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was i was, was almost a list when you were not short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9. and the book maker, africa direct on al jazeera ah, germany boss, unvaccinated people from most public places to avert another wave of cov, 19 infections. run a fight is variance with science and speed, not chaos and confusion. joe barton unveiled his winter plan to combat an expected search in u. s. corona virus cases. ah, well, i'm have them think of this is al jazeera life and the house are coming up. the u.
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s. and russia's top diplomats meet for the 1st time while tensions flare rushes military build up near the border with you quite. u. s. reinstates a trump iraq policy requiring asylum seekers to remain in mexico. ah. arising corona, virus infections and the arrival of the new variant are pushing several nations to look at stricter measures to contain the spread in germany, unvaccinated people will be banned from much of public life. outgoing chance. langler merkel calling the restrictions an act of national solidarity. germany's parliament duels or owes also considering imposing a vaccine mandate. andrew simmons reports on the situation across europe in less than a week. the abi chrome variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about covert
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in many countries, especially in europe. new restrictions were being introduced anyway, with the winter surgeon delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures. signs like these vaccinate immunized is the way this country and others are now heading the unvaccinated on our bod from access to all but essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies. angler merkel says new stricter measures are essential in a situation she finds depressing. as it was, got anything of it, and i love to be quite honest. the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong 4th wife does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions in france, where the health services struggling with record numbers of covey infections. the government, scientific advisor believes the on the chrome variant will be dominant within a matter of weeks divine me. soon as i can brag,
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erico value of the real enemy is the 5th wave with the delta variant. there will be some time before the army on a variant, establishes itself in france and in europe. in general, we estimated to be at the beginning of 2022 of at the end of january, you do need one in the u. k, where booster jobs will be available to anyone over 18. the arrival of the on the chrome variant has led to a clamor for vaccinations. we're starting to think people who i think probably anxious about the new various in come across in with us to get people come in for their 1st and 2nd jazz. that they couldn't possibly had months ago. you case prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday in germany. the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations and those people put their hopes in jobs being able to ward off or ma chrome or something that scientists are still unsure about. there's a chilling prediction from the european union's public health agency. it says that
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within a few months the on the chrome variant could be causing more than half of cobra infections in the e u. and from the norwegian capitol. also one of a warning, more than 50 people have been infected with the on the chrome variance at a christmas party in a restaurant. the government says they will all vaccinated. andrew simmons al jazeera, a south africa has reported more than 11 and a half 1000. you covered 1900 cases in 24 hours. that's 5 times the number of 40 just a week ago, when south african scientists alerted the world about the new variance health experts say on the kron is driving up infections in the country now. but deaths and hospitalization so far are rising at a much lower rate. the united states is taking new steps to tackle rising coven 19 sections in winter. president jo biden's plan includes title restrictions for international travelers is called for com. while scientist learn more about the new
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variance. we're going to fight this variance with science and speed. not chaos and confusion just like we beat back over 19 in the spring and more powerful variant delivery in the summer and fall. as result, we enter this winter from a position of strength compared to where america was last winter last christmas year and a one percent of american adults are fully vaccinated. this christmas that number will be 7772 percent, including more than 86 percent of seniors on our population when she returns he joins us live now from washington d. c. so she had to tell us more about what the strategy is here. the strategies this to increase the resources that as many people can get vaccines, or particularly the booster shots to prevent any sort of any sort of lockdown and speech biden seem to accept there is that hard core off american people who say they will simply not get any vaccine,
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but he express for hope the news of omicron will mean will not just the maintenance even getting a 1st vaccine shop, but very much the emphasis with the white house now is getting booster shots into the 100000000 eligible americans who have not yet got them, they will be contacted by various means, text females in order to get them and then they will be more results in family clinics, more mobile clinics, and so on. so people can get their shots as easily as possible goals. so testing, this is a bit of confusion little bit actually because by denounced that the home testing kits that are freely available in some parts of europe, for example, you have to pay for them in the u. s. he says that now that the health insurance companies will cover the cost of those, but still not clear whether people have to shell out initially to buy them, which isn't exactly that great of the cost, like 30 bucks, some confusion that and as i mentioned as far as international travel is concerned in the past, you needed a test within 72 hours arriving in the us. now that will be within one day of arriving in the u. s. and he promised as well to speed up efforts to vaccinate the
