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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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what happens when an island built the tourist suddenly has no visiting. when he travels to bali to find out. just 0. 0. 00 i maryam namazie you know with the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. israeli air strikes hit a residential block in the heart of gaza at least 30 palestinians have now been killed including 10 children. throughout the day rockets have been fired at israel from gaza with some reaching tel aviv 4 israeli women have been
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killed also coming up on the program a teenager opens fire to school in the russian city of cazan killing at least 9 most of them students and dozens of dead bodies float down the ganges river is india's coronavirus crisis right his own. and have all the sports tennis star rafael nadal says he's still not sure whether he will take part in this summer's olympic games in tokyo. welcome to the program of course our top story calls for international the escalation of israel and palestinian armed groups have ramped up their attacks on each other the most intense exchange of fire since 2014.
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an israeli as strike brought down a residential tower block in gaza city the israeli army says it informed residents of the tower to evacuate before it was targeted it says hamas has an office inside this building well this was the view on the ground as the tower fell. the. rescue workers a searching for survivors by flashlight now that of course it's night there no word yet on casualties across the strip the health ministry is saying at least 30 people have been killed in the past 24 hours that figure includes 10 children or algis there is a ghalia how much spoke to us earlier on from the site where the building collapsed in gaza was so what to bill out of. israel bombed this tower block and it was completely flattened off to being bombed it has been
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turned into a heap of rubble as you can see this doesn't mean that the israeli attack on gaza has stopped they are still continuing and of course civilians and families are the ones that suffer in north gaza there has been a bump oddments of the police headquarters and most of the injured people all of them were civilians they included a woman and children and they have been taken to the indonesian hospital in the north of the gaza strip. well goals are has been under fire from israeli as strikes throughout the day israel says it sent 80 jets to bomb gaza and tanks have also massed close to the fence dividing the strip from israel funerals have also been held for some of the victims including an 11 year old boy who was killed monday. the. 2 rockets from a drone hit the top of my home 15 to 2 minutes later the barracks nearest were good after that were done bombing the barracks the israeli army told me to go back home . they kill and there was no one to make the amounts of fort the whole world is
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watching it doesn't matter if they kill a child or a woman there is no want to hold them accountable for it therefore doesn't matter if they kill a child well a palestinian group hamas meanwhile says that they fired more than $130.00 rockets towards tel aviv this is israel's 2nd largest city and its economic capital. is going to cause a lot of. this is the moment one of those rockets hit a bus in the hall on one of the city's southern suburbs one woman who has been killed there now police say another was killed in rishon let's see on just south of tel aviv air raid sirens have been ringing out across the city with residents taking cover and then another 2 women were also killed in the israeli city of ashkelon just north of gaza that was earlier on in the day so in a moment will cross to carry forth that he's following developments in southern israel let's 1st be to suffer what a cahoot who is in gaza and we've been seeing an escalation in military activity
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there with the a tower block just 20 meters from the al-jazeera office being being very much the focus tell us more about what's been happening. so argue as you could see in the coming of this building. we are all waiting to see the end of this building after the israelis the fired 3 warning rockets and after they have informed those who are normally staying or working in the building to leave if the vacuum wait tens of families living in the nearby also they had to leave their homes because the destruction of this building could also hit another nearby or next buildings before that. is just totally destroyed the building which is 14 floor residential building tens of families now
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are in the seats in addition to those who also live next to the building and or their homes have been damaged. we have the speeches of the israeli prime minister or hamas leader honey. from the speeches we can get the conclusion that there will be more escalation in the coming hours and that there is there is no successful mediation so far the minister of health in gaza say that the number of. casualties raised to 30 people killed including a woman and 10 children and more than 200 people injured and going reilley air strikes just a few minutes ago there was an israeli air strike in gaza city where there's a raid on hit one of the cars we don't have still more information about who is the
