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they've emanations souls people in power finland's climate warriors on a just. another record single day surge in corona virus infections in india its capital will be under curfew for a week. time robots and this is all to 0 live from doha also coming up alexina must receive medical aid says the eaves top diplomat warning russia is responsible for the health of the jailed opposition leader. a ban political party in pakistan releases police officers into taken hostage during protests demanding the expulsion of the french ambassador. and world football bosses wave the red flag as many of europe's
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biggest clubs announce a new breakaway superbly. corona virus infections have reached record levels in india nearly 274000 cases were confirmed on monday and more than 1600 deaths the government's announced a weeklong curfew in the capital region of delhi britain's prime minister has just cancelled his visit to india that he had been planning for next week scientists are studying a new variant with a double mutation to see if it's behind the rise in infections victoria gave me reports. india is in the grip of the 2nd wave of caveat 19 and nowhere is that being felt moved that it is hospitals there are shortages of beds supplies and medicine and doc to say this time they've seen a change in who is being admitted to hospital what we're seeing and this is all on
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. a personal experience is there are younger patients who are being admitted to hospital. and are most strict in the type of disease that young patients usually have makes this might of modern. india reported 275000 new cases a monday that's the highest daily tally in a country that's now the 2nd worst affected in the world. scientists say a new variant with a double mutation may be driving up infections in most cases we've only seen one area of the virus mutating from the original virus in this case we have 2 separate me taishan sites which is really concerning because as you know you know every time that we have a mutation we're worried about increased transmissibility increased threat of death and lack of ability of our back scenes to work despite the rising cases political
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and religious gatherings the continuing in many places last week 3000000 hindu pilgrims bathed in the ganges river for the common mela festival and millions more voted in local elections in the state of a pradesh. i think the guard was let down are just by indians but by indian leaders massive election rallies were held. and subsequently the matter of him don't pester will of whom all want to be doing 2 words massive started around 120000000 indians have so far been inoculated in a country of more than 1300000000 and with a new variant with a double mutation to contend with india faces many difficult days ahead victoria gate and be there. hundreds of passengers from australia have arrived in new zealand after their governments reopened borders families and friends a reuniting after the 2 countries launched
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a so-called travel bubble on monday it allows quarantine free travel for the 1st time in more than a year you zealand and australia shut their borders to everyone except residents and citizens in march 2020. january 20. 8th. finally left of 15 she's 16 now yeah so it's a bit emotional yeah i think it's going to be. a lot of hugs. i have to speak. which it's good for a waiting but yet since a long time we haven't been able to control that it feels like. the e.u. foreign policy chief says russia is responsible for kremlin critic alexina vonne the un must provide him with medical care but on his allies say he's near death and
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has been on hunger strike for more than 3 weeks. we have very much worried about the health situation and. in a statement of behavior the 27 member states hosking to russian authorities to provide. the health care he needs and they have responsible for their safety. the u.s. has also warned of consequences if the fall need idol castro has more on none from washington d.c. . it's been nearly 3 weeks since alexina volley launched a hunger strike after russian prison officials denied him access to private doctors to treat back pain and the loss of feeling in his legs the symptoms possibly lingering effects of the poisoning of all these suffered in august but the opposition leader barely survived and blames on the kremlin now his colleague tells al-jazeera the bombing may be near death situation deteriorated on friday when we seized his blood which showed up normal level of the touch which is associated with
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imminent risk of getting a fatal and. heart issues so we are indeed very worried i think the count is in days and you know his is likely to give in fearing the volman will soon be dead his supporters have scrapped plans to accumulate half a 1000000 registrants for the next round of mass protests they are now asking russians to return to the streets on wednesday. singing of the events are unfolding too quickly and extremely badly we can no longer wait in a jury an extreme situation requires extreme decisions were announcing the protest now. police arrested more than 10000 people during a nationwide protest in january calling for an evolving to be freed he was arrested upon returning to russia from germany where he had spent 5 months recovering from
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the nova chalk poisoning he's now serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence for violating the terms of a previous fraud conviction that involved he says was politically motivated his doctors say they were not allowed inside the prison to scene of all the sunday crunch. came as doctors but it's cruel in months. as to deny access to a dying patient we will call the medical unit and try to find out what's going on we'll keep trying but at the moment we've done everything we can we can't do anything else the u.s. is closely monitoring of all the situation president joe biden has said the treatment of no vali is totally unfair and totally inappropriate and on sunday the u.s. national security adviser warned that if not all me dies in russian custody the international community will hold the kremlin accountable and there will be consequences heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington we are getting some more lines on that
