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save the world. seasoned hero. a historic moment for libya the libyan delegates choose an interim government that will govern until a general election in december. well again i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. president joe biden set to unveil plans to rescue a battered economy as underwhelming new job figures are released. russia expels diplomats from sweden poland and germany for reportedly supporting protests against the detention of the opposition figure alexina.
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protests carry on a 1000000 modestly military arrests one of the leading voices against the coup. ok let's begin in switzerland where libya's warring sides have voted to choose a new interim government if elected for leaders on the final day of the u.n. led libyan political dialogue for a new geneva abdulhamid debate has been chosen as interim prime minister until a general election in december and now that decision was announced by the u.n. envoy stephanie williams. i am pleased to witness this historic moment. the in. the importance of the decision that you have taken here today will grow with the
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passage of time. in the collective memory of the libyan people. this process you are proud that has come a long way from when we 1st convened you virtually in october of last year will cross to malik train in tripoli shortly 1st however to our diplomatic editor james bays who's been following the u.n. backed vote from u.n. headquarters in new york so clearly james health warning pitfalls along the way possibly slash probably why was it such a sluggish process to get us to where we are right now. there have been so many obstacles in the way and so many fall storms for libya it's worth remembering that they tried something like this 5 years ago the skier at agreement named after a town where it was signed in morocco was supposed to create an interior government and then elections in 2 years that never happened the thing never never never never
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really worked no one took the new government seriously and the existing divided governments kept fighting with each other and the violence and the conflict in libya rumbled on it's taken a long time this time because they they a year ago had the international support for a process they thought but they didn't really in the sense that there was still people on both sides international players that were involving themselves in the conflict setting things back the u.n. believes this is a very important moment but it knows the problems that it's faced in the past there is now a new government and a very ambitious timeline the plan this new 4 person presidency council chosen by delegates that were handpicked by the u.n. to have proper elections in december this year with all the libyan people deciding
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one person one vote it's an ambitious plan and it's a plan the u.n. believes will work if people in libya and all the various factions armed and all armed in libya except the authority of this new governing council james thank you very much james bay is a diplomatic editor there at the u.n. live now to tripoli and our correspondent there malik trainers so in theory malik will see a free and fair election in december but december's a long way away we're only just starting off in february right now what are the main hurdles that still have to be overcome. well i think there's a lot of questions that are still remain although this government is supposed to take power soon the next step is for the parliament to certify this government of course the parliament has been divided for years. and
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they haven't actually had an official session a few months ago they were meant to unite and come together in the city of the damages but that actually didn't come through in the end they that they postponed the meeting to a further date the head the speaker of the tripoli base parliament has said that he is going to call for a session where m.p.'s can meet and certify this government if that doesn't happen then the job will go back to the libyan political dialogue form the participants who voted on this government today and they will certify so there's a lot of questions to be asked whether or not the various armed groups in libya both in western and eastern libya will actually respective years old remains to be seen but i think for the most part most libyans want to see a united government they want to see their their life. improve we've seen
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a the currency devalued and that's really been hard of prices have been rising drastically here in libya for the average citizen there's liquid liquidity problem in banks many people can't actually go to a bank and receive their salaries so just simple things as providing for their families have been really difficult because of this division and because of the conflict in libya and we're coming towards the 10 year anniversary from the revolution that toppled one mortgage deathy so i think people want something to believe in. there is some skepticism as james mentioned earlier that you know we've been here before whether or not these elections can take place remains to be seen but these these officials or these candidates who have now come into power have declared that they will work towards the elections in december 24th and i think
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most libyans want to see elections take place parliamentary and presidential elections take place and they hope that this government will lead to that thank you so much money train our correspond reporting live there from tripoli after announcing a foreign policy resets u.s. president joe biden is turning his attention to an economy hit by coronavirus the u.s. has added fewer jobs than had been expected with the economy only gaining $49000.00 new jobs last month the unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percent from 6.7 percent in the previous months president biden is urging congress to pass a $1.00 trillion dollars package that would include $1400.00 of a stimulus check for qualifying americans the u.s. senate has just signed off on the planet now goes back to the house of representatives for a final vote live to washington and our correspondent unpacking all those numbers so many of them kimberly from some nail sketch what's biden's big plan for the
