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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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on the well political observers, aren't you? his government has letty dismantling of democratic institution. ah, hello, i'm down jordan dough on the top stories here on al jazeera, such teams are still trying to find survivors off. the tornadoes struck 6 u. s. states late on friday night, officials expect more than a 100 people had been killed in kentucky alone, around 30000 people. they all without electricity. the states govern us as the tornadoes destroyed everything in their path. we've now been granted the immediate federal state of emergency. it is rare, it was granted incredibly quickly and we are grateful to homeland security to fema and the president biden himself. the national guard has been deployed. we have over
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300 guardsmen that are active. they are out in our communities. they are doing everything from going door to door though many of these communities will have doors anymore. there go hon took to rubble searching hopefully for survivors, but otherwise to at least have certainty for families that we can advise them of their loss. hodge or castro has moved from the town of mayfield. in kentucky. the governor of kentucky says he is still hopeful that there can be survivors pulls out of this trouble, but we're going on more than 40 hours since disaster struck late friday night and particularly add that candle factory, which is a few walks from here. downtown mayfield. we know that those minutes are ticking by and the likelihood of finding more survivors realistically is diminishing. the scope of this disaster is so great in that it's not just hitting mayfield here, which is devastated,
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but it's hitting multiple small communities across this state and across 5 others in this part of the country. still the focus is gone, going through from home to home, what remains of them because the greatest fear is not only that there are maybe people buried beneath the rubble of that factory down the road. but that in these thousands of homes that have been leveled that unknown victim may be there as well . we know, fema and the homeland security secretary. they're here to help to act and oversee the disaster response. there are some 300 national guard troops who are in kentucky alone, as well, aiding in the re removal and 80 in the traffic direction, and eventually going from house to house, looking for potentially more survivors or more victims. also, the state of kentucky has applied for a major disaster declaration, which is like one step up from the emergency declaration that is already been granted. so africa presidents,
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sharon says tested positive cove at 19 is office really is a statement saying he fills on well after state memorial service for former president f, w, declare and being treated for miles symptoms from a post as an vaccinated against the violence. the british governments raise the current of virus threat level of warning. the spread of the on the con variant is pushing the u. k. back into risky territory level for won't immediately affect rules and regulations. but a move to level 5 would bring more restrictions and would be triggered if they were fears of the health system becoming overwhelmed by minister boys johnson's urging people to get a 3rd shot. no one should be in any doubt. there is a tidal wave of omicron coming, and i am afraid it is now clear that 2 doses of vaccine are simply not enough to give the level of protection we all need. but the good news is that our scientists are confident, but with a 3rd dose, a booster dose,
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we could all bring our level of protection back up. austria has lifted a partial lockdown for people vaccinated against kobe 19, but those who haven't been jap will continue to be banned from many businesses and venues. as part of the easing of restrictions, vienna's christmas markets are reopening. they were shut for 2 weeks to help control the rise and the number of infections. foreign ministers from the g 7 group of nations are wanting that russia faces what they're calling massive consequences if it invades ukraine statement came on the final day of talks. in the bush, a city of liverpool, russia's military build up near ukraine's border has dominated the today meeting mosque of denies any plans of a military offensive. so those are the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after al serra world stateroom answer watching bye for now. ah
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ah ah, my sons close to the arctic circle. none for it's a claim and certain unique environment. it's probably not an obvious destination for someone migrating from the middle east because of its remote location. the language am called the climate but none of these deterred to palestinian social activists and political campaigner
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our my latino. she has made iceland her home for over 20 years, and as a politician has become an influential member of iceland society, hulu . ah. and as he tie sunday, the lead to a hub, i live with me from so same a no lead b. g. when any lead small by should i thought min middle with saw lice land the bottom in the sod name? no feeling horn when sunday lawford's urbane fine as you find the rat to bod in the lord daffy. if she for less then wish i could. i am headed by lash at bad in oh,
