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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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a small closed middle eastern community whose history goes back nearly 3000 years. with a population under threat. when men out number women 3 to one, out as they were well meet the men who decided to break with tradition and marry foreign women. samaritan weddings signed sealed, delivered on out his era ah, on the marine corps in dough hall, the top stories on how deserve protests have taken place in haiti over is deteriorating security situation. gang violence, the leader of a haitian gang, accused of kidnapping 16 americans and one canadian and threatened to kill them. if a ransom is unpaid, manual propeller has more from pull to prince. so dangerous situation, it's a complicated situation and after days of having no major updates really on the
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status of the 17 hostages, suddenly on thursday, a lot of breaking news, a lot of new developments and a, and quite frankly, an escalation of tension here on the ground were referring specifically to that video posted on social media by the gang of $400.00 mobile zone, which is the criminal game responsible for the kidnapping. now in that video, that was published on thursday, it appears to be a funeral of one of the members of the or of the criminal organization that was shot and killed by police. in that video, the leader of the gang addresses arial on re the prime minister of of haiti, specifically saying that he saying that, quote, you have made me cry, tears, i will make you cry blood. now the leader of the gang also said that quote, he's willing to put a bullet in the heads of the 17 hostages. if his demands are not met those demands, of course, being $70000000.00 in exchange for the 17 hostages. now this remains a very complicated situation, made significantly more more complex by the worsening security situation here on
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the ground. now, national police force here in haiti has declined an interview. they have not given any statement on this ongoing investigation, but a joint effort does remain underway between haitian authorities were working hand in hand with us federal agents here on the ground and 80 to secure the release of the 17 hostages. tens of thousands of joined rival demonstrations and soon as tensions grow i routes. political future to guest was used to disposed protest is trying to reach halter, who were calling for great civilian control of the government. ah, and i shall. i got dinner. we are sitting here with our tents, our ports in our animals. we are sitting here until the prime minister finds a solution. either he leaves or his cabinet leaves or the or the story n, as we are saying here. and just like we removed 30 years rule, we will remove 2 years rules. i love another insanity, and i can bomb this. protest has demands these demands or to dissolve the full
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party transitional government. after that, government is dissolved, we have to form a new independent government with qualified people. the u. s. house of representatives has voted to hold donald trump's former ally steve bannon, in contempt of congress. the attorney general will now decide whether to prosecute banners for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the storming in the capital. in general, mister ban ends on public statements make clear. he knew what was going to happen before it did. and thus, he must have been aware of and may well have been involved in the planning and everything that played out on that day. the american people deserve to know what he knew. and what he did in ethiopia, the government is carried out as strikes on the negro northern t gray region for the 3rd time this week, a military training center in mckayla was targeted. 3 people died in an air strike on monday. thousands of people being killed,
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more than 2000000 displace says the fighting broke out almost a year ago. and that means parliament has voted to legalize abortion. it allows women to access the procedure within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy. previously, it was permitted on the very strict conditions, including if the mother's life were threatened, nearly 200 women die in been in each year from complications falling unsafe abortions. holland's dispute with the european union. his overshadowed as summit and brussels talks were supposed to focus on europe's energy crisis, but the blocks concerned its foundations being threatened after poland. constitutional court ruled it only each law applies in specific areas. and new zealand prime minister has strict covered 90 locked our majors will be lifted once 90 percent of the country is fully vaccinated. so far around 70 percent of the country has received both doses. the largest city, oakland has been in lockdown for more than 2 months. and restrictions remain in place elsewhere. those the headlines. the news continues. hey,
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a. and he was to be here and i understand you know, but there's not even a guarantee that she'd be allowed to try this. yeah, i think we should actually discuss to make it happen that get in trouble with that. so yeah, i need you to a few take sure it has a meeting with me.
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so how many if you haven't seen her for you while i ah amy in guy and seems indiana to the app. okay. nice ah, with
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with it could do your hobby. denmark soon. daughter fabi, sushi beaut, always get better amy the for your soon to cisco. some my probably a bit not ordered a lot also here who needs to show walk in it. could you provide a compound 40? does he say or did i know what you know the 1st duncan it could dia wound for. it's your why. so mission means to data or an organizational min scan, and so my, your bill into denmark mold at lot. that's fine. during the minutes we've been getting thank you really. and i would love to hear story whatever you have to say long with long the ones that demo me to haven't said to the movement stuck on has
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gotten, it had been for the only candidate medical history. because i'm not gonna mess factor, little black about that was another one of the other 2 underlay medical. muslim. i'm actually the one at a moment before i got it and i was role. she was here, kids to him. yeah. she was told that after 5 years after amy really get to know denmark, that they will come back to ciocca, see their mother, and see their country. and every 3 months that she would get photos, videos of her children, and she will be out of their lives. that she will be an active active in their lives with each other that i'm very sorry to hear about the situation and, but it's difficult for me to change as to be honest, she shows much for you in your century. then you have to set your case in that you're speaking out as a big meaning in political debate in war. now,
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seeing dark size of something we thought was very good to medicine. oh wow. wow. okay. all the good to go look in miami, yellow i that delicate. she has the 1000000 a new color. the mother you're competing, but one of the money nominate 1118 in him. and then for this guy out of the technical
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even either way. but again, i am here now. this promotion you're on began one day we will one day we will see each other again. i will. i promise you that. you know me, you know me, that's me and i had to every day and then when the new me in me get stuff that the late one of the thing i did and when i got i got a home in the bloodstained company on the yan yan spelling,
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we need to give him the love. i've been to for some years now with men manually seemed different that he didn't care was met me. now landa tick is to enter that day, and l i t o job a permit food. then you can mark that game and a me yeah, got clay all i and we say hello to have i pursued me for media to pin again city. let my sick all by a hot air mean a fund them amino mean more. i truly sac own gan assia denmark, a girl who then so faddie bore he bestowed in 5 e. n. mean more clear? mean more he can
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do you join high ninety's leslie. they're like, well as 11 they go with the moon. we certainly oh, i need to get that of you. i take all this. me eat i wanted men. good fun. oh. yeah, i live in clear thought may be ne i g p. s. uncommon. now gus jason has sent timmer
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yard obviously order idea iga cur me a seen your vehicle or say in a my league for days go. and so i had to score. so i'm in pursuing many. i mean a yeah he is them missing, or did they offer, you know, our pseudo min, banning adding clay how now he battery, he can make you sweat. mm. i mean, ah, who was the top police to say yes. then have hooked up. i says here one day my to handle the tie. i won't make it so any
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but i wanted some recording and see you. i have to take this off with teachers. get into november. oh, now j 0 all through a year. a turbulent weather. well, lead us gather in bloss, go for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning full
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blinds, goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the us. 1000000 in car gustavo, both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution and more than a year after the law for frigates, a political court in mercy of personal short documentary can direct, showcases african stories from african filmmakers telling a month, 100 days until it host the winter olympics, but how will the pandemic and cause for a boy impact the sporting event november on out jazeera in india's sugar growing region. the 3rd athena workers have had their wins with me. 11 east investigates why so many women are having invasive surgery on al jazeera, global food production is wasteful and streaming our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jellyfish is delicious with
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a very light c food taste and texture, similar to calamari and innovative production techniques. and i've seen that vertical form before, but never in a restaurant after. see this is great. earth rise feeding the billions on a jesse ah i'm calling to hold the top stories on al jazeera protest had taken place in haiti of rich deteriorating security situation and gang violence. demonstrate his birth ties and block roads, the leader of the haitian gang, accused of kidnapping 16 americans and one canadian threatened to kill them if a runs of his unpaid manuel apollo has more from photographs that video posted.


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