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country future october on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know have some get to places that others and not as far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. mm. ready the japanese social democrats say they have a clear monday to meet after sundays. vote was amongst coalitions also expected ah sit on call for transitional government to be dissolved as tensions mount after last week qu, attempt on rob madison. in doha, more on those sedan tensions i protested cold for the government to be dissolved
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coastal areas of the spanish island palm are put on high alert as lava from its volcano, head towards the sea. and europe is left seeing red as the u. s. williams. back dogs wider come with a record of breaking performers. ah . japanese center la social democratic party is won a narrow lead and sundays parliamentary elections. no party has won a clear majority and there will likely be lengthy talks to see who forms the next government. that's p d secured, 25.7 percent of the vote. it's leader. all are shawls says voters of told the governing christian democrats to go into position the c d u with i'm in lash at the helm. 124 point one percent that says west result since it was for me and the 1900 forty's. the green part is widely expected to play kingmaker. it achieved the best
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result in its history. coming in 3rd, with nearly 15 percent. it's later on in a bad book said, addressing the climate crisis should be the basis of any coalition talks stopped, us and reports from berlin. he was welcome for a man who is hoping to become germany. next leader isn't parked by peptide, the vice move on to get. we are a pragmatic party that knows how to govern. we're a confident party that wants to work to ensure that we have a best future in germany. but we've also showing that we have what it takes to govern a country that is unity supported by everyone. and that this was the case. i would like to thank you for that. for me to read off the dime. i'm glad merkel. last minute efforts to attract support for the conservative christian democratic candidate and lush, it seemed to have paid off after lack loss of star to the campaign to see to you and its bavarian. since the party ended up in the fight, waits, which holds his social democrats. why should sat,
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he's not happy with the result but still wants to lead. coalition talks type weird and we are other stuff that we will do. everything possible to build a conservative led government because germany now needs a future coalition that modernize is our country. and for the 1st time in history that coalition will need 3 parties to govern under america least affect mental political landscape. and while her former coalition partners, the social democrats, are optimistic, they will be having the next government. all options are on the table. and difficult coalition talks law, you have talks not only closely watched in germany, but also in the rest of europe, where many has long looked on the la merkel for leadership. so a very, very long to do left for. busy the next, the next jobs and the difficulties that they're probably going to find themselves leading a very fractious, possibly quite incoherent correlation, which could make decision making even more difficult. this could well mean that europe's largest economy might be a little less politically stable than it was in the past,
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decades steadfast and al jazeera berlin. ok, let's bring in the other, i mean, who's in cologne for a said sounds as though it might be quite some time before the germans actually know who's running their country. yes, it's going to be at least a few weeks if not at least a couple of months now. everybody's saying that they would like to have a new government and a new chancellor in place by christmas. and bearing in mind that on the 1st of january 2022 germany takes on the presidency of the g 7. so probably 8 would like to have the new chancellor in place by then. but between now and then, a lot of negotiations are due to happen. you know? yes, b as b and all of shows have a slight majority, but that's not enough to rule. they have to full mark or listen on paper, they could form another girl. and under grad coalition with the christian democrats,
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but that is something i think both party want to avoid that would, that is actually the formation of the outgoing governments. so what happens next is that they will have to he will have to sort of have negotiations with smaller part is the green party for one and the democratic party. now that is going to be complicated simply because if the democratic party idea logically is closer to the cd you to the christian democrats. so yes, a lot of horse trading going on. we heard from the freedom aquatic party that wants to hold negotiations with the green party as soon as possible and then maybe find some sort of common ground between to, to be before holding those stocks with all of the shows and the social democrats. if that doesn't. 2 work then the question, democrats could very well have a chance at forming their own coalition and could find themselves in full position
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again. so it's all up in the air. it's yesterday morning we were saying that the election was up in the air. well now we're saying that for me to coalition is up in the air were waiting for the leader of the s p. d on our shoulders to give unused conference. there's no sign of him yet. soon as he turns up, we will be crossing to live. but for now, how do i meet in cologne? thank you very much. indeed. welfare last is the coordinator for pan european data projects with the european council and foreign relations. he explains who he things are the real winners and the election. i think the agreed to be on the driver's seat. now if they, if they can take us right, then they can essentially pick the next term change depending on whether or not you can put more on the table other than substantive terms and personnel as well. and i think overall this, this, this sentiment of being fed up to some extent, but with the status all points maybe towards once or the next logical german
