it works this way jail want to scare millions. i hope that this hearing will be interpreted by people as a signal that they have to be more scared it's not a demonstration of power the national guards of russia this cage they are a demonstration of weakness you can't jail hundreds of thousands and millions like this from outside the court a major show of force from police rounding up and detaining live only supporters
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who call not only for his release but for the release of russia from putin's rule why you saw in this pretty deal this is total lawlessness you can think whatever you want about alexina valmy as a politician but the problem is that if such high profile people can be arrested in a live television broadcast without a reason it means that people like you and i are known people they can do whatever they want to us at the margin of the seats are some of these trial is a sham like many other trials in russia this is a politically motivated case he was poisoned in russia that crime is not under investigation he returned to russia and they have jailed him straight away everything these going on has nothing to do with justice. after days of nationwide rallies detention centers are overflowing and despite the threat of new sanctions from the west the kremlin has shrugged off criticism from the u.s. in europe and continues to deny that the valley was. ever poisoned. still not had
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an answer for on what basis the swedish military conclusion that mr move only was poisoned by an agent from the group in the last 10 years in the valley has been jailed more than 10 times many working for his anti corruption network have now been detained and his spokeswoman is under house arrest but his lawyers promise to appeal against his verdict while he asks people in and outside russia to continue putting pressure on putin charly angela urges there there was swift international condemnation of the sentencing us secretary of state antony blinken called for the immediate and unconditional release of an avanti and his supporters u.k. foreign secretary dominic robb also called for there on his release saying today's perverse ruling targeting the victim of a poisoning rather than those responsible shows russia is failing to meet the most basic commitments expected of any responsible member of the international community
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russia's foreign ministry has rejected those calls as divorced from reality telling the west not to meddle in its sovereign affairs i was under a good fire was outside the court where she said police have been cracking down on the valley supporters. well today the security was around the court building behind me but also the surrounding area and they were not letting anyone in called doesn't believe here they were also detaining people that were coming straight out of the metro station so preventing any kind of fraud as they were detaining people for looking suspicious you know signs that they might be protesting for. now the moment the verdict came in the army associates the ones that are in the steel and also it's all not detained they called for his supporters to come to the center of moscow the center of moscow is now completely sealed actually the police started gathering there hours before the
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verdict was announced and they now shut it down completely some people that tried to approach the appointed spot which is a very close to the kremlin it's a square that is a joint meant to the red square they started detaining these people the same situation is in another city of russia the city where from outputting is something there's a bird where there is also a hundreds of police in gauged in preventing any kind of protest happening tonight . president of man miles largest city of display the anger at the military coup that ousted cheese government she's been moved into house arrest while the people of the country try to make sense of life under the new regime and i found reports from young on. a day after a coup in miami soldiers on the street
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a stark reminder of the new military regime. in yangon banks and shops reopened as the city seemed to be quietly returning to normal but the mood among the people here seemed. is they digested what had happened. i knew when i heard the news i couldn't believe it i'm sad i'm sad for the people i feel pain in my heart i think people are going to face trouble i would. rather i can't even eat or sleep we're not strong enough to do something back to them we don't have power they seize the power because they have guns we hear nothing. on monday the military detains to factor leader aung san suu kyi and other prominent political figures since the arrests some regional ministers and lawmakers have been released. in a country where she and her and l.t. party remain extremely popular winning
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a landslide victory in november elections this coup will undoubtedly be unwanted by many but always people i've met many women. even children don't want to return to military rule you know and they hate even the thought of it you know very found of it or didn't want it but what can they do. the n l d party has released a statement tribute it on sansa chief calling for the people to protest against the military's actions. all the voters who gave their back into his in the 2020 general election should follow old son through cheeze instructions to carry out civil disobedience. that call has been widely shared across social media here on the streets of yangon it seems like business as usual but although it's come from now voices of dissent are starting to be passed. the m.l.g. is calling for the immediate release of those who have been arrested a party spokesperson says tucci is in good health. and as the sun goes
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down the sons of resistance can be heard in the city. people striking pans and drums from their balconies and sound in their car hands all in protest against the military coup alley file young gone al jazeera. our diplomatic editor james bays is at the united nations which met earlier to discuss the coup. the u.n. security council met in closed session but they couldn't agree a statement condemning what's happened in myanmar in recent days they heard from the un special envoy christine hirsch rana berg and she told them that. she had been moved from the place that she's been detained in to house arrest the spokesperson for the u.n. secretary general though said that was still on acceptable and as a 1st step all detainees needed to be released the special envoy said given the
