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often drizzly in mogadishu on the coast of kenya with big shares seasonally so forming in ethiopia. ah, the odyssey of the world and picks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering. a captive israeli soldiers for palestinian prisoners as recalled by mediators and players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchange. on out his ear. with energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all
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around the shape by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. the. the a reminder of our top story is this. the gun government's piece minister has called on the taliban to be flexible in their negotiations was warning. no growth can take the country by force, but 2 sides are holding towards him. doha, as fighting rages back home. emergency workers in belgium and western germany are searching for hundreds of people believe missing after devastating floods. more
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than 150 people are confirmed dad. with that figure, respect to 2 lines, cubans president has announced what he called a false narrative about, i think government protest footage of large bodies on polls. many are angry over the shortage of basic goods and curves on civil liberties. syrian president bushel assigned has been sworn in for a 4th time in office afternoon election. the opposition has dismissed as a farce. assigned has been in office since july 2000, now to taking over from his father affairs is refused to resign from the presidency despite city is decades long, civil war and international pressure wash all sides. a city of faces an economic crisis. the city in pounds value plunged to record lows this year, causing skyrocketing inflation. and the government's hiked up prices of basic goods such as petrol and bread and sugar and rice. more than 80 percent of the population
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live in poverty, the world food program. so it's almost 12 and a half 1000000 people struggled to find enough food every day. aside says the economic crisis in neighboring lebanon is not a bigger challenge than western sanctions, because it's companies can no longer circumvent sanctions through lebanon, to pay for imported goods. asa claims at least $40.00 to $60000000.00 worth of funds, a stuck in lebanon, since banks. they are locked accounts and blocked transfers. well, joshua landa is director of the center family studies at the university of oklahoma . he's joining us now from granville in voe, much good to have you with us on al jazeera and by should all aside says he wants to kick start in the economy. but there are that many countries who are willing to do business with him, and he's not really in control of fairly large sections of his own country. is this realistic? well, that's the desperate situation of the syrians. they are waiting to hear for some
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light at the end of the tunnel, and he made a lot of excuses. is saying that the lebanese collapse of the banking system in lebanon. where, where almost all syrians did their banking and held their whatever money they had, were held these lebanese accounts. and he was counting on that money to be invested in syria for rebuilding. but as, as he said, it's somewhere near $40000000000.00 disappeared. and, and it's very hard because other countries, whether it's lebanon on the gulf countries, iraq are not allowed to invest in syria or they may be sanctioned companies from outside. so series are in a desperate situation. the average jerry and has about 20 percent of the wealth that they had before the revolution. i know my wife's relatives are all. busy suffering terribly, they get about one to 2 hours of electricity a day. my mother in law complains that the only use for the the refrigerator is to
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keep amps away from the food. and that's the kind of gallows humor that syrians are using today. talk through briefly the relationship between syria and lebanon in relation to obviously there's these billions of millions of dollars, which i did, but also claims a stuck in lebanese banks. while syria was a socialist country, it didn't have private banks. it was just beginning to establish private banks, but everybody didn't trust the government and they kept their money in lebanese banks, which they did trust and had been to the dollar for 23 years, meaning that the exchange rates wouldn't fluctuate. so people put their, their money in these dollar accounts, and lebanon went bankrupt. they had been running a ponzi scheme, all the money was gone, and that being syrians, the steering currency, since the bankruptcy and lebanon has fallen from $500.00 to a $1.00, to $4000.00 to a dollar. so people's people's wealth just collapsed and you know,
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a friend of mine was joking that his pension in syria today can buy him 9 chickens, the local store. and that's, that's really the situation. the syrians are in their, their pensions, their incomes are worth perhaps $20.00 a bond, and it can't live. so people without money from the outside, without private property that they can rent are really in desperate situation. is a bosh at all assad government really got the motivation to do something about the economy if it has essentially the get out clause or being able to say this is all down to the sanctions. this is, there is nothing we can do about this. well, if he did say that the sanctions were, could be dealt with, and if they can get around dummy said, we won't say how, but you know, siri, it doesn't have money. russia is, and china and so forth. are willing to invest
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a little bit and but only in industries like oil phosphates, where they can get their rewards and get their, their money back out. so this isn't, this is a very bad situation. iraq, as we know, is, is, is near bankruptcy. lebanon just fell into bankruptcy, so the main trading partners, jordan as well, that syria would normally count on for investment, for tourism, for trade are all in desperate situation. and this is a, a region wide collapse. and the gulf countries are where everybody is looking and they're beginning to men relations with syria, but still they won't invest. and, and that's, that means that aside, has a really hard time trying to generate some kind of investment because where's it going to come from? georgia is always good to get your thoughts and on situations like this. and we appreciate you being an audience, as always. thank you very much indeed by your local media and belgium says the