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from the russian state news agency interfax is saying that the jailed kremlin critic alex in avani has been moved or will be moved to a medical facility is not clear whether or not that has yet to happen it's also saying that his condition is said to be satisfactory it's quoting the prison service that has been looking after him in russia and also that he is being seen daily by a doctor of course as we get more information on that story we will bring it to you as quickly as we can now there have been reports of shelling in eastern ukraine a radio free europe published a video of their peers to show soldiers inside a trench and the sound of gunfire heard in the distance the footage hasn't been independently verified the part comes as tensions rise between moscow and kiev about a buildup of russian troops near the ukrainian border. a banned political party in pakistan has released 11 police officers that took hostage during protests on
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sunday police had earlier raided the offices of the technique allowed back which led to violent protests that killed 3 people charla ballasts reports i. suppose is have to recalibrate pakistan to not be silenced no one is healed he they started protesting last year after caricature of the prophet muhammad who republican fronts well then last week they protested after the government to restrict their leader cleric sod risky he had demanded the french ambassador in pakistan be exposed and a ban on french products the. those protests resulted in the government outlawing t.l.p. which led to more protests. on sunday a party spokesman said security forces raided the offices in lahore they responded again on the streets in all several of the supporters were killed and dozens were
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injured they're going to put this out the challenge will be attacked by police traitorous started shelling and fired bullets directly at us boys were injured some got bullets in the chest some got shot in the head but when it rectified they fired directly at us and threw us in water some men had their chest burned others their back face or body always later they returned with their original grievance against from us i for my money we told the police we neither have weapons nor are we terrorists but they started firing on us and used tear gas many supporters died and those who were killed had one slogan oh prophet we are here for you expel the french ambassador and cut off relations with france. local police said sunday's violence began after a police station was attacked they accused peace of forces of taking 6 officers hostage torturing sub. prime minister imran khan said more than 600 officers were
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injured in protests last week there is a media blackout also show media has been caught in some areas the t.l.b. is and get to lose france where the rates remain in muslim majority nations in october the crown defended the publication of caricature of the prophet muhammad caricature that free school teacher samuel passing had shown in class before he was beheaded boycott some protests were organized in bangladesh somalia syria libya yemen afghanistan iraq and here in pakistan championed by the t o p. 6 months later the party is banned believe it is hanged the supporters killed and wounded and still they chant on charlotte ballasts 0. want to group an me and mars warning the military will continue to torture and murder pro-democracy activists if the international community doesn't act this instance association for political prisoners made the play off to state t.v.
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broadcast images of 6 detainees with signs of what it called hollering abuse mean paul supporters of a newly formed pro-democracy government and rallied in way on sunday the national unity government says it should be included in crisis talks with neighboring countries it's criticize an invitation issued by a regional bloc assume the main modern military leader to attend a special summit in jakarta on saturday when tony chang's in monitoring developments from buying calk and he has more on the allegations of abuse of detainees. those were 6 youths 4 men 2 women who were from the chin area of yang gone they appear to have been detained on sunday the images were broadcast on the nightly bulletin of 8 pm local time and they showed images of these people before their arrest and images of them afterwards and there
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is a very clear change. all of them show signs of being beaten quite severely one of the women kin who has a large swelling on her jaw a black eye they all look very downcast the announce announcement said that they had been volved in a bombing. on saturday at 2 pm outside the government office in which 3 government soldiers had been injured didn't provide any more information than that we've seen the military turn to accusing people quite spirits of the crimes we've also seen them using this technique in the since the military coup showing people in detention presumably as a deterrent for for those who are still going out protesting and over the weekend once again we saw crowds in all the major urban centers going out to show their
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disagreement with the with the military coup their disapproval of the military genter but that doesn't seem to be stopping the militant. still ahead on all of this era countries in latin america struggle to make progress with the vaccination plans as coronavirus cases soar across the region. bringing cuba for young people who say they want meaningful changes to the communist party in looks to select new leaders. how i once again was still came my close eye on a super typhoon a surrogate i am pleased to say has weakened somewhat and it does that likely to stay offshore but look at that clearly defined eye on the storm it is bringing some very heavy rainfall into that eastern side of the philippines over 260 millimeters
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of rain coming down here in the past 24 hours there because the winds now around 230 kilometers per hour it did get up to around $250.00 at one stage not quite as intense but still damaging winds and we are looking at some very heavy seas flooding is likely across the eastern side of the philippines as it makes its way up towards the east of miller over the next couple of days it should then cut out into the open waters they will call russia showers there across the rest of the region into china seeing heavy showers the mill a potential all the way through malaysia running down into a good part of indonesia joining up some heavy showers that we have seen recently across the fall northeast of australia and in the northern parts of queensland particular on the coast we have seen some massive rainfall totals a month's worth of rainfall in the space of just 24 hours so sad i'm afraid it does stay wet here as you go through the next couple of days more heavy rain for choose day and wednesday.