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target but we also could we are receiving information from different parts of the gaza strip that there are other air strikes hitting or targeting different targets including the areas including some military or sick. unity bases that belong to the palestinian armed groups. as we know in this time of the year especially and the end of ramadan. people are usually deployed in the streets and to buy the needs for a end of ramadan and for the feast should be either tomorrow or the day after but now gaza streets are totally empty all of the people are staying home because also there are no shelters that there is no proper war infrastructure for gazans to stay and so the only solution for the people here is to stay home and to wait for
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for their distant as they call it. most of the population here are really frustrated because adding to the difficulties of 50 years of israeli siege. that resulted or that caused unemployment damage the humanitarian infrastructure including health system education water sewage and other life so this scale ation also could lead to more humanitarian crises adding to the 10s of the families now who are who are who will find themselves in the streets because we were also informed that there are 2 other buildings that were informed evacuated by the israeli army we we don't have more information about either they are going really to destroy them or not but what we know that this building in front of our office had been warned with 3 drone rockets and could be bombed any time. ok
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thank you very much stuff what i was reporting to us there from the gaza strip where it was saying there is a tower block just 20 meters from the office that the expectation is that that will be the target of the next strike well speaking a little bit earlier on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said blood is on the hands of hamas hamas servo judge hamas and the islamic jihad will pay a heavy price for their aggressiveness the blood is on their hands we're standing united against this said to me we pray for the safety of those who got hurt and stand behind the israeli defense forces and security forces. let's go live now to harry forsett who's in southern israel near gaza what have you been seeing at the border in the past few hours harry. well we saw the very very large barrage among other things coming out from gaza in the direction of
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tel aviv and i think we have to emphasize just how big a moment that that was in the story of this escalation so far it's not something that we saw on the scale in any of the wars since 2008 the 3 wars between israel and hamas in gaza and it is delivered a real shock to the system for the israeli people and certainly the israeli government that the statement that you saw there came from benjamin netanyahu he was accompanied by the defense minister benny gantz and the head of the internal security agency shin bet and their words weren't particularly. that they didn't really address that the sheer scale of what had taken place but the fact that they all came out so soon afterwards does suggest that there is a recognition that this is a major moment in this confrontation we've also seen military hardware being moved around here about 5 kilometers north of the gaza border we've seen tanks and other
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tracked vehicles being taken in on flatbed lorries there are others in the trees beyond that we can hear as well that is something that does regularly happen when there are escalations like this but the sheer nature of this one and the warnings that are coming from the israeli government that this is going to be continuing for some time as suff what was just saying suggests that any attempts at mediation at the moment. look like they will prove fruitless if they are even indeed ongoing in any meaningful way because we are seeing from the israeli actions and we've seen from this these 2 large barrages of rockets coming out from gaza during the course of the day that both sides seem to be set on a on a path that is taking us in a in a. very dangerous direction yes for now they seem to be becoming more entrenched and there is
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a need to move more in the direction of escalation certainly before perhaps any mediation by egypt or any other party takes place and so harry also always you speaking about what's been happening in gaza and also how massing that they fired over 100 rockets into israel direction through the course of the day and 4 women have been killed. yes that's right there were 2 separate instances where hamas and the armed factions inside gaza fired huge numbers of rockets in a very short few minutes and that seemed to be. a deliberate way of trying to overcome the israeli iron dome interceptor system that the sheer concentration of fire meaning that a proportion of those got through and there were direct hit sustained both in ashkelon in the afternoon there were 2 women killed and then again in this very
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large barracks that came after the destruction of that tower block in gaza again 2 women killed one in whole on one in rishon at sea on and there is also and there are more. there are more loud explosions going on in the background now as well as what is happening here on the gaza envelope and indeed in the in the area of central israel around tel aviv in terms of the the rockets we should also mention what's been happening in palestinian israeli towns and in mixed jewish arab towns especially the town of lloyd in central israel where on the previous night there were disturbances and protests and violence and a jewish resident killed he fired on and killed. a palestinian man tonight there have been more protests and disturbances there have been jewish cars set alight 156 year old jewish man was injured quite
