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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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a little more than 24 hours ago of the hospitals have been treating the injured and the wounded. one of the biggest troll the hospitals here is run by an n g o called emergency. they have 3 operating sweets and all through thursday night and into friday. all of those were oper, working flat out on some of the most seriously injured. what about teams has been going around visiting these hospital units and clinics, and really come across some really traumatic stories of families who are still looking for. loved ones is 24 hours since it happened, and there are still people on accounting for people missing. i still people try to find out if their loved ones have survived. so it is quite dramatic. and the evacuation flights, of course, continue to be said that we here close to the relatively close to the airport. you have these large aircraft transport planes taking all flying overhead. there's been far less activity really got the sense of this winding down down. and just we had recently met the message from the italian mission that day they have ended their
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flights. they now joined the spanish, the swedish, they ended their flight today, and then a few. i was by midnight friday. we local time. it should really just be the united states still continuing their evacuation flights, but really counting down the days deadline coming up on tuesday midnight. local time for them to finish their operation from mcbride, there with all the latest for us on the ground in couple. thank you, rob. well, speaking of those flights, the british lead evacuation and couple is now in its final hours. let's now speak to new fog. he's monitoring things forth from london. neve, how all those final few flights going with a group of around a 1000 people the last to be lifted out of afghanistan of have that paperwork processed in. and now, within the premier of the airport, we don't know how many of already left the country, but within the coming hours, those last remaining people will be taken to various different locations globally.
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we have learned, however, that there are around a 1000, the eligible africans who remain in the country and around a 100 britain. some of the men, jo, workers, journalists, and people who have decided to stay for a whole variety of reasons. some of them simply weren't able to get on the shed your flights because of the attacks that took place on thursday evening and the subsequent locked down around the airport afterwards. so they've essentially missed that slopes. the message where the british government says that will still be possible to travel overland to the borders surrounding i've got to stand in the pockets on the board, for instance, where the british government said the officials would be on standby to process people to allow them to eventually travel here to the united kingdom, but that of course raises the prospect of having to set up safe corridors. and that means negotiating with the taliban. what we've learned from the british government is that, that now try to work out what kind of believers diplomatically can be pulled to get
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the taliban inside their monitoring that for us from london. thank you so much nave . well, we can now speak to monia akram. he's pakistan's ambassador to the united nations, and he joins us now from new york. ambassador, thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. i do want to speak about the border situation, but i would be remiss if i didn't start by asking you if you'll country pounds to recognise taliban the government. well, to see what kind of government emerges from the talk that going on in in couple. we have, maybe it's like an inclusive government, which is board based and which can come on board. we've been done and the consulting with all the regional countries in order to have a coordinated approach on the issue of not only the recognition but going forward.
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what are the steps that are what to stabilize the sponge? that's our priority, which is the stabilize of comments on which we will need to have that humanity system. so the bible, the economy, inclusive government, an action against the counter terrorism. so the tissues are in the mix and the question of recognition, i can only imagine. one is a government can kind of fun at the moment. they are sitting talks, they're not enough to a government. it's yet a while. the taliban is saying they want to put together this inclusive care take a government. are you actually confident that the various diverse group here would actually wants to take part in that government and what happens after that can take a period well, it's not really clear. you know, as to whether there will be
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a period and how long that will be. one has to see what emerges from the talks to the, the outcomes of having the being themselves between the ron and other leaders and folks for the last few days. and we are hoping that the government, which be announced will be in the inclusive government representation from the different smith and different groups so that they can come on support to you spoke there about stability earlier last given what we've seen in the last day or so are you concerned about the security situation across the board, especially given that there are other groups as well at play here, including i believe dozens of pakistani medicines who were freed during the taliban advance. yes, we definitely be the issue. isn't anything
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special concerning his time? because we had the teddy kit package, which has been operating from the territory of stunning, which had support from the intelligence agency of the former government as well as the indian agency. and we're hoping that we will be able to top those terrorists, neutralize, as well as other terrorist groups that exist in the i to k. obviously there's also a very sensitive situation on your board and not just to do with security, but also the humanitarian situation. we're already seeing this moved by people who are trying to flee canister on land crossings, especially after what happened near the airport. what are you putting in place to try to deal with that situation? well, you know, we have flown out about 2200 diplomats employees
