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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life, gather witness documentary on a jazzy era. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianna massey, welcome to the news ally from london coming up in the next 60 minutes of the days of unrest. kazakhstan, former intelligence chief, is arrested on suspicion of treason, fueling speculation, of a power struggle. 056 killed, many more injured after an air strike hits a camp for displaced people in ethiopia as to grey region. but these 22 people are
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dead in pakistan at 10 of them, a children after thousands of stranded overnight in a heavy snowstorm. and unfolding in space, the telescope scientist will it back into the origins of the universe clears it's last major hurdle and he just m as in go how with your sport court documents are real, know that junk of it's called code binding again in december, which is why he was granted a medical exemption for the australian open. ah hello, welcome to the news. our will begin with a situation in kazakhstan, which is reported to be tense, but relatively quiet after a week of anti government violence. thousands of russian troops are guarding strategic sites, including government buildings after being deployed there as part of the regional security alliance. but behind the scenes of former intelligence,
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chief curry massey mav has been arrested on suspicion of treason. and this is fueling speculation of an internal power struggle. now he is a to time former prime minister who worked closely with the previous president, nor so tanya's, or by of in a telephone call. the current present custom jermarta to kind of told rushes vladimir putin, the situation is stabilizing, but quote, hot bed of terrorist attacks persist. will the unrest began on new year's day as a protest against fuel subsidies being lifted, but soon escalated into calls for regime change with violent clashes on the streets . are desert robin for sale. walker has more from tbilisi and georgia on the significance of a former intelligence chief being detained. what appears to be emerging is that kerry must seem of the head of the security services of cause it's gone. he was fired from his post daddy this week,
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but so was all of the government under the president. but now news emerging that he's been arrested and charged with treason indicates that there appears to be a political power struggle that has been going on in catholic storm between president or kayak and the former president. no. so that's a by of who, despite having handed over the presidency back in 2019, continues to wield significant power in the country and must seem of was one of his guys. now it seems that i have may have the upper hand having dismissed my theme of arrested my females and dismissed other figures from their rows including the former president. that the buyer who had the role is set head of the chairman of the security council. now it seems that the curve has the upper hand, and he's doing that. it appears due to his agreement, clearly thrust out with vladimir putin who heads the security block that has been
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able so quickly to deploy to kazakhstan. so having russian backing behind him appears to be a signal to all those in the police police cars, ext on that. so if he's now the man inch really in charge in control of all the leave is of power in, in the country. oh no overseas john lisa currently being allowed into context on our desert. ronnie grady as at the cadillac border with caregiver done min and soul, thought lucas austonia. although authorities and catholics dont have repeatedly confirmed that all has been restored. we've been receiving reports that the situation is unstable and volatile. from sporadic clashes to protest various locations up to the recurrent gunfire in and around o marty. we spoke to a number of cookers, donny citizens who passed through the border crossing point behind me, and they described the intel of security presence across the city and streets of classic storm extensive search and arrest operations have not been interrupted with a total of $4500.00 people to attain so far. walk the quickest on is we spoke to
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confirm that they themselves have been searched and their passports verified. otherwise they would have been detained. it should be noted that the former president, no sole term as a by of whose been absent from the political scene is confirmed to be in the capital, according to his press office. and that he called on the people to stand by the side of the incumbent president tokai of, to break through the current crisis and maintain the countries unity in addition, has been announced that next monday will be a national day of mourning. so i then was russia so quick to send troops to cause external as former parts of the soviet union. they have extremely close historic ties, many of which remain to day. russia shares a 7600 kilometer long land borderline kazakhstan, where half the 19000000 strong population speak russian as their 1st language. has exxon is the largest and richest of the former soviet republics in central asia. it has major oil and gas deposits, as well as uranium and precious metals,
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much of which has yet to be exploited. russian oil companies, important process, the majority of cars, it's downs, crude oil, all russian space missions take off and land from the by connor space bought in kazakhstan. built by the soviets in the 1950s. it's been leased by russia since the early ninety's, kazakhstan is the latest of the former soviet nations bordering russia to be hit by social unrest. i mean, he has revolution brought regime change in 2018 but fellowship present. alexander lucas shanker managed to hold on to power by force in 2020 at now bring in lucca and jessica, who is a professor of your asian studies at glasgow university. how is the intervention of russia at the invitation of to kind of current, either the country likely to affect his domestic legitimacy?