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slow. ah, yeah, middle run honda, our museum level at the very, very, very slow. gotta buy been fair iceland, mckennan don't pm less. she had that to leave my rebel a duck. i shut my hotel kilo thou lottery the noise thrilling chevrolet ilia, that a sort of follow lead a while. so really struggle po can on the for beauty, divide danish, the rel, fee must not so much by danish of elk for my buzz, ah, not from sustainment. i was the horn, a dumb tal of blood, jama. can my best shad those g n n i k, mandy shad that's a half human beer. say it was couldn't had done my hadash her that a fee o'kelly's. moll thompson. in her left. phil comes his name. good. 2000. my little valet slend. be at the right in my fair bears, and he looked at the shadow. why then interrupted la la, look at in jama,
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fed they cannot father, a dirty raheem bus will firstly dad near with their live. but they thought power daily home with jeff to carlos did i say i missed him out. callous in missouri is a i thought baseline became melton piss me in. obey mod dully. and natalie hood derushia lula han is i shipped with better zillow lever height, like a rough monster of a dumb par, little mush 3rd of martin bessler and knew best still could. the 3rd may i kept my little bill now your credit in north america. melbourne. couldn't but that was mad that met b. jak interest on montana coming can a house club? well who comes to tell me? oh your talk stocks have 21 and we have which could owe us from an empty. when will it come from karen in limit a net and whom a miracle was not talk to him about him. lot. not coming, set till environment from cassandra to that
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i'm in now. well man that off styles are my and he can or even the raleigh love that are very busy done on mac and fi as yet. no. yeah, me in no mother as nearby. yeah, i'd be year me silman, fellows, sidney my from to lead to z. i'll jama ken issued i have been miss miller, mass in the how a late for had the i thought me that far does g i e a t u dash m a j. it was at the mother in law mosher down national. got char bato boucher july mann over thoroughly on can not be there yet. if the how were love be day at the messages up in which the mind nurse did an effective neil week, so let ah
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madica's in was so i sister sent the lo framer to manila, your new orbit, missouri, blushing my phyllis, annabelle side that taught that loan the bon administer lalellah florine. lou with the plumbing lakeland b and i was with the janet kirkland as i never was with iceland in min when finally yet i would render cuz i lay whole tally window vill iceland etc. me then no fee in the mail corner less than b, and nor is i withdraw hondas or thought i would probably you. oh, on my comment on that tooth bonilla lace lindy from an actual condo nicholas on deck latasha i will on as if that valid than fernado vall, that american at the and with manny can side the kelsey out of han iowa, had to visit my bad as mcconnell, ballard, my bad actually are man so sorry about here with the reply, julia. all,
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nathaniel hello, fearless of them on the lancer, the arm that must up. that is how many all the lemon law less than the lobby i knew who is the and i does in awe, commend in the medical didn't add them in my sherry on 30 in the had the little p all when draw new palin. remember him, a visual command be found on it. dolphin 99. not the one said that they're telling marcella as you know b o, iceland, d, a bus in act that in between your whole not a jana blan, no sub rush colette to look up. some of them might have had to, oh, i need as my be on my hook so i can get him started. stone was ha, that daddy mall shot i with talisman this year. this is heather events. if
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thought up news, i must rate the feel a water or close to you, that's our fuel. come your make you adeline, to eat born health. not a moral coma till i started a begin. got a, you know, of either or half of all vardek you meet killer ar, cut left is he on, is to of hammer from a little gotta use. i'm feeling with host m a now teams out of all hottest of eric wood mold sweaters. him a 43 studio masters of all key, but i couldn't allow or something they're a hotel or don't like that. they might, denial and festivals cooler had definitely reply. labella danny, a boob, a ham man. what i saw mom. oh, oh, knew though most and mom mom and that mental and crib led not is a secret terra helmet. dia trujillo leah, where we throw hotels near where horn murphy is m decker. we're trying to disturb
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her, who will highlight it? had the sure will. nellin lorena no, hey mom, nora or for hailey ha slept in no big deal. like bill murphy. hey, not minuscule and short bar oldness killer. net hobby. oh, fan had the last year. mm hm. mm hm. been hell went in on wild matter. be had that . oh so so mr. little lick t it it drusilla's, glenville or no shirt. hale mandel, matt thought our turtle sent off. but samar said, the fellow hit acronis alco, take him up there for a minute. out of the corner of the corner to sedona apartments. it would go to nicholas. ah, oh, hannah food, thank you. cool. i'm all lots of to kind of faded off. good in it alone. swore solemn in some careless work through useless cancer till crana also up up,
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up on him liquor. awkward, but i in the hands of a true off. what are stuff like about sex, sex get much who are also like clock corner or get a little but i'm your man really fit is phil. phil. i got a ha corner national are much always something i can now she is to my iceland the most rare for need be my new concern for bella diaz and mom. and i said that if see us very strong. globalcom see, became the 1st woman here to, to speak about a human rights for immigrants and also her women's rights and
