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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2021 1:30am-2:00am AST

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sir, baptizing the roman centurion, cornelius in an area that was one of the earliest centers of christianity. bernard smith, al jazeera, fast food chain. mcdonalds will be rationing the fries. it sells in japan because of a potato shortage from friday will only be selling small sized portions for week. mcdonalds is blaming floods in canada and the destruction to the supply chain caused by the kobe pandemic. ah, reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, the world health organization has warned, wealthy countries rushing the hand that booster vaccines risk prolonging the coven pandemic. while large portions of the globe remain on vaccinated, israel has become the 1st country to announce it will give a 4th faxing dose. the global priority must be to support all countries to reach
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the 40 percent target as quickly as possible. and the 70 percent target by the middle of this, you knock on 3 can boost its way out of the pandemic and boosters cannot be seen as a ticket to go ahead with the plan celebrations without the need for other precautions. meanwhile, a new case study has found the risk of on the con, causing a hospital stay is 40 to 45 per cent lower than with the delta variant. the study was carried out by imperial college. the variant is driving a surgeon cases in the u. k. daily infections of exceeded a $100000.00 for the 1st time. the past they days have seen britain's highest numbers of new cases. since the start of the pandemic. more than a 1000000 coven. 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria, the astrazeneca schultz was sent through the international kovacs program and delivered within weeks of expiring that were destroyed in public to help boost
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peoples crossing the vaccine. the un security council is applying a sanctions exemption to afghanistan to get humanitarian aid to the millions in desperate need. governments and agencies can now send money in goods to the country for the 1st time. since the taliban took power. rescue teams have been searching for least 17 missing people in me and more after a landslide. at a mine it hit while workers were digging for jade and northern catching state. when they were swept into a lake. so far, one person has been confirmed that the area is the center of me and mars, secretive jade in the street, where minor is often working dangerous conditions. people empower me and mar and uneasy alliance is next more news in half an hour. i'll see you tomorrow. bye. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of
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people are only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera ah, we have most military rigid entities flotation with democracy in early 2021. it's celebrated by killing several 100 anti cooper testers and detaining thousands mole . so some activists and no thinking beyond street protests, they've joined forces with the ethnic insurgents who have been waging the own. oh no fools. the burmese genta protested. we've been behind the scenes with a secret training camp to find out who
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ah. ah, it is secret location, near me m mas chinese border. we've gained access to a training camp run by ethnic insurgents. ah. but the trainees are not hardened guerrilla fighters. that ordinary young men and women, students activist,
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some as young as 17. you've got themselves organized on social media to come and train for a ball against the military, june to now to not be like a we're gonna denote, di, me, modeled as said they needed the say anation another lumpkin and said you'll, while young yes. oh yeah, and you go the outward don't chip, collin, don't young mom get hannah. john is an awful d my bank, adam. yeah, i know on this. i need you with that with it being trained by the ethnic nationality, cochin independence organization with an army of 8000 and its own de facto government. controlling almost half of kitchen state the k i o has been fighting
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success burmese regimes since 1961. mm. no longer, so are those how are not long genders are not gonna. so ronnie, the law has high law. why not unaccompanied? of all of whom trunk on london another. so rob. mm. by wash one lot of it. when i was good at ogres good are so rubbish, which is i don't know why they're going on any po, lawton, and i meg all of that. one them yeoman your from on in boy were able got were i was not. and i shannon i don't want and i will noodle crocker. no, not. we'll need a copy of the machine from on it go lot. oh, under it i didn't on the didn't was robert me just one candidate to walk on it and
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watch if it wasn't able to go. c on february 1st, the burmese army abandoned its experiment with a partial democracy and retook power in my hundreds of thousands took to the streets to demand, to return to civilian rule. but the army responded with a brutal a bloody crack down. another moment, you know, after you enter those are not the i, if i am i gonna do, i guess, maybe dahlia. they don't the new ot, general sanabria or i'm here and nobody will. and already who i landa says she any my, the fuel worker, she let one of the protest is now getting training was a farm work from central myanmar. as with many people in this film,
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his fear of the rest and torture is so great. we've changed his name and hidden his identity. me out. so i'm new to run maybe to, to where they come. i said i will, i will tell you they montane to do the one you're going to have it all 100. get that by monday i will my medicine and go to a long, long, long i don't know the number so good kinda. c balance on the home and i'm going to enter it into the dungeon and come under gilbert and i want to go turn. so we are going i, it's not nice if i woke up water college, you know, 119 year old wind tint volunteered as a medic in the protest. let it be. okay. and if you want to know latan latan