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well, it is very likely to make is a government issue more stable because they obviously have been a series of internal struggle between bots or the elite and russia will scalding battle. kind of in order to bolster up is only g and ensuring the continued to cuss and the governance at this time. unfortunately though, i mean 40 for the cause, like i said in general, these kind of russian intervention is going to have deeper and longer term consequences on the choices to carfax, on the can make in terms of foreign policy. so you have a short term effect in terms of governance in terms of to kind of be bolstered by the other hand, you're going to have a series of more, more important, more consequential each one impact on what kind of son kenyon come to in the longer term if he's feeling confident about support from the russians,
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why then arrest foreigner, intelligence chief kind i seem of that. he is a nice one, is a powerful figure in the country, an ally of the former president or sultan as or by as now that to kind of has arrested him. does that? does that mean that he has more control over a security services? we certainly gas, i mean you have to understand this, the power struggle we seen play dark unfortunately in the street of like signing the last week along side. very beautiful, very timid pull. just being played along 2 factions, one headed by took, are you in one if you want, connected to, must see more in the other by family at large saw d or did is lisa 1st and the or less later home. really sick nodes, a relation lunch that is due to function with border
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russia as actually want to struggle at least for now. i seem obvious, not on going to question for you guys. very powerful is the 2nd most powerful medical exam and the most reasonable optimism, bye. so it really tells us that the struggle, at least for the moment, has been seen by to harvest. what opening now is a hoax on which we're going to see very much a kind of an, a master stroke on the part of to kind of because he is trying to gain more control of the security apparatus. at the same time, he's cracking down on a and as or by of loyalists at a time when you have people furious at the, the vast fortunes at the elite of a mass for themselves. while people deal with terrible working conditions and low
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salaries does that is, does that create some sort of hope that reform might take place? i hadn't used to ward my social because we now have a president who we deeply import unpopular because the people are see on the street . where they will say that he's got no policy efficiency is not deliver in the last 3 years. and now it's called russia mean. so what we have is a very short term continuation made by that in order to say. ready its own power to guarantee. so hold on to the presidency, e, cold ration, c a c o 2 in. so there is a very big difference between how elite paul parties were played with the higher stadium power after the struggle. and we just bought a booty really the many want to to where on the street,
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especially with got you seem to pulled is going on for exactly the same reason they were before last week. you know, can kaski, thank you very much for joining us. you're welcome. now east 56 people of reportedly been killed in an as striking, easier appears. northern tech. why region? the striking account for internal internally displaced, people in the town of dead have been in the border with eritrea. at least 30 others were injured in the attack, which happened late on friday, according to aid work as the camp host, many of elderly women and also children. but people were not able to escape because it was completely dark. the attack also came shortly after the easy open government announced it was releasing a number of high profile political prisoners, clothing members of the 2 grind rebel forces, government official said it was time to promote national dialogue after more than a year, a war with the to grind rebels, the conflict has spent the country killing thousands of people and displacing
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millions. let's discuss this now with certain the turn vol. he is a professor of peace and conflict studies at oslo university college. the director of analytics, which offers advice to government agencies and, and she goes in africa. so we have this prisoner release. tell me, does that mean that some sort of reconciliation is likely to happen between the government and artist and the region of take rye is not what the prime minister's intentions with regard to take right now. well, the recent turn release of political prisoners speaks to an and different context than the civil war taking place in ethiopia. the release of the political prisoners speaks to an the interest of a national dialogue or political change moving forward. so to say, and there are 3 categories of prisoners released, vol no, the groups jar,
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becky jordan, warmer them back leg gerber. there are 2 more opposition. leaders speak to the core constituency of the prime minister. or you have as good an egg. the chairman of balderas speaks to an a panic, the open on a, i'm harder, constituency. and then you have the release, or certain all timers, or the degree in people's liberation front, speaking to their, to ryan constituency. but these release of political prisoners, they are aim to foster. it is claimed a political dialogue in the country, a political dialogue for political reconciliation. it is not aimed to earn a start at peace negotiation to stop the civil war, sir their t p a left for the to get in government. and the anomaly brace in the army are still categorized us terrorist organizations,
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which the government does not want to speak to. so it is at 2 different context. the civil war is separate from what is happening now, which is aimed to foster some kind or broadening of democratic space in as the opium, which is positive or burn. not necessarily relating to peace negotiations. how long before additional steps are likely to be taken. so to gray is obviously cut off to aid and trade right now. this terrible humanitarian crisis as he say, the tpa life is classified as a terrorist group. are those are those 2 points going to be addressed in the coming weeks and months? well, let's hope so. for certainly the, the civil war is continuing, as you just reported the bone being all that to guy, the civilian a targets into gray is continuing. the human, a tearing blockage of to gray is continuing. there are several 100000 peoples is
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starring integral, as we speak, and also the ground war is continuing with conflicts along the to garage border. so that is dick crux of the matter. so to say that is the pertinent issue to address is the civil war, not this condo symbolic gesture, to start a political dialogue at the center with them, with them like minded groups. so to say a of, of, of significant obviously is the release of java and bixler get a bar in a sense that they are the key of position leaders to prime minister of the med and what they've will say in their statement, which is expected to come on monday will be significant in interpreting the way forward in this regard, i can very much satellite turnville, professor, and assign away thank you. in the news, our life from london was to lad,
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italy, and other cities under a we can curfew. is india's daily coven cases jump to almost 842000 fun in the mexican sun, but does it come with hidden colored cost? and the later ins for a late australian ashes replacement continues his dream come back to test cricket. ah, how at least 22 people have died in pakistan, 10 of them children, after getting trapped in their vehicles overnight in the middle of a heavy snow storm. thousands of flocked to the mountain resort town of murray, near the capital as lamar to see the snow. many had ignored warnings, advising them not to go outside in this weather. military was then called in to help with rescue efforts. come all hiders in islamabad and says that thousands of
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vehicles got stuck on the mountain roads. tens of thousands of papers decided to go to the station. murray and i did also of a popular tourist destinations, especially during the winter. when people come to watch that know, but there's also a, an example of fish that makes failure because according to the reports about a 100000, in re code written to that station, i have a station that has narrowed roads. they were wanting heavy, you know, that led to our torture catastrophe because i was stuck in the re her entire family . we're getting report care because of the reading read the record robot. heaps of no ended particular read the system had nerve damage in the doctor along the courtyard area, but particularly up in the mountains because we have reported to full read off.
