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[000:00:00;00] ah, al jazeera ever construction ah, its dark and tragic day. searching for survivors in apartment building collapses ne, miami, in florida, leaving nearly 100 people missing. ah . the whole rom, watching all their life, my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes. not well, can you lead us reject a proposal to meet with russia's president saying it would send
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a bad message. we have a do the us president tales, the bipartisan agreement to 6 the nation's infrastructure. but the trillion dollar plan and maybe far from a done deal, the skies the limits, the u. s. company that's promising to take humans to the edge of space and the tri county balloon. ah welcome to the rescue work as a searching for nearly 100 people who was still missing. after an apartment building collapsed in florida, at least one person was killed when part of the 12 story building in surfside near miami, gave way and fell to the ground on thursday cream. her dad has moved from miami. it took just seconds for about half of the 12 story beach for an apartment block to
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come crashing down. most residents inside were sleep at the time i just sudden collapsed sparked a frantic search for survivors. some like this, young boy were pulled to safety while one woman reportedly needed her leg amputated to free her from directed. a massive search and rescue is under way. and we know that we're going to do everything we can possibly do to identify and rescue those who have been trapped in the rebel. more than 80 firefighter unit to call to the scene as nervous fam members and neighbors and friends stood by help in the whole morning, calling them not started just trying to ring their cell phone as much as we can either. i mean, to help the rescue just to see if they could hear her cell phone, but we have no clue right now. we're just waiting on everybody else. an entire community is now in
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a state of grief and shock officials and falling tears at this family reunification center. i've been doing everything in their power to help those looking for their loved ones, but many are bracing for more bad news. built in 1981, the champ plane tower south is home to mostly families, and so called snowbirds residents who spend their winter months in florida. the us president joe biden has been in contact with local officials and says, help is on the way. we are ready to move from the federal resources immediately, immediately about 80 of the buildings. 136 units were reportedly occupied. and while it's unclear how many people are inside at the time, the death toll is expected to rise. a problem in the building has literally pancake is heartbreaking because it does it mean to me that we're going to be successful as successful as we would want to be to find people alive? it's not yet known what caused the collapse authority scene investigation is
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underway. but that won't call the nerves of family members desperately holding onto hope their loved ones are found to live cattie and had that. i'll just see it. miami, florida. colorado is a structural engineer, inspection for the national council of structural engineers that he explains what investigators should be looking for. the priority for those engineers on site right now will be to help understand the stability of the structure in its current state . so that the rescue and recovery operations can be conducted safely as they move forward. as those investigators turn their focus. ready from rescue and recovery to assessment and understanding, they will begin to look for the evidence that is the look for that underlying cause or causes. and i think it will be critical to understand that there probably is not
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a single cause of this type of class. we need to understand the different issues design, maintenance, age changes. we have a portion of the tower. ready remaining standing of the buildings are, are built in different phases, different even though they are done at the same time. the construction is sequence, perhaps the sequence this. ready allows us to have more comfort or competence that the remaining portion does have stability. but it's going to be very, very cautiously approach as rescuers go into even the person that standing who it is in fact standing. but we need to understand as we go into that, the nature of what is left behind. the e leaders have rejected gemini, and francis proposal to hold talks with russia. vladimir putin, some member states, expressed concern about what they call moscow's aggression, saying both changes behavior,
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latasha butler reports. it was clearly going to be attend that you summit improper leaders arrived divided over the blocks relations with russia. the german chancellor and french present won't be you to the summit with russia as a set to building ties that if deteriorated since moscow illegally annexed crimea in 2014. and was assumed that we take responsibility for wanting this dialogue, which is necessary for the stability of the european continent. but we will be demanding because we won't give up our values or our interests. i think that this is the right method. we cannot remain in a purely reactive stones when it comes to russia. last week, us president joe biden met with vladimir putin in geneva. but the idea of rolling out the red carpet for the russian president, infuriated eastern european leaders and others who regard russia as
