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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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they love very much for fixing longer hours and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death one 0, one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience. in south korea on al jazeera, ah, a russia's present leads victory day ceremonies. remembering the soviet victory of nazi germany while defending the war, he launched against ukraine, the ukrainian presidency. lensky accuses moscow of imitating the evil of massey's while remembering the minions of ukrainians who died in won't. oh,
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i'm 40 back people. you're watching al jazeera ly from doha, also coming up, sher lancoste, prime minister, resigns ours. after his supporters attacked protesters angry about the economic crisis. voting ends in the philippine presidential election early size point to a lead for the son of a controversial outset leader. and abundant plant and animal life 1st is launch scale mining. we look at the environmental battle that's happening in ghana. ah, russia's president has told his forces, they're fighting for the mother land and it's future in ukraine. vladimir putin lead celebrations of victory day moscow. walking the surrender of maps he, germany to soviet troops in 1945, but he stopped short of announcing any plans to step up the military operation in ukraine. the target and be reports. ah,
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it happens every year, but it's taken on added significance because of the war in ukraine. a parade to commemorate the soviet victory against nazi germany. 77 years ago, an estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in the 2nd world war. russian president vladimir putin compared the previous point against fascism to the invasion of ukraine. a degree we surveyed the american again madame by, you're fighting for l people and don bests for the safety of our motherland. rush, may, the 9th 1945 will forever be perpetuated as a triumph of our one single soviet people of its cohesion and spiritual might. and perilous exploits both at the front line and at the home front. i chill, new military hardware was on display as the parade made its way from red square through the streets of moscow. it's designed to send a message, but at a time when russian forces is struggling to gain the upper hand in ukraine,
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it's also a show force for national consumption. this civil appears to be marked more difficult and bladder as n ah, we expect we expect that this will be all bottled or a dumbass. we'll continue our operable greer. until so i middle bob now summer and then are based on that. his uncles, his bottle and gun boss on your political decision, so i will be made with few outright victories in ukraine. some russians had feared putin would use this occasion to announce national mobilization and formerly declare war against ukraine. that didn't happen. instead, putin said, russia must ensure there is never another world war. he cranium, president vladimir zalinski, had a defined message for moscow. that's it all your daughters here. but on february 24,
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russia lost inoffensive step. i mean, the same mistake has been made by every occupy who's come to our land. we have survived various whirl, and they've all had one ending of our land was planted with bulletin shell, but not enemy was able to take roots here. ah, this is a day that unites most russians in remembrance and national pride, ukrainian and western leaders say russia invasion of ukraine is repeating the horrors of the past. victoria gate and be al jazeera and his al jazeera hold abdul hamid in keith, with reaction from ukraine's present vermin lensky to put in speech all this sort of reminded and moscow and the world that this was not only victory day for russia, that ukraine also faults along and that ukraine also played a very high price with more than 8 b, but 8000000 people dying back in the 2nd world war. but then he went on saying that
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ukraine will have a 2nd victory and will hold a parade in the street here behind me. when that happens, and only would you crate, we'll have to victory. so certainly a very defiant tone from do ukrainian president. now, at the same time, the ukranian president must have it must have seen what we have saw on c, no social media which are basically at pictures in places that are occupied by the russians at the moment. like the head of sown in the south lug bit of dance, which is not very far from are you post where they, where pay raise with wash and flags live red flags. they were mini concerts and towns and villages. now it's very, very difficult to god's how much popular support those events had. we heard from people coming out of him so that people who lived in crimea where bus to that region. i had of today
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a to exactly show this is show of solidarity. i think treaty has been observed in some parts of eastern ukraine under russian occupation. i sat bake as his update, as russian troops tried to take more ground. well, today's been relatively, quite old, though. there was a town mac oliver mac liquor, which isn't far from here. that was getting hit earlier on we saw the smoke rising from there, but generally it's been quite ball. so there's not many people around now we were in crumbs tossed. this is like a ghost town. not many people around. most of the shops are closed and that's because so many people have left because this in the east of the country is the front line for of, for ukraine in the ukrainian or troops here. now the authorities here say that the russians have hit around 15 locations here in the east using air strikes, missiles, heavy artillery and tank fire. but the russians are pushing and the intention is to
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take a pos of the east and the south essentially are land locking. ukraine to that. fighting is continuing and many people here have left this area. there are some of the supermarkets that are open. i love the shelves, the empty, the accused sector. perpetual stations is a limit on how much fuel people can actually buy. but like i said, it's very, very quiet. are very few people out on the streets. that's because most people fear that the russian push is still going on. the russians are still trying to take territory and they feel that in the next few days, there will be a further push from those troops are not far from here. in fact, around 18 kilometers and united nations secretary general has said, moldova has helped with refugees from ukraine, has been immense. antonio terrace were speaking a short time ago. after meeting meeting, most of us prime minister for 9 may of all days, we remember that dialogue and corporation based on mutual respects out the bedrock