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economy. his big plan is to get american spending that's why he is working so hard to get these direct payments of $1400.00 into the pocketbooks of ordinary americans have to remember that it is working class middle class americans but particularly communities of color that have been disproportionately affected by cope with 19 of the shutdowns that have left millions unemployed so not only does he want to get people spending but he also wants to get people working again that's why this jobs report adding just 49000 to the u.s. economy with millions still out of work has been so discouraging here's the reaction from joe biden as he heard about the jobs report in the last hour or so he saw the jobs were only $6000.00 private sector jobs created. at that rate is going to take. 10 years before we get to food. that's not perfectly
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that's in fact we're going to be in a situation where they can. come and. appreciate your coming over because the urgency with which you're moving this is about people's lives this is not just about numbers it's about people's lives people are telling you they're really hurting. the numbers are not what most americans wanted to hear just a quick reminder about 22000000 jobs lost last march overnight due to the shutdown of the u.s. economy preventing or attempting to prevent covert 19 to spread unsuccessfully of course and now you hear from joe biden there that he thinks in terms of getting those back it could take about 10 years certainly discouraging that's why many americans are saving the money they're planning to get from the government instead of spending and that is certainly not going to be the injection of funds into the economy that the white house is hoping for have those voices kimberly that were
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questioning mr biden's logic here going away you know we were hearing from mitt romney i think it was what a week 10 days ago now he was saying look i don't know that a stimulus package is the best way forward what we need to do is get ahead of the covert pandemic but getting ahead of the curve it pandemic is so very very difficult. you know the problem is that there are competing philosophies at work here republicans tend to favor targeted approaches as they call it where they inject money to help small businesses to help with people being hired whereas democrats tend to favor more of economic relief to give people money directly in the hopes that they will spend it and so both believe that their approaches will work but the problem is is that neither has been able to agree on a package for months even before joe biden was elected and so as a result someone has to make a decision that decision is being made by joe biden he's
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a said look at my package is the way we're going to go and the 1st step to doing that was done very early 530 this morning local time by couple of heris the vice president the senate was split down the middle 5050 she made the tie breaking vote as you pointed out legislation for this package now goes back to the house of representatives controlled by democrats it will be passed and then it will be signed into law by a democratic president so the approach may not be the right one but someone had to make a decision and joe biden has decided that he will be the one to do that he believes that he simply can't afford to do too little right now and so he's hopeful that this injection of money into the economy will get things going again but you heard from him directly he doesn't think it will be a quick solution just that it is a solution kimberly thank you very much kimberly in washington and as kimberly was saying that we are expecting to hear from the new u.s. sponsored u.s. president joe biden at about 1645 g. we'll be carrying that live for you here on the special extended one hour of 0 will
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use. the european union's foreign policy chief has appealed for alexina felonies release and a meeting with the russian foreign minister in a moscow. metz sergey lavrov the 1st high level e.u. visit to russia since 2017 burrell says the pair had intense frank talks about their relationship which has been marked by a lack of trust. my this is going to charge with the rest and sentencing of the legacy allowed me and rest of the most rigorous. i think and respect i have conveyed to minister of rough our deep concern and great to rated have appealed to release on to launch governing procedure an investigation of the case by any younger corrupt member of the radio here rush i have repeatedly said this no doctors have found neither russia nor german civilian doctors have found
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the thing that was allegedly seen into his body the nerve agent no overtalk it was only discovered by german military doctors which says a lot. and in the last hour we've been hearing reports that diplomats from sweden germany and poland all e.u. members of course have been expelled from their jobs in russia we understand this is in connection with the protest against the detention of alexey need the german chancellor angela merkel has called the expulsion of german diplomats quotes on justified we have 2 correspondents covering this story dominic cain is going to bring us more about the german response to that 1st let's talk to alexandra gold for in moscow alexandra what was it these diplomats did that annoyed the kremlin so much. well kremlin or rather minister of foreign affairs says that this 3 diplomats from poland and sweden and one from germany participated in authorized rallies on the 23rd of january this is the 1st rallies
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that happened across russia after an accident i returned from germany and was immediately arrested they're saying that they were participants of this rallies and they're saying that this is unacceptable behavior behavior unsuitable for diplomatic status and apparently when he was talking with sergey a lover of the chief of foreign policy was informed that about this and he condemned this action and called russia to rethink it now with this more of a rush a cleary clearly arises stakes and he's striking back in a sense and wants to send a clear message that they're not going to be listening to any messages no requests coming from e.u. regarding alexina virally regarding his court cases and trials or regarding the rallies and how they treat your position and people participating in this rallies this also comes after russia showed a very clear annoyance with the presence of the diplomats during the hearing of
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alexina riley earlier this week when he is suspended sentence was to change there for real time in the prison and goes along the lines where russians say that this is all interfering in their domestic affairs and also saying that the whole thing would not via need is actually fishel thing that is meant to spoil the relations between e.u. and russia actually for the spoil the relations they are clearly pointing as a responsible party. brussels alexandra thank you very much alexandra gold for there in moscow live to berlin and germany correspondent dominic so dumb hi there or the german authorities angela merkel were they saying about this. angle of attack has been speaking in a digital conference that she's been taking part in with the french president emmanuel mccaw and the chancellor here saying that the decision to expel the
