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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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lee, but artists and hungry have given enthusiasts of the crypto currency. something to smile about a statue honoring bit coins finder as being a veil in budapest, it's over his figure and that's because the realize and c of the developer, he goes by the seizure names to she also is unknown. that coins become increasingly popular last week. el salvador made it legal tender. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. the u. s. c, u. k. and australia has defended their new security alliance is a little low, the history of the government to corn, nuclear power submarines. it's seen as an efforts to cancer teachings influence in the pacific, but china says it will only intensify an arms race. and you alliance means paris has lost a multi $1000000000.00 deal to bill submarines were strayer. the french government
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is angry, accusing the australians of stopping them in the bag. the taliban insistence more united than ever after reports that its leaders are no major power struggle. the group says the claims are injured destabilizing the country. just weeks after it took control. leaders from the west african economic block, echo wass, of imposed sanctions on guineas military rulers. they're demanding elections be held within 6 months. guinea was suspended from echo off last week after a military coup removed, president alpha con day from par. the special un representative for west africa and the for health says the body will never endorse unconstitutional changes of government. hello, democrat, the united nation opposed to number of values. it is democrats, alternation. we condemned a detached in any conditions and therefore we will never endorse unconstitutional changes. and the united nation is clear on this would simply hold that what has
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just happened in getting your money our mishaps and will be very quickly rectified . and your report says venezuela's judges and prosecutors are being used as tools of state repression. investigation said justice officials are playing a significant role in serious violations and crimes against opponents of the government's. nigerian soldiers are deploying and the states of born are following a deadly isosceles a tag. at least 18 soldiers were killed in an ambush and a convoy hit reforms and look at from wouldn't say there is been at the heart of a 12 year conflict is killed. 140 sons and people on the 1st poles of opens in elections to the russian parliament. many candidates who reposed president vladimir putin. a bit excluded from the ballots bolting will take place over 3 days. and the headlines, the forbidden bill is up next. talk to al jazeera, we what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the
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ground seems to be pointing the way we listen. we were never on whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that sarah the me, i choose many aspects of afghan coach had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was looted or blown up, a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archives. they
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managed to preserve the films and these records of all of the afghanistan that exist in saving decades of history. they believe these films have something to give to the present moment. in the 1900 sixty's african cinema was born filmmakers. one aware of the dangers to come. i i
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got, i mean, why did lot, but i was much wobbling from the data me film in which i will come out. hello, find the data. me see me in the media moving by. you know what? she can what you can image of my job done for more data meet done. ah, she felt like you that that i could tell you because my guess is again to me from boy. i mean, mother, she gave the usual boy, you don't get your montgomery, you get to walk on your show. i got enough home. it can get you game with our our
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mission at the home can bear with me. one moment for me was i thought of all my to let you know the whole thing. get dodge from joy. you can expect my scholarship because i got yet the bottom of it. but why would you feel that it was? yeah, i gotta you gotta was, yeah, i gotta was the he, they got that was a land, mo, you often you bubble for them to put all of fillmore shut the door going on. us use it again or fax, the book monday. go over there. mean you just gotta give me just awesome.