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a threat. the kremlin understands power politics. the kremlin does not understand a free confessions as a sign of strength of the talks on russia. the last in the early hours, the friday latest into breed, with summit left the door open to possible cooperation with moscow on the areas of common interest including climate change. the sun will slunk before we spoke about russia. it was not an easy discussion, but there was no agreement today on an immediate need of meeting. i would have preferred, boldest step forwards, but this is good to and we will continue to work together. one kind of 19 leaders promised to coordinate more closely as concerns grow over variance and the built prepared the launcher, kind of it's certificate to ease you travel. they also talked about more cooperation with turkey, an extra funds anchored to extend the 2016 you turkey migration packed l g
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b t q rides would initially on the agenda. but leaders included them in protest out of traversal new law from member state hungry bands. content on homosexuality and gender change on gary and lead a victim o bond said the law aims to protect children. but other leaders remained unconvinced. eating people must feel free on the basis of sexuality, skin, color, gender, whatever. based on article 2 of the founding treat to the european union, which is non negotiable, or get out of this some it's likely to be anglo merkel. last, before she stepped down as german chancellor, her 1st to use some, it was in 2005. not all of our policies have been supported and you circle, but few have doubted her commitments, the european project. natasha butler. i'll just sarah paris. the russia has warned it'll target for warships that test its territorial claims in waters of crime, in that fall as the 10s confrontation in the black sea. on wednesday,
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the kremlin says at 5 warning shots as a british war ship that entered its waters, the u. k. and since it was acting legally, jonah ho has the story. the you case ambassador to russia arriving at the foreign ministry in moscow for a diplomatic dressing down the activities of a british royal navy destroyer in the black sea. on wednesday i had been provocative and dangerous. the ambassador was told, if repeated britain would be held fully responsible for the consequences. these are russian pictures showing russia, says h m. s. defenders straying into russia waters of crimea while on maneuvers in the black sea line, wire your branches the course. i'll divide that warning from the russian coast guard recorded by media board. h m. s. defend was followed, says russia by shops fired, and bombs dropped into the destroyers, part one truck and right to load. it's an account entirely
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disputed by the u. k. side. predictably inaccurate was how foreign secretary dominick rob described it, saying no shots had been fired at the royal navy vessel. written says a russian naval exercise was underway near by at the time. and the prime minister denied a timid defender had ever entered russian waters. we don't recognize the russian annexation of crimea, that it was illegal. these are ukrainian waters and it was entirely tiny, right? to, to use them for me to be that's something russia will not concede you could you prostate, anybody that say this in the event of the repeat of this unacceptable provocative action. if those actions go to for no option, can be ruled out to legally defend russia's board. and so i need as a quantization for grand nutrition, heated and potentially dangerous rhetoric between the 2 sides, differing accounts tailored perhaps for
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a domestic audience. it's not the cold war as bars, johnson was quick to point out, but relations are pretty. i see all the same jona whole al jazeera. at least 15 people have been arrested by palestinian police during protests and the occupied westbank. tegan senseng grenades were thrown into clouds in ramallah. protesters took to the streets following the death of an activist and outspoken, critic of present mahmoud abbas nissan, but not died on that. they have to be arrested and beaten by palestinian authority . security. both is that he accused the p, a of human rights violations, and called on western nations to cut off aid to the group. the group of us republican and democratic senators has announced a deal outlining how to spend more than a trillion dollars on infrastructure. the plan hailed by president jo bye would include upgrading roads, bridges, and highways result clear if it'll get enough support in the full senate while then jordan has will from washington d. c. after weeks of congressional negotiations,
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president joe biden said on thursday, the american public is about to get what it needs. hundreds of billions of dollars in new and necessary infrastructure spending. we had a really good meeting and that's your direct question. we have a do bite and had one congress to approve a 4 trillion dollar package to boost the u. s. economy and improve americans quality of life. instead, he and congressional negotiators have agreed on a plan worth about a trillion dollars on the list, expanding high speed internet connections nationwide. increasing the use of solar wind and hydro electric power, and fixing everything connected to transportation, both on the water and on land. that money can't come soon enough. just on wednesday a pedestrian bridge collapsed and washington d. c. 6 people were injured. and a new report says,