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of international stations and outcomes who have emergency needs. we provide the transport to them from embassy to the make sure they go and be of course see what else we can do in the future. even though we have the united nations, we just took up a bridge between about come and be applying in and out the, you know, many personnel that will be needed to provide to upcoming in the emergency situation. 14000000 people who are at the best time that could and i think it many crisis in c not on our borders in order to other neighbors and be just not in
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a position to take more refugees because we have already got 3000000. so it's a big concern for us. so we have to deal with the institution. you have to deal with the terrorist terrorism. ready threat and of course be that as soon as the country and government we will be able to engage with them and to move forward on steps to stabilize the money from that pakistan's ambassador to the united nation speaking to us from new york. thank you and basset us giving us your time today on out of here. thank you all at stay with the u. n. and speak to mike hannah, he's been monitoring reaction from un headquarters in new york. mike, i believe we've now hid. sorry from the security council, despite actually no formal meeting taking place. no formal meeting, but there has been
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a statement from the security council condemning the attack, signed by all 50 members. also incoming days, the secretary general still intends to hold a meeting off gun is done with the 5 permanent members of the security council. but there's also been warnings from the humanitarian arms of the united nations. about a mounting refugee crisis within afghanistan. humanitarian affairs spokesman saying that as many as half a 1000000 refugees could be moving through and attempt to be out of a gun is done in coming weeks. it's treated for neighboring countries to open the borders to allow the free movement of refugees. and it's also said as well that there's a massive funding gap. they will need about $1500000000.00 to deal with this particular crisis. a some $850000000.00 short. so there's a plead to for added funds for you and agencies to be able to deal with what is being predicted to be a massive refugee crisis. mike, can you tell us
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a little bit more about the aid situation around the monetary and concerns? i know that there are worries about supplies indeed, yes. well, this is just layering on what the un and as agencies are dealing with in afghanistan, the world health organization has warned that there's a massive shortage of supplies within up gone is done in particular medical supplies, which obviously come into high relief given the attack at couple, airport in the past 24 hours. but what the problem is as well, is to get the supplies into the country. now very clearly, it's very difficult to get a bridge of effective humanitarian bridge is operating. and this is what the emergency director for the w h o s to say. one of the challenges we have enough to say right now is there's no civil aviation authority functioning. but we're working
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with the pakistani, particularly in the context of missouri sharif airport because they, they can work with context on the ground to ensure that all the necessary steps to landing they across the land. a cargo aircraft can be put in place in terms of the world food program. they are establishing a much, much 80 minute, miniature, and average that the 1st flights have not taken off yet. but we expect those in the next few days. now mazata sharif is in the north of the country. it would need pakistan assistance in terms of the logistics of not only getting the craft into bizarre sharif, but then the next step. and that is how to get supplies. humanitarian supplies to the button, rubel parts up i've gotten is done, of which increasingly there are many my can are there for us at the united nations in new york. thanks so much mike. well, let's now hear from my simon, he's
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a former, i've gone back to france and to canada. he joins us now from washington, d. c. mr. some out, obviously a huge amount to cover, but i do want to focus on the security situation. we've been hearing from president biden on the pentagon. they say they're working with the taliban to combat ice. ok as a seasoned african diplomat yourself, do you think the attack that we've seen might push western countries to recognize the taliban in order to be able to do that? well, it's one particular dimension of the whole criteria that would be used by western nations, at least the g 7, as we heard a few days ago from them to consider the recognition. i think the counter terrorism obviously is a very top priority issue. an issue for many countries and united states is going to look at the taller bond as
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a partner in counterterrorism. in some, in some ways not at full fledged. i think that it will take a bit of time to get to know each other on that front to test each other and to see how much they can build. but there are other issues that have to come into play as well when talking about information like how the thought about will form a new inclusive government, how they will treat women and human rights issues and so on and so forth. are you confidence that it is possible to form an inclusive government and there is the appetite among the various groups for that actually to take place and i've kind of stone. well, the appetite exists among all other africa as those who stayed behind those who are remnants of the administration, those who have worked on for the past 4 years. there's a lot of appetite within those circles in cobble in some maybe outside of our work . but it's all, it all depends on what the ton of, on the side, you know,
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they are the main actor right now. so their responsibility is on their shoulder as to whether they are going to be inclusive how and how it's going to be structured. so all of these are going to be very important. i know at the end of the day is going to be a question of portfolios which portfolios goes to home and to what extent are those criteria include expertise, professionalism, and a certain education that would be needed. so i hope and i'm cautiously optimistic that the listeners from the past and that they will rely on educated on technocrats to carry some of the load in terms of governments in the future. well, there's clearly a lot to decide still. i see though that the taliban has said that they will abide by the call that was signs last year, which presumably means they won't allow afghan soil could be used to launch attacks . we had the pentagon earlier say that they can't actually vouch for the capability or the intent of the taliban to combat ice. ok. what's your assessment about?
