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vaccination appointment from human call to the political and economic full lot. i'll just bring you the latest on depend demik. this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to democracy. special coverage. and i'll just sarah. oh, i can vanelle and off the pub stories on al jazeera, the leaders of germany's 2 biggest parties are both claimed. they have the mandate to govern following a title election. the center left social democrats have won the seats. but the narrow margin of the ongoing chancellor, anglo merkel, christian democrats, means lengthy coalition talks will be needed to see who governs europe's largest economy. that boston reports from berlin. and he was welcome for
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a man who is hoping to become germany next leader isn't i know, talk bob peptide, the vice move on to get. we were pragmatic party that knows how to govern. we're confident party that wants to work to ensure that we have a base, a future in germany. but we've also showing that we have what it takes to govern a country that is unity supported by everyone. and that this was the case. i would like to thank you for that. for me to read off the dime. i'm glad merkel. last minute efforts to attract support for the conservative christian democratic candidate and lush, it seemed to fade off. after like last a star to the campaign to see to you and it's bavarian says the party ended up in a fight weights. we chose his social democrats. i should say he's not happy with the result, but still wants to leave correlation talks weird and we are others. and we will do everything possible to build a conservative led government because germany now needs a future coalition that modernize is our country. and for the 1st time in history,
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the coalition will meet 3 parties to govern uncle america, lisa, the 1st month of political landscape. and while her former coalition partners, the social democrats, are optimistic, they will be having the next government. all options are on the table. and difficult coalition talk law, you have talks not only closely watched in germany, but also in the rest of europe, where many has long looked on the la merkel for leadership. so a very, very long to do left for. busy the next to the next jobs. and the difficulty is that they're probably going to find themselves leading a very fractious, possibly quite incoherent correlation, which could make decision making even more difficult. this good well mean that europe's largest economy might be a little less politically stable than it was in the past. decades steadfast and al jazeera berlin, u. k. media is reporting that the mili tree may be drafted to deliver fuel as a nation wide. petro shortage continues. the move follows days of long queues at
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fitting stations with many being forced to close. more than 10000 short term work phases will be issued to truck drivers to help ease for shortages. a general strike is being called across india to mark the 1st anniversary of 3 controversial farm laws, around $100.00 organizations, including unions, farm as associations, and some regional government supporting the protest. for months, farmers have been demonstration against the reforms which they say, threat and their livelihood. thousands of people have protested against the 2 news in presidents moved to rule by decree. critics accuse him of a power grab supporters of kind sides were also in force on the streets of tunis. the you and nato have called for so the and course abode to de escalate pensions at their border where serbian troops are on height. and the nurse jets flew over the area of the cost of deployed special police to areas where ethnic serbs live.
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hundreds of serbs have been blocking the board for a week now of the course of a band calls with serbian registration plates from entering. this is brooks in it for we responded positively to brussels invitation for talks. we showed readiness for dialogue. the serbian president refused, and instead of dialogue he chose to encourage criminal groups in northern kosovo. therefore, such provocations, obstacles and blockades as well as today's criminal actions with terrorist elements come because crime tensions fear, smuggling and chaos have been the only form of their survival during these 2 decades. the un nuclear watchdog says iran has failed to fully honor the terms of a deal. it agreed to earlier this month. the international atomic energy agency says iran did not allow its inspectors to enter the test because complex workshop that makes centrifuge components. it did, however, allow inspectors to replace memory cards in most of the service monitoring equipment. those, the headlines all have another update here on on. there are off the bottom line.
