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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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and your ceremony has been launched the hall pressures and individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, after days of unrest, cossick stones, former intelligence chief, is arrested on suspicion of treason, fueling speculation of a power struggle ah, hello i, mariam noisy. in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a 56 killed and many more injured after an air strike hits account for displace people in ethiopia as tag wry
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region. 22, a dad in pakistan after thousands are stranded in a blizzard while traveling to see unusually heavy snowfall. over 2 and a half 1000 people die from covered in the united states, where hospitalizations of young children, a rising novak jokers which his lawyer say had a vaccine exemption. because he had coven in december, though it doesn't appear to have stopped him from attending a number of events. ah! hello, welcome to the program with situation in kazakhstan is reported to be tense, but relatively quiet. after a week of anti government violence, thousands of russian troops are guarding strategic sites, including government buildings. after being deployed there as part of a regional security alliance. but behind the scenes, the former intelligence chief carry mass him of has been arrested on suspicion of
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treason. and this is fueling speculation of a power struggle in the country. massimo was a 2 time former prime minister who work closely with the previous president, nor so tanya's or by of, in a telephone call. the current president, casem jermarta chi of told russia's, let him abuse in the situation is stabilizing. but quote, hotbeds of terrorist attacks persists. the unrest began on new year's day initially as a protest, again fuel subsidies being lifted, but soon escalated into calls for raging change with violent clashes on falling on the streets. robin forest walker has more now from tbilisi in georgia on the significance of a former intelligence chiefs detention what appears to be emerging is that kerry must seem of the head of the security services of cause it's gone. he was fired from his post early this week, so was all of the government under the president. but now news emerging that he's
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been arrested and charged with treason, indicates that there appears to be a political power struggle that has been going on in kazakhstan between president and the former president. no. so can, as by, of who, despite having handed over the presidency back in 2019, continues to wield significant power in the country and must seem of was one of his guys. now it seems that tough talk i have may have the upper hand having dismissed my scheme of arrested my females and dismissed other figures from their rows including the former president as a buyer, who had the roll. it said had chairman of the security council. now it seems that the car has the upper hand and he's doing that. it appears due to his agreement, clearly thrust out with vladimir putin who heads the security block that has been able so quickly to deploy to kazakhstan. so having russian backing behind him
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appears to be a signal to all those in the police police cars, except on that talk to ok. if he's now the man inch really in charge in control of all the leave is of power in, in the country are now overseas. jolessa currently allowed intercourse exxon adversaries at rania. grady is atlanta's an order with care gets down men and no assault thought. lucas asked, than he had to, although authorities in kazakhstan have repeatedly confirmed that order has been restored. we've been receiving reports that the situation is unstable and volatile . from sporadic clashes to protest at various locations up to the recurrent gunfire in and around almighty. we spoke to a number of cook astonished citizens who passed through the border crossing point behind me and they describe the intensive security presence across the city and streets of cars extern, extensive search and arrest operations have not been interrupted with a total of $4500.00 people detain so far? well the quickest on is we spoke to confirm that they themselves have been searched
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and their passports verified. otherwise they would have been detained. it should be noted that the former president no salter, another buy of who's been absent from the political scene, is confirmed to be in the capital according to his press office. and that he called on the people to stand by the side of the incumbent president tokai of, to break through the current crisis and maintain the countries unity in addition, has been announced that next monday will be a national day of mourning. hula ah. at least 56 people have reportedly been killed and an ass strike in ethiopia. nor then take ry region is tri care to count for internally displaced people in the town of dead of that near the border with eritrea. at least 30 others were injured in the attack, which happened late on friday, coding to aid workers. there either a campus, many old women and children, and people were not able to escape because it was completely dark. it came shortly