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world, didn't he? how's he going to do that? yes, joe biden. keep saying, i mean, the, the u. s. has pledged more vaccines and any other, any other country in the world war than all of the other countries put together. but i haven't questions about how speedily those vaccines are getting to other countries. there. he has now pledged a speeding up of 200000000 shots being distributed within a 100 days. he said to developing countries, but it should also be remembered that this entire plan goes completely again, is what the world health organization recommended just on wednesday, which was for developed countries with 70 percent or more off eligible adults vaccinated not to give them booster shots, but to completely concentrate on getting as many doses of vaccine to the rest of the world. busy as possible, it's pretty clear that the u. s. is going in a different direction. they all taken care of their own. but as always, claiming to be mindful about if you really want to stop new variables from
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developing, you do need to get the vaccine into underserved areas of the world. she have. thank you. she ever tansy in washington for us. now the us secretary of state antony blinking has met russia's foreign minister. saggy le rovers, the divide between moscow and washington widens of ukraine. lincoln says he remains concerned about what he called russia's aggressive policy towards kia lever of his adamant russia will protect its interests by a smith reports from moscow. this was the 1st face to face meeting between antony, blanket and surg, lovegrove. since joe biden became us president, the us secretary of state use the encounter to warn russia of the serious consequences, including sanctions, if it invades ukraine. it's now on russia to deescalate the current tensions by reversing the recent troop filled up. returning forces to normal peace time positions, and refraining from further intimidation and attempts to destabilize ukraine were
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watching the situation very closely, were in close contact and coordination with our allies, russian back separatists in eastern ukraine had been patrolling these trenches for more than 7 years after russia next crimea, now a build up of russian troops along the border. more than $90000.00 says the government in kiev is fueling fears of a russian invasion. across the field, ukrainian force is a holding exercises. russia says ukraine is being provocative, deploying more than half its army, 125000 people to the east. russia dismisses as inflammatory, any suggestions, its preparing to attack? the kremlin is also floating the idea of a new, your appeal security packed to try to stop nato from expanding further east. we, as president preaching stated, do not want any conflicts. but if nato partner has stated at no one has a right to dictate to a country that would like to join nato,
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whatever it can do or not, we can say to every country is able to define its own interest to guarantee dare security. in the spring, there was a similar show of russian strength along the ukraine border tension eased. after a 1st summit meeting between the russian and us presidents. russia's deputy foreign minister says he's hoping for confirmation that there'll be some sort of contact between vladimir putin on joe biden, in the coming days could be a phone call or a virtual meeting if it does happen, then just as in earlier this year, that could go a long way to calming tensions on the ukraine. russia border, bernard smith, al jazeera, moscow, and the united states government will restart a trump era border program. the forces asylum seekers to wait in mexico for us immigration hearings. the biden administration had originally scrap the controversial remain in mexico program, but a court order in august for them to reinstated migrants are expected to be sent
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back as early as next week. i'm. i kind of has more from washington. well, that texas court ruling was upheld by the supreme court, which agreed that the vital had ministration had not investigated fully enough before removing this particular law. biden had described the low interviews by president trump as in humane and his administration got rid of it immediately. however, now, in the light of the supreme court judgment, the administration is we introducing this remain in mexico protocol. it has been the last few months a discussing with the mexican government ways in which this could be imposed in a far more humane manner than it was in the past. this includes, for example, providing transport for individuals to encampments within mexico, where they can stay while they are waiting the court cases to proceed with the united states. a significant matter as well was that the us agreed to make because
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demand for a time limit on the legal process, a maximum of 6 months to be taken to decide the case of each particular individual . but this is, of course, going to have a massive impact on tens of thousands of people, the bite and administration. one understands is looking at its immigration protocols to see how it can rewrite its immigration policies in a way that would satisfy the courts and conservative politicians. now leon, fresco is an immigration attorney who was us deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration during the obama administration. he joins us live now via skype from washington to talk more was thanks very much for being with us. so just remind us on what legal grounds did that federal court earlier this year justify their ruling to force the biden administration to, to reinstate this, remain in mexico policy from, from when trump was present. so what they said was,
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they used a law in the, in the united states called the administrative per fee direct. and what the administrative procedure act says is that no administration can change a policy of a prior administration if it is doing it for arbitrary and breach. of 3, and so what the court concluded, and it went all the way up to bring carter, and they agreed that the biden administration, the reason for discontinuing the remain in mexico program were in sufficiently persuasive. so the level they claimed that he was arbitrary and capricious as such that the revocation could not occur. and the remain in mexico policy had to continue. and why is this program seen by many as controversial? is it because of the humanitarian concerns over what might happen to the, to the migrants while they're waiting in mexico for their hearings to come up in the us? correct. traditionally,