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know, i've been reported in certain areas of the avalon chair, the landslides have blocked the road and help god had led to the chief minister, now declaring an emergency, the guard in the interior minister, gordon, the patter, military, ported in the ministry to come and help rescued people, and of course, to top more people from going to die his station india has reported it highest number of daily cove cases since the month of may is the only con varian overtakes delta and most cities. just under 842000 new infections and 24 hours and 285 death, which takes the official toll of people who die from the virus in india. to more than $480000.00 italy and several other cities of non post. we can confuse close schools and ordered most shops to reduce their opening hours. poverty missile has more from new delhi when one of the jellies business market that today back a deserted look at the rest of the city, the laws shop,
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public parks are all closed because starting this weekend, which is saturday and sunday in india, there is a weekend for you in the national capital, what refuse is that unless people have an absolutely important reason to step out like going to the hospital or traveling, they have to stay at home. of course, essential services like hospitals and food deliveries will continue, is now delhi already has the maximum number of restrictions in the country. a few weeks ago the government imposed in nice cuff you and also pills on school cinema halls and gyms. the city also slash restaurant capacity because of the rising rate of the 1900 infection. other states have also set up tubs, so in sudden, in the seat of thumb allowed will have locked down on sundays. and the fate of good not to go, which is also in sudden, will have a weekend caution lighting for the next 2 weekends. the state of marashi hasha
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highest number of over 900 cases. many of these are coming from in just financial hub, which is mon both most really wanting authorities is that many of these cases are coming from the cities poorest. the city is home to a, chas largest slum which is seeing its highest single. there's 5, very sure beginning of the plan damage for now, the government that has rules out a complete loss. elsewhere, the number of cova deaths in mexico is now past 300000 infections are also rising, believes to be fueled by the on the comb variance and also tourism holiday hotspots like conclude. and california reporting more infections than ever. on new rapid reports from mexico city, it's fun in the sun in the resort city of kain kuhn. but mexican health officials say a bu, an international tourism has also led to a significant rise in covey, 19 infections. a warning that doesn't seem to be much of
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a bother to foreign tourists. i say fall, we haven't felt exposed. there are protocols in place and wearing a mouth and everything following the rules and washing our hands. vacation hot spots are the only places where contagion is on the rise. in mexico city, a sharp increase in cases has also led to higher turn out at vaccination sites. concern is also spreading among parents as millions of children returned to school from the holiday break. if i brought in with other, but here we have to be very careful because this is affecting the children more than before. so we need to have more safety measures. but with the support of us all, and the teachers, we should be all right. back with more than 4000000 cases of coven 19 have been recorded in mexico since the start of the pandemic, according to data from johns hopkins university and debts from the virus,
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have surpassed 300000. with such a staggering death toll, the government has been accused of negligence in it's handling of the pandemic response. rebecca, and despite a steep rise in new cases, mexico's president has denied the country has entered a 4th wave of contagion. is danella guardian thing is this new variance is very contagious, but luckily it is not requiring hospitalizations, nor have we registered an increase in the number of deaths. and that is the most important thing. mexico's government has not yet released official numbers of infections linked to the amik on various policy. analysts say this isn't the only area where transparency is lacking. the one that calls that get that in the name of one thing that we still don't have in mexico, and it would be very important for the hug ministry to publish as a database. i think on the progress of the explanation campaign, like we have daily reports. yes. and, and what we don't have the database that can be analyzed. mexico's government
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continues to face criticisms over what many c as a relaxed attitude toward contagion. and for not requiring a negative cobit 19 test for 4 visitors. this recent surgeon corona virus cases is not limited to mexico, but rather a trend being experienced by countries all across latin america. manuel rap a low al jazeera mexico city, or the u. k. the number of people killed by the fire since this task that pandemic has now passed a 150000 the highest death toll in europe. you care reported at $313.00 new depths of the last 24 hours. rise of 84 from the previous day. over the past week, more than 1200000 people have tested positive for the virus. this is a rise of, of a 10 percent from the week before. well protested being held in the french capital, paris against moved to titan restrictions against unvaccinated people. government plans to change the health passed into a vaccine pass means only those who had the job would be allowed to and to public
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places. a negative test would no longer be enough, change is likely to become more from the middle of january. and then italy's new colors of also prompted protest their hundreds of people gathered into your n. opposed to rules which make vaccines mandatory for any one over the age of 50. tougher laws are also coming into force fun, vaccinated people of all ages. from monday they can no longer use public transport or visit restaurants or court documents to reveal tennis, done of act jokers, which tested positive for cove at last month is lawyers say that's why had a vaccine exemption to and to australia. they're trying to appeal to deportation. orders so he can plainly australian open next week, but is alexia bryan reports. he doesn't appear to have done much self isolating off his test. a mosque, las novak jock of ich, pictured at events the day after his lawyers say he tested positive for covert 19.