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yes, there is that agreement. it's all a bond and literally actually read that if you read it, it means that they will not allow any terrorist international organization or sale to operate under their control in are honest on and now they have that responsibility to carry and they have to demonstrate good faith and they have to demonstrate ability, as you said, in competence. and i think those that kind of stretch. so it is also possible that thought about me turn around and say, we will call briefly, we are committed to cooperating, hiding certain threats. but at the same time, we need some technical assistance or some training in some areas. so that could be a start for some kind of assistance or some, some type of relationship between the international community and to talk to them. some other, a former african basket to france and canada. thank you so much for joining us,
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announcer there. so thanks for your time. thank you. well, israeli prime minister nestali bennett is currently missing the u. s. president. the white house talks between the 2 leaders were postponed for a day as turbine and focused his attention on dealing with that attack in couple. bennett wants to stop the u. s. from returning to the nuclear deal with iran. he has already met the secretaries of state and defense that happened on wednesday. well, let's now bring in run campus. he's the washington bureau chief at the jewish telegraphic agency and he joins us now from washington, d. c. ron kelly, a very busy couple of weeks at the white house. now, as we're seeing president biden dealing with that very volatile situation in afghanistan. could bennett potentially use this movement and all the international fall out around the withdrawal to pressure the u. s. to stand up to around i don't know then it personally is going to try and pressure pressure bite him to do anything. i think he just this is mainly
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a getting to know you meeting they never met before today. they want to be, they want to make a show of friendship. it's important politically for both of them, for biden, to show that he is accomplishing something in a foreign policy for ben and to show that he is close to the american power center . but certainly yes, i think that there is growing pressure from the american side from conservatives, from republicans who are saying that the volatility in ghana stand is a signal that the american can't take any risks with iran. and perhaps bennett might want to plug into that argument as well. well, given that bennett one, what was it? only 6 percent of the vote. does he have the political backing for this visit to even have much weight? or is this much more about symbolism? where is that special relationship? now that's the thing i think one of the main ambitions, one of the main goals for bennett and for his coalition partner year look period is to re establish relationship with the democrats,
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which were afraid under benjamin netanyahu. because the openly confronted them and he, he, he annoyed them with his confrontational tactics and so that's the, that's the main thing. i think preventative to show that even though there are differences, there are differences on the israeli palestinian issue. there are differences on iran. we can work through those and it's kind of an opportune time because in both instances nothing's going on. and israeli, palestinian, nothing's going on in iran until perhaps next month. it's next month. so it's, it's easy to come in and say, hey, we have our differences, but we can get along because right now there's nothing substantial to argue about. speaking of the israel palestinian issue that you alluded to, we have seen tension build around the goals offense again in recent days as well as indirect talks breakdown between television, her mouth will bite and be trying to push anything that yes, i think the absolutely biden was going to is definitely going to want to quiet. he does not need to be having to mediate another conflict as he did, you know,
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if he was found himself doing in may, he doesn't want that kind of trouble, right? that particularly with it's kind of them. so, you know, for instance, there was a lot of speculation in israel the other week when i, a sniper who was shooting into the gas strip, was critically wounded in return. and whether it was going to retaliate, israel didn't retaliate or hasn't retaliated yet. and i think biden is going to say, you know, just keep that up, we don't need anything to explode. i do want to ask you about another touchy issue . israel has close ties with china, especially when it comes to technology. i believe bilateral trade hit something like 17500000000 dollars last year. how far might biden get with trying to discourage that relationship? i think you probably get for him, it's only because this is like one of those things that's that's just consistent across the administration's rather republican or democratic. this was much noticed in the media accepting the israeli media a year ago. but the trump administration,
