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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm AST

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sisters ah, center goals, place on out here. oh i i know, and i am the murphy and london with a look at the main stories. now if you, if he has military is carried out more as trist. integra by the federal air force says that it hit facilities run by the take people's liberation funds in the town of as well as a training site in the west of the region. but local forces, say an area near the hospital was actually hit down mental got to you as an ethiopian journalist following the story. and on top of that, the chilton government is assisting that there are targeting military sites and places where they think the t p enough as training their troops. so they're saying
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the target are not every they ethiopians who reside in the to grey region. again, it's to destroy that element. so for the t p, a left that they declared as a terrorist organization, the ethiopian government has been accusing the un of providing of weapons. even resources are and you know, giving some kind of explanation of their success. the success they've been having since mid june, but in terms of ethiopia, ethiopia, again, as a very, you know, a powerful country in court in, you know, this economy compared to other african countries perhaps. but it's still, i need depend on nation, and this will impact it in the long term because there are many, many pop priorities. and this conflict begun in november is again an off for region upon our region, affecting millions of people in need of government support. the prime minister has been saying that this is about respecting the constitution of the country. it's
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defending its independence. that's why they've been having disagreements with perhaps the u. s. government, the bite and administration in washington dc. and other countries that have been pushing for ethiopia to have some kind of negotiated c swire. but they've been saying from the get go that this is a local issue. the be sold, that should be sold by the theory and government ok, but again, it's are facing so many people that are now in need of immediate support. gunman is killed at least 10 people in marley. this happened in the northern gao region and an attack on the base of the park military group known as the gun d e. so the group is formed in 2009 and is backed by the army. it's not clear who is behind the attack. the ambassadors of 10 western nations have been declared persona non grata in turkey and could now be expelled. it comes in response to a joint declaration by the countries calling for the release of jell businessman,
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osman kabbalah i. so cider is an example. ready definitely beers, having such a diplomatic spat with the, the most prominent countries wonder earth is not going to how the turkish economy, you know, right track. so just this country's majority of them are natal members and turkey is one of the most important nato country as well. so if that happens, turkey will literally expel is me to album ambassadors at germany is number one, turkeys, number 13, pardon, or france, or sees another very much prominent trade partner. and the u. s. is the largest nato member as well, including sri than, than market new zealand and some other companies as well. so this will definitely bring turkey into a direct direct confrontation to promote the competition with the western camp, which is not going to be a good news for the turkish economy. however, this was in american processed turkey recently over syria. yes, military man,
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north africa has been having lots of problems with the usa and some other important european companies owned in room in rome, there will be a g, a g, 20 meeting next week. prisoner was expecting to meet the president by them there. but if the explosion of this diplomat happened, one of these invoices happens, then there are concerns at this meeting will not happen in room between prison avalon. and by then that could further deteriorate the relations between turkey and the western countries and columbia. as much wanted drug trafficker has been captured by the country's army, the president says the arrest of dow antonio silva, who also goes by the name on tongue. yell is the biggest hit, the drug trade, the century. he is the leader of columbia's biggest drug cartel. witness is the program coming out next? i'll see you later. ah
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i looked and he was here and i understand you know, but there's not even a guarantee that she would be allowed to try this. yeah, i think we should actually discuss to make it happen that get in trouble with that. so yeah, i mean if you take it he has with me.
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so how many if you haven't seen her for you while ah, i amy in teams in the land to the app. okay. ah ah ah da chart
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in it could do your hobby denmark soon. daughter fabi, sushi beaut, always get better amy the for your soon disco. some my probably a bit not ordered with a lot also. hipaa issue walk in it. could you provide a coupon 40? does he say or dish. i know what you know the 1st a gun can it could yeah. wound for it's your turn. why? so mission means to data or an organization means gannon. so my, you're really into denmark. mold at lot. that's fine, or in the minutes we've been getting thank you really. and i would love to hear story whatever you have to say. long ultimate, once our demo made a movement stuck on these got to be going from a tony gondola medical this with a little black up. it was another one of the other 2 underlay medical. muslim,
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i am actually the one at a moment, the food and then as i love those roses, she was here kids to. yeah. she was told that after 5 years after amy reading get to know denmark, that they will come back to ciocca, see their mother, and see their country. and every 3 months that she would get photos, videos of her children, and she will be out of their lives. that she will be an active active in their lives for each other that i'm very sorry to hear about your situation and but it's difficult for me to change as to be honest, she change much for you in your century. then you have yourself a case in that you're speaking out as a big meaning in the political debate in not seeing dark sides of something we thought was griffin good to let us with
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yeah, i, i live in it. yeah, i hear more about this. yes, we did this brand new a year with he says i am lonely but it never actually machine even by the way. but i have you but he has now been finishing one day we will will
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a yeah. he is them me saying i did they offer. yeah, no hours through the mean banding, adding cli, the petite vance. we can make 2. ah, me to the police to to say yes ma'am. i says there my tie. make it. so any record i have to take this off that
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if i yeah, you keep me . ah, the climate has changed every year for millions of decades of talk, but little action. it's all about distract, create confusion to create smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematic versus the oil industry was a main bank roller or opposition climate act. the campaign against the climate. do
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you think that's a bad thing? more to, to get spiritual? absolutely. on all 0. because one of the fastest growing nations in the world news wanted cars on needed to oakland and development, whole international shipping company to become a teen middle east and pope trade and money. skilfully mcdonald, 3 key areas of develop, filling a prominence of connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. global food production is wasteful and training our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jelly fish is delicious with a very light sea food taste and texture similar to calamari and innovative production techniques. i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in
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a restaurant. i have to say this is great. earth rise feeding the billions honor just eat up lou. hello, i'm marianna massey and london tundra quick look at the headlines for you and ethiopia . military has carried out more asked rights integrity as fighting intensifies in the nearly year long conflicts. the federal air force as it facilities run by the take. why people's liberation funds in the town of ottawa as well as a training site in the west of the region. but local forces a, an area near a hospital was actually in the past few days.


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