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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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al jazeera, we're playing the needs and current to fast cut matter to you count his ear. ah, 1st i'll never joke, which is leaving australia after court decision to uphold the cancellation of his visa. ah. hello mccloud, mr. dogs 0 life window hall also coming up. the pacific nation of tara is cut off after an underwater volcano erupt, triggering a tsunami and putting neighborhood neighboring countries on alert pots, bangladesh is capital declared red zones as the country imposes ye restrictions to
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stop the spread of coven 19 aid workers on the us mexican border brakes for an influx of migrants making their way from central america. ah sir, tennis on average rich leaving australia or after caught up held a decision to cancel his visa. these are pictures of him may. he says he is extremely disappointed with the decision. but will respect the ruling a joke which had appealed to a federal court after the immigration minister revoked his visa for a 2nd time. as a government argued, his presence would fuel and t a vaccine sentiment. he was scheduled to play in the australian open, but starts on monday. well, jacob, it's released a statement saying that he would cooperate with authorities in relation to his departure from the country. that he goes on to say he's come uncomfortable,
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that the focus has been on him, and that he now hopes attention will shift to the game and to the championship. he then wishes for players turn would officials and friends all the best for the time . being chimneys and people being located there on site and because of the kind of restrictions and i don't think it's fair that they'd be like the company, it's all he gets to want to see when you came in. he had an exemption come, he had play attending with his lunch and company with one of our from sarah clark, who has more from pers doctor, which is out of the australian open his last to is bid to stay in australia and the government. the federal court has upheld the immigration ministers decision out to deport him now. the chief justice, it wasn't just him, was a full bench and a special hearing in on sunday, in melbourne. they ruled the strain,
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immigration minister was within his rights to cancel this phase. and it was a unanimous decision. and due to the urgency of this matter, the fact that were on the eve of the australian open, the federal court has held back on the grounds of its decision. i will release those at a later date that i made this ruling in record time and now we have the potential deportation this evening of novak joke of which he was hoping to play the 1st round of the strain open on monday. and he was also hoping to win his 10th australian open at tournament. now the immigration minister alex hoke, as you mentioned, made the decision to deport him on friday based on what he said i was public interest and health. brown's. he said that due to jock of inches high profile status and his opposition to mandatory vaccination, he could whip up out that sentiment. now the judge also stated that this is a final decision and therefore, a joke of inches team. his legal team cannot respond at another job which has just responded in the last little while actual statement, he says he's extremely disappointed, is now taking time to recuperate. he also noted that he respects the court's ruling
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and will cooperate with authorities. he said he's uncomfortable, that the focus has been on him for the last week and he wants to return to the main game. and i should note that this ruling from the federal court could also, i may know, does maine or the joke of it could also be facing a 3 year ban or re entering australia. so that could mean he would be $37.00 before he could come back to australia to try and compete in the stray and i've been tournament. well this is the scene at melbourne fulter playing the waiting takeover . a joke rich, bernie has boarded the plane, ready to be ported after would have been a protracted 10 days or so. and he tried to get into the australian open want to study prime minister, who welcome the course decision saying it was made on health grounds and he will help keep the public safe. but savvy as president says, there was a witch hunt organized against drug which all of us and so we are very much disappointed with the court's ruling and australia and whether the session
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i guess now is your career in his participation. that's melbourne, parallel tournament. and also of the visa counseling regime. and we believe that it was more political than the decision made by australian judiciary. the pacific island of toner has been cut off after and under the volcano erupted triggering a powerful sea. no, me wave struck its largest island on the top of and its capital bit didn't stop there. in summer island, as you normally watch, is in effect for all low lying coastal areas with residents and visitors. advice to stay away from beach areas. and the waves were also observed in several islands. wagner, 2 warnings remain in place and use alien for low lying parts of north island and
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chatham island. when he's healing, prime minister says sue nami has cause significant damage to tongue as capital. shops along the coast have been damaged in a significant cleanup will be needed. nuclear offer is covered and thick film of our kennedy dust, but otherwise conditions come and stable. power has been restored to some of nicole loafer, and local mobile phones were advised i working. however, i would know that we've not yet received news from other coastal areas of tongue, the top or the outer islands. well, the effects of eruption were also felt along the western case from north to south america, causing widespread flooding. there 2 women reported to being killed by strong ways near peruse northern coast. no soon ami warning was issued in the country where it's set to reach to meet his high i don't know medical, i didn't notice the 1st wave. given the 2nd one,