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apparent commitment by the military to safeguard the rule of law following the november 8th elections these turn of events was surprising and shocking the current president of the security council the british ambassador said that discussions will continue in the coming days there's been widespread concern among and across the international community i heard those concerns very clearly among my colleagues this morning and we welcome the role of regional partners including s.c.n. to resolve this crisis the key to the next steps on myanmar depend on one permanent member of the u.n. security council china in the meeting i'm told the chinese representative was playing for time and diplomats say china has not yet shown its hand russia's sputnik vivax and has been found to be needy 92 percent effective in protecting its covert 19 that's according to peer reviewed results from it stage 3 trial published
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by international medical journal the lancet it's also been found to be safe and offer complete protection against hospitalization and death the vaccine initially met with some skepticism after it was rolled out in a number of countries before final trial data was released it's already been approved by 15 countries including argentina hungary and the united arab emirates. a new study has found the oxford astra zeneca vaccine remains effective for longer than previously thought trial research shows 76 percent efficacy against infection for 3 months after a single dose it was also better at fighting the virus when a 2nd dose was given more than 12 weeks after the 1st u.k. government says it's working with drug firms to see if vaccines need to be modified to tackle new variants thing if huge amount of work with the scientists and the pharmaceutical industry to to develop modern modified vaccines should they be necessary and we're also monitoring the results of work to
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understand the intricacies of the existing vaccines against the variants of concern 100 year old british war veteran captains of tom moore has died in hospital after testing positive for code 19 so tom raised millions of dollars for the u.k. health service by walking laps of his garden in last year's lockdown the u.k. prime minister described him as a national hero show that best expect his life. he inspired a nation during a difficult time captain tom moore fundraising hero. in april 2020 of an obscure retired british army captain captured hearts when he attempted to walk $100.00 lefts of his garden at the time of his 100th birthday he wanted to race $1500.00 for the national health service and state he raced 43000000 and his story went global i'm delighted the word there for the reset of old. sources warsaw
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has turned into this enormous sum of. the cause is so good that we're not poor if we were delighted where we got so much money for such a good cause. his optimism was contagious as catch phrase you never walk alone became a number one hit. a book about his life followers and a film is in the making. queen elizabeth came out of lockdown to give him a knighthood and he entered the guinness book of world records what can you do. i think. those are all was may of 2 mystic who would have you talk to bob ill of the mystic cause there's a good and mincing. captain tom served in india and burma during the 2nd
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world war. he likened the fight against covert to a battle with doctors and nurses on the front line the prime minister pay tribute to him captain sir tom moore was a hero in the truest sense of the word in the dark days of the 2nd world war he fought for freedom and in the face of this country's deepest post-war crises he united us all he became not just a nationalist. gratian but it beacon of hope for the world. despite being prioritise for vaccination he developed pneumonia before he could be protected against the virus an emblem of hope during the pen demick he'll be mourned by a nation. still to come this half hour donald trump's lawyers say the senate has no authority to try him for his argument shortly. and is absent i'm going to part of why travel
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plans to the famed cannabis coffee shops could soon go up in space. but we're down to 2 or 3 soccer in the moment and we can always forget lucas we cannot forget and the one that's off the west coast of australia which isn't really defined it is a cycle is yet to be named but it's certainly going to react to the bringing rain to western australia welcome rain for some than the south maybe not for the west there you see there are tropical shows up in tropical queensland otherwise it's summery weather for the time being but a breeze in victoria in the bass strait looks quite windy at the moment most of wednesday and thursday for the storm will be for lucas will be spent going through
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new caledonia winds about $75.00 and you see waves of 5 meters is in particular destructive but it's the 1st one of the season so it will certainly be felt as that one is around here you'll see the weather's warmed up in melbourne ahead of rain is coming into adelaide and then trucking east was through victoria later on thursday and friday and still that circulation happens in western australia probably in name cycling by then. winter is in at the moment but the variation in temper isn't enough to stop it being mostly snow in japan particularly with warm sunshine behind rep to 6 in beijing and 12 temporarily in. that the tourist terraces of the football ultras what club loyalty come in violent confrontations when i was young when there was a football match we were crying because the fans would go crazy but in indonesia
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one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a khan of alaska display of peace and unity defines who make football culture as an angels on al-jazeera. the roof. or. the amount of the top stories here now to 0 russian opposition leader and excitement around a has been sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison he breached parole terms for a previous conviction because he was in germany for treatment after a nerve agent poisoning 750 people have been arrested in moscow as protests followed the court's decision. has been public displays against the military coup