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which of course of the closest relationship with israel, that any administration's ever had was curious what the israelis last year for considering bringing in a way to, to do 5 g and in israel. and they made that clear. they pushed israel away from doing that and also they were furious. this is something i don't think they could reverse, but there was a chinese contractor who was helping to rebuild type a port that nobody likes that in the united states. and i think consistent across president has been pressure on israel to back away from that, that relationship. but we'll see what emerges from this meeting later today. ron camp, you said the washington bureau chief at the jewish telegraphic agency. thanks for sharing your insights with a one out there. so thank you. well, it is now time for sport and his pizza. thank you so much and other day and another huge twist in the football tron. so linda, christina, rinaldo could be about to make a shock return to a former club man, just the united. it had been reported he'd agreed terms with united's rivals, mentioned the city that's understood now that city have pulled out of the deal. 36
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year old rinaldo played for united between 20032009 before leaving for rail madrid . he's been a huge interest player for the last 3 years, but they coach maximilian and leg b as confirmed today that he is leaving yeti landa who christiano community castle christiana told me. he has no intention of staying event for this reason. he won't play in tomorrow's game and he didn't train this morning. things change. it's a lot of life. events remains, which is the most important thing or it's been 3 years. he made his contribution. now he's leaving and life goes on christiana, we've done a lot, he's a great champion, and i wish him all the luck in the world where he's coming to play. so it appears that he pulled out of the race to sign annella and united. now the front run of the managers of both clubs were asked about the situation earlier on friday. we focused on the ones you have here. i don't want to speculate too much on christiano. of
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course what's, what's happening there in the press and i've said many a time with this speculation, so you have when your money united, when you're messy when you ronaldo, when you're pub bruno, you have to read a lot about yourself. so let's see what, what happens in christiana, because he's such a legend of, of this club in this 3 or 4 days left to the transfer window shot, everything can happen, everything can happen. but in my personal view, there are few play as few players that and i think percent around is included and messy, of course, and the ones one day decide where they're going to play. so day out of the absolute lead in rosendale associations and everything and decided when the, when a play and said he's benjamin mandy has been denied bail off the facing charges of 4 counts of rape and one of sexual assaults. the 27 year old appeared at a pre trial hearing a chest, but magistrates called on friday. it didn't enter
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a plea, but as denied the charges, the case has been adjourned until september. the 10th mandy has been suspended by, says he pending an investigation. police say the charges relate to a legit attacks on 3 women that he's home between october last year and this month india have begun the task of trying to save the food cricket test against england in leads. they all 152 to 2 in a thickening of java has reached our century for visitors who were bundled out for the 78 1st time round. captain vega coley is out there with him right now. earlier in the world after 450 for many zealand all round the christ canes has been lift, paralyzed off to having a life saving hot operation. the 51 year old needed emergency surgery at the hospital earlier this month, but suffered a stroke any spine during the procedure which has caused paralysis and his legs. ken's came, will fly support last weekend. he will now begin
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a significant rehabilitation process at a specialist spinal hospital in australia to tell me and then pick 100 me to go mail shelly anne for the prizes clock the 3rd fastest women's time ever. the 34 year old davis on thursday at the diamond league meeting in lavonne, she beat current olympic champion. elaine thompson, hara, he got the better of her in tokyo last month for the price finishing in 10.60 seconds to take 0.03 seconds of her previous personal based. meanwhile, the track and field events are on the way the paralympics and took care and they were a handful of world records, including full china, jo sheer. she won gold in the women's 100 meter t 35 final beating australia is isis hope in a time of 13.00 seconds. the 1st middle. in fact, if you went to brazil, br line run a yelled sin, shall candy's guide one. the men's 5000 meters, t live and final over taking japan. can you kind of follow on the final band and