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seriously with a stone throwing attack on his car there is the real prospect of into calming all the violence that has already been watching or another intercept to going out now that has already been ongoing that it could spread the mayor of lloyd calling on the prime minister benjamin netanyahu to send in troops into his city to restore order and indeed in the last few minutes benjamin tweeted to that effect saying that he is going to redeploy elements of the border police force which is what israel calls that the security forces that it use it uses in the in the west bank mainly the occupied west bank they are going to be redeployed into an israeli town the town of lod because of the concerns about the levels of violence already on the streets there ok thank you very much from southern israel are a force that following development and i'm now joined via skype from tel aviv by akiva eldar a senior political journalist and author who co-wrote the bestselling book lords of
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the land the war of israel settlement in the occupied territories and obviously there's so much context and background to what is happening now difficult to look at it in isolation from everything else but of course one of the things is this is this deep political crisis in israel particularly around the prime minister benjamin netanyahu it does the prime minister want an all out confrontation with hamas. well in the best case he didn't do his best to prepare to prevent did. since he's been in office for such a long time. he knows what it means for the palestinians to throw grenades into the lock some was. to put roadblocks in enough loose gate during the scene in the
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the muslim holiday the worst case hamas is going exactly what he wants you could see him together today which is the pentagon's like 2 his bestie his best friend for after a very long time that 2 they could hardly talk to each other we don't hear any more about the coalition negotiations between yield up beads and months who are boss from the islamic movement i'm sure that this is the last thing that he wants. and some of us know is to 1 shake hands with him it is of defense who is sending the israeli air force to strike going to see me and civilians in gaza so if you are accused of. who is gaining from this politically and personally since we don't hear all so much about netanyahu as trial
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and corruption the bottom line is that netanyahu is much is is personal and political future is much safer today than it was a week ago. and we have seen from the biden administrations and very or very moderate rhetoric as best i guess that really affected in that response in the rest the international community by not one of the how these right is likely to respond to any attempt to i.v. americans should that be want to. well to respond or to to try and get involved. i think there. is or will actually welcome it because there's nothing in it and you know was is boots undergone in gaza he knows what the price is going to be the israeli public and i can read talkbacks on the
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army's website these where he says want to see more fatalities more casualties more israeli air force striking gaza as long as they can contain the casualties and fatalities in israel we know what it takes to go into gaza it's going to be hell for all of these really so they have learned their lesson they will not go into distress so i believe that what netanyahu 2 has got what he wanted to stop the. negotiations between the change will issue headed by lobbied and bennett and 2 perhaps to gain the public support because these were really public opinion as i said will always support the army and the chief for stuff and they like the
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unity now between the time you know and that's all right thank you akiva eldar for joining us there from from tel aviv. will is well we were speaking about the political context there but of course has been reaction from palestinians as well ismail haniya senior senior leader for one man has vowed that his group will continue to defend carries them and the al aqsa mosque from the occupation a lot in a confrontation with the enemy we achieved victory in the battle of jerusalem and the defense of jerusalem when our people said no to the attack on all aqsa mosque by the settlers we have forced the occupation forces to push their extremists away from al aqsa mosque. joins us now and certainly on just we just became very about what you know the attempts to form an alternate government in israel and we're hearing that all this works in his favor but of course on the
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other side president mahmoud abbas is also the palestinians facing a lot of criticism for spawning at the perspiring elections how how does this escalation in hostilities what for the what is what is the a fallout likely to be for palestinian political leaders. well i think in the short term. the meow. could end up marginalizing the policy you know thought of too because that data center sort of is nowhere to be seen especially today when i mean as making is ultimatums he's making use threats and the missiles are flying back and forth over gaza and israel and nothing from the palestinian authority i mean the best that the bus can make a claim for is that you're to see if some sort of a note from prison by them exactly a very assuring thing considering it's by then statement right. b.s.