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chancellor. he's personally tried to emulate, i'm going to call style, but on substance he's been a bit more forward looking, i think, than on the nation. see you, i'm not, i mean metrics has, has received the west resolved since 945 where the s p d over the past couple of weeks has been climbing. and so i think the narrative support or government will probably is stronger or a measured lead government under the you, the polls indicate attitude towards change that has been changing offices, you know, the strong support for the reason i think demonstrate that at least marginal changes, it's not very substantial changes to the bed of cool, unnecessary climate change is the biggest concern of turn, voters. and so i think new german government frames its political project around
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the scenes of transformation and modernization is one that can bring a lot of people on board to sit on our support as a civilian rule of protesting to demand the dissolution of the transitional government. the cities professionals association that lead the 2018 uprising against president of a sheer is calling for an end to a power sharing deal with the military tension between politicians and the military increased after last week's attempted coup. but also demonstrations against the government in the east, near port sudan, about a deal with a rebel groups will defend our government people and a democratic transition to the last drop of blood. and if there's any threat to the democratic transition will fill the streets and will be at the forefront. that's our responsibility. kibble morgan has more from caputo after the attempted call last tuesday, when the political parties came up and demanded that the military be transparent with regard to its investigations with the officers who were allegedly responsible
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for the attempted coup. now the political parties have been saying for months now that the military needs to be reform, that there needs to be a restructuring of the army. and that is something that the military has rejected that include the prime minister, the prime minister has long to initiative a few months back, saying that the military should be reformed as part of the steps to make sure that students transition to democracy is complete. and that the country is not applied between a but by the political parties, or rather by the roof, between the political parties and the military. now, that id reform has been strongly rejected by the military. but that's something that the political parties have been repeatedly talking about over the past week. so we have some statements from the military, especially the head of the sovereignty council. i will put the hon, who's also the commander in chief of the army, saying that the army is responsible for the cohesion and the unity of the country instability. and that its political parties and the head of both parties who are focusing on positions and power and ignoring what the people of them want,
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which is better economic conditions and better living conditions. so those accusations did not help threaten the relationship between the 2 sides. in fact, we've seen yesterday the military withdrawing military security from the committee to disband the former regime. that's a committee that was set up following the formation of the transitional government to disband. any association or anything related to the regime of the former president bush, you people on the eastern coast of la palmer, i have been ordered to stay in doors, as lava from interrupting volcano approaches the sea. none of the church on the spanish island has been destroyed by the love of the church and pious, collapsed on sunday week after the area was 1st evacuated. hundreds of buildings and le palmer had been destroyed and nearly 7000 people have been forced to leave the homes. it was hack reports from the palmer. ah, the church of el paso, on the foot hill of convivial in spain,
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upon my island. with each explosion comes a prayer for those who have lost their homes, another for the people of el paso, and for the island of la palm experiencing disaster. ah, i am here to trying to find some peace and to find the strength to accept a new reality of ours. it started last sunday as a small or option. look at it now. the crater is widening showing cracks with the overflowing lava. turning this one screen landscape into ash, 6000 people have been displaced homes, businesses in places of worship. the lava is swallowing entire villages in its path . spain's gorgeous reveal are extending the cordon around the volcanic eruption. and while the village of el paso has not been evacuated, this could change at any moment to note it, because this is what's worrying authorities here. it does. if the village is slowly
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being buried under a thick blanket of ash, the volcanic cloud has created a micro climate with ash falling like rain levels of sulfur dioxide in the air is suffocating in some areas for some people to leave their homes unaware if they will ever be able to come back out. last is immense. it's not yes. one person losing ever seen. it can be a generation from grandparents to the rank children. they are in shock going through various phases of grief, from denial to suddenness and anger, to changing environment with the environment they went new. suddenly last volcanic eruption has left the people of homeless guard and in greece. nature has taken its course from the ashes of their home. already and new landscape is forming. the glass hawk al jazeera at bustle. the bulb must be as
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quick as killed at least one person on the greek island of crete. several others were injured in the 5.8 magnitude. quake it send people fleeing into the streets for schools would evacuated local media as reported damage in vintages near the epicenter. still, i had an order 0 go to see the injustice. a lexical families of 43 students who disappeared 7 years ago, still want to know what happens and back on the streets one year later, indian farmers market the anniversary of their biggest strike ever. ah, ah, hello good to be with you. we have some exceptional heat through the outback of
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australia. alas, about 2 degrees above average, birds feel pretty close to about 10. so that's on tuesday. let me take you to wednesday because there is the potential for outbreaks of severe weather pretty much from brisbane. down to victoria over to south australia into that southeast corner. severe thunderstorms, very likely heavy rain damaging winds and the potential for some hail ok back to to stay now and will shift to new zealand where temperature is here running a few degrees below average for both islands. it's scattering of showers, still impacting gives bin with a high of 13 degrees. here's an update now on typhoon min to all, as it's still spinning around into the philippine sea. but keeping its distance from the philippines, likely to impact the southern portions of japan thursday into friday. we do have a run of rain across the yellow river valley slumping down to the gang. see, i heaviest, rain will be west of will hand but dry conditions. shanghai, great town to hong kong, plenty aside, and your temperatures are well above average. here for japan. now we do have some