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ah, ah, i am steve clemons and i have a question. how did relations between the united states and turkey fall apart? and then i had to come back together again. let's get to the bottom line. ah, for a lot of years it seemed like relations between the united states and turkey. just couldn't get any worse, even though they've been close nato allies for decades. they were going in opposite directions, kind of like a divorce or a train wreck in really slow motion. washington was supporting kurdish fighters in syria, which was a major blow to ankara. and turkey was buying s 400 anti aircraft systems from russia. not something that made washington very happy. it wasn't just
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a war of words warmer president. donald trump promised to devastate the turkish economy, any sanction turkish officials. the turkish lira is now just worth about a 3rd of what it used to be a few years ago. ouch. but then out of nowhere came afghanistan to breathe, new life into the turkish us relationship. suddenly, us secretary of state anthony blinking was tweeting remarkable words last month. he said that turkey was, quote, an important nato, an ally, and an invaluable partner in the region. we haven't heard anything like that in a while. and this week, turkish president, reggie pie of everyone was in new york for the un general assembly. and for the opening of a massive turkish skyscraper in midtown manhattan k v center. so where are things headed now? are the 2 countries still on a collision course, or is this the high point of a roller coaster ride? today we're talking with howard ice and start who teaches middle east history with a focus on turkey at saint lawrence university in new york. and caliah delay a researcher on turkish affairs at the german institute for international security affairs. chatham house and oxford university. john,
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it's great to be with you. howard. let me just, you know, put, put this tony blinking tweet up for a moment. and he basically says, i spoke with a turkish foreign minister about joint efforts to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation from afghanistan, turkey, an important nato allies, and an invaluable partner in the region. look, could this tweet have been sent 6 months ago? yes, i think it could i i think i think, i mean i think that there's the relationship isn't real troll. that doesn't mean that there's not going to be a relationship going forward, but we're in a process of re tool. and i think that what we saw in the, the blinking message was, was that, you know, the united states would like to cooperate with turkey and is delighted that there is this place, the location of this place for cooperation that doesn't take away all the tension
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points but it points to the fact that i think the u. s. and her get both coming to a place where they are going to agree that there are areas of cooperation and of real tension. gallup. you know, i think that howard, i start, sees the less whiplash in this relationship than i do. but, but how do you see it from your perspective? you, you know, this area almost better than anyone. i know. do you feel that air to one is playing his chessboard well right now to say, you know what? you've got a problem and you've been nasty to us, but now we can fix it. and is there a price that everyone is putting on his taking some of the pressure off the us with regard to african refugees and, and other issues with regard to managing afghanistan? well, i think this question also take, go to the ethics of checks. yes. relationship. because only takes you to listen to the term solutions who is essentially at the curb to partnership is essentially
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what driven by the jo pulled when, because it is a very unique dimension. and now the turkey basically utilize the jo, cold filed amendment relationship because the previous, the, the major tries in touch with, in recent years, has been largely related to the jo, potable file to become the major point. we can inferior both actors look at each other, local partners to the land, carry them. but i think that each other's goals as being inimical to their mission incense. and even when it comes to target purchase of s 405 system from the, from russia, the u. s. t. d, as a target, stolen and buying and, and figure the instrument. rather the u. s. t. 's did as a manifestation of turkey do both by dan, and this is why the quote was so deep, i was so difficult to resolve it. now for a while, the turkey was looking for prices to remind us it's important for sometimes circus
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thought that the train can service because in black, the target laws, the operate as an, as an actor, it's the police closer to death of the major and that you and that, that can serve it, it didn't look at this, it has been, it hasn't showed up with it. but in that can it's done. non target thing that, that kind of thing can be such a, you know, a good prices at prices that can bit a new data with this kind of so story, cancer icebreaker in relationship. but it is unlikely to be in the relationship, but it is unlikely to overcome the nature of the interaction with me. but i think anything can, can show to, you know, to a big change, decline, nicholson emissions. you to change the language on the relationship because let's not forget, blink and in his confirmation speech referred to target as our so called strategic