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people started moving more towards the shore. it was with the said wave when they reached on the 4th and everything got flooded. and the water talked to my niece in demand that is like when the ports are definitely being closed, as a precaution for the vessels, the closing of the ports mean, we raised red flags that indicates that bathers must not enter the sea, which will as national emergency officers all the evacuation and several coastal regions, residents in the regions of cooking, boat and free us have been asked to move to save zones, at least 30 meters above sea level. that's enough from robin george andrew, susan london, and he's a science journalist under vulcan ologist and author of super volcanoes. he explains the science behind the eruption in the last 24 hours. there was a big 2nd violence of explosive activity. there was a record breaking amount of lightning. i think it's produced more lightning per hour than in the last 24 hours has been recorded the one point there's $200000.00
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lightning strikes an hour, which is just a crazy amount. and then yeah, i'm pushing that was this giant explosion, which scientists think is one in a 1000 year event. this volcano, it takes about a 1000 years that fully reach answer. we just happen to be around the point where is unleashed a vast amount of it's magnet really explains the way that's what credit that giant explosion that kind of push the atmosphere out the way, in fact, where i'm in the u. k. eventually the shock wave made its way all the way around the u. k. like 10000 miles away from the volcano, it's going around the entire world. and it's probably one of the energetic explosions of the entire 21st century so far. and all the things that a walk caused the scene only for the app and it needed this joint explosion. so whether that was, you know, part of the volcano collapsing into the water or, or it was an explosion under water or a combination of both remains the same. but yeah, it's been quite clearly 24 hours stay media in somalia says the suspect to suicide
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bomb explosion has injured the government spokesman mohammed able to him morally, move a photographer at the scene in the capital market issue said that he saw all the parts scattered outside his home before he was taken to hospital, it's clear it's not clear who is behind the attack about fights is linked to al qaeda to i'll tell you to have claim responsibility for many types of smaller neighboring countries. jamie, a know or car correspondence from our sister channels or because more now from market issue to some of a distance. it's clear that it is the somali government spokesman mohammed abraham molly, who was the prime target of the explosion. according to a statement from the somali official news agency malia was injured in the attack by a person wearing an explosive belt in this area where we're standing now. the attacker detonated the belt near molly moved as he was leaving his residence. no further details had been announced yet as to the condition of molly mill. however,
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what seems to be clear so far is that the somali government spokesperson may have been targeted in an assassination attempt by the suicide bomber wearing the supposed to belt. this is not the 1st time and attempted as been made on while him was life. he's a journalist and he previously worked for a number of local and international newspapers. he once worked as a correspondent for the b, b. c. the also was a witness to the light o terrorist attack. the government office is likely to come out with a statement on what exactly happened and how serious it's spokesman injury is. today's explosion is the 2nd within the span of one week in the somali capital nobody issue ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary election. bangladesh is saying a shop rising, david, 900 infections. cases have tripled in a week to nearly 4 and a half 1000 to day. the government is introduced near restrictions, public gatherings and suspended and masks on monday, 3 in public areas. time to challenge re has more from the capital of dhaka. well, the government is fair enough that the us infection has spread to the community
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level 2 areas, the capital doc, a city and the southeastern district of ranga maria has been declared as a red zone because of the high infection roads. although if you walk around the city, it appears to be quite normal. our people are going about that daily business as, as you can see on my left side, shops are open, traffic's are normal. but when we went to some of the shopping centers and kitchen bazaars, we saw a lot of people on not abiding by that social distance saying all by the mosque mandate, the government for that measures put up mobil code across the city to enforce this regulation. among the 11th point regulation, i public transport, people who only can boil hop capacity. the drivers and operators have to have vaccine cards for students who are going to school have to show vaccine cards. so there's a lot of restrictions on there just fear that the infection was fred much more than what it is right now and the government said than unless people abide by the new
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regulation, they might even consider a lot done. not as of right now, but they want to see how things progress a still head hearing out deserve police in the state of texas storm a synagogue to pre hostages and find the suspect data worries that low income families will be hit hauled off to the u. s government fails to extend its federal child tax credit. ah, ah, look forward to pearly to scully's to winter sponsored my cattle. it weighs hello. we got more heavy snow in the forecast for japan over the next couple days. it will be snowing across parts of honshu and hook ida for a good part of this week. ahead area of low pressure sliding across the sea of japan, some significant snowfall, heavy dumplings of snow coming in on monday that snow,
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if anything committed more widespread. as we go on into tuesday, so this is going to be with us for the next 4 or 5 days. it will cause a loss of disruption. then as we go through the next day or so, prison conditions at times for some further west, the korean peninsula, marty, dr. bits and pieces of cloud here. not too bad across northern parts of china, but some heavier, right? just pushing into the south. china sliding further southwards over the next day or so. we got rain clearing away from the eastern side of india. now up toward the northern plain, though it's all about the fog, which has reserve returned. poor visibility here, we are looking at us ma hazardous conditions in terms of air quality, and it can set to stay that way as we go through the next couple of days. the temperature in new delhi really struggling as cold as well. 14 degrees celsius on monday. notice where the south we have got the showers returning the northeast, the monsoon, just drifting a few showers down towards under burdette isn't down to worse. we'll anchor over the next couple of days for the weather. sponsored by katara always.