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government has repatriated a group of women and children from a prison camp for i full suspects. and ne, sylvia 10 children and 6 mothers held in kurdish one cam, so been flown home. the women are expected to be charged under belgians anti terror laws, but among hundreds of volunteer fighters from europe, who traveled to syria and iraq to join i so many european governments been reluctant to allow them to return a british school girl. show me my big home who join deisel in 2015 was stripped of her u. k. citizenship and, and jo, why the auto? mommy is a research fellow at the george washington university program on extremism. he says countries cannot make syria a dumping ground for iso suspects. i do think it is a good idea because number one, for example, regarding the women, some of them may have been involved in the islamic, they all and i basically speaking. and so in that case,
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they do need to be held accountable and it's difficult to do that. they know the area where you have a judicial system that's not nice. me recognize the issue though i think relates the flight, the children and the issue, whether you can really separate them from their mother. and i think in that case you do need to bring both to women and children. now you understand security. we only get worse over time, the longer the problem to faster and i do understand the issue of anger didn't concern. but really, these countries do need to take responsibility for their own citizens and sidney became britain scribbling. if that be not the way to go forward. and, you know, be a dumping ground for these people who left to join. designing state attain up, is begun in parts of south africa hit by the worst violent scenes since the pots height ended. it was sparked by the jelly of former president jacob zoom
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a bunch widened into anger over poverty and inequality. at least 212 people died in the unrest. south africa, the president said it was, i'm opposed to deploy 25000 soldiers onto the streets to help defuse the situation . he says the violence looting was planned and coordinated were just talking to business owners and a file in durban. he says, poverty is the main reason for the violence. business was located vandalized and burned to the amount of violence. we pace in part 3 or 4 days was best. if there was no way we could have predicted this, that this is going to come to us. and if it's so sad that it has hit the fortune supply and then people are hungry and looting and they can't find bread. the confines for merger is poverty. the power to the criminal
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element in typhoid and job polity as a pool to bring the people and mobilize people to come out and create this met him a while. and that was in my view, is the main fact that it was a poverty was for me and things which can lead to elements used very 1st day with this. why not broke down? i'm on the ground. there was no attacks on on us. we were here on, does it on trying to protect what we have? it takes you to stand up on front of a business, but they did not try to a hit. the house will hurt us that that was not the intention they are given by the directions, i believe, the filament elemental only law. and i'm going to live and burn the business is it's been a month since one of the worst massacres. and if you're his ticket,
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i conflict and local people say they're still traumatized. hundreds of young ethnic, i'm hot. men were killed by fleeing to grey and fighters in the dispute. a time of my condra to guidance who escaped to sit down, accused him hot forces of similar attacks. catherine saw reports from my contract model, gabrey mighty i'm is giving us account of people. he and others buried in these. my screens are charged cemetery giving me and they had nothing. he says they were targeted because they are all kara, the 1st magical, the conflict between a few p federal soldiers backed by retrans troops. and i'm horace special forces and it's malicious against the grand fighters happened here last november in the north and town of my car, dra. yeah, the sudanese border. if you appears human rights commission stays up to 600 people, walk killed, residents tell us the number is much higher. so when did one my close?
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there were circling, blood occurring, the get and dad we brought what is a stretch of? it was shocking. they'll play for the mailing of death. but unless if his family can hardly look at his picture without crying, they say he was killed right before their eyes on the street outside his home. they blamed fleeing to grand forces. i'm good sir guy. frego why you're killing me. my husband kept calling as he lay on the ground. what said guy who gave him the final blow. it was under the administration of the t gray leadership, but nearly all have now fled. and the town is in the control of higher forces and the federal government. more than 200 young men lived in hostile the student here, most when labor as it came from different parts of i'm higher regions to walk on, mainly owned by the grains. witnesses tell us they were hacked with machetes, beaten short, and hostile bands to the ground. this woman's son barely survived on the talk. she
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says he has since lost his hearing. you have delay. there was what on his head. it was also coming out of his ears when i found him. he was soaked in blood to grants who fled to refugee camps in sudan and other internal displays. people comes blither into t gray. tell a different story. these the federal government troops in there are lies, committed atrocities against them, and force them out. but they all agree on one thing. 100 will be few. kids died in my camera and many people like myra, governor, mario, who witness the killings and buried the dead. remain deeply traumatized, catching towing all to 0 my camera. if you appeal. thailand's issued a new corona virus. decree giving the government sweeping powers to suppress news that it sees this cause and fear or panic. but the opposition is accusing the government of trying to obscure its handling of the pandemic. it comes as the countries so another record, high of more than $10000.00 cases. tony chang reports from bangkok,