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partners. now the believe, quote, target our strategic partner invaluable partner in a difficult region. so the language has dramatically change, but all the files are still that the s 400 doesn't result. the difference between church and the you are on is that the whole point case, which is the target 2nd largest bank is on trial in new york, is still there. so the other puppies, like the military and you have more results. so the sources of tension, the source of the cries are that, but i think right now the afghanistan can be a bit diffuse the climate that will the sooner talk to well, thank you gallivant. how let me ask you this question and i apologize for my naive a t a in this in maybe things have moved in a way that i don't know. but one of the questions about countries like turkey or countries like hungry with victor or bon is,
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do they constitute democracies anymore? hungary is a member of the european union. turkey is not, but it's a member of nato, which nonetheless says it shares values. and that's a values based as well as a security alliance. and i think my question is there are, there are more elections coming up in turkey. and i'm watching this hug fest from tony, blinking, asking myself is the next step in invitation to biden's summit of democracies. i'm not going to speak to the baton administrator, but i think that your, your point bays is an important issue. turkeys turkeys sort of. so i'm where between democracy or during regime with political scientists referred to it as an electoral authoritarian regime. it doesn't have a free press, it uses the police against political opposition against civil society leaders. it holds
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people for, for years and years on and polls charges and this, this is something that, that doesn't make a relationship easier. in fairness, the united states has lots of relationships with authoritarian and decor. picked up here fail regimes. it's engaging with egypt engages with saudi arabia, but it makes it harder to paper over the strategic strategic problems when there's no values shared and it makes it harder to paper over the values issues when those strategic issues are broke. i would, i will argue that the, the upcoming election is important for another reason. it means that it's, it's more likely than not that as we approach the election,
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the turkish government will increase its anti american rhetoric so. so while the, the talk in english has been very positive, the talk in turkish has been, well, a advisor to, to the pros, as an air to one was on television this week. say, talking about the potential for turkish and us troops to, to, to be in a firefight and serial. thank gallup manage. and i guess in our cart relationship better, you know, is air to one. going to do better or biden. going to do better. you went to some of the touch points of syria. you could add, you know, oil, oil, lease and exploration in territory claimed by cyprus in the greek cypress. when you have issues like the relationship with the kurds, and you use the s 400 and relationship and hedging with russia, which many would argue as a very clear violation of the agreements with the nato allies about systems that
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are interchangeable. that can be used to, you know, across all allies. and so i guess my question to you is how, which countries in a better position to manage and alec heart side where to day, where your friend in tomorrow, where your rival, which was in both have to me an option in the end right now we are not in a resolution period or more. i don't see any cries in trucks transformation that you're doing is any time. but can we basically, can we manage the crisis better? can we compact penalize relationship where we can work together in areas where our kids are not. i'm not work together in areas that doesn't overlap. i think that's the question that target us right now. i see that the compartment vision element is once again back on the table as a mention, blackie is one of them at the afghanistan is one of them. but we don't have much
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more actually in the space because we are running all those the agenda item. and that was one of the few posted agenda item in it. talk about what we are in this relationship. i think one of the major question would be in the us going as the u. s. is heading towards cloud competition with countries like china. the question would be how target is the nature of the great power competition? because in the, during the cold war era, when the, when the competitive will be a junior and the target pursued a great, they couldn't track from the soviet union. and that was one of the fact that the, that was the main factor. we started to think alliance with us and to be member in nature. now the target doesn't have the same truck perception as you call the coming. great power is actually more than the except for 2nd taking perceived this era to be, to provide you with minimal paternity. and that when he comes,