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there were by that statement but anyway be that as it may i think the mass bet is quite major what we've heard from many. today and in the evening it is a major escalation with israel and their arms of changing the question changing the certificate question where my house now says if israel acts in jerusalem especially i guess a lock some us that have us when accurate gives it. this is a major change of the game and netanyahu and guns would never ever accept that they would never accept. to dictate their own policy in jerusalem so i think now where are the deadlock on this question and we've seen that lead into already within 24 hours escalation of a gaza and over the southern part of israel that leads to yet another layer of complexity and violence so the question is now how long would this not just if it
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passes the next 4872 hours then what appears to be an advantage for the now could become a disadvantage if it begets more there are more and more israeli casualties and how mouse is really ready steadfast and capable of. resisting and withstanding major israeli assault on its various bases within the gaza strip all of that is still viable all about to me is to be seen and i think the situation as it is now remains fluid it could set of honey a sport risk if that the now accept implicitly how muscles conditions in jerusalem . and how mass can win more popular support if such things happen and if they now could benefit from such and nudges stu ation to have guns to his side and to have
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his competitors jail at the top of the box in and get out of making a coalition so for the time being both a strategic and a political calculus is in flux and we will see what happens the next day or 2 but as you're hearing from our correspondent in gaza earlier on it's all very i mean you know the experience that the experience of people inside gaza is is so different come. add to jerusalem and the west bank it's all very well for as mani a to seize the momentum and to try and change the narrative to but the reality is that there is just such incredible strain on the people that live in gaza and that is even before this this round of hostilities you know youth unemployment. i don't know failing sewage water contamination the whole list of problems crumbling infrastructure now the pandemic. i absolutely
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see the point you're making and many others are making a but i think also in addition there is a point that this made me a made in a speech about why the situation as it is is also unacceptable in the sense that those in the united states and other places call for restoring the peace . thought that it at that lee missed the point of what's happening in his office there is no peace to be a story that is a part of sign yes you may distort the so what quiet but that myth that he is right there is really beneath it occupation it's not a state of peace it's a state of violence it's a state don't war it is 5 decades of a state of war destruction dispossession of the present people notably those stripping in the gaza strip so here you have the most populated overpopulated
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concentration camp off by the seat of bridges over the last 50 years almost 3 generations have lived through this big prison and there is no end in sight there is no hope there's not even a glimmer of hope and as i was saying that in our previous jet netanyahu basically was walking on the footsteps of his infamous guru. that you should not give the palestinians even a glimmer of hope that the zionists are going to turn palestine into a total jewish state so what we see is really the blocking the possibility for any change it is a palestine and we've seen that specially the last few days. when one not the neo encourage the kind of escalation we've seen against is jerusalem through his
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radical fanatic. jewish zionist party 2 we've seen him veto by the stimulus actions because he will not allow the vote in is jerusalem as we've seen it in previous palestinian elections so all in all promising that the now is in fact responsible for not having some sort of a diplomatic process moving forward. and allowing gaza to be relatively free with some sort of an escalation and some sort of an opening to the west bank and for occupied east jerusalem to be also open to it's been a sting in and around the west bank and so on so forth so depend a stimulus in gaza and those who are ruling over gaza such as hamas also have a certain responsibility i would say judy not just a right a duty didn't freak or fear on violence but god that's not live has not lived for
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for the past 50 years a 2nd for the last 2 decades 3 of feet on violence so something got to give and that's why as we as we as we've been speaking throughout the evening and previous occasions there need to be a credible 3rd party rule here with with with with leverage and that's why the likes of the united states the european union russia the u.n. security council is important in this sort of equation to force the israelis stick to deal you buy a stock to nifty the siege of gaza so that the palestinians could also live in dignity and freedom in their own and other lives otherwise we would see this endless cycle of violence continue the morning after the bombings in gaza will be just like the day before the bombing of gaza ok maran thank you very much more on bashara joining us there from doha we're going to have much more on this story in
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a couple of minutes time including of course all the latest reaction to what is happening and from washington d.c. but also bringing you all the stories this hour more than 2000 migrants arrive on europe's tolls that in days and weeks putting pressure on politicians will bring you that story a new main demographic crisis for china the population growth is at its slowest the bank aids and then later on the have all the support as well as basketball star is broke. no black or distasteful and most of the titles in. how i was there got some very hot weather across central and eastern parts of europe courtesy of this clara ad that we have blue skies coming through here southerly winds drawing up some very very high temperatures temps have been
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touching the 30 degree celsius mark across parts of poland easing across into the eastern side of germany and down into austria and hungry but here's the cold air that's going to talk its way in from the west sliding in very active system this one breaking the heat with the usual sundry downpours some big and heavy showers coming through so but in falling back to around 16 cells just much closer to what it should be an 80 degrees there in vienna but it's $25.00 ahead of that in warsaw still woman off in moscow mind you around $23.00 degrees and a few showers over towards the western side of here post well across the british isles western areas of france saying some lively showers down towards the press peninsula easing across towards any sort of fronts as we go on through thursday heavy the snow easing across the alps things turning out to dry as we go into the 2nd half of the wake of a few showers there sliding the way towards the east so fun enjoy across the mediterranean lots of pleasant sunshine dry too across much of northern africa the showers continue around the gulf of guinea across much of west africa.