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the world number one was seen hugging children at a tennis center in his native serbia and spoke at an event for his foundation. his lawyers say the positive result on december 16th means the tennis power house had a medical exemption to interest railey to play in the open. later this month. he thought, along with the guidance from tennis trial, you told me that one of those that were vaccinated. one of the wise i can get around an entry into australia was tested positive to call him in the past 6 months, and they were exempt home getting vaccinated and could answer the country without foreign saying. but on wednesday astray leon border officials told jock of it, it wasn't enough for an exemption. he was stopped at the border, his visa cancelled and is now in immigration detention and melbourne ahead of a hearing on monday. o. protest is have gathered
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outside the hotel, pledging the support for the 34 year old athlete. the longer it goes on, i went on one is not joker, which has never revealed his vaccination status and has been a vocal opponent. vaccine mandates. the visa controversies led to a sporting and diplomatic dispute, a serbia accusing australia of treating jock of it like a prisoner. he had all the assurances that his visa paperwork was in order and confidently announced his departure for melvin. during his 24 hour flight, things took a dramatic turn and it appears that his arrival became a political hot potato between the victorian state governments and the federal government to both wanted to read themselves off responsibility for his visa junk of it isn't the only athlete has been caught up, jake, player and out of are
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a cova, was detained in the same hotel. she left the country after her visa was also revoked . following issues with her medical exemption joker that she had travelled to australia seeking to win his record breaking 21st grand slam singles title. he's asked for alternative accommodation, so he can still train for the event. that request has been denied. alexia brian al jazeera. here at the news, our life from honda north to lead. over 2 and a half 1000 people die from cove. it in the united states were hospitalisation of very young children are also rising 110 years celebration is one of history's most significant political parties that even it's needed admit, change is needed later on. and we're here from p s g coach. as he awaits the return of leon l messy, because at 19 ah
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hey, they're getting going for a sunday, january the 9th. here's what you need to know. we have some soaking, rains close to the parent, ease and also some snow as well. so let's break down the details together, what you can expect of 40 millimeters of rain over 12 hours. that's enough to produce some flash flooding and 30 centimeters of snow as we head toward 1300 meters and above. after the central med right now, there is of weather makers still swirling around. so some showers for southern portions of italy breezy as well. it's sun settled across the bulk in some showers and also flurries to be expected. now for turkey, a steady stream of rain coming in to on tale as a soggy forecast. here with the high 15 degrees. also what, whether to be expected over the cypress often northwestern europe right now a much better day than what saturday was,
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but still some showers hanging around to the republic of ireland and also the united kingdom and same goes for western areas of france. now we'll end this weather reports in africa and that wet weather around the mediterranean is dropping down into tuning and tripoli could see some flooding there. it's also whipping up the sand in dusts into the northeast of libya and that extends into western areas of egypt may see some sand in dust swirling around in cairo with a high of 17 degrees on sunday. that's it, that's all susan. take care. ah, the we're told to acknowledge you can help tackle the spread of cov 19, but our tech solutions, the best solutions you're starting, something that seems like it's in public health and very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is it being for it? polly re looks at the limits of trust and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face truck it when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all
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hail the lockdown from al jazeera al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bags and discussion. tell us something about the impact on the climate change is having on the fathers that you worked with. voices from different corners. when the whales are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to an alternative view. i don't have collage people. i have my boys on al jazeera lou. ah,
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welcome back. a look at the main stories now. after a week of anti government unrest, kazakhstan, former intelligence chief curry, must see mom has been arrested on suspicion of treason, fueling speculation of a power struggle within the ruling party. at least 56 people have reportedly been killed in an as strike account for entirely despised people in ethiopia, northern tech ry region. it came shortly after the ethiopian government announced it was releasing a number of high profile political prisoners. and at least $22.00 people, including 10 children of died in pakistan of to thousands of vehicles got trapped overnight in a snowstorm. thousands traveled home mountain resort town to see the unusually heavy snow, ignoring extreme weather warnings. when number of people being admitted to hospital in the united states with coven 19 is rising, driven by the highly infectious army con variance of the virus. though more than 900000 cases reported in the last day and over 2 and a half 1000 deaths,
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health regulate is a warning that more and more children under the age of 5 are not eligible to be vaccinated. being admitted to hospitals, which are already short staffed or shebra tansy joined us live now from washington . so she has how much concern is there about this rise in the hospital admissions, particularly among very young children who are too young to be vaccinated. there's always concerned because of hospitalizations, remember all this talk of memory years ago flattening the car was always about not straining, straining, hospital resources, and we did see in the last week 37 states break records for hospitalisation, we passed the peak of the delta search. now for hospitalization, across the country, but there are so many caveats to these to some of these statistics, for example, statistic about those under 5 being hospitalized. and you're right now, we're out us around 400000 children under 5 being hospitalized up from 2.5. but