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of peace and security in europe. and that on the walls. i congratulate republish the republic of moldova on the certainty, sir, diversity of joining united nations, and thank you for your contributions and strong partnership in areas including peacekeeping, sustainable development, gender equality, climate change, and i would go all and gone. a francis present to manual macro is in berlin right now. meeting germany is chancellor olive shoals, earlier in strasbourg micron said he was in favor of a new political community. there were include non e u members including ukraine. he said a sap occasion to join european union could take years if not decades, but he reassured ukrainians of the east for support in the mean time. jelena subject is 1st said, this is young manila doll. what's our objective in the face of brushes? a unilateral decision to invade ukraine and attack its people. it's to end this war
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soon as possible and do everything so that you crank and prevail, and russia can never capture it herself to preserve peace on the rest of the european continent and avoid all escalation added. for the sake of justice, car will work to ensure the unspeakable crimes committed by russia and ukraine. won't go unpunished. as spring in our correspondent in paris, natasha butler. natasha. tell us more about what present mackerel had to say to day are on europe day. ah, yes, this was the speech that he might oh, my call made to the european parliament in strasbourg. france has the rotating presidency of the european union. that's why micro was giving the speech to mark a europe day, very much setting out, or his vision for the you. he talks about the war in ukraine. he talked about the importance of the use, ongoing support, the ukraine and his right to sovereignty. he also said though, the v you is not itself at war with russia,
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he also talked about the importance of trying to a bolster. you sovereignty, particularly in areas of defense and energy that has become even more relevant to said in the context of the war and ukraine. what these are some of the issues in also be talking about when he meets at the german chancellor, olaf, for schultz. he has arrived in berlin, they will have were to dinner, we are told and will expect to hear from both for them quite shortly. this is an opportunity to talk about all those issues, the conflict i in ukraine but also an opportunity for these 2 leaders to get to know each other a little bit better. this is emmanuel, my calls 1st overseas visits since he was a reelected a short time ago. he chose berlin was well back in 2017 when he was 1st elected very much to try and underline the importance of his franco, german relationship. not just in bilateral terms. but if the relationship that is so often seen as the motor of the european union, natasha, thank you for that. natasha battle. i live in paris and will bring you that news conference between the gym transfer and the french fries. and what happens in
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berlin here on al jazeera, russia's ambassador to poland has been covered with red paint while a war memorial in war, so sergey andries had the paint thrown on him while moving through a crowd of protesters at the soviet, even in morial. he was there to mock the 77 anniversary of victory to all the world news now and a member of parliament has died and the prime minister has quaid in a day of dramatic development. since sher lanka, yankee was caught up in the latest findings by the circumstances of his death, remain unclear. norbert mandy reports ah, a show of food on the street for lincoln. captain columbo public discontent, been simmering for months. overt economy, close to bankruptcy? prime minister ma hinder reggie pizza has bowed down to pressure to resign. today's
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racing nation is lowered you. but he's unlikely to address the cause that demands off to produce e. randy spies because you in a state of emergency many on the roads now because they feel they are cause bad. the man's need to be ha, demonstrators of rally for weeks outside the offices of roger pack for and his brother, president got a pi a roger pack the demonte booth stepped down. oh, monday morning, approved government groups due to protest camp outside the prime minister's office, attacking people with sticks a metal balls destroying the 10th cues for food, fuel, and medicine. a common for the 22000000 shoreline khans the pandemic. a loss of tourism and rising oil prices are all hitting hot from reserves. dwindled to about
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$50000000.00. the monthly guess import bill is $40000000.00. the government has turned to the international monetary fund for bailout, but that will take at least 6 months to be finalized. not just the i m f, sri lanka is also too hard to get a hold from india and china and other countries. just to even get some bridge financing to get over the next 6 months. and i so much on popsicle instability. it provides very little confidence to even get that kind of financing a state of emergency and curfew have been imposed on the military deployed on the street thoughts, public anger remains and so to demands for the president to follow his brother and resign to law about among the unto syrup, when al fernandez records not from colombo, that roger pack says,
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resignation is unlikely to acquire protests. there was a case of when and it wasn't. if that my him, the roger pock so would resign though he had been insisting in recent days that he should be the head of a replacement interim government that he hadn't created the crisis. so that he should actually stay. and even this morning's violence was very much i sort of kicked off when supporters of his thousands of them, in fact, were routinely boston to his official residents. it's the violence that the unleashed when they left the residents that really started this the violence. but as you can see, are probably behind me. i'm here at the protest site outside the presidential secretary in colombo. there's a curfew in the entire of the island. and does it seem like people actually care? it's actually given them the motivation to come together and fight back. so people