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this is where tricky engages in the so called the jo, poke a balancing act between different centers of power. and i think the balancing act between different countries or power is what is going to generate more friction and tension in relationship because the u. s. site will say, well this is again being part of the matrix. so if you are part of the major number of nature, you should not be able to that really and get to jump over balancing act between the what are the us, russia and, and china. you try to think that, well, you can actually it points to come to like friends that you know, many other countries. maybe they didn't buy the s 400, but min, i'll come to engage in a job for the balance between the us and, and the china or russia. i think the biggest, the most important factors that will shape the target and the u. s. relationship as
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we go forward is not what is going to happen in your area. it's not what it's going to happen in matter. it is what is going to happen with great power competition. the 1st great power come division between soviet union and the u. s. to target us alliance, and i think the new great power competition between the us and china and the us and russia has to undermine this alliance as well, but to contribute it as well too. because the turkey called great, we've come to russia and compete with all good friends. for instance, in bunch of is out in cocoa, in, in black, the, to church of russian relations, depart in have the competitive that you will sit turkey. that will, that will want to be closer to the west. but other places like in theory. yeah. you sit in turkey and russia, enabling each other or in, in libya. so i think it is the great power competition that will decide the future
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turkish information ship and the u. s. price target, my target price. target approach to operate in turkey in the middle. it is not the submitted of fasting. howard, let me ask you about this role of, of, of turkey is balance or in bridge. does turkey see itself as a big player in helping to create a new reset or a different dimension of relationship probably in the region, or does it double down and say, well, we've supported cutter? we have a real problem with how some of the other suny lead states are operating and we want to keep this divide. sure, i think it's a great question and i think that it ties nicely to, to glimpse boy which, which i think is really important. that i do the way we think about the u. s. turkish relationship has been largely defined, but the cold war, which been over now for, for decades. and what we're seeing enlarge part is both countries sort of
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negotiating what a relative decline in u. s. power is going to look like and turkey's role and i think that's where i would where i would ship the language a little bit from, from gallium, is that i think the turkey sees itself as a and emerging great power. i think the turkey sees, sees the world as developing into a mode, multi polar system, in which turkey can play a very large role, not just in the region, but, but around the world. what i think to go to your question, i think what's going on with in the middle east is a certain d escalation from a pretty ideological conflict. that was, that it emerged between, between state cutler and turkey on one end. and you a saudi arabia and egypt on the other. i,
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i think that that is i think that that reflects though the way the syrian conflict resolved itself. i think that it, it was a matter of not seeing a lot of profit or, or a lot of change developing from that conflict. in other words, nobody was particularly profiting from it. and so i think it's within the region we see at the escalation. but i don't think that that changes the, the, or i hear that turkey and saudi arabia both see themselves as emerging powers that, that are going to work outside of the u. s. umbrella. right. that they're, they're not going to be constrained by us interests. thank you. very
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galle, let me ask you a question. it's been out there my mind for a long time. you know, one of the, one of the other touch points that used to define this relationship was this gentleman in pennsylvania, glen and, and president are the ones obsession with getting them over when the trump administration came in, his national security adviser, mike, when allegedly was interested in finding a way to move mr. go and to allow an extradition of him to turkey, one way or another. and, and you just sort of felt the transactional dimension if that even if half the story were true. and i guess my, my question to you is, you know, i know things went sour with the trumpet administration, but is from your knowledge, a present air to one and wait turkey looks at it at the world. is it that transactional, which weighs a really interesting question about an alliance with another country? if it is that transactional, if it is that dependent on circumstances should the 2nd obvious question should turkey really remain a member in an ally within nato?