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diplomats from the 3 e.u. countries sweden poland germany is totally unjustified and the president in france mr mccann has also said that he's condemned firmly everything that's happened in the process that mr vanier has been involved in from the moment of his poisoning through to the moment of sending him to jail so really hard to put a cigarette paper between these 2 leaders in their condemnation of what has happened and that has been to a certain extent the way that both of them have behaved towards what has happened to mr nardelli since since that day in august when this whole process began the interesting thing is that the 2 leaders are clearly the 2 leaders in europe who have been perhaps the most evocative the people who've spoken the most strongly about what has happened to mr nominee and what their comments are taking place as part of a regular meeting that the 2 leaders have in the guise of a franco german council about security in europe where they touch upon more issues
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than just than avani case but also about the strategic relationship between the e.u. and russia and indeed one particularly contentious scheme that's under way which is the north stream to gas pipeline from russia through to the european union through germany we know the french president has called for this to be shelved something that angela merkel does not agree with clearly because she wants north stream to to carry on to germany because of the benefit that she says this will bring to the economy here one area of disagreement there but generally speaking very hard to separate the 2 of them in so far as the nirvana case is concerned donna thank you very much donna cane reporting live there from berlin. indonesia is rolling out a new breath test for covert 19 passengers at train stations and bus terminals are being screened with results issued within minutes but some health experts doubt
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it's accuracy jessica washington reports now from jakarta. this is the early morning rush hour 71 of dakota's busiest stations these passengers are among the 1st to try indonesia's new coping 19 breathalyzers to get nothing compared to the antigen rapid test in the p.c.r. test this test is a lot cheaper and more simple. the scientists behind the genoese device say it can smell the cold 19 on the breath in just 2 minutes without getting a negative result these passengers can't board the train the devices will be used at public sites around the country but scientists warn it shouldn't replace p.c.r. testing because this is either side in this geno's a screening tool if someone has a positive result should be confirmed with the p.c.r. but if they test negative there's no need to. the test costs around $1.00 u.s. dollar much cheaper than a p.c.r. test which can cost up to $100.00 at some hospitals but some epidemiologists say
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this is yet another misguided step by indonesian authorities some health experts are critical of this new method of testing they say in tunisia as health care is in crisis and the country's start in a relentless 1st wave of covert 19 cases they recommend the government focuses on increasing the p.c.r. test rather than rolling out cheaper and less accurate options so we have to. be competitive out there still. if not just. proof the best you can for it. indonesia conducts around $40000.00 tests each day and has a test positivity rate of almost 30 percent last week the country supposed a 1000000 confirmed cases but experts fear the real number is much higher more than
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a year into the pandemic some health workers feel the government has let them down on 2 fronts by failing to invest in more testing and by not having strict covert 900 restrictions in place for what i thought i don't really know why the testing is still lacking in indonesia it's so important and we're still seeing people travelling and gathering at the stations if it continues this way covered 1000 will stay here even next year. 10 of dr patients have died and she fears the situation will worsen as overwhelmed hospitals are forced to reject patients the health ministry did not respond to our request for an interview just a washington al-jazeera jakarta. from february 15th people travelling to the u.k. from so-called red list countries will have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days the government is asking hotels near sea ports to join the scheme but there are concerns about capacity that has more now from london's heathrow airport. we know precious little about the details of this corn team hotel
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scheme apart from the obvious fact that it's going to be a big challenge to get it in place by the deadline of february the 15th so 10 days for the government to convince hotel groups to get on board and to make rooms available the government's trying to block books thousands of rooms across the country at airports like here at heathrow and around the u.k. as well as sea ports on friday the head of one london hotel group said that it wouldn't be enough time to implement the covered 19 safety procedures necessary on thursday just hours before the announcement the head of the u.k.'s biggest airport hotel group said that they had been left in the dark about how the scheme would operate that was a week after prime minister boris johnson said that the scheme would be coming in and many people are asking why the delay the opposition labor party have accused
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the government of risking lives with its failure to act more quickly pointing out that the announcement came 50 days after the south african variant of the virus was 1st known about the government of course saying that these measures are necessary because of new variants many of the countries on the list of 33 the so-called red list are in south america and southern africa let's not forget that there was a variant also from brazil that's worrying scientists here possibly more easily transmitted and more resistant to vaccines which the government has been so doing so well on so there's a big challenge we don't know exactly how many rooms will be available arrivals by u.k. residents from those countries well they'll have to stay in a hotel for 10 days at their own cost around $110.00 per night that will be my.
