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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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below the and how this could impact the life. this is an important part of the world, and i was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, the plugin. i'm surely battle in doha. with the headlines on al jazeera there's been heavy gunfire in guineas capital con a creed near the presidential palace. army troops have been deployed to the 3 west africa correspondence, nicholas hank. as more from the car, a neighboring synagogue. it seems to be that the center of the gun battle, or the gunfire was happening in the hotel column, which is in the peninsula. the district in downtown cannot create next to the presidential palace. and that's where this morning alpha was either headed to or
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coming out. and gunfire erupted. it's unclear who is behind the gunfire, but special forces have been seen on the ground. so have the presidential guards the red brace. several of them appeared to be needed and taken to the military hospital of duncan. the battle for control of afghanistan, spongy or valley is intensifying. more huge fighting is reported between the national resistance front and taliban forces with both claiming to have the upper hand in iraq. they've been to attacks on security forces blamed on i. so at least 12 police officers were killed when their checkpoint was attacked near the northern city of kirk cook. 3 soldiers were killed in a separate incidents near mosul. syrian government forces shelby's southern rebel held in cable divine during civilians. it follows a 3 day sci fi, which is seen russian soldiers patrolling the rebels stronghold. tens of thousands
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of farmers have rallied in northern india again and agriculture law introduce last year. they said favors big corporations and will damage their livelihoods. for the government have failed to break the deadlock. when his, when his government says negotiations with the opposition to resolve the countries long running political crisis all making progress. last week the opposition agreed to take part in regional and municipal elections set for november. the non duration ceremony in montenegro of bishop nakeesha as the leader of the head of the serbian orthodox church has taken place. despite protests demonstrated bronx roads and fought with police before the ceremony opponent. see the church as a symbol of serbian influence over montenegro. 15 years after its independence, those are the headlines allergies here, world continues next. september, unnoticed, the russians closed in parliamentary election, imitates the president, putin,
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21 year grip on power. the listening post dissects the media, how they operate, the stories they cover, and the reasons why the 911 to talk to alter the world. 20 years on the war that followed has finally ended. and i've got a son. but that's what caught this a didn't real office, a unique perspective on afghan, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany, go to the polls and elections. the, the i'm going to merkel replace up to 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera. ringback the. ringback ringback ringback me ah.
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ready to the day at shawnee medicine and tommy mckenzie hudson, i am waiting to hear from us yada yada. just like in mind ahead enough to shut in medina. dish has had this can be studied me. no. i clear had the slide and fluid to the hanging medina. i thought it had the i was 52. my thoughts told it was sufficient. mosley was and he can only show him so she center it then i get it back to bottle phone and how can i go where you name or your and the medina name. how did you be from the yellow, fema, and the letter on her name of your ah, in mckenzie one not a to be in this month. okay. and can i have her? why hadn't of you name was thornton?
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yes. that wouldn't delta most imaging if, if you could let you know the her what the call session can feed her motto. second, when the, when the health grilled for the us were medina haley can be a she heard and you can indeed, jaime, well, how does and how fast you can work on the mouse. but if i'm offered in here, thought it topple should come off and leave you candidate, least to date and horrible of me. it was almost in handle started from, from hardin homer. i was about by the pay sizes of movies and washington, you can move when gated can return. yes, i have a problem in connection with my sexual stickle feet in and out of all these mostly how can it can be in the home?
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i talked to the phone who can come in now. hello with some of the sites and the natural mock of most the solid thought osha can indeed speak, and he can. we can shut it off clean for home or by the young man with a $6.00 interest horn on this. and i'll head up the whole you guys, if the exams will alcuin hillock use if you didn't, you was amazed will be how lu figler shakopee huffy in this, in the house? ah,
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what i'm to fix it home a little while i'm a little soul. can she use it again, d wallet, again, d, who can come in and defend, jogging and organ. thought about the matter. c o command can i'm a buyer's market. can the fish from a walk and she said you can in and it, most of them will want to deal with in will not want to clear the total with the middle. and then when putting it in use, if indeed mohammed ship ah, what is this the end of the shot?