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yes, your cheek remain a member nature i, nephew, right. my within the nato, many countries are engaged in transactional transaction relationship. and so therefore, this is more about the nation and to children nature than the cherokee nation with nature stuff. i'm just look at the language, right, my friend regarding the nature of god in the us. so therefore, right now, i think the debate that has been generated over turkey can be extended to brother. nature, i'm the future of nature in itself. so that's the 1st one. the 2nd part i didn't read any dory had a very special case and that the qu, the trauma that was generated by who, in trying to get the federal level at the local level, i think put the issue conflict on a different level. so the big you don't, the story in a county is like part of where the truck element in the relationship has been very
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much, very much very mix eroded as the u. s. as a level of trust in us are getting very low, the level of trust injected towards us, very low. and the decor at time played a major role there. because the best major to all of those to chunk of the people at the federal level and looking at him whether it is genuine or not genuine, that's beside the question, believes that the us had at least knowledge of the fact that it had not had a hand in it and the presence of the one that was one of the major, major talking and talking want. so in this is that i think this story in it talk is it unique k, right? but when we go to, but when we go to brother, nature mason ship, i think on the one hand, there is always be a question. there was always revise him to what a thing can you will be transactional in treat the relationship. but the reality in
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for and now we have been for many years. not great. thank you. and then how it's finally there was this meeting just recently between the turkish deputy foreign minister said dot. now i believe in he met with the deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman. don't know what they talked about, the ultimate with victoria new and. and i guess the question is, you know, i bet they were talking about refugees. and i think what's interesting, when you look at the, around the world about refugees, one side of it, just think about refugees and supporting those refugees. the other side of it is nations. i would say, bela bruce is using refugees as a, as a weapon. if you will, against lithuania, you look at the weapon ization of the refugee area. generally. does turkey look at refugees as a strategic asset to manage? and that's what it's discussing with the united states. or is it just trying to be, you know, can contribute to the global public good. i think that turkey
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certainly sees refugees as a strategic asset, less with united states, i think than with europe. but at the same time it has, it has gone far beyond either the united states or any european state in terms of accepting refugees and carrying so. so i think that, you know, the one doesn't preclude the other you know, i, i think that i want to go back a little bit to, to, oh, glimpse david because we found something to finally disagree about. i've agreed with pretty much everything is said. but, but i, i don't think that the, the broad term is perception that the u. s. was behind the who is something miler to the relationship. i think it's actually pretty big and it's, it goes to just how limited the capacity for
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a broader cooperation is yes. there are these moments where, where turkey in the united states can cooperate. but the, the broader story is that the turkey perceives the united states as, as most a militia malevolent power power. it has a power that is working to undermine and limit turret. and i mean, it's not, it's not a minor thing, right? that this prosecution of votes my couple of this important. so the civil side leader is based on the, the, the, the, the united states. and i think that that, that speaks to the way the turkish leadership perceives the united states. right. well, thank you. we'll have to leave it there. a fascinating conversation st lawrence university, associate professor of history, howard ice and star, and university of oxford research. golly delay,
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thanks so much for these interesting thoughts today really appreciate you joining us. great to be with you. so what's the bottom line? the united states is going to have some allies with it 247 and other allies like turkey. well, they're just going to be there 2 or 3 days a week without the black and white days of the cold war. it's a lot of blurred lines and a lot of shades of gray. if the world is a restaurant alliances would be ala carte, and not prefix, just like china is slowly but surely expanding its influence across asia, whether the u. s. protests or not turkey is doing the same thing across the eastern, mediterranean and across central asia. and if ankara is coordinating with moscow, ironically while still a strong member of nato, then that's just the way partnerships are today. kinda like facebook relationships . complicated. the u. s. still has an unrivalled military and intelligence regime. but turkey sees a window of opportunity to advance. that's going to really irritate the united states, but the truth is, america is going to have to negotiate with nations like turkey in order to
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accomplish what it wants in the world. and that's the bottom line ah, on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when no help take it off the table. it says shoot inside atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t f, d like symptom, jump into this dream and julian global community. if you are right on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era to play the game from so there are via and 15 men checked patel based on your microscope jaffe missing for 5 days. it is possible to fully clean a premises on forensic evidence,
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but what you then leave is evidence that you have for the claims administration. wanted to give an i'm speaking about the role element before, even if the government get up with this jamal, cuz sean g murder in a saudi consulate on 0. 0 hi there and can vanelle, i don't, the don't story. on al jazeera, the center left social democrats have won the most votes in germany's general election. but the narrow margin of the ongoing chancellor, uncle merkel, christian democrats means link the coalition talks will be needed to form a government. the social democrats candidates, the chancellor hall. our shields says moses have given his party the mandate push ahead with.


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