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when people have come to the united states for asylum, the understanding was that we would protect people seeking asylum in our shores until it was proven that they were not people were valid asylum seekers. this turns that on it. and so the only way you ever get but come in to the united states is to finish your asylum plane and when, and so from that perspective, even forgetting about whatever conditions you can make to make this program more palatable. just flipping that narrative on that upside, for a lot of people, there are those who will argue that many of the people who are trying to get into the u. s. from mexico. not really asylum seekers, but essentially economic migrants and that they are using the asylum, the u. s. asylum policy as a way to get in rather than to other legal means. what do you say to
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that? well yeah, i think there are certainly a number of people because i live in the united states that are not legitimate asylum seeker, there is no doubt about that. and the question is, where do you make the error? you make the error in letting someone in who might not be supposed to be here and then removing them or do you make the error and making everyone wait? and then someone baby was the legitimate a violent speaker might be harmed or something bad might happen to them while they're waiting at mexico. ready waiting for come to the united states. and so the question is, where do you mitigate the error and the, by the ministration want to mitigate error in the united states. whereas the drop administration wanted to mitigate the error in mexico and for the moment that's where the policy is that, that any error is going to be on the fight up making people way to mexico. who might otherwise be legitimate, a violent speaker, as opposed to letting people wait in the united states,
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but probably shouldn't have been allowed to do so in the birthplace. good to talk to you, leon fresca. thanks for your time. my pleasure. are still ahead on edge of the un, please for billions of dollars to help more people in need with you conflicts and political uncertainty many times. plus you have quite a long using ancient tradition. some of the day challenges our office and kissed on dealing with corruption and crime. ah and away we go with your weather forecasts for the americas. hello everyone. her reprieve for b, c's, west coast, the west coast of canada. the pacific northwest is while we look at the 3 day
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forecasts in vancouver next batch of rain, we'll move in late sunday into mondays. we've got to prepare for that off toward the east right now. the vigorous system fighting up the atlantic into mainland nova scotia. cape breton island and newfoundland blasted with winds for newfoundland. saint john's. we could see got up to a 100 kilometers per hour. also rainfall warnings around these parts is bomb to the southeast. the u. s. calls states things looking good safer. a few showers of brown, texas, we could get a spread of rain for houston with the high of 25 degrees. wow. temperature is coming down in kansas city in denver. but still, while above, where he should be for this time of the year, off to central africa right now. and rain being steered into nicaragua, costa rica, and panama, also some showers around that. you could tell peninsula our usual bursts of rain through the top end of south america. you know that stormy weather we had in the southeast of brazil most that action has pulled out toward the south atlantic, but still a few lingering showers. rio de janeiro coming in with
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a high of 26 on friday. that's it. that's all see again soon. the ah casa, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. while need needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a key, middle east and we'll trade and wanting skillfully enough 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato castillo's gateway to whoa trade. lou. the,
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the hello again. you're watching as a reminder of our top stories this out germany plans to ban unvaccinated people from much of public life to stop a 4th wave of cobra. 19 infection. u. s. is placing title restrictions for international travelers as the army, kron various continues to spread their us. next year of states, anthony blanket has met with russian farmers to rob. as the divide between moscow and washington widens tensions, remained over moscow's military build up near the corner. you press the button administration is resurrecting donald trump's controversial remain in mexico policy following a court order. policy requires asylum seekers to stay outside the u. s. while they wait for their hearings. iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers,
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negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. it is the 7th round of talks to be held in vienna aimed at bringing iran and the u. s. back into the deal they meant to limit ron's nuclear program. in exchange for sanctions relief on thursday, israel's prime minister natalie bennett, called for an end to talks accusing iran of nuclear blackmail. in his words, alhashan has more rounds, dropped proposals from vienna. there are 2 lines one on the sanctions. really, the 2nd is on iran, rolling back, it's measures the post 2018 measures. and from that there will now be waiting to hear from the war power. read that this is acceptable or not, as we had, as we understood from an iranian diplomatic source. these proposals are built up and what was agreed on during the past 6 rounds of talk. know some of the points that contradict with the j. c. p. o or the nuclear deal that was struck in 2015
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omitted, and additional elements and points that the iranians see as crucial to go ahead with the talk. where did today, the iranian top negotiator bucket county, back with the european with the russians on the chinese and is, is believe to be meeting also later today with mr. grossey, the head of the i a e a our rocks political rivals have come together to try to put an end to recent protests. demonstrators gathered on wednesday to oppose the final results of october parliamentary elections. she, alida mcdaniel sandra, whose block won the most seats, met leaders of iranian back. political blocks, protest is who mainly support pro running groups claimed the vote was rigged again, be and will vote in a presidential election on saturday. the current president adama battle is being
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challenged by 5 other candidates, including some who are part of the coalition, could put him in office in 2016 degrees reports from the capital, bon jewel on preparations for the vote. team position project for my last job and pushed him out to follow up here in just a private college and on the far venue. one call it double. just wanted to run a new board. trust and bottle now go home. i don't the pro social potter again from the corporate job market with the right