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most people will never know what's beyond this still. deafening silence of 100000 forms how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious or if it is not an option. but when knocked most. the world of high frequency share trading exposed by a visit engine that was basically trading it could a lost $30000000.00 it was a terrifying experience how artificial intelligence was raised the stakes and risks on the money markets these markets go from here to history we're putting up the
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possibility for instability for no. money books coming soon on al-jazeera. the you. can back our main story of a sound. sleep. in israeli air strike has leveled a residential building in gaza city the army says it informed residents of 190 talent to evacuate before it was targeted at least 30 palestinians have been killed across the strip in the past day this includes 10 children caught up in.
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the meanwhile the palestinian group hamas say they fired more than 130 rockets towards tel aviv israel 2nd largest city in the economic count battle one of those rockets hit a pass on of in one of the city's southern suburbs 4 women have been killed iraq it's in the last day. now in terms of international reaction to what is happening the u.n. security council is due to meet privately on wednesday to discuss these developments and torah wenzel and the united nations special coordinator for the middle east peace process has put out this urgent appeal and said stop the fire immediately we're escalating towards a. scale war leaders on all sides have to take the responsibility of deescalation the cost of war in gaza is devastating and is being paid by ordinary people the un is working with all sides to restore calm that was a tweet a little bit earlier will also some reaction from the u.s.
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state department they have condemned the exchange of fire secretary of state and the blinken has spoken with israel's foreign minister to reiterate a message of deescalation israel has the right to defend itself and to respond to rocket attacks the palestinian people also have the right to see 50 and security just as israelis do we are also deeply concerned about the reported loss of life in gaza and israel including the deaths of children as well as many innocent civilians injured similarly in jerusalem where they reportedly have been hundreds of palestinian palestinians injured as well as israeli police we call on all sides to exercise restraint and to exercise calm well there is mike hanna is in washington d.c. and joins us now and mike we're hearing early on in the program about president joe biden sending this letter to palestinian president mahmoud abbas who's been who has been quite silent actually since all this started we've not heard from one of the
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fast but what do we know about that the contents of that letter. well that's very much a red herring in fact that particular letter was sent a while ago for a start and also it is in no way in connection with the current escalation in violence that letter was in response to a letter from president abbas congratulating president biden on assuming the presidency so essentially that letter has nothing to do with the current situation but what you heard there from the state department was encapsulate to the biden administration's died at the present on the one hand stating that israel has a right to self-defense on the other hand saying that palestinians have the right to peace and security now since he's taken office by then there has been attempting to recalibrate the u.s. relationship with israel moving it away from that relationship that was created by the trumpet ministration in terms of which palestinian interests were all but
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totally excluded palestinians walking away from any form of negotiation following a decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem for example biden's people have been talking to the israeli counterparts in recent months and i understand as well that among those conversations were things like the eviction of people from their homes the demolition of property does not forward anybody's common interests that common interests of biden administration really. negotiations along the lines of a 2 state solution but at the same time biden walking that tightrope attempting to be equally critical of both sides in a situation where there's no real parity on the ground in terms of the sheer weight of force being deployed but very much a wait and see attitude that we are seeing from the biden administration biden we
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understand as well has been in constant touch with his national security advisors we've heard from the press secretary in the white house. that there's great concern about this escalation and echoing that call from state department to de escalate the situation as a 1st step in attempting to end this ongoing crisis and now what about for president donald trump he's been speaking about this. yes well as we know president trump her former president trump is no media platform he has issued a statement on a new forum that he's attempting to establish being highly critical of president biden in which he says that president biden's lack of support for israel is encouraging these attacks on the u.s. is closest ally as donald trump puts it clearly this is
12:37 am