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what we're hearing from doctor, when you dig deeper into, in today's statistics are a lot of those are children who are hospitalized for other reasons. and then when they get to hospital, they are found to have the virus and effect as far as severe disease from disease from the virus is concerned, that stops, that is very low. but the point is that, and it may be online conditions that may have been made the more susceptible to the virus to the 1st place. but these children are often going to the hospital for other issues being tested. and then i have the micron, the, the, all the con buyers, because it is just so prevalent around the country so that, that's can actually, it's a very similar, similar situation for adults. now we see these huge hospitalization figures now for adults as well. but the new york times the suggesting that maybe a half are also incidental curb and patients that as people going into hospital for other conditions. and then they're being tested and then they are found to have cobra. so we have to pass those sophisticated bit more and we should always
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remember as you suggested, all going isn't as severe as delta, that's not the point. and in fact, when you look at the graphs and you see the normal spike, in cases with alma chrome, you don't see a proportionate spike in hospitalizations. but what we are seeing is because so many people have on the chrome, that's why you're seeing such a burden on the, on the hospital system. because a small percentage of a huge number clearly is going to be a problem. and the cdc, the center for disease control kaufman agency, changed its guidelines around isolation again, what's, what's happening with that? well, this, this raise eyebrows just because that seems to be a bit of a whispering campaign. anyway, we'll, we'll already whispering a bit of a shouting campaign really against the cdc director where she will and ski she has become a bit of a scapegoat in the last few days. because throughout the pandemic, frankly, the cdc has given mixed messages that seem so ramped up a bit in recent weeks. and then when this new guy just came out, which said ok,
12:35 am
if you get cove it, you no longer have to self isolate for 10 days. but for 5 days, and in fact, you can leave a self isolation within 5 days. but what you don't have to test yourself is just assume that you're a k will not raise eyebrows because it was like, well, how did you come to that conclusion again? and it's sort of suggested, well, why i'm, even though, let me tell you the science now. you're not, you're not as infectious after a few days of code of it. but how do they come to this and was this perhaps because of political expediency because of the reality on the ground was the pressure from the white house, because frankly, the bite administration has been woefully unprepared when it comes to the supply of tests. self tests in the u. s. are these questions have been going around, but the white house has been very much like, wow, it's all half old. it's what i'm ski. well, she's not very good at messaging. today was leak, that she's been on a media training course, but it's not clear then, whether that's necessarily entirely fair because the questions about the whole bite administration's approach and communication throughout this pandemic. i remember just a few months ago was joe biden, who declared the pandemic over at the beginning of summer,
12:36 am
even as all the crew was just taking hold in south africa and elsewhere as the bite and ministration to fail to get tests out and, and then ramp up test production, now they put in $3000000000.00. now they say they're going to send some tests to households who want them, but in the past biden was like, no, leave it up to the private private, the private market, the health insurance companies. good news for them. good news with their profits, but he didn't seem that concern. so that seems to be a bit of whereas off of, if it's household football going on. and then, you know, also in general, frankly, when you look at the bite and ministration, i mean there's also the issue just to, to, to variance and so on it, we were burned out so much information that they're dragging their season intellectual property protections. they said they were in favor of waving them for vaccines, so the rest of the world can get vaccinated. we can prevent more variance. they're not doing anything about of, of capitulated to the pharmaceutical companies. to love it, blame to go roamed, but the white house was certainly focusing on rochelle valencia of the cdc. right now. our thank you very much. amber tanks. he there in washington. now and all the
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stories are following hong kong leader, kerry lamb as ordered inquiry into the behavior of 13 senior government officials. after in much they went to a party where 2 of the guests tested positive for corona virus. lamb said the investigation will look into whether it has been any breach of discipline from their attendance. party on monday was for the birthday of a city delegate, the national legislature, and had a guest list of 170 people. it took price before new restrictions on social wild thyme, the humming covered cases. but after lamb appeals the public to avoid large gatherings . the political party that brought down a party in south africa is celebrating its 100 and 10th anniversary, but present several rom, oppose have missed the ruling african national. congress needs a revamp. high levels of poverty and corruption, a wide spread and politicians haven't fulfill promises, made to black south africans, corruption allegations against jailed from a present, jacob, summa, of also tarnish, the a and c's image. firstly,
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we must build a social compact to decisively address the big challenge of unemployment and poverty, not working with or social partners. we must accelerate economic recovery and reconstruction and then shore that social services are provided to all citizens melanie firewood was in an see politician on the president, nelson mandela. she says the party is burdened with failures. they have struggled with these structures, they branches and they was a structure financially struggle financially tremendously because of some new law that came in their own quality political funding. but they basic given bankrupt and not been able to pay. they work for a very long time and they, for, we saw in the last local government election, certainly a decline and support for the amc. although it was not that it was interesting that
12:39 am