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in myanmar with people in young gone banging pots in anger against the overthrow of elected leader aung san suu she she's been moved into house arrest. russian made sputnik the vaccine has been found to be nearly 92 percent effective in protecting against code 19 at the same time a new study shows the british astra zeneca job remains effective for 3 months after a single dose. both sides in the impeachment case against former us president donald trump have submitted their briefings to the senate trumps legal team says the senate lacks the authority to try him now he's no longer president or to stop and running again the democrats who drafted the impeachment charges accused him of offending everything the constitution stands for and fischer is at the white house or tell us about where stakes is where these briefs take us for this impeachment process. well of course the democrats are saying you can't argue that you can be
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impeached after you leave office otherwise presidents would be able to wreak havoc particularly in the last month of the presidency they could do whatever they wanted committing crimes and then they wouldn't face charges of high crimes and misdemeanors also we're get hearing from the trump legal team that are unlikely to concentrate very much on the idea that the election was stolen that lead to follow between donald trump and his previous team because he wanted really to push hard on that they're going to argue more on the constitutional merits of the case and they're also going to say look the president wasn't responsible for people heading to capitol hill and say that when he said that people had to fight or lose their country that was protected under free speech but of course that's not a blanket exception here in the united states the government can't import was on your right to free speech but you also can't do anything that could harm others so you can walk in the most often quoted example you can walk in to
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a movie theater show fire and then if there's a panic in a stampede and people die you're not responsible because you just showed fire even if there wasn't one so that is going to be one of those arguments as well and also trump's team is going to see look he never tried to interfere with the electoral college votes even though or when his speech on january the 6th he mentioned it at least 4 or 5 times saying that might pence the vice president had the opportunity to overturn it and of course there's that famous phone call between donald trump and the secretary of state in georgia where he asked them to find extra votes so both sides of no case it will go to the senators to make their final decisions many are kind of lining up we knew roughly how they will vote anyway or will donald trump be impeached at the end of it at the moment you've probably got to see it's unlikely but you never know what the trial could well take annoyed tunde there could be witnesses called that might discontents those republican senators who believe that donald trump shouldn't be impeached that it is time to actually do
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that and in the meantime president biden has gotten iraq to executive order is coming up tell us about that. should be citing them just in the next few moment these are 3 executive orders mainly dealing with immigration and they're essentially doing a utah in on some of the policies put in place by donald trump as some of the immoral policies to quote the press secretary in the briefing just a couple of hours ago the main one is to set up a task force which will try and reunite hundreds of families who are separated at the border that of course is part of the trump 0 tolerance policy we are seeing hundreds of families because even though we still don't know the exact number of families that were split up and we're told and were taken away from their parents sometimes we don't even know where they are in the country or where their parents are there's also going to be orders to that will look at exactly what donald trump did when it came to imposing new conditions on people coming into the
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country when it was about asylum seeking and also those that were applying for citizenship or even a green card there's going to be essentially a loop at the policies that were put in place or a view of those policies no some republicans i've been speaking to say well that shows that not everything that donald trump did was wrong but this is really just the democrats kind of finding out where there are problems that where the need to be changes that are made where they will bring in a new form a new immigration policy because it's all part of joe biden's plan in the next couple of months to have an immigration bill on capitol hill which in part or will give some sort of path to citizenship for those undocumented migrants in the country but also overturn many of donald trumps an immigration policy so they although these are the 1st 3 executive orders on this issue it would appear that the biden ministration is by no means done with looking at immigration policy here
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in the united states and innovation thank you very much. the world's 2nd richest person jeff bezos is to step down as chief executive of amazon 11 role towards the end of the year and will become executive chairman of the company he founded in his carriage nearly 30 years ago and has in store record revenues during the christmas quarter which were above $100000000000.00 for the 1st time the increase in sales is primarily because of the coronavirus pandemic which so many people moved to online shopping bezos will be replaced by the head of amazon cloud and jesse israel's creative virus vaccination drive appears to be slowing in part because so many people have already had jabs more than 3000000 people have received their 1st dose that's a 3rd of the population now israel has supplied the palestinians with their 1st shipment of covert shots very force it is in west jerusalem and says religious issues could also be slowing down israel's vaccination drive there are.