a room years type of comment but at the same time donald trump proclaim himself as a president of peace and one of the casualties in this particular struggle is the moves that president trump made while he was in as president in terms of negotiating a peace deal between israel and some of its neighbors now that particular deal the abrams accord as it's called completely excluded palestinians as i mentioned but in terms of that deal countries like bahrain and other dobby signed a truce with israel now this is going to come and immense pressure as the confrontation continues to escalate so perhaps the former president of peace the diamond in his particular crown may no longer be in existence once this face of conflict is over all right thank you very much mike hanna with all the latest there in washington well meanwhile around the world people have been protesting to show
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their solidarity with the palestinians in capetown there was a launch led by members of the palestine solidarity campaign which is urging the south african parliament to adopt a boy consolations bill against israel south africa's ruling a.n.c. in the opposition f f party of condemned israeli attacks on palestinians meanwhile the palestine solidarity campaign has also been organizing demonstrations in london supporters. the british prime minister's official residence at 10 downing street they want a u.k. government to intervene and stop israel from forcibly evicted palestinians from homes in. east jerusalem. we move to some other stories now on people in the russian city of have been paying tribute to 9 people most of them children who were killed in
12:39 am
a school shooting residents have laid flowers and left candles to remember those who were killed one suspect a 19 year old has been arrested and police have opened a criminal investigation such attacks are rare in russia as andrew symonds now explains. the shock and disbelief outside a school inside a lone teenager had run shooting indiscriminately the reality had shattered teaching in the building known simply as school $75.00 unsurprisingly there was panic some of the students had brought in for cover the teachers had slammed doors shot. at least 2 students had jumped out of windows others were able to wait until emergency teams rescued. the security forces heavily armed and in large numbers arrived quickly and the rest of the suspected killer he's reported to be 19 years old and the registered gun owner it's unclear what motive
12:40 am
he had for the attack some eyewitnesses say it wasn't only gunshots that they heard i think. it was one explosion or maybe 2 it was strong we jumped up and thought it was a truck and we heard a lot and ran out. it isn't clear whether the noise was action being taken by the security forces or the attacker but there was daybreak both inside and outside the building scenes of school shootings may be always commonplace in the united states in russia they're rare and shortly after the attack came a statement from the kremlin president vladimir putin had appointed the head of the national guard to immediately look at imposing new stricter controls over the types of weapons in use by civilians how and why such an attack happened in a school that didn't even have any security is being investigated and drew simmons
12:41 am
al-jazeera. alah bodies of suspected coronavirus victims have been washing up along india's ganges river sparking fears they could spread the virus further than marvellous pradesh has reported about 100 bodies along the river some laid on the banks for up to 2 days after people alerted the authorities in neighboring bihar state another 2 dozen bodies washed ashore some medical experts on why the virus can be spread through contaminated water. well india has seen a slight dip in daily coronavirus cases but experts warn the numbers are still being undercounted or is of course a shortage of medical supply still in a new strain of the disease is also raising concerns globally as poverty metal reports. india is home to nearly half the world's cooling of ice cases during the past few weeks it has recorded hundreds of thousands of cases every day
12:42 am
but experts believe the actual figure could be much higher the 3rd is believed to be fueled by a new strain of the virus one that the world health organization is studying closely there is some available information to suggest increased transmissibility of b 1617 there is a pre-print that is out so this is a paper that has not undergone peer review in its m a limited number of patients suggesting that there is some reduced neutralization and as such we are classifying this as a variant of concern at the global level. for almost 2 weeks southern india has been seeing a huge spike in cases increasing pressure on already scarce medical supplies. people have been waiting for our was outside this medical college in chennai the queue it's horrendous to be a drug used to treat cope with 19 the large crowd and lack of social distancing
12:43 am
raising concerns if this is the case actually you've got. to live this way i don't think you will be getting any degree. in fact i feel like i'm infected now i've come to collect from my mother and the dog and i feel now i'm infected and i don't know what to do. cities including mumbai and new delhi which have seen a dip in cases of continuing to ramp up health care facilities even with international aid coming in supplies of medicines and oxygen a falling short of what is needed but makeshift facilities like this one at the sick temple in new delhi proving to be a lifeline for patients. with 250 beds this temporary multi-purpose care center is equipped with oxygen concentrator cylinder and ambulances the doctors and nurses have been provided by the delhi government an i.c.u. bed is also available if needed all amenities are free for the patients. so
