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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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what does it make you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous mental disaster and investigation. south africa, toxic city on al jazeera. oh, i know norm taylor in under the top stories around here. the 1st civilian fried his left cobbles effort since the taliban took over afghanistan. the runways haven't been operational since the final us troops withdrew last week. but repairs have now been carried out for the health of technical teams from casa and turkey. and its hoped crucial, a deliveries can begin soon. evasion experts say international airlines are unlikely to resume flight to couple until airport security is guaranteed. fighting is continuing in the pantry of valley. it's the latest area, not on the taliban control. after unconfirmed reports that it had taken control on
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friday, but the national resistance front, which is made up of malicious and former african security force members, says it successfully pushed back the taliban attempt at taking the territory. the fact that there is no doubt that the circumstances we face a difficult we face attacks by our call to terrorists and the taliban, who backed by paul keystone, but were defending our homeland and the resistance continues. the enemy has suffered casualties. we've also taken casualties today we faced the tax by the enemy, but we remained in complete control of the situation. 11 in deepening economic crisis is led to a sewing of relations with syria over a fuel import deal. the highest level official lebanese visit since syria civil war began 10 years ago, has led to deal to import power. egyptian gas will be sent to jordan and used to make electricity, which will then flow through the syrian grid to lebanon. fuel shortage is
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a crippling lebanon's economy of a good man. you can, he has a nice party also help from syria for 11 onto the gyptian gas and jordan in electricity through syria, the steering side. welcome to request and assured us it was ready to oblige. both parties agree to follow up on the detailed technical issues via junk. technical team are tested in bangkok, demanding the prime minister's resignation, hours after he won a parliament, re competence vote. demonstrations accused by eternal and his government of corruption and mishandling the current of ours response approaches which are banned on decoded, 19 restrictions have gained momentum recently, and at times 10 violent there's a top stories. do you stay with us out there? well, continues. next i'll be back with the news straight after that to me then if you can. i for now. ringback the. ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback
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awe. ready today at shawnee medicine and tommy mackenzie, hudson island. we can hear from us yada for dinner. so i just like in mind here to shop in medina. dish has had this can be studied me. no. i clear how does line and fluid to the clean handling. medina, i thought it had this that i was 52 my thought was sufficient, mostly was and he can only come sourcing center if there is more back to bottle phone that had the keys. i mean go in europe and be medina name. how did it be from the mom and let you let on her shamperdeen?
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i. mckenzie one. not to be in this limit of your mouth. so okay. and can i have her head of you name was thornton hall. what year? the wooden delta most in he imaging. and if you could let you know what the whole session can few her 2nd been in the hell to grilled for the us. we're meeting at healy can be a she heard and you can do. you have any way to had us in the household and you can walk on the mouse. but if moslin here sold it tottle, she kept the l in canada, at least today. and horrible of me. it was almost in here. no started since it had been homer. i was like how to best buy the pay sizes of movies and washington you can remove when gated can i tell you who my sexual
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coffee murdered. so allison you out of all these mostly on a can. you can leave in the home. i know that was an idle young man. you made a fool mom, a man. oh, can you said he knew it was due to the musk massage cur shook her head. oh, the choice bishop should be moved by the bed and when it was in the most of
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the use, if you can was to mention i'm can how many, how many usual coffee? huff, and was a huddle and a half love from a lot of multis in english. how about it? i way both. can you be so
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good news and you know what you thought it was to can and pick them all wallet. i talked to the soda can come in now when was the name of the shabby sites and the actual market more than that, i thought she can leave it. he can, we can shut it off again for title or by the young man with a $6.00 and a half english horn on this. and i'll head up the whole year because if the exams will elkin use, if you use a made will be, how long will you shut of p huffy in in the house?