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a warehouse close to bangkok, dogs. now an emergency vaccination site. this area has seen some of the highest rates of infection in the ty capital. but even here, there are only 500 shots available. i think we can't wait for advice from the government. we have to help ourselves. i'm lucky that there's some vaccines left for me, but there are others who suffer more than me. how many miles? one hour, i'm becoming more depressed and i'm scared when i watch news about co that especially when people that i know caught the virus and they conditions getting worse, is new coded 19 restrictions have come into place, including a nighttime curfew. the thai government has also imposed an emergency decree that gives it powers to arrest and charged any one spreading information that could create there among the public. regardless whether it's true or false. the new powers come up to control the c regarding thailand's vaccine roller which relies
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heavily on the sign back an astrazeneca vaccines. those now appear to be less effective against new variance. and in short supply, when opposition and p is cool for greater transparency regarding the deals done with astrazeneca, the contract they were sent had all of vital information blacked out. like the budget and delivery dates. effect of vaccines like pfizer, madonna, from the united states have still not reached thailand, raising suspicions about the government's procurement process. u. s. companies are not allowed to pay commission and that money. and this me, some people think that if there's a reason that thailand to tie government never fitted us back theme, you had made back things because you had, companies cannot find, cannot pay bribe. but there are some things the thai government come suppress the cobra. 1900 destiny is now greater every day that it was in the whole of 2020 as
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crematorium, struggle to keep up with demand. the emergency decree may keep some of the criticism bay, but there is growing frustration with the government has mishandled a lot, found the vaccination program and the economic blow back of the pandemic. and those voices are growing louder every day. so any change else? is there a bank of columbia police chief says an investigation suggests former haitian justice minister, joseph and phoenix buddy. oh, may have been involved in the assassination of haiti's president, 28th mercenaries. mostly colombians are accused of shooting, showing no more at his home earlier this month. the colombian government says only a small group knew of the true nature of the job, and the rest were duped into thinking they were hired to support haitian security forces. us president joe biden says the justice department will appeal a federal judges ruling that's blocked. new applicants to a program which protects some undocumented migrants from deportation. the texas
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court ruled the deferred action for childhood arrivals, program known as jacka was eligible illegally created by former president barack obama. but it doesn't affect the hundreds of thousands of people already enrolled. spent wilks is a senior vice president for institutional development at the hispanic federation, and he says that i strong, grimes to appeal the decision. well, be cited in the last 2 was really the process that the evaluation used to bring about the, the, the executive order on taca. and so it's kind of a technicality. and one of the things that we've noted is that the, in fact, the judge also acknowledged that the biden administration is seeking to strengthen the deferred action program and to remedy the concerns that were brought up in the lawsuit. so we really think that this ruling didn't have to happen in this premature the fact that the judge didn't give the administration
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a chance to remedy the issues that were cited in the case is a perfect grounds for appeals. so we, we certainly will make sure that the, that our allies are appealing this case in, in, it probably will end up in the supreme court eventually. so that's definitely conserved, i think in the meantime we, we think this is a perfect example for the white house and for congress to go ahead and move forward and include a citizen, a pathway to citizenship from a legal perspective. the only impact of course is for folks who were about to apply or were flying that were new to the program. anybody that's renewing their docket or currently have the doctor status, they're protected. and so that's a good thing. although i will say that there are about 640000 people in the united states that have doco. they are tired of kind of being a political football and having their lives up ended every time. there's new case, they've been part of the united states for so long their citizens and everything but and paper. and we think that they should have the chance to get that parent
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legal status. still had on august the 4th with peter, including the world cup winning football star, who signed for a new club details coming up a after days of rare freezing temperatures, blanket in the largest state in the us, power stations are all back on line that after unusually high demand lead to rolling blackouts, texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years, and it's clear its system simply weren't up to the task. transmission lines taken down by ice still has left nearly 200000 without power, but now checks and face a new crisis. 7000000 people a quarter of the state and were being asked to boil their water if they had it all . because the cold weather has broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline, grocery store shields are largely they're leaving residence,
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wind up in their cars for food and water. presidential biden says he's declaring the entire state the disasters declaration, there is hope sustained temperatures above freezing beginning saturday. oh, a sport is peter. well, thank you very much, 6 days out from the tokyo olympics. and the 1st case, because 19 has been detected inside the athletes village. the affected party is an official connected to the organizing of the games. and they are now isolating in a hotel outside of the village. they have now being 44 positive cases linked to the