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entering it and you go to hear the chinese lanes and biting many 1000000 pounds on a nuclear general general good ankle, they and i she deny my general newton going to the new queen and uncle leave me alone. the fargo man, i'll say and will be at issue i am only international media . will bank on human arlington, america. ok on immuno. she don't deny he's local there and she 3 monks, the army has reportedly killed over $800.00 unknown for testers, including at least 50 children and arrested thousands more. a men was a civil servant who'd never been involved in politics before the coo and even the seni i louis. i mean, i own and then am i being the guy out now? i don't know when i not be a new mom. you know, if you will, will, who the less you don't, if you're going to be under my trial, we are lonely. will
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a allow the living, the same of the old. why would rule pm, you don't want to be on the or not line that guy. now if you get, you don't want to be on my yahoo may. so when you are my only mom here and she, i came to the lease and i, we don't want to go live, we'll do the chase. we're not going to need a lateral as well. i will do. i don't care like travelling across the front line to insert and control territory was a huge personal risk. loankey on fabian nunez over 1000000 world machine. okay. and i, i mean, i don't, i don't know if i need a general re, i mean i'm going to let him know how much i notice when i move in with i'm is, can only with the banking column when a lot on the line yet, ah,
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despite the risks, the volunteers keep coming civilians from the majority burman population starting their 3 week training with the ethnic rebels. oh and okay to get some care. hey, i wonder why the column a low grade low to paula low young laura who d u r a b me molly? down there to log it on me out table or do you la? general amy, gosh, really be a shit and either one of the local guys been near the edge any robbie mcgee held in dispatch. there were full 100 trainees coming, get tenant gams, saying as just 3 weeks to turn a civilians into soldiers. must hon up her. why, why you ran along mit, which it was only fair,
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don't one don't know what to wear and going to know when we're doing it in time, i don't know any but cowboys on long by and i won't want to pay rent until january is owner. now i don't what entitle charlotte cornwall critical consumer dump image on your vehicle? no, no long, long time. young john. well, i'm not saying what it and louis was over in the in between is it from a generation that grew up under civilian rule military life is new and dumb. familiar before the protest would, knowing run an internet cafe in a provincial town, appeared and i'll go with a manager, been a good day to get em and he'd been paying them and can lead, you know,
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that might be lower cost. oh or do you mind us you know us, you know, cards out. oh baby. oh oh oh no, no. this is the 3rd group of trainees to come through this camp alone observed say that could be 10000 more in similar camps across the country. got it. yeah i. 2 don't know what trinity and they go on the gym for me. the long lines are not no longer the gang lunch longer. oh no one upon schanzer lived on a sunday or other, but i want to get around the talk for too long. i'm going to pay on it. do you want it all done to my quarter version that yeah. yeah. do you have training on the last
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one or you can do it all? and how did, how chinese over man loud, he will not run that by me on the i the they, while i'm a little, tim ordered, i will on the why the training also prepare them for urban warfare. that these young men and women with just a few weeks preparation will have to face a battle heart, a dummy of 300000 a vehicle will know what the nav marilyn o y o dash murphy net. i'm a guy. woo. gall mobile. mm hm. mm hm. a big m i. yeah, i wanna share my lawyer. let me give you the i time i go, let me. okay. yeah. but
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a i don't, i, i me, i can, i'm on a mule. yeah, i do have your mom. well, mom only been assigned the kid one off a dual daddy dinner binding. she gave a bottle as it all in the hallway to your house. a guy you know me out of my own the name in the highly let house. i'll kill luna white and i love watching. i think when i dial eyes a dolly i'm either will get the body she or the world last no down in the chinese food at it. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh
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okay. oh oh oh. oh, me, but the camaraderie of camp life belies the crisis unfolding in the country. ah, there are over a dozen ethnic insurgents. mamma sofa on the most vocal of the john de nick griggs in their support for the pro democracy movement. have been the kitchen independence organization and to the south, the korean national union. oh i see that resistance has comma to cost
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ah, in the regime launched a campaign of air strikes against villages under the control of the kitchen, correct? this was a gold mine, partly owned by decaying me. ah martine trembled into the air strikes nice to me and most correct instead ah 11 up and down one kilowatt capital i just want to call it on my lobby
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my daughter lydia when i when i when me on if you have a them law they mail a key i didn't get that. get your left yet. you live. ah, the current village of debbie, not even the school was a target. the students had already evacuated when it was hit. that since the end rates, as 20000 children have been in hiding in the forest, unable to return to their lessons, her god knew no better. no, don't cardinal or drug or a boy learn that color political don't on
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october. a letter a hard to get into a package she'd need say hello connery to corbin. to wanna let me know before the policy you know before the local yeah. kind of a new loan it lead. that's why the lady on a but i have them neglect a local power. i'm you know, go who vailable, let about one hour, jailer job for denina, chill, idaho, dora, and thing, blah. athena lily for laura tina that didn't work for
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taylor to have any clue that she letter delivery a document to perform ravenna dillard with roller ah, according to independent human rights organizations, since the coo, dozens of civilians have been killed and injured. denay strikes across korean and cochin states. mm mm. the 70000 to fled. their highs to high doubt in makeshift shouted in the forest. mm. ah boy. with the surveillance drone above them. it was time for the team to leave