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frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he was informed opinions, lighting, politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think they should be facilitated? not show it to gray. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel just wants the inside story on al jazeera. ah oh daniel, what g on to 0 remind about top stories issa and the pacific island of toner remains
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cut off after an undersea volcano erupted triggering a su normally on saturday. the extent of the damage is still unclear. state media and some on is as a suspected suicide bomb explosion has injured government spokesman mohammed able to him while he was a photographer at the scene in the capital market that you said he saw body parts scattered outside his home before he was taken to hospital it's not played, he was behind the tennis donna, jock of edge is boarded a plane after the strolling court upheld the decision to come to his visa. he says he's extremely disappointed with a decision, but will respect the ruling joke which was scheduled to play in the australian open, which starts on monday. well, mark kenny is professor at these trailing studies institute at the sterling national university. and he says, the federal government's actions added to the confusion the federal government had wrought up until the day before novak ciocca, which arrived in the trailer, had been happy to hand ball to pass on that already really in a functional sense,
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to the state of victoria and to tenants, the trailer who runs these trailing open when the prime minister was asked about this the day before giacobbe arrived, he said that's a matter for tenants, a trailer which is given him that he's jock of it's an exemption. so it very strongly gave the impression that as long as tenants this child was happy, that he admit their test for medical exemption, then the federal government was not going to in the vein. but when joker beached tweeted about it, tweeted about his arrival. he of course, was known as an anti back to someone opposed to getting the vaccine himself. and when he tweeted about arriving in australia to compete in these, try to open that spot quite a reaction in the trial and community and particularly in the side of victoria, which is done at the hardest, through this whole period of the pandemic. and i think the federal government read that mood and that is when we saw scott marson and his federal government
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effectively stepped back in and take over a responsibility that they never really should have handed away in the 1st place. anger is growing within the u. k. conservative party after allegations and government parties held re locked downs with an increasing number of employees, not calling for the prime minister to step down. there are reports of birth, johnson has drawn up crisis plans to hold onto his job. wednesday he apologized the parliament for attending what he called a work event. while the rest of the u. k. was locked down. senior civil servants is investigating the matter. well, brazelton could be toppled his tory leda if enough of his own. m. p. 's turned against him. tori leadership contest would be triggered if 15 percent of tory and please. right to the chair of the powerful french 1922 committee meeting, 54 of them need to turn against them. a vote of no conference would then be held and johnson would be ousted if more than 50 percent vote against him. but if he survives that vote, party rules that he cannot be challenged again for another year. and so far,
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only handful of conservative and piece of publicly said that they have submitted letters to the committee. nothing barbara has more in this from london. were not there yet in terms of a leadership context. it's thought that only 6 conservative m p 's, so far, publicly called for boys johnson to go the latest a form. a junior minister actually said of frustration for verification and evasion have been the order of the day. so not happy with the way boys. johnson has handled all of these incidents and his own involvement in some of them. most, most a cabinet colleagues are holding fire saying let's wait until the outcome of this inquiry led by a senior civil servant to great effects to finish within the next 2 weeks. but as the opposition to kiss dom has been thing on the airwaves in the last couple of hours, whoa, job is not to apportion blame. so it's a bit strange for people to say, let me see who she blames and the police are metropolitan police. similarly,
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we're not going to investigate until we hear from her, but anyway, the position of the prime minister is weak at the moment. like it's never been before labor around 10 points headed over 40 percent in most opinion pose now and kiss donna had said, i've always resisted calling for him to resign bars. johnson, but the prime minister has degraded the office of prime minister and lost all 40, not in his own party, but in the country. well, that's the message that many constituents of a conservative m p. 's are telling them right now, over the weekend e mails, still coming in calls from people urging a vote of confidence. labor can't do much about that. so they're not calling for about a vote in parliament's right now. a hostage crisis inside of synagogue, the state of texas is over. the government says all for hostages were rescued, and the safe suspect said, according to local police, but it's not clear how he died. incident took place in a suburb of dallas, police say the suspect demanded the release of