research showed us that photos didn't go to another party. they just didn't turn up to vote, even in b a, c. and even any speech today at the 110 birthday celebration of the i see the president acknowledged that they have not been able to live up to the vast majority of, of promises. and of course done well in terms of democratizing the country of the fact that the majority of people now have a say in this country that is all very significant. and we mustn't forget that. and also the way we would have been if that that didn't happen if you hadn't taken over . but of course in terms of economic transformation in terms of free distribution of wealth, even things like land, the amc has not done very well. the saudi led coalition, fighting in yemen, says, whose he rebels use of 2 ports as military bases were turned them into legitimate military targets. the ports of her data and felling for among the areas under healthy control. saudi arabia says the rebels used them to launch missiles and
12:40 am
drones and hijacked ships, which makes them targets with unanimous of them will animate than a year. the hope these have to reconsider when using civilian locations. because under international humanitarian law, they forfeit their immunity. if they miss shoes, such sites under the international humanitarian law, the site will not be considered the civilian size. and thus it will be a legitimate military target or not a development at a saudi princess to attain without charge for nearly 3 years has been set free floors. he is released 57 year old bus mob been sowed, and her daughter both were men, went missing in march 2019 princess bus. my later appeared on social media saying she was being held captive and the capitol riyadh. officials have not filed any charges or provide an explanation. the princess is the youngest child of the late king sowed and has campaigned for women's rights and egyptian palestinian rights.
12:41 am
activists detained in egypt for over 2 years has arrived in france. ramey sharp was released on thursday before being deported. co founder of a pro palestinian group in egypt was accused of having ties with an outlaw organisation. shop was forced to renounce his gyptian citizenship as a pre condition, his release and a half years later, i still have all my days old and my determination to continue. i am continuing my way. i am assisting on freeing my friends and my comrades from egyptian jail. i'm insisting on human rights in egypt insisting for a free palestine. i am insisting that this will continue and they will not stop us through what happened now. the largest and most powerful telescope ever launched into space is fully deployed. completing what nasa describes is the most daunting such project ever attempted. the 2nd of the 2 primary mirror wings on the
12:42 am
10000000000 dollar james, where a telescope has been unfold. the mirror is 6 and a half meters across and out to be folded to fit into the nose cone for last month, left off. capable of seeing the 1st stars and galaxies that formed 13 and a half 1000000000 years ago, all from a classical emotional about it. what an amazing milestone receipt. beautiful pattern out there in the sky and out. almost complete, of course it needs to latch but what an amazing milestone just ahead of it. a 178 out of a 178 of these. you know, actuators, that dog that had to fire the right way. i'm just so amazed about this team where amy, lynn thompson, is a florida base base and science channel as he writes his face dot com. she joins us now from orlando. so this is the last bit of the deployments as the james web telescope, just put into context for is how significant these,
12:43 am
these maneuvers were today. and being able to unfold the telescope so that it can find a b operational. sure. so it's incredibly huge achievement . his telescope has been 25 years and the making and scientists are so ready for it to get to the point where it can actually send back pictures. and these were the crucial steps that had to happen to make sure that that works. what could have gone wrong? so many things there were actually 340 for a different failure points. and all of those i believe, except for $48.00 have been cleared and those are normal ones that happen over the course of the mission. so it has a sun shield which is basically the size of a tennis court and that has 5 different alter thin layers to it. so just those alone had to a unfurl and b tension. so that way it would actually keep the telescope cool
12:44 am
enough to complete at science objectives. and then on top of that you had the mirror unfolding. and all of that is just a significant achievement. right? this is a very exciting day, isn't it for self proclaimed space geeks, but perhaps anyone who might be interested in the the origins of the universe. why have scientists describe this as a time machine? so it is going to look very far back into the universe as maybe about a 100000000 years after the big bang. and what it's going to do is look at in for red light. and so that's like the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat. and so stars and galaxies, planets whenever they form are very, very hot. so the telescope is going to look for those heat signatures as far back,
12:45 am
you know, as a 100000000 years after the big bang, which is incredible. so we could not only see some of the 1st stars and galaxies, but it can also do things as sniff out eco planet atmosphere to see what kinds of chemicals are in there. maybe even to find, you know, other habitable poll, habitable planets out in the universe. right. so we might learn more about how stars came into existence and how they and how they evolve. and perhaps also the, the possibility of life in our planetary system. yes. so with other nasa observatories, especially the kepler's space telescope, nasa has been able to identify thousands of potential ac, so planet, so planets that orbit stars outside of our solar system. but they aren't really
12:46 am
sure exactly what they're made of like, are they a planet that's like earth? are they a planet that like jupiter, that sort of thing. so they can get a rough estimate. but this odd telescope will actually allow them to sample atmospheres. so it's pretty incredible. oh, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts for this amy lynn thompson, joining us that from florida. thank you. still had on the news hour and a get you all the latest. 4th news and the well number one continues, have perfect warm up head of the 1st grand slam of the year from color to black and white wine, you european union health ruling could have a major impact on the tattoo industry ah, from lagos, to jerusalem, to buy 'em on the governor's is going to use my own home milestone history,
12:47 am
my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities. the 1st time the arrest i was 11 years old. ha, selects on al jazeera. when this friday's tornado destroyed everything, it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story town, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews. and in depth reports i get on my right to win. b, j 0 has teams on the ground to where you are award winning documentaries and lives on air and on line lou.