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from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in full. focus h.n. i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry aki with no host and no limitations the pandemic actually exposed the injustice in our society to as my town and. in hospitality we have protected these men who are violent and bully a few d.a.p. unscripted on al-jazeera.
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reporter jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour russian state media says kremlin critic alexina vonnie is being transferred to a hospital for prisoners earlier the e.u. foreign policy chief said russia is responsible for the volley and must provide them with medical care the u.s. has warned of consequences if not on the dies in prison these in the 3rd week of a hunger strike. india's capital region of delhi will be under a week long curfew for monday night as the country battles are called surging infections really 274000 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours and more than 1600 deaths u.k. prime minister barak's johnson has just counseled a visit to india that had been planned for next week. a band political party in pakistan has released 11 police officers and 2 cost it's true protests on sunday police had earlier raided the offices of the leg which led to violent protests that
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killed 3 people. ok let's go back to the breaking news out of russia state t.v. is reporting that kremlin critic alexina vonnie is being transferred to a hospital for prisoners bernard smith is live for us in moscow but it does give us an idea 1st of all of what we're being told about alexina volley rob has been transferred to a hospital for the prison service it's about 80 to 100 kilometers or so away from the prison where he was ordinarily when he was previously serving his sentence now the prison service says he's being treated by prison doctors of course his own doctors have not been allowed access to him although he does have the right according to the russian penal code but he has not been allowed to seize a doctor's prison services say that providing sufficient medical care for him and
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that today he started receiving victim in therapy at his own consent alexina volley had until now only been drinking water his wife had said. that he had lost a lot of weight she said he had difficulty speaking and over the weekend his allies it said his life was hanging by a thread but he has agreed it seems according to the previous prison service to undergo this victim in therapy and this is a couple of days ahead of wednesday's planned call for nationwide protests in major russian cities to support alexei in the valley the same day that earlier on in the day of ultimate putin will give his state of the union address both of those very much indeed for bringing us up to date in that situation in moscow. or cuba's governing communist party's meeting this week to select its new
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leadership and policies the government under increasing pressure is especially from younger generations to make reforms there is a bow as war. and the land that stuck in the past that's the feeling people like i will mesa have had about cuba for many years. he's a cookin have anna and estoppel leaving in the government's so-called reforms. if there's no radical change in the system there is no way out there has to be a different way of thinking if not then i'll have to see how i skate displace i've been a cook for 10 years and because of the pandemic we have no work. with the social reforms over the past decade including the expansion of internet access have strengthened cuban civil society and many are now daring to speak out. small protests have cropped up despite tight control by authorities. cuba is in
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the middle of an economic crisis both because of the pandemic that's her tourism but also continuing and crippling u.s. sanctions this week the government announced it is loosening a decades old ban on slaughter of cattle and sale of beef and dairy ranchers will be allowed to do as they wish with their livestock after meeting state. says this will allow him to increase productivity what on this is sent out for 60 years we did not have the right to eat an animal however as long as i comply with the regulations that are now being imposed on me by the state this opens up an opportunity it will also enhance and increase the production of cattle in the country. but economy say much more needs to happen for the country to get on the road to recovery by the atlanta government but that the measures need to have a big impact and they need to happen now to help develop the country put an end to
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be or ocracy i believe the new measures can be implemented and vietnam is an example of what we could become it's a country that has a communist party leading and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world you have to enter the world buckets and reform the economy. people like i will miss her believe only political change can bring about radical reforms and that's why he continues to look for a future outside the island where he believes he'll be able to fulfill the dreams he says he's denied at home. and. plays in brazil have voted illegal parties and sell polo as the country sees record daily cover 19 deaths and a new dangerous strain on the offices close down venues and detained party goers was part of a special task force to enforce a social distancing in the past while the sub par the police have been cracking down on hundreds of secret parties. when countries in latin america received their
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1st batch of vaccines in december there was hope it would help and the pandemic there but 4 months later death and infection rates in some countries have reached record levels the reports from oneness areas were vaccination programs have barely got going. another 800000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine have arrived in argentina they're part of the world health organizations culverts program designed to ensure they reach all corners of the globe yet they are you me martha i need from today we'll be working to distribute this lake suspects to the different places that need it we're working as fast as possible and trying to speed up the distribution process. there led to the more than 6000000 doses already here in the country of 42000000 where infections are again reaching record levels it's not enough. it's also a long way short of the promises made by the previous health minister back in