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before more strikes were cooled in these attacks shattered a long standing sea spot between the regime and the k. i knew ah, since the kid, the regime has also rounded up and arrested dozens of democratically elected politicians. susanna lala, so was a national lake for democracy, m p and young gone. she's now living in hiding esl candidate. the military tried to arrest me. and so they came to my place, broke the door. so i have to flee from the back door. i even don't have my shoes. i have to flee. and, and are some of our friends, they rescue me from that area. and then the next day i travel to ethnic area. ah,
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and i escape so that the experience is so bad. and when, if i got arrested on i do know my future. yeah. i my god be kill our torture. ah. in april a group of politicians launched the national unity government as an alternative to the military genta. formerly a medical doctor, doctor saw is their spokesman on international affairs. but like most national unity, government ministers, he's been forced into hiding in fear for his life. i believe the change was seen in the country ease. realizing all the, the nation's greatest strength which is ah, on the diversity of the country,
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of the people, the military and arose for many the gates have been afraid of the united people. me, emma, about i think to be with them. i have showed that we are united regardless of, you know, all political parties and we put everything behind and then our, this is the time for us to put all our differences behind and you know, struggle only for calm on gold and come on, publishes that our children deserve and our roger and in the future. and the new memo the uniting, the mainly berman city based pro democracy movement. and the ethnic insurgence may be the key to the throwing the military june to
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good for some ethnic leaders. the failure of the previous national league for democracy, government to negotiate peace undermines their statements in support of federalism . now put o t had to move is the general secretary of the current national union. the previous times of the government they have showed their commitment. all the federal is very rare to b, c. you know, but only though the verbal commitment, it's difficult to see the commit it practice. so now we are, we have a chance with some of the end of the leaders and seek in, you know, common ground. he walked together for the past. i thing the urban community, they don't understand the suffering of ethnic area. they don't understand the
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feeling all the ethnic area. now they come to know why this happened in their area because they were caught kill torture, arrested. now we had to come in, go to and the military coup and to have the real democracy living alongside the chin, the burn and trainees get a new perspective on the ethnic struggle. actually, you know, i don't want all the bad good. i go when he died. i imagine i will be, you know, i don't these which i me, cynthia. i bought it up on the outside. it was a new job. i'm not newly read, boy, the way my new the that happy to be able my the and they said got, you got new or what? who did we will my walk through the, the guy that we through or the energy needs the dot com people will martin id?
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yes. i think when she you will be on the line that will go by family with the medium on my mother. my, my dad and what be you know, what to do that can be ripped out on the wheel, my, she nie a. be the boy at the washington at all. i have on the y auto plan. got all i need on mileage real mom. oh again, lillian and i know young july the younger why do you think that the really go or not? i am doesn't that it was shown on sunday when i go there was done an inclusion in johnson that she the wrong way. and in the state there, dana, rudy was hung up in rob, well gone to a man, should we? oh, i know she went over there was it hasn't gone. gone now then, isn't it? well comes how i assumed it and we're not. we're not the real dongle to long shot
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and i thought go or numb's as long as jerry, one of it was all there. was it in 100 camry? warn under can ronnie of her pin they was and we didn't was one of her on it, but she never told me no more the we put the allegations made in this film to a representative of the permian regime, but received no reply. oh no, no, you want to do. why was it normally when it comes home with the hood on the as the train is graduate, an army join, it's spotted over the camp and it's shut down and relocated to avoid it strikes me at that age. and now go to a d and,
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and i don't need to double check any high turnover and i'm in general. good. i mean, i know she knew what i mean. and having finished the course, this batch of recruits returns to barracks for the last time a mr. joined a nationwide network of peoples defense forces fighting the gunter with just 3 weeks training. no overall leadership. very few weapons. they face an uncertain future. b, o. m up. how do you lose? i think i don't, i don't know jolen on your machine. i don't know who you are me diamond ma'am lucian, johnnie lucian, and my wife, the them, our economy. and we will not be that in the reggie, like all, but he got a name on the light on the loan. and i see that malone miles will pull down on the jungle. so nobody will delay us on the bombing ratio.
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ah, i've always been fascinated by space. but the story, the space race isn't just about the men who wish their lives to travel and see unknown. but the ones who held those lives in their hands. your grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they, designing space suits, hollow 11 was his triumph more all around and the perfectly design space seats for his legacy. putting man on the moon on al jazeera, they travelled thousands of columbus from time to pick berries. but do tie workers with exploitation in the forests swayed in one a one east investigate on out the area.
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ah, al jazeera, where ever you, ah, ah. a cheaper, faster way to treat curve at 19 do a struggle for he's a green light, an anti viral drug for home use to treat daily infections. no country can boost its way out of the pond. on the global health spa swans, rich nations bo, against sweeping boost to program same day will deep and vaccine in equity. ah.


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