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after the european government announced it was releasing a number of high profile political prisoners, including members of the tick ryan rebel forces. government official said it was time to promote national dialogue. after more than a year of war with, they took ryan rambles. the conflict has divided the country, killing thousands of people, and displacing millions. will tech like amber, michael is a writer for tonight dot com, which documents war crimes in the take right region. he believes the prisoners release is nothing more than a payoff down by the prime minister on that. some members in the international community went into party mode, saying that this is in the right direction and that the price that they have been, they have been mounting and i'll be hot bone out. truit on this was positive news, a signal. what is to come? but i go to ruined the party a couple of hours later, which was that he sent his newly acquired drones into weston,
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to great and rain bombs, stealing 56 people and wondering what done. i think 80 people strike. i think it's important to see that release of the political prisoners in its proper context or the past month, tens of thousands of to grounds and aroma or around was have been jay in the something about a loan by releasing about i think 6 people 73 yesterday, he tried to create a positive environment around him to kind of chris roost that international community that he was interested in. the go see ation. resolution does a complete wipe. in fact, he continued doing what he had been doing, which is bombing on trying to advance about me. totally interested, right? speak on. the troops are trying to enter into the right. is that the to grant? i've managed to, to want to resist baka sounds. military has been called up to hell with rescue
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efforts after 22 people died in snowstorms. then he had ignored warnings, advising not to go outside in the stream, whether thousands is still stranded in the mountain resort. town of worry about 30 kilometers ne of the capitol as lama by major power outage is also being reported. come, hider is and as long abide, and as thousands of vehicles got stuck on the mountain road. tens of thousands of papers decided to go to the station. murray and i did also of a popular tour destination, especially during the winter. when people come to watch the snow, but this is also a, an example of systemic failure because according to their, for about a 100 hours in waco, right into that station. i have a station that has narrowed roads. they were wanting heavy, you know, and that led to, or torture catastrophe because people was stuck in their way. her entire family
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were getting reports of care because of the reading, read the record robot heaps of no particular read the system had nerve damage in the cloud all along the courtyard area, but particularly up in the mountains because we have reported to fall off, you know, i had been reported in certain areas of the avalon chair, the land slides have blocked the road and god had led to the chief minister now declaring an emergency, the guard in the admin. if gordon, the pattern military voted in the military to come and help rescued people and of course stopped more people from going to direct his station. an explosion in the cafeteria and southwest china is killed, 16 people and injured 10 others. local government official suspect a ghastly course applause, which happened during lunch time in the office building, county and collapse,
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leaving workers trapped inside rescuers in chang city. work through friday night to recover the bodies. the number of people being admitted to hospital in the united states with coven 19 is rising, driven by the highly infectious on the con, very to the virus. and war the 900000 cases reported in the last day and 2615 death health regulate is a warning that more children under the age of 5 who are not eligible to be vaccinated. being admitted to hospitals, which are already short staffed, i get one situation from my con, whose life is now in washington, the hospitalized ations rising, particularly among young children. how, how work because they're coping with this well, this has been a gradual increase which is reaching very high levels. and the issue of children is of deepest concern to health officials pointing out that the majority of those
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being admitted to hospital under the age of 5. that means that they cannot be vaccinated against colbert and the increase is substantial. it has come from one child's per $100000.00, was admitted to hospital every day in december. that figure is now 4 children per $100000.00. so that's a massive increase in terms of the amount of pediatric admissions to hospitals and making very clear the co relation between the effect of the virus, particularly the con variance and the lack of vaccination. clearly those who are unvaccinated, how at risk of far worse, aside to fix, if you contract the on the chrome varied. but also the problem with the hospitals is the fact that a number of hospital workers are getting infected as well. this means they have to go into quarantine. that's reduces the number of people working in hospitals. so in a way, it's a perfect storm and lack of health stuff or diminishing numbers of health drop