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yeah, bud, top films. yes. i've any, but she just got a quick check. i should have been and the young get. i don't want to make it in the chart another. she showed another she not, she had this problem again. any. are you getting me to welcome our mission? you're trying to keep month based on quality. i wanted to follow what you currently are closed. sky, joy kid, the john new washer. but a foot longer job. any one can more thought we'd be happy about it because i'm out of money. i'm money comes up. come
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on those 2 motors mission. i don't because we offer somebody get him paid on the i'm always interested in archives as an artist, as filmmaker, and as a teacher. and i've been making work in and about i'm gonna stand for a number of years. and for me, it was really exciting to find out that i've kind of had this incredibly rich and deep cinematic history of which i was totally unaware. and then to realize that most other people were also totally unaware of it. it was like finding a hidden treasure and then thinking, here's something i can actually do to start bringing some of those histories
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back into circulation. the, what is really extraordinary about looking at these films is that they all tell us something really important about a gun. as a nation and how in vision itself at the moment that those films for me, the news that she was supposed to do because i always got a phone call. i guess, honey,
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that the my kids are more hudson. how come it was that the i e help push what to be your definitely for them. your them now we kind of america my, i'm really more that him them back in a more they not, i ha the shaking them with me. what kind of them, but in this, we would to do it and conduct our care. all of them whole p should be met over and then we'll cut couldn't by the way and so on. whole it's we can, we can and cheesy don't is not a pay run maita. i'm
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a no me for me and she asked what to get this in the get the ball knology mission. both me for mine k e that we drew them. either numa, which was on him, the holler, katia k, but you my wine, their kid, me near honish on mom. just seen a module. can they show honda aksoy? i'm going to forward him by the enemy. moist chemo made him the touch of them all. i was in the bottom of him who do the char solo nimble them committed to ma spring share by common on your make hello. be noticed by that m offset of police would what i call my saw to make them
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come after me at us. you know what, what, how rosa joanna sought to do what i'm able to see on my, on the, on, are you familiar with? what is your promotion with why we agree mom, we ship us for some of them. do you enjoy me? can you talk? i was just, you know, i was but a hold him the often didn't know balsam kick or the i can we so it's your stuff like more she to cut all that. ah, cookers him. yes. yes. we have more. she was the last and you want to can fill the news in the walk. and boy, you must get a horse thomas. by the time i was off, i can, we can get any more. she know what the holdup you're going to love this. awesome. well, if she's a, give us a call, but i'm a johnny with a get chuck just submitted
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a 50 voters for them. she will meet on a your, them all up is what the additional key he asked, what i hope that he needs to meet me is when we get to see sure, mohammed gas cut off the yacht, tougher porter, and the shop they guess, you know, when that us ah i, when i 1st went to the african films archive, the physical plant of the building was really deteriorating. so they had actual leaks in the archive. and you were really out of luck and trying to figure out what with caleb to feed the what they're going to be doing the local dog better mortgage would be
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no good cash should we caught him off key for more that the one where doors are numerous for most another one, utility for the mobile can record during the product. but i know you cannot actually do that by let me fill out of my thought in any phone mart in the film as in. all right, you need that didn't cut mid that. can you need more or more than a voicemail? so we'll say mike, a couple and event will be if you bought each other i'm we can law because i'm a show me that he's got passed on. why didn't you but who part of that? oh my gosh, how me raise my are to a lot mom and charlotte again. charter was low on a sunday and it was done by him and the other person stood at them. okay. but i've just gotten me a minute when i was
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all come in the hall. you can see the higher he comes to you must have he ran dial couldn't get negative doors. feldman landa said she'd get him. smith ford may subway his head. bosa. mamma is pretty much going on for me. mother. he saps fer mer just a moment and said monica, me. oh, okay, that's in columbus long cuz she's been all cognitive continues any kind of camera to come to the phone and i need to hook it there. he come her that she think most i don't watch are pressure that had to be when he comes in, which would keep why normally the keys couldn't read. you didn't want them to look
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at as you come to me for me, the for me to hold him up in my tongue custom. but it was the same it's, it has also the media. now i'm on the way. i'll just come in. she's a home show me. ah, he said, i'm kind of the engineer who is the most prolific gas gun director. probably the most beloved one as well among his peers and making calls to among the younger generation. so many good because he's made films that are like, think of love. and because he made one film a year for so many years. the one you can
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tell me no more. those term ma am co not shown at austin, but could you meet that under some of the issues? i just got to stay on the floor with quite a bit. you're testing the walk to the camera and i believe that is just a moment. oh, i think sony behind those i showed you the last 8 f 110 with some command thrown. yeah, them assume my nose, my simple technique. i don't. why ma yet don't tell me a long, soft look, trust me mark. i had already come out of the room yet. donna said, you could have won a son as low as said you,
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you have on fair enough to get lots of each to tony thinking that this will be the right but i but i wish we did. they did, but i did, they should get to come. no, don't a fell me is to hold them a soft hope you're not talking. but i want to involve this moved on by so thought it may the dust on the same member just a moment and then the audio. no, not tonight. amanda people tell anybody that could make it okay. well can what it was in my nose, maggie. i