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ah, what i'm to fix it. who may vista, why i'm a little soul. can she use it against the wall? it again d can fee come in and defend jogging and organ. thought about the seo command can. i'm a buyer's market. can the fish from a walk? and she said, you can, and it must be to get this done with mom that was and that i in will not want to clear the total with her, my middle. and then when are you putting it in and use it again? hi,
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michelle. ah, what is the sharp on what the but often i didn't the one that is the one from the one of the valid when the ticket there can where they put him in this but it can modification somebody can call up and hoist can do little no no hold it guilt we don't want to do or what do you have been shared company? what do you, what the heck of him then what we found a trucker thinking you can either stick them in as good as the oh
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i me any uses wallet was in the home in the lot of the shorter victor will meet them in the district forever. sneed and multi shorted you listen to what he can, how does this double sink at the moment you had to actually start to show me who you're not sure. so i use can work in my mind with dell hallmark in on us what we should be more
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the more how would begin the 40 you come in the article in the home my you for was the shooting. the victor will not get a you know, the usually follow get the woman who get it to, to pick from a lot to the last it was he's this book and if it was it thing and make it home of the mission. look at victor. this can i knowledge and most again it had to be locked in heavy if they used to work on monday. awesome. and you know, get quickly and then i can fit the bond. the can be dim, putting the total distance,
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which can be what ship it is if it can be moshing, acknowledge that you've been complaining. and if you go and i i wish i had it in this is sort of the most that it didn't work today. but the boy behind my dad thought was he was who would love to settle. and if i answer for the privilege this down as a normal if resort law firm has 1000 lease in my back or hum yes for a year. and he can the good indication and levy from us and be back to her as if the alicia and cocker or thing. he sold a neck for her home, you know hospital medina with the credit sheets, but once they get done well back to melissa with the nurse,
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if you could like list like the medina. so quarterly medicine hallmark by 2 is my 100 and the way to troll with my home. can a more be really go back to the la la la la sion yard of meaning to be bought for a living lease on a tier kid that can i just need to know more with the infant nursing medina, with colorado market solar home. i said the machine was been dollar lynn. hi me, i just really, honestly and we are sort of filtering lizzie, nikita kenton, i thought with a cameo. scalia imaging exist. medina, i need in, in taking her thought of l one for the p. michelle utley fee. michelle, harder than yes of in the had medina to net especially women when after i did it a little bit, i use it again. do you can it will look in hor hub. the fee can be cur. sophia's a lot with out of warning against the mascot or fees or by the can someone who the
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fuck all the on a 100 in court. all will don't feel most lawyer the least bit off the one with the shortly the f and it's of humph. hutton and mosley indicated, many of the thomas i was, was, was o'neill. menus begins the wallet and i uses for the fact that i'm the 7 by the 100 bond, it can about the 100 and the shop in the door. you call him clear landa, what existence? 100 the least if this will the this in multiple to get my thought
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a subtle, she said it as if there was, this is a yellow form in her several for the frog was a may law edition. you go month little from what i can use this entire took his yes he jose me more than was the med list. sure. and it's about that. abilene late was effect. she goes up her summary of december, senate for her being on the bus thought base. and i will see you tonight. i i can ship when i'm in brussels. the the
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the, me, me yeah. can it was not the rule. can you hear me not too much about person. i mean,
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what do you how does that mean she's when i defined you to keep it, you had a phoebe, i mean, well, you know what, if it of you can let it get you would evaluate enter, leave the modem and the lead. and that he was, he has to do with them any more than the the c s at that same me me little medina? my not a day. minimal sick for heal medina to let you anticipate be if no we're not she
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any one bed or not? sure. why it all day? and we'll see we're canada. he had him, italy, me say 21 other up on me him on. heather jenny, are you them? can hello mckenna to her, send me, [000:00:00;00] ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,
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you, you know, show homes, but they show you what those dean that yes, i mean, that will have a few minutes later. but again, if you move the wireless, but if you don't mother on the visit the demo usually dean, well, normally my home she hub drama, leaf l e memory as well. again as a web. why he could he miss her soul be. and if he does room and what dia and dean, what the me more than i don't really plato and other cameras here. you should have gotten the cinema. meters really feel las bad. he's a male tissue was just really went year
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when was that you holding feedback? when he said, he said to me based on what and what it was so when, when my seen that job well, i'm out to be successfully. michel celine was an image. irma opposite beef. bob budwani, him, lee, the central ah, ah, mom,