12:48 am
ah point now peter. thank you very much now. as you heard earlier, another twist in the novak joke of h saga lawyers say the world number one. santas barrick hall cove at 19 for a 2nd time in december, which is why he was granted a medical exemption for the australian open court documents claim he had a valid visa and clearance from the tournament organizer. as well as the documents from the straight in government, confirming he'd met requirements with quarantine free travel joker, which remains in immigration detention in melbourne. ahead of a hearing on monday after having his visa canceled on arrival. the 20 tom grant sam champion is also requested all terms of accommodation. so we can train for the events job which has never reveal the vaccination status. and it has emerged that australia's department of health road to tennis australia,
12:49 am
warning them that players who had caught cove 19 and not received a vaccine would not be given medical exemptions. they chief craig, tyler has spoken about the situation in a leaked internal video to staff. we empathize reply 1st event, we empathize with situation. we currently have an a working closely with novak and his team. and i was in a team that are in the situation. and i want to assure you that we are in a position we would like to share with you all information. and we will, we've chose at this point not to be very public with her. and simply because there is a pending law suit ah, related to entry into australia for a few. and once that is seen us run its course, there it will be able to share more with you as well as a lot of finger pointing going on. and a lot of blaming going on, but i can show you our team has done an unbelievable job and have done everything they possibly could. according to all the instructions that they had been provided . jakob edge has earned himself an unlikely ally, an australian player. nick,
12:50 am
curious, the 2 clashed, the quarantine conditions at last is australian open, but now curious, spoken out about the situation and thinks it will only serve to fire up the world. number one, if he is cleared to play. honestly i, i hope that your get solid as soon as possible. like for the sport, we need him here. it's that simple walk. he's one of the most influential sports maple, probably of all tom. i think you'll have no problem preparing. i think that this is just all added fuel for him. i'm sure he's overcome a lot more challenging times. ah, than you know, spending a couple more extra days in the hotel room is gonna be like very determined to play well and stick it to every one of what's going on. an auto on any bar of that, novak well li, africa, cup of nations kicks off on sunday. the host nation cameroon will be looking to win the trophy in front of their own fans. the camera unions last one. the title in 2015 and have actually been champions of africa 5 times previously,
12:51 am
only egypt have wandered on more occasions. have home side play burkina faso in the opening match in your own day, and the broken armies are not happy. captain burton troy says the cove at 19 testing his team has had to undergo is scandalous and we were waiting for the department to handle our p. c. r test. we waited all day this morning. we are told that some players are positive and therefore they cannot participate in tomorrow's game. as i said, i think it's a scandal. we cannot come and learn the day before the game that the players who are potential starters of our team cannot start the game. it's unacceptable for us as this is a bit of parasol german remain. hopefully and i'll, macy will return for sundays domestic game against leon. macy has been away from the school after testing positive full corona virus in his home country, argentina. during the leagues at winter break, p s g r already with our name off for
12:52 am
a few more weeks. that's because of an ankle injury total. so keep us on the renewable border or all teams have been depleted by missing players because of injuries because of suspensions or because of covered the situation wherein is not much different from other teams. we have to adapt and that's the situation we are living. barcelona have missed the chance to go 3rd on the table after conceding a late told to grenada, vasa took the lead in the 2nd half when strike a loop. the young latched onto across from 38 year old danny alvarez who became the oldest player to feature full barcelona in a league match, then ada equalized in the 89 minute through antonio. prepped us awful and a 6th in the standing 17 points behind lead israel madrid. the defending australian open women's champion earlier, soccer has pulled out of a warm up event in melbourne because of an injury. she says, returning from her break to play back to back matches has been
12:53 am
a shock to her body. it means 3rd seed, veronica, could that method her get? so walk over to the final of the w t. a event where she'll play 2nd seed seminar. hallo. the romanian earned a shot at her 1st title in 50 months of the holding of chinese qualify as jane chin wayne in straight sets for them. one ashley barty advanced to the final in adelaide following a straight. it's whenever former french open champion eager sh for young tech party now faces elena, re back enough from kazakhstan in the decide in the, in the a, the milwaukee bucks were missing their coach due to corona virus health and safety protocols. but they did have star manion, a sent its a compo who sold them past the book barnett, you honestly back off to one game absence due to an illness unrelated to covered 90 . and he looked fully regarded. top scoring for the box were 31 points, hillside and 9 assistance, and 7 rebounds in a 121109. when that's now a foot straight home defeat for the knights who were without kyrie irving,