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but i didn't know one of the one from one ballad when the chicken can wash and then hook him. but it came up so that he can call up and hoist you little minute, hold it gilt. we don't want to sell the best left to do. what do you have been horror, comedy. what about him? a little thinking you had to stick them in as good as the oh, i me in the
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usa swallow. was in the home in the lot of the shorter because again, it's, victor will be home visit of distribute on forever sneed in north shore. 30. listen to what he can he's if can seem to me you had to actually start to show me who you're not sure thought ah can work in my mind with dell hallmark and we should be more should be more again before you come in and out in the home you should be good
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if i could. yeah. with the with you follow get a moment. sure. don't we'll get it to to pick out some of the bottles looked at was his book and if it was the meeting will be finished. the scan analysis and most again, that had to be heavy. if the, if the work we'll get quickly to send, then i can fit the bond can be dim. putting what i got, the total distance which can be shabbots for ballistic and washing acknowledged that completely. and if you go, when i
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sit down with sugar in the soul of the musket that it worked at a feeble behind me as not found where he was horrible, left dosa fool. and if i answer fully this done as they normally resort what phone had hung thought of these in my back war? hum. yes. really good indication lizzie must be back to her is if the alicia and cocker within his folder neck photo had him. your facility medina would need to stop and say good. then we're back to montana. with the screen. yes. if you do, you are the mag list. we're like the humble medina. so madison houma, you buy 2 is my 100 and the way to troll with my home. can a more be really go back to the cloud when the launching out of need to be bought
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for a living lease and a t p that can i just need to know more with it from nursing medina, with market solar whom i said the machine was in dollar, lynn. hi, mr. lee on a ship home. we are sort of filtering lizzie, nikita kenton, i thought, nika, hernando scalia, limiting cisco medina. i name in, in taking her thought of the one for the p. michelle utley fee. michelle. harder than yes of in the hand. medina on it and that especially women when updated it and a little bit about yourself again. you can, it will look in hor, hub. the fee can be cur, sophia, with ads of warning against the medical fees, whereby they can someone who fucked it all on a corner. been caught on wooden feet and moss and lloyd the least especially put off one which should be shortly the f and itself for the hot
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mosley indicated. many of the commerce air was, was, was o'neill, menus begins the wallet. and i use this with the fact that i'm the 7 by the 100 bond, it can about the 100 and shopping the door. you call him clear landa, what existence the lease. if this will the, this in the multiple to him, i thought it said it as if there was, this is a, you can call him in her several for the program was a may law nation. you go month little from what i can use this entire took this. yes,
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he jose me more than was d and it's about that abilene late was she goes up her summary of december, senate for head what again on the thought base. and i will do walkthroughs, i can ship for them when i'm in brussels, the the the, me,
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me and i don't know whether or not the rule me mean or to need about person. i mean, what how does that mean? she's when i define and you keep the phoebe,
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i mean, well, you know what, if it of you can let it get you would evaluate to be in the modem and the her the lead and did he was he has to do with them any more than the the c s at the same for me . me little medina? my not a day me norfolk heal. medina to let you anticipate w b if no just not she any one bed or not? she was on duty and we'll see where canada dorothea had him. italian se 21 of that up on her me a mom or the jimmy o. e. them can hello mckenna to her,
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send me ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, you know, show homes, but they show you what those dean that yes, i mean, that will have a few minutes later. but again, if you move the wireless, but if you don't, mother has a stuff. is that the demo? usually dean. well, normally at home she hub drama,
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leaf l. e members as well as what he could he miss her soul be. and if he does room and what dia can the dean, what the me more than i don't really plato and other cameras here. you should have gotten cinema. many meters really famous, but he's a male plato, whomever tissue was. just really wanted to share math. when was that you holding feedback? when he said and he said to me based on what and what it was, so we're in well my city and well i'm out to be successfully. michel celine was an image. emma opted i meant beef. bob budwani, him, lee,
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the central ah, ah, mom, i me . i wind of hollywood sort of see how we're to be that he