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showers for q shoe and southern sections of honju tokyo into the sunshine with a high of 25 degrees on tuesday. that's it for now. by the across the younger valleys, high above the ground. a trouble has taken on a different form. people died for they fly. this is no game. it's business, meets the co bomb is hopefully be swinging high across the valley, facing day on every journey. they'll gamble with their lives, just one living. risking it all on al jazeera. oh,
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the me. your reminder of our top story is this. our japanese social democrats have narrowly won the general election ahead of the governing cd. you money, phone coalition talks are expected. the leader of the s p d. r shots says voters have told the christian democrats to go into opposition. supporters of civilian, roland, sudan, or demanding an end to a power sharing agreement with a military tension between politicians and the military increased after last attempt with cruel people. on the eastern coast of la palmer, i've been ordered to stay in doors as lava from interrupting volcano approaches to see hundreds of buildings on the palm. i have been destroyed over the past week. a 2nd hearing and the trial of 14 palestinian authority, security officers accused of being inactive as to death has been adjourned in
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ramallah, they set a bond that was an outspoken critic of the p a and as president, he died in june, hours after being arrested is death let the public outrage and protest across the occupied westbank family spokesman has called for an independent inquiry into his death. if abraham has been outside the court in ramallah, this session has been postponed, and another one has been rescheduled. on october 4th, we answered the board session. you're behind us. no media was allowed to film, but journalists were allowed to enter when we've seen diplomats and human rights defenders attending the session. and we've heard discussions going on between the prosecution, the defense, and the court. in regards to that issue, specifically the media coverage and the defense lawyer has asked for the session to be held behind closed doors. he even asked for a gag order when it comes to media covering the events of the trial. but that
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request has been denied by the court that said that since the charges have been red, i'll pub, then the sessions will remain public. now these charges include manslaughter defying orders, as well as confiscating these all been as belonging. there has been among the 14 members of the security patrol, kind of an agreement to maintain the right to silence when it came to the investigation. this is why the defense lawyer has said that he wants to read all these tribes groups of these investigations to kind of be able to defend against those charges that we are out today. the un general assembly is due to wrap up later on monday in new york, but it won't be hearing from a representative of me and mom, someone on was meant to deliver his speech, but a deal between china, russia and the u. s. will prevent him from doing that. he was appointed by the us government of all kinds who cheat. our diplomatic editor james base,
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spoke with him. the final day of the un general assembly high level week was slated to be very unusual with 2 delegations to, to speak, who are appointed by government that no longer exists. they would toppled me and i've kind of stuff. but now the ambassador has withdrawn their application to speak . i talked to him earlier, last week, i would do my ne, i found the speaker list. why? because we will remember the start of the crisis onto the qu, your intervention in the general assembly had such a powerful effect around the world. why are you not speaking again when the world is going to be watching? yeah, thank you so much for asking this question. because i know, because i look at, we look at the long run for the country and for the people of pneuma, they say i thought i should, they saw arrangement that we have the, we always mention about continue 80 of the current permanent representative of your
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mom to the u. n. many members state agree in despite that you know, continue 80 where take place. so with that understanding i withdraw them, i my inscription and to be speaker list during the general debate. so that is the one of the pipe that, that is sort of arrangement. so it's a deal by the big powers so that you can stay in the job as long as you don't rock the boat this week. so the main reason also i went to i went to keep myself low profile, the afghan bus to the appointed by ash rough gone. a good on ease exam will be speaking to the general assembly. despite the fact that taliban put a letter into the credentials committee of the general assembly asking to replace him most diplomats i've spoken to say for now they don't want the taliban to get
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the u. n. c. and that they say is because international recognition is one of the few leave as the international community have to influence the telephone's behavior . the humans nuclear watchdog says iran has failed to fully honor the terms of a deal agreed earlier this month. international atomic energy agencies has to, hon, did not allowance inspectors to enter the test cut us complex. the facility makes components for centrifuges, which are key to producing nuclear fuel. but inspectors wire allowed to replace memory cards in most monitoring equipment. you can transport secretaries refusing to rule out drafting in the military to help deliver fuel across the country. the move follows days of long queues, filling stations with many being forced to close. the business secretary's already suspended competition loads for the fuel in district to allow suppliers to target fitting stations, which are running low. hundreds of people have marked as 7 years since they've duction of 43 students in the mexican states of good anto. yeah.
