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various theories as to why that's okay. first of all, there's a great deal of anger and it really is that 9 governors from border states have written to the white among white us demanding that the us open the land voted because of the economic imperative. there is, i get from chamber of commerce is on both sides because there is a 2nd to get out. of course we also have, we also how about the communities that have been divided by the theories as to why the us hasn't listed it's it's border restrictions is liable to restrictions. i them for the white house. i was told canadian authorities and one report, but it's waiting for the vaccination rates to rise somewhere about 10 percent behind canadian vaccination rates at the moment. so that's one possibility. but that's very intriguing. geopolitical possibility that's been why do you discuss and on the other side of the border, is that the, if the us were to lift a land border with canada, that would be great pressure for the u. s. lift of land border by a mexican arrivals of the southern border,
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and that's something the by the ministration simply does not want to do. it's a term and not to allow its southern land voted to be open and that the, the theory goes well, if this border was open to candidate and the pressure would be on to. but for the u . s, it was a difference that the board restrictions of the south as well. she had pretend to thank you for that update. appreciate your time. mexico is reporting its biggest number of corona virus cases. since the pandemic began to delta, very inches. fueling the service which is putting young people have a quarter of mexico is on the highest level of alert, which requires some non essential businesses to close. 38 percent of the population has received at least one dose of a vaccine. since the beginning of the pandemic, the united states has been turning back migrants you cross into us territory illegally without giving them the chance to ask for asylum. many have been dropped over the border into cities in northern mexico which are in the great of organized
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crime. 100 son now camped out and one of the worst areas when also john homan has moved a migrant camp out in the open one of the most dangerous cities in mexico. this is very no sir. it's known across mexico is a black hole where several criminal groups battling and even new struggles to get out. it's one of the places where us authorities ascending but people that they've caught trying to get across the border. and, you know, say more arrived every day. when i was in the day, we are ok, but when the night comes, it's terrifying. reynosa is very dangerous. we've heard shoot out. reno says into years violence. just a month ago, a group of men drove down the town streets, randomly killing bystanders. trina was actually kidnapped in a nearby town. my son a thing. well, i was, i have the scars a lady burnt me,
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but i didn't tell the police and i just healed myself the best i could. i was held for more than a month and a half. there are more stories like dot com as well as those years to sent back across the bridge, the rule. so those who are trying to cross for the 1st time through the front door as asylum seekers. green told us that its inhabitants have got organized. now men get together and around 40 of them patrol the perimeter each night. conditions a tough basic needs a hard to me hope it's a constant threat and food mostly comes from the nation. the numbers are fluid, but around 600 people that currently and joseph government authorities, the trying to relocate them in to shelters and made up online or no migrant who is be a target. unfortunately, they are one of the people that don't have an address or own the problem is
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that as soon as authorities and civil society groups move people into an available space, more right, either through mexico or across the bridge from the state. your home and i was, is it a mexico still ahead on elegy sierra, i renewed push from india as far as depression. the governments are the lowest threat him, they live, plus the country looks like people are supposed to be like on the more we speak to the victims of violence in van b, i had to wait selection. agen 4 will show you to buy full play with rain after winning a in the wake of the criminal race. right. how much can someone take before the class? the fight recognition is crucial. we needed corner heads to prevail for others in
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april and that was said about religion. and the thing that was in the community was to be just respected. al jazeera explores the history and struggled of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punchbowl on al jazeera, if you are looking at this from the outside, i would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this growth is a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism. on our obsession with economic growth, this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limits. i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bake as well, smaller and smaller. we don't want to be realistic in the well, we would rather have a fantasy growing patients on al jazeera. oh
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a hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily. i went a reminder about top stories. now. imagine you, you in climate report has issued a code red warning to the future of humanities. the faces changes, the climate are inevitable and reversible. the report will help set the tone for an international climate conference in glasgow like this. at least 4 huge 5 returning out of control grade flames on the island of e via having gulf. 5 more villages. more than 2000 people have been rescued. last way. the taliban says it has now captured provincial capital in afghanistan in the last 4 days. the city of a back in the province of psalm, again in the latest hall,