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person. but i want you to present it to us. you wanted to make that money look to run into trouble now with the company in a much needed to get the son of libby as for me and lead him one more daffy has been given. the go ahead to run in the presidential race for 2 of se, phyllis lam, get daffy gavin to celebrate court rulings. daffy was disqualified last week by the election commission because he was convicted of war crimes in 2015, but appealed to vote. is due to be held in 3 weeks. the united nations fears ethiopia could descend into sectarian violence that could fracture the country. the
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un humanitarian chief is wanting, is growing. instability could see a repeat of the chaotic exodus from afghanistan in august. the united nation says it needs a record 41000000000 dollars next year to meet global humanitarian needs. martin griffith is the you, and i'm the secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator. he says, ethiopia is now the world's most worrying. humanitarian crisis in conflict. of this kind of around the world, it is always the priority to try to avoid battles and areas the reasons you know the met. and he is, is a political project by the prime minister, which seeks to unite ethiopians around their identity as which, which is obviously something i think we can also ought. we don't want rushers from the war, the conflict which continues to rage and not any pressures between different ethnic
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groups in that it, because identity as an e t o can is a guarantee of survival and endure and then any battle for others with let's all hope another is no good news in that regard. recently, as a result of the action of the government, we've been able to stop moving trucks into, into, to gray from the region to gray, about a couple of 100 trucks overall, a getting through with urgent medical supplies and food, which we will distribute the people in need that, and of course we're very worried, as i've said elsewhere about the plight. so that's the 1st thing to get the supplies that are in the market as it were to the people. secondly, we have been also like an agency's always do worrying about the laundry or
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cross the country. if your pet is plagued by droughts played by doesn't locus, there's going to be a major drought in the region in kenya and somalia. so we want to find out you monitored workers to pub across the country, saying ethiopia, the opinion is ordering all of its non essential staff to get out of the country. several european countries of also urge their citizens to leave. in recent weeks, rebel forces fighting federal troops have made gains near the capital of the year long was killed thousands of people and displaced more than 2000000. the un says increasing violence in camera rooms. angler phone regions is affecting the safety and education of hundreds of thousands of children. the organizations are 2 or 3 schools are closed in the north, west, and south west regions due to recent attacks. children and teachers have been
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killed and thousands of kidnapped anglo phone separatists say they face discrimination in a country dominated by french speakers. a corruption is a major challenge for kyrgyzstan, the central asian nation as long suffered bribery vote buying, intimidation, smuggling and organized crime. one nonprofit organization is using traditional music and art to try to highlight social concerns. same bas robbie has more than the capital big. yeah, this duncan, poets and singers incur gustavo known as akins have been a bridge between people and kings. since before the days of modern governments, i don't have quite a long again, speaking truth and demanding justice, the akin is seen as a public figure who cannot be bought hard work and woollen bidding to then i'll put on the credit of the language as people are singing a nation when a child is born, pupils sing songs when a person dies,
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people also sing songs. and now at this time of need, the strong team with people who care about the nation are putting research findings to song it will be of benefit to our nations. a in a country were decades of corruption, have eroded public trust, where people have stopped listening. investigative reporters team up with traditional folk artists to make videos about crooked politicians and criminals, and highlight serious social issues. i asked them using ancient ways of talking about modern day problems on the phone with homeless and when there was persecution, akins would communicate it. they would sing the truth to the people to wake up people to what is good, what is the right way. and that is why i think us communicating in this way with the people as in achievement videos featuring traditional forms of song and art. get more views online after what we went through historically, after being,
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you know, under soviet rule and russian influence, we are just starting to realize who we are as a nation and shedding all these filters that were put on us how we view ourselves. and all these traditional art farms, it sounds uniting something very important in our people because we are realizing who we are and taking pride as courageous people. and that's through traditional forms of art. and for young people who make up nearly a 3rd of the country's population, the hope is adopting the old ways can help to paint a brighter future of illustrator. he is born in my illustration. i use more dark colors because it describes our situation and shows how gloomy it is. how confused the story is. that's why i use such dark shades. if every person bring some benefit for our country, this is a very positive point. i tried to do what i know to help our country out of the
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crudest on has experienced political turmoil for years. people say they are tired of hearing about the nation's problems. but as the i can say, words are always better in saw. the roads in basra, v o 0 biscuit. ah, it says al jazeera, let's get around up to the top stories, germany plans to ban unvaccinated people from much of public life to stop a 4th wave of code 19 infections. a u. s. is placing tied to restrictions for international travelers as the on the con, barian continues to spread. run a fight is variance with science and speed. not chaos and confusion. just like we beat back over 19 in the spring and more powerful version deliver in the summer and fall as result we enter this winter from a position of.


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