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let the shade. and he said, my easy be copays and even doesn't mean i mean, what did i mean to show you? it was sent out either to him with our liberty clearly but, but we have a lack of amount of inwardly a uni gosh, what, what is it? and she says leave. but i'm until any the seizure but he got are in not what he supposed on. he late but i know some specialty. there's a didn't commute them, so lead 700 will feel the hurt in which i will show you on medina, cuba,
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on the lake of one of your wisdom. and i was not the one of those. but the melinda, they had to put up with the shadow. what glinda glen hoffman? absolutely. well, normally my punish. so many missed emotion. was something different really from out myth? not when you speak to d. smith, when i asked the media if matter why. i mean, not fuss. how to sign up that pretty much. that was too much because if you do decide, actually the ones i switch it to us and then they can ask him about and know him and already do relation that it does have to be some us. and we'll daddy,
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whatever way it will mean going out about us before the mouse, black in the, in the new year was a year t ma'am with him at to south any, according made. she had a lab and finished with the union, was busy as jimmy when i was getting ready to buy them out, the morning was go day, but why was that? she was lucky enough see was full for me. but he just said he you know what? he marcus had them so, but you know, fusion and he will ice up like that sent me another about us and i the on the limit, the and this one of them, one of them and see us here for the whole above $11.00 mugs. and we will bob
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lucky it we affordable and if you will, it teacher whether this book can do much out and be wise to mount hadash aleman. so you can just another, don't you had to be about to mac bottle, me know me know who should he shorter what bucky and can be slow, but mostly colona healer, maternity to his way of the home. and the puppy. look here, open should he, when he left? good. jenny, mom, what african lee? what was said with them and then ended haughtiness and how for them to send them that mission. because that way as he's one of the boy and mothers and he says, you need to need them for one day. let me
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feel, i mean, why the steam stood out, the mathematician by the hands of the shore, with many a dash or a yeoman, meant that he could come at the maxima, hollow steamer home, but sluggish was the minimum position ah, in awe under so much for can i have no hold, or if you move it the one of the more can at lona to him at the not him at the unit i can mess edited. he's with a school wish that no one has a luck, but i mean, she's a living our visual,
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a subpoena that the one of us yes. when you get to shop ah ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah, it's for the journey the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello everyone. good to see you. we thought we may have something cooking in the bay of can pick chase still watching it because nonetheless, it will give us a run of rain for the u. s. states of either texas or louisiana,
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where we do have our non stop rain through the pacific coast of mexico. this is affecting acapulco on monday with a high of 29 degrees off to the desert southwest. we have heat alerts in play for southern areas of california, southern nevada. this does include vegas, but not los angeles, with the high of 30 degrees off to the west coast of canada. we've got some weather moving into the central coast, affecting high to quite otherwise. just a few spits of rain to where the east then and were seen some unsettled conditions, the great lakes, the northeast, to atlanta, canada, halifax for can to see wind gusts 40 to 50 kilometers per our same goes for toronto . on monday, the holiday labor day off to south america for the top in columbia, we've had continuous rain leading to flooding destroying at least 20 homes. and we still see that rain falling on monday through into the northwest to venezuela over the venezuelan andy's for their toward the south. they're sweating it out and it's on the on, at $37.00 degrees. and i think you make it up to 40 in the days to come,
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wind shift around, we get some thunder storms. so that's going to cool you down to 25. sponsor cut on airways. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the death of many more exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organisation telling the name to many as the blood alliance. inside this in a la carte house taught one of the key parts investigation, people and power on al jazeera women use great. on wednesday, it was a largest fire in california history. when people need to be heard, any people who are writing even know what i am with exclusive interviews and report,
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i'll just be around teens on the ground with intensifying rain. people here appear that these are temporary solutions to bring you when you document trees and live need. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news hour on. i'll just 0. i'm fully back to life for my headquarters here and go are coming up in the next 60 minutes. the heavy gunfire near the presidential palace in guineas capital con crease. several presidential gods reportedly injured the way bound up. the president are unknown, renewed fighting enough galleys,


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