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along with increase in admissions to hospital. very bleak picture for health experts, an impact all americans and the center for disease control the, the government agency there, they've changed guidelines around isolation. yet again, what's happening with that? well, there's been a lot of controversy about that and controversy about the cdc generally at the direct of the cdc rachel will. lensky has announced that she is now going to be giving regular news briefings. she hasn't for some 6 months. however, amidst argument between bite and administration health experts and the cdc itself, it seems that she is tried to take control of the narrative. but specifically that has been discussion about the new guidelines released by the cdc in the past week reducing d. a quarantine period from 10 days to 5 days, but making it more controversial is the fact that this did not come with the
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recommendation that people test after 5 days before going back into the workplace, or mingling with other people within the country. so this has been a very controversial point that the cdc is dropping the ball in a way of giving up mixed messages to people in terms of what they should be doing. re quarantine and messages that are not always at odds with other health experts within the bite of administration. this is a problem that is complicating the issue even further. all right, thanks very much in washington. my can are reporting to us without. is there a lie from london? much more to the head on the program. he deli and other says he's under a week and curfew as india's daily current cases jumped almost 242001 holding in space. and maris scientists had one look billions and he is back into the origins athena. ah
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hey, they're getting going for sunday, january the 9th, here's what you need to know. we have some soaking, rains close to the parent, ease and also some snow as well. so let's break down the details together. what you can expect a 40 millimeters of rain over 12 hours, that's enough to produce some flash flooding and 30 centimeters of snow as we had toward 1300 meters and above. after the central med right now, there is of weather makers still swirling around. so some showers for southern portions of italy breezy as well. it's sun settled across the bulk in some showers, and also flurries to be expected. now for turkey, a steady stream of rain coming in to on tale. so a soggy forecast here with the high 15 degrees, also what whether to be expected over cypress after northwestern europe right now a much better day than what saturday was, but still some showers hanging around to the republic of ireland and also the united kingdom, the same goes for western areas of france now will in this weather reports in
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africa and that wet weather around the mediterranean is dropping down into tunis in tripoli could see some flooding there. so, so whipping up the sand and dust into the northeast of libya and that extends into western areas of egypt may see some sand in dust swirling around in cairo with a high of 17 degrees on sunday. that's it. that's all soon. take care. ah ah selfless act. human bravery, and 10000 precious pieces of literature. rescued from being burnt to ashes in a besieged, sorry. there was the buzzing women and men who risked everything to save their return. heritage ah beloved books on 0, lou.
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ah, ah! welcome back. main stories now after a week of anti government unrest, cossick stones, former intelligency chief curry, musty, mom has been arrested on suspicion of treason, fueling speculation of a power struggle within the ruling party. at least 56 people have reportedly been killed in an ass strike that hit a camp for internally displaced people in ethiopia. north integra region is came shortly after the government in addis ababa announced it was releasing a number of high profile, political prisoners and buck. his dad's military has been called in to help with rescue efforts. after 22 people died in snow. storms, thousands is still stranded. in a mountain resort town after ignoring extreme weather warnings. well now we turn to
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india. the countries reported its highest number of daily cove cases since the month of may. as the army kron variant overtakes delta in most cities. oh, just under 842000 new infections in 24 hours, and $285.00 deaths taking the total number of died from the virus in india to more than 480000 though the actual number is thought to be much higher, you deleon, several other cities of now imposed, we can curve, use it close schools and ordered most shops to reduce opening hours of new metal has more from you dolly when one of the jellies business market that today back a deserted look as does the rest of the city, the laws shop, public parks are all closed because starting this weekend which is saturday and sunday in india, there is a weekend for you in the national capital. what use is that unless people have an absolutely important reason to step out like going to the hospital or traveling,
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they have to stay at home. of course, essential services like hospitals and food deliveries will continue, is now delhi already has the maximum number of restrictions in the country. a few weeks ago the government imposed in nice car fuel and also closed on school cinema halls. and jims, the city also slash restaurant capacity because of the rising rate of over $900.00 infection. other states have also set up tubs. so in sudden india, the seat of thumb allowed will have locked down on sundays and the state of good not to go, which is also in sudden indo we'll have a weekend talking like today for the next 2 weekends. the state of marashi hasha highest number of over 900 cases. many of these are coming from india financial hub, which is mon, but what's really wanting authorities is that many of these cases are coming from the cities poorest. the city is home to a,