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the taliban must keep nivi and game in the northern city of windows. the bell of russian president has dismissed new sanctions by the u. k, saying london can quote charles on them. alexander lucas shanker has defended his ladyship as the country monk c. you can see was elected for a 610, and what the opposition cold of rig device. andrew simmons is live for us in a landa. hello the andrew. what more could you tell us about these sanctions? it's hardly a coincidence they've been made on the anniversary of his controversial election. is it? no coincidence whatsoever. very political. the u. k. was the 1st to impose sanctions back in may, and it's now revised that and also increased the pressure on the better roost announcing that it will sanction all states complete products such as
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potash and petroleum products. furthermore, the variation industry of better reduce will be boycotted effectively and the know will be no over flying. the u. k. the president fleets of luxury jets will be service. now this all of course is set by the british to be because of the fraudulent election. exactly. a year ago, when 35000 opposition protest as were arrested, and 600 activists remain in jail. so many went overseas at the bordering states, around bella, luce, and have been victimized. it said by the whole western leadership feel that the victimization of these activists is completely wrong. not only the u. k. involved in sanctions, the europe in duty, and how to have a raft of meshes, although the roar of thought to be loopholes in this,
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the united states also impose sanctions. they will be announcing a further measures later on monday. andrew, valerie is pain in the international spotlight for the last week or sorry, during his space, the president sent me struck defiant note. what else did he say? well, the president said point blank, but he did not regard this whole affair in the olympics and took care of as being genuine. he said that the limpid gymnast from better roost was not effectively making it up. but dramatizing the whole thing for political purposes. she's now in poland having so sanction century. furthermore, he denies any involvement in the death of a, of activists in, in ukraine in kiev, where this man was found dead after being cut down from
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a rope he had hanged. it was said by the police that they suspect there could be foul play. this could have been suicide and made to look like a suicide when it was really murder. so that that is where he's coming from. and as far as the opposition, a confirmed for atlanta cannot have been in washington and in london proceeding anniversary lobbying for extra sanctions. he says that by no means of sanctions or silver silver bullet, but they do increase pressure on what she calls a regime that is reliance upon dick tutorial meshes. and there is really a feeling of, of unprecedented fear amongst opposition supports as you will see them on the streets on this day in any way better. ruth, have been opposition protests in surrounding states, but any activist anywhere at any time does not feel safe right now. and,
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and indeed, the opposition leader herself who is, has sort century in lithuania. she says that her life is by no means a certainty, and she is nevertheless dedicated to carrying on with her quest. yes, the stand by to roost president because as, as, as basically being one of defiance and will continue to be that way. whether or not the sanctions are going to be enough for him to change anything remains to be seen . it is unlikely because they are not really a strident as money would hope, in terms of having an effect on his actions. and of course, his link to moscow is, is big. there is no doubt that the russia is backing him as a buffer state between russia and nato. and of course, the more the west pushes against him, the more he'll move towards russia. andrew,
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thank you so much. plenty of moving parts to that one. andrew simmons reporting for us live in london to india now, and farmers back on the streets of new jelly and protest against sway laws, dice with their livelihoods. but only $200.00 of being allowed together outside harlem and farm is saying the laws favour large private retailers. have any macau has me for the last 2 weeks, farmer has been hosing and highly bonding in the form of mock over the way from injustice. actual thought which it isn't in session, you know, may actually parliament procedure protest coverage, debating farm law that was tossed by the movie government last. the tambo and pharma had been testing for most 9 months now. the sessions had taken place in the
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middle of heightened security. we've been very good. how many people and permission has been granted. only 200 attendees. day today is defined as the of the focus and i'm going to be behind me more participants. and because. 2 all women, female pharma, and even women's rights activists have spoken and talked, faded in the session today. now, recently the movie government reached out to farmer junior an awesome to return to the negotiating table. the you say that the 3 knows in danger, the livelihood save of the corporation and want them repeat. the gray and justice ministry says it will release the child, samsung, m. j lay on friday. he became eligible for parole after having 18 months of these 2 and a half years sentence of bribery and embezzlement. business ladies have supported the ruling and made concerns that protect giant hasn't been able to make key
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strategic decisions. some of the thousands of migrants stranded for wigs near columbia as border with panama, beginning the treacherous journey north. many hope to eventually reach the united states to raise abode, joined them as they began their long trick into the jungle. they have been waiting for weeks to be allowed to cross the goal for food. now it's finally happening. thousands of migrants were allowed to travel to the town of i can be where the journey towards the dairy and gaff, i dense jungle on the border between panama and columbia. begins with the ceiling. it is, there were, we met monday, she's from haiti, and he's travelling with her daughter. she was living in chiller, but she says, racism made her life very difficult. she does not want to show her face. in she lay we, as haitians were mistreated, we worked a lot and we were paid almost nothing. there is a lot of racism there, so we have to leave to have