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her experience through her life. taught us a lot of things. it's very important to hear her voice. to educate both icelanders and foreigners about how we can live peacefully together. ah and ma'am, but there to be nosy mirage of the year or la murray, and obey in a dish best but a la la mostella to o'clock. mellow janet for iceland, the stuck public hazard. c a. c. mac and i'm jim renella know can inflict gra in nought. f, micah janet mosier dear niandra zimmerman had done much tomorrow. lesson coronel now short, or with tally the health to receive say, i know self in our corner, our loud door bell, a d. m. when to have as an a, b. o. cynthia knocker now will emerald tissue as an a. b. you tish less filling
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that battle alon ill soon tackle gray circulation, a thin soon illusion of suzanne filling her sean list to my year. this and the rusty ion, wished him out, and assuredly, oh dear, are still in men in nashville, my nurse, my, i couldn't add that she brought a gyal, you'll wish for their shoe financed la la. ah, i'm an attorney, me lives in the identity, capital reykjavik, despite being so far from the middle east. she still has these connected with whoever booths as a palestinian, she has worked to make decision makers in iceland a we're of the issue was in the israeli palestinian conflict. humble in line. no less than a load of mother or father elizabeth,
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who would like to offer the suffer. i sent through some money into the kia i am from good enough the lawn can i had the fee in? no, i couldn't. is or 5 or lose my land? nice, iffy. maniquan thought bill fairfield butler mana lay slend. be done with us with a pit offered bullet philistine could. bo lome stop the lead head the can your dirty fee? oh kelly shut off from i'm in not an hour there mentally. so what all and what can meliss and obey it wrong though? literally stand by then it had they cannot been all effort. oh ok, but it inject them not. no said club puddle on mine. ah, command english tamar, eliza n b. mister bailey shotzel far,
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i'd rather learn again 9 bill a cough injury. bit o bad. the her said rule. why lou? fair, our name, a debit card, a rattle and move to looked up on a month on to i'm left to 31st or monday or hard data. she was that bell have command, hey, a ship with her leak. pests in not 0 love will be day. it how for suffer mother? hartford not, madame. must have medical worn o. essentially. a ink cannot atlanta show it. i live in the sea times to getting my own children came on. yes, the one and i'll with our club, a flea, a and my sin. open gill with the warning i get a new out of their team. lock it. hey maurice. 21 are people with me 1st unique in a say yes. our service team has out
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a form and he seems to get it left. if i think today was happening, kemp's much also not activated and i'm already in command in deserts in columbus. hartfield. we any control on their knees? about the flu. comes about my control, da da da. dump them into an admiration. so we evaluate janet haley, val cannot with marsha laura or couldn't m a n a well, is that up to normal for iceland? la daniel cannot to you had that fear. so what will iceland been agenda? yeah, no. can my female evac amendment? and while mostly the left and was sold in the num said kid monday,
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and it can fiano re fi. poland if he play lundy and tell iceland being a bus as well as to saw the battalion the la resources are where is the cream? how salt our la is a normal iceland beer. free center fan. no marsh. any but the wrestlers can be a little agenda for resort. we are thoroughly mat. the brother in law had that in jazz. dear to me. ah, come on my end the month allan, who is all she had that book did? oh yeah. i mean, not a my liberal fight, i live, feel mister lyle, iceland the command faith dub with a la fontose zhou is shemelle, bought a book among was your amino draw do alicia melina? murph in london, lod than medical. my sweet. yeah. and he had the algebra is ill,
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eliminate that in orland ha marie, it blessings eh pill ah vom in no clue lead the fellows with her mouth. so out mama b, e o must that her head bay c, n m a ford fusion dan barris in no hum to the land hung to live that hung the lyla clue home. miss healthy forbid us at top, had diseased. ah and has brought up her 6 children in iceland and she consider its their success to be her single greatest achievement. just one child lives at home. another is a student in britain while the remaining for live in work in different parts of iceland. hello and i'm the sick to land as good letter was there,
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so philistine on la maintenance just will fit should get to friend m scoop of some of iceland, paella south muster. if to sob, i'm did i come to nan, fidel? oh he, i and i should have kept in thursday. my straw bird must look for those men in me. i had thought we realized linda or by dan dot com to let then be a house from ala here, from jama bit. so we did us it to head but fall that come out of bow, small mesh. oh, well, but gross, so we must that computer sans that come from sales. smart. alice said be it it am feelin scotland, when glasgow. oh, i love. yeah. any wish velma been dia total sweeter heck? duck from sick though. so my reason shall us at this and ohio and shot a love oh, or listen in email, which i have to talk to to do so much to my my