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mean, it was i think it's important for the soon to be more widely available and i've got to send and i want to help a friend to digitize the entire archive. and of course, the 1st stage of doing anything like digitalization is to try to understand what you actually have been some couple of you did in the culture. news, i'm not much. i'm on the side, those in the months. well i i me, i knew done outside of phil monolithic
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and i think the earlier that existed, african intellectual isn't left on modernism, african left ism, all of these other histories are actually present in this archive. and to see them acted out on film. it really changes the way that people think about a fantasy we've been seeing, especially in the past few years, these incidents have really extreme violence. and it's important to be reminded that there were decades when gunnison was not a place where violence was normal. the same i bet you me
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up on me. they got a lot in time that i taught was actually that that's got the marker the how the 2nd metabolic day shot amazon cities homeland. now the denver,
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and although been be shown on the ticket open and put us on our him and race, configure the thing that will make them globally let the fillmore me the don't does in and megan, i'm a, i'm a to react will not be shown me why am i pine out him to non dummy holy la dummy mac, sybil boot here. i told by my dad. but the so much can mix up my, my mom had was really momma, i was stomach. i'm going to say by that and i will stomach m k white matter by mac pebble, and i'm act up on a double rake it and my mac, that by the, by the more s on them mickleson key again, furnish on my forward bush i'm. i've got all the way i go down the bushes gay, but now he might be able to buy a modem while my son, but he's done too much on our do you need to get is and hartford. and madame,
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listen ah, ah, ah, ah, they got me on that. me and my mom can make and i was going to send him for that. does he load them me more not? i'm not going on. i don't much can i'd but buy me home, but now more got on a while. emotional and not the mug of them as a matter do 30. me have my as the word penny in my in a toss order them me and then we'll go bushel or to rosie se or them golf game mobile, quantitatively qualified, and i don't want gauge jap, brand hall. say, you know that martin by the sort of the hotel about older than adult
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perhaps that day yet that it was more not that steam by the wireless coast and i need to get my blood cobra. c ah, i've got a student who's on the bottom and she will, she doesn't key. kim shaw has got dog. he was, he just gave me a horse buzz. you could up his book with all his muscular thomas in the game. but would he could, could all film and now in bruce, i'll be honest as you will have with your cash that you want to you, bob, bob or the sonya phillips or what you are the film of the be the last one film. but if you don't, so what about some dr. show what kind of joint would this like? my dad, she's asked because i get behind news be get out of that,
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but the estimates but also job. what about and i will that one functional gene and joe died of waiting around like somebody will say like i read it. what are what are the kid is also in the cottage this year? i'm a strong vessel the half to do half what after the kids get so much cockburn wrong. we're still we're still in the most and i'm in roswell. my daughter,
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i'm new. i'm on the ciocca. sure. sure. i would appreciate a call back. sure. that was an issue i'm doing over the financial next. you know, want them or just want me to my pan bullshit. what does party minish my political mind if each other i but i mark it as though those thought you were not as much more besought as the ball actually was a good but as you join a bookcase there, but she can do to see if that child saw last besought on monday. you are not the oldest. i won't be hike up, isn't it? can i push on? should the kid, let me show you that would use. who did you do your job? there was you don't even know chose, you know, no economy, pretty much a boy just let the functional visit of what golf community besought of them beat up on us. i'm just not to mention as a user,
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if you don't use all of them or what i'm not going to do so, so we should have guessed and solved to get a hold and others why doctor? i don't know if i'm sure, but i'm at the back. yeah. got yeah. i know maria pointed phone about wanting paul the same so as he knows he's a school kid 10 enough as not mandel fighting joy because this of them didn't. there solely yet fed and we all decided budget has a mission. the saw funny is you know, more on the 15th yard your car. this one was i guess that a film is how i get that a form. but it's, you know, most often they can be multi deli, he check see no more, you know, obviously not, you don't need no poly,
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nothing. the book, buddy my buddy d. moda as needed yet upon medium, at db hanging with tardy or the mom, you know, fill me more. i'm not sure if it was so what it dish, let him over that. been into his makeup on chicken. then we are part of that missouri. how much. i have the in the next episode of the civilian real, a communist qu, and a golden age of african cinema. me. i don't our you probably, i got a job. i just bought a kid just to jag year this was a bubble wagon for george edge because they would talk
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about john legitimate snake at the hour. and how about all of them that have gone to they can shut up while in the high dish because she don't watch too much now. ready too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film archives funding for decades reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a government support swindling russia. parliamentary election take place in september. but as opposition leader electing valley remains in prison. and just as
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a band from taking part could the due to the criminal and be wide open for another clean sweep. supporting special coverage on al jazeera. ah, china condemns a new security pack between the u. s. u. k and australia. france says the alliance is a stop in the bat. i . hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out there and i from coming up. taliban rejects claims of infighting. just days after announcing a new government in afghanistan, west african leaders in post sanction is on guineas military rulers. they're demanding a return to democracy within 6 months and anger on the streets of when is iris.


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