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competitive vania cost to the elevator is also blind. let clear of the competition to win the women's t 11 long jump gold. and you can see just i'm in now much mental polish track, flightless marcin pollock, will take no for the part in the games though. he's been provisioning suspended of the facing positive for the bad blood boost the e p. o. the sample was taken 3 weeks before the paralympic started. 38 year old could be stripped of the bronze medal, the one in the men's be $4000.00 me to individual pursuit on wednesday. meanwhile, a chill, a in parallel piano has become the latest subject of a bobby dough created by american teufel motel. 43 year old francisco martinez, who's represented her country in wheelchair tenants short putting disco, throwing an javelin, has got her. and oh, my goodness is the latest member of the companies. she rose collection, which was created to recognize that female role models. you know, when you down the board it makes
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a lot of sense because in the end what they want to highlight is not my disability . but my cell performance, i value that very much because we are all actually we all sacrifice equally. that they gave me this recognition among very few people in the world is very nice, comforting. but an exciting now to a remarkable feat by boston red sox pitcher chris sail on thursday, boston were up against the minnesota twins in major the faithful sail, manage to pitch an immaculate, eating a 3rd of these korean. that is to say that he struck out 3 opposition batches on 3 pictures each in a row to put it in context. the only other pitcher on record to pitch 3 korea immaculate innings is hold a famous, sandy co fax. so surprisingly, the read. so $112.00 to the will to a go for john. ron says he's ability to put the post behind him, is helping him play better. rama test positive for covered twice the season, forcing him to miss out on the and then picks moved into
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a share of the lee on day one of the b. m. w. average of outside baltimore, the spaniards, alongside rory, mackerel, and sam boons on 8th, on the po, and as credited popular tv show, tate left with improving his mentality. using the show i have none, i'm sorry now, so it's basically happy as animal in the world as a goldfish. you know why it's got 10 2nd memory fair play? great golf last week. just couple of bathrooms on the stretch and as important thing to remember. breaking news and back to our top story. it's now been confirmed that christiana ronald has agreed to return to his former club. manchester, united. it had been reported, he agreed terms with the united rivals, mentioned the city, but they pulled out and united have snapped it up movie tow, coming up late as soon as we get them and we'll leave it there for now. most both nice coming up again later on. that sounds good. thanks so much pizza. well that is it for this news out, but don't go away. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with more of the days news. do stay with us here on
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ah, news news. news. news. she does very glamorous. it's part of our whole job to, to our very, very special occasion. and for that, people who spend money, everything you see on the wall they do is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and turn things around my, my on our do their september and do 0 as morocco
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record would be impacted with 19 the country vote in parliamentary elections that will shape the future by listening post dissects the media, how they operate, the stories they cover, and the reason why the 911 attacks all the world, 20 years on the war that followed the finally ended and i've done it. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously unique, the touch it on us can help you and history through the eyes of the fearless and vision we through makers. germany goes to the poles and elections of the anglo merkel replace up to 15 years in power. what will the result mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera, the how many nukes has too many new america had in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties down to the. there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening,
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your weekly take on us politics, and can i see, and that's the bottom line. ah, me. the morning for an attack on cabala. that's more than a 100 dead. the u. s. vows to punish those responsible about conditions have continued despite the violence. but several countries have now ended their operation. ah, hello there, i'm the pay and this is all their life. and also coming up dozens of nigerian students of freed 3 months after being kidnapped by.


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