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being others in the time of need is an oblong everyone is scared in the last way more scared although this one is more brutal in the last piece people who are hesitant in going near their family members. as experts warn of a potential 3rd wave of covert 19 some are making advance preparations to try to ensure they're not caught off guard again. al-jazeera. more than 2000 migrant. so arrived on the telly an island of lampedusa on several overcrowded fishing boats in recent days this is the biggest migrant landing there this year and it's putting pressure on european leaders to revise immigration policies. diane has more. up until a few days ago this migrant shelter on lampedusa was empty now it's overcrowded
12:45 am
with people sleeping outside its doors more than 2000 migrants have arrived on the italian island after and during one of the most dangerous journeys between the north african coast and europe. were hoping for calmer winds here on the island are kept in or dock a quarantine ship for about $800.00 migrants then they will be transferred they have already been tested recovered 19. more than 11000 migrants have landed on lampedusa so far this year a significant jump from the same period in 2021 there were about 4000 and experts believe more are on the way the european union is bracing for a rise in my right numbers and it's calling on member states to help several boats coming but we're talking about manageable numbers to the rational and agreed mechanism this would be very manageable in our opinion. thousands of people are fleeing poverty and cause that in their own countries but they are not always
12:46 am
welcomed here that mattel salvini leader of italy's right wing league party says italy can cope with the influx selvi any who is facing trial in sicily for refusing to allow migrants to disembark in 2019 is demanding a meeting with prime minister mario draghi to discuss migration policies. italy is a main entry point for europe bohn migrants that sesame to that are more than half a 1000000 people have a rival since 2015 the thousands have died on the way with the international organization for migrants the estimating more than $600.00 in the mediterranean this year so far i've. had the chance to talk to some of those who have arrived in the last hour as they show signs of torture words fractious what they enjoy during the journey is terrible inhuman unacceptable this can't be the way for them to come they hope for a better life in europe but for these migrants their journey appears to be far from
12:47 am
over. al-jazeera. now if you live here is saying the majority of those killed in a massacre integrity region last year will fight as a not civilians as reported by rights groups officials have presented new findings relating to a mass killing in the city of axum in november they said forces from neighboring eritrea killed 93 people the majority of whom will fight as with the 2 great people's liberation front. now china's population is growing at its slowest pace since the 1950 s. with falling births and a rapidly aging population once in a decade census revealed that the population grew by war than 5 percent or 1410000000 people but as katrina a year reports from beijing experts predict that number will start to decline in the next 5 years. wong surely it is 44 and looks forward to retiring at the age of 50 but she may need to wait
12:48 am
a little longer the chinese government is set to raise the age of retirement by at least 5 years just one of the policy changes expected in response to the country's rapidly aging society. i couldn't accept a my retirement have been delayed much longer i was very concerned why i heard this news according to the results of a once in a decade census china's population is growing and growing at its slowest pace in decades since 2010 expanded by 5.38 percent to 1410000000 people falling short of the government target of 1.42 adults say china is facing a demographic time bomb and the numbers may be lowered the point it. is 24000000 babies were born every year last year the figure was 12000000 even if you believe his number is less than half of what it was the workforce is declining
12:49 am
quickly and china is losing its economic vitality the population is expected to shrink as early as 2022 this will impact china's ability to compete with other countries tyler's labor force will lose an estimated 35000000 workers over the next 5 years people are also living longer putting immense pressure on china's pension and health system almost 20 percent of the population of earth at the age of 60 china's aging prices may burst by the slowing birth rate families i haven't seen which. despite government efforts to boost the birth right and the one top post what's still the rising cost of living is one but not the only reason women are having fewer children their real problem is actually the long term career are there is. really so sure arrangement or government supports or women with children and how their career should be rebooted the government is under pressure
12:50 am
to abandon child limits all together some say it's too late populations in china's northeast are already shrinking beijing is focusing on what it says are positive changes increased urbanization and high levels of education it's dismissed claims it's said to speak is are inaccurate. except that policy changes are coming but hopes workers like her will end up better and not worse off katrin e.u. al-jazeera beijing. still ahead on the program all the way to sports news could we finally have a time in a place one of his biggest ever fights. all
12:51 am
12:52 am