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actually having reached the are sort of top of that tolerance and not willing to take any more where they'd be in the form of intimidation. we also found that a state of emergency was declared just 2 days ago, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect on the people they have said enough is enough. they're going to take a stand onto the roger boxes and the government resign. still had on al jazeera, the true cost of the war in ukraine. unclaimed bodies of soldiers are left stocked up in trains and st. covered up why many south koreans are remaining cautious by coffee despite a relaxation of ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle group. you will travel package today. it's a $12.00 punch for india 1st that he now we've got
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a son clone. however one. so here's the details on this cycle and in the bay of bengal, as it nears that east coast, we've got heavy rain watches in play for the indian states of entrepreneurs into a dish. oh, going to see the winds pick up and the waves as well. now i did mention the heat, another big story, this is pre monsoon. he you been in the thick of it since the middle to the end of march. and here we go again. name course got a high, a 45 degrees even as far north as armor it's are coming in at 42 will pick up this story and pakistan high heat here is while really 40 is blank at the country and i think some spots may hit 50 degrees by the weekend, including new was shot and the record is 51, so you're closing in on that off to southeast asia. but let's talk still about this tropical cyclone because it's going to leave a legacy of rain for the malay peninsula and western areas of indo china. but some dry spells to be found in southern sumatra. slog of rain falling in between the gang, seeing the pearl river valleys. this is going to be intense stuff as it rolls through
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. grey lynn with a hive $25.00 degrees and off to japan. we go. a cloudy day for tokyo as those showers push out toward the pacific. in time we've got a run of some showers for beijing on tuesday with the height of 20 degrees. don't forget the umbrella c as in cat official airline. the journey. waitlist fe. witness. bravery, witness. reader, witness. slavery, witness. people, witness. power, witness and lifetime. witness in our witness, man, witless. bees. witness prejudice. witness. peace, witness. love, witness. ball. witness. the world. witness. next door. witness. life. witness. 0. ah
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ah. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. reminder of our top stories president vladimir putin has told his soldiers in ukraine. they're fighting for the security of russia. thousands have been marching in moscow's red square on the day. russia celebrates nazi. germany surrendered to soviet troops in 1945. ukraine's present marked a sombre victory, de suggesting russia's invasion is equal to that of nasty. germany's what it means . lensky says evil has returned to ukraine in a different uniform. but for the same purpose. on the return of war to ukraine has come at a huge human cost to both civilians and soldiers on bold fight. hold abdul. hamid reports from keith on the horrors of the conflict. the real tool of this
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war for russia unclaimed bodybags stacked and refrigerated trains. soldiers dead under foot line, as russia claims to rescue the russian speaking population living here. ukraine says about 25000 have lost their lives so far. but brush up was that number at about 1300. we were given rare access to the bodies left behind. as russia retreated from the cave region and another buddhist grew richer, so he wasn't nearly paratrooper. this jewelry was found on him, allegedly stolen from ukrainian civilians in which it was i should be sure, are you going to reach the dead enemies better than how they treated civilians for they will be kept as long as need be? the government will decide because russia refuses to take them, it doesn't wanted. each body is a proof of war cry. so if they refuse to take them, ukraine will build them at our own cost equal number 3. the war is in his 3rd month,
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but so far moscow has no clear victory to show for it. even in predominantly, russian speak in more you, paul, where it did enjoy some popular support in the past. now you have again you so snuff. sky says bills voices are gone. he just came out of the port city 2 days ago, a u haul neil superior present a water bill. yup. are your whole national? i recycling past the destroyed theater building. i noticed that they were clearing the main avenue and the central square, perhaps were preparing for the seal called victory parade. but also could still see the blue and yellow of the ukrainian flag. and vendors are refusing to sell goods in rouble only ukrainian currency floor. yes, can you douglas, if guineas documented life under occupation as much as he could without getting detected by soldiers? hardly the image of a liberated people the kremlin, want to portray, after failing to take eve, russia has concentrated his air,
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power on destroying ukraine's infrastructure. in what it called a special military operation. but so far more than 3000 civilians have lost their lives. and the human cost for both sides is rising. by today. olga is among the millions de, placed by the conflict. she is also just made it to safety with her 2 young children and mother, i saw one of the new will of certainly before their arrival life was good. we had the beautiful city barks every one had life plans, war, freedom of choice, of language. freedom of movement, freedom of thought, we lived freely. then russia came to rescue us deliberate at us from our houses, our jobs, some of their lives, some of their legs, 2 arms that the liberation olga has no switch to the ukranian language with her children, while russia celebrated victory against nazi germany at the end of world war 2,
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it is now in battled in a war that didn't go as expect for that. that homie of do 0, keith. in other world news, unofficial tallies or votes in the philippine presidential election indicate ferdinand macos junior has a commanding lead with about 75 percent of the ballots counted. it's reported. he is more than double the votes of his closest rival. lenny robledo, michael says, the son of the president depose in 1986 people power revolution. final results of the election are expected within 48 hours. ted regencia is a freelance journalist covering se asia. he says there is been a significant effort to re brand the macos name for did marcus beach junior enjoys over 50 percent m popularity or, or approval. and in fact, the older generation has expressed some of the style jobs during the market years so called within years, marcus's. but when, in fact,