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i me . i wind of honey, but just wanted to see how we had to be that he got a letter. she gave me to send my easy be copays and doesn't mean celine with me to show you. it was sent out either to him with our liberty where he but by the way i'm lacking, i'm, i'm one of the worley a year. gosh, what, what is that already shot? and the she says leave, but i'm until any though. sure. but he got are in not what he supposed on. he was late, but i know somebody out there. you see, there's a didn't,
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could you remember suddenly the sub was 700 feet of a 100 in was every show area. 100 medina. cuba on north lake of was on the recording which didn't happen. but the melinda had to put up with the shadow. what glen did glen hoffman? absolutely. well normally my punish. so how many of us emotion something different many for math myth. not when you speak to d. smith, one. after the meeting matter why? i mean, i'm fuss. how to sign up that pretty much. that was too much because if you do
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decide, sheila ones i thought to jefferson that they can ask him about an almond or video relation that it does. he did ask me, ask them, and we'll daddy out a lot of the way a woman guy you know about us look before him, out like in the, in the new year, a year to man with him at to south 20 according made. she had a lab and then we will delay it in. what did you have, jimmy, when i was getting ready to buy them, you out the one that was go day. but why was that show me a 2nd. i was lucky enough. see, was for, for me out, us just let us know what on he, marcus had them so, but you know,
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fusion and even ice sent me another about us and i the on the limit, the and this one with them, one of them and see us here for the above $11.00 mugs, and we will bob lucky it we affordable and if you will, it teacher whether this book can do much out and be wise to mount hadash aleman. so you can just walk another, don't you had to be about to mac bottle, me know me know who should he shorter what bucky am? i can be slow but mostly lunar 11. 15 that it on his way of the home. the top you can hear open should he, when he left going to go. any mom, what african lee, what was said? and then i ended hoarding. and how for them when i'm
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a mission, completely as he's one of the boy and mothers. and he says, you need to really need to make it for one. 0, i feel i mean, why the steam stood out, the mathematician by the hands of the shore with them any a dash or a yeoman meant that he could. how come at the maxima holloway steamer home? but ashleigh sharp was the minimum position. ah ah ah,
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put you on the salt to the shop for i can i have a hotel if you move it to the old one of the mos, gannett, loaner. you show him at the, not him at the unit. you know, i can mess edited with a school there. no one has a luck, but she's a lydia to our visual and a full time. you know those being that the wonderful work when you get to shop ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah hello good to be with you quite soaking. we've had to ward harris, she mur prefecture, scooping up about 80 millimeters of brain over the past 24 hours. but the bulk of that activity now out toward the. but hi of course, right, our next batch of what weather, waiting in the wings. so let me press play on this. here we go on monday, and by tuesday, this lands into the korean peninsula, the darker the color, the more intense the rain is. and in fact, the young yang could see rainfall amounts of up to about 60 millimeters of rain on to stay quite a wide spread of rain from northern areas of china. right down to the games, the river valley just west of watch on, on monday, on kong, strive though with a high of 32 degrees rounds of rain across indo. china can be expected and flood watches. just north of manila, as we have some solid bands of rain, setting up dry spots can be found through the malay peninsula, parts of java and borneo. on sunday. down under we go and we're talking about heat
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in se, asia, but look at this sub 0. temperature is making it its lowest temperature in 2 years . nice during the day, per se at $22.00, but it is unsettled toward the east and for new zealand. we've got what weather moving in toward the southern alps. both islands will be enveloped by tuesday, but the system scoots out on wednesday. the news one 3rd of all the food produce is the wasted, with tens of thousands of put outlet towel in south korea has been transformed from what still fender is the global leader in foot recycling. i is the reporting on how your technology is making this possible. in kenya, i mean, the farmer and santi, what he did, the oil life depended on was life or just iraq.
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we've been awarded the world's best airline of 2021. but it's more than an award for being the only global airline to continue through the pandemic. and for the hours of hard work, we dedicated to making your experience exceptional and flying the youngest greenest fleet in the sky. more than an award. it's a responsibility to continue to provide the very best for each and every one of our customers. cut our hair ways you can rely on us. talk to al jazeera, we what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because of the situation on the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sera the native news as it breaks. the storms spared the worst for a long island, which fear to direct it,
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but it's still whipped up high wind and high wave with detail coverage. the government themselves are still to read people's and all the children. not only put them from around the world, hundreds of children have been born to women abused by fighters. in addition to social pressure, these can only carry their religion if both parents are leaving. the me this is al jazeera ah hello lauren taylor. this is sharon hughes. i live from london coming up campbell airport back up and running the 1st commercial flight to take off, allowing vital a deliveries to start again. and taliban special forces move in using


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