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iowa has more bridges in poor condition than any other state. the bridge is about $3000000.00 bridge to replace. my annual allocation is about 308000. what's not in this deal. money for expanded child care programs, education and green energy programs, issues, democrats say, must be addressed. but negotiators also said that's the definition of compromise. this will lead to more efficiency in our economy, higher productivity, more economic growth. this is about the long term. and we are delighted to go back to the hill and begin earning more support from republicans and democrats to get this bill across the finish line. the negotiator have a lot of work to do. many democrats say if they can't pass a separate bill covering key social services and environmental programs 1st, they will reject the bite and deal republicans object to increasing taxes on the
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wealthy and businesses in order to pay for all the programs as well as hiring more . i r s workers to catch tax cheats. job i might have been able to cut a deal with a few legislators now comes the hard part. getting the rest of congress on board. rosalyn jordan al jazeera washington. both philip had held out there. it has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, but the surgeon case in chile is raising questions about the effectiveness effectiveness of chinese vaccines. and it's brutal but popular weak a rare access to the world of mexican cock fighting schools. battling but future stories of the bright ah well, the loud weather in the us at the moment in the plane states in the midwest,
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it's quietly hot. they further northwest, particularly up in idaho, washington, oregon, and across the boulder and british columbia. where attempts to this sort are not normally seen. so you have so for example, 36 in kamloops with approaching record values might even reach those records in vancouver. the record stands about $30.00. we've got a forecast for 30, for the next 3 days with a heat wave voting vancouver and a good part of british columbia. but as i said, the loud when the thunderstorms on the central plains states and running thickly through the great lakes, chicago is a focus because that rains going to be waiting in and out. it's the whole straight line disappearing eastwards. it just doesn't want to move the humidity producing an awful lot of rain down in florida, but i think locally flash floods are equally or more likely. and for example, chicago on saturday, saturday night, especially, and sunday things improve from monday, who the go for mexico in the caribbean is particularly wet time, the at the moment daily showers or persistent right and off the coast of mexico
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near acapulco. a hint of a circulation. we have one of these a week or so ago said look, particularly wet in that part of mexico. the into 1020 new york city was the global at the center of death. and in this, from the corona virus. like many cities, the panoramic has altered, the metropolis is very fabric. hundreds of thousands have fled the celebrated concrete jungle. those who remain know that restoring it's my policy will be easy. people empower us whether the city can bounce back to its former glory. saving new york on i just
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i a welcome back. you're watching out there with me. so from the reminder of all top stories, at least one person has died and nearly 100 others are missing in florida. as part of a beach front apartment building collapse, the miami rescue workers have dozens of survivors from the rubble. also, your leaders have rejected germany and frances proposal to hold talks with russia, blacksmith suited chance angler, myrtle admitted it was a difficult decision. as eastern european leaders expressed concern of what they called moscow's aggressions and russia has warned the united kingdom, it will target any foreign warships testing it, have a tauriel claims in the waters off crimea. it follows the 10th compensation of the black seal. wednesday. russia says a british warship entered its territorial candidates,
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prime minister says the country must learn from its past after the discovery of more than 750 unmarked graves. the canadian 1st nations groups say they were found at the sight of a wilma residential school for indigenous children is the 2nd such discovery in less than a month. same bas robbie reports for canada's indigenous people. it's another tragic but not unexpected moment. less than a month after the remains of $215.00 children were found in british columbia. more unmarked graves uncovered at another catholic residential school in sketch. one province. we started our radar, penetrating research on june. the 2nd of 2021. as of yesterday, we have a hit 751 unmarked graves. one survivor said indigenous
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people were labeled heathens by the catholic church. and nuns told the children, they didn't have souls. 8 years old and i went to boarding school down there. i had, i was taken by my parents to go at that time. if the parents didn't want to allow their children to go to boarding school, one of them has to go to jail when order to keep the family together. we went to boarding school, they brought us there. we stayed there. first nations leaders in canada are now demanding the pope apologize for atrocities committed against them in the name of the catholic church and help them identify their dead country wide protests. vandalized churches calls by activists to cancel canada day. all part of the fall out. earlier this week at the united nations, china itself often under the spotlight for human rights violations,