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february you know that the modern m. and with the vaccine agreements we have reached by the actions we are taking we estimate that in august or september we will have vaccinated all arjan time for one in a position to be vaccinated. he later resigned in the corruption scandal the elderly and vulnerable and some key workers are being vaccinated but most are still asking when this will arrive they should have been here today receiving their vaccines but there aren't enough they're simply not arriving in sufficient numbers in the meantime the only other way to contain the virus a further lockdown measures and to keep waiting patiently. health workers in mexico are among the 1st to be vaccinated back in december optimistic then about a future that is still not arrived on the land we're going to buy there over the vaccine will be of great help in reducing the deaths that we health workers have there is no space in hospitals and so i think this is a good opportunity. there is
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a similar picture across much of latin america more than 25000000 people have been infected and 800000 have died the list of 4000000 vaccine doses of arrived in colombia half a 1000000 each and believe you're in ecuador in just 250000 in venezuela where health workers have been protesting but. our fight is to call for vaccines needed the government nor the president have pity for the people let the vaccines in give us protective equipment and hospitals so that there are no more deaths in the world health organization says that for the vaccines to be effective at least 70 percent of the population must be covered. one of the few success stories in the region is chile where more than half the population has received at least one dose meanwhile the rest of latin america in jaws yet more lock down measures and continues to wait for the vaccines to arrive. and there are 01 osiris
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. officials from saudi arabia and iran have held diplomatic talks this month in an effort to ease tensions the cut ties 5 years ago after saudi arabia's execution of a shia cleric which spawned violence against its embassy in tehran the recent talks were held in iraq in early april and are reported to have included discussions about attacks from yemen into saudi arabia by iran backed with the rebels so it is quoted in the report say discussions also focused on lebanon's political vacuum and concerns among some gulf states about the influence of hezbollah in the region mark fitzpatrick is a former united states deputy assistant secretary of state he says joe biden's to retreat from the middle east is pushing saudi arabia to take matters into its own hands. well this is a very good step you know the saudis have been wanting the united states to carry their water for them they've been demanding
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a seat at the table in the talks with iran to restore the j.c. way but now they have their own table set directly with iran and you know i don't think they're going to resolve their differences overnight these are very complex issues but it's a good start the iraq on saudi rivalry has been playing out in many places in the middle east but most of this is leaked in yemen where you know iran doesn't have to be there but they like to make trouble for the saudis and the way to just stop that troublemaking is to talk directly and to try to persuade iran to stop sending missiles for example to it's a rebel allies i think the united states will be quite happy that the saudis and iran are talking i'm sure that the by an administration has been recommending to its saudi partners that they really should take the initiative and talk directly
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with iran and you know that the fact that the united states is seen as pulling back from the middle east and pulling out of afghanistan for example is a is a reason why the saudis really have to take matters into their own and they can't rely on the united states and huge fun keep tons of average large parts of table months on the slopes above the millions neighborhood down in flames more residential areas a threatened cape town university has been evacuated fires often break out in this part of south africa during periods of drought. 12 of europe's biggest football clubs say they'll launch a breakaway super league 6 english teams including liverpool chelsea and both manchester science have agreed to join european giants real madrid barcelona and demand as will also play in the league the owners of the clubs are being accused of a power grab football governing bodies of fifa and you
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a 5 have threatened legal action to cut the problem having is the be in sports correspondent in italy and he says the proposed european super league is all about money. it's a time where the football. not only to bring people together. but it is especially one of the biggest industries in the wall of the making the most of the revenues possibly the biggest entertainment. factor the way the. cinema but the feeling is that. the people who thought that using it that at the moment saw the owners of the club but no one wants much much more the 11 year olds . that on that me obviously have exposed them to march and possibly they have believed that all the possibilities for many years so they want much more money and they want it now and these projects are. well out of funding their clubs
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is open 8 more than this project thing than i you just lie since the very beginning and what we have thought your book you have a slice of 3 and let the 50 medium or all those just for subscribing to this part. this isn't to say that these are the top stories now.


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