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lympics since july. first, it's all come just 2 days after the head of the i see thomas buffett there was 0 risk to other residents of the village into the wider public in japan. a correspondent fuddy selma as more from with this news of the fiction found in the village. this means a lot of consent for japanese public. they have been insured on to know by almost the head of the international olympic committee by the governor of tokyo koko aka by today. but i'm sort of japan, you see there to go. they insured the company's public that the lympics would be held in a safe and secure environment. and very clearly many people who are looking at the situation in the big village which has been open on tuesday and i don't 800000 people would stay there. so it's a cold village and it's very difficult to even cover what's going on. we were not
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allowed to cover which athletes order, which seems to be coming into the village. so they were putting very strict seizures and measures. and still, a case of fiction has been discovered now. so this is the, this shows that with, or even with all this procedures, there is a god. and the, the infection could spread among other people there. so this is the main concern now on how to deal with the situation. the. he has better transgender weightlifter, laurel hubbard, to compete in take you under the current rules. the 43 year old new zealand will be the 1st transgender athlete in any sports. i caught in m lympics, but many of quest to the famous public, competing against women. i see president buses. the rules will be reviewed off the gains. you cannot change your rules during an ongoing, a competition at the same time or the see in an inquiry face there with all the
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different stakeholders, the medical expert, social experts, human rights experts that were come up with some guidelines, which cannot be rules. because there is no one size fits all solution. germany's olympic football team has walked off doing a friendly match again. tongue dearest, also defended jordan, that sort of rega suffered a legit racist abuse. the match was level at $11.00 with 5 minutes left to play, winter in place for hertz, a balloon was targeted by an opposing player, germany managers. it was not an option to play on of the abuse beyond dearest national theme called to the misunderstanding in a tweet to the biggest names and african football go heads aid and the cap champions league final later 9 time one is i'll actually take on the kinds the chief to in the final for the 1st time, the junctions reached this point by winning 8 matches drawing 3 and losing one the
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car club or lead by former south african national team coach beats almost the money . he says he seem, respect chiefs, but do not fear them. frances, the world cup winning strike, olivia g ru has completed. he's moved to city club ac milan. she has been a chelsea for the last 3 years having previously played at arsenal. the 34 year old one, the champions league, early of the year and with a woodcut window with these country in 2018. although the trophy has not been disclosed, reports are visually suggest milan secured the frenchman services for just $1200000.00 to go for the open job leader louis will stays in a 3rd round of royal saint george's with steven is on the never on the overall and lead by a shot, the south african one, the open in 2010 and he's looking for 2nd major title of the finishing runner up. and both the p g a champion and the u. s. open. earlier this year. now, through an incredible cricketing performance by in batman liam livingston,
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he smashed a century of just $42.00 balls in the 1st thing 20 international get focused on the foster save a ton by english player and civil short of the overall reiko by south africa. david miller, despite that if it england was still beaten by 31 runs game 5 of the n b a finals was coming up later on saturday and it could be a crucial encounter. the series between the milwaukee bucks and phoenix suns is currently locked. the 22 phoenix going into a home court advantage, which is also way they won the 1st 2 games of the finals, milwaukee hit back when they hosted games 3 and 41 home 5th. but we'll need a road when, if they are to see the advantage. so this is what happens in the series. that's why they make it 7 games. and this is the final so dramatic. so we got to protect home court manama. we don't what about
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one of the outcome? what about, you know, disclose whatever we just whatever know going on they can replace or be the same as we possibly can and doing it together. and sometimes, you know, when you're down or one or 2 or whatever the case might be to get up whether you care about how can you get one. i get to get a 2nd one. and then you kind of do momentum and good things happen. and finally, let's take you back to japan where there are 6 days until we lympics, despite so much uncertainty surrounding the games, organizes all keen stress, the countries strength and resilience, they put on a special performance in central focus with a 10 need to talk puppet design by children from areas hit by the 2011 earthquake and to nami, mocker as the puppet is dubbed is a symbol of national revival following the results to which i told them 20000 people date or missing in ne and japan for the sporting. so now there's more coming up again a little bit later, i'll provide you very much indeed. and that's it for me. robotics and for this news,
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i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the days is to stay with me. if you can buy from us the news news, news, news, news, when freedom of the press is under threat in, oh, you just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here, some of access points that shift the focus. the pandemic turned out to be a handy little prefect. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the
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waves. the news discovered the listening post on a just from the world's most populated region, the and until story across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. ah, one of one eastern on out there, a after a one year delay the tokyo and then picks up trying to decide growing opposition. my really cost in japan, thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium amid the program. the virus pandemic, audi 0 will be inside the bubble to bring them later from the games like no other. me be the hero,
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the world needs right now i was, ah, ah . searching for peace. the end of the 1st day of restarting negotiations between the taliban and the afghan government in doha. ah, this is a lie from also coming up, rescue rescue truth in.


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