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communities within israeli society particularly palestinian israeli and ultra-orthodox communities where there is less trust in this vaccine work has been harder to get people to come in to the vaccination centers and indeed there are many people under 35 are complaining that while the vaccination centers aren't nearly as busy and we can't yet get our vaccine and so it's been reported at least that in one clinic over the last few days some 1000 doses of had to be thrown out and at a time when there's been a big fuss about israel finally handing over some 2000 doses to the palestinian authority that seems like a lot and when you also consider the fact that these 2 populations of very well interconnected with both populations mixing in occupied east jerusalem and day workers coming in from the west bank still into israel itself there are concerns and repacked to go point of view as well as from an international law point of view
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. it abraham has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. the palestinian authority has started you know pillaging a dozen of palestinians they are from the front line medical staff after the palestinians are received 2000 jobs from israel they are a part of the 5000 that israel is going to be providing palestinians for emergency use they are waiting for more 5000 vaccines that are coming from russia and 37000 from the w actual kovacs program but all of that is not going to be enough to meet the urgent needs the palestinian health ministry says that there are around 100000 palestinians who are working in the health sector and these are going to be the top priority in addition to the elderly and those with chronic diseases and the minister has said that they're looking to inoculate around $3200000.00 palestinians
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over the next few months tourists who visit amsterdam when travel restrictions are finally lifted may not be able to visit its famous coffee shops to buy cannabis the mayor of the dutch city says she wants to ban foreigners from the cafes a step fashion explains from amsterdam. amsterdam's most famous product carefully weighed and packaged the city's $166.00 coffee shops selling cannabis are all worldwide attraction research has shown that 60 percent of tourists come specifically to visit one of them and that includes international artists and celebrities mike tyson long time ago and even dennis hopper back in the day and they got stoned here they all got stoned in the greenhouse and. they had a really good time in amsterdam but they're not allowed to come in the future anymore no so that's going to be very difficult of. snow dog richard branson are coming here and you have to refuse them entry to limit illegal trade in trucks the
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netherlands opened its 1st coffee shop in the early 1970 s. where a small amount of cannabis could be bought and consumed this unique service quickly attracted customers we're very proud of the system that we've had for 40 years and the whole system basically is based on the fact that everybody is welcome and everybody can come to the coffee shop and buy their kind of bass in a safe way the old city center of amsterdam is usually packed with thousands of tourists and the smell of cannabis is never far away since the lockdown this is how the dutch capital looks like local residents say they can finally sleep this shows that tourism was out of control all of us lived in the old city center for 40 years together with other residents he started a campaign to make the city less noisy and more livable it's kind of a silly idea that people who smoke pot don't do any harm or so of course if you're
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5 young people from france or belgium or wherever you come from in a car and you're excited to go to amsterdam you buy your fault you buy your 6 pack of beer in the supermarkets and you go or hang around or whatever whatever you like coffee shop owners and customers blame alcohol consumption rather than cannabis for the nuisance cost and they believe the mayor's move to ban foreigners will lead to more illegal street trait. they are there ways of getting it and i feel like that's what people going to try to do right because as i said i'm saddam is more than just a smoking gun it is just part of it definitely important important part is all yeah if i can say that. the mayor says this does not mean she wants to change the image of amsterdam as a city known for its freedom farha must ears we don't want to be that city where masses of young irish and london youth come to get drunk and stoned during their holiday that is not the kind of freedom we want international fame for all we want
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to be famous for our freedom of conscience the mayor hopes that by imposing more restrictions they'll be less coffee shops so it will be easier to legalize them because while it's legal to buy chemists here there are no regulations in the madeline's for those who supply it step fasten al-jazeera amsterdam if today seems a bit familiar maybe because it's groundhog day in the united states made famous by the film of the same name this year's ceremony starring punxsutawney phil was a bit different from usual with people asked to follow the event online feels job is to predict the weather for the next 6 weeks emerge from this tree stump just as the northeast us was blanketed in snow for a 2nd day and it seems the country is in for a long winter it's a beautiful morning this i can see with all my fans viewing virtually my faithful followers being safe and secure our tradition of groundhog must
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endure we have all passed through the darkness of night but now see hope. in mornings bright light but now. when i turned to see there's a perfect shadow cast of me 6 more weeks of winter there will be. top stories around 0 the russian opposition leader alexei navalny has been sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison a vocal critic of president putin was jailed for breaching his parole terms by traveling to germany for treatment after he was poisoned by a nerve agent the russian government is suspected of orchestrating the attack his term will be shortened due to time served under house arrest $700.00.


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