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chas largest slum which is seeing its highest single. there's 5 so you should be getting off the plan damage for now, the government that has rules out a complete loss down. meanwhile, the number of covered related deaths in mexico has passed. $300000.00 infections are also rising again, believe to be fueled by the on the con variant and also terrorism. holiday hot spots light can kuhn and bud california are poor. take more infections than ever mani rapids reports now from mexico city. it's fun in the sun in the resort city of kain kuhn. but mexican health officials say a boom and international tourism has also led to a significant rise in covey. 19 infections. a warning that doesn't seem to be much of a bother to foreign tourists. i say fall, we haven't felt exposed. there are protocols in place only wearing
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a moth and everything following the rules and washing our hands. vacation hot spots are the only places where contagion is on the rise. in mexico city, a sharp increase in cases has also led to higher turn out at vaccination sites. concern is also spreading among parents as millions of children returned to school from the holiday break. is a lot in which up with other one here. we have to be very careful because this is affecting the children more than before. so we need to have more safety measures. but with the support of us all, and the teachers, we should be all right. back with more than 4000000 cases of coven 19 have been recorded in mexico since the start of the pandemic, according to data from johns hopkins university and debts from the virus, had surpassed 300000. with such a staggering death toll, the government has been accused of negligence in it's handling of the pandemic response. rebecca, and despite a steep rise in new cases,
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mexico's president has denied the country has entered a 4th wave of contagion. is danella guardian thing is this new variance is very contagious, but luckily it is not requiring hospitalizations, nor have we registered an increase in the number of deaths. and that is the most important thing. mexico's government has not yet released official numbers of infections linked to the amik on various policy. analysts say this isn't the only area we're transparency is lacking. the one that got that get that in the name of one thing that we still don't have in mexico, and it would be very important for hard ministry to publish is a day to be on the progress of the vaccination campaign. we have disney boards. yes . and, and what we don't have the database that can be analyzed. mexico government continues to face criticisms over what many c, as he relaxed attitude toward contagion, and for not requiring a negative cobit 19 test for foreign visitors. this recent surgeon corona virus
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cases is not limited to mexico, but rather a trend being experienced by countries all across latin america. bundled up a little al, jazeera, mexico city, and the united kingdom, the number of people killed by the viruses. this start, the pandemic has now passed a 150000. u. k reported 313 new death over the last 24 hours. this is a rise of 84 compared to the previous day. over the past week, more than 1200000 people have tested positive the virus. this is a rise of over 10 percent. again, compared to the week before, protests are being held in the french capital parish again, moves to tighten restrictions against on vaccinated people. h these new colored roles of also prompted protest that hundreds of people gathered interior and opposed to rules which make vaccines mandatory for anyone over the age of 50. tough laws also coming into force on vaccinate the people of all ages. from monday they
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could no longer use object transport or visit restaurants or court documents have revealed that tennis. don't know that joke of which tested positive for covert last month. as lawyers say, that's why he had a vaccine exemption to enter australia, trying to appeal at deportation order, so he can play in the australian open next week, but his alexia bryan reports, he doesn't appear to have self isolated off to his test. a mask less novak jock of ich pictured at events the day after his lawyer say he tested positive for cove at 19 the world number one was seen hugging children at a tennis center in his native serbia and spoke at an event for his foundation. his lawyers say the positive result on december 16th means the tennis power house had a medical exemption to interest railey to play in the open. later this month. he thought, along with the guidance from tennis destroy, who told wires that one of those that were vaccinated. while the wise i could get
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around entry into australia wasn't tested, posting to carmen in the past 6 months, and they were exempt home getting vaccinated and could enter the country without foreign st. but on wednesday, astrology and border officials told jock of it, it wasn't enough for an exemption. he was stopped at the border, his visa cancelled, and is now an immigration detention and melbourne ahead of a hearing on monday. o protesters have gathered outside the hotel, pledging the support for the 34 year old athlete. the longer it goes on, i went on re joker, which has never revealed his vaccination status and has been a vocal opponent. vaccine mandates. the visa controversies led to a sporting and diplomatic dispute,