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this was the time when 3000 activists were killed were 70000 or arrested in thousands more or disappeared. so there is really a systemic effort to re brand the market name. and in fact, i believe that this started as soon as they left power in 1986. but it looks like this year would be the year that they would be able to succeed in really returning back to power. activists in ghana have launched a legal challenge to stop mining in a protected area. that's not a government signed a deal with a chinese company to extract bach site, a mineral used to make aluminum products. they said threatens already endangered animals and plans for meet them in every 4th. the actual forest in easton garner is known for its abundant biodiversity, including endangered animals and rear plants, dozens of which are threatened with extinction. despite the area being declared
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protected, the government plans to begin large scale mining for box site that got my husband's saying over and over again. i'll services to as it is in that there would not, on necessarily compromise for us. they have not so far demonstrated to any agency to gun is how that is going to be done. and you know why? because there is no technology, though, allow government to go ahead and top the box out in this forest without compromising the for us. box site is used to produce ella minium products. while the government's agreed to a $2000000000.00 mining deal with china. it's yet to get permission from gone as environmental protection agency. the government says it's relying on the potential proceeds from the mining of both bach site and gold to develop local mining communities. we now have a fund which is solely dedicated to the development of the minor communities of our country. where if you want 20 percent by law of the royalties which i crew to the
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state are dedicated to this fun. and a fun is exclusively for the development of minor community to provision of water, for instance, electricity, where a de kitchen, infrastructure, healthcare, but many small scale miners and loggers work illegally surviving on minimal income . gold minus say they hardly benefit. and critics say their activities are harming the environment, communities, and gone as western region rely on the prior of of drinking water and to bathe and cook, the byrum water base and feeds 3 major rivers, providing water for millions of people across gonna but mining upstream has contaminated the water board on that as, as the crew of the, as you used to be her mind. and i think this is, are fixing the community a lot and when that that doesn't, through us, used to be fund i a month. all 24 things don't even get without the phone with us.
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mining opponents are taking the government to court to stop the search for box site critic say that while they understand the need to benefit from natural resources gone, us for us need to be protected for future generations. for me to molar al jazeera, we want to take in our life to berlin, where the german chancellor shows a is holding a news conference with the visiting french president emmanuel. my call this is mike hans, 1st trip abroad in his re election. listening. exceptionally please. yeah, after the election, so in france, i will to congratulate you to your reelection. clearly france decided to vote for france, for europe. it is a very clear sign because especially now in these difficult times such a position is important. and i believe both our countries can only challenge to overcome these challenges if we are
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pass offer strong and sovereign europe, he would like to continue this path. and i am very pleased about this because we are facing a lot of her pass and we started on that. i believe this is your 1st visit her to abroad and theater germany. i am very pleased about this is something very exceptional and it is important for the relation and all france and germany and also for the development of europe. not only vision, cause i'm about switching on dunlab, can all be functioning very well in europe. but also because we can enable female means in europe again on the fact that with the day on the day off europe is again,
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is very special needs. and under my under alliance, our strong relations and credit on stuff. in neural police didn't i for, to the colors and under augustine, and also in thought and symbols are in the colors of ukraine in crowns in the eiffel tower. for example, only europe in 2000. thank you. me wanted to look at the time of the pon, fleming. i used to be the strongest challenge. no one could have imagined that they the praise all through a rope or could have been broken by the invasion of the train. the fact that the european and labor, the country had bill quarterly attacked and millions of people are having to flee.
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and it was, i'm surprised, facing the recession is very much sure putting us together because they have to react and act together. and at the same time, we are, one's us only targeted when on the i not of the shock symbol. and so our solidarity and the unit he grows together is double chassis europeans and in the chance of land lake community. in these days, the are again a rare about the douglas security and prosperity in the european urine. and as members of the nato v are decisive telemarketer of galactic to start with and defend social mind market economy and a sustainable censorship partnership environments and p. but more decent justice and therefore v vi is from oscar. relation with france is more than ever
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important for the european projects. as i explained earlier, i am pleased to welcome you as an indispensable european partner on my side. just good news. we are insured on that euro for teens and dos is only functioning with the euro. is from the vin ocwen's society. and this is important that the symbol 4 year old don't i'm and in the, in europe day off on the 2022 that has been in the beginning july. we would like to have it and of her value and wish to get sick. now enable the european union to be more efficient and stronger, and other very important. secondary we would like to the phase of the balcony. we
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are keeping our promises viva, liable to.


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