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landline the some say melissa dean for iceland. best up on a f number de leon, iceland, my bench mailers and overshadow the how a lay me 2nd 9. the neil huffman almost month old, be sent every bacteria national day as well from on our most and balise. linda nf massena sent them from sir saying can 9 d in new lead d i now model said thaw sco mustache. i said at this, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, dollars bid duck in that, that if it was then my been had that like with that, he's like, or us yet and leaned through below that go with that, that was and hong reductive now high edge did it for can i sadly she lou lead in with that it goes how long bad 1st had the and said when so all how and he can man with len banassi leak bar to lower my from asparsa. so fast any, as you'll see,
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made them are highly today. if us are sad by lay home and moodle, heart center will end on mine, thermally car, did less. miller did us at the fair no effect. the effect on what durbin may throw in no fell. so santa will jamal wheel sola master. how can i be my 2nd? hey you melissa, that is about a new master to saw at a bar in militia from the horn. when bit low empty meadow where her kaleisha glad recipient then looked about. may well a murderer, lulu, but none of dollars. if do you not land on what does mom feel better? kenneth did went to that connected well there 5 ish with. busy landman, my fellow, got to go that us kathy, who drama is she'll act that a drama under perfecto act of domino. oh, well emma, he cannot. oh, well then mike,
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a alpha last american horn jail. ha. or he a better that? fuck get keith by that a so we keith, whether we're all on my hear a canon camera allow why a paper. so letting my air but that, that there hold sway sway in manila. se arthur. hello jerome huh. or bye. was brian's can. and her kiss i had a sealed in a coma, lush of others, and ackman yawn all here, sir. hello. i'll airport. the leave should star was. yes, ma ma, nor can fee a she. marla canfield, she machine. there was a quite ill alum up. but i've got a quote, the can all to look at the e la howl cushy the mom call. she'll k or under the tucker and
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no. and no, he cannot hyphen here the believe to hold for the wrong. he would have benefits her figure to not to glamour in bella, demi n a been this b e d, and now in not a plumbing philistine kenneth when miss bailey may pick on any subdivision, done, her man would be flared, that it'll go to bear a laura a bad italian blue lad for couldn't her though in a highly and line dish. had they used made their no learner had that who a bad measured on the lead that about to sort the loud offset them for sweet 1st or federal. highly hello. he walked good a we you or to long run about but now bush with a hick mile. so with her she trailed the deed
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the hood had on it a shot. oh let me in the end of the grass hut, the new lead lick bottom in been out there when you led the area? not ad shadrach, not north and natal, often of her philistine any been at the actor when mother of him, your aware tolerable. so from was, are out though manila as i guess she and the shock sea and have a strong little of passion than ever any young fellow they met at platinum real her man. no matter. well i'm okay. ah . ready ah, coming up, in fact to the milk and dutch women who started as
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a cleaner. and now we're on. is that a multi $1000000.00 business? on this week's thrice, a new method of cremation is helping hinder tradition become more environmentally friendly. and we visit a danish community into a taken sustainability to new heights just over there on the horizon is some so island where they are officially 100 percent renewable. we can back. so this is it, that's the entity right. did winds of change on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, governments in the region are using security forces to clamp down on protests, instead of protecting their countries against armed attacks, with detail coverage, in the absence of any ha dates are on how wide spread overland the alba, con variant is scientists are urging caution from around the world. political
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observers argue his government has letty dismantling of democratic institutions. once upon a time, finally fled from and so silent in snowy lang. the sisters who so scared of being sent back that they disappeared within sound. a little boy had it. who escaped to mos shit. make square. how will that story and witness wake up and mom's out shame. i've worked out their english since it's long shit as a principal present. and as a correspondence with any breaking the story, we want to hear from those people who would normally not get that voice is heard on an international news channels. one moment i'll be very proud of was when we covered the depaula earthquake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster on the story that needs to be told from the hall of the
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affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important of the time ah hello, i'm down, jordan doha. with a quick reminder, the headlines here on the al jazeera such teams are still trying to find survivors off. a tornado struck 6 us states late on friday night. officials expect more than a 100 people had been killed in kentucky alone, many esto, missing tens of thousands of p bluster without electricity. kentucky's governors had the tornadoes destroyed everything in their path. we've now been granted the immediate federal state of emergency. it is rare. it was granted incredibly quickly and we are grateful to homeland security to fema.


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