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but many people are saying we shouldn't be all arrivals the government saying that that would be unfeasible and it would unfairly hit people from low risk countries the british medical journal has published a scathing editorial on the global covert 19 response likening it to murder it says the actions of some politicians amount to premeditated and reckless indifference to human life the authors call for leaders to be held to account for the 2000000 coronavirus deaths worldwide they suggest the remit of institutions such as the international criminal court could be broadened to cover state failings in pandemics cameron abbassi is the b.m.j. is executive editor he says some leaders have failed to protect the public and they must face serious sanctions. we know that people in the u.k. and elsewhere are considering legal action against governments and against leaders so that would be in terms of negligence criminal negligence but also misconduct in
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public office that's a very hard thing to actually take to court and then prove but people are people are trying to do that realistically there are 3 ways number one is to vote the leader out and we saw that also happened to donald trump that could happen to other leaders who have who have who are poll who have implemented policies that have led to a large number of deaths the 2nd is to push for public inquiries and if you look around the world there's been very few public inquiry simply because those least leaders have resisted inquiries because they don't want to be held accountable so is duty bound for scientists the media for the public to push for those for the choir is to reduce deaths in future and the 3rd route is long and it's again difficult but it goes back to international accountability because if one country doesn't have the right policies that can affect every people everywhere else in the world so there's
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a there's an onus on the international community to create mechanisms such as via the international criminal court to consider charges brought it in terms of crimes against humanity and extending its current remit to consider those against sovereign governments. there have been protests across me in ma and neighboring countries as demonstrators continue to push back against a military coup that's off to one of the posed need to understand suit she's close aides was arrested when tin is a senior policy figure and formally a political prisoner who spent decades campaigning against military rule the n l d says it supports the disobedience campaign teaches in university students are among the latest groups to express their opposition to military rule scott hietala has more. more and more people across myanmar coming out and speaking out against monday's military coup civil disobedience movements have grown in size and numbers more emerging every day since health care workers were the 1st to come out earlier
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in the week by going on strike. there waving the red flag of on song suchi is party and they have adopted the 3 finger salute made popular by the thai anti-government protesters. the movement has now spread to the major cities across myanmar including a gathering of teachers on the yangon university of education campus even getting out of it for a lot of money out we don't want this military coup we unlawfully seize power from our elected government we don't want anyone who steals power and then forms that own government we're no longer going to work with them we want the military coup to fail i want that from about. 80 a generation is a pro-democracy group born out of a violent army crackdown on protests in 1988 it issued a statement encouraging and congratulating the civil action this week but also said that it's time to organize chipman lay is a former 88 generation member and political prisoner he now lives in thailand. everyone has a photo and everyone have
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a call many call we can call net and content easily also weekend. and information so this time betty. different with a lot of pretty obvious the most reaching a point not lost on me and mars military which has blocked facebook and some messaging applications at least until sunday. more than coming out in numbers to be seen and heard organizers are calling for boycotts on businesses tied to me and mars military japanese beverage maker kiran has already scrapped a 1700000000 dollar joint venture with an army brewery 6 scott hodler al-jazeera. still to come here on this program for you gun violence and gang crime palestinian israelis say they're the targets and the police are ignoring their plight. sweeping new rules bring beijing's controversial national security role into the schools of hong kong.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways how are we going to have a round of snow coming into japan over the next couple days at fan ots it is actually going to be warming up we have got winds coming in from all of a westerly direction for the time being high pressure very close by but as we go on through the next day or so we will see rain pulling out of the way perhaps one or 2 snow flurries there into hokkaido then signs of clear weather across the korean peninsula and bunch of japan's push on into the 2nd half of the weekend there we go with a few snow showers into western areas of honshu and also into quite a keen drift on the wind here this stays but said other side of the mountains tokyo will get up to around 18 celsius so some decent warmth coming through here much of the china again fine and dry central areas a little more clarity here was
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a chance of some spotty right but down towards the south hong kong pleasant sunshine but temperatures getting up to around $26.00 degrees a lot of sunshine supercross much of in the air we have got a few showers running towards for the next day or so and up towards the far north of india was seeing this westerly disturbance now feeding a few showers across the pool over to wolf blitzer snow over the high ground but it will continue to drift further east was bright skies coming back in behind the temperatures lifting in new delhi to 23 degrees. qatar airways. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is you don't belong and there's only so much we can take before you say ok that's me rethinking
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radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians analogise era the latest news as it breaks human rights groups are questioning why people are taken to this isolation senators and the treatment they receive one fair there with detailed coverage beyond groups now control the villages that we can see on the other side of the river people who live on this side they can hear gunfire when they're fighting from around the world months after that will cain eruption they say their harvest are now back to normal.


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