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a better life. this is the 1st time migrants are using this crossing. the number of people coming here has overwhelmed small communities. now, in collaboration with local authorities, they're using a new route. this man is one of the guides that is taking them. the most difficult part is to reach panama. that's why we have people that know the way so they can take them. that's why they pay guides, so they protect them. so there are no fests or deaths. people pay around $100.00 each to the guides. locals are involved in the business. they offered to take migrant on cards, tractors, and motorcycles, but only a part of the way those who cannot afforded have to go on foot. the pace is fast and the heat and humidity makes it difficult for the most vulnerable. were told, there is about a day and a half until the next company,
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among thousands of people that are marching here. there are lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half old. this is an area controlled by paramilitary groups and part of the fee paid by the migrant goes to them. it's a dangerous journey and many do not make it across the jungle. so have a few change of lean left have 2 years ago. he went to brazil but was unable to make enough money to send back home and was very fast. i know where we are going to pass is dangerous. i have friends who told me this is just the beginning of light will be at least a 6 day journey from now on. they will face dangers from the jungle and the threat of criminal groups who use this route for drug trafficking, migrants know the risks, but they say they have no choice. they have all i jeff feeder, took a department columbia thousands of pro government supporters in ethiopia gathered
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in the capital addis ababa to denounce to grind rebels. they rally against what they say is foreign interference in ethiopia affairs. the government has a strong international criticism over the conflict into which has killed thousands and pushed the regions to the brink of feminine families. of those killed and last year put explosion in lebanon. have rallied in by word, protest is carried to fake coffins and pictures of their loved ones to show their anger at the government and demand accountability. more than 200 people were killed and thousands injured. when ammonia nitrite stored at the port exploded, or i'd still ahead on al jazeera belgy back the loan around the game life after messy with the wind coming out with joe infill. ah
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ah ah ah, ah ah. ah me.
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oh, a time before emily. thank you. all eyes will be on the whereabouts of lino messy today as its reported, the form up offline star was on his way to paris for a medical with p. s. g. newspaper le keeps as the argentine is close to finding a deal with the french champions. it comes a day off to his table farewell news conference at ball loaner. funds in paris, eagerly awaiting his arrival and already gathering to greek. messy. should he get the hundreds turned out harris's laborious a airport on sunday. and as you can see, there were more there on monday as well. that's where through mid his private jet good land. well, buffalo began the posting
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a messy era with the 3. now when you've been to a friend b match on sunday, some assigning, meant to supply as in the scoring instead of the 2nd goal for martha embrace, wait, substitute ricky week. then feel the when in stock each time appoint victory. finish for journalists, tony one mfc told algebra, it will be tough for the, for both going forward without messy me too early to know. what does it mean? progress, i don't know. of course, at to be really conscious of what that does mean. professional world. we have to wait like months or years because the date is known as history. i believe in the last 203040 years. we don't have to forget that it's been 20 years with this class 20 years being the leader when profit with and it's even harder to accept that, but wanted to stay. mickey wanted the state,
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but it was not possible due to big big economic problems. so now everybody must not have the same feeling. it's not going to be the same anymore. so now we cannot even know what's going to happen with the clock, with the supporters, but each starts a new life and i think it's going to be dark night. and there's more bad news, her boss loaner than you strike has said your guerra has been ruled out for 10 weeks in the joined them as a free agent in june from manchester city. but he's injured attendant in his right calls. it means messes argentine team. i won't make his debut until october, the 17th at the earlier elin pins have been making their way home off to the end of the tokyo games among the last to leave the japanese capital earlier with 100 me to gold medalist lamont marcel jacobs. the italian who also won gold and the men for
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by 100 me to really pose for pictures and signed autographs for fans at the airport for getting around a call from miss l o. c. me. some of already landed back home, rushes and pins were greeted in moscow's red square, also beating the country's metal target, the team known as the russian olympic committee, $171.00 metals in japan. 15 more than in reared, that was despite having to compete without the national flag or from following a state backed doping scandal. you know, the russian spirit is inside our heart. that's why everyone knew where we were from and supported us for should stay away from politics. oh, and i said, hope that the tokyo olympics would be known as the recovery games, highlighting the reconstruction of japan fukushima region, which is devastated by nuclear disaster in 2011 and the rich the report. the bullet train has been speeding passengers around japan for more than 50 years.