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a pakistani neuroscientist who was convicted for trying to kill us soldiers in afghanistan. i do not have any information right now that indicates that this is part of any kind of ongoing threat we obviously are investigating. we'll continue investigating the officer saker didn't investigate his contacts are investigation will reach. we have been in contact already with multiple f b. i legal still couldn't tell me in london, i want to say the taxes or something, something that you don't ever know. the rabbi is a personal friend of mine. he's a close friend of mine. and so obviously it's very personal. guatemala has intercepted a group of migrants trying to make their way through to mexico. they're part of the 1st major caravan of via international aid workers say shelters on the mexican u. s. border. already overwhelmed mental repub reports now from towana in mexico.
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hundreds of people gathered in the city of some federal sula, honduras, in the early hours of saturday over there. but they quickly organized before sunrise to begin the perilous journey of more than 4000 kilometers toward the united states. burritos him. but i, bob, there did always danger whether you're going with a smuggler ought in the caravan, because they always danger in any way. no matter who you love it. it's the 1st large scale wave of central american migrants of 2022 while most are from honduras . there is also a large number of migrants from nicaragua. i am a complimentary and doodle. we know that it is quite a tough road ahead of us and we ask god as well as the government of honduras says, we are still in hon jordan territory to please a company us until we reach guatemala. to not put any road blocks ahead of us on banging migrants rights activist watched closely as the mass of people left the
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city. they also made an effort to dissuade more people from joining the caravans. citing the many dangerous migrants face to reach the us for arthur mourn yamaha, but we make a call for the rest of our compatriots. not to take the risks involved in taking this path. the dangers of bigger than the possibility of achieving the much desired american dream. on mexico's border with the united states, more migrants arrive every day, only to find themselves stranded, sometimes for months or even years. hearing, think one on migrant shelters are operating beyond capacity. if this latest migrant caravan from central america is successful in reaching the u. s. southern border, it will only add to the already overcrowded conditions at this and other border cities. seeking to avoid a larger crisis aid workers in the one i have asked regional governments to do more
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to ensure the resources necessary siding, a growing number of families with children who continue to arrive at the doorstep of the united states. manuel rap a low al jazeera tiquana, mexico protested and jelly have gathered to voice her anger against undocumented migrants mostly from venezuela. they blamed them for a rising violence and that she didn't receive a ticket. in a similar demonstration, last year, protests burned down tense and dices belonging to recent arrivals. the international organization for migration estimates nearly 1700000 migrants are in chile. a prominent suit in these pro democracy group has conditionally accepted the u. n's offer to broke her an end to the political deadlock protests as have been marching against military since it overthrew the civilian led government in october, members of the forces for freedom and change, we'll meet you and officials on sunday to present the terms. another group, the sudanese professional association, has rejected the you and mediation and magazine planetary of the year. the center
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console of the forces of freedom and change decided to accept the invitation made by the united nations. a delegation from the center console with me to the un mission on signed it, and deliver a written document at diplomatic efforts to deescalate tensions between russia and ukraine and gathering pace. foreign ministers of germany in canada are expected in the region in the coming days for talks with leaders in kiff and moscow. a russia has been gathering troops at the ukrainian border raising fears of an invasion. the kremlin says those concerns are unfounded. also, jabari has more on moscow's reaction. the russian foreign minister said a lover of during his annual press conference on friday, stressed that russia's patience with the actions of the west is running out and that they are no longer going to wait around to have further talks. as far as the russian government is concerned, there will be no more dialogue with the united states in the coming weeks or months