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criticized canada. over 150000 children, canada were reported to have been forcibly taken away from their parents. that is, 4000 children died of disease, neglect, accident abuse. while at school, we call for a sara, a partial investigation into all cases where crimes committed against digital people, especially the children international condemnation that prompted an angry response from candidates prime minister in canada. we had a truth and reconciliation commission. whereas china truth and reconciliation commission, where is there truth? whereas the openness, the canada has always shown and the responsibility that canada has taken for the terrible mistakes of the past. and indeed, many of which continue into the present indigenous leader say school deaths were under reported,
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and the actual number of children in unmarked graves across canada could be in the 10s of thousands. they want to find them all. but even if they do poor record keeping means bodies may never be identified. so the families who still remember the children who went to school and never came home, may never have closure. zane basra v o g 0. the un says violence and mamma has full 230000 people to flee their homes. the sher, it's humanitarian agency, says instability is making it hard for 8 groups to get help to people who desperately need it. there being protests nearly every day since the military toppled the elected government in february mm chili. her luxury relied on chinese develop. bank seems to ensure one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. that a recent surge is causing concerns that the jobs are not as effective when it comes
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to variance. and some jillions are turning down vaccine appointments or latin america entities. lucy, uneven reports from santiago edition travel inoculations. center louis salinas takes his daughters to be vaccinated. but when they're told that the only vaccine available is corona vac, they change their mind amount. you infections keep spreading, hospitals are full. vaccine is not what they promised. we want, the vaccines they have in europe in the us. we're cases are dropping with that they leave, like many others who came here to ask if the pfizer vaccine was available. julie became the envy of the region in january when it was able to purchase millions of doses of corona vac made by china's c. novak labord tree, 65 percent of the target population has now been fully vaccinated when the highest rates globally. yet unlike in the us, we're infections dropped with inoculations here they remain dangerously high order
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. demi ologist sandra cortez conceived corona vac is not the silver bullet it was made out to be part of a large number of the population is not related to the vaccine. that's not the most efficient to prevent transmission or prevent infection, but rather to reduce the number of deaths from code 19 out of what the data just out indicates that 37 percent of julians who are currently in critical care units were fully vaccinated in recent weeks. elderly patients and i see you have jumped from 10 to 15 percent and to make matters worse, the health ministry has confirmed a case of the 1st person to inter chilly from the us infected with the delta v area and borders will remain closed for at least another 3 weeks, sorry my case when i already am picking my we know that this variant is extremely contagious and so we have to be very much alert and want to determine how to
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proceed on the upside, expert consistency, novak vaccine has significantly reduced mortality is widely available here and has little or no side effects. if, if the professor susan window says the key is to vaccinate everyone, we can have a very, very high quality, high effective vaccine. but if this person is not available to the whole population, does not, it's not going to work either. so i think, and with only a very limited number of visor more dare not, or astrazeneca vaccines available. the consensus is that any of the w a chill approved vaccines like c, novak is better than none to see and human al jazeera, cynthia said in greece are lifting kind of virus restrictions on wearing masks outside. they'll still be mandatory in doors, and in all areas where social distancing is not possible, must have been a legal requirement across most of spain since last summer. infections and both
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countries are dwindling. around half a stains population has received at least one vaccine dose. a more than 30 percent of greeks have been fully vaccinated. audrey was prime minister of stepping down paving the way for the formation of a new government, delgarze's gerard's resignation, follow as a legislative election with historic lo turner and the boy called by a protest movement, calling for an overhaul of the political system, the ruling national liberation front, when less than a quarter of the seats in parliament time is expected to try to form a coalition as a movement to van the fighting of roosters in mexico, but so many involved. it's part of national identity and the source of employment about $3000000.00 funds held every year. and promoters are weary of align filming. but we've gained access in the city. but sure to what organizes say is this year's biggest fighting event, john, home and reports. it's important to any animal rights activists in mexico.