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a serbia accusing australia of treating jock of it like a prisoner. he had all the assurances that his visa paperwork was in order and confidently announced his departure for melvin. during his 24 hour flight, things took a dramatic turn and it appears that his arrival became a political hot potato between the victorian state governments and the federal government to both wanted to read themselves of responsibility for his visa junker, which isn't the only athlete has been caught up, jake player and out of are a covert, was detained in the same hotel. she left the country after her visa was also revoked. following issues with her medical exemption joker that she had traveled to australia at seeking to win his record breaking 21st grand slam singles title. he's asked for alternative accommodation, so he can still train for the event. that request has been denied. alexia bryan,
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elses era. a political party that brought down a party in south africa is celebrating its $100.00 and 10th anniversary, but present so a rama. post admits the ruling african national congress needs a revamp. high levels of poverty in the country and corruption of widespread politicians haven't fulfilled promises made to black south africans, corruption allegations against the jail, from a present, jacob zimmer, of also tarnished e a. n c's image. firstly, we must build a social compact to decisively address the big challenge of unemployment and poverty knock on working with or social partners. we must accelerate economic recovery and reconstruction and ensure that social services are provided to all citizens
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30 years ago. protest as in south korea started a movement to draw attention to the place of the so called comfort women. they are demanding compensation for koreans who is sexually in slave before and during the 2nd world war. and some activists fear the survivors may never live to see justice as florence louis reports. they were called comfort women. a term used to describe women and girls forced to work in brussels run by the japanese military. it's estimated up to 200000 girls and women from asia was sexually enslaved. they endured rapes beatings, even murder. those who survived often had to live with the stigma. a significant number were from korea, a former colony of japan. and it's here in south korea that the walls longest running, protest continues to take place each wednesday around noon survivors, activists and ordinary citizens have gathered in front of the former japanese
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embassy in soul to demand an apology and compensation from the japanese government . this year some survivors sent video messages as cove at 19 concerns prevented them from attending in person. oh, japan insist that it never forcibly dragged us out of korea and never made us suffer. but i demand they stop lying and be honest. thou only 13 of the women still alive in south korea. hundreds with grandmother's passing away without receiving a proper apology and compensation. let's fight until the japanese government gives an official apology and legal reparations are made so that the lives and cries of the grandmothers are not in vain. 6 years ago, japan and south korea reached an agreement. japan apologized and provided nearly $9000000.00 to a fund to help survival. but that deal has largely fallen through. survivors were critical of it, saying it prioritized money over
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a more sincere apology from japan. and when president moon j in took office, he effectively abandoned the agreement, signed by his predecessor, calling it seriously flawed relations between south korea and japan took a further dive. yet week after week, year after year, protest is remain undeterred in their quest for justice. as the demonstrations continue into a 3rd decade, a new generation of activists have taken up the fight for florence lee al jazeera. the largest and most powerful telescope ever launched into space is now fully deployed, complete in what nasa described as the most daunting such project ever attempted. the 2nd of the 2 primary mirror wings only $10000000000.00 james webb telescope has been on fault. the mirror is 6 and a half meters across and out to be folded to fit into the nose cone for last month,
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left off. capable of seeing the 1st stars and galaxies that formed 13 and a half years ago from a tropical rain forest. there it is. in front of us, you're looking at this, this animation. this is not a pre made animation. this is based on actual data coming from the telescope to us right now. we are live at the space telescope science institute, and we have successfully unfolded the last part of the primary mirror. ah, look at 9 stories now. well, the situation cause it's, dawn is reported to be tense, but relatively calm after a week of anti government violence that russian troops are guarding many strategic sites. and the former intelligence chief curry must seem of, has been arrested on suspicion of treason. robin forest walker explains he was fired from his post early this week, but so was all of the government under the president. but now the news.


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