12:54 am
as he's unable to play their games in new york, d to be unvaccinated. but his teammates are not putting pressure on him to get the jad rebels. i told him amazon poor nick how much i wanted to plume. you play every game, but i said no, not for somebody to get a vaccine my best now my bank so he can play basketball right now. not about to do that. as he explained to you, why he's chosen that only x where explanation. i mean my clothes, aren't they? australian cricket as a firm in control of the 4th ashes test and sidney having handed england an unlikely victory target of 388. 0, smart camacho, a school the 2nd century of the match was the obvious to kill them. 265 or 6 on the announcement they garage only the tentative freaking of the 2 and a half years as a replacement for traverse aid. who tested positive for coven? 19 england will resume on sunday 30 without loss and still need 358 runs to avoid going for no down in the 5 taste series. now that's all the small things for now.
12:55 am
back to marry him in london. all right, thanks very much peter. how the european union is banning thousands of chemical substances used in tattoo inks. signed to say many of them can cause cancer or other serious illnesses. more than one in 10 people in the e. you have had at least one tatic in germany, that big business and has dominate cain reports from berlin. some fair, the band could hurt their livelihood. daniel calls, it discusses today's jobs with his colleague, lena, he runs the classic tattoo cows or shop these other tools of his trade inks and chemicals which have been in use for many years, but no longer get new colors. but in the morning we have round about 10120 different colors, the new colors vendor colors coming in the middle of the year. we have just 30 cause does the thing and you lose from the quality 30 percent. it's precisely these colors which daniel believes, are the life blood of his croft colors. are the important thing for it towards this
12:56 am
is a this is that what we is bring colors industry in under the skin. the people come, i like to have just, i'm sort of colors are what you can do to just rock play with the needles. all of this. this is the base to work. when you take the base, you destroyed a business, but to others, such inks are dangerous. the use says they pose a serious health, has that these substances actually also restricted in cosmetics. so you're not allowed to use them because metrics which are just placed on the skin. and now we are extending that of course to these materials which are injected under the skins . some estimates suggest around 12 percent of people across the you have at least one tattoo here in germany. that number is believed to be even higher, perhaps around 20 percent. so what takes place in the body when these narrow band inks come into contact with us. here at the german federal risk assessment
12:57 am
institute, dr. michael geo products again told me one concern is what happens beneath the skin barrier? we know that not all pigment to remain on the place where did that to, is being made or in a did to big with, is injected. we know that from studies that the lymph nodes of tattooed individuals are colored whatever the rights or wrongs of this particular issue, tattoos themselves remain very popular, especially for young people like casio, back at the crowds, the tattoo shop. he's having a favorite cartoon character inked onto his arm for the moment snoopy will be there in just black and white. but castle says he's got plans for more colourful tattoos . some day soon, dawn at cane al jazeera berlin at than he is our, the army that was much more the days me, his and just a couple of minutes time. every, all the latest developments today in kazakhstan,
12:58 am
stay with us. ah ah and informed opinion, there is a need fabulous federal government to take action to really facilitate a pig right. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. on march, 15, 2019 zealand sense of security was shattered when 51 people was shot dead
12:59 am
into christ church mos. another 40 wounded. when a gunman began shooting at a christ church mos, it was packed with worship and attending the friday service. for those who lost loved ones, finding ways to deal with the trauma is crucial. she came in, she asked me, what was mom? i told her mom was with me for months later. i feel much quiet and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life. let us love one. love doesn't cost once it makes your heart happier. my heart, if you he doesn't bring any last foot into simple. let us practice this to walk to algae. oh, i wild alarm. we listen. design is are making
1:00 am
serious efforts in order to in t am to stop with we meet with the news makers about the stormy stock analysis. ah, of the days of unrest, kazakhstan, former intelligence chief, is arrested on suspicion of treason, feeling speculation, of a power struggle. ah, hello, i'm mariam demising. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a 56 killed many more injured after and asked right kids account for displaced people in ethiopia tag. why region .


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