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this is big business and a tradition cockfighting. the team's been given re roxanne wood. it's organized to say is the biggest w this year, anywhere in the world. the 1000 roosters fighting to the day across full days in the city. paducah for millions of dollars invents the crowds. so they broke his throat tennis slits in them. those far up in the stance to take their money. the theme. so gamblers place up to $1000.00 loss just 30 seconds. lighting defenders say that this industry generates more than half a 1000000 jobs in mexico. i parted as well as being part of our identity as mexicans. the roosters are source of employment and that's also necessary for humans. the district. the roosters wait before each match
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once they're in the ring who de, pulling the fight to brutal. oak true, sharp knives, a bound to their legs, and even when wounded they're placed back on their mark. he'll be end again. i'm going to don't judge judge nature itself. i haven't made them fight. they're jeans . oh, jeans. they've had for 65000000 year. c there's a growing movement in mexico to bangkok, fighting, say, so, who's helped organize this mega? darby says you fight that to be in your chest, their societal rejection. but my job is to, for this in congress, with politicians, with all society on tv and radio, wherever an animal rights activists confront the submits can states. rudy acted to protect fighting, declaring at coco heritage, left jose luis and victor. both roost to train is said that this is a valuable tradition with a mystical connection to the animals. as in all the other teams, each of them has
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a specific job. jose luis is, is the let the roosters go once they're in the ring. so when i release them into the sand, there's a lot of connection. you have to have sensitivity if the animal is injured, blow air into your rosters so that he last longer and wins the fight. so the connection between the release and rooster is really complete. we asked him if he feels the death and his charges are broken up. it can't affect you. you can't crucify yourself because you do several fights. and if you get caught up in that feeling you'll get depressed and that will get in the way of your job. is released in the end then business. and the tradition comes 1st. your home and how does it or mexico the company, the u. s. is planning to fly passengers to the edge of space in a high tech version of a hot air balloon. space perspective is taking reservations. the flight starting in 2024. tory gave him because the story
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ah, after a successful test flight last week, the company behind space ship neptune has sold more than 200 tickets for flights in its space balloon. if all goes to plan the journey starting in 2024 will involve a 2 hour cent. above 99 percent of the atmosphere. passengers will spend 2 hours on the very edge of space before the balloon makes is to send to the ocean. i think you're probably thing, lots of pictures of rockets launching. that's not how i would describe that right there. hi, jeez. this is completely the answer. so you're going to spend about 12. 1 miles now if you're going to space at the speed of cycling that allows the vehicle to be very smooth and gentle. and the capital itself is very roomy. initiative that left on face perspective is in competition with companies including
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virgin galactic switch, brenson, and space ex l. musk for the space tourism market, but it says it's offering something differently. virgin galactic charges passengers up to a quarter $1000000.00 for 6 minutes of weightlessness. space perspective says it's trips cost half that price and last 6 hours. but without the 0 gravity experience, it says there's enough demand for every one and predicts a booming industry in the years ahead. we get our study where a walner now marketing company market research company as a market for the kind of like we're doing is on the order of 250000000 callan budget. and i've done their own studies with this kind of like their thing and 500 been in the 700000000000. whatever over as the market is huge. and if you can afford the sky high prices, it promises to be a trip that's out of this world. victoria gay to be al jazeera


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