the time out of all the sport with santa. thank you very much merriam always thought football matches the city of the new english premier league champions some fans have been gathering outside the stadium to celebrate citi field the title off to 2nd place majesty united lost 21 against leicester city it means that pep guardiola side have an unsaleable lead at the top of the table this is city's the league title in 4 seasons on mentions to city of course then to the european champions league final where they'll face chelsea well there's some uncertainty about what the game will happen with portugal being discussed as a new location to a place istanbul porto stadium is an option for the old english title decider with lisbon also possibility porto were in the league action on monday securing
12:53 am
a $51.00 win over. or the match could still be played that england's at wembley stadium but tournament organize a believe portugal is an easy a country for sponsors and broadcasters to access istanbul's attitude stadium and no longer appears to be viable after the u.k. government told english fans not to travel to turkey due to a new virus restrictions. no the whole point of the year period finalist getting away but now i get it i'm damn right and the fact that i stand will not come out until next week a state just because specter before was a country sent home to look down 6 at your set to take care of cows and official support that possibly support is it just could be a catastrophe republican perspective it needs to be made that's the u.k. i think the states. now are coming towards the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan during which many athletes have been balancing fasting with the demands of
12:54 am
their sport english premier league has been encouraging the match officials to allow players that to break their fast during games as required lest is that wesley for fun was given the chance to do just that had during this game versus southampton well we spoke to professor carry him somebody from a cutter has asked sports hospital about the importance of high profile players that talking publicly about their approach to fasting. was it for fun on this day this on his social media said i was very happy that during the game the referee loaned me a few minutes to replenish with water and fluids and from that time there has been a vivid reaction in the media's and i learned that the f.a.a. in england now is advising all the referees to just check before their games if they are muslim players when the game is played around sunset and discuss eventually to stop the game and allow the players to break their fast and 3 or 4
12:55 am
days ago i was watching english premier league because i'm a fan of football and i saw a better i'm not one of the players taking a break to replenish and it was a side of the pitch eating and drinking this took him 20 to 30 seconds not a big deal in this some muslim minority countries even the coaches and the doctors around the players don't know basic things about your garden so when you are a technical staff when you're a medical staff. supporting the athletes and the players you get 1st your words because us could have a jessica effect on the players if you say you know in to experiment on 2 incomes so what what would we do with the whole group if there were peace fasting or what will we do in the korean men and i lee ann and paul who are fasting you know are ready launching negative effects. says he's not sure whether he'll compete
12:56 am
at the tokyo olympics which begins in july spaniels comments follow japanese tennis tosk initial korean nami osaka questioning whether the games can be organized safely because of the pandemic that all himself has won him pick a gold once in his career back in 2008 is currently preparing for his opening match at the italian open on wednesday. i don't know yet. honestly i can't. give you a clear answer because i don't know and i don't know my calendar. he normal walt i will never think about missing all impacts of course there's no doubt about that everybody knows how important have been for me always play well in peaks and this is. my the no let's see what's going on in the next couple of months. anthony joshua's promoter says that the heavyweight unification
12:57 am
fight against tyson fury will take place in saudi arabia this august owns 3 1st of the world title and beat and u.s. in saudi to regain those belts in 2019 on beaten w.b.c. champion fury is yet to confirm if he's agreed to the deal. bus cable star russell westbrook has set a new n.b.a. record the washington wizards flare has just called to his 182nd korea triple double westbrook had 28 points 13 rebounds and 21 assists was breaking oscar robertson's 47 year old record who was it still came up short in this game against the atlanta hawks losing by 1.125 to 124. and that's all his fault for mandy about to marry him in london all right thank you very much sanna we're going to bring you all the latest from the israel on the occupied territories very shortly going to be live in gaza and in southern israel
12:58 am
also analysis on developments there so you can have it. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a al-jazeera read the news and current affairs that matter to you. how to steer. cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be at work and how it's cultivated a contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into agribusiness and the conflicting interests that play industry doesn't want any regulation interest want to put their products
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the defiant joint. part of the fans who make football series on al-jazeera. play an important role ringback. israeli as strikes hit a residential block in the heart of gaza at least $32.00 palestinians have now been killed this includes 10 children. and throughout the day rockets have also been fired at israel from gaza with some reaching tel aviv at least 3 women have now been killed.


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