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also a direct link back to when the olympics 1st visited the country's capital. the trains launch coincided with a $960.00 full tokyo gangs. at that time, the lympics with a perfect platform to highlight japan's political and economic rebirth back in 1964 when we had the olympics in tokyo last time it was showing the world that we are now out of the doldrums of the world. we're to and we're starting a new new nation here we come. a 90 minute train, right? north of tokyo is look ashima. an area still synonymous with the nuclear disaster of a decade ago. around $20000.00 people died in the earthquake and c normally cause the nuclear meltdown at the folk. ashima plant. the health care big thing, so the 2020 lympics as the recovery gains in the spirit of 1964, the decision to bring baseball and softball games. the focus shima was aimed
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showcasing the areas reconstruction efforts. while the lympics did come to focus shima, the world in corona virus meant no funds were allowed to attend any of the sporting action that took place. here koji suzuki has been serving off this coast for 5 decades. the sports has just made it till in pic. w, and even though the event wasn't held in fukushima, he says the games have played a role in the healing process. after the earthquake, people thought we shouldn't serve here anymore, but i decided to get into the see a few months after this, an army struck. i hoped any one he wanted to serve would follow me. the opening of the olympic games was a great boost, especially as japanese surface did great in the games. i think young people and kids now want to try setting themselves after seeing them and action. so while she, mitzi, sheba, was working in the nuclear plants on the day of the su nami, 5 members of his family died in the flooding. fields have replaced this part of the town he used to call home, call god, the good to go. mother was,
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i don't know if this recovery olympics has been effective at all. there's a big gap between the money spent on the games and the reality of the situation here. and there used to be farms and a lot of houses here, but now there's nothing. i don't really feel this was a reconstruction olympics. some level of normality is returning here, but it's the people of this region rather than the olympics, making sure it happens. and the richardson al jazeera fukushima. why am marlin's baseball player louis brinson? husband talks had bi racial abuse during a game against the colorado rockies. we went show you the footage, but you can clearly hear refund shouts of racial slur repeatedly. while brinson was patting neither hale, his teammates heard it the rockies were made aware after the game. and our investigating incidents that condemned the behavior and say they have 0 tolerance for any form of racism. and that any fun using drug tree language of any kind will be banned from corn fields. now the more positive baseball story,
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the toronto blue jays trail for most of the game against the boston red sox. but then george spring stepped up. and did this get a job? fair me bring us most a 3 run home, run the ball, some of the a fitting to give the blue jays delete and ultimately the victory for the red folks that defeat in 9 game play as a day came in the l. a. don't just game against the cross down rivals. the angels pitch invaded ran on to the field during the game. the order was restored when the duchess poor girl blocked him and min some italian tennis play. younique's dinner has become the youngest champion ever in an 80 p 500 tournament in 1900, met american mackenzie macdonald. so when the city opened in washington, d. c. was an epic, 3 hour battle with plenty of long rallied like this one. kind of
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a recent came out to take the biggest parcel of his career, a t p 500 has been going to 2009. and since replacing it from the bearer of the previous youngest, when it was also the 1st time winner on golf, pga tour with mexico's and said take you nice and shoot invitational. he finished 16 on the paul to reach a play off against masters champion who came up for yama and sam burns. and what it was a birdie of the extra 2nd extra hole. the 4th mexican went on to and now jumps to 10th in the world rankings. afterwards, he admitted he didn't initially realize he made the play off. now the turkey olympics may be over, but the astronauts on the international space station have been holding their own version. they split into 2 international teams competing in 0 gravity even including gym, no synchronized lighting and no handful. i'll have to wait until they get back to before nasa award and metal. alright, that's the full for now more later emily,
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that looks like a lot of fun. thank you very much, joe. thanks for watching the news out. i'll be back shortly with morning. ah. yugoslavia disintegrated. war descended on its inhabitants amidst the death and destruction, one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle. episode 3 of football rebels entered the world of footballing legend press drag push each went from coaching boys, football to teaching young men life. frederick push each of the seizure sarajevo on al jazeera, freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who braved the con corridor, that is no choice combating the impossible to sound that good,
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an isolated area. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extreme risking it all i've got is john. on al jazeera, the reason preventable disease account, 50 percent of all that children. the only challenge in no way let me
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i i me, i me a code read for humanity, a landmark un report issues a warning on how human activities causing irreversible anything to our planet. and i'm seeing bas robbie on the north tip of heavy island in greece. were wildfires that have been raging for a week are still burning ah, why mainly i just 0 live from so how so coming up.


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