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service in mexico city was followed by demonstrations, demanding justice for the victims. all of the students are presumed to be killed. the case is sparked a movement, demanding accountability for the disappearance is, as well as government action. i know a couple of reports from mexico city. it's one of the most emblematic missing persons cases in modern mexican history. the forced abduction and disappearance of 43 students from the you'll see now a teacher's college on september 26, 2014. some. but not all remains have been found. all 43 are presumed to have been killed. the, in the weeks and months following the students disappearance, the cause for justice from family members and survivors who managed to escape grew into a nationwide movement. and mexico right? really been a cruise, a father of one of the survivors became
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a leader in the movement. he says, after 7 years of activism, the calls for government accountability have only grown up for not only would be 1000000 as a big him because i am the father. one of the survivors, i don't believe a we level where do we have trust and justice. i know that those were responsible are punished because for the families continued to solve for the torment every day and night of not knowing where that you learners. i demonstrations commemorate the anniversary of the students disappearance are now held every year in mexico. for some, the work of demanding answers from the government has become a full time job. manuel velasquez, one of the students who escaped, has also been one of the loudest voices of the movement of the after years of protesting against the government. today he serves as a lawmaker in mexico's congress, seeking to reform policies related to cases of torture and abduction. and place
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more responsibility on federal officials in cases of missing persons that are non coming in, that you might never imagine i would be here, let alone evoke into social movement. well, let me come with my family in the town where i'm from, our neighboring bulls in social movements because it's an already allergic control . the criminals and people don't usually pick up. well, we are not in mosul following a botched investigation. in the case of the missing students and evidence linking their disappearance to members of the mexican military and federal police, mexico's president and this manuel lopez over the board, established a special commission to find out what really happened. mexican authorities recently announced that new forensic evidence has opened another line of investigation. in the case of the your team up of 43 here. and every year, mexico's president continues to meet with the family members and survivors of the massacre. to personally update them on the ongoing investigation as mexico morris.
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it's 7 years since the disappearance of the 43 students, mexican president, under this manuel hope is over, will update family members and survivors on the status of arrest warrants that have been issued against the federal officials who are believed to participated in a cover up of the missing persons investigation since records began in 1964, mexico has recorded more than 91000 pieces of missing persons. despite a massive social movement and continuous efforts to reform the law. it's clear the country still has a long way to go to truly address the challenges linked to force disappearances. manuel up a little al jazeera mexico city. ok, let's take a lie to our total story. gemini, center left social democratic party has won. i'm not leaving sunday parliamentary elections. the leader all i've shown is speaking, listening to sion and it's very clear that says this is a amended to form
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a government to the parties that have won the election. that is the s p d also against quite the greens and the p. and that we will talk on this route together. germany has had to very successful coalitions between the certificates and the parents. we also had a grant coalition with white and tie and i knew we had had very good government with the greens. none yet give us. we remember that well, so it's so know to have a social logic liberal type of coalition to do the government work in germany and we want to know what to tackle the tasks for the future debt to have respect
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once more in society. we slow down, man, made climate change in combine and saddles. we will take up these talks as quickly as possible to form a government. but we also saw that to the of the successes in west virginia mcclain book and we're going to show that people want a change of government and want us to lead the government in germany in berlin and in also mecklenburg, restful marina. and we also see that we have made gains in many landa state by the spectrum at the comes comes in,
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many of the federal states in terms of the mandate. and the 2nd option vote. i also personally teeth becomes part and the dish has all the time is resolved, has been achieved with great pragmatism and professionalism get to the king that the to the parties who have governed in all of the bottom to be longer villa, his dad for biking or doing this now is that you cannot disregard the vote of the citizens the road, just decisions. i am very happy to take your questions. yes. good morning, mr. george. one time question is your comment on the greens and s p d want to joe? i'm chess. and it said, how did you sleep and what was your 1st thought on waiting houses,
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political keven of dealing with him that says i'm about. and one on done on the question. right. so your question was about the greens and deliberate talking to each other. it's very clear, perfectly normal that they want to talk to each other, those who we want to work on to pick this, your lawyer, the big it's the very thing happened. and in the last few years, it has always shown get this from that. we have to talk to these various issues or guns because deals part time missing and under for paul and the government is hard to have to governing parties have to travel each other less. he's got scared, recorded soon as they have the objectives to buy a black, yellow, 5 pounds, which you're watching on here. we're bringing you a press conference being given by the leader of germany center left
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a social democratic party. all our shots. he was, his party has won a not a lead and sundays upon them entry elections. he was saying that even given a mandate to form a government and germany has had a lead, very successful coalitions in the past. i want to bring in honda how me, who's in cologne for she's been covering this and following of what's been going on in these elections. he referred specifically to having had very good government with the greens in the past. this would give us some indication of the way that the s p d is thinking in terms of coalitions. well, certainly that has been only the case even before the election, that the greens would have been kind of part of a coalition. now he also said that he is trying to form where he calls a social ecology liberal.


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