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. they're now waiting for an official response from nato, about their concerns of ukraine or any other countries joining the 30 member alliance. the russian foreign minister also said that his country has intelligence or reasons to believe that the us and nato are likely in the coming weeks and months to be building up their troops alongside the russian border. with the, using the pretext of the tensions with ukraine as an excuse to do so. and he said very clearly that that is not acceptable to the russian government. and that is very much a red line for this country. this was a sentiment that was also shared by the criminal spokesperson earlier this week. following the 3 rounds of talks at various city european cities at between russia and the u. s. and european countries and nato, they sent them in here is that the talks were not successful. and that the kremlin said that any kind of sanctions imposed by the u. s. government on russia will be comparable to severing ties with russia. well, it's enough from roslyn. jordan,
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who's been monitoring the developments from washington d. c. the one thing that the biden administration says that it has wanted, has not come true. and that is follow on meetings with russian officials about the next steps to try to deescalate the crisis between russia and the west because of the $100000.00 or so russian troops stationed on the border across from ukraine, the u. s. and other countries, as you know, are very worried that russia is looking to invade ukraine in the coming weeks as a way of extending its influence in a central and eastern europe. and that is something that washington especially does not want to see of. there also has not been any development from washington side on responding to russia's request for rog. guarantees that nato would pull back it's of florida deployed troops back to central europe away from eastern europe. as well
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as promising and writing that ukraine would never be admitted to nato, the u. s. has said it won't stand for any interference in nato's affairs. that countries that want to apply to nato have the right to do so. and, but they can only be admitted if they meet nato's stringent standards. but at the end of the day, the u. s. is not going to stand for any outside party, trying to dictate how nato conducts its security affairs. 3 more alleged members of a ransomware crime group been detained in moscow. court ordered the suspects be held for 2 months. on friday, russia said it had dismantled the rebel group at the request of the united states and moscow security service arrested 14 people and sees money computers unless recalls the u. s. has welcomed russia's cooperation. millions of americans will no longer receive a monthly payment known as
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a child tax credit was part of president jo biden's trillion dollar current of ours relief package for half a year. more than $60000000.00 families received monthly checks of $300.00 for every child age, on the 6th, and $250.00 for older children. but the us senate failed to extend the program. some sentences argued the extra money could discourage people from working. now, without the income, some worry that low income families will be hit hard, particularly during the pandemic, mentally stands for is a democratic party u. s. congress woman. and she says it's important for politicians to work together to make the payment available. again. this money which was authorized in the american rescue plan has kind of childhood poverty in america by 40 percent over the last 6 months. this represents the largest single tax break for middle class and working families. our country has ever seen and it's hundreds of dollars into the pocket of our families. it's been helping our families put that on the table,
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a roof over their head to pay for child care. and when you think about the impact it's helped regular working families get through the day, especially in the panoramic, in terms of being able to get back to work, enable these families to really need their basic needs during the pandemic. but even before the pandemic, there were so many families that were struggling and this child tax credit, we know that if we can get it extended, will continue to cut poverty and will continue to invest in our children and will continue to cut poverty across the united states, we had a press conference here in new mexico just a couple of days ago, and we've heard the stories, the families who've been impacted by these payments. you know, these are families who one parent who lost their job. families where one parent were double shifts just to get through the day, and these payments were helping to bring supplemental income so that they could do and meet their basic needs for their communities for their families. so in order to get those payment reauthorized, we have to pass the bill back better act which is currently languishing in the
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senate. and the reality is, is passed out of the house, and it's sitting in the senate because we have 50 republican senators who refused to take any kind of action on this bill to even provide a procedural vote. so that we can proceed to vote on the bill. ah say this is out there. these are the top stories antennas, da never joker, which is boarded a plane in melbourne afternoons. training caught up held a decision to cancel his visa. he says he's extremely disappointed with the decision, but will it respect the ruling feeling? a joke, which was scheduled to play in this training opened as we start to monday. the pacific island of tonya remains cut off after